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Found 6 results

  1. Hello am trying to get my old mun mining prosjekt up and running. And i was woundering if there some kind people out there, who can help me find a controller setup addon for ksp 1.2? I have searching my ass off but nothing. Am not the best googler but usely find what i want. But i cant find advanced fly by wire in ckan. And it seems like it outdated on the web. Is there maby an in game option am missing? Feks i dont want to exit to main manu to config my controller. Is there a way around that in the without addon?(And some of the buttions dont register in main meny setup) I use microsoft software for controller. I used same kontroller on past ksp version it workd like a charm thene. But with addon. Help here would be much aprisiated !<3
  2. Hi! New kerbonaut from Finland here! I finally decided to buy this masterpiece from the 1.2 sale, wife keeps telling me I look like a kerbal so I figured I kinda had to I play the game on KB/M and Xbox controller and while trying to setup the controller I noticed that I can't use the controller to control kerbals while EVA. I'm not sure if this is intended or if my stupidity is too high to understand the configurations. Well long story short, I made an Autohotkey script thingamajig that turns all the required controller analog input into digital keyboard/whatever input. This atleast allows me to use sticks and triggers properly and configure actions on DPAD. Pretty much everything the script does can be configured easily in the INI file, you can bind keys and toggle features on/off. Feel free to use, modify and redistribute any way you want to, no credits needed. I know many of you probably use flightsticks, rudders and life-size shuttle cockpits but maybe few of you find this useful. I included an AHK joy test script so you can probably easily modify this to work with any controller. Kerbals 4 EVA Assign keys to Xbox controller's sticks, triggers and DPAD. Audio cue when toggled on/off with immersive kerbal sounds. Easy configuration with a simple INI file. No 3rd party software needed, just an easy extract. Includes the original, well commented Autohotkey script for modification. DOWNLOAD
  3. Much to my delight, USB gaming controllers became readily available online for peanuts. Thus I bought a NES and a SNES one to use with NES/SNES emulators. Then an idea came - let's try using them with KSP. Both controllers are sadly incompatible with KSP when it comes to the joypad, but other keys work just fine and are mapped as joystickN key, where N is a single digit integer. SNES controller is way more useful than the NES one for obvious reasons, so now I'm using that. Best layout for me seems to be: Kerbal EVA: Y (left), A (right), B (backward), X (forward), SELECT/START (jump) vessel translation: Y (left), A (right), B (down), X (up), SELECT (translation/rotation), START (hold SAS), BOTTOM LEFT (forward), BOTTOM RIGHT (backward) vessel rotation: Y-A (jaw), B-X (pitch), BOTTOM L/R (roll), SELECT (translation/rotation), START (hold SAS) Controlling Kerbals' jetpacks is mostly useless because, for some reason, developers ignore adding locked view to Kerbals for years, even though Kerbals are also vessels. One could use an additional NES/SNES controller for stuff like staging, aborting, too, or the same one, just be sure to map everything correctly. I can say final rendezvous and docking are now much more interesting.
  4. So, I bought the steam controller a few weeks ago, and I've been getting used to it with Rocket League. All is going well, but I would also like to be able to use the controller on KSP, as it does work not only as an actual gamepad, but as kb+m too. I'm aware there's already SC support, and when I turn on the controller, it notifies me in the top right on which mode I'm in (flight, menu, etc...), but it's just not working. Using the controller, it just uses what ever configuration I've set for my desktop controls. Has anyone had this issue? All I want to do is be able to fly planes and rockets with the controller, but I can't even get the game to recognise the analog stick as an input, rather, it just comes up as directional buttons (again, set by my desktop configuration). Does anyone have any clue what's causing this, or how to fix it? I can provide logs or w/e you need.
  5. I might be overlooking something terribly, but how do you set controller buttons and axis? I open the input menu, go to flight, and hit the grey buttons with the arrows. There it says Current Assignment: None. I move the appropriate axis, see the text change to Current Assignment: joy0.1 and confirm by clicking Accept. I open the same menu again, and my axis is unassigned again. This is confirmed in-game, with KSP not reacting to my controller inputs at all. What is going on there? How do I set my buttons and axis so that I can use them in-game. I am currently using the 64 bit version of KSP.
  6. Using an ESP8266 and Telemachus to create a WiFi Kerbal controller. I'm mostly focusing on buttons here, since tablets work great for display. Currently just a proof of concept, it connects over WiFi so you're no longer tethered to one computer. Source and a compiled binary available on Github