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Found 78 results

  1. I just got done landing on mars well maybe not perfectly (try to land but have the command pod and not fuel or engine fall off) I did it today like a couple minutes ago RULES (MUST LAUNCH FROM KERBAN, AVALIABLE MODS - MECHJEB + ENGENEER REDUX, MUST BUILD OWN ROCKET, DO NOT GO INTO A SUB ORBIT TRAJECTORIE FROM KERBIN, GO OUT OF KERBIN INFLUENCE BEFORE HOHMAN TRANSFER, WHEN ENCOUNTERING MARS CIRCULIZE, MAX PARACHUTES ARE 5, DO NOT USE HYPEREDIT) enjoy!
  2. Hi there. When playing for a while KSP crashes and instantly goes back to win. They seem to happen at random. At least I can not see a patrn. Alsow, When I have played and it did not crash on it's own, it wil crash later when I exit the game. In the mail menu when clicking exit, nothing happens and then I go back to win and see the message: KSP had to close down! And that is it! Here is the link to the log this link is my DxDiag.txt I think all the info is in the 2 links, right? If not, let me know. I hope some one can help me!
  3. The prerelase (Steam) crashes (CTD) during the loading screen if MechJeb is installed, no other mods. Both, the CKAN released version and the latest dev version of MechJeb cause this. Logs:
  4. Por favor, gostaria que alguém me ajudar com um erro que não KSP, quando o jogo chega na metade do carregamento ou jogo para funcionar, já tentei reinstalar mas não adiantou, tem uma solução por favor me ajude. Isso é estranho para o jogo estava funcionando normalmente para alguns dias atras.
  5. I'm having an issue with KSP that ends up locking the entire Windows, requiring me to reset it throught the power button. The game starts normaly, but after a couple minutes in it just stops working. Log, annexed here, says something about "HandleD3DDeviceLost" and "D3D device reset failed [out of memory]". Notebook specs are: CPU i5-2450M 2.5 Ghz, 6Gb RAM, GeForce GT 540M Graphics Card, Windows 10 I found out that starting the game with the tag lines -force-opengl -popupwindow makes it stable, but I would rather have it running with DirectX. Log:
  6. When I try to launch my game, it crashes as soon as it finishes loading. I suspect that it is because of lack of memory, but I would like some more input. Mods: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.13 B9 Part Switch - 1.7.1 Basic Orbit - 1.0.5 Community Resource Pack - 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree - 3.0.3 CryoEngines - 0.4.6 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.8.1 Extraplanetary Launchpads - 5.7.1 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.4.6 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.2 KerbalAtomics - 0.3.5 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 Kerbol StarSystem - 0.4.1 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.4.3 KSP-AVC Plugin - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 NearFutureConstruction - 0.7.6 NearFutureElectrical - 0.8.7 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.8.7 NearFutureSolar - 0.7.2 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.6.3 TweakScale - 2.3.4 Universal Storage - 1.2.2 KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.12.19 Error Log: Output Log:
  7. I have tried reinstalls of KSP and steam in order to get it too work but i still get the same crash problems. please can anyone help. CPU Vendor: GenuineIntel CPU Brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz Speed: 2304 Mhz 4 logical processors 4 physical processors Windows 10 (64 bit) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M RAM: 16289 Mb
  8. Fixed by deleting all files in the ckan folder
  9. Hi. I use KSP 1.2.2 and have about 50-60 mods installed. The game crashes just before the title screen. Is there any way that I can find out what mod is causing the crash trough the output or something.
  10. Hi! I was wondering... When I get a bunch of new mods, one of them often causes a crash. Is there any way to find out what mod caused it by reading logs or somthing? Forever ineptly, me.
  11. My issue is basically identical to this one, but I decided to launch a new issue nevertheless since my version is 1.2.2 and I don't have an unmodded install (though it is almost umnodded, see lower). When KSP is launched a black empty window appears but is replaced in a few seconds with a new window with the white squad monkey and loading bar and after everything is loaded, KSP runs. The original issue I linked describes one type of crash - right before the monkey window appears. I experience the same issue (see video of it here). However, I experience also another kind of crash - when the loading bar reaches the end and the game is supposed to kick in (but it crashes in the same way) - see video here. There is also a third phenomenon I experienced - right about the time the first type crash happens, the window manager crashes but manages to recover and restart and the game loads fine (no video of that, I'm really not filming all my startups). Sometimes the game loads just fine, sometimes I experience the first type crash, sometimes I experience the second type crash and very very rarely I experience the third phenomenon. I'd say that the first type crash is the most common, the next in frequency is the fine loading of the game, the third is the second type crash and the third phenomenon is very very rare. I can't see any correlation with other stuff like running programs - it happens both right after system boot and when running a bunch of other programs like vscode, chrome, etc. Because of me being an idiot I forgot to store the logs. When this happens next time I'll save and publish the logs. My KSP is basically unmodded with the exception of kOS where I'm programming some stuff in (and because of this it really drives me crazy since I have to restart the game a lot). And no, my modifications to kOS don't cause the crash because it both crashes and not crashes with the same stuff. It is a copy of a steam-installed game that I use for working on mods. I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 16.10 with gnome-shell 3.20.4, X server version 1.18.4, nVidia GeForce 940M with driver version 367.57, I have dual screen setup (as you could have seen in the videos). Ask me for any other config info you need to know (apart from the logs, I'll post them as soon as I get them). I would appreciate any help, hint or trick to make it working consistently. Developing something with >50% of time crashing all the way to the login screen is really a hell. EDIT: I experienced the first type crash again, the log is here:
  12. having a crash that looks suspiciously like an out of memory crash, only when im launching certain ships. (an Apollo replica ive been trying to make. part count isnt that high yet) other ships, even one with large part counts, do not seem to be affected. at time of crash, only 7 GB of the 16 installed (not counting swap, another 20) is in use. here is the ksp.log: VERY large)
  13. i have a craft with 256 detachable satellites and thousands of parts. it keeps running at 2 fps and it crashes 90% of the time. is there any way to stop it from crashing without getting a smaller craft?
  14. HI I don't know if this is the right spot but I can not use KSPI E Mod 1.11.18 on KSP 1.2.2 It will load to the main menu but tring to load a save it crashes the error in the log is "Write to location 00200000 caused an access violation." I can post the log file if needed. Will do the samething with or with out other mods . Running Win 7 32bit KSP 1.2.2 Steam Install Im running these mods on the side GN Drive 4.4 AmpYear V1.4.5.0 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems 1.3.11 KerbalEngineer SCANsat-v16.11 W.A.R.P. Drive By NovaSilisko PS. as long as I delete the warpdrive folder in game data everything else works
  15. So, the game works fine. It loads at around ~3GB of RAM, and in game it's 3.5 GB. Totally normal, even in 32 bit that would be the case. I'm using 64 bit, and over time of playing KSP, the memory usage slowly but surely creeps up, 4GB, 5GB, up to 6GB before I had to terminate and relaunch KSP as it would either crash the game or my system. (8GB of RAM). No idea what is causing it, I'm using SVE... Mod list: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.13 USI Tools - 0.8.6 B9 Part Switch - 1.5.3 Bon Voyage - 0.11.1 Community Category Kit - 1.2.1 Community Resource Pack - 0.6.3 CommunityTechTree - 3.0.2 Contract Configurator - 1.21 CustomBarnKit - 1.1.10 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.8.1 Firespitter - 7.4.2 Flexible Docking - 1.0.4 Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.3 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.1 Kerbal Engineer Redux - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.1 KerbNet Controller - 1.0.2 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.4 KSP-AVC Plugin - ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.2 NearFutureConstruction - 0.7.2 NearFutureElectrical - 0.8.2 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.8.2 NearFutureSolar - 0.7.1 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.5.4 Play Your Way - 1.0.1 Science Relay - 1.0.3 SSTULabs - StageRecovery - 1.6.5 Stock Visual Enhancements - 1.1.4 Strategia - 1.5 TweakScale - 2.3.2 USI Core - 0.3.4 Karbonite - 0.8.3 Karbonite Plus - 0.7.3 Konstruction - 0.1.2 USI-LS - 0.5.13 Malemute Rover - 0.2.3 UKS - 0.50.7 KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.11.7 Here is KSP.log and output_log. (not sure how to do attachments on the forum, too used to the old vbulletin
  16. I am running a 64 bit install of ksp 1.2.2, and it always crashes to desktop during the loading screens. I have tried using opengl, but it breaks my game. Here is my log:
  17. Hello, i discover random crashes with the current build on steam with KSP. But there ist still enough RAM or any other problem I can find out. Error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp
  18. KSP version on Windows 10 x64 Command line option (launching through CKAN): KSP_x64.exe -single-instance A detailed explanation Game crashes, most often when switching vehicles when a large number of vessels are loaded. Not consistent, sometimes it happens within 2 minutes and sometimes I can play for an hour straight. The crash has also happened when interacting with KAS or KIS (example: attaching a vessel with a winch, or placing an item with an engineer). The main connection between the crashes seems to be related to vessel interaction. A screenshot Sometimes it's a CTD without an error. Most often though, it's just a "The game has crashed!" error. Save files, ouput_log.txt or player.log Save file: Crash log files: 1. 2. Most notable log entry: RtlLookupFunctionEntry returned NULL function. Aborting stack walk.<Missing stacktrace information> Even more crash logs (I updated a few mods after these happened): System specifications EVGA GTX 1080 (8gb) Intel i5-2500k (3.8ghz) 16gb Corsair Vengeance memory 1tb Mushkin SSD (other harddrives: 2x256gb Crucial SSD, 2x128gb Crucial SSD) More specifications: Mods I have arranged a details document of all of my installed mods. I went through each one today and updated them. Unless there is a community patch that was not mentioned on the first or last few pages for one of these, they should be up to date. A few do not officially support KSP 1.2.1, and are probably the cause. NOTE: I know that with the number of mods I am using, and by using out-of-date mods, I am asking for crashes. Telling me not to use them would not be helpful. Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, Just as I thought 1.2.1 had solved all my problems with KSP, I've encountered a bizarre crash: I'm trying to dock two vessels in orbit and as soon as one comes near the other (I suppose within the loading range), I can only catch a glimpse of the ship I'm trying to dock before the game crashes. The crash is 100% repro in my save file, there is simply no way to rendez-vous these two vessels without the game crashing on me even on a clean boot. Here's the log: My mod folder:
  20. I'm currently experiencing alot of crashes when flying planes. The error log always says "Write to location xxxxxxxx caused an access violation." the location varys but always is the same as the adress of "RAX" under Context. Some of my "crash.dmp"s and "error.log"s:!FxtBGSRY!c4298LUcgGBHXS-aUia9RkJufxV7ijm3_cU2wVpSlqk Virus Scan for the .zip: My installed Mods(I know its alot):
  21. KSP 1.2.1 crash Report Game crashes every 30-120 mins after reverting to SPH, VAB and flight. Mods: -NearFutureProps -MechJebAndEngineerForAll -ModuleManager -PlanetaryBaseInc -Chatterer System Info: -Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz -4.00 Gb RAM (3.24 Usable) Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 -32-bit Windows 7 Pro SP1 A few logs: I have 18 other crash logs, all by the same cause (I assume) and every file 'crash.dmp' has no data. I hope you can fix this or at least tell me what what the problem is (and possibly how to fix it myself).
  22. Solved: So the update was a Steam update, and that somehow corrupted some drivers for the graphics card. I realized that after trying a few other games and seeing them fail to launch too (including non-steam games). The specific problem was "Failure to Initialize Direct3D" which I learned when the Hearthstone error message actually specified the exact issue (steam crashes didn't for some reason). The issue was fixed by running windows troubleshooter to fix the corrupted files and restarting the computer when prompted. Posting this because nothing is worse than coming to a forum to find a solution to a problem and seeing something like "NVM I solved it, thread closed" and there being ZERO explanation as to how to fix the problem. Seriously that is the WORST. STOP DOING THAT. Last night (11/04/16) when launching KSP steam preformed a very short update that I assume was just some minor tweaks and whatnot. After this however, whenever I try to launch the game it immediately crashes. To be clear I had no issues launching the game after the "Loud and Clear" update, only after this small tweak last night (haven't played in a couple weeks so not sure which day it came out). Reverting to previous version only shows the last major update (w/out loud and clear). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game a few times and that hasn't fixed the issue so I'm kinda at a loss. Here is the error it spits out
  23. Hello all, I wish my first post was not an error report, but that's how it goes. Here's what I've got: Running KSP 1.2.1 64-bit, Windows, through Steam. The game crashes a few minutes into the flight scene. The error.log gives this: KSP_x64.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KSP_x64.exe at 0033:00000086. (The address being accessed changes, but that's about it.) Crash dump with output_log: Most recent crash dump (output_log did not generate): DxDiag dump: KSP.log, in case it helps: System specs: Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX 12, AMD FX-4300 processor, Radeon R7 360 with 2 GB dedicated RAM, 8 GB system RAM Crash happened with both long-running and clean installs, no mods.
  24. I honestly have no clue what is going on with this one. I double click KSP.x86_64. The game starts, the cursor even loads, but upon reaching the loading screen, the game just crashes. Sometimes I don't get the loading screen and it crashes while the screen is still black. It happens every time it is run. I obtained it through Steam as a fresh, bone stock install and ran it from .../steamapps/common/Kerbal Space program. Copying it to another location did not seem to help. No KSP.log is generated after running. player.log System Specs: It is worth noting that my heavily modded 1.0.4 and lightly modded 1.0.5 still run fine. A clean copy of 1.0.5 ran fine as well. EDIT: 1.1.2 ran fine as well. Thank you in advance. Now excuse me while I grumble in frustration wait patiently for your help.
  25. This is NOT listed as a bug as of yet. I absolutely love this game and this bug breaks my heart because of the fact that I absolutely can't play until it's fixed. This is what happens: I spend literally 8 hours straight (I have no life) building, launching and I eventually manage to get 3 Mobile Prossesing Labs producing copious amounts of data (One in Kerbin orbit, One in Muner orbit and one on the surface of Minmus). On my return to the space center the game crashes. I then open KSP again and load the game and it loads the game with around a 8 hour rollback. I've lost all of my vessels, not just the ones already launched but the some of the save files of the actual vessels. I find that I don't even have the parts I used to build them unlocked yet. Obviously I was quite upset, so guess what? I persevered and DID IT ALL again, only this time, I managed to also land a probe on Eve. I go back to the space center and CRASH! I'm thinking "I'm all good, there's no way I just completely wasted all of that time again." I load the game up and was right back where I was before, with a half built ship and without some of the parts unlocked. My friend just reported he had the same issue. (Also on Xbox and we both have been playing on Science Mode.)