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Found 2 results

  1. I am running KSP64 on Windows 10 and have been forever with no issues. Patch Tuesday arrived last week (April 11 2017) and along with it the Windows 10 creator edition. Ever since that update, KSP crashes almost immediately on startup with an invalid exception in D3D9.dll. KSPx64 runs fine when I force D3D11 from the command line. I've done a few things: - forced a re-install of DirectX9C (using the offline installer - the web installer said no updates were necessary) - updated to the 381.x Nvidia drivers (no change) - DXdiag passes with flying colors - my older games that run in DX9 run just fine (eg, Silent Hunter) - only KSP blows up - KSP runs fine in DX11 mode but has some artifacts with some of the mods I want to use - I deleted Kerbal from the Steam game page, deleted the KSP folder completely, and re-installed from Steam - same issue (emphasis here that this happens with no mods) My current specs: I7 3770K GTX 780 TI video 16gb memory I'm a bit challenged. Next thing I'll try is to install Unity 5.2.x and see if that fixes the problem. I have an old version of Unity I used to have for KSP dev prior to 1.2.2 do perhaps I have some DLL hell created through that post patch Tuesday. I'm also going to put a new computer build together soon anyway so hopefully that will clear that up but any words of wisdom appreciated!
  2. hello there Pardon the noob question, but I used to play KSP 1.0.5 with opengl because it was so much faster and used less ram, when moded with EVE. Indeed the rendering is slightly not as good as with directx but honestly, for a 20% FPS boost I wouldn't care less. Now I switched to 1.2.1 and thanks to my G15 keyboard, I can monitor in real time the RAM and CPU while loading and playing. 1) opengl is definitely 2 times faster for loading, and my i3770 peaks at 80% whereas it is stuck at 34% with directX. Any idea why? The HDD is not the issue as I launch KSP from a RAM drive. 2) I have some strange artifacts with EVE + scatterer with opengl, and I wonder if it's the mod's problem, or KSP support for opengl. Any idea before I try to post in the EVE post section? thanks for any clue