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Found 86 results

  1. I couldn't find a thread about Duna rockets, so I made one.
  2. One wise kerbal once said, " Reach for the stars, and you will be successful." So, the KSP took it literally and decided to reach for the stars with their "amazingly awesome" spacecraft. The Challenge: Do the Orion missions listed below Orion Command module should be accurate and have 3 seat for stock, 5 seats for modded if possible. Note: You must complete previous mission to continue on to the next one. EFT-1 Badge: Go into a highly eccentric orbit of Kerbin to test high speed reentry Exploration Mission 1 Build an SLS Block 1 launcher and mate an Orion Spacecraft to it. Then send them to the Mun (Orbit Only). More Missions Coming!
  3. I made this little page on what I found orbiting. Come back later to see more, except with Kerbonuats involved (for doing research on the area I'm showing you guys). Sorry about the external link, I couldn't figure out how to get it into the post. It wouldn't let me... Kerbals coming soon!
  4. This is the largest rocket I've made to date and well, I thought I'd share how it went. This started with me getting some missions for Duna and Ike, I had to: Position a satellite around Ike. Get Science from around Duna Get 3000 Ore from Ike to Duna Plant a flag on Duna Rescue Henster Kerman from Ike orbit and bring him back to Kerbin Now, I already have a station around Ike, and a Miner/convert+Fuel delivery craft on Ike, so all I really had to do was get to Ike in a craft that has enough fuel capacity to make it back to Kerbin. So, I built this monstrosity. At launch, it weighs about 5200 Tons, which falls to about 965 tons once it's in an 80+ Km Orbit. At the top is the Ike satellite, sitting on top of the Lander/return craft, which in turn sits on top of the Duna lander/ore delivery. vehicle All of which sits on the transfer boosters, which sits above the massive launch boosters. *edit* The craft changes name under way because I realized that I had called it "Mars Mission" oops, but the entire trip is done in one take, hence why I made a workaround when an engine broke
  5. The Grus III is a long-range SSTO capable of Mun landings, though according to my Delta V calculations it can easily go well beyond that. It can get into orbit very easily due to its high TWR while using its Rapier engines. Its (roughly) estimated Delta V in LKO is about 4,270 m/s. Specifications: Part Count: 97 Mass: 80.545t Height: 5.8m Width: 22.8m Length: 25.6m Here it is on The Mun. It can make the trip easily as it was designed for bigger missions. It is also equipped with four science experiments, located on the belly of the craft. Here it is in the SPH. Some (kinda) strange features are its extra pair of engines. While very helpful during the initial ascent, extra reaction wheels are needed in space to prevent the Grus III from flipping all over the place due to the weird Center of Thrust. (At least this isn't the case with the nukes, though. That would be bad.) The Grus III completed the Mun trip with quite a bit of fuel left over. I am currently taking it to Duna, and I plan on finding out just how far I can take it. (Gravity assists, here I come!) Download here:
  6. Ok so i am planning a Duna trip but I have no clue what a typical rocket looks like for this. I am close to done with the tech tree but I just need to know what a typical duna rocket looks like. Edit: It is a Duna and back mission with only three kerbals, and it is just for science.
  7. Every planet in KSP is very interesting and unique in it is own pattern. Visiting Moho? Enjoy all sorts of landscapes!!! Visiting Eve? Enjoy hundreds of different surface features, like lakes, big craters, big lakes in craters, big mountains, big mountains in lakes in craters on plain in an explodium sea and many more! Kerbin is awesome to drive around! Mün is awesome with its procedulary generated craters! Minmus? Awesome! Ike? GODDAMN FREAKING MOUNTAINS JUST FREAKING EVERYWHERE, U WANT TO LAND HUH? HUH?!?!?! SCREW YOU AND YOUR LANDER THEN But Duna... It is the same literally everywhere, it is just hills, that are scattered across different places, at different altitude... The greatest equatorial valley is very boring, there is no sharp edges at its start, it doesn't make a challenge, and a loss of a challenge is a thing that destroys all the fun. The highest peak on Duna is just a very tall hill with a very boring view from the top. It doesn't even makes it a challenge to climb up there! The only great valleys are at the poles! It is so awesome! They are deep, sharp and interesting to drive and explore around! Much like Dres's awesome canyons! My suggestions is to make Duna more interesting in its topography! Make the edges more sharp! Make it difficult to move through different terrain! Make it difficult to land on! Add a few more craters near the polar region! It would me more like Mars! Add some plains that would be the resort of calm and would attract people to be more precisive in their landing spot! Add lots of tiny craters all over the surface, but keep them really small! Like 10 to 5 meters in diameter and make them scattered really far away from each other! I know it might corrupt saves, make stuff that were so familiar to the new players more different, hard. But it just adds some hard fun to the game! Makes the trip rememberable and remarkable! People still play the game because they have something unexplored, that they want to explore! I really want the game to change more! Add some planets! People are getting bored with visiting Laythe or Eeloo or any other planet 4994494949th time! Sorry if I am wrong. I am very dumb after all.
  8. The martian can now be replicated (a bit) with the rover! though slightly faster than the original it has the same range (half batt default is 35km wth a full batt it is 70km) currently working on ntergrating an exit hatch and adding an IVA p.s. this is without the pivot activated
  9. This mission report is in pursuit of this challenge: as well as: This was my first time ever going interplanetary. I knew I could do this easily enough with ISRU, but I wanted to try something different, since ISRU on Mars isn't nearly so simple as extending a drill into one spot in the ground. I decided I would use chemical engines only with a booster+tanker+ship arrangement. In lieu of Dunian ISRU, I decided I would send one of the tankers along for the ride, aerobraking both in turn but leaving it in orbit around Duna so it could refuel the crew ship for the homeward journey. However, after building my ship, putting it in LKO, and painstakingly refueling it, I realized that my not-very-balanced TSTO design and KSP's smaller scale meant that I had enough dV in my crew ship to get to Duna and back in one piece, so I dropped the tanker-along-for-the-ride plan. The only mod was Tweakscale, and I only used it to decrease part count and streamline aerodynamics. All crew-carrying parts are fully stock. With no further ado: That's the first part! More to come, very soon........
  10. Hello KSP Community! So in the course of a science game of mine, I've become really, really tired of playing around in my own little corner of the solar system. I've built a Mun orbiting space station, landed a couple of times on the Mun, and flown more refueling probes to the Mun than I care to count. I want to go to Duna. The question is, what does it take to get there? Manned or unmanned, I'm interested in both types of mission... but what does a typical Duna mission look like, and is it complicated? Thanks in advance, I know y'all are an awesome community who'll respond in a helpful way. Grafdog
  11. Hi all! The short question: I'd love to hear recommendations on orbital altitudes for a refinery operation that will mine ore on Ike and refine it in Dunan orbit. The longer explanation: For the last week or so I've been playing in Sandbox, working out how to most effectively set up logistical infrastructures all around the stock solar system. I started by setting up a full-coverage Comm relay and ScanSat (the mod) network around every body on the stock game. I've done all this before, of course, but never as methodically and efficiently as I'd like. So far the four inner planets are covered, and various satellite carriers are nearing their destinations at Dres, Jool, and Eeloo. Now I've turned my attention to setting up fuel depots and ISRU operations, and have two flotillas of fuel stations, mining landers, in-system tankers, interplantery tankers, etc. headed to Duna and Dres. All un-Kerballed and drone-controlled, but with enough modularity to be turned into crewed vessels in the future. (Before it's mentioned, I know depots and ISRU aren't necessarily the easiest or most efficient ways to explore the system, but for the purpose of this save game, that's what I'm playing with.) I already have a clear plan for Dres; with an ore miner tailored for landing on the planet and another dedicated to the asteroids surrounding it. They'll bring raw ore to an orbital refinery/tankage station. The reason for this post: I'm not sure exactly what I want to do at Duna. The mining lander is large (by my standards) and can bring 10,000 units of ore from Ike to anywhere in the Dunan system. The depot will refuel Kerballed missions to Duna, and a few re-usable Duna Lander/Ascent vehicles that will remain in-system for surface explorations. It may also be used to send re-fueling tankers further afield, particularly to Jool, though a full Kerballed expedition to that system is still only a drawing-board notion. SO... any suggestions, tips, or other observations? Specifically, will I be better served to keep the main Fuel Depot/Refinery station in orbit around Ike, or should it orbit Duna? If the latter, will a high (near the SOI margin), medium (outside Ike's orbit), or low (inside Ike's orbit) altitude work best for my purposes? Keep in mind the station itself has no propulsion, but is configured so the Mining Lander itself can propel the entire depot (and is in fact doing that right now, toward a Duna intercept in a few hundred days). There are also several fuel carriers around Duna (most of them leftovers from the Comm/Scan satellite missions) that can move fuel from the depot to vessels that need it. I'm asking not just in terms of absolute efficiency (as in launch costs and fuel consumption) but also in terms of my convenience and "playability" (i.e. avoiding days-long warping to rendezvous various vessels from high orbits), and finding a satisfying balance between the two. I hope I've laid out enough to explain what I'm looking for in terms of feedback, without droning (no pun intended) on too long. Note: I'm playing with a smattering of mods, but mainly for aesthetics. All my craft are (virtually) analogous to stock vessels, so a full mod list doesn't seem necessary. Beyond that I rely heavily on KER and KAC to design and keep track of all the (40? 50?) missions ongoing right now. Your thoughts appreciated.
  12. I just got done landing on mars well maybe not perfectly (try to land but have the command pod and not fuel or engine fall off) I did it today like a couple minutes ago RULES (MUST LAUNCH FROM KERBAN, AVALIABLE MODS - MECHJEB + ENGENEER REDUX, MUST BUILD OWN ROCKET, DO NOT GO INTO A SUB ORBIT TRAJECTORIE FROM KERBIN, GO OUT OF KERBIN INFLUENCE BEFORE HOHMAN TRANSFER, WHEN ENCOUNTERING MARS CIRCULIZE, MAX PARACHUTES ARE 5, DO NOT USE HYPEREDIT) enjoy!
  13. So I was landing on duna once and I was at angle like that of a slash (/) and with my bottom end towards duma coming down to the surface about at 12.8 m/s and suddenly I touched the surface and blasted out of the Kerbol system in less than a few nano seconds, I was going 8,000 NaNm What is that abbreviation for? also when I went back to the space center you could see the stars through the buildings and through kerbin and the sun never came up. Was I victim to a Kraken Attack? I need to know!!!
  14. One of the things Elon Musk said in his September 2016 speech about the ITS was that the cost of getting to Mars is essentially infinite right now. In his powerpoint, he put it at $10 billion per person. Now, the logistics of the ITS aside, I wonder how accurate this is. How much WOULD it cost to get humans on Mars? What are the different cost breakdowns of different approaches, and which mission configuration would be best? And, most importantly, what happens if we Kerbal it? The challenge is to send a few Kerbals to Duna, using only currently-available propulsion methods, with enough supplies to live on for the trip, as cheaply as possible. Rules: Propulsion. No nukes and no airbreathers. SABRE isn't up and running, and NTR isn't likely any time soon, so your propulsion needs to be chemical only. No ion engines; we need to assume you're running against some kind of a deadline. ISRU. Nope, sorry. We can't wait around on Duna forever. Payload. Send up to 12 Kerbals to the surface of Duna and bring them back to Kerbin. But they need consumables, right? Let's be very Spartan and say that they each need a total of 0.2 tonnes of food and other consumables for each leg of the trip. You can pack that extra payload any way you want; that's approximately two Science Jrs per Kerbal, and you can ditch up to half of them (they're empty, after all) before you enter Duna's SOI. Prop transfer. This is not only permitted, but encouraged. I highly recommend it. Reuse. Recovery of components is encouraged by a cost reduction as outlined below. Scoring. Your total score is the total mission cost divided by the number of Kerbals you actually land on Duna and return safely. Kerbals which stay in Duna orbit do not count, and dead Kerbals do not count. Any recovered components (reusable launch vehicles, etc.) are counted at 30% of their full cost. You do not have to include the cost of whatever you use for dry mass payload for consumables. The winner is whoever has the lowest score. Mods. No part mods and nothing that would affect scoring, but anything else is fine. I only have the Demo, or I'd make my attempt, but obviously this can be done. I'm mostly interested in seeing HOW it is done, what mission architectures are used, and so forth. Good luck!
  15. Hello everyone! This is my first time ever sending a manned mission to Duna after 336 hours of playtime in Kerbal Space Program! After a great start of launching and docking 4 payloads to my carrier and sending it to Duna the mission went Kerbal very quickly. The first payload, which contains the communication satellites - got deployed by sheer force of rotation and couplers because they lack any kind of engine. These satellites were accidentally deployed into an orbit that intercepted Dunas moon, throwing them into weird and unpredictably orbits. This out-take will be part of another video. The second and third payload get coupled together into what I call a "Double Bullet" for obvious reasons. The airshells of the payload look like two bullets glued together. This "Double Bullet" then descends onto Duna and decouples only after the parachutes have deployed and decelerated the payloads. This way they land less than 1 kilometer apart. The landing needs some improvement, though. The last payload contains a rover and descends onto Duna before deploying a lot of parachutes for landing. By sheer luck, it flew above the first two payloads and landed less than 50 kilometers away. Highlights: All payloads docked Circularisation at Duna Deployment of satellites - without any engines Creating the "Double Bullet" Landing the "Double Bullet" Landing the rover Thank you for taking the time to read all this!
  16. Another video on my youtube channel from an awesome mission. It was so funny to record and edit. What do you think?
  17. I am going to set up a base, and i want it to be in a crater (bottom is flat,a lot more science and etc.) Can i ask you? What is the best crater on Duna? 1.It mustn't be polar atleast close to the equator. 2.Bottom must be flat 3.(insert your opinion why it is good for building bases) 4. Coordinates (if you can, if you can't,just try to describe its location)
  18. OVERVIEW: 04/14/16 DUNA DIRECT 1. HAB This is where Kerbals will live both on their journey to Duna, and while on Duna. A. Crew i. Seats: 6 (No Designation) ii. Provides a common area for crew members to eat, sleep, and be entertained. iii. Contains Life Support recourses: 1. Food 2. Water (1/2) 3. Oxygen (1/2) B. Command i. Seats: 2 (Pilot, Commander) ii. Provides control of the spacecraft and docked spacecraft. iii. Reaction Wheels. C. Science i. Seats: 2 (Scientist, Scientist) ii. Contains science experiments: 1. Mystery Goo. 2. PresMat Barometer. 3. Science Lab (Experiment processing) D. Utility i. Seats: 2 (Engineer, Engineer) ii. Contains resources: 1. Electric Charge. 2. Mono propellant. 3. Liquid Fuel & Oxidizer. iii. Contains Life Support resources: 1. Water (2/2) 2. Oxygen (2/2) 3. Empty Waste Tank. 4. Empty Co2 Tank. 2. KRV This craft will be sent ahead of the HAB and crew in order to start processing fuel for the Kerbals journey home. Only the second stage will return to Kerbin. A. Return Module (Stage 2) i. Seats: 6 ii. Provides control of the spacecraft (No docking capability) iii. Reaction wheels iv. Contains resources: 1. Electric Charge 2. Mono Propellant 3. Liquid fuel & oxidizer B. Utility Module (Stage 1) i. Contains recourses: 1. Liquid Fuel & Oxidizer 2. Mono Propellant ii. Contains chemical processing plugin. 1. Converts Co2 into Liquid Fuel and Oxygen ( For engines and life support) Design concept images from the Mars Direct Program. Dev. Blog: <no posts> Duna Direct by Tyler Grommesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  19. Hey all. I've poked around a bit and I'm having a hard time figuring out something, and I'm quite sure someone's pulled this off before. It's particularly about Duna, but it's a more generic question for roughly all the planets for a career mode. In career mode, I've got a Duna First World's Contract pop up. They show up eventually, of course, but as usual these usually include a 'and return to Kerbin' clause, so you can't pick up any more until you've swung past X planet, then came home. Now, my plan is to stuff as much dV into a probe as I can get off my level 2 Launchpad and fling it at Duna out of phase for as quick a possible flyby. The idea being when I'm ready to send a serious mission (IE: Land on Duna) I'll be IN phase (or closer) and the mothership I end up sending for that won't require over-engineering due to phase positions. That's not the hard part, it just takes extreme dV and really odd departure angles. Now, where I'm running into trouble is getting back in a timely manner. My best guesstimate forces me to establish an orbit (which I'm trying NOT to do so I can keep that world's first banked for a contract later) and then reverse fire myself at Kerbin, again at extreme dV cost and odd angles. As far as I can tell, no gravity assists or anything of that nature will significantly help, as I'm on the right Solar Periapsis for Kerbin, I'm just WAY off phase. EDIT: This was misleading. My periapsis may be on Kerbin's plane, but I'll be traveling out to Eloo before I come back, which defeats the point. I'm really hoping one of you will tell me 'Oh, that's easy, just do this!', and I'll have to noodle on it for a week before I understand it but I can get it done. I have this random idea that if I can bank myself around Duna, without actually orbiting but coming in for an Oberth, and then burning like mad at the right angle to push the phase around I might be able to pull it off, but I just can't figure out how that should be done.
  20. I was sening a rover to Duna and i saw this so i tought it would be good to show it Tell me what you think about them
  21. Duna was and is a place that we all wondering about! We are interested in present, future and past! Today I want to tell you about water on surface of Duna. Or If we will talk about the present ,underground water. We can easily understand that Duna had water on the surface in the past! We can also see large ice caps (that maybe made of different material) Even if water was spread all over the surface where did it go? And where can it store now? We may find answers underground. If water on Duna turned it to ice, it will blend with soil. But we cannot find any ice on and in surface. Although if we go deeper, we may find caves. In such places with more water-friendly environment and less near vacuum levels of pressure, water may sustain in liquid form. It still can be there, in the underground! Upper level still contains traces of water but not water itself. middle level may contain ice blended with soil. Deeper we may find zone with water in it liquid form. Lower zone is made rock which is very dense and even past time there would't be any water. Such underground lakes may contain simple life like bacteria. Though it won’t be multicell, It may sustain itself in the underground due to less radioactive and more safe environment. If you know some of these facts, good job you are clever, now be more usefull and add something interesting if you can! If you see an error in some of ideas that i presented try to correct me! And again it is just a theory!
  22. KSP's Journey To Duna Thread Hello! Is there anyone else out there that is designing a Journey-To-Mars type program? No? *Dies a little bit on the inside* Well, If There Is, Post Your Journey Here! Juicy Details, ship designs, mission plans, and anything else you've created are all absolutely welcome! Also, It's okay if it's modded, but tell us which mods you're using! I will also Be posting Updates On my Journey To Duna (which only uses TweakScale & the stock version of HyperEdit For Testing) whenever I can, hopefully with pics, and Juicy Details! Cheers! (BTW mods, if this is in the wrong category, feel free to move it, of course.)
  23. you see my image this. I think revealed proof SSTV Signal Pyramid in the Duna this... Really top secret it's a SSTV Signal Pyramid. SSTV Signal Pyramid explain things (topleft-topright) : LOGO = KSP logo have rockets emit light fire. IKE = you can see it's Ike moon in the Duna. 4 KERMAN ASTRONAUTS = left-right, Jebediah Kerman, Bill Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman. not sure it was not an alien but kerman is an alien? SECRET SATELLITE = unknown, I don't know what it's a weird object (right-top). MOHO, EVE AND KERBIN = there's 3 planets but you can see 3 planets. SSTV'S PYRAMID = it's a hill shaped-like pyramid there's noise sound. so, you really sick your ears with headphones. DUNA! = you know this Duna is red planet in the Kerbol System. *oops, I forgot wrong it's numbers. just fixed : 'start 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 finish' Notice : Sorry, I seriously meticulous reveal what it.
  24. This video was my hardest to make. It required more effort than any of my others, and I love the result. I'd like to say right off the bat that this was the best video I have created. I enjoyed filming the mission as it went on and I hope you will enjoy what came out of it. Any other details are in the description.. It took about 4 hours of KSP playing, mostly thanks to my laggy computer, to get this done. Worth it. If you want the craft in the video, head here: Enjoy! And the people I need to give credit to are @zekes, @War Eagle 1, @SpaceXray, and @Mad Rocket Scientist for the Tupolev in the beginning, along with @RixKillian for his M4 Sherman, @Azimech for his ZSU-23-4, and finally, @Raptor9 for his C7-142 Seahawk. And that's all from me for now! I'll see you guys with another video soon!
  25. New and Updated for 1.2.2! Hi all. I'd first off like to thank @Mulbin for inspiring this and designing it in the first place. Although I made it from scratch, I don't think I could have ever came up with this creation without him. In version 0.19, Mulbin made a Duna rated LK spacecraft. Versions passed, Mulbin's activity declined, and then the link to download it went bust. When 1.1 came out, I decided to breath new life into this long vanished spacecraft. So I built this from scratch So here it is. A Duna LK lander, a LOK Orbiting Spacecraft and a Micro Buggy thrown in on top. You can download the craft at KerbalX, here. A few notes: -Your pilot will be in the wrong capsule on liftoff. Transfer him and/or set control to the top capsule. -Try to Aerobrake, at least a bit, at Duna. Warning: Do not go lower than 28,000 Meters, you might blow the Nukes. -Yes, the rover is supposed to land separately. Just make sure it doesn't crash into the lander. -When departing Duna, you can use the Arrival Stage to give a kick or what is left in the lander. Your choice. You might have to use a bit of monopropellant to get back. -Don't bother with slowing down, the heatsheild can take the reentry. Just get the angle right. Mission Video: Ok, that's all, enjoy flying!