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Found 50 results

  1. Pood's OPM-VO (Outer Planets Mod - Visual Overhaul) Latest Release - v.0.2.0 Pre-Release Beta - 8th May. 16 Due to some users having issues with compatibility, please find below a list of the dependencies and the current builds used to run OPM-VO. Please ensure that you are running at least these versions of the dependencies or later releases: EVE: (PRE-1.1-3 '0c6fdac' 2016-05-16) Scatterer: (Release build 0.0247 2016-07-14) Kopernicus: (Release build 1.1.3-1 2016-07-04) Module Manager: (Release build 2.6.25 2016-05-19) Outer Planets Mod: (Release build 2.0 2016-05-21) -------------------------------------------------------- For all information regarding downloading/installing/using/licensing etc. for this mod, please refer to the Readme. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Changelog: v0.2.0 - 8th May. 16 - Rebuilt from ground up for KSP 1.1.2; Thatmo work has not been included. v0.1.2 - 11th Jan. 16 - Included support for OPM Tilt and Kopernicus Expansion. Compatibility with KSPRC has been fixed by including updated pqs.cfg file for KSPRC (bundled in distribution). v0.1.1 - 8th Jan. 16 - Forgot to include Scatterer files within .zip (Doh!) v0.1.0 - 6th Jan. 16 - Initial Release - First GitHub commit & beta release --------------------- Original Post: With the release of EVE for 1.0.5 and Scatterer gaining multi-planet support I decided to jump right in and start messing around with configs for OPM as I rarely play KSP without it. As the two mods are still very much in their infancy really with respect to 1.0.5 and their latest releases I am learning as I go and have never shown any of my previous tinkerings with EVE in the past on these forums (I used to run a modified AVP-I, AVP-EoO and KSPRC mashup in previous versions of KSP). I initally started working on Tekto as it has a pretty crazy atmosphere in OPM canon. Current progress can be seen here: I also have very hazy mist clouds rumbling over the lowlands that look a lot like heat haze up close. These are very much still WIP and I am still learning new tricks/techniques with EVE's new volumetric cloud options. The look I have gone for is a very chaotic, dense atmosphere that is suffering from a sever over abundance of a toxic gas that could be generated from underwater plant life or similar. After visiting MatoroIgnika's Twitch stream he commented to me that he loves Thatmo and how it should look like a Triton analog, so... next on to Thatmo! Like Triton, Thatmo has a very think atmosphere but it can be visualised from orbit. It is very hard to convey through screenshots but a very thin, wispy cloud cover has been added, viewable from orbit. Down on the moon's surface, clouds are visible somewhat more than they are from orbit purely for the fun aspect of actually seeing the atmosphere present. Triton's albedo coefficient is one of the highest in our whole solar system and so I decided to make Thatmo very reflective and bright to convey the shiny, ice like nature of the moon. Its pretty blinding down on the surface. As the surface of the moon is refracting light through its ice layers I have also introduced a chromatic aberration-like quality, visible when in orbit. Finally at this point I have been tinkering heavily with texture generation for Gas Giants (as OPM has 3 of them!) using curling noise for procedural fluid flow to try and create some really interesting base texture maps for the gas planets. It has been pretty laborious switching between Linux running the generations and Windows for Photoshop texturing (I don't like GIMP at all) but its getting a lot easier to manage now I am use to the process. I should be able to utilise this technique to also create completely procedural cloud texture maps also with a bit of work that could range from thick stormy stuff ala Venus down to very light, high atmo wisps. As you can see there are a lot of different style outcomes using the same texture by changing the input parameters. Let me know what you like and what you think would suit each gas planet as I can create a variety of effects. Generation takes around 20 minutes and then I have to wrap a cubemap back into an rectilinear texture for use within KSP. All of this is really in its infancy and I created this thread as a place to store my ongoing efforts whilst also being able to receive some feedback. Progress may come in fits and spurts around work; I get two weeks off over the Christmas period I may be able to cram a load of texturing in. Depending on how far I continue the final piece of the long-term puzzle would be re-texturing the base moon textures to hi-res variants. Feedback is greatly appreciated and any thoughts or critiques are appreciated, even though at the moment all you are able to look at is screenshots. Once things become more substantial I will upload configs and textures in a pack for testing out within KSP. At this point I will apply a suitable license. Update 12th Dec. 15 - Been doing a little tinkering to test some different variables in the texture generation and thought... "why not upload some short clips on Steamable?" So: Sarnus - Test WIP Neidon - Test WIP Update 3rd Jan. 16 - Porting Tekto to new EVE syntax. Fog on Tekto 1 - Showing fog and dust clouds at low level. Fog on Tekto 2 - Showing the post processing depth buffer level at low level. Update: 6th Jan. 16 - v0.1.0 Beta Release - Initial Release Update: 8th Jan.16 - v0.1.1 Beta Release - Included forgotten Scatterer files and bundled MiniAVC plugin for automated update checking. Update: 11th Jan. 16 - v0.1.2 Beta Release - Added support for OPM Tilt and Kopernicus Expansion and bundled an updated file for KSPRC to allow for EVE Cloud Layers on Gas Giants. Update: 8th May. 16 - v0.2.0 Beta Release - Rebuilt from ground up for KSP 1.1.2; Thatmo work has not been included and Sigma OPM-Tilt compatibility needs to be added. Also work needs to be done on Tekto's Scatterer effects and so changes to the stock Gas Giant's normal map texture that all the OPM Giants use. Update: 27th Aug. 16 - Updated dependency mod links. Mod will be updated to KSP 1.2 post release. Whad'ya think?
  2. PARA-SCI HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATMOSPHERE PACK For use with KSP 1.2 and the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod Since many of us are sometimes, or always, forced to play KSP on laptops and other devices with weak GPUs or otherwise not optimized for gaming, I present the Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, wherein I have done my best to combine good visuals with minimal graphics demand. FULL PREVIEW ALBUM: Notes: - Most bodies, with the exception of Kerbol and the particularly lumpy minor moons, include a "glow" layer that enhances their appearance at long distances and fades away on approach. - Many of the glow layers make use of the original KSP planet textures; naturally credit goes to SQUAD for these and I advise against attempting to redistribute them or use them for things other than KSP, KSP mods, or KSP fanart. - None of the cloud layers have a "layer3D" (volumetric clouds) component. While this does cause us to miss out on that feature, the numerous large particles it involved rendering tend to be a major performance drain and thus they have been left out. - None of the cloud layers cast shadows either. - All bodies have a maximum of three cloud layers; most have only one. - The pack currently does not include aurorae, noctilucent clouds, or dust storms, although some of these may be added in the future if I feel up to it. - Some textures are the original textures packaged alongside the main EVE installation. Like the SQUAD textures, I advise against violating their licensing terms, etc. - Jool's glow layer uses the beautiful Jool texture painted by @Felsmak. Naturally credit goes to him for that, don't steal it, etc. etc. etc. DOWNLOAD
  3. So I've just downloaded my first Graphic mods - EVE + Scatterer. They work but.. look a bit glitchy. Is it just me and it looks absolutely normal or..?
  4. Anyone want to take on the tough challenge of making an Eve lander for 1.1.x? We had a thread around 2 years ago that came up with some excellent designs for Eve landers and I thought it was time to revive this for the current version of the game. Challenge description - Build the lightest Eve Lander possible! Category 1) Take off from anywhere on Eve and reach a stable orbit. Category 2) Take off from an altitude of under 100 meters and reach a stable orbit. Challenge rules: You need Kerbal on board who can exit and enter the vehicle prior to take off. What would be the point of landing on Eve if you couldn't have a walk around on the surface. No external command seats! That rules out using a seat in a service bay. You'll need to use a lander can or command pod or something similar. I may add an extra category if there is a demand for the use of a chair in a service bay method later. Stock parts and physics only. Exceptions are Autopilot and navigation aids like Mechjeb, Kerbal Engineer etc and any building mods like Editor Extension, Hanger Extension, Infinite offset limits etc. These are allowed. You do not have to transport your lander to Eve. you may use Hyperedit to reach an Eve orbit and the Vessel Mover mod to move your vessel once it has landed, (useful if you want to take off from a specific altitude!) Post screenshots of proof as well as the lander prior to take off. Craft files would be most welcome and videos are optional. Why this challenge? Well, in some ways an Eve Lander is easier to build in this version since v0.9 as you probably only need around 9000 DeltaV to reach orbit from sea level compared to the 12000 DeltaV. However, the journey to Eve is harder compared to earlier versions. Aerobraking is difficult due to the heating effects of the atmosphere and Eve is inclined so it take more DeltaV to get there. This makes building the lightest craft possible an important factor in enabling inter-planetary transfer stages to be of reasonable sizes, especially if you plan on using engine thrust to achieve orbit. Obviously you do not need to build one of these for this challenge but a light lander will help anyone who wants to use a submitted lander to build a craft that is fully capable of a mission to Eve and back from Kerbin. Here is what I have come up with myself: With de-orbiting, re-entry and landing parts attached. With above parts removed, (that are jettisoned at lift off). This weighs 74.220 tons, 86 parts and completes Category 2. It can reach a 100 km orbit from under 100m with 444 DeltaV left over so I think there is a lot of margin left over for better designs! It's a simple asparagus design however the first 2 stages are just fuel tanks with the 3 Aerospikes and 2 vectors all firing from launch. Mixing the engines like this gave me the best balance between TWR and DeltaV. The biggest challenge was ensuring the craft could survive entry into Eve's atmosphere without flipping out as the inflatable heatshield has so much drag it tends to flip the craft out. I realise now that I could have just used the Vessel Mover mod to spawn a saved vessel directly on the surface and not worried about re-entry but this makes this design one step closer to a fully functional Eve capable craft anyway. Download > Good luck!
  5. At this time, i'm almost ready to succeed the reddit w30*2017 challenge in hard mode - launch a ship from Kerbin, land on Eve, mine Ore, take off and bring 300 Ore to Gilly. Still struggling to bring the ship from Kerbin orbit to Eve orbit (in one launch)
  6. Hello, guys! On the older versions of Kerbal Space Program it always worked to install Environmental Visual Enhancements. Now it somehow doesn't work. I see no clouds showing up or anything related to that and I did the same thing like you always do. Please help!
  7. May Someone In The Community Volunteer To Create The Badges Please! Thanks! Hello everyone! I'm Rebooting the old Eve's Rock Challenge. If you want to see the original thread, Click HERE Landing on Eve is simple. Landing a Kerbal on Eve and returning him safely back to Kerbin, however, is the closest you can get to the challenges NASA was facing in the real-world Moon landings. Your rocket need not only be big (though it necessarily will be), but it has to be well-designed to boot: you need to strike the right balance between enough thrust and enough fuel. The surface of Eve is littered with the debris of launchers that were almost good enough. Trying to include any kind of safety margin will quickly inflate the project to ridiculous levels -- and keep in mind that you somehow need to get your lander up from Kerbin and to Eve in the first place, and put it down in Eve's high gravity without creating a debris field then and there. There will be no scoring system and no leaderboard because really, returning from Eve is quite a feat of itself. However, there will be a badge for you to keep once you have completed the challenge. (Badge in Process) And to spice things up a little, there will be several levels of achievement: Level 1, I can do this: retrieve a soil sample from Eve and return it safely back to Kerbin. Level 2, Let's get serious: return a sample from Eve's oceans as well. Level 3, Going all the way: land at (and launch from) an altitude of less than 500m. Jebediah's Level: all of the above, without parachutes, wings, or control surfaces. For Science!: ignore all of the above, but strip-mine at least three biomes for their science and return the results to Kerbin -- in duplicate! Rules & Restrictions: - stock physics - no glitch exploits (do I even have to say this?) - only stock parts, except where I don't care (see below). - part clipping: be conservative. - there have to be pods/hitchhikers for all Kerbals involved. No seat-only lifters. -Multiple Launches are allowed (Please show pictures of every single launch) There will be 2 modes. A stock one and a Modded one. The aerodynamics on Eve has changed quite alot since the old thread, I will enable Part Mods(Info Mods such as Mechjeb/KER counts as stock. I should be able to access your craft file without installing any mods). You MUST Clearly State What Parts Mod You Are Using. Mining on Gilly will be alright, but ramscoops will be not. Mining on Eve itself is not OK. Talking about refueling: in LKO, I will be content if you showcase your solution once. After that, you may resort to magic. No need to actually fly a dozen boring milk runs. However, I do want to see a solution that seems halfways adequate. Don't tell me you'd deliver the fuel a spoonful at a time. About the "For Science!" level: Basically, you have to return two command pods full of experimental results (science containers are explicitly forbidden for this one). Overachievers may also land at sea level without parachutes, but there's no extra points for that: this level isn't about the biggest baddest lander, it's about making a sensible mission. Submission Guidelines: I want to see a well-lit money shot of every vessel involved (ideally, one should be able to recreate your craft from screenshots), and enough material to give me a good impression of what your mission looked like and how it played out. I don't need to see every single maneuver node and all of your twenty asparagus stages in action, but you should provide one picture every thirty seconds or so. Leave the altimeter, navball and resource panel open during ascents, and if you use MechJeb/KER, also keep the delta-V and orbital info stuff on the screen. Launches from Kerbin need not be as detailed, but I want to see that you launched and didn't just teleport into orbit. I reserve the right to request stockified craft files of your vessel as it is awaiting liftoff on Kerbin and/or Eve before accepting your entry. If you use rovers / planes / whatever, please don't go over the top with pictures of your vehicle in action. Of course I want to see how it works (especially how it reaches the ground, and any specialties like entering the water or sumsuch), but for purposes of what you did, a single map view with a few annotations easily beats one hundred pics of a rover between dunes. Please be kind to other people's bandwidth: use a gallery if possible. If you absolutely have to spam a dozen pics in a forum post, have the decency to convert them to JPEG. Short videos of key events may be helpful, but the emphasis is on "short": seconds, not minutes. Provide the following data: - weight and part count of the vessel on the launchpad - weight and part count awaiting liftoff on Eve - the approximate price tag of your entire mission, if at all possible - game version - mods used (Please include info mods such as Mechjeb) - tell me how you found your landing site. "I tried until I got lucky" is perfectly alright, but inquiring minds want to know. - if there's anything that your are especially proud of, be sure to point it out (provide a direct link to a picture if applicable). - please also mention the things that didn't work out so well / required a lot of saveloading / you would do different next time. PEOPLE WHO MADE IT Stock: Modded:
  8. Reach orbit in high gravity environment! Basically, this challange is just about getting orbit efficiently on Kerbin. However, with gravity multiplier cheat, it won't be easy! In these harsh environment, haul fuel/payload to orbit as much as you can! Rules: 1. No cheats allowed, aside from the gravity multiplier cheat. - Entrants should keep the gravity cheat on throughout the entry, with the multiplier given by each level. 2. No kraken drives, no clipping of functional parts. 3. The orbiter can either be manned or unmanned, refuel it in any way if you can. (Docking is allowed as well) 4. Reach stable orbit out of the atmosphere, using any ways fitting in the rules. 5. Mods allowed: - Part mods with reasonable chemical tanks/engines only. (No OP tanks/engines or other propulsion concepts) - Visual mods like Scatter, SVE and such. - Piloting mods like Mechjeb, kOS and such. - Editor mods like Part Angle Display, Editor Extension Redux and such. (Finished product should be stock craft with it) Any other mods aside from these are not allowed. Entry Submission Rules: 1. An entry should contain screenshots or videos to prove the completion. Imgur or Mission Reports is recommenfed. 2. At least one of the screenshot should contain debug screen indicating that only gravity cheat with appropriate multiplier is on. More than once is recommended. For video submissions, show it once and capture continuous process to orbit in the video. 3. Screenshots should include craft in VAB(for total mass), on LaunchPad, liftoff, subsonic flight, gravity turn, supersonic flight, high atmosphere flight, reaching apoapsis, finishing orbit and craft on orbit and more if you want. Scoring Scheme: 1. Score is given by (Payload mass) / (Total mass) - 'Payload' means parts got to orbit which is neither fuel tank nor engine, and fuels left on the orbit. Crew cabins count as payload, but not any other multipurpose fuel tanks like wet wings. - 'Total' means every parts launched for this mission. This includes pre-launched refueling ships in orbit. Levels: I. Moderate gravity (1.7g): Reach orbit on Kerbin with gravity multiplier of 1.7. (Range of 1.68g~1.7g is allowed, due to the sensitivity of the scroll bar) I1. Spaceplanes (too) Powerful Reach orbit, using jet engines. Every bits you launched should reach stable orbit. I2. Heavy Rocketry Reach orbit without jet engines. Isp. Heavily Usable Rocketry Reach orbit without jet engines, with every bits you launched reaching stable orbit! (Yes, this one is specially aimed for conquering a *punishing* body) II. High gravity (3g): Reach orbit on Kerbin, with gravity of 3g! 2.88g~3.0g is allowed. III. Super gravity (5g): Reach orbit on Kerbin with gravity of 5g! 4.98~5g is allowed. V. Hyper gravity (10g): Use any possible way, to reach orbit with Hyper gravity of 10g! (Only 10g is allowed, since it's at the end of the scroll bar) (This should be impossible, though let's see if I'm wrong) Results: I. Moderate gravity (1.7g) I1. Spaceplanes Powerful I2. Heavy Rocketry Isp. Heavily Usable Rocketry II. High Gravity (3g) 1. MarvinKitFox - Asparagus-staged Mammoth Rockets to 11k X 14k orbit. (Score pending) III. Super Gravity (5g) V. Hyper Gravity (10g) + My entry will be up soon! (Though I doubt I need one)
  9. Hello! I'm designing a mission to eve, and it'd be great if I have a SSTO for this. I know that there were several SSTOs, but I want one which doesn't need any precision manuever and fuel mining time. It'd be better to have long range for science purpose. Is there ANY way to do that? EDIT: I mean, completely stock SSTO without debug-cheating in flight. Other than that anything is okay.
  10. It would be really cool if when doing science in EVE, there were situational outcomes. For example, if you do a materials study on Duna during a dust storm, you could get the report, "Flying Dust coats all of the materials within the bay," or something like that. The could also be situational damage. Again, with the Duna dust storm example, if you leave solar panels out for too long, "Dust coats the solar panels and clogs their servos, rendering them inoperable!" I just think that this would be a cool added challenge to stock KSP.
  11. *"Orbit" means the lateral movement of your craft across Eve in a clock-wise direction, similar to what it would be on Venus in real life. See Rule #4. **Use of Hyperedit is prohibited for everything except tests of your design. ²I don't need pictures of your tests, however, you are welcome to provide your development process. †See modlist. ††Not compatible with anything of similar fashion. E.g. having ten Kerbals is not compatible with twenty Kerbals. You only get points for the twenty Kerbals, not twenty and ten. Applies to more than two terms also. The Eve Luxury Floatation Aerostat Habitat (ELFAH) challenge is one of the hardest, most captivating, and most difficult ones in the history of Eve challenges. As some of you might've known, the HAVOC project has been developed by NASA. The plan consists of five steps: Robotic exploration into the Venusian atmosphere Crewed mission to orbit Venus for 30 days Crewed mission to Venusian atmosphere for 30 days Crewed mission to Venusian atmosphere for 1 year Long-term human presence in a floating balloon. This, as-well as my own fantasies, has challenged me to get back into KSP and try this out. However, this summer I am moving to California, and my YouTube channel is taking a very serious turn now, so uploading a silly KSP video will be..well..silly. Therefore, I challenge you, the KSP forum community, to complete this challenge! I did do something very similar about a year ago, and it worked alright until I lost control of the ship and crashed into this mountain over here: Now, for the challenge rules and similar, less intriguing things: ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘RULES˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ Please no cheaty methods like Kerbal ladder propulsion or similar. Come on lads, I have faith in you! Version 1.0 or later, please. Old versions are subject to approved exceptions. Maintain a manageable part count. No more than 800 parts please. You must "orbit" around the Equator, or somewhere close to that. Polar orbit is fine as-well. No diagonal or weird-shaped orbits.* Altitude requirement is to be no less 12,500m and 60,000m. 12,500m is not very survivable, and 60,000m is.. well.. it's just cheating at that point. The in-betweens are up to you. Your craft must be able to haul at least four Kerbals. It's a shame that there is no wind on Eve at this time, so you will need to use propulsion. It needs to be 100% sustainable, Eve doesn't need any more carbon than what it already has! The speed of movement must be no less than 10 m/s and no more than 40 m/s. Ion engines (good luck with those), KAX propellers, and other, electric-powered engines / props are allowed.† The way you get here matters! Provide plenty of documentation (pix) of your trip to Eve. I don't need more than five. Use of HyperEdit is highly prohibited.** The craft must be stable (altitude-wise). I know it's hard, but it's more than possible. I've accomplished it myself, before I did something wrong and crashed. Do note that my attempt was in version 0.25, and that was a while ago, so a lot of things changed from then, but I have to assume that it's still possible. Documentation: Papers, Please! Please provide ample documentation (pix) of your entire mission.**² ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘MODLIST˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ (^I think this one includes an electric propeller? Correct me if I'm wrong please.^) (^Seems to work with 1.1.2, but official update not out yet. You can use it anyway.) Any designing assist mods. Any visual mods. No aerodynamic mods, must use stock physics only. Solar panel and battery mods and mods I've never heard of before are subject to approval. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘COURT˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ Badge: your craft meets all the rules (criteria). Good job! + 50 points: your craft is very neat-looking. Very subjective and up to me. + 75 points: your craft carries ten Kerbals.†† + 75 points: your craft is under 600 parts.†† + 100 points: your craft travels at 30 m/s. + 100 points: your craft carries fourteen Kerbals.†† + 200 points: your craft is under 400 parts.†† + 300 points: your craft carries twenty Kerbals.†† + 500 points: your craft is under 200 parts.†† + 500 points: your craft underwent no testing whatsoever, and it is your first attempt. In this case, please provide the documentation for your developmental process in its entirety. + 2,000 points: your craft carries 100 Kerbals.†† + 2,000 points: your craft is under 100 parts.†† + 5,000 points: your craft is primarily propelled by ion engines. Eve atmosphere. + 5,000 points: your craft carries more than 100 Kerbals.†† + 7,500 points: your craft gets to Eve primarily using electric propulsion of some sort. + 10,000 points: your craft consists of a main module, several transportation vehicles for transport around Eve or from base to base, and has many great things that an on-ground base would have. + 20,000 points: your craft is reusable. + 100,000 points: your craft is 100% stock. P.S. Let me know if you find any rule / judgement unfair or confusing. I will fix it promptly. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘LEADERBOARD˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ TheOptimist: +50 appearance, +100 speed higher than 30 m/s, +300 more than twenty Kerbals: 450 points. ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘BADGE˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ P.S.S. Thanks to NASA for the original picture!
  12. (To tell the truth, I don't know if doing a gravity turn manually on Eve is possible. Maybe it is with winglets, maybe not. Feel free to correct me.) So most of us know that to get to orbit efficiently, you need to do a gravity turn and have an AoA of roughly 45 degrees at 10km on Kerbin. This is done by tipping over gradually while you are ascending. Getting to orbit this way is the most efficient and will get you into orbit using the least amount of DV. However on Eve, such a maneuver is very difficult and most people just go straight up and turn after they have gotten up high enough not to flip over when they turn it the slightest. Doing a gravity turn on Eve like Kerbin is hard and makes getting to orbit not as efficient as on Kerbin. In fact some might say it is impossible to do. Until... now. Before 1.2, using the SAS to point in a certain direction, such as prograde, retrograde, radial and so on could cause an engine to gimbal uncontrollably and force you to keep the ship focused on a certain direction manually. This bug was fixed in 1.2 and now, if you get it right, you can have that... do the gravity turn for you. All you have to do is move slightly to one side while you are firing the engines and the prograde vector will move forward in that direction. Then just hold prograde and you will follow it and keep it moving. Now yesterday, I built an Eve lander, dropped it through Eve's atmosphere and landed it. This was a test run to land and fly to orbit so I used the debug menu to edit it into low Eve orbit. It took me a few tries to get the optimal launch, (i.e make it go straight up and not flip over. ) but I did it and on this one attempt, I was tilted slightly down the navball on the 90 line. My prograde vector was slowly moving down at the same time so I clicked on hold prograde. I then watched it slowly tip over until at 10 km, it was at 45 degrees AoA. Now I know since Eve's atmosphere ends at 90 km and Kerbin's ends at 70 km that this is a less optimal gravity turn maneuver since you are going to want to be going up more and not going sideways as much But I got into orbit with tons of DV to spare and also did what I call an optimal flight to orbit. Sure the nose got hot at one point and almost blew up and as I said previously, this wasn't an optimal gravity turn but it worked. So... what I am wondering is, if you use this trajectory to orbit, how small can you make your landers? Also what are your thoughts on this discovery? And have any of you encountered this yet? Thanks. Fire
  13. KSP: 1.2 Windows 64bit Problem: crash on runway Mods installed: Chatterer 0.9.91 KER EVE 1.2.2 Graphotron0.4.1 Precise Node 1.2.4 Reproduction steps: Hello, I had crashes with Precise Node, Chatterer, KER, Graphotron, Scatterer, SVE and EVE mods. I got rid of all, and perform a complet clean install. Resume play with Precise Node, Chatterer, KER, Graphotron => no problem for 5 days. add EVE => crah on runway. But I did also press F12 and now read that may cause problem (even if it's for large vessels ?). can you tell for the crah folder <= were the crah came from? Log:
  14. Okay so I know there have been some Lightweight Eve lander challenges before but I haven't seen one in a long time so here goes. Rules that apply for both categories: Only allowed mods are informative and visual mods. (And pilot assistant mods for "Anything goes" -category) No altering physics! No cheating otherwise also! No kraken drives or and of that nonsense. Use of hyperedit is allowed for transfering your craft to Eve and moving the craft to a launching location of your choice. (You can land anywhere you want on Eve's surface and then hyperedit the same ship to a location that you want to launch from.) You must provide screenshots that show your crafts decent and ascent as well. Must be manned. (Kerbal doesn't have to plant a flag or visit the surface so no need for ladders though). You will start from an unstable Eve orbit so that your starting Ap is >90km and your starting Pe is >0km. You can use any means you want to get the craft there and then whatever mass you have left is your entry score. (I for example used hyperedit to get to 100x100km eve orbit and a small extra stage for deorbit burn that I then decoupled.) You must reach stable orbit. (Pe >90km). There will be 2 categories with different rules: A) "Robust and actually usable lander" B) "Anything goes" Category A) rules: 1. A proper crew pod must be used. So NO lawn chairs. 2. You must take off from <1000m elevation from sea level. 3. No using kerbal's EVA pack for the final circularization. Kerbal must get back to orbit in the pod. Category B) rules: 1. Land anywhere on Eve and take-off from anywhere on Eve. 2. Other than that do whatever. Use lawn chairs and EVA's and whatever you want. And here is my entry for the A) category to kick things off: Sub 30t Eve lander EDIT: Sorry the pics are in a weird order and imgur shuffles them again even if I rearrange them. I dunno why. But you can still see what is going on by reading the descriptions
  15. I have made a video in which i have constructed ground base. And have puted it on the Eve's surface. Take a look!
  16. Hi! I have made a new video about my Eve ground base. Check it out! P.S How can i put the video inside my post?
  17. Hey lets talk Eve mission ideas! I plan on putting Jeb Val Bill and Bob on Eve. And I want to hear your missions to Eve.
  18. ISO an SSTO that could take off from Eve and get to orbit 91K*91K+ Can use Interstellar-ext. and FFT and Spitefire. If you need other mods name them.
  19. I am trying to make an Eve lander. I am testing it with Hyper Edit. It will finish landing and return to orbit, but currently it flips at around 3000 m/s on descent. I am thinking that I should fill the bottom tank; it is currently empty and exists to provide a launch platform.
  20. I got a contract to build a station around Gilly, so I made one. All components were lofted to orbit via SSTO spaceplane and assembled there. After that, I raised the orbit to around 550k, where I refueled and sent it on its way. The craft was not suited for aerocapture, so I braked the conventional way. I dropped a probe on the shallows of Eve, then parked into Gilly orbit. The only major issue I had was that the heaviest spaceplane I built -- to loft the booster and refueling modules -- flips out of control on re-entry, even though CoM is well ahead of CoL empty (and with all remaining fuel pumped to the forward tanks). I was able to regain control at very low altitude and wrestle it to a near-intact splashdown, but something's clearly not right with it... or, perhaps, 1.2-pre aero. Got nearly a million funds as completion reward, and will max out my tech tree what with all the science the lab is churning out. Gallery: Highlights:
  21. Hey folks, I'm working on my first manned Eve Landing. This is my prototype Eve ascent module. Getting to land on Eve without cheating is a work in progress, but it looks viable for the ascent stage. It was able to get to orbit from a 500m starting elevation, with about 300 delta-v left in the tank. (This first run was also without a nosecone, due to an ill-fated attempt to put a heat shield on the front. So it would probably perform better with the cone as shown). Overview of the craft: Six asparagus-staged radial boosters, each consisting of two FL-T800 tanks, a Dart and a nosecone. Three of the boosters have landing legs, and each has a parachute. Core stage is two Vectors plus 4000 units of LF. Second stage is one Dart plus 800 units of LF in a 2.5m to 1.25m adapter. Third stage is a Terrier with 300 units of LF. Payload is one Mk 1 capsule, with battery and nosecone. TWR seems OK, at least by the usual standards. It starts around 1.3 and builds from there. One "problem" I've noticed is that the TWR really spikes (starting at > 3 at full throttle) when I've ditched all the radial boosters. The Vectors are overpowered for this stage, and on top of that, this is the point where the air finally starts to thin out. The only solution I've been able to come up with is to put only one Vector under this stage, and put two more on the final set of radial boosters. But that adds more total weight, which I'm not excited about. I'm very new to Eve operations and would love any tips to improve performance and/or reduce weight. Should I try to keep TWR between 1.5-2 like on Kerbin, or is a higher or lower number better? Also curious what people have found to be the most effective gravity turn. I clung to "hold radial out" for dear life until 10-15km, and then tried it gradually from there, but I think I ended up climbing too steeply. (The lack of thrust vectoring on the single Dart stage did not help either, but I'm reluctant to change the engine since it fits the TWR curve well). It would also be nice to make the whole thing shorter, to make it easier to keep behind a heat shield. But I don't want to make it fatter, and hence draggier. The obvious option is to make the radial boosters a little longer and the main stage a little shorter, but that will exacerbate the thrust spike of the two-Vector stage even more. Thanks!
  22. Hi folks, I thought I'd share a report from my first successful mission to plant a flag on Eve and get back to orbit (I skipped out on the Kerbin return part since this was a shakedown test for career mode). I didn't start with any particular objectives or constraints - just make a ship that can survive Eve without cherry-picking a mountaintop landing. But my design grew around the idea of using those heavy, expensive, efficient Eve ascent-engines for the entire trip. This lead to a somewhat ridiculous, heavily asparagus-staged launch vehicle, but it all worked quite well once I worked the bugs out. (Which admittedly took a while). Here's a link to the album with pics and narrative: And here's a sample pic of the ship in action on Eve reentry: (Full disclosure: after doing the entire mission, I went back and stitched these screenshots together from my various save files. So everything might not flow together exactly. But it s a generally accurate account of how everything went down).
  23. Hi guys, I am trying to land an ascent vehicle (about 100 tons) on Eve and am having serious trouble getting it to the ground intact. At first I tried putting an inflatable heat shield on the front, so I could continue to use my engines to tweak my orbit in between aerobraking passes. This would also let the heat shield dislodge pretty cleanly. But not surprisingly, the thing flipped since my center of mass is far in the back, making the rest of the rocket blow up. Next attempt: I tried putting two inflatable heat shields on the rear, attached to the back of two fuel pontoons. These were barely enough to let me aerobrake safely, though I frequently had to reload since the a tiny bit of extra wobble led to blow-ups. This method was also problematic since I could not use my shields, meaning I had no way to control the descent path and ended up landing in the sea. (I might experiment with Vernors or other small engines pointing backwards for this bit). But the bigger problem with putting heat shields on the back was getting the darn things off. Even after my chutes deployed and my velocity was slowed down to about 15 m/s, they would not jettison without pushing upward and breaking up my rocket. Looks like their terminal velocity on Eve is close to nothing. With smaller rockets, I've had some luck using my reaction wheels to flip my craft at least to the side, then dumping the shield. But this does not seem to work on my bigger rocket, especially after the chutes deploy. I'm considering trying separatrons or something similar to push the pontoons down and out when I jettison the heat shields, but I doubt they would have enough force to overcome the huge drag from the shields, especially in Eve's thick air. Any tips or tricks for how to get down safely? Here's a pic of my lander core (I have slightly modified since then, but same general idea). The heat shields on my second try were attached at the bottom of two orange tanks, which in turn were mounted to the side of this thing.
  24. A couple of months back I installed a series of beautification mods. Annoyingly, I forgot what cloud mod I used and scoured the forums trying to find it again. Anyone have any ideas?
  25. start height - 220m start mass - 16 tons - - do i win with the lightest return vehicle? :¬)