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Found 17 results

  1. Welcome to Kerbal Shaming where you shame the person above you. For example, the most recent person to comment on this thread will shame the person above. Then you can think of a good comeback to what they said to the person who posted before them, or lets say their profile picture. After that, you will be shamed by the next person to post on the thread. That will be all you need to know accept for the rules: 1. Don't be to mean to others 2. Have Fun P.S You may shame yourself Start Here
  2. This is about fun, happiness, ginormous rockets, fun and interesting mission profiles. - Start Career mode - Open the debug menu and max out your buildings (and unlock the tech tree if you like) - Always accept every contract available and perform them in a single launch. - Difficulty: Set your starting reputation to a lower (easy) or a higher (hard) value. It's more a gameplay idea than a challenge because we can't set up specific rules or quantify awesomeness because every mission will be unique and hold it's own challenges individually.
  3. This is basically a continuation of the original Kerbal Spice Program run by @Badie (this is with her permission). The goal is to create a craft that looks like food/something that looks like food. The rules are that: The parts should be stock (I might add a modded section later, but right now I'm trying to avoid mod pizzas and procedural corndogs). It should have some kind of (at least theoretical) purpose, however vague. Ex: flying advertisement, food stand, Mun rover, etc. The scoring system is kind of arbitrary.* I guess we can periodically update a set of categories. Most creative: Most useful: *if anyone has a better idea for how to work this, please let me know. @ moderators If this should be somewhere else, feel free to move it.
  4. This challenge is weird, and takes patience. It's also quite simple. Build a ship to visit every planet, and a lander to land on them. The trick is, you can only use the Dawn Engine to get to every planet. However, you can use liquid fuel to build the ship. And liquid fuel for the ONE lander. But that's it! So, you need: 1 ship, with as many Dawn Engines as you wish/need, 1 lander, and whatever else you want. 1 lander, with whatever you need. 1 Kerbol System. At least 1 Kerbal. Rulez: Ship must be powered only by the dawn engine. The lander is the only thing powered by liquid fuel. Ship and lander must be separate, and be attached by docking. No mods, however, MechJeb IS allowed. Good Luck! Ask me if you have any questions.
  5. Remember when you went up to 20km and then instantly turned 45 degrees west? Pepperidge Farm remembers... Do you?
  6. Hey, did my KSP 1.2 just say "Thanking Fwiffo" while loading 8-) Was that from a mod or something?
  7. Guys, I found a bug in the game. I was trying to land on Kerbol, and every time I get close to land my rocket keeps exploding. I know its supposed to be the sun, and its hot and all, which I totally forgot the first few times I tried. But then I waited until its night time so that it's cooler, but its still as bright as ever. I tried this for a couple of nights in a row and my craft still keeps exploding for no reason at all. Now I'm going to try one more time tomorrow night. If it doesn't work I'm going to scream at someone.
  8. Okay, so I just randomly came up with this a few minutes ago, and I'd rather not lose the idea. If this exists somewhere else, I'm sorry. Description: Basically, what you do is make a word as close as possible to being correct with a set of randomly-smashed keyboard inputted letters that the poster above you makes. It does not have to be spelled right, it just has to sound like the word if pronounced out loud You do not need to use all the given letters Rules: Keep it clean Do not use a letter more than once Try to keep your random letters somewhere between 5-10 characters You can make short phrases rather than short words, but keep in mind to not use the same letter more than once Example: Poster #1: iunerfoa Poster #2: foany (phony) fgwojwg and it goes on and on... I'll start: ______________________________________________________________________ ohwibvhg
  9. so, I haven't played KSP in a while since my brother is very protective of the pc. I just opened up my sandbox save and I LOVE the update. all the new changes they made to make it easier to do stuff. (also the way it looks, like hovering over a shroud of an engine sort of deconstructs it). Anyways, i also love how ships float and don't explode on contact with water. I just spent like 30 minutes driving big planes as boats and had more fun than ive had with any other game in months.....I need a ife
  10. Hi everyone! I'm trying to work out how to adjust alignment/rotation of two modules currently docked together in space. I presume this must be possible to do within the save files. As you can see, the handle things are ever so slightly off, I don't think I could have got them more precisely aligned, given the circumstances (detachable rcs on orange tank - I've no idea why I chose to dock the orange tank to the command module rather than the other way round - also the orange tank is empty). So, does anyone know what I'm looking for in the save files to adjust? Will it be a simple case of finding the docking port attached to the orange tank and rotating that or will I need to rotate the port, the tank and everything else with it? It needs to be aligned perfectly, for reasons.. Thanks everyone! P.S just in case the insert media link didn't work...
  11. So now that 1.1 is officially out, I thought id have some fun again.
  12. Decided to have some fun in the SPH in KSP while waiting for the release of 1.1. Here is the result! Gotta love KSP!
  13. Hey guys, I have a major challenge for you guys, you guys must get the Sido Urania pack, and land on every planet(Not Jool or Urania), and moons, and safely land back on kerbin(Space Stations, IRSU, and any other fueling method other than cheating is allowed). Be sure to bring back pic's from your big adventure. Oh, and any other mod is allowed(except Hyperedit, and other planet mods)
  14. Hey all since i just landed my first asteroid in ksp i decided to make a challenge out of it, like with ssto's is a challenge not many people had taken and since it isn't rewarded by the game it would be worth to cheer up players who made it here on the forum. (Also most of this challenges topics are pretty old or outdated so why not making a definitive one?) Already landed an asteroid? Try the extra challenges down below! Rules No gameplay mods or cheats (Informative and visual mods are ok) You should tell what mods you used in your post All parts must be stock duh! You must provide proof you captured an asteroid and landed it, either videos or screenshots containing important events like launch, maneuvers, burns, reentry and landing. For a bit of glory you can land a asteroid you already captured, but you will not be recognized for it in this topic (hurrah for personal achievement! You can use any number of vessels you need Rules (Moded clients) No cheat or autopiloting mods You should tell what mods you used in your post Do something worthy for the mods you're using (Ex: if your mods have powerful engines, land your asteroid far away from you got it, or use mod with bigger distances between planets etc) You must provide proof you captured an asteroid and landed it, either videos or screenshots containing important events like launch, maneuvers, burns, reentry and landing. For a bit of glory you can land a asteroid you already captured, but you will not be recognized for it in this post (hurrah for personal achievement!) You can use any number of vessels you need Awards: All awards will have a prefix letter for the class of your asteroid! Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid on kerbin KSC Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid near ksc ( must be landed on the shore where ksc is, planes can't win this award) Amateur Asteroid lander: Land an asteroid on the mun or minmus Expert Asteroid Lander: Land an asteoid on another planet or moon Runway Asteoid lander: Using a plane land your asteroid on the runway and then land your plane (not chutes allowed on the plane, you can use them in the asteroid) Asteroid collector: Land 2 or more asteroid at ksc (Prefix all the letters of your landed asteroids) Simple rockman: Land your asteroid using a single vessel SSTO rockman: Land your asteroid using a SSTO (no refueling) Extra challenges and Awards: This extras will get you to special metions Fat starman: Land the asteroid while riding it infrom an external command pod (Scream YEEEHAAAAW! while doing it) Armageddon: Destroy a ksc building or a big ship while landing your asteroid (without destroying the asteoid too) My rock, my house: Land your asteroid along with a surface oupost (Must have a crew capsule or laboratory, an atenna and must generate power) +Bigger house: Expand the outpost and make studies about your asteroid in your science lab Return to sender: Re-launch your asteroid from it's current planet and send it back to it's original SOI (Sphere of influence) you can use any asteroid already landed at any place and send it to any original SOI. Bunny hop: make your asteroid bounce 2 or more times ( high enough to be noticeable on pics or video) when landing it, any method you use is valid. Duoble the rocks: Land 2 asteroids at almost the same time. + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Triple the rocks: Land 3 asteroids at almost the same time + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Multiply the rocks: Land 4 asteroids at almost the same time + Amateur on any place where you can use chutes +Expert in places with thin or no atmosphere Stone skipping: make your asteroid touch water before landing it Ready for transport: Land a rover carrying your asteroid and move it form the landing point. Unique Awards: This awards will get you to hall of fame Heavy duty: Land the most massive possible asteroid you can find Lightweighted: Land the lightest asteroid possible (protip: use drills to get rid of its mass) Far away: Land you asteroid to the farstest place you can from it's current position (you can move an asteroid to increase distance between places before sending it to your destiny) Ant: Land your asteroid with lightest ship possible you can build Elephant: Land your asteroid with Heaviest: ship possible you can build When completing the challenge be sure to pick up your shiny medal! Made by @Evanitis, thanks a lot for the desing! Asteroid landers: @Speeding Mullet Class A asteroid lander, and simple rockman forhonorable mention for trying to get fat starman, and a runway landing, rip patcan kerman. Class C asteroid lander, and simple rockman for his second asteroid. Special mentions: @Speeding Mullet Landed a surface oupost on kerbin and awarded my rock my house! Hall of fame: @Speeding Mullet Lightweighted with a class a asteroid (0.22484t when landed) , Elephant With a ship having a mass of 1560.48t (671 parts and 73.5m height) and Heavy Duty with a class C asteroid (mass of 85.10606t when landed) I hope you enjoy landing an asteroid for the first time, or completing the extra challenges. See ya later!
  15. After reports of malpractice involving EVA oxygen tanks and mono propellant, and homeless Kerbals mysteriously vanishing, the United County's legal division has begun a extensive inquiry into the UCSP's activities. This will be a highly extensive (but fictitious) collection of information obtained from our confidential informants (become one today!). Review: Construction Procedures A certain engineer by the alias of "Burman Kerman" has sent us a videotape of the construction of a "ISP-14" miniature interplanetary probe, allegedly taken by a "friend" of his. The video shows the attachment of a FLT-400 fuel tank to the probe body. At the 3 minute mark, the forklift carrying the fuel tank crashes into a pile of wood planks, causing it to drop the fuel. The engineers nearby cringe for a few moments, before returning to normal. The dented fuel tank is picked up again, and in violation of every single construction law in the country, reattaches it instead of disposing of it. Review: Training Protocol Review: Flight Procedures Review: On the Procurement of Fuel Sub-article: On the procurement of biofuel. We've spotted a truck advertising for free food driving around town. It seems that the population of hoboes in the region happens to be decreasing, which probably isn't because of the city's 8$ per month welfare plan. On a completely unrelated note, a cheap brand of bio-gas has popped up, which we've traced back to the space center. Also it's kind of weird smelling and green. Review: Mission Supplies EVA jet packs bear a more than passing resemblance to fire extinguishers. Also, a truck of kerosene has disappeared near the KSC, which is a cause for concern. (If you want to make a report, try to make it funny, m'kay? Try to make them either from a first person perspective, or as a written report) Very WIP, don't hate m8s.
  16. If anyone wants to join a nice club on Powder Toy, look no further! You can find it HERE ! Happy playing!