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Found 2 results

  1. The year is 9302. The Mun has been impacted by a huge asteroid and Kerbin is flooded. Begin on an evolved Kerbin. Its continents have moved, its mountains and topography vary drastically. Set many millenia after the Kerbals first took to space, the general culture of former 'Kerbin' has changed drastically. Because of this change, the planet is significantly different - it's known as Gaia and all interplanetary voyages are strictly forbidden by the global government - You must convince them to fly once more. The entire planetary system has overcome a drastic change. A near miss with another star has caused many planets and moons to be captured by Kerbol. Your adventure awaits; take to the stars once more and prove that the eagerly awaiting space-faring Kerbals still have a future. NOTE: you MUST launch KSP in 64 bit mode for the mod to work. You can do this by heading to your KSP directory and running KSP_x64.exe Wanna help out with science definitions? Go here and drop some text for us! This mod adds more planets and moons to land on whilst keeping the stockalike feel to the game. I have revisited the entire Kerbin system and added a bit more variation to the different planets and moons, making you feel the joy of exploring them once again. Other features: Precise, handcrafted terrain suitable for Rockets and Spaceplanes! Atmospheric bodies! More desert environments! Science values and lore Eye-pleasing colours 4k Textures Gas giant(s)! Realistic atmospheres! Scatterer configS Science definitions Custom Asteroids support New visual effects (Credit Artyomka) DOWNLOAD FOR KSP 1.3! If you feel as if you enjoy the mod thoroughly, feel free, but not inclined to, leave a small donation in return. Thanks DISCORD: DISTANT OBJECT ENHANCEMENT CONFIGURATION PROVIDED BY @Tutur: Installation Instructions: To install this mod, download the mod from the link below. After that, unzip the folder and browse to your gamedata folder. Drag and drop all 12 files and folders from the mod to Gamedata. Credits and special thanks: I would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to the following members: @Galileo for his help with sorting my polar distortion issues out - one of the highest priority bugs which was making me test out my hair @The White Guardian for his amazing planet creation tutorials that have helped me get off the ground (no pun intended). He has also made the cloudmaps that that mod uses, which look awesome! @JadeOfMaar for the ultra-cool resource configs that the planets use! @Raptor22 for his very honest feedback. He's helped me iron out an awful lot of terrain and visual related bugs and brush up on the nitty gritty features and through his detailed replies, he has definitely pointed out some critical errors. @Artyomka15 for creating the Instantiator plugin. Without it, the accretion ring on Olu'um wouldn't be possible. Go check out his mod! @Tutur for the Distant Object Enhancement configuration pack. Linked below. If you have any concerns regarding bugs, drop em down below Why is Gaia called Gaia? "Because it has a ring to it!" KNOWN ISSUES:
  2. Welcome to the Public Community Science Definitions for Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. Here, you are able to submit, edit and produce science definitions for each planet, each biome and each science experiment for Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul. RULES: Please be respectful and provide legitimate science definitions for planets. I don't want to have to go through them all and correct immature writing. Please don't change what others have done unless it's to correct a grammar or spelling error. Don't mess around with the format of the document as the person who set this up put a lot of effort into it. Only write in the yellow space provided and clearly marked on the spreadsheet. How do I write science Definitions? You can easily write your own science definitions by writing text in the yellow boxes next to the planet and biome. Not all of the planets are present in the document, but I/the creator will add them at a later date. Use the 'User Edits' tab to input your definitions. You can see which experiment you are performing at the top of the spreadsheet. Notes Please note that not all 30 planets/moons are present in the document. I cannot get through writing all this text alone. I would greatly appreciate the support in this endeavour. Credit to @FuzzyMeep TWO for creating and formatting this spreadsheet. Click here to be taken to the spreadsheet. Thank you.