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Found 1 result

  1. The year is 7302. The Mun has been impacted by a huge asteroid and Kerbin is flooded. Begin on an evolved Kerbin. Its continents have moved, its mountains and topography much different. Set many millenia after the Kerbals first took to space, the general culture of former 'Kerbin' has changed drastically. Because of this change, the planet is significantly different - it's known as Gaia and all interplanetary voyages are strictly forbidden by the global government - You must convince them to fly once more. The entire planetary system has overcome a drastic change. A near miss with another star has caused many planets and moons to be captured by Kerbol. Your adventure awaits; take to the stars once more and prove that the eagerly awaiting space-faring Kerbals still have a future. VERSION 1.7a HAS BEEN RELEASED FOR KSP VERSION 1.2.2! MILESTONE: 2400 DOWNLOADS! NOTE: you MUST launch KSP in 64 bit mode for the mod to work. You can do this by heading to your KSP directory and running KSP_x64.exe This mod adds more planets and moons to land on! Dusk - A red, swirly planet. Twisted by tectonic forces, it lies ruined and airless Niebos - Fortitude for Kerbalkind. It retains its atmosphere. Perhaps it can be used for colonisation and off-world mining? Tetra - A burning, desolate world. From orbit its surface looks quite flat as everything else has burned away... Olei - Kerbin's third moon. With its massive impact crater it makes great sightseeing trips. Verex - Something glows beneath its surface... All is not normal here. This planetoid has an extremely eccentric orbit. Could this be where the magic boulder came from? Niebietos - Something is disrupting our telemetry. Niebos is being covered by an unknown, sizeable object. It's significantly smaller than the planet... Go out and explore the darn thing! Volux - A desolate planet, long ago abandoned by its inhabitants... Only its polluted oceans remain... Sheathe - Contrasts between salt flats and mountain ranges make this planet unique, aside from its rocky formation Telos - This planet has streaks of grassy, lush terrain. It's a giant rocky runway just waiting for you to land on it! Teloslate - The moonlet of Telos. It keeps its parent body's colour! Low gravity allows much more fun. Olemut - Have fun getting an encounter with this one. Olemut has an even lower gravity that Teloslate, and retains the colours of its own parent body - Olei! Dread - Orbits Dres. It's iconic mountains make you want to visit Dres even less! Quarta - Gooey with lots of cracks. Yum. Flak - A planet with a few ridges. It consists of chocolate ice cream, formerly known as solid rock. Scorch - Welcome to the furnace. The pinnacle of a barraged world. In Scorch's initial formation, a large asteroid latterly known as Dread smashed its once beautiful surface. Scorch was originally called Marina, but after the colossal impact its oceans have vaporised. Sonus - Once barraged from heavy asteroids, Sonus was dragged through Olu'um's oxidised atmosphere during its formation. Ejected by Sheathe, Sonus has come to its end on its interstellar journey. It is nestled in the habitable zone of Kerbol, with an atmosphere slightly thicker than Kerbin's. It still has crater marks from its earlier endeavours... Thelai - A derelict planet. By far the most barraged, unfortunate body. Impacted by thousands of asteroids, it lays scarred and unrecognisable Sojos - Closely resembling a more... MUNtainous version of the Mun, Sojos orbits Sonus. Quite a beauty from space! Flake - Flak ain't a real chocolate ice cream without a flake. It's named like this because the Kerbal who discovered it was... Eating a chocolate ice cream... Butai - Beneath the oceans, Butai's rocky layers contain vast oil deposits. Not crude oil, but an alkane known as Butane. The planet got its name from this extremely common resource, however its flammability is far too low to be utilised as a viable source of rocket fuel, and instead pollutes the atmosphere. Gaia - 4 billion years into the future, the second generation of Kerbals has begun. The Kerbals populate this planet and continue to launch their tin cans to the skies, evermore searching for what they are unlikely to find. So far o the future, the entire culture of Kerbin has changed, and dubbed 'Gaia'. Gaia's Mun is now Gol. Gol - A massive asteroid impact has ejected millions of tons of ice, rock and moondust into space, forming vast rings around Gaia, its host planet. Gol, formerly known as the Mun, has a glowing lava lake at the impact site... Gullis - Formerly known as Minmus, the asteroid that encountered Gol scraped large amounts of material off its surface, revealing gooey, thick water deposits below. Other features: Precise, handcrafted terrain suitable for Rockets and Spaceplanes! Atmospheric bodies! More desert environments! Science values and lore (+ easter eggs!) Eye-pleasing colours (extremely subjective!) 4k Textures Gas giant(s)! Realistic atmospheres! Scatterer configs Science definitions (in progress) Custom Asteroids support (discontinued for now) New visual effects (Credit Artyomka) DOWNLOAD FOR KSP 1.2.2! If you feel as if you enjoy the mod thoroughly, feel free, but not inclined to, leave a small donation in return. Thanks DISCORD: Installation Instructions: To install this mod, download it from spacedock using the link above. After that, open the file using 7zip or Winrar. Open PLANETS (NO CLOUDS) - drag and drop all files from there into GAMEDATA. If you wish to have the cloud / EVE textures for the planets, open the second folder (CLOUDS) and drag Environmental Visual Enhancements into your GAMEDATA folder. Credits and special thanks: I would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to the following members: @Galileo for his help with sorting my polar distortion issues out - one of the highest priority bugs which was making me test out my hair @The White Guardian for his AWESOME tutorials on how to make planets. Without him, this mod wouldn't exist. As well as this, he has helped me a metric TON with atmospheres. It's a pleasure to read his tutorials and I definitely recommend them for new planet creators. The white guardian again for creating amazing looking cloud and detail textures for the EVE part of the mod! @Raptor22 for his very honest feedback. He's helped me iron out an awful lot of terrain and visual related bugs and brush up on the nitty gritty features and through his detailed replies, he has definitely pointed out some critical errors. @Artyomka15 for creating the Instantiator plugin. Without it, the accretion ring on Olu'um wouldn't be possible. Go check out his mod! All you guys! Thanks for viewing AND downloading the mod! It's been a pleasure developing it and it is still far from complete! See you all in the next versions! If you're playing in career mode, please be warned that terrain can change after releases. I'll do my best to notify you if this should occur. If you have any concerns regarding bugs, PM me, as this thread will be used for the full release later on. Anything else regarding the mod, post here (criticism accepted!) HOW TO INSTALL IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ISSUES: