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Found 4 results

  1. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose 1.2.9 Requires Contract Configurator 1.20.3 or higher from Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) is an Aerospace Exploration (development and testing), Coast Guard Rescue (and retrieval), and general Operations (charters, flights, cargo drops) contract pack compatible with all stock and modded careers (except RSS). Purpose: To provide a useful purpose for the existence of aircraft in a Career game, and promote the use of stock runways and helipads. Spiel: Runways and helipads are meant to be used, not just sit there and look pretty. This pack provides a small set of repeatable contracts for early career aircraft, and thus provides the career player with a predictable source of income, science, or reputation return (depending on the type of contract) using a standard fleet of aircraft you design. It beats having to design a science car, or one-time use craft, or send a probe to nowhere, when all you need is just a little bit more cash, science, or reputation to advance your space program. Of course, you may have so much fun flying things around that you may forget you have a space program, but if so, then I've succeeded! All contracts and vessels included in this pack are completely playable in stock KSP (except the BDArmory expansion), but I highly recommend these mods to enhance your gameplay with GAP: Take Command Continued (Launch and Spawn into Command Seats) (Allows GAP to recognize Command Seat only aircraft...think Wright Flyer!) Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX) (Minimalistic set of stock-alike propellers and helicopter parts) (GAP recognizes KAX parts) Kerbal Rotor Expansion (Additional rotors for contract completion) SM Chute (give your Kerbals parachutes for use with GAP bail and skydiving contracts). Waypoint Manager (For better waypoint management and navigation) (GAP uses a lot of waypoints) Wider Contracts App (Increases the width of the contract checklist for better readability) To complete helicopter or part retrieval missions, I also suggest these mods: Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) (For attaching winches, fuel ports, and parts to parts on EVA) Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) (For carrying the above parts while on EVA) I recommend that you consider taking the helmet off your Kerbals when flying in the open air in a command seat: TextureReplacer with Cetera's Suits (get both on CKAN!) (Non space suit Kerbals while on Kerbin, smell the fresh air from your Command Seat flying machine) To complete the BDArmory expansion, BDArmory and KAX are required (but not required to play the rest of GAP): BDArmory (Adds guns, canons, turrets, radar, missiles, bombs, AI, and more to the game. Think WWII massive dogfights, or modern air to air missile engagements) Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX) (Minimalistic set of stock-alike propellers and helicopter parts) (GAP recognizes KAX parts) If You Stream or Record While Playing GAP: You sir/madam are amazing. Please post a note in this thread or PM to let me know if you use this mod in a recorded play through or mod review as I and others would love to watch! If your recording and play is fairly decent and will help players get familiar with GAP, I would love to reference it in this OP! Featured Reviews: LupiDragon - Twitch: million_mights - Twitch: Allohmon - YouTube: GAP Episode 1 Contract Pack Goals: Prepatory missions to test prototypes and setup locations. Regular repeatable stunt, tourist, charter, and scheduled passenger and cargo flights to those destinations. Rescue missions to retrieve adrift sea and undersea crews, downed test pilots, spent stages, crashed craft parts, the first splashed down space crews, and more. A small set of boat and submarine contracts to provide context for the above. STS Challenges and rescue missions Fully compatible with new and existing stock and modded careers. To Get Started: After installing, the Join SSI Aerospace! starter contract will be the first contract you will see. You must join SSI to gain access to the GAP contract tree. A membership fee of 10% of your starting funds is required since there a number of perks provided by SSI to its member organizations. SSI Membership gives players: 1. Access to the GAP contract tree 2. Access to purchasing basic aircraft starter prototype technologies 3. Access to the SSI Venture Capital Fund for bank loans The first immediate contracts are not contracts at all but rather GAP: Economy contracts that are originally intended to give starting players basic parts from which to fully enjoy playing GAP. Originally intended so that Wright Flyer type aircraft could be built, the part contracts were free in previous versions of GAP, but now require funds to purchase these prototype technologies. The economy contracts are designed to help bypass any need for GAP to recommend a tech tree for starter technologies. There are four contract trees each with starting contracts: The Kerbal Space Program: Drive a Tour Bus at KSC! contract will appear when you've acquired a Command Seat and any wheels. The KSC Island Tours: KSC Shorline Tour contract will appear when you've acquired wheels, and an air breathing engine. The Wright Aeronautical: Build and fly your first glider! contract will appear when you've acquired a Command Seat, and any flying control surfaces. The KSC Coast Guard: Coast Guard Rescue Certification contract will appear when you've acquired wheels, and an air breathing engine. All other contracts are part of these trees and some have inter-dependencies with other trees in order to appear. See the Current Contracts map below for details. Agencies: These are the agencies in the pack that will offer regular or semi-regular contracts, and special missions: SSI Aerospace - An engineering cooperative focused on developing and testing aerospace assets. (Used for initial flight tests and unlocking mission stories that lead to regular repeatable contracts) KSC Island Tours - Providing air, sea, and undersea tours of the beautiful KSC Islands and surrounding areas. Wright Aeronautical - Offering airplane rides to the public, and provides air show stunt contracts. Kerbal Space Program - Led by Gene Kerman, authorizes, launches, and commands the world famous space program at the Kerbal Space Center. KSC Coast Guard - Our motto is Always Ready - Kemper Keratus! Providing air, land, and sea rescue and stage recovery. (Used for occasional rescue and recovery opportunities, mostly near KSC ocean) KSC Airlines - The official airline of the Kerbal Space Center. Space Transportation System Space Shuttle Mission Control managed at KSC 2. Current Contracts: Download & Installation: Get it on CKAN! (Recommended) SpaceDock GitHub Changelog: DEVNOTES (Future Planned Features): Early craft testing, barnstorming, hang gliding, wingsuits, skydiving, bases, STS missions, and much much more to come! It's my first ever mod for anything, anywhere, so go easy. Let me know what you think! Look at the DEVNOTES and let me know if you have other ideas you'd like to see! Your feedback is appreciated! Let me know if you have any recommendations. You can see thecurrent reward and penalty balance chart here: KNOWN ISSUES: This pack is in active development. Please mind the GAP. Please raise any and all issues or enhancement requests on the GAP GitHub issue tracker. DO NOT recover any prop that is spawned by GAP (Jebediah's Barn, KSS Rixx, etc.) unless you want to break the contract and a ton of funds to your account. (KSS Rix alone can be recovered for several million funds). Props are automatically destroyed by GAP on contract completion to clean things up for you. Recovering a vessel via the Space Center View or Tracking Station will not complete a contract if it requires recovery of a vessel. Work around is to simply recover all vessels in flight mode view. Failing a contract may not always clean up any extra Kerbals used for the contract. If you can't revert, or don't wish to, then to clean up, simply recover the affected Kerbals, and then simply remove them from your roster. All failed contracts will reappear in Mission Control eventually. Use Alt F12 and access the Contract cheat menu to decline multiple contracts quickly and force regeneration of any contract that fails to appear, if necessary. StageRecovery users only will have a custom dialog box show up when they release Coast Guard buoys, reminding them to stick around the area (within physics range) to ensure buoy splashdown and use for science recovery later in the mission. CREDITS: Thanks goes to the following individuals for their contributions to this contract pack. Without them, none of this would have happened: @nightingale - creator of Contract Configurator. tirelessly responsive and an amazing coder and modder without whom this mod would not exist. @seanmcdougall - creator of Take Command mod @keptin - creator of Kerbal Aircraft eXpansion @maculator- creator of Kerbal Aircraft Builders, for inspiring me with his pioneering example into aircraft based contracts @severedsolo - always a great resource for contract development @pandoras kitten - designer of a number of craft seen in the series above @RixKillian - designer of the KSS Rix aircraft carrier @Speeding Mullet - designer of a number of props for GAP and dozens more who have contributed craft files for use in the pack (they have been honored by having crew members on the KSS Rix named after them). I'll post an updated list shortly. This Contract Pack is CCF Certified - guaranteed to work with any Community Career Framework based career games!
  2. Give Aircraft a Purpose doesn't work with Galileo Planet Pack. When GPP is installed, GAP doesn't show up at all in mission control, but the flags still do. Is there any way to make GAP work with GPP? such as with a MM patch? The two screenshots are from the same install of KSP 1.2.2, one with GPP and the other without. GAP and all dependencies were installed through CKAN, GPP and all dependencies were manually installed.
  3. From the GAP (Give Aircraft a Purpose) contract pack: GAP contract: Speed 100 (or, How it started out so well) Craft: K-35-100 Flounder (KerbalX link) Operation: Stage to ignite lower engine, which has plenty of power for takeoff and supercruise, and is probably the safest and most efficient way to fly the plane. Stage again to ignite the upper engine and fly it the Kerbal way. Conventional landings are possible, but dangerous. Due to the high thrust of the engines, they must be completely throttled down before enough airspeed can be bled off to safely touch the ground. And then the plane tends to do donuts on its wheels before coming to rest. Facilities: Level 1 Crew: Pilot Kerman is recommended for SAS. Mass 7.66t Cost 12,322.0 No. of Stages 3 Crew Capacity 1 Part Count 16 Built in KSP 1.1.3 Size 8.99 x 3.88 x 9.06 Edit: I really wish there was a way to resize images in this editor.
  4. hi all crashateers, Since 1.0.5. ive just messing bout making contraptions til 1.2 arrives, when i noticed a big gap between floor and a parked vehicle on flat ground, looks terrible!! i havent noticed this before til now, havent really looked to be fair or played that much, but like i say, looks amateurish. its not just me is it? have a check and see how detached a vehicle seems from the ground to you. im 1.1.3 btw steam & 17 mods, this isnt bug report as i dont think it is a bug or mod effect, probly collider of those wheels......anyhoo Ive attached some pics in both db & imgur, if neither work let me know what dya reckon? Aah, i embed wrong image lol this ones doing 11m/s, but i have jpg same vehicle parked, brakes on honest.