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Found 2 results

  1. where do I report glitches?
  2. I'm pretty sure many people are familiar with this one glitch that "spaghettifies" your poor Kerbals. It was long thought to be lost, until two things happened on July 30th, 2016. The first is...well... The second happened to me when I was visiting the planet 99d in Kumar's Dwarf Stars (because reasons). I had a large warp-drive vessel with two inflatable heat shields entering the atmosphere of that planet. However, everything except the capsule and one expanded shield survived the initial entry. Jeb "bravely" got out for reasons, but he got stuck in the shield for about a minute before being tossed out by physics. That's when he started spazzing and spaghettifying so much that he elongated into some glitchy abomination from 1 km to 13 km to 100 km to over ONE THOUSAND KM in only a few dozen seconds. Then the surface of the planet turned into a black hole as Jeb fell in and hit something 5.2 kilometers below sea level. So, the Spaghetti Glitch is (kinda sorta maybe I guess) back! It is time to figure out more relating to this glitch and see how else it can be replicated, besides Danny's Transcendence Device and the evil inflatable heat shields. Also, feel free to share your own experiences with this glitch and others relating to it.