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Found 9 results

  1. My memory is still foggy... all of ours are. No one remembers exactly what happened. The greatest minds from all over the Union were gathered together for this, and now, they are stranded here the same as the rest of us. Andrei and Vladislav are convinced the Empress herself was somehow involved. Me, I'm not so sure. Our prospects now are mixed, at best. We can breathe the air, there is something on the ground that looks like grass, but I don't think we're on Kerbin anymore. And who the PЦҬЇЍ is Toto?? At any rate, we can live here... and the Machine keeps spitting out food. Although honestly the term "food" is a bit of a stretch. But the skies... They are like nothing any of us have ever seen before. An enormous moon hangs in the sky, painted blue and green and red. Other travellers beckon too, but the stars... there are no stars. Only angry, burning clouds of crimson. Somehow, it is fitting. It seems we have all we need for the mission, to build a glorious space program for our glorious Union. But we have not heard from them in... I'm not sure how long. I'm beginning to doubt we ever will again. Yet we will press on, if only for lack of anything better to do. The work will keep idle hands from thinking too long on the situation. From the ground up, we shall forge a space program! We shall reach out to the strange sights in the sky, and learn about this, our brave new world! And perhaps, in doing so, we shall find our own way back to our glorious Union. Could it be so simple? Could these constructs of fire and metal become the bridge between worlds, the vessels to carry us on the long journey home? ЍЧЄҬ.
  2. This solar system completely replaces the stock system. MUST be run in x64 bit. KNOWN ISSUES Clouds rarely show in main menu and when they do, they are messed up. Just a small bug with Kopernicus.. Not a big deal. Nothing is broken. Scatterer does not show in main menu or in tracking station. This is working as intended. nothing is broke Mac and Linux Version uses quite a bit of ram (about 3gbs). its either this, or have pinstripey planets and not be able to use this planet pack.. sorry. Some planet orbit lines wig out and jump around in map mode. This is a stock bug that is more noticeable with Kopernicus. The KerbNet stations are not capable of being moved at the moment so some are in the water on Gael. Functionality is still there though. Sigma Dimensions does not play nice with KSCSwitcher AND KSC++. I recommend you remove KSC++ when using Sigma Dimensions CHANGE LOG v1.1 Revised all biome map colors to resemble planets' surfaces/easy on the eyes. Strategia compatibility. Improved scatter objects for Gael and Tellumo. Improves Scatterer effects for nearly all atmospheric bodies. Improved EVE: Better particles for snow on Tellumo and Gael. All gas giants have have moving cloud bands with simulated tilt. *Snow on Gael is no longer on the poles. It is now scattered just below the north polar region and above the south polar region. Sigma Dimensions: 3.2x, 6.4x, 10x. Changed the following worlds signficiantly: Iota, Tellumo, Gratian, Geminus, Otho, Hephaestus, Jannah, Gauss, Loki, Nero, Muse, Argo (and fixed all pole pinching). Also retextured Ciro and added biomes. Niven atmosphere pressure raised slightly, height raised to 65km. Added SFX: IVA under pressure, splashdown, quieter launch clamps. Gael updates Iota now has different biomes and flat areas but they won't be obvious to the naked eye. Ceti now has science definitions. Gael has a new Reefs biome with custom science, and discreet shores biomes to help identify the three supercontinents. Fixed default sun intensity. Brightness patches no longer needed. KSC now oriented Eastward (but is still off-equator) KSC++ features aligned to fit. KSC isle topology changed. KSC Switcher support with 6 alternate locations including an equatorial one, like stock. Fixed RemoteTech support. Gael now has 7 ground stations and is properly ID'd by deployed satellites. Thalia and Icarus improvements. Improved so much that you'll need to bring radiators. Waypoint Manager icons for every celestial body. Buffed karbonite ocean harvester slightly and all Karbonite air-breathing engines except the radial turbojet. It's clearly described as super-slow and goes untouched. Decal Sticker support: Apply your choice GPP flag as a decal with options for extending like a banner and spanning a cross-section of a craft. Added resource configs for Kerbalism. Other resource biases and optimizations also applied. Make sure you make a save of your stock game. This mod replaces the stock solar system completely. It will probably destroy any ships you had in orbit. This is your warning. I will NOT give permission for you to redistribute this mod in a mod pack. Do not ask me. DOWNLOAD Tune in everyday except Tuesday at 8:00pm UTC for GPP career action and live support with @RocketPCGaming and the GPP developers. Install instructions, Wiki and other Important Information For those that are wondering, no, this will not be on CKAN. There are too many things that go into this mod and I don't feel like splitting them up. Sorry. Thank you to @OhioBob @JadeOfMaar @Poodmund @Nhawks17 for taking time out of their lives and helping me with this endeavor. I probably would have never finished if it wasn't for you guys. It was a lot of fun. if you would like to help keep my motivation up, then you can donate. Any amount Is amazing, really! This mod is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
  3. This will be a report of how I am doing a manned mission to the Gauss system. The planet Gauss is one of the outer planets from the "Galileo Planet Pack". First of all I would like to introduce you to the planets and moons. I will not be able to do much with Gauss. I will put two Relays in a polar orbit and maybe let my Lander explore the atmosphere a little bit. On Loki I want to explore all biomes with my Lander. If necessary, the mothership will be refueled from here. Catullus is a beast. The gravity is not very strong, but the atmosphere is 5 atm and reaches an incredible distance into space. For this reason I have built a rocket and not an Spaceplane. Perhaps a plane could go, but I try it on another day. Although Tarsiss has a rather thick atmosphere, the gravity is very low. Here an SSTO will be used and also all biomes shall be explored. These vehicles are used: The mothership brings the Lander and the crew. The Survey probe has to explore the minerals of all bodies. The Lander for Loki. Will also serve to refuel the mothership. The SSTO for Tarsiss. Will stay in Orbit of Tarsiss after used. Here ist the Ascending vehicle for Catullus. Looks a bit like an Eve Lander. All vehicles have been completely built with the "stock" parts. I will like the last time (A Journey to Tellumo) describe the vehicles more precisely when they are used. Here is a list of the mods used Greetings
  4. Give Aircraft a Purpose doesn't work with Galileo Planet Pack. When GPP is installed, GAP doesn't show up at all in mission control, but the flags still do. Is there any way to make GAP work with GPP? such as with a MM patch? The two screenshots are from the same install of KSP 1.2.2, one with GPP and the other without. GAP and all dependencies were installed through CKAN, GPP and all dependencies were manually installed.
  5. Hello and welcome to my second career mode play-through (which will run in parallel if I find the time for any). This is Gael, the Kerbal's home in GPP (Galileo's Planet Pack). The planet is the same size as Kerbin, but pretty much everything else is bigger or more complicated in this modpack. To up the game a little more I'm also using remote tech in this game (because I wanted to know how it works in conjunction with KSP's own kerbnet) and the engineering tech tree. I will also have to pay for the research cost of every part I want to use. In this first episode I fight a bit with the mods until I make them work. I then proceed with a few launches to fulfill contracts to proceed from out starting tech. Turn out one can make a Stayaputnik go surprisingly far, while only using Sepratrons - our only available forms of control and propulsion.
  6. The next release of Galileo's Planet Pack is finally in sight. One or more of its new features will prominently feature screenshots so I humbly request the GPP fanbase to produce some and post them here. This is not a contest and there's no definite release date quite yet so there's no rush, no competition, no explicit challenge to warrant a post in the Challenges/Mission Ideas subforum. There are requirements, however, and it would be welcome if an established objective (high prestige contract or long-term personal mission) leads to the screenshot happening. At least 1920x1080. In-game detail settings must be very high or full. No visual mods required but are welcome. All HUD elements must be hidden and no Historian overlays if you use that mod. Each participant can reserve one planet or moon and produce two images. At least one of each image must have their chosen body close up behind their craft or kerbal (such as low orbit or flying low/high) or directly under them (such as landed/splashed). In addition to the above requirements, each posted image must show a interesting situation: Whether the arrival of a crewed vessel very far out with or without life support parts clearly visible, a dropship full of probes arriving somewhere, a large glorious base being setup, or some form of milestone being completed, some form of EVA madness or even epic failures and accidents.
  7. Background if you want to read it, otherwise, just look at the pictures: So I'm playing through my career save of Galileo's Planet Pack and decided to share some of a mission that I've been planning for a while. I had been naming all of my landers and probes after characters from Hamlet but unfortunately, this is named the incredibly unoriginal: Tellumo Plane 2_1. Maybe I'll change the name to Bernardo, who knows. The original version 1 was intended to have an air launched return probe but I couldn't get it to work. I made it to about the 5th iteration when I decided that I didn't want to spend any more time on it because in order to get it to orbit would have taken a complete overhaul. Version 2 was intended to be a one way trip with good low and high speed performance. While I was testing 2_1 I realized that I could zoom climb into a suborbital trajectory so there is a 2_2 wit a Panther instead of a Whiplash that was still in orbit of Tellumo while 2_1 was flying around. Without further ado, the beautiful scenery of Galileo's Planet Pack: This is clearly the best way to travel. Just cruising at Mach 3, 20% throttle, nbd. Finally able to see the mountain range, signifying the next biome. Oooh, pretty... gotta pick out a spot to land... Bam! Landed with some cliffs and some beautiful cirrus clouds in the background. Back in the air, heading for that inland lake to collect its science. I wanted to do a nice close flyby of the cliff side with the Tellumo's rings behind them. Landed on the Northern Range. Unfortunately, I was almost out of fuel and the brakes weren't holding too well on the 15 degree slope. Flying dead stick, I wanted to keep the remainder of the fuel for the fuel cells so I could transmit more science. Just skimming the edge of the cliff face with some mountains and the rings peaking around the cliff side. Well, I'm not going to make it to land again, I guess I will have to ditch it in the water. This is the end of the road for this probe/plane. Big thanks to @OhioBob @JadeOfMaar @Poodmund @Nhawks17 @Galileo for such an amazing mod.
  8. Whenever I have GPP installed, the game takes an extremely long time to load. Is there anything I can do?
  9. "Everyone Explores™" Consiglio Exploration Long ago in another Universe stood a mighty company that destroyed everything. Their name? Consiglio Devastations. They scoured entire Universes clear of life, either by smashing sand grains at FTL speeds. Or by tampering into the code of those Universes to cause stable higgs fields to form, expanding at the speed of light, deleting everything and everyone and rewriting physics... However, like all parallel Universes, there was a 100% chance everything will happen, and happen an infinite times over. This story will take place in a parallel Universe where Consiglio Devastations formed on Gael, a pristine world of water and super-continents located in a weird and unique system, and exist as Kerbals. They are different, less violent than their Universe munching counterparts, however they still have the... Well... full of Consiglioness if you will, inside of them, never flinching from explosions, always cheering when dangerous stunts are preformed. You get the idea.. This is the tale of Consiglio Explorations, and their rise to the stars.. Game Configs MODLIST Chapter 1 - First Flight