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Found 8 results

  1. Here we go! Read all of the Prelude (Also Sprach Jebediah) and Chapter One here. Read all of Chapter Two (A Capital Idea) here. Read all of Chapter Three (Of Moons and Madness!) here. Read the whole Plan Kappa Crossoverlude here Read Interlude Indigo here Read Bill's Engineering Updates here (a semi-canonical, 4th wall busting log of the ship design/development process) Read all of Chapter Four (Intrepid Away!) here. Read all of Chapter Five (Flight Operations) here. Read all of Chapter Six (Rising Up) here. Read all of Chapter Seven (Tanks, and Farewell) here. Read the Evil Interlude "Military Intelligence" here. Read all of Chapter Eight (Inside, Out) here. Read all of Chapter Nine (Collision Course) here. Read the komplett Zwischenspiel hier Read all of Chapter Ten (Jool At Last!) here. Chapter 11 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eleven (Going In, and Going Down) here. Chapter 12 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Twelve (One Moon At A Time) here. The Interlude "A Cowardly Capture" appeared in this post. Chapter 13 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Thirteen (All These Worlds Are Yours) here. Chapter 14 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fourteen (Veni, Vidi, Vale) here. Chapter 15 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Fifteen ("Til You Drop) here. The Interlude "Endgame Studies" began with this post. Chapter 16 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Sixteen (Now I Lay Thee Down) here. Chapter 17 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Seventeen (Cracks in the Mirror) here. Chapter 18 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Eighteen (Action Stations!) here. Chapter 19 began with this post. Read all of Chapter Nineteen (Their Finest Hour) here. The Interlude "(zero) gee club" appeared in this post. Chapter 20 began with this post. Read what there is of Chapter Twenty (Endgame, Part One) here. So, rather than make everyone wait for me to test all the ships and get everything right, I figured I'd take you along for the R&D ride. Hope you enjoy!
  2. What they fear...will come to pass... Oh, if you see a new chapter in the topic, and it's not uploaded yet, check back in a few minutes. I may be working on it. Updates Every Monday! ~~Table of Contents~~ Chapter 1: Mission to Arctica Chapter 2: Mactop To the Rescue! Chapter 3: What Is It? Chapter 4: Meanwhile at Duna... Chapter 5: The Rescue at Duna, Part 1 Chapter 6: The Rescue at Duna, Part 2 Chapter 7: In The Shadow of Duna Chapter 8: Cat Out of the Bag Chapter 9: Seclusion CHAPTER 10: Accedens Ignis Chapter 11: Kerb Zero Chapter 12: Adventures in Babysitting Chapter 13: Missing Chapter 14: Firebird Chapter 15: Never Corner a Big Cat Chapter 16: Close Encounters Chapter 17: Jeb's Revenge Chapter 18: Onward and Upward Chapter 19: Riding the Phoenix Chapter 20: Top Gun Chapter 20.5: Elsewhere... Chapter 21: Alone Chapter 22: The Aftermath Chapter 23: A Major Setback Chapter 24: Kerbal Down Chapter 25: For Jeb! Chapter 26: Hackin' It Chapter 27: Superunit 0003 Chapter 28: The Launch of KSS Haydi Chapter 28.5: Before the Beginning Chapter 29: Return to Flight Chapter 30: Elysium Chapter 32: The Flight to Ike Chapter 34: The Battle for Ike Chapter 35: Wernher's Decision Chapter 36: Chasing Evil Chapter 38: KSS Wernher Chapter 40: The Launch of KSS Wernher Chapter 42: The Final Push, Part One Chapter 43: The Final Push, Part Two Notes: Also used - Surface Mounted Lights 1.2.2, Other_Worlds (for the endgame) Welcome to my humble story! This was created in Sandbox mode useing most of the mods listed above. I started this in Notepad with the intention to post it when I was finished, and it's actually easier for me because I can go at my own pace with the story while STILL hopefully giving you all a thrilling storyline! Enjoy!
  3. Intro: What would you do if the world was going to end in 3 years? This story tells what happened when the scientists on the Kerbal Space Center found out about Kerbin's impending doom, and what they decided to do about it. Plan Kappa isn't just a graphic novel told in the same style of Kuzzter's Duna Ore Bust and Eve: Order Zero series. It's also a complete career game report, covering (with varied levels of depth) all the missions of this condemned save game. It follows a few simple rules (By Volume 3, however, those rules no longer apply): I'm playing a mostly-stock career game in normal difficulty, but with no crew respawn and with entry purchase required on Research. The only mods used are Mechjeb (I like to delegate, especially when I need to take screenshots), Kerbal Alarm Clock (sorely needed for this campaign), HyperEdit (only for testing purposes), KAS, KIS, Pathfinder and OSE Workshop (for basebuilding and offworld construction), and a few other mods that help with the storytelling, such as Free IVA and Kerbal Animation Suite. Chapters: Volume 1 - Plan Kappa: - 1. The countdown - 2. The trouble with Val - 3. Sightseeing - 4. Orbit - 5. Flyby - 6. Rescue - 7. Ahead of their time - 8. Diverging - 9. Correspondent - 10. Timey-Wimey Ball - 11. Munwalking - 12. It's full of Jebs - 13. Bob's conspiracy - 14. Despite the Plan - 15. The kerbal who went to Minmus - 16. Running on fumes - 17. Days of a Future I'd Pass - part 1 - 18. Days of a Future I'd Pass - part 2 - 19. Days of a Future I'd Pass - part 3 - 20. Plan Kappa Before Volume 2: - Interlude Volume 2 - The Last Days of Kerbin - 21. Jeb has a bad feeling - 22. The Hardihood Headache - 23. Short on Delta-V - 24. From Gilly with Love - 25. Plan Yellow - 26. 7 Days of Khristmas - 27. New Year's Eve - 28. The Unity Theory - 29. Into the Unknown (Kerbfleet-Kappa Crossover Prelude)* - 30. Crossover - Part 2* - 31. Crossover - Part 4* *These chapters are pieces of a multi-part crossover with @Kuzzter's Kerbfleet: A Jool Odyssey. Click here for the full story. - 32. The Cabal - 33. Hostile Takeover - 34. Plan Omega - 35. Sitrep - 36. Long Distance Call - 37. Unpredictable Effects - 38. Waning Mun - 39. Birds, Snakes, an Aeroplane - 40. Last Flight of the Bad-S Before Volume 3: - Interlude Volume 3 - The Fateful Fifty - 41. Scattered - 42. The Meaning of Life - 43. Fabien and Jeb's Excellent Adventure - 44. Enemy Within - 45. Hard Choices - 46. The Eve Survivor - 47. Bob's Hope - 48. The Warning - 49. Sightings - 50. How I hate Gilly - 51. Glexit - 52. Not Exactly a SSTO - 53. Trial and Error Here's the first chapter. Hope you enjoy the reading!
  4. Demum Perveniemus - "We'll get there eventually!" A KSP mission report webcomic While I'm currently writing and enjoying another fanfic comic called Plan Kappa, that project has grown beyond it's original scope, gradually becoming more story than gameplay report. This comic is an atempt to go back to basics, by doing a career report in webcomic format. Plan Kappa will continue in parallel on its own thread, and here I'll report on an entirely new savegame. Demus Parveniemus will be a completely stock career game, played on normal difficulty, but with crew respan disabled and entry purchase required on research. Chapters: 1. Week 1: The Space Report 2. Week 2: Jebediah's Rival 3. Week 3: Six days in space 4. Week 4: Frontier Station 5. Week 5-6: A Shuttle Setback 6. Week 7-11: Minmus Orbit 7. Weeks 12-13: Two steps forward, one step back 8. Week 14: The Mun Landing 9. Weeks 15-17: The Alpha Planes 10. Weeks 18-26: The Great Failure 11. Weeks 27-34: Unkerballed 12. Weeks 35-40: A home away from home 13. Week 41: Surveying Minmus 14: Week 42-45: The Collector 15. Week 46-56: The Science Must Flow Read the first chapter here:
  5. THE ASTEROID SENTINELS Due to the release of the Asteroid Day mod, I decided to write a graphic novel detailing my explorations of asteroids. It's notable that there is a huge bump in production quality and plot over time, which is why there are a couple ways to read The Asteroid Sentinels. 1. You can read the whole thing from Series 1. It's good if you want to know every bit in the story, but the current stories are quite different in format and plot from the first ones. 2. You can also read from Series 5 with this Star Wars-style title crawl that summarizes the Series 1-4. (Series 5's format is quite similar to the current ones) COMPANION THREADS Self-Analysis and More on the Series (Read it after you've read the series) The Many Ships of The Asteroid Sentinels Read all of Series 2 here (No Series 1, since it is all on this page, and some dialogue was on the forums itself. Both series don't have much character development, but still key to plot. 1 and 2 cover Sentinel and ADM. Series 3 (Switch to Powerpoint, some character, ARM launches) Interlude (Crisis) (Lots of character advancement) Series 4+4B (12 entries, main themes take rise) Series 5 (10 entries, Includes holiday special, etc) Interlude 2 (Transit) Series 6 Series 7 starts on this page. You can read the whole thing here. CRAFTS SENTINEL Space Telescope (Uses Asteroid Day Mod) Phoenix Supersonic Aircraft Gene Kerman: So what's the trajectory? Surely Elon's Falcon is too large for an LKO mission right? Why Infrared? Wernher Von Kerman: Nah, Heliocentric. We'll send it on a Eve flyby to cut the orbit, and because when we're inside Kerbin's Orbit, we will be able to investigate Asteroids IN Kerbin's orbit, something our telescopes on Kerbin can't do. We'll toss on the Infrared Scope because it can find faint objects we wouldn't see coming on our normal telescopes. Gene: So once we find a asteroid heading for us, we will deflect it with a large rocket? Wernher Von Kerman: Sure thing, I'm working on it. Hopefully we can capture it to study it too! Wernher Von Kerman: Launch window is in 10 days, we'll have to be quick but safe about it. End Of Entry 1.
  6. This is VERY heavily modded career mode graphic novel. I was inspired by Kuzzter's Duna, Ore Bust! and Eve: Order Zero Chapter 1 Interlude 1 (Also here is a link to that image on page 9). The achievements of this space program!
  7. I really like the "Graphic Novel" style some mission reports use. So I thought, why not make one myself? I have an original story idea, which I think could be interesting. This story is based in a mediocre space center, with poorly trained pilots, but something is about to change Kerbalkind, for ever...This is going to be much more story-based than mission report-based. I am going to try not use the original four (Jeb, Bill, Bob and Val), because I think they're overused. Also, this is my very first mission report, so do not expect something as good as Plan Kappa. If you think something needs to be improved, simply tell me, and I'll try to fix it. I am using KER (For informative purposes), Scatterer (Because it's so pretty) and Hyperedit (Will be used for story purposes). More mods will be added in the future, but revealing them now would spoil the story. Anyways, onto said story! Don't get too hyped, Gene. So that's the first chapter of my little story. If you like it, I'll try to make more! Leave feedback if you have anything to say about it...
  8. I proudly present to you my first attempt at a KSP graphic novel. It will feature a career game with a twist... Jeb and Val run separate space programs. This means they have separate funds and science: they must compete to fullfil contracts, gather science and, in general, be the first kerbal everywhere. A spreadsheet (in google docs) will show what each one has earned and expended so far. The story will follow their efforts according to what happens in the game. Kerbal Construction Time will be used to give further limitations to what each program can do, since each will have to build their own vessels in order to complete their goals. Tech and parts unlocked by one party will not always be available to the other. So, with no more ado... A DIVIDE IN THE SKY — Chapter 1: The Wedge — Chapter 2: Engineer's Rush — Chapter 3: The First — Chapter 4: A Grudge, Part 1 — Chapter 4: A Grudge, Part 2 Note: please point out any and all spelling mistakes. English is not my native language, so I am bound to make a few. Note 2: credit to @Parkaboy and @tylerraiz for the inspiration needed to get started. Note 3: first to correctly guess the reference in the main title get's a cookie and a chance to name a kerbal.