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Found 149 results

  1. Planes not flying right? I can help turn your Christmas Bullet into a Spitfire. Post a screenshot with all three SPH indicators on (like below) as well as a short description of what it's doing or not doing, and what you want it to do. I'll read it over and do my best to offer some tips and tricks to get it flying purrrrrfect. Some other examples of my planes:
  2. I am playing KSP with a bunch of mods. the game was running fine and then i had a game crash. i had to re validate, update my drivers and restart my computer to be able to get KSP to load again. when it did finally load and i tried to launch a plane from my hangar but i was unable to lift off as my speed couldn't go above 13m/s. i know it was working before because i had no problem gaining speed and flying with the exact same plane i was using. i thought it could just be the liquid engines but when i loaded up my rocket fueled plane it had the same effect. i could not gain speed its as if the physics had been changed by a mod or something was affecting the atmosphere. i tried deleting my physics file and re validating but that didn't fix it either. i opened the console config with shift F12 or w/e it is and looked up the default values online and the numbers were the same? any ideas on what could be causing these physic issues? or mods that might tamper with physics? i dont have the real physics mod installed thanks
  3. So I started a thread over in the Add-On Discussion forum and I am realizing that it might have been better to ask here if I want some responses from actual plugin developers, so here is the short version: Idea: A mod that creates a UI window with the tech tree in it similar to how it appears in the R&D building, but you are able to move parts around between different nodes, you can then save the layout and it will generate a MM patch file that will change the techRequired for the parts to the nodes you put them in, or just a log file that you could use to make a MM patch. For a more detailed description and reason why i think this is such a good idea please check out the thread linked above. The Question: Just how feasible is this? Would this be something that would be fairly easy to get working or would this be quite difficult? I have zero C# experience and my C++ experience is limited to two classes in high school almost 9 years ago, so while I have a high level conceptual idea of how it would work I don't actually know how to go about doing it. If someone thinks this is just a swell idea and wants to try writing it themselves then by all means please do!!
  4. Good afternoon all, Im coming across and issue with docking. I am unable to dock 2 clamp-o-tron together. they are both the same size. I recently added KJR due to the mass and shape of my station and this will be the third time docking since adding the mod. no issues either previous time. Is there a bug that appears with this mod some times? Do the ports need to be "top to top" and ive just been really lucky with hitting it each time?(station has a total of 6 attachments, this will be 7). by top to top i mean (using nav ball as an example) North to north?. Here is a screen shot for proof of size and lack of magnetism. Should i roll my ship? is my build causing issue? any advice would be great! thanks.
  5. How i can win last badge of KSP? i need help.Sorry for bad english but i dont think a made a error in it... Problem solved you just need collect all shiny badges for it.
  6. Hi, I have a couple questions on how I would program something like this: - I've already made a "Teleporter" part that can hold 6 kerbals. - I want to program it so you can: 1. Select any other Teleporter within 1000km 2. Hit a button and make the Kerbals disappear from the sending pad and reappear at the recieveing pad after a short delay. 3. Have small chance of catastrophic failure. (I.E. Death of all teleportees) How would I do that? Cheers, UbuntuLinuxKing
  7. So, I've had my career going for about a week now and i have unlocked most of the tech up to the 500 limit that a level 2 research. This has unlocked a bunch of plane parts that i have noticed on a lot of the designs people come up with, But i will be honest i suck at building planes and my rockets are all asparagus launched and the average cost to me is 130k. The module im returning with is only worth 6k, I losing alot in my launch staging. Anyone know how i can help with that will SSTO or space planes help that much with recoverable costs? I'm trying to save up for the Research level upgrade but its slow going when any contracts i take up i need 130k to get me in the air. If you have a guide on building SSTO or maybe even how to save my twin boar asparagus rockets would be good cause that where alot of my money goes. I have 4 Twin boars at 17k a unit. Then a main sail and Rockomax 64 tanks which gets me mostly circular before i have to use a Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank or Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank depending on my mission (mun or Minmus) this teams to a Skipper or poodle engine (Again whatever i think is more efficient for the mission). (i will post a pic when i get home). This may be overkill really but i tend to use up alot of DV especially when i go to the Mun. (its the landing stage that i struggle with. Although MechJeb has helped ( i don't crash as often). SO yeah y'all Kerbonauts, Any helpful tips or tricks?
  8. I have installed The Malemude rover pack and the feline industries. I can see the Mods being loaded in the Loading screen, However when I go onto my Sandbox world I cannot see them and I cannot access the parts and I cannot see them. I think it is because it is not creating a new tab for the parts. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  9. Hi! This is my first topic, so Welcome! I was playing KSP with the Outer Planets mod the other day and the framerate got form 35 to 10 in two seconds! I tried even REINSTALLING the game and it did not work. Do any of you people know how to get better performance? Good Luck and Take Care: Rex
  10. Hello I'm wondering if someone can help me, my RCS controls seem to have got messed up when you go EVA and use the RCS thrusters, the Kerbal used to orientate himself to the direction I press but that doesn't seem to be happening anymore. Can anyone give me any advice? Think I may have found the answer activating SAS while in EVA will hopefully fix this. Not at a PC right now but I will report back.
  11. Hello! I am currently in the process of refurbishing my dome. I created a brand-new model, along with a custom collider mesh made out of triangular prisms. Here are the screenshots from Unity, where everything appears to be fine: However, in-game the dome looks like this (the size is correct, it's supposed to be 10m in diameter): ^ Proof that it's the collision mesh that's messing things up for me, and not the actual texture(s) that I'm using. I am really confused as to what I should do at this point. I tried everything, including moving the colliders up and down the hierarchy, applying the mesh renderer and applying an empty texture to it, and a bunch of other things, only to end up with the same result. What should I do? Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Hey everyone, I hope you can help me with this bug. I've installed Realism Overhaul with some Mods. And the Problem is when I go Eva the whole game Freeze. I can't go in the Menu I can't return to VAB nothing. Maybe a mod causes it but i don't know wich mod. Hopefully you can find wich mod causes the Problem. Sorry for my bad english tho I'm from Austria :).
  13. Okay, I have a weird problem, but one that is very annoying. When I try to do a rendezvous I get an encounter, usually <1 km, but when I go out of map mode and look around for it I can't see it, it usually tells me the distance between our ships, but it didn't, I used the navball to point at it, and lined my camera up with it I couldn't see it, I tried getting closer the retrograde vector to slow down then burning towards it, so I got my encounter down to .1 km, but when I finally was able to see it it still wouldn't show me the distance. I only have MechJeb installed, so I tried uninstalling it but it still wouldn't work. It worked up until I installed MechJeb. I'm worried that it overwrote some file that gives me the distance, but I don't want to reinstall it and lose all my saves, although I could just copy the save file, but that might be the corrupted part. I haven't been able to do any rendezvous and dock. Please Help.
  14. hi i just got ksp as a gift and its works fine its just sometime it says something about how i dont have any control and wont be able to control the craft but i have everything on there but then other times it works fine i paid a good price for this game and i cant play 60 percent of the time because every single aircraft including the ready made ones says this massage i going to get annoyed if i dont get an answer or a solution. thanks.
  15. I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly, it just doesn't work though, the actual group that has the parts in it does not show up. Help please.
  16. Log: Edit by Val: I put the log in a spoiler.
  17. I am having problems with KSP lately, my spacecrafts wont launch anymore after loading it just floats away sloaly. after some time the craft shakes and explodes. I have video and logs, but cant seem to upload it here
  18. KSP freezes launching at the last second, when module manager is on the final patch. I've tried removing the mod that the patch was appliying to, but it just happens agian with the next remaining mod. Please help?
  19. I have played KSP for quite a while now but just started in the forums. Does anybody know why when I try to access the Realism Overhaul thread it shows an error can not find? Also the link at the end of the topic is blocked saying I don't have permission when I'm signed in. Hello everybody though!
  20. Hello! I'm quite a beginner to the game but has gotten as far as orbiting Kerbin. Now, im trying to get to the mun with a lander, the landers i've come up with are pretty big since i want a bit of everything with me. So my real question is, my spaceship turs too heavy at the top and tips at 10k meters. What do i need to do prevent this? I'll post pictures if anyone wants them
  21. So I'm going to Eeloo, I launched my drive stage, launched my crew, docked, and after 30 something minutes of burning I'm now on my way to Eeloo. Only problem is I forgot to put an antenna on because I'm not used to the update (haven't played since 1.1). Is there any way I can cheat to turn off the antenna signals? Or some way to get an antenna on there? I really don't feel like starting all over and I don't really care about cheating at this point.
  22. My computer can't run scatterer and I only want some nice looking sunflares instead of the ugly stock ones. Is there any mod out there that will allow me to just have sun flares?
  23. I've got a question: I know that everyone's talking about the main BD team's baby, (BDArmoury), but I've got a big question for you guys at the team; Adjustable landing gear. I know that you've gotten BDA to work for 1.2 (I think) but the last time I checked, Adjustable Landing Gear is only for 1.0... right? So I've got just 1 question? Could you at least update the mod to 1.0.3? maybe even 1.2? If you could I would love it. Thanks, Dark
  24. I was looking to make a rover for tracking across Kerbin in. I don't want it to be able to fly with thrusters but it can have thrusters to move it faster. So far, these are the parts I plan to take Kerbal stock tires (6 of them) Remote controlling system (disk) Battery (disk) Solar Panels (like Mark Watney) RTG's Fuel (mono and liquid) (disk) Thrusters (aiming down for downforce on hills) small rocket (for extra speed on flats) landing struts (Self-righting system for flipping myself) Mining drill Raw material to fuel converter communication system If anyone has any ideas on what else to add or how to put all these on a rover, please tell me