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Found 198 results

  1. Hello, Can someone please help me make textures for my planet, 7 moons and asteroid
  2. Hello everyone, so I love KSP and I decided to create my own science mod, and I have the texture, and the 3d modelling but I have one probleme, this is the C code, I saw the code of Dmagic or the code of other science mod but, like I am a begniner in mod in KSP,I don't understand the C code of their parts. today, I would like what my part can have a point of science (just that) and be able to see my new part. If someone can help me in the C code or explaine me, it will be very sympathetic. thank you.
  3. Hello all! Im new here on the forums, but I have been playing KSP on and of since the first releases. I'm not particulary good at the game but I enjoy it! Nice to meet you all! I'm enjoying building space planes allot lately, and I try to come up with some cool designs. After playing around and combining parts I came up with an idea for mk2A parts (or something). I realy like the MK2, but would also like to go bigger, but dont like the MK3 shapes too much. So i took out the wacom and made some concept sketches of a larger MK2-like plane. Here's what I came up with for now: I'm happy with the cockpit so far. I think this could go somewhere but I need some help! I'm a professional 3d animator, modeler, texturer, but it would be nice to have some tech realism suggestions while making it look as stock-alike as much as possible. Also I'm new to modding KSP, so I have no clue yet on how to make all parts work. Perhaps Someone (more expirienced) on this forum would like to give me a hand and join me making these awesome plane parts!
  4. I cant seem to reenter without everything exploding, i face retrograde with a standard heasheidl but it does not help. Here is my situation and im really low on fuel. What can i do?
  5. I really dont know, came back to ksp, auto updated all my mods, went in game but some of the textures are really buggy and my game crashes alot. Can someone tell me which of the following mods to delete because i have no idea how to check which one is causing the problems I basically had all the mods from here Which one should i delete from this list?
  6. Unlimited guide to ksp Q:Need to learn to fly? A: Scott OMalley Q: How to build good? A: Scott OMalley Q: How to Smart? A: Scott OMalley Scott OMalley is a KSP youtuber he is the first key. There are many others out there like Marcus House.
  7. As we all know with the taketwo acquiring ksp, many of us are concerned based on their past action that they'll ruin the game. To prevent this or to preserve a copy of the game before any of their predicted shenanigans what files must be removed in order to prevent it from updating?
  8. So I've been working on this SSTO for quite a while now ('bout tow hours at this point) and I just can't get it into space. I reckon I could if I could just break the sound barrier (and keep accelerating). Can someone who actually knows what they're doing give me some help? It's not that I'm bad at planes, I've been building planes for about a year and a half now. I just suck at SSTOs. In this case, it's probably aerodynamics, but I've done everything I can in that department; the nose used to be a shielded docking port, the nose cones clipping into the cargo bay were occluded intakes, and the wings were 45 deltas instead of slim deltas Here, take the .craft file - Also, you might want to try a few of my other crafts, just for fun
  9. Finally got to the mun just to realize i had no power left because my panels are somehow "blocked by aero shielding" what does this mean? The panels worked before i got to the mun, it said status "direct sunlight" but once i got further it gave me that error
  10. Hi guys, Ive been using 1.2 for a long time, never had any crashes etc.... I had and I have around 2 gigs of mods,but I wanted to have B9 procedural wings installed, because I saw great ww2 plane models made in that mod, tho i had something procedural stuff already installed.. Nevermind,.. Since I installed the B9 one for 1.3 I cant play the game. Tried running it with openGL , with DX11 , no difference. Allways crashing... Please help!
  11. How can you replace a tank resource using mm configs? I tried using different methods. Can you please help me? Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer 500
  12. Hi everyone, I am having an issue where I crash to the desktop upon clicking the green launch button in the VAB/SPH. It seems like it tries to load but doesn't quite make it. I'm playing the 64 bit version and have tried OpenGL and forcing DX11. I'm running 25+ mods but didn't have trouble running this many around 6 months ago before I took a break. Please let me know if you have any input. Thanks in advance. Here's the details from the latest of my many crashes. Error: Output Log:
  13. I used to play KSP a lot, today i felt like playing again but, when i started it crash a thousand times, tried to check files with steam, re-install it, mess with the configs, i dont know what to do anymore! here is the file.. please help! i zipped the error file because i dont know what is the right one to share with you guys
  14. Here are some pictures, help would be appreciated
  15. I believe my KSP is corrupted. Almost every mod I install is patchy (list in hidden area below), I have resorted to pasting sooooooooooo many in just to test. Yeah, I'm desperate Here is my system stats: Latest version of Windows 10 x64 bit KSP x64 v1.2.2.1622 My suggestion: Can on new update you have the option of having an automatic installer replace your old KSP upon corruption????
  16. So I can change very basic stuff in BDA but I was wondering how to get it so that a part fires say 8 shots then needs to reaload. The reaload will be it cooling down from over heating but I'm new to configure files and if someone could help I'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance for your help
  17. Hello guys, im using windows 10 64bit pro, I h ave 2x4GB of dual channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM. My PC Specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4 Ghz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 256bit by PowerColor RAM: 2x 4GB Dual-Channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM sticks.(DDR3) Hard Drive: SATA 2 only, Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2 supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 ram. My game is pretty stable, i use like close to circa 40 mods. The game never crashed at all, tho I noticed that I get very low fps and a bit of lag when I have 2 separate ships, a battleship consisting of 330 parts, with a tiny bomber.. bla bla bla... at the same time around 12 km proximity. What can I do in order to increase smoothness, performance?
  18. This is a very stupid question(As the Title Says) but How do I write a Status Update?
  19. I am writing a module config, which replaces the stock Ablator resource with a more realistic one. I got it to replace the resource with the new one, but the new one does not ablate upon reentry. Can anyone tell me what code I'm missing? Link:Realistic Heat Managment Edit: @TheRagingIrishman, thanks for explaining the problem. @Benjamin Kerman, the current numbers are just placeholders for later.
  20. Hi, I am running a modded install of 1.3 and for some reason I have lost the ability of extending solar panels. I have no idea if this is a bug in 1.3 or a mod I am using. Can someone help? Thanks mod list B9, BD armory, Dmagic, extra planetary launch pads, KAS, kerbal engineer, hyper edit, Procedural wings, SXT, tweak scale., and Andromeda Visuals: Daydream
  21. Okay, As the title suggests, I have had issues since 1.3's release. I updated to the 1.3 release, and there has been "odd" occurances. The Server I play,, has multiple sub-servers, such as career and sandbox. I joined sandbox after playing some carrer, and this showed up: As You can see, there are some VERY wrong things in here. For one, The cost for a crew member is all zeroes. There is the "Xp Trait " Character In the bottom left of the crew. Apparently, there are no other crew members than these 12, even though there are over 200 kerbals on the server. I can not un-select kerbals when filling a vessel, nor can i add any. New crew cannot be hired, and there are no vetrans, or lost crew(a LOT of kerbals died on this server, mind you.) When I switch to the Career Server, it acts normal. Help? I have no additional Part addons, only kopenercus for planet packs(its not active right now) and K.E, with a hangar extender to boot(I installed after this occurred. Graphic mods are also installed. I have nothing that would cause changes to the astronaut complex. Thanks In advance!
  22. Hello, Can someone please help me make eve/scaterer compatible atmospheres for my planets? Also, how do I make oceans? Thanks in advance
  23. I tend to do everything in my power to make the game as realistic as possible so i was wondering if there is a mod out there that makes it so everything including solar panels and fairings makes debris when destroyed? instead of just making temp objects that delete themselves. I know it would make the game harder and more laggy but immersion is everything.
  24. When I go in the VAB or SPH, I try to change tab, but the parts for only the first tab that I selected show up.
  25. Question 1 : Where i find documentation on this : biomeMask = 3 ? Answer : It uses the same bit mask pattern as SituationMask but determines where the result will vary by biome as well as situation. SrfLanded = 1 SrfSplashed = 2, FlyingLow = 4, FlyingHigh = 8, InSpaceLow = 16, InSpaceHigh = 32 In the example given situationMask = 63 says the experiment will work everywhere (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 = 63) but biomeMask = 3 restricts biome specific results to just 1 (SrfLanded) + 2 (SrfSplashed) Question 2 : How to add an ModuleColorChanger who change _EmissiveColor after a science experiment ? Question 3 : How to add a second ModuleColorChange on the same part to change _Color ? Question 4 : How we refresh scienceDefs.cfg ingame ? Question 5 : How i can export my techtree, ressources, agencies, ores, scienceDefs without overwriting over Squad files ?