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Found 3 results

  1. Benjamin Kerman's Welding Supply Co Is proud to present: Ludicrous Propulsion Systems "The only solution to high part count when building in the 0.625 and 1.25 meter size, now with even more extra-long fuel tanks and some interesting engines" UPDATE: All part configs are complete. Waiting on models before alpha release. Source Code: The code is not functional yet, as there are no textures (they are being handled by my friend). I would be grateful for anyone to go through the code I have so far and make a bug report if you find anything wrong about it. Source Code: The parts: All part config files made, and we are working on the models. See my GitHub Wiki for all parts and info! Some peeks... Contributions: @hedgey579: Doing all the modeling and being my "partner in crime". @linuxgurugamer: Thanks for answering all my questions about .dll files. @Streetwind: Thanks for answering my questions about the differences between all the kinds of mods. @Nertea: Thank you for getting me into modding, as your mods were the first I downloaded. @Supercheese: Help with balancing part prices. Likes and kind words are always appreciated, they show help show me that people are interested in my work! Want to help? Feel free to make a pull request on my GitHub page for any of your mods. This mod includes ModuleManager (MM) and AVC.
  2. Hello! I am starting a new mod called Hybrid Propulsion Systems, and I'm wondering if I wrote these configs correctly. They are supposed to create an engine fueled by solid fuel and oxidizer, at a ratio of 0.8 to 1.2. Github link: Propulsion Systems/Parts/Engine/hybridEngineScrewdriver/screwdriver.cfg Thanks!
  3. When the boys at R&D say to slap a pair of Ion Engines on an already proven design, the folks at engineering jumped at the chance (even if they are slow as molasses and weigh a ton)!! It was completely pointless, and only served to make their cheap, reliable, one Kerbal SSTO that much more expensive. Oxidizer had to be drained to compensate for the weight, and a much different ascent path is needed for this model. Word of Caution, do not use the staging controls past the first stage to activate Rapiers. Stage 0 is set to the hardpoints holding the ion engines to the craft. Activating this stage will detach the engines. Ion engines are only to be detached in emergency circumstances. Action Groups: 1: Toggles Rapiers and Intakes 2: Toggles Rapiers (used to deactivate the engines once in space). 4: Toggles Docking Light 5: Toggles Ladder 6: Toggles Solar Panels and Ion Engines. 0: Toggles Antenna Abort: Detaches Ion Engines. Download Link is here for this interested in taking this puppy for a spin: Wholfine Hybrid SSTO - Ion Edition Mk 2. - Stock