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Found 3 results

  1. So I poked around in the Tracking Station, and saw not one but TWO Kerbin-intercepting asteroids. I was thinking of watching them come down, but since Kerbin was rotating I had no idea where it would come down. Anyway, I overdid the time warp and they both impacted and disappeared off the radar, without me seeing where they landed. All I know is that it's somewhere around 50 degrees north. Is there any way I can locate them? Would my orbiting survey scanner be of any use? Would I see a dot of ore concentration? It has a short band, surface scanner, everything.
  2. Asteroids personally should have a real impact on the planet its hitting (Kerbin) You know how 1.2 (or sooner, idk) introduced procedurally generated craters on the Mun? Why not make it to where when an asteroid hits Kerbin. It adds a procedurally generated crater! Aswell as particle effects to the asteroid entering the atmosphere and on impact, add a texture of the impact like this. And after a minute or so it looks like this So it looks like it cooled down. The real reason i'm asking for this is because I think this would give a better point to redirect asteroids. I will not expect this feature to be added anytime soon. But i'm just asking for asteroid realism. Simply because right now there really isn't any point in redirecting asteroids. This would give a real point to redirect asteroids. So us, the KSP community, can have some fun redirecting asteroids. - Sincerely, KerbalMan32
  3. In KSP when I crash a ship, I'll often just reload or revert. But first I check the after-action report to see if it contains any useful info, such as which part failed first etc. In real life they investigate what went wrong, and learn from it - gaining ScienceTM. Real space programs are littered with accidents and disasters that led to improvements later on. So why not gain some science to balance the loss of rep, funds - and sadly - brave, experienced Kerbals. It would give a bit more motivation to allow the failure to happen (rather than reverting) and would also make impactors a valid probe type. Perhaps it could go so far as gaining science by recovering parts from the ocean floor. Possibly a bit morbid for stock?