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Found 18 results

  1. This mod adds several new parts heavily inspired by the International Space Station to be used for space stations or interplanetary crafts. All crewable modules have IVAs, with future plans to continue adding additional props and texture revamps to increase immersion. Docking ports based on the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) and Androgynous Peripheral Attach System (APAS) also included, with features such as docking port gendering (active can only dock with passive) and restricted docking angles (90 degree for CBMs and 120 degree for APAS). Primary goal for current phase of this mod pack is to now provide Truss components, Solar Panels, and Radiators. Download SpaceDock PLEASE REMOVE THE FOLDER OF OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS MOD PRIOR TO INSTALLING (If you like this pack enough and would like to fuel my iced coffee addiction, please consider donating via Patreon or PayPal) List of Parts Gallery of Parts Imgur Album Future Goals/ Road Map Roadmap kept on Google Docs (updates might be intermittent) Supported Mods You will need Module Manager to use the supported mods KeepFit Snacks! Connected Living Spaces (Thanks to @panarchist for help) Tweakscale (by @VenomousRequiem) RemoteTech (just the KU Band Antenna) USI - Life Support (by @panarchist) (more to come) Mod Conflicts ActiveTextureManagement has been known to cause lag with these parts Tweakable Everything may cause the Front node on the APAS Active ports to disappear. HyperEditing a craft with APAS or CBMs will require you to go back to space center before un-docking. Otherwise you will experience a phantom force on both crafts once un-docked. MechJeb docking might not work with the gendered ports with fixed offset snapping A Special Thanks @CobaltWolf for helping me improve my texturing ( Check out his great modpack here) @sumghai for pioneering the use of colliders for guide fins on docking ports. FAQ Q: Why do the Kerbal Habitation Modules have a designated floors and a ladder? I thought in space there is no "down"? A: These modules were designed around the idea of being able to be used with stations or interplanetary crafts which use spinning to provide artificial gravity (via persistent rotation or just role-playing). The IVAs will also make sense if you do decide to also use these in some planetary bases. Q: Why do the Kerbal Habitation Modules have a lower crew capacity than the amount of bunks in the space? A: The thought behind the crew capacities with these parts is that the sleep modules arent used for hot-bunking, so every personnel on the vessel has their own personal bunk and storage lockers. It kind of forces the effect of crew rotations by making it appear that the empty bunks are kerbals on duty or just off-duty and putzing around. The empty bunks in the sleeping modules would be whoever is currently on duty and in the command pod or science module. [If you do plan on increasing the capacity, without me adding new transforms in the Unity project file, the extra crew wouldn't show in the IVAs or have portraits.] Q: Why aren't the docking ports working? A: Common Berthing Mechanisms and APAS are gendered, and have (2) types: Active and Passive. You can only dock with the opposite gender type (active can only dock with passive). Docking a Passive/Passive, or Active/Active will not work. Q: The docking ports pull to each other, but the crafts just bounces back and forth and doesn't dock A: Docking ports will dock at specific orientations in 90 or 120 degree increments. The docking ports should magnetize and be attracted at any orientation, but the 2 vessels will just yo-yo and not dock until they are aligned, so you need to use SAS or RCS to rotate the craft a bit. The docking ports need to be oriented in any way that the ACBM guide fins are inside the PCBM guide fins like in the album below. Similar alignment is needed for the APAS docking ports. Q: The alignment is hard to get, can you allow it to have more tolerance? A: If its cause more trouble than its worth, go into your KSP directory on your computer and modify the CBM and APAS .CFG files as shown below for both active and passive: Q: I hate the gendering/alignment feature A: Go into your KSP directory on your computer and modify the CBM and APAS .CFG files as shown below for both active and passive: Change Log License
  2. There are currently 2 planned missions, one in 2020, another in 2021. The Atlas V configuration chosen is the Atlas V 552 (5 SRBs, 5.4m fairing, 2-engine upper stage), which until today never flew in that configuration.
  3. For clarification this would be Kerbin Orbiter's space program however that save is corrupted and well I've done two saves on that one so this is the third save ive added a few mods, removed some aswell, most notably RT because KOS refuses to do anything with RT installed even with a connection BREAKING PRESS RELEASE! so are you planning to go to Duna? KSEA-"yes we are we plan to go to Duna by the end of the decade" will you be using falcon heavy? KSEA-"no we won't we will be unavailing the rocket in around 10 days all I can tell you is it's HUGE" woule you take it to the Mun and/or Minmus? KSEA-"we will take it to the Mun but not Minmus because Minmus doesn't have the gravity" info: Currently the KSEA is working towards a recoverable rocket (this is the time i show you my code) Launch vehicles how to get involved Scheduled launches: Mission: Kerbinorbiter sat One objectives: Launch the satilite into orbit Secondary objective: Safe splashdown in the ocean Updates: we are now constructing a space station, i will also put the save file for downlaod every fortnight (two weeks) mod list incase you want to create a module for me video versions (release one soon!)
  4. Things slowed down here due to an update a while back, but it has been revived spectacularly here! This is a challenge for the space station builders out there. I have created a very simple Sandbox Stock savegame (I'll try to keep the latest link above the picture), and it has been added to by other players. There is a single orbiting station that started with 5 parts at about 100km over Kerbin, and a number of kerbals are inside. Your mission is to add 5 parts to the station by flying a mission and docking to the station. Do it in this order to complete the challenge: Post a note in this topic saying you are launching a module. This lets everyone know you have the latest version, and they should wait on their attempt until you complete the challenge. Download the latest savegame. Link is below over the picture, or if I haven't updated it just grab it from the latest forum post. Fly a mission to add a module to the station. Max 5 parts plus up to 2 docking ports can be added to the station, this includes tanks, lights, solar, batteries, any additional docking ports, RCS, everything. So choose carefully. Or add no docking ports, but you still only get 5 parts Dock your module with the station without destroying it. Deorbit any debris or additional ships, or delete them from the tracking station. Take pictures or video of the mission Upload your images to a new post, and the (new and improved) savegame for the next person. New! Community Spaceship Assembly for Jool mission on station - Cleared for launch! Station Maintenance Mission: Instead of launching a module, you may launch a maintenance shuttle (make it look cool!) with KIS/KAS installed, and basic tools on board. Absolutely no mod parts (even struts/fuel lines) left on station please, the savegame still has to load for stock players. It is understood that this side mission is fairly advanced work, and requires a bit of skill, so don't take it on unless you are quite certain you can manage it. Also, get yourself a shiny new badge! I'm interested to see what the Kerbal community can assemble in orbit - kind of like the ISS with different nations adding their modules. Hoping for a truly spectacular station by the time everyone is caught up in 1.1 A few ground rules: No parts mods at all, and particularly no modded parts added to the final station savegame, or it will break it for the next user. No HyperEdit, F12, etc, fly this like a real mission. I particularly encourage innovation - if you have a nice SSTO to bring your module up in a cargo bay, or a clever way to build a module, go for it! Leave the station in LKO. You can move it if you absolutely must, but keep it well within the orbit of the Mun to avoid interference and keep this challenge doable even by newer players Imgur albums are good for pics, unless you have a better way, also Dropbox is decent for posting the savegame. If you break the station or break parts, you have failed the challenge. Either reload the save, or accept a failed mission Try to only keep the station savegame long enough to do the challenge. If you post that you are starting your attempt, the next person has to wait for you to complete it, so don't hold on to it forever. Do your mission, post the savegame, and let the next person give it a shot. Missions are all to be done in 1.1.x, to avoid savegame loading conflicts. One at a time! You can add multiple modules if you like, but only one per attempt, and let at least one other player take a turn between your additions. Leave a docking port open for the next player! Please make sure all struts used connect FROM your launcher TO the payload, otherwise they add mass and part count, and will count against your 5 part limit. Here's a recent shot of the station, and I'll try to keep an active link to the latest savegame If it's not current, just look to the latest forum post. Total 245 parts and growing For newer players, here's how to use a downloaded savegame.
  5. The ISS Replica Project Over the past three years of playing KSP, I have made many stations, and about a third of those were attempts at making our beautiful ISS. Of all my attempts, the one that got the furthest only got as far as the Z1 truss, and it was hardly accurate. So this time, I decided that I would go all out and build the most visually accurate ISS replica I can possibly manage, module by module, and share it with you guys! My goal will be to build the modules, and put them in orbit with realistic launch vehicles, to be constructed in a realistic fashion, while providing educational shorts explaining the purposes and capabilities of each module (soontm). I hope you enjoy the ride! A modlist required to run the WHOLE PACK (lists for the individual modules are included in their sections) can be found here: Module 1: Zarya After around two weeks of solid work on my Zarya replica, it is finally (at least for now) finished! You may have seen it in other parts of the forum, but it is now up for download, and ready to go to space. The Zarya module (meaning 'sunrise' in Russian) was the first module of the International Space Station. Launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, November 20th, 1998, it marked the dawn of a cooperative relationship between the space programs of the USA and Russia towards a common goal of a habitat in space. The main purpose of Zarya on launch was to provide propulsion and power to the Zarya - Unity module pair while waiting for Zvezda to launch and dock with the station, which would offer a more permanent propulsion solution. Based off proven technology developed in the Mir programme (for which Zarya was originally intended to be part of), Zarya was based off the already proven TKS-derived module technology. Ever since Zvezda docked, Zarya took a secondary role, and is now a main part of the ROS living quarters and fuel storage for the Zvezda booster system. Craft Specification: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up Next - Module 2: Unity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other bits included: Proton (Zarya Configuration) Download To install, extract the downloaded file and merge the GameData and Ships folders with the respective folders your KSP directory Think I've done something wrong? Want to help me improve what I've done? I'm all ears! Just let me know in this thread
  6. As you may know in 6 days time (20/04/17) a soyuz spacecraft is launching to the ISS (International Space Station) so i decided that i would take some time to create what the mission would be like: and feature upcoming missions to the International space station (non-commercial [until we have commercial crew supply missions]) ISS, 14/4/17 yes i know its hard to see but there are soyuz and progress there as i type on 14/04/17
  7. DrDevil having exploited an army of Kerbals and he made a copy of the International Space Station ISS. Sorry i'm French and i'm working on the reverse .. Thx for watching and please tell me what you think.
  8. The launch is in about an hour! It's an unmanned resupply cargo spacecraft, due for ISS docking. It carries several small satellites as well, to be deployed from ISS.
  9. Today three members of the Expedition 48 crew successfully reached Earth orbit and are on the 2 day journey to ISS. This launch is somewhat special, because it features new version of Soyuz spacecraft. I want to share some videos related to launch and new Soyuz: Launch video (in English): Soyuz-MS features highlight (from article ): Video about Soyuz-MS spacecraft (in Russian, but you can try English subtitles): 360 degree video from launch pad (watch the box!):
  10. This International Space Station runs about 400 parts, which is good for KSP 1.1.3. It is missing most external modules including the ESP's and ELC's and other external pieces. This model includes the Leonardo and Orbital Sciences Cygnus Orb. TWEAK SCALE IS REQUIRED! Downloads: Known Issues: Poisk is in the wrong place. Zvezda is missing a docking port on Zenith side. Uzlovoy is missing. The AMS is missing The Nodal Module is missing. The SPM modules are missing. The Integrated Truss is not complete to keep part count down. Please post any other problems in this thread so I can fix them. Picture: Information on the International Space Station found on
  12. Hi! Everybody I have finally updated to KSP 1.1.2 64-bit and now Lazor System doesn't work anymore. Is there any alternative Canadarm2 replica available for International Space Station. Please help.
  14. as the russian nodes are less encumbred with survival packages from Soyuz for The Crew upthere we can now enjoy visiting them too. dunno if someone already shared this, but anyway might interest some people so: watch for the notes, videos and all the dynamics stuff, there's a lot. Enjoy ; )
  15. ( As we all know, SpaceX, OrbitalATK, and Sierra Nevada were awarded cargo contracts for ISS resupply, using their Cargo Dragon V1, Cygnus Extended, and Dream Chaser Cargo. NASA has now come out an explained how the 3 companies were selected- proposals were evaluated by price, past performance, and mission suitability, with price being the most important, followed by mission suitability, and then past performance. Of the 3 companies selected (Boeing and LockMart gave proposals too, but their proposals were rejected) SpaceX had the best score of the three companies selected in mission suitability- (922/1000) followed by OrbitalATK (880/1000) and Sierra Nevada (879/1000); meanwhile, all (including Sierra Nevada, apparently) of the companies selected got a "high" rating in past performance (NASA is being very secretive for some reason this time around...) However, things get more notable when NASA evaluated the companies by price (though all were considered reasonable). NASA evaluated their price score on the amount of pressurised cargo delivered per $ (this is the most important type of ISS cargo, and is common on all cargo resupply spacecraft); assuming each company delivered half of NASA's ISS cargo per year. OrbitalATK offered the lowest price per kg, followed by Sierra Nevada, then by SpaceX, who offered the highest pressurised cargo price per kg. Of course, this is slightly misleading- OrbitalATK's Cygnus can only deliver pressurised cargo (along with disposal capability for ISS trash), while Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser can bring pressurised cargo, 500kg of unpressurised cargo, and ~3000kg back to Earth for return (along with disposal capability). SpaceX's Dragon can carry only ~3000kg of pressurised cargo, lower than its competitors, and ~3000kg of unpressurised cargo (however, the ISS almost never needs that amount of unpressurised cargo capacity), and brings ~3000kg back to Earth (the Dragon cannot dispose of ISS trash by burning.) However, this is still notable- SpaceX quietly agreed to deliver more launches for less pay than its fellow awardees with CRS-2. According to the official who made the final decision on who was awarded the CRS-2 contract, stated that the higer costs by SpaceX was due to the production and size of the Dragon V1 (cargo Dragon); having two production lines for crew and cargo Dragon (required due to the need to use different ISS ports for crew and cargo) along with an oversized rocket (due to Falcon 9 upgrades- it may be a good idea to revive Falcon 5, Elon) and small capsule volume (thus, able to carry less cargo- both Cygnus and Dream Chaser can carry more). However, NASA still belived the 3 companies met or exceeded their requirements, and thus, awarded all of them a contract. NASA has also confirmed Boeing and LockMart were the only others to submit CRS-2 proposals, but offered little information to why they were not selected.
  17. Oh noes. "On Monday, Igor Komarov, the director of Roscosmos — Russia's version of NASA — announced that the space agency will receive a total of $22.5 billion dollars in government funding over the next 10 years. That might sound like a lot, but it's close to how much NASA gets from the federal government each year. In 2015, alone, NASA received approximately $18 billion, and is projected to get a similar amount each year through 2019 ." In other words: Rocosmos, with new cuts- $22.5 Billion Budget for the next 10 years. NASA Budget, currently- $18 Billion. (though this is not just space budget) These cuts have been made due to the deteriorating Russian economy. It's also the 3rd cut this YEAR, and is HALF the amount originally planned for in Rocosmos' long term plan. There goes Russia's plans to land people on the Moon...and PPTS (aka Orionski)...and OPSEK (Russia's next gen space station). Even the new Russian ISS modules are at risk at this point. Vostochny Cosmodrome is still happening though. Also, a comment from NovaSilisko, (former) KSP Developer: "So it sounds to me like this basically means the end of Russia's lunar and planetary exploration short of ExoMars, with most of the budget going into Earth-centric operations like the ISS. No Venera revival, no Luna revival, no Phobos-Grunt reflight..." This sucks.
  18. It's happening. We've been waiting for this event for years now, and soon everyone (along with SpaceX, Boeing, & Sierra Nevada) will know who will be flying the first U.S. astronauts from U.S. soil since the Space Shuttle retired in 2011, on-board USCV-1 to the ISS, tentatively scheduled to make its first flight in 2017. Live Updates: [4:08 PM 16 September] BOEING AND SPACEX ARE THE WINNERS! [9:10AM 16 September] Lurio, you must be relieved! Stephen Clark via Twitter: "NASA: "Major announcement today about astronaut transport to the International Space Station." 4pm presser at KSC. Buckle your seat belts." [12:41AM 16 September]: Andy Pasztor has published another article on the WSJ, titled: "Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos's Startup Is Part of Bid to Deliver Astronauts". Read the full article here. [9:16 PM EST]: Mr. Lurio to the rescue again... "Latest from elsewhere: WSJ/Pastor item is wrong. Conclusion: We won't know it til we know it, so take stress tab of your choice.". Jeff Foust has also retweeted this. [9:14 PM EST]: Cnet is regurgitating Wall Street Journal's claims that Boeing is to win one of the spots in an article titled: "Boeing said to win NASA space taxi contract". Everyone should be aware that this is complete speculation. There is no evidence to support any of this information. [3:31PM]: "Yet another item: Supposedly someone saw a poster just delivered KSC re CCtCap - included SNC/SpaceX, not Boeing. But I advise caution." Link to Tweet. [3:27PM]: Charles A. Lurio again... "This just in from another re CCtCap: Award tomorrow between 10-11am EDT." [3:06PM]: Charles A. Lurio on Twitter advising that companies will be informed of CCtCap results tomorrow morning, with public announcements following shortly after! All times are in EST BackgroundWith the Retirement of the Space Shuttle, NASA had to pay the Russians for seats on the Soyuz to ferry Astronauts to the ISS. NASA did not like this and started 2 different competitions to resupply and recrew the station. They are known as CCDev and CCtCap respectively. CCDev was the easier of the two and 2 companies made designs and won contracts, SpaceX with the Dragon and Orbital Sciences with Cygnus. The original idea was for CCDev to be a stepping stone for CCtCap, but it did not work out. CCtCap is Commercial Crew. in the beginning there were 5 designs with 4 capsules. They were SpaceX with the Dragon on a Falcon 9, Sierra Nevada Corp with DreamChaser on Atlas 5, Boeing with CST100 on Atlas 5, Blue Origin with New Sheppard on Undecided, and ATK with a CST100 on Liberty (think Aires 1). After the first round money was awarded to Boeing, SpaceX, and Sierra Nevada Corp to continue developing their designs. Boeing got the most money, followed by SpaceX and then SNC. Instead of a lump sum, the awards are parsed out based on milestones. This announcement is the end of the second phase. At this point, NASA has the money for 1.5 Contracts and this announcement is for who gets the big contract to actually carry astronauts to the ISS. Current Speculation is that Boeing has the strongest case because they have completed 100% of their milestones, with SpaceX in second with something like 80%. The main difference is that SpaceX has proven technology that has flown in the last decade, last time a Boeing Capsule flew was the apollo capsule. Tomorrow is the BIG day when the three lean whether or not they will get money to continue building their craft. SpaceX has already said that if they do not get selected they will continue to build the Dragon V2, it will just take longer. AFAIK there has been no announcements from SNC or Boeing on what happens if they do not get selected. for more info on the designs CST 100 Dragon DreamChaser also reddit is a great place for more info and is where I am getting the updates from