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Found 11 results

  1. I would like to make kerbals come out from docking ports, but I have no idea on how to force them to do so or if is it even possible.I appreciate alternative ways if this is not possible.Thanks for you support.
  2. We've all been there, a kerbals falls out of their seat on a ship, and they can't move, and they rag doll on the ground as if paralyzed. Also, being able to walk around on planes and rovers would make for some easy repairs with KÄS / KIS and some really cool screenshots. So what do you all think?
  3. I think this is where this should go but not entirely sure. So, as a user of I was disappointed a few days ago when I went to the website and it was down. Does anyone know what has happened to it?
  4. Will Squad Ever make another Kerbal themed game? that would be . I mean A full on game, no DLC stuff. What I mean is Maybe a sandbox or Sims style game based on Kerbin and kerbals?
  5. I was doing my R&D a favor by going to the mun. I tried an unplanned landing, since I was tired of flybys, and decided to take a risk. In the end, I stranded Jeb. So, I made a rescue craft, and landed it about 20 km away from good ol Jeb, and decided take some fun jumps with Jeb. I jumped so high, and fast, I killed him a couple of times. (sorry, Jeb) I realized that if I slammed into the ground hard enough, I would bounce, and the Kerbals would freak out, and magically survive. It was really funny. ( to do this, you go up, and forward in EVA, and then, at the peak of your ascent, go down, and spam the jump button.(don't go too high, or fast. Go about 100-150 m/s)). It ended up crashing my game, since I quicksaved when the Kerbals were flipping out, then quickloaded. This is more of a notice, than a question, but, whatever, right? Why does this happen, and why is it so FUNNY?!
  6. So, with the support from the original developer, I took over this mod, and added quite a bit of functionality. Make a smart, courageous Kerbal, or a dumb coward. Either way, these Kerbals are 100% custom. Images: How to use: Hit Alt + K while in the space center to open the window, fill out the information, and click Kreate Kustom Kerbal. Video: Change Logs: Download Get it on SpaceDock Source Wiki Have a bug? Ah, just put it in here, or ping me on the unofficial KSP Discord server. One note on CKAN: CKAN is now fully supported again, and I'd like to thank all of the CKAN people, especially @politas for helping me out. Thank you all! This mod uses Mini Add-On Version Checker by Cybutek License - MIT:
  7. Hello. I have been working on a simple life support mod and I was wondering, how much EC should a Kerbal consume while on EVA per minute? How much should they store? I am looking for something slightly realistic. The mod will only use EC as it is a no part-very simple life support mod. Thanks, Benji13.
  8. K.P.F. The Kerbal Powered Flight Challenge To beat the Kerbal Powered Flight Challenge, you must have a machine using the ladder glitch with Kerbals that can propel itself to high speeds, there will be winners for multiple different things such as speed, distance, sustainable altitude, etc. F.A.Q -What is the ladder glitch? The ladder glitch, is a glitch that occurs if a Kerbal is climbing a ladder, and something is blocking him from above where he's climbing, he will then push the vehicle causing acceleration without the use of fuel of any kind, therefore breaking the laws of physics, or KSP in this case. Rules: -No cheats -No hyperedit -Stock parts only -No mods that add new parts, change flight mechanics, or mass / weight of the vehicle -One kerbal per craft -SAS must only be used to keep the vehicle level whilst the Kerbal powers the vehicle forward -Must include pictures of the craft -No external form of acceleration other than the Kerbal -Probe cores, and batteries + solar panels will be allowed to aim the vehicle in the specified direction, but the kerbal must accelerate the vehicle only. Categories: Speed Record (highest achieved speed, including dives) Land Speed Record (highest speed over land, screenshot with navball showing): Sea Speed Record (highest speed over water, screenshot with navball showing): Air Speed Record (highest speed over land in F3 settings, and in atmosphere, with screenshots): 1.) He_162 with 2,055 m/s at 47,000m Speed Record (In Space): (Highest speed achievable whilst in space) 1.) He_162 with 2,257 m/s Altitude Record (highest altitude you can fly continuously) Kerbin: Duna: Eve: Laythe: Jool?: Distance record (total distance traveled) Air: 1.) He_162 with 1,456,052m Sea: Winners: Land: Winners: Total: 1.) He_162 with 1,568,923m Longest Manned Flight: (No timewarp allowed for this, and must have proof that it took that long, I.E. lots of screenshots, or a video) Kerbol Challenge: Fly a kerbal powered vehicle, and land on every planet (that has a surface) with only one launch, one kerbal, and there will be multiple difficulties: Easy: -(No extra rules) Winners: Hard: -No SAS, One solar panel Winners: BADGE OF COMPLETION: EXAMPLE OF CRAFT:
  9. KERBOSAMAZING????!!!, Ok ok my first FORUM GAME!!!!! it is who killed the most kerbals OR who can survive a Kerbal crash from 10 km! Yep its STUPID but Fun and who does not like THAT! The minimum of kerbal killings is 100 PS You notice i am writing in red well because kerbals have BLOOD!
  10. Has anyone else realized that female Kerbals don't have tongues? Just a question.
  11. Thought i'd make a custom kerbals thread. Here are some of mine. KERBAL { name = Shelby Kerman gender = Female type = Crew brave = 0.55 dumb = 0.2 badS = True tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } KERBAL { name = Meridian Kerman gender = Female type = Crew brave = 0.72 dumb = 0.55 badS = False tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } KERBAL { name = Danny Kerman gender = Male type = Crew brave = 0.55 dumb = 0.64 badS = False tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } KERBAL { name = Horatio Kerman gender = Male type = Crew brave = 0.58 dumb = 0.5 badS = True tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } KERBAL { name = Shona Kerman gender = Female type = Crew brave = 0.21 dumb = 0.7 badS = False tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } KERBAL { name = Kepsey Kerman gender = Female type = Crew brave = 0.88 dumb = 0.4 badS = False tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } Oh, and just because, Kirrim Kerman from "Kirrim on Duty" the one where he was revived KERBAL { name = Kirrim Kerman gender = Male type = Crew brave = 0.4598612 dumb = 0.2352904 badS = False tour = False state = Available ToD = 0 idx = -1 CAREER_LOG { flight = 0 } FLIGHT_LOG { flight = 0 } Hope you like them!