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Found 44 results

  1. Did a few searches, couldn't find anything on the subject, so here goes,... We all know its possible using the stock game to align parts to the sun, due to solar panels; but does anyone know if it would be possible to align a newly created, pivot-mounted satellite dish to Kerbin, using only ingame stock mechanics/modules? So that when the part loaded, instead of facing the sun like a solar panel, it turned to face the direction of Kerbin.
  2. This thread is meant to be a parody of the Flat Earth Society and Flat Earth Theory which is a conspiracy theory that has become surprisingly popular among die hard conspiracy nuts. In this thread the goal is to prove that Kerbin is flat. We shall not be deceived by the lies of the Kerbal Spave Center any more! They have constructed an elaborate conspiracy to hide the true shape of Kerbin so people will give contracts and funds to the space center. Logical fallacies are welcome, because real flat earthers use them all the time. Anyone saying that Kerbin is round is a shill payed by the Space Center to defend the conspiracy. There is no other explenation.
  3. This is my Report in my Mid-Early Carrer and Late-Early Carrer, about my exploration of mainly focused on Mun. Some of mods i used are MechJeb, SCANSat, KER (Not used in main missions), KIS (not used in main missions, Charter (was testing, Rarely may find) and Stratergia, Contract Configrator, Taiser Space Tech, Dmagic's Maneuver Node Extended I was first determined to recreation of original Appolo Program and Gemini Program, with extension of SkyLab. But later, I found it Time consuming, Costly and very InEfficient so i Later Droped the Idea and Used the originally Abonded Plans, which was Effective and Less Costly. The Mission Starts with First Munar Probe, Muna-1, a Sputnik with 4 panels and 4 HG-5. Send to mun flyby on A experimental NERV. 2nd mission (Some are not Included, as Probes) Include A Direct Descent Lander, with experimental Spark. This is first Manned Kerbin Orbital Mission, After a Failed orbital try, which re-enter after a few mins. This is first time a planned launcher, JOOL-I, Launcher was planned To be SSTO, but reached only 200 M/sec Delta-V of 100×100 KM circular Orbit. It was to send to Mun Cis-Lunar Orbit but, It had 10% fuel left to be later, used to Rendezvous and Docking. This is First Space Station, Kalyut-1, This was used to Practice Rendezvous and Docking, JOOL-I, docked Kalyut-1 in two mission and the Whole monolithic Station was docked, Reentered and Recovered. A Expansion of JOOL-I, with Additional Boosters and A Transfer stage, JOOL-II, made it possible for Manned munar mission, Crew Capsule however was not ejected but it needed to get in. It had first EVA, Orbit and Returned after gaining A LKO. JOOL-II launched three times. With a Mockup Test of Delta-II (Vidhyoot-II) with Lander Probe my Second launch send MUN LAB-1 Station (Monolithic), in 50×50 KM mun Orbit, its temporarily Turned OFF due to operational Cost. JOOL-II launched twice, Docked and Transferred Crew, Jeb alone. Vidhyoot-II launches the Kalyut-II as a Power House for Landers, Docking at Kerbin, stages fill the EC, MonoProp and A Bit Fuel. Transfer crew, Gergich/Valentina (Pilots) and Bill/Bob (Enginner at 1st and Scientist on Second), Transfer and docks Mun Lab I. Where Jeb enters and Gergich Takes us as Mun Lab-I Lead. Mun Lab-I Mun Lander-1 lands somewhere on 1 year, 5 Day, 4 Hrs, I did use time carefully, It took no Science but Crew Report, EVA Report, and Surfce sample, Its Ascent Stage docked Mun Lab-I, Lander was Destroyed by KIS Explosives. Vidhyoot-II launches another Kerbin Station, which is first time a Modular, later launches Mun Lab-II, which docked Mun Lab-I and renamed whole station as Mun Lab. Originally not to be modular but time makes us to rush. Mun Lab-II Mun Lander-II was heavy, Science Lander near Dark, Cratered South temperate, with all science, no Seismic sensor. It was Solar Power, All before were Fuel celled, Stations were Solar and optional Fuel Celled. Research started, JOOL-II ferred till, i consumed almost all funds on Station and Probe Exploration of Kerbin System. Now, Research is stopped, Stations Turned OFF, And planned 3rd Landing Cancelled. I will recover this soon, as i accumulated enough funds for lots of landings, stations, ferries and Exploration. JOOL-I, Vidhyoot-II are still operational, while JOOL-II is holded for MUN LAB Activation. I don't know how to put images directly to Forums, it dont work and My Imgur is Lost, I'm trying to reconnect and put some pics and expand the mission further. Plz help me putting some Images here.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Forums, asking. I have launched lots of Exploration Mission, in Early Carrer, Mostly were Science-Return and a small Parachute helped a lot. Now, I have started Crewed Exploration, and I'm facing Reentry problems, it's good at de-orbit, but I have plans to Direct Re-Entry like Appolo-Style, Controlled Ballistic Reentry. I have Tried It from Kerbin Stationary Orbit, Wirh 3 Drag and 3 Mains, Drags get it slow, but very high altitude, I'm planning such Entry from Minimus, with 1 Drag and 3 mains and after a long atmospheric flight at low angle. Can someone help me calculating the Speed Before Re-entry, AP is 50,000,000 M. Plz. I have Launched such first mission and is enrouted to Minimus, Plz.
  5. Hello Kerbanauts! I have a challagne for all of you! The highest current world absolute general aviation altitude record, propelled aircraft is 37,650 metres (123,520 ft) set by Alexandr Fedotov, in a Mikoyan Gurevitch E-266M (MiG-25M), on 31 August 1977. One of the leading test pilots of his era, Aleksandr Fedotov was a Major General in the Russian Airforce, he graduated from Flight School Stalingrad in 1950. He was a pilot in the air-force from 1950 to 1957,graduating from the Aravmir School for Military Pilots in 1952 and worked then as an instructor pilot. In 1958 he graduated from testpilot school and worked for the OKB Mikoyan. In 1965 he worked for the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). Between 1961 and 1977 he achieved 18 world records, including three absolute records on E-166 and MiG-25-jets. He held since August 31, 1977 the world altitude record for planes that take off under their own power (123,524 feet). Between 1976 and 1978 he was involved in the EPOS "Spiral"-Program. In 1977 he performed the maiden flight of the MiG-29. He died in a crash of a MiG-31 (together with V. S. Zaytsev) in 1984. He became a Hero of the Soviet Union in 1966 and in 1969 a Meritorious test pilot of the Soviet Union. So what's this got to do with the challenge? Well, all you have to do is build and fly a Plane to the highest peak the fastest, there is also a land category except I would only expect you to climb the mountains by the KSC. Rules : Well the rules are as follows ; No engine mods, Stock propulsion only. Wing mods are fine, wings don't add speed, just control. The plane or Land thing must be MANNED, if not expect to be added to the "skrub list" I want some form of proof as I will be making a badge, video is better but screenshots will do I want the plane's take off and a few mid flight ones too and finally the flight report with the landed plane. Yes you heard right you gotta land too! Here is the formula to work out score :Max altitude / Parts * 100 = A score so for instance, 400 / 90 * 100 = 444 Badges are won so to be given a shot you gotta be one of the leaders (in top 5) of a weight classes below, (I will make a leader-board as the entries come in :D) Feather = Under 5T Light = Under 10T Medium = 11-15T Heavy = 16 - 30T Behemoth = Over 31T Safe Flying, Kenji Info found here on Aleksander -
  6. Hello I can't finish my Mission. It tells me: launch a new unmanned satellite that has an Antenna and can generate Power... I did this many many times before. but since I got some new version here, what happens?: The funny thing is that it was checked just before I had launched. and now I'm in Orbit and it's unchecked... This is the second time I'm bringing this sattelite up there. Apparently I don't know how to launch an unmanned satellite that can generate power anymore...I was actually done with this? what is going on
  7. Howdy, everybody! In this fancy little mission report, which, as of April 23, 2017 has undergone severe renovations, I'm going to document what I've been up to on Kerbin and beyond. My older reports on this thread have been about me flying around Kerbin to see different features that strike my fancy, and, while I don't plan on ending that anytime soon, I'm expanding the scope of this little mission report in order to focus on craft projects and other exploits as well. Without further ado, welcome to Here's a handy Table of Contents, for organizationally-minded people. Table of Contents Episode 1: See "Old OP" below. Episode 2: Crash Mountain + Mini Update: Crash Forest Episode 3: The Unnamed River Episode 4: Butterfly Lake Episode 5: Ginormous Crater Episode 6: Sunrise Cliffs Episode 7: Right-Angle River Episode 8: Dman Beach Episode 9: The North Pole Episode 10: Building the Motor-Cicle Old OP:
  8. This is Brent Kerman, Reporting in from the Buffalo. We are on a journey to explore Kerbin by land. Here is the rover: It uses @Angel-125's Pathfinder as main body and Snacks for additional challenge. It seats seven, and has supplies for three years. The rover averages 20 m/s, because that's about top safe speed. It could go 40 m/s! If you have a location you want explored, message me the coordinates and I will do. I have all stock and DMagic science experiments. Report: Year 1, Day 1. Today we acquired the ability to use the Stereo Space Telescope, or SST, and Comsat Alpha, to support our mission. Engineers are finishing the rover today.
  9. Good day all. I made a pretty decent rover and I have been testing it around the KSC on Kerbin and it got me thinking. Are there any special locations on Kerbin to go to, such as cities, monuments, craters, wonders of the world, etc. If there are, do they offer special science bonuses at these locations. Also, if there are such locations, as a Kerbal, shouldn't I know where these are at? It is my home planet after all.
  10. Well I have a fleet, sort of. Here is KSN 39, (BB39) Jool 870 tons of floating death makes 28 knots
  11. Hi all, I recently tried making a plane with a bunch of rover/probes (Provers?) in the back, to drop at certain locations, parachute down, then activated later to do the contracts for science on kerbin. I thought I had made them too heavy, or not included enough parachutes. But as I've read, space plane "Debris" is destroyed after the main craft is a set distance away. Is there a mod that removes this, and possibly makes terminating debris from the tracker easier?
  12. "Beautiful Places on Kerbin" I'm not sure if there is one place that you can find pictures of all the Beautiful places on Kerbin, so I decided to start this Thread for that reason. If you could please join me and add one of the beautiful places you've been and how to get there, if you don't remember how to get there don't bother with it but show the picture for all of us to enjoy. I found this place almost straight off the Runway at about 130 degree heading, look for the snowy Mountains after a long period of flight over the water.
  13. Probe Locations for the Kerbol System So I recently just came back from a Holiday in Tasmania, and I hear about the new updates, more importantly, the new CommNet network added in the game. So in game and in the tracking station, there is a green line connecting to all the online probes, landers, bases, rovers, space stations etc. The KSP team have also added in a bunch of new transmitters in the game as well. So the green line gets darker when you lose more and more connection with kerbin. This means that it is important to have probes everywhere in the kerbol system. You can also map planets and Moons with the new update. So then that is another few probes on each and every moon to make it easier to find better landing spots and to see where lakes and oceans are if your looking at Laythe or Eve. So my challenge is for someone to post a photo with all satellites and Probes connecting each and every other probe. To comeplete the challenge, you must show proof of: A minimum of 2 probes around each planet At least 3 probes orbiting any of the planets moons 2 probes orbiting around the sun between each planet 10 probes orbiting Kerbin and the Mün All the probes must be connected to each other and must connect to kerbin with a 100% status. 3 screenshots of you mapping the following : Laythe, Kerbin, Jool. Please post a commentl if you think this is a reasonable challenge or you think this is way to overpowered and would take up any of your own ksp time. I will be with you as I have notifications turned on... I don't care if you use cheats or not, I don't care if you use the same probe, just do the 6 steps. And you must show photographic proof of all the probes in their orbits. Good luck, and have fun! P.S. not rccomended for Career mode... Edited 8 hours ago by Dr.K Kerbal Typo
  14. We are launching rockets, planes, rovers and all kinds of different stuff. But how does this affect ecology on kerbin? I can purely say it affects it drastically! Debris form space falling into oceans, forests, lakes and rivers. That may pollute them and destroy ecosystem. This will heavily backfire kerbin’s society. Poisonous liquid fuel may evaporate and mix with atmosphere. This may cause acid rains and a lot more catastrophes. Plastic, metals from fuselages may decompose and spoil the soil it will lead to horrifying consequences like extinction of species. Danger in and from space may appear. Despite that lots of debris burns up in the atmosphere some stays in space. It may fall down on the surface due to orbital decay. That would cause a metal rain. As a result- a lot of casualties. But for now, it makes even more danger in space. Debris clouds form in orbit. They may strike and you won’t even notice how quickly your spaceship blends with all debris. Kerbals launch rockets every day. But how does this influence Kerbin? Because rockets are not made of nothing, Kerbals may face lack of resources on Kerbin. So, after you’ve read the article I may suggest you 3 things. 1.Terminate all debris lying on kerbin (boring) 2.Launch manned mission to destroy orbital debris (cool) 3.Download BD armory or any other mod that adds lasers and shoot down all debris from ground (AWESOME) I hope you liked this article! But can I take a bit of your time? If, yes Are those informative for you? Kessler syndrome-
  15. this is a first config for my solar system What it is? !Body,* {} or !Asteroid,* {}, explain me? then first planet as Home world (Earth) (i take this config from Real Solar System) this result is make earth as home world and without any other planet. Main menu body is earth then i am make config for Kerbin result is Main Menu body is Kerbin and cannot load save games or start new game how to fix. how to make Earth as home world and kerbin as other Planets? or How use kerbin as Kopernicus Templates?
  16. Reach orbit in high gravity environment! Basically, this challange is just about getting orbit efficiently on Kerbin. However, with gravity multiplier cheat, it won't be easy! In these harsh environment, haul fuel/payload to orbit as much as you can! Rules: 1. No cheats allowed, aside from the gravity multiplier cheat. - Entrants should keep the gravity cheat on throughout the entry, with the multiplier given by each level. 2. No kraken drives, no clipping of functional parts. 3. The orbiter can either be manned or unmanned, refuel it in any way if you can. (Docking is allowed as well) 4. Reach stable orbit out of the atmosphere, using any ways fitting in the rules. 5. Mods allowed: - Part mods with reasonable chemical tanks/engines only. (No OP tanks/engines or other propulsion concepts) - Visual mods like Scatter, SVE and such. - Piloting mods like Mechjeb, kOS and such. - Editor mods like Part Angle Display, Editor Extension Redux and such. (Finished product should be stock craft with it) Any other mods aside from these are not allowed. Entry Submission Rules: 1. An entry should contain screenshots or videos to prove the completion. Imgur or Mission Reports is recommenfed. 2. At least one of the screenshot should contain debug screen indicating that only gravity cheat with appropriate multiplier is on. More than once is recommended. For video submissions, show it once and capture continuous process to orbit in the video. 3. Screenshots should include craft in VAB(for total mass), on LaunchPad, liftoff, subsonic flight, gravity turn, supersonic flight, high atmosphere flight, reaching apoapsis, finishing orbit and craft on orbit and more if you want. Scoring Scheme: 1. Score is given by (Payload mass) / (Total mass) - 'Payload' means parts got to orbit which is neither fuel tank nor engine, and fuels left on the orbit. Crew cabins count as payload, but not any other multipurpose fuel tanks like wet wings. - 'Total' means every parts launched for this mission. This includes pre-launched refueling ships in orbit. Levels: I. Moderate gravity (1.7g): Reach orbit on Kerbin with gravity multiplier of 1.7. (Range of 1.68g~1.7g is allowed, due to the sensitivity of the scroll bar) I1. Spaceplanes (too) Powerful Reach orbit, using jet engines. Every bits you launched should reach stable orbit. I2. Heavy Rocketry Reach orbit without jet engines. Isp. Heavily Usable Rocketry Reach orbit without jet engines, with every bits you launched reaching stable orbit! (Yes, this one is specially aimed for conquering a *punishing* body) II. High gravity (3g): Reach orbit on Kerbin, with gravity of 3g! 2.88g~3.0g is allowed. III. Super gravity (5g): Reach orbit on Kerbin with gravity of 5g! 4.98~5g is allowed. V. Hyper gravity (10g): Use any possible way, to reach orbit with Hyper gravity of 10g! (Only 10g is allowed, since it's at the end of the scroll bar) (This should be impossible, though let's see if I'm wrong) Results: I. Moderate gravity (1.7g) I1. Spaceplanes Powerful I2. Heavy Rocketry Isp. Heavily Usable Rocketry II. High Gravity (3g) 1. MarvinKitFox - Asparagus-staged Mammoth Rockets to 11k X 14k orbit. (Score pending) III. Super Gravity (5g) V. Hyper Gravity (10g) + My entry will be up soon! (Though I doubt I need one)
  17. After some searching, I realized there was no repository of Kerbin's highest peaks. Lots of people have summited the highest peak at 6764m, but I wanted to find them all. Here is my list: A listing of the ten 6000m peaks of Kerbin Rank Height (m) Latitude (DMS) Longitude (DMS) 1 6767 61 35 54 46 20 17 2 6566 -74 23 43 -17 31 47 3 6433 -14 26 44 71 57 24 4 6432 -6 35 54 113 37 21 5 6143 -13 49 48 71 17 37 6 6142 -30 09 19 -13 27 20 7 6119 46 04 45 139 32 01 8 6067 -68 33 12 -27 13 12 9 6041 -17 12 15 73 38 30 10 6009 42 33 10 135 50 45 Please note that negative latitudes are in the southern hemisphere, negative longitudes are in the western hemisphere. I acquired the locations by pinpointing high points on a hyper-res map of kerbin, then flew to the location, landed near the summit, and placed a flag on the summit. For some reason the height of the peak varies slightly from load to load, so each value is +/- 3 meters, which means that 3 & 4 are a tie, as are 5 & 6. Screenshots If I have missed any, please put them in the comments below, complete with location information. Insofar as I am aware, this is all the 6000m peaks of Kerbin
  18. I believe KerbalMaps is down sometime last year, so is there any detailed maps for Kerbin? Best with coordinates, easter eggs and all! Any help will be very appreciated!
  19. I was looking to make a rover for tracking across Kerbin in. I don't want it to be able to fly with thrusters but it can have thrusters to move it faster. So far, these are the parts I plan to take Kerbal stock tires (6 of them) Remote controlling system (disk) Battery (disk) Solar Panels (like Mark Watney) RTG's Fuel (mono and liquid) (disk) Thrusters (aiming down for downforce on hills) small rocket (for extra speed on flats) landing struts (Self-righting system for flipping myself) Mining drill Raw material to fuel converter communication system If anyone has any ideas on what else to add or how to put all these on a rover, please tell me
  20. You Only Go Around Once Fastest Lap of Kerbin Wins! Rules: Stock Parts Normal Difficulty No Gameplay Mods No Cheating One complete, equatorial lap of Kerbin Runway/Rolling Takeoff Landing on KSC Runway (or close to it. The craft may slide off the runway so long as it touches it once) Must have at least 1 Kerbal. Pilot Must Survive! Craft does not. Time based on mission time. Clock stops when craft stops. No limits to stages, fuels, altitude, mass, cost; but these will be noted. Submission: Video is preferred; Imgur album is acceptable. Show SPH with vehicle mass, cost, etc. Show resources tab during flight. Show Flight Results (F3). Albums must show key moments. Standings: 1.) Eidahill - 24:52 - Crunchy Landing - 3,587m/s - 81,591m - 10 Stages - 1,481.48t - 577,118 2.) HarrySeaward - 40:56 - Intact Landing - 2,092m/s - 76,074m - SSTO - 9.9t - 24,430 3.) 4.)
  21. The River Runner challenge is a stock and modded air race that goes along the river northwest of the KSC. You must stay below one kilometer at all times. The starting line is the second bump/ridge (the one at ~0:44). You must be under a kilometer by that time. Sorry if that was unclear. See video below for more info. Stock Leaderboard: theAvenGuard - 218 Aero Gav - 3:07 KrogTV - 3:25 Fireheart318 - 3:55 Modded Leaderboard: ______ - ______ FAR Leaderboard: ____ - ____ My editing software was acting up, sorry for not having more to show. Either way, this video'll explain what's going on: And here's the map:
  22. Calling all math nerds! So, I'm only a freshman in high school. That means that I have a pretty hard time with the equations used for orbital mechanics and things such as - in this scenario - Roche limits. I was thinking of using Hyperedit to put Laythe in orbit around Kerbin. I want to put it as low as I can to the Roche limit, so that I can reach it easily. Could anyone help me out?
  23. Soooo,i made this mapping satellite,and i want to share it with the whole KSP community! The satellite: The rocket: (feel free to copy the satellite and the rocket,but dont forget to give credit) Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! SPACE! LATER... Yaaay,a successful orbit! Look how much ore there is!
  24. Hi all, I've been busily procrastinating on a Spaceplane performance guide. I've got to a section where i'm discussing the effect of altitude on jet engine performance, ie. what's the best altitude for penetrating sound barrier, what's best for hitting max airbreathing speed. Looking at the config file of the rapier, I can see that at 0.35 atmospheres of pressure, we have a thrust multiplier of 0.5. At 0.08 , thrust multiplier falls to 0.3 (looks like a sweet spot to me) , then at 0.018 we still have 0.09 (still somewhat decent, we thrust has only fallen half as much as pressure - drag - has , right?). Above that things go south very quickly. The thing is, is there a way to convert these pressure numbers, expressed in "atmospheres", into actual altitudes I can use when flying an aircraft? The KSP wiki has a table of pressure (in atmospheres) vs altitude (in km), but there are only 11 data points and inconveniently the numbers in the config file fall in between. It's not a linear relationship of altitude vs pressure so interpolating it won't be very accurate. My best guesses are at these numbers correspond to 6km (thrust multiplier 0.5) , 14km (thrust multiplier 0.3) and 23km (thrust multiplier 0.09), but is there any tool to calculate the numbers properly?
  25. ROGUE A story by: electricpants How will the kerbals adapt to a Kerbin that's frozen and starless? [BEGINNING OF PART ONE] [BEGINNING OF PROLOGUE] 11/27/2033, Log 1: A larger star, perhaps of G-F typing, has just skimmed the edge of our solar system. Meanwhile, our system has captured one of this star's planets. We have decided to name it "Coma". Because it was just captured, Coma has an elliptical orbit, and as such will come very close to Kerbin's orbit, so close that it will either capture planet Kerbin or [CLASSIFIED]. [END OF LOG 1] 2/18/2035, Log 2: Coma is getting closer. The average kerbal living in the northern hemisphere can now see it during the day because it's so close. We're all hoping it'll just capture Kerbin, instead of [CLASSIFIED] happening... [END OF LOG 2] 2/21/2035, Log 3: Well it appears that the worst happened... [CLASSIFIED], as we've been calling it, just so the public doesn't freak out. But I guess now is the best time to tell you about it. What we've been covering up is that Coma has ejected Kerbin out of the Kerbol system. So basically we'll be a starless planet. How wonderful... Oh, and did I mention that Coma also captured Minmus? [END OF LOG 3] [END OF PROLOGUE] [BEGINNING OF CHAPTER ONE] In modern times (2067)... "Hey, wanna go make a snowman, Bill?" Jeb asked. "No way! Are you crazy Jeb? WE'LL FREEZE TO DEATH!!!" Bill shouted. "Okay, okay, jeebus, Bill!" Jeb replied in a slightly annoyed-slightly hurt voice. "No, really Jeb. We actually will freeze to death. The temperature outside is -204 degrees Celcius." Bob said after their unnecessary fight about freezing to death and snowmen. "Speaking of which, Bob, could you turn up the heat more? It's getting colder in here by the minute!" Jeb shakily said as Bob complied and turned up the heat. Bob then turned on their oven (which had mini icicles hanging from the outside) and began to cook their food, which was pizza. Not pizza as in leftovers, but pizza as in he's actually making homemade pizza because ever since it had started getting REAL cold, Pizza Hut was out of service, so Bob had to make his own pizza. And while Bob is cooking pizza, let me tell you the basic layout of their hou- er... bunker. There's 8 rooms total, and the largest is the living room, which has 1 three cushion couch and two chairs next to it at a roughly 45 degree angle. They have a T.V. which connects to an internet box underneath the T.V. setup. The second-largest room is the kitchen, which has a full counter, drawers, cabinets, an oven, a microwave, a fridge and the like. Next is their bedrooms, all of very similar sizes, which is just enough to fit 1 bed. Oh, and there's four of em'. The second-last room is the laundry room, with your average washer and dryer, but it also includes the dishwasher. The very last room is the computer room. It has four computers and four moniters and four desks and chairs. It's really that simple. "Hey Bob, you done with that pizza yet?" Val asked, very tired because she just woke up. "Not yet, though it is going to be done pretty soon." Bob replied. "These potato chips are gonna be all gone if you don't hurry up with that pizza!" Jeb shouted, suddenly eating chips from a bag. "Oh, Jeb? You remember your and Bill's argument about making a snowman earlier?" Bob asked Jeb. "Uh, yeah Bob. That happened like ten minutes ago." Jeb replied, slightly annoyed that Bob thought he would forget so quickly. "Okay, well, it would actually be impossible to make that snowman, because since it's so cold outside, not only has the snow frozen into ice, that ice is frozen rock solid." Bob explained to Jeb. "Oh..." Jeb replied, amazed and saddened that he couldn't make a snowman. "Hey guys! the pizza's done!" Bob suddenly shouted at the others. Then they all proceeded to grab a plate, take two slices of pizza, and then sit down on the couch to watch some T.V., which was Cartoon Network, that's what they always watched. "Hey Bob, this pizza tastes great! It's almost as great as Pizza Hut was back in 2043!" Val exclaimed. "Thanks, Val! I made it myself!" Bob said proudly. "Well obviously you made it!" Jeb replied, annoyed at how much of an imbecile Bob just was, even compared to him. After they were done, they put their plates in the sink and tiredly flopped into their beds and fell asleep not very long afterwards. Jeb dreamed about some trippy stuff. Bob dreamed about going to Pizza Hut one last time. Val dreamed about looking down on this frozen wasteland as she escapes to another solar system. Bill dreamed about slowly freezing to death down here, cold and alone. 9 hours later... "*Yawn* What time is it?" Jeb asked to himself sleepily. Then he tiredly got up out of bed and walked down to the kitchen to check the time on the clock. It was midnight. "Wait, why did I get up at midnight? Normally I'm the last one to wake up, but for some reason I guess tonight was an exception." He told himself, wondering how and why he got up so early. Jeb looked outside, and saw a cold, sunless wasteland as always, but then looked at their blocked off door, and realized that it was slightly ajar. And then he remembered how cold it was outside and the effects that extreme cold had on kerbals. "Oh dang!" He thought to himself as he ran to the door and slammed it shut. "I should probably check on the others, just to see if they're okay." He thought after closing the door and having a fresh cup of coffee, knowing he would never get back to sleep. Then he checked on his friends in this order: Bill, Val, and Bob. All of them were fine, though they were a little cold. Not too cold to be dead, though. After his sigh of relief that his friends weren't dead, he decided to grab some cold pizza left over from last night and head over to play his computer and watch some YouTube. It seemed not many people uploaded a whole lot anymore, though, so he just watched some older videos. After awhile, he heard the others get up and get some coffee or soda and then he heard Bob come over to his room to see if he was okay and saw he was gone. "Hey Jeb, where are you?" Bob yelled, bewildered that he was out of bed. "Watching some YouTube on my computer." Jeb replied. "Why did you get up so early, Jeb? You're usually the last one to wake up!" Bob asked Jeb. "The door was open, so I closed it and made sure you guys weren't dead." Jeb replied, Bob having a very shocked and surprised look on his face. "Hey guys! We need to barricade the door better! Maybe put one of the chairs in front of it!" Bob then shouted at the others. "But why do we need to barricade it better?" Val asked as she pushed a chair in front of the door. "Because according to Jeb, the door was open last night, and he closed it and made sure we didn't die." Bob responded with a very serious expression on his face. "Oh." Val responded, looking very scared at the thought of the fact that she could've died in her sleep. [END OF CHAPTER ONE] [END OF PART ONE] [BEGINNING OF PART TWO] [BEGINNING OF CHAPTER TWO] That night... "I should probably double check that door again before I go to sleep." Val told herself worryingly. She got out of bed again for the 23rd time that night and walked down to the front door to see if it was open in any way. "No, it's still closed. I guess I'm just being really paranoid..." She said to herself reassurngly. She then proceeded to walk away from the door, get some cold water, and walk back up to her room, and then drank said cold water from the fridge. Sometime afterwards, she somehow fell asleep that night. The next morning... "Val, you look really tired, do you wanna go back to bed for a while?" Bill asked Val. "No, I'm fine." Val responded, her extremely tired face having a slight hint of a smile. "You sure, Val? You really don't look fine." Bob told her after she said that. She nodded slightly in response and then proceeded to get a bowl, a spoon, some milk, and a box of cereal out and made some cereal for her breakfast. "Hey guys, do you think we'll have any chance of getting to another solar system?" Val asked, suddenly getting very serious. "Most definitely not." Bob replied, also being serious. "What about the Mun? Or maybe Minmu-Oh, wait. Minmus was captured by Coma. My mistake!" She then asked and apologized for absolutely no reason. "Maybe, although the chances of kerbalkind going to the Mun is extremely low to impossible, as it's already impossible to go outside without freezing to death almost instantly." Bob replied, still as serious as before. "Oh. So basically we're stuck here?" Val asked, a hint of sadness falling over her. "Yep, that's absolutely correct!" Jeb replied without a care in the world. "Y'know Jeb, it's kinda dark that you didn't sound even a little sad when you said that." Bill told Jeb with a confused expression on his face. "Well what's the point of being sad if you know that we're going to die down here already?" Jeb then replied. "Oh, jeez. You ok, Jeb?" Val asked Jeb, looking concerned. "Yeah!" Jeb replied with a happyish tone. "Yeah, right Jeb. Also, speaking of which, hey Bob, how come you always make dinner for us?" Bill asked. "Because you guys are too lazy to make your own food!" Bob replied to Bill's question with an annoyed tone of voice. "Hey Jeb, what time is it right now?" Val asked Jeb. "It's around noon." He answered. "Then why does it look so dark outside?" Val asked Bob. "Jee, Val. Maybe it's because we don't have a sun!" He answered with a "You should have noticed earlier" expression plastered across his face. "Why are you so mad for like, no reason, Bob?" Bill asked him. "I don't know, I guess it's the frustration of knowing I'm going to die getting to me." He replied, suddenly sounding kinda down. "Oh, jeez Bob, that sounds extremely depressing. You alright, there?" Jeb asked him after hearing his sorta sad answer. "Yeah, I'm just guessing, though. It might be a completely different reason!" He answered, sounding a lot happier than before. "Hey guys, you wanna watch some T.V?" Jeb suddenly asked everyone. "Sure!" Bill, Bob, and Val replied in unison. Jeb then nodded and turned on the T.V, and then set the channel to Cartoon Network, like they always did. Bob then left his chair to get a snack, which was his favorite brand, called "Chocolate Nibbles" and sat down again so he could eat his snack and watch T.V, sort of like in a movie theater. "Hey Bob, you mind chewing a little quieter?" Bill told him, kinda annoyed that he was chewing loudly. "Uh, guys, I'm gonna go watch some YouTube with some potato chips." Val announced as she got up from the couch, grabbed a bag or two of chips, and walked down to the computer room and sat down and turned on some YouTube so she could watch some "JackSepticKerb" let's plays. After a while, she looked around, feeling a strange presence around her, until her eyes met with a door that she, nor anybody else, had seen prior. "Hm? What's this?" She silently asked herself. She decided to get up, put her potato chips down on top of her desk, and walk over to the door and open it. After Val had opened the mysterious door, she noticed a dark figure at the back of the small room, but she wasn't worried because it didn't look anything like a kerbal. In fact, it actually kind of looked like a strange machine from what she could tell. She then groped the wall, feeling around for a light switch, until she found one and flipped it up so that the lights in the room would turn on. What she saw bewildered her, and she actually thought she was dreaming. [END OF CHAPTER TWO] [END OF PART TWO] [BEGINNING OF PART THREE] [BEGINNING OF CHAPTER THREE] "Something so strange I can't even tell what it is" She saw the closet. Yup, a completely normal closet. "Hmm... I guess I must've forgotten about this closet. I mean, we never really use it much anyways." Val said to herself. "VAL!" She heard Bob yell. She hurriedly ran down the stairs to find him with a telescope looking out one of their windows. "I want to show you something really interesting that I found." Bob explained to her. Val looked through the telescope for a bit, looking a bit confused about this whole situation. "I see that you don't get it. I've recently been spotting a strange object near us. I've calculated it's distance from us, and it turns out to be around 1,000 AU from us, and it has a huge density for an object it's size." Bob replied to Val's expression. "So it's a black hole?!" Val said, rather scared-like. "No, it's something even more strange, something so strange that I can't even tell what it is because I've never seen nor catalogued anything like it before. The best thing I can describe it as is some sort of strange object." Bob replied, getting all scientific and stuff. "What do you think it's mass is?" Val asked him after he was done being sciency. "Based on it's radius and density, I think it might be around 1.2 solar masses, but it's acting like it has a mass of 132.9 solar masses, so I can't tell it's exact mass right now." Bob answered Val's question. "Oh. Do you think we might be orbiting it or something at least similar to an orbit?" Val asked him again. "Well I've calculated our trajectory over the last few months, and we've been moving in a relatively sharp curve, so I think we're orbiting it. At best we'll have a periapsis of about 250 AU and an apoapsis of about 1100 AU, and at worst we'll have a periapsis of 10 AU and an apoapsis of 3500 AU." Bob replied as best as he could. "Should we tell the others?" Val asked Bob. "I think it would be best to tell them, even if it worries them." Bob admitted to Val. "I guess that is true" Val thought. She and Bob then walked over to the rooms of Bill and Jeb, and woke them up. Then they led both of them to the telescope. "Ok, so we woke you up to show you something that might be bad, but it also might not be bad. If you look close enough, you two will be able to see a small dark spot. That is what we're talking about." Val explained as Bill and Jeb looked through the telescope. "What is that thing?" Jeb asked Val with a mystified look on his face. "That's what Bob is trying to figure out. Y'see, we don't have even a clue as to what this "object" is at all!" Val replied with a slight hint of annoyance that they couldn't figure out what the thing was. "Don't you think it's kinda scary that we don't even know what that is?" Bill asked Val and Bob. "Not really, because it might be a black hole. Now don't worry, because even if it is, we're orbiting it and are not going to get eaten by it." Bob replied. "What does it look like?" Bill asked Bob. "It looks kind of like a circle inside of a bigger circle connected by a line." Bob hurriedly explained. "That wasn't the best explanation ever, you know." Val whispered to Bob after he told Bill his "explanation". "How long will it take to get to periapsis, Bob?" Val suddenly asked after a moment of awkward silence. "Probably about 175 years." Bob answered Val with a simple yet satisfying answer. Jeb then decided to get some more chips and watch T.V. "Do any of you guys wanna watch some T.V. with me?" Jeb asked the others. "I guess." The rest answered as the scuttled over to the couch and/or a chair. Jeb somehow managed to eat all of the chips by the time the movie they had decided to watch was over, so when Bill changed the channel, he decided to get a bowl of ice cream and sit back down. "So do you think this "thing" will have any effect on Kerbin?" Jeb asked Bob. "If we get the worst case scenario, then with a periapsis of only 10 AU, I think Kerbin will be at least partially ripped to shreds." Bob explained uninterestedly. "So then what's the minimum safe distance from the "thing"?" Bill then asked. "Maybe around 45-55 AU away." He answered, slightly annoyed that everyone was pestering him about the "thing" he had discovered. After that there was a long silence amongst them as the continued to eat and/or watch T.V. "I think we should name it "Jebediah", after me!" Jeb announced after 45 minutes of silence. "There's no way I'm naming that Jebediah!" Bob scolded Jeb. "Ok, ok! Calm down, Bob. Sheesh, it was just a suggestion!" Jeb replied to his anger with a slightly hurt voice. "Maybe we should name it "X" or something else mathematical." Val suggested. "Well I guess "X" would be a good name for it, because it's an unknown object and all..." Bob replied, interested in Val's suggestion. Nobody said anything after that, and once the show was over, they were all tired, so all of them stumbled into their beds and fell asleep. After awhile of dreaming, all of them got up and ate breakfast in silence, due to the fact that they just woke up. When they were all done eating breakfast, Bob cleared his throat. "I have decided that this mystery object shall be named X, because of how much of a mystery that object is to us as of now." He declared. "Wait, you actually liked my suggestion for a name?" Val asked Bob. "Yeah, I though it was a very unique name, so I decided to use it as the name of this object!" Bob happily replied. [END OF CHAPTER THREE] [END OF PART THREE] If you feel like it, give me some feedback on/about my story. Thanks!