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Found 29 results

  1. In this thread you post any fails or kraken attacks.Photos allowed. Here is mine.
  2. hi hi I would like to share with you what has been, for me, quite the learning experience. Not to mention a mission filled with plotting, thrills, and all the normal kinds of things that happen when you mess with things beyond mortal ken. It all started out as most of these crazy schemes do, with an over ambitious plan. My plan to land a mining platform on Ike and put refueling stations in Ike and Duna orbit was going along swimmingly, with a vast fleet of ships in Low Kerbin Orbit, when suddenly... without warning, the orbital trajectory planners down in the labs realized that the next window to launch a mission to Dres was going to happen before the next window for Duna, not afterwards. Our engineers immediately scrambled to start assembling a space craft, including some never before tested rover designs. (The winning design was the one that didn't explode, so I figured we were good.) Pictured above, the "Rocket Car," rover design passes it's final pre-flight test. Moments after cutting the main engine, about to safely land on Minmus. Pictured below, you can see the behemoth craft in orbit, ready to slooooowly boost the entire mining operation into Dres orbit. I thought docking all those modules together was a pretty impressive feat in its own right, considering the time pressure we were on to get everything out the door on time. Yes, we knew wobble would be an issue, but we planned to take it nice and slow. After all, why launch six ships once, when you can launch one ship in six orbits? Unfortunately, I apparently managed to find a magical resonant frequency, and the entire thing wobbled apart while mission planners looked on helplessly. After about 5 minutes of thrust, we noticed the first signs of wobbling, so we cut engines and planned to pick up again on the next orbit, but the wobbling didn't stop. So then we cut SAS and RCS too, thinking that might allow it to settle down, but the wobbling only got worse. After several more minutes, with no control inputs or thrusting of any kind, several of the modules on the extremities converted themselves from space ships into fireworks. Luckily, I was able to rescue the crew. And thanks to the good work by our legal department, their contracts still required them to go on the mission. Above, you can see the shotgun style approach used to send the hastily rebuilt fleet toward the mid-course plane change points. (I learned a very important skill during this mission: making very precise adjustments to my encounter trajectory with RCS thrusters while at the ascending/descending node, rather than during the initial burn. Also, estimating orbital angles by eyeball is hard.) Pictured below, you can see one of the surface-to-orbit fuel tankers making its capture burn into orbit around Dres. Of course, before the entirety of my Dres fleet had arrived at their destination, it was time to start launching my Duna/Ike mission. With my experience launching the Dres fleet, I was able to launch the eight vessel Duna/Ike fleet in less than two days. Pictured above is the surface refinery module for Ike, with detachable landing boosters, about to be launched with a big interplanetary nuclear booster. Once the second fleet was out the door though, I had to switch back and make sure the first fleet made it into orbit alright. Lucky for me, I had at the very least, two hours between intercept maneuvers. Most of them were a few days apart though, so it all worked out. You can see the Dres orbital refueling station here, just after it finished parking itself in a roughly circular orbit around 99,000 meters above Dres's equator. Still needs to have the refueling rig land before it can fill those tanks though. While Gralyn Kerman was conducting a low altitude (23,000 meter) survey scan of the equatorial region, in hopes of finding an ideal flat spot for the refinery, I noticed a little flag icon appear on the scanner. With curiosity at maximum, Gralyn (the tire repair expert) set the rocket car down to take a closer look. Driving approximately 3 kilometers from the touchdown spot to the point of interest, she managed to avoid flipping the rover even once. She might have made a good pilot as well as an engineer. (I still need to work on precision landing without the aid of targeting beacons from already landed craft.) Turns out, we had stumbled across the landing site of the very first mission to Dres I had made, all those years ago. The mood at mission control was celebratory, little did we know what waited in store for us. Instead, with this historic landing accomplished, the Ike crew wanted their shot at the spotlight. Also, we really needed to get some rocket fuel up to the orbiting tanker, because somewhere along the line, the Duna survey probes' engines turned on and they drained all their propellant. And since we had to drain some propellant out of the Duna lander's tanks to get the probes on their way, nobody in mission control was willing to send Jebediah and company down to the surface until the refueling mission was complete. Believe you me, Jeb was none too happy about having to wait. I think. It is really hard to tell, he always seems happy. Above, you can see the tanker trucks on final approach to the flattest spot I could find near Ike's equator. We all had a bit of a scare when one of the techs pointed out, "Hey, did anyone realize that one of the docking nodes never latched down properly? That's probably why it's dancing about so much." But we were able to set them down after only a couple false starts. Unfortunately, this is when disaster struck. When I focused back on the Dres mission, Grelyn's lander craft was nowhere to be seen! It had just vanished, possibly a victim of the once notorious Space Kraken. She was a brave Kerbal, and she will be missed. Now, it is up to me to see if I can find funding to continue the mission, or if the entire Dres Base will need a rescue craft to come and bring home the surviving crew.
  3. to long to type so there is a URL for the list:
  4. Hi guys, I have quite some problem and don't find a solution through googeling, maybe one of you got an idea. If I built a space station, adding docking ports and attaching a solar panel construction to it, those docked part groups are totally freaking out (pictures below) when I load a savegame in which the station exists. It does not happen when the panels are still retracted, only if I extend them, save the game, load the new save game and go to the station. It does not help to reset the gyro, the cubes that were controlling the solar panel beams when docking are in hibernation, RCS is off, there are no reaction wheels attached that could cause the spinning, deactivation SAS does not help, and the rotation is unstoppable if switching to the detached parts. If have the following Mods: MechJeb, EVE, Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier, ModularFlightIntegrator, Planet Shine and it's default configuration, Scatterer, Stock Visual Enhancements: Scatterer Configs and SVE High-Res, Stock Visual Terrain High-Res, TextureReplacer. If you got any questions or ideas, I would be very thankful for any input on how to solve this. Next I'll try rebuilding the solar array construction, maybe with other structural parts, but I find this construction quite appealing, so solving the problem would be preferrable :-D. Thanks in advance!
  5. My orbital ship is wobbling. Ship has 3 long modules. Sorry for bad English There is no wobble when i attached first 2 parts. But when i tried to dock the ship started to wobble. I`ve disabled autostrut in one of clipping parts. The wobble gone. When i tried to dock 4 module the ship wobbled again. And i can`t stop it. Please help
  6. We all have had moments when we botched a mission out of our own stupidity. But I've often wondered how many of us have had our plans thwarted by some strange, and sometimes hilarious bug! Recently I had this happen when I tried to launch a reasonably large hypersonic aircraft with two parasite aircraft. The configuration looked perfectly fine in the SPH. When I launched it however... uhh... just take a look. I took the old version and attached new parasitic fighters, and it came out fine that time, so no harm done. Please post your kraken moments here! btw, if there is a preexisting thread like this somewhere else, feel free to point it out, and close/merge this thread. I thought there would be, but all the kraken threads I found through search (and also by looking through about 5 pages manually) were complaining about bugs. This thread is for the humor!
  7. The Kraken Drive returns! After looking at people making wheels using legs and 2 separate crafts and such I've decided to dig deeper. My efforts have proven successful: Download (for some reason cant see how to embed i on the right.)
  8. Ever since I upgraded to KSP 1.2 (and coincidentally, transitioned to Windows from Linux, if it matters), the spirit of the Kraken has been overwhelmingly strong in my games. It started with my vessels blowing up (100% of the time) when they transitioned to the Mun SOI. I "fixed" that by turning on invulnerability cheats, and the transition became a mere "spin my ship around wildly" instead of blowing up. When I went to land on the Mun, I was constantly be batted around by unseen phantom forces. I landed anyway. This angered the Kraken greatly, and it has increased its' fury. This video is the latest example of my crappy, not-entirely-legit Moho probe crossing into Moho's SOI, with invulnerability cheats turned on to try to survive the onslaught. I can just HyperEdit into orbit around Moho (which at least shows it's the transition that's the issue), but that ruins the adventure of it. Here is a log. I am using a fair number of mods, not all of which are updated to 1.2.1 (still 1.2 mainly), but even when they were up to date with 1.2, this still happened routinely. In the log I see a fair number of NRE's related to BasicOrbit, which is a flight info mod, but I suspect those are generated after the Kraken attack, and the mod is simply overwhelmed. In the face of such primal fury, I'm kind of at a loss of what to do, besides stay on the ground and build sand castles. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, So I built my first rover.... Its rather wide so I had to transport it to Minmus slung under the lander. I tested everything, well almost everything on Kerbin. Dropping the lander and driving it away using the built in probe body worked fine so I launched and landed on a slope just short of one of Minmus' flats. I dropped the lander, but when I tried to drive it the Kraken struck and everything exploded into bits of exploding rover, lander and terrified Kerbal. I tried to move the rover repeatedly but every time - Boom. The only way I could get around this was to use the landers RCS and hop it away from the rover. I could then drive the rover fine. The other issue I have with this rover is that Kerbals get fired vertically out of their seats several metres every time they try to get out of the seat. I have not played KSP for some time, but don’t remember that happening in previous versions any ideas? On the plus side I was able to visit Minmus’ Lesser flats, Slopes, Lowlands, Midlands and Poles all in a few hours of driving which gave well over 1000 science points Has anyone else had these problems?
  10. So I've finally returned to the game after a few months hiatus, blazed through career and updated to 1.2. In Celebration of this I built a neat little Minmus base that serves to purpose but to look cool. I send over the core unit, a mobile scientific rover, a expansion craft to dock it with 2 modular solar arrays, a rover to ferry around said arrays, and a bigger rover to ferry around the bigger parts. After that I decided to dock up the rover and start piloting the abandoned fuselages I used to land out of the 2.4k range, least to save performance. After moving 2 I switch to the one closest to the base and lo and behold the physics take over and rip my base apart. No matter if I turn out cheats the base still freaks out and does a little kraken dance, ripping out the solar arrays, the rovers, and the general structure of the base falls apart. I'm not sure what's causing it but the running theory is that it has something to do with my compact little rover, maybe the fact that it's made out of mostly small panels and ant fuel boxes is making the rover lose it's mind, upon watching the base rip itself apart it seems that my rover's panels meld together and the game has no idea as to what it Should look like, or something I don't know. I would love an answer to this problem as I have spent the last 12 hours meticulously making sure that every single component of this base fits, both rovers are able to move stuff around, and making sure that I still have room to expand this base after this expansion is done. So please let me know, I'm basically open to all interpretations and hints as to a solution to this problem.
  11. Have you ever encountered the Kraken? I have! My Space Station ones started spinning for no reason, and i was in IVA, so i could not see what it what it was. But im sure it was something like the kraken. But is he really real? I havent really seen him, so i could not confirm it was the kraken. But im sure it was not space debris, my space station was in a 250Km orbit, and i have no debris in that height. Many people believe the Kraken on Bop is the real Kraken, but it is dead, and it does nothing. What do you believe? And before you say: Oh! Its just a bug! This thread is stupid! This is not a topic that should be taken too seriously. Lets just say bugs and glitches dont exist. I started this topic just so we can have a fun talk, not to be angry at eachother. Ok? Ok!
  12. I just made this drawing of a kerbal facing a kraken: It is my submission for Fanwork Friday
  13. Hello, I've read this forum a long time and found it very helpful to me in KSP. So today, I launched a Space Shuttle to service one of my Space Stations. During re-entry, it tore apart at 20,000m above the glistening sea. Luckily, the Mk3 Command Pod (and the Kerbals inside) survived the splash. However, when I entered the Tracking Station, this happened. It's a 99 Large Landing Gear. What could have happened?
  14. Hate the Kraken? Do you hate him for destroying your beloved craft? Go and show him who's boss! In this challenge, you will have to build a base on the dead Kraken on Bop. The base can NOT have any parts touching anything that is not the Kraken. Rules: Cheats are not allowed EXCEPT clipping. Base has to be @ least 100 parts. Hyperedit IS ALLOWED, but you can only teleport to a Jool orbit that is BELOW the orbit of Laythe. Mechjeb is allowed, except when your altitude is less than 1000m above SURFACE. Multiple launches allowed I will need: List of all mods Screenshots of part count, krew, and flag placement, and the base as a whole. Mods: Prizes: Easy: Hyperedit & Mechjeb are used +100pt Less Easy: Either Hyperedit or Mechjeb is used +150pt Medium: No Mechjeb or Hyperedit is used AT ANY TIME +200pt Hard: No mods used +250pt Xtreme: One launch (with mods) +300pt Xtreme+: One launch (stock) +350pt Extra points: Flag on the Kraken's fallen-out eye +50pt Poking any eye of the Kraken with a drill +200pt Part count +1pt/part Kerbals +10pt/kerbal Best-looking base (determned by me) +100pt Badge: Person with most points (after May 1) gets a special badge! Leaderboard: @JebsDead: +250pt for awesom thing @Just Jim: +50pt for flag in eye @Galacticvoyager -1000pt for praising the kraken @LaytheDragon +2255pt! WE HAVE A WINNER! @JacobJHC +3236!!!!! New best!
  15. Oh boy, this has been driving me mad for the past three hours. I play KSP on version 1.1.2 with (quite) a few mods. (These mods being Aviator Arsenal, BDArmory, BD Vessel Switcher, Camera Tools, Dark Multiplayer, Destruction Effects, Firespitter, KAS, KAX, Hyperedit, Kerbinside, KIS, MechJeb, North Kerbin, Tweakscale, Texture Replacer, and Vessel Mover) How this Kraken attack goes: Load up the game, everything is normal, but music is off even though music is set to on. Press "Start Game" and "Load Save" and it shows a blank screen. I press cancel and open up "Load Save" again, thinking it was a one-time bug, the "Load Save" button stops working. To test something I make a new save and re-open KSP. Surprise surprise, the save is gone. I did some investigating and opened up my saves folder to be caught off guard by seeing all my saves still existing, but unplayable. Anyone know what is going on here? I'm assuming I just need to reinstall, but I don't know what caused it and if it will happen again due to my mods.
  16. This is a reboot of the original Kraken Program thread, which was deleted by the Great Forum Migration because of the removal of the Rocket Builders, where it was located. The focus of the thread is the same; studying and developing methods to harness the Kraken. Primary Goals: Identify new methods of harnessing the Kraken Categorize the different kinds of Kraken Drives, and understand the fundamentals behind them Test pre-1.0 Kraken Drives and determine if they are still funtional Achieve speeds of 10c Increase the reliability of Kraken Drives Have fun crashing games and corrupting saves! Kraken Tamers Laythe Dweller EladDV Frozen_Heart Rune CliftonM Majorjim Lago kmMango quasarrgames Stevie The Crusher Tw1 inigma 322997am Identified Kraken Drives The Pusher Drive The Pusher Kraken drive works by using a moving part such as landing gear or gear bays to push against another part of the ship. This results in phantom forces causing the ship to accelerate dramatically, and sometimes results in unplanned rapid disassembly. The Pusher Drive has 2 modes, which Kraken experts believe have something to do with the Krakensbane, which resolved a bug in the game's calculations early on. Mode 1 is generally called "Surface Mode," and the Kraken drive usually produces a milder thrust. This mode is the defualt mode at launch, as it occurs when the ship's velocity is less than 800 m/s and is below 60 km altitude. The other mode, Mode 2, is called "Orbit Mode." The drive enters this mode when the ship is at a velocity over 800 m/s and is above 60 km. This results in high phantom forces, and accelerations have been measured as high as 22 G. If the "pusher" is misaligned, then it can result in a large debris field. Likewise, if the "plate" is clipped partway through another part, this can result in extreme spinning and maniacal laughter from Jeb. However, research suggests that multiple clipped plates can result in higher acceleration. It still works in 1.0.x, although it is less reliable. Examples: EladDV's Pusher Drive: | Download Quasarrgames' Pusher Drive: A table made by EladDV The Magnetic Repulsion Drive The MR Drive works by setting up a detached docking port that is wedged in the ship opposite another docking port attached to the ship. A notable property that has been observed is that it only produces thrust when marked as "landed" by the game. The principle behind it has largely been unexplored, as only one example exists (I can't find it after the Great Forum Migration). It has been theorized that it is powered by interactions between the magnetic locking system in the two ports, but this fails to explain why it only works while "landed." Much about this drive is unknown, so it would be appreciated if someone were to make a replica. Here is the thread where it was first discovered (credit to selfish_meme): The Ladder Drive The Ladder Drive produces thrust when a Kerbal on EVA climbs a ladder, but is obstructed by something on the same ship. This setup often requires a "cage" to hold the Kerbal, making it unsuitable to carry said Kerbal somewhere unless the crew is housed in a seperate crew chamber. This drive is the easiest to set up, and usually requires a low part count. This still works in 1.0, although it has less thrust. Examples: Tw1's Eve SSTO Eventually I plan to have examples of each kind of K-Drive, and I also want to compile much more data on their inner workings. More data is needed for a table showing parameters for each Kraken Drive. I need others to join me in researching and building Kraken Drives, so post if you want to help! If you know any examples of new Kraken Drives, please post them here.
  17. it krakens when i use [] to switch vessels. soimetimes also, my rockets are "stuck" on the pad. also, occasinal blackscreen log: line 68952 is where the krakening happens
  18. We've all been there. You start docking together space station modules, then try to rotate the whole thing to get more sunlight, stabilize with SAS... and the whole thing starts to wobble uncontrollably. Apparently, the bigger your station is, and the more reaction wheels it has, the higher the chances of wobbling and snapping apart due to excessive torque on the parts. Keeping your huge stations stable and in one piece is fun in career mode, but I wonder... Stations can wobble and snap apart - how small is the smallest station that can wobble and snap apart? Your goal: design a station that consistently undergoes a RTIDE (Rapid Torque-Initiated Disassembly Event) when exposed to excessive enough torque. Scoring: Designs will be ranked by two criteria (there will be two leaderboards): smallest end-to-end length, and lightest weight. Constraints for the rule-savvy: The vessel must be a space station by KSP standards: It must have crewable parts, it must generate electric charge (solar panels), and it must have a command module or probe core. No engines must be active during the RTIDE (no tearing apart the station by firing rockets in opposite directions). RCS thrusters (and vernors) should be fine. The vessel must be in a stable orbit. No atmospheric drag, and absolutely no physics warp allowed! No mods that change the structural integrity of parts. This means no part welding, no reinforced struts, and the like. Hyperedit to get your vessel in orbit is fine, though. This is a design challenge, not a see-if-you-can-fly-this-monstrosity challenge. I'll illustrate with my own quick entry: Wobble things and summon the kraken!
  19. I made a craft I was pretty proud of, it was supposed to be the backbone of my charter fleet. It works perfectly, it has got range, it is easy to pilot, it can reenter... Just minimum clipping actually but indeed I moved the wings with the SPH gizmos. The problem is that whenever I am already in orbit if I get back to the space center to arrange for another launch or any other KSC related activity and then I try to fly again the craft, the outer section of the wings gets ejected. Pics below, the issue is depicted in the fourth one. Has anybody experienced such an issue before? To me sounds like a clipping issue, but even if I tried to move everything I could not find the guilty part. If anybody feels like to have a first hand look, here you can download the craft; it is full stock. To reach orbit just pitch 5° at take off (1 to toggle the ramjets) and keep it straight. Add nukes at 19000 pressing 3. Jets will go out just a little bit over 24000, toggle intakes with 2. There isn't any external fuel line to save on drag so you will need to move the fuel manually from the wings to the inner tanks to feed the nukes. I do not have any "major" mod installed, just a few for aestethics and mechjeb. I am not even sure this is the right section where to post this, I apologize if I made the wrong choice. Thank you in advance for any feed back on this.
  20. I accidentally opened KSP twice and got some error during the loading screen, this appeared: Kraken is that you?
  21. All this has, I'm sure, been asked and answered, but I want to make sure I have things squared away. I like backups, and backups of my backups. I installed v.1.1 from Steam (since I've had a Steam account for a few years now), then upgraded to 1.1.1, thence to 1.1.2 (which I'm satisfied with, so far, knock wood, and now that I've written that, am thus Kraken-food from here forward). Soooo, what I've gathered from reading some threads here is that there are some steps I ought to take: 1. Immediately uninstall KSP and ensure there are no traces of it in my C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common directory. 2. Run a fresh reinstall and verify local files. Use the Steam install as my working/updateable copy, and drag a shortcut of the KSP _x64.exe onto my desktop if I feel like being antisocial and playing KSP in peace while not having to connect to Steam and interact with my Steam Friends, who are wondering where the hell I've been for the last 2 years or so and frantically asking me to reinstall this or that game and start playing with them again. 3. Make a couple of copies of this virgin install and deposit in places like, say C:/Temp/KSP/KSP Builds and C:/Games/KSP/KSP Builds. Update and/or just add new builds to these locations as they roll out. 4. Keep copies of my save files in like locations. 5. Continue to climb the Mt. Olympus that KSP represents. Do I have all this about right? Thanks for any advice/answers/help/corrections in this.
  22. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to save my game, but I seem to have awoken the kraken, although the wiki says this is a fixed problem. I'm playing in a career mode and it seems any aircraft I build will randomly start to fall apart shortly after takeoff. I use Kerbal Construction Time and the simulated flight flies fine, but as soon as I try to fly a built plane pieces just start falling off it. I know it's not the plane design because at the same time I see explosions happening on the Launchpad where nothing is sitting, and which is about a kilometre from my take off point. I have previously flown propeller aircraft in the current career and they were unaffected. I suppose I could do a backup and start experimenting with workarounds using different plane designs to see if it makes any difference, though its tedious with KCT installed. I'm kind of hoping this a known issue that has a fix hiding somewhere. Any advice appreciated! {UPDATE} Ok, it seems if I load the game and fly the plane all is well. It seems only to explode if I pilot another vehicle first.
  23. This is a group of challenges all involving asteroids, with each mission getting harder. easy: land on a asteroid/colonize it medium: put an asteroid in orbit around kerbin hard: crash a asteroid into the KSC extreme: crash an asteroid into the kraken Some mods are O.K. such as: Mathy ones (i.e mechjeb) visual effect mods are fine (i.e texture replacer) basicly no mods that add parts, or change gameplay
  24. Hello everyone, after playing around with some overpowered plane designs in the wait for 1.1, I tested a rather simple plane I named the X-69. This plane is basically a cockpit, fuselage, a few wing parts, and 4 turbo ramjets clipped into each other. After testing its limits in the upper atmosphere, I decided to play around closer to sea level (note that I had the max temp, no crash damage, and unbreakable joints cheats enabled). Under a few km, I reached speeds around 1700m/s. At this point, I quickly used 4x physics warp. This sent my craft into an escape trajectory of the Kerbol system at a speed of over 500,000,000,000m/s (over 1000x the speed of light!) and altitudes above the sun exceeding 1000 Petameters (1000 quintillion meters!!!) (over 1 exemeter = 1E+18m)! Upon exiting to the space center, I found that the Space Center screen was severely distorted, producing unusual building placement & zooms and terrain issues at various camera angles. Wanting to do this again, I (randomly clicked around) to enter the Space Plane Hanger and repeat. Well, i did the same procedure and got essentially the same results, this time reaching speeds in excess of, well, I don't really know, because the Kraken had already been summoned! This time upon exiting to the Space Center, the title screen contained absolutely nothing but stars. I was able to reproduce these results a few times over, and will continue to play with this. I just wished to share this with all of you