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Found 189 results

  1. I made some new Trucks for KSP, Each Truck has 2 speeds and can pull alot. You can download the fleet here: Stay tuned more Projects are coming, There stell being tested feel free to share ideas. I'll be posting a truck Video on you tube soon
  2. Começando de novo, só que dessa vez vocês postam as fotos primeiro. Não estou jogando KSP faz tempo. Tópico De Imagens
  3. Hello, Is there a mod for ksp 1.2.2 that adds some kind of proximity sensor? That it beeps or something when another ship or object is nearby? Thank you
  4. Hello, I used to play KSP but quitted. Now that I started playing again I seem to have a problem. I can't add a maneuver. I can't click on the node and add a maneuver. It's really annoying cause I can't launch anything to other planets. I can get in orbit without it but I need to get to Minmus for some missions. Picture of it
  5. Is there a way to create a coolant resource mod that makes radiators require it (losing effectiveness without it [maybe dissipation times percentage of coolant in the system]), and leaks if hit (BDA) or damaged (KerbalKrashSystem) or randomly leak from DangIt. Ideally, 2 resources (coolant and hot coolant) and coolant lines (redone fuel lines is fine), that can also leak, with engines converting coolant into hot coolant, cooling it down in the process, whilst radiators turn hot coolant into normal 'cold' coolant. This is for my WW2 and Korean War reenactments for better engine damage Bonus points for oil/coolant differentiation, or coolant leak effects (toned down and recoloured jet exhaust textures?) For KSP 1.2 and above please
  6. Welcome to Screenshots Re-imagined! "Hey guys! Just thought I'd share something which I'm really happy with! I always like to imagine that my ships actually have colors and paint jobs on them, so I thought: Maybe I can draw a screenshot and put those imagined things into it! " This was the first attempt at some kind of kerbal artwork, of a plane I made: I really thought it looked rather cool (no bias), so I found another screenshot and put some more effort in, and made this: This was the original picture: I showed a friend of mine the drawings, and offered to draw one for him, and so he sent a picture and I drew it for him: And that was when it happened. I decided to take up requests from from the community, initially for me to practice my drawing, and it evolved into something so much more. And now, it is open to any user, artist or not, to participate in! So, how does one get to participate? To participate, all you have to do is express your interest in joining by saying so in this thread or by a PM! Once I see that you want to participate, I'll add you the the list of contributors, and you get your spot in the Finished Requests Showcase! Finished Requests Showcase! Sorted by contributors, in no particular order Pine legoclone09 TedwinKnockman66 TheEpicSquared Galileo Andem LaytheDragon cy4n We have an official waiting list of requests as well! Those that get on it are guaranteed a drawing, and are put on the list by me. I personally will do every single one, but contributors can pick and choose any one of the requests if they want to do them! It might take a bit of looking around to find the requests though. Waiting List: FTWG4M3RS Stongduke GregoxMun MDZhB CAKE99 0111narwhalz TheUnamusedFox Dfthu Blueshinobi RocketSquid richfiles legoclone09 NotAgain Probe 1 TheEpicSquared Dogenutt Andem Omegagoldfish cubinator AlamoVampire Talos Mordecai_Ender Ultimate Steve V7 Aerospace SamTardif44 Espresso luizopiloto The Raging Sandwich Mjp1050 JTpopcorn Avera9eJoe Findthepin ottothesilent Overland
  7. We look into the skies, aim, dream,hope. Ask the starry skies to pass a rope We get lost in our dreams But it is much deeper than it seems But our hope only dims. Homestuck Blue skies,trees,people, nothing we can trust.. We are stuck in this planet, to do what we must.. Maybe we are victims of fate.. But now we are deliberate.. And soon we will thrust! To break this barrier of death,hate and lust! Different Soil,rocks, water, metals and common steel All materials giving us new feel It makes us know what's real It is all so different ,unique Others wil call it a frick But we now it is a trick. Woo i am tired now. I really want to hear your feedback. Say which one is the best in your opinion
  8. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.2.2 is live! Here's the changelog for this patch: =================================== v1.2.2 ============================================================ +++ Bug Fixes * Fix crash to desktop when using Aero Overlay display and Part highlighting in Flight. * Fix one final GUI flickering issue regarding the Parts List Scrollbar. * Fix CommNet occlusion multiplier GUI setting. * Fix to prevent kerbals with existing name being created. * Fix MPL(Science lab) ladder sliding. * Fix Grass textures around Research and Development Facility. * Fix for corrupt save files breaking the resume menu. * Fix where some science experiments only trigger once on action groups. * Fix part action menus remaining on screen when switching to the Astronaut complex. * Fix Building Picker Lines in Space Center not being cleared when application loses focus. * Fix null reference exception when overwriting SubAssemblies in VAB/SPH. * Fix resource converters load percentage display not updating after start/stop. * Fix for several issues with the KSC flagpole outside the Administration Centre. * Fix for vessel on the Launch pad at Baikerbanur (KSC 2) blocking ability to launch vessels from the KSC. * Model fixes to the large drill part. * Fix some more Text overflows in GUI. * Fix where Fairings Disappears After using settings in flight. * Fix for strut connectors attaching below surface on SRB-KD25k. * Fix edge smoothing on Mk1 Inline. * Fix particle effects on drills. * Fix asteroid drill mass calculations. * Fix for selecting/focusing craft that are very late for maneuver nodes. * Fix for contracts app showing the wrong number of contracts. +++Modding Stuff * Add a common base class to all gameevents to allow mods to register and fire their own gameevents. * Add method for searching for gameevents and mods can register to other mods gameevents. * Add title to ResourceInfo so we can have a displayname that's not the key. +++LoadGameDialog When a game is saved it now creates an associated metadata file - called .loadmeta alongside the .sfs. This file contains a hash of the sfs save. When the loadgame dialog opens it will compare the hash in the .loadmeta file with the hash of the savegame, and if so it will use the data in the .loadmeta file for the load dialog details instead of parsing the whole save file. +++Miscellaneous Stuff * Biome refresh for Ike, Moho and Dres. * Add Right-Shift as a default secondary binding for editor scroll when not OSX. * Stop inactive aero/thermal data being shown in the editor scenes. * Add display format to difficulty options values. * Vessels now remember active navigation (Waypoints) when loading save games. * Apply Engineer bonuses to drills and ISRU correctly. * Update more details in DOxygen api docs. Cheers!
  9. KSP: HISTORIA ESPACIAL KERBAL Tras años de conflictos kerbalianos, que por suerte ya están en su mitigación por completo, el planeta Kerbin se empieza a sumar en la Paz y el desarrollo, y, estos conocimientos se expanden en cuestiones acerca de la existencia de ellos mismos, quienes somos?, a donde vamos? Porque somos verdes? Y muchas más preguntas que creen que pueden tener contestación, explorando el espacio negro que tienen alrededor de sus cabezas, y así surge su denominación, “El espacio”. Con el conocimiento adquirido en gran parte gracias a estos conflictos, y también acerca de su planeta (Kerbin), el desarrollo ha permitido que puedan empezar a explorar mas allá, que puedan ascender a ese espacio y explorar que hay, suponer e imaginar acerca de lo que se encontraran fuera, y, de este modo, empieza lo que se conoce como “La Historia Espacial Kerbal”. Tras su revelación y presentación al mundo, muchas han sido las autoridades y grupos que se han unido a este proyecto mundial. Tras estudiar las características, necesidades y capacidades de todos, la unión y resolución de estos ha creado su central de control espacial, la “KSP Central o KSC”, basada en controlar todo el movimiento, ideas, proyectos y necesidades para las carreras espaciales presentes. 1. KSC - Kerbal Space Center. El principal problema, es que no tenían suficiente capacidad de desarrollo solo en la central, al ser un proyecto tan ambicioso y de duración indefinida, necesitaban algún segundo aliado con capacidades según sus requisitos. Y así nació la “Rivas Espacial Research” (RES), que se centrarían en I+D e ingeniería de los proyectos (cohetes, propulsores e ingeniería constructiva en general), para empezar todo lo que se conocerá como “La carrera espacial”, empezando su Año 1 y sus primeras misiones reales. 2. RES - Rivas Espacial Research. Asimismo, mas tarde se creo el "Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia" (KSI), para garantizar y asegurar las condiciones mas preferiblemente optimas, minimizar riesgos, estudiar inconvenientes y tratar la salud de futuros y presentes kerbonautas a lo largo de todas las misiones. 3.KSI - Kerbal Sistemas de Inteligencia. Los integrantes ya los conocemos todos, y seguramente vendrán muchos más, en lo que se desarrolla toda esta historia de ambición y conquista espacial y en poco tiempo sabremos como empieza esta historia, sois todos bienvenidos a conocerla! Fdo. Miguel Angel Kerman (Director del programa KSP) INDICE DE MISIONES: Año 1: - Mision 1: Cohete V2 - Mision 2: Programa Kermes Año 2: - Mision 3: R7-Kemyorka - Mision 4: Satelite Sputnik 1 - Mision 5: Satelite Sputnik 2 Año 3: - Mision 6: Satelite Kexplorer 1 -Mision 7: Satelite Vanguard K -Mision 8: Satelite Sputnik 3 -Mision 9: Satelite Kexplorer 4 -Mision 10: Sonda Kioneer 0 -Mision 11: Sonda Kioneer 2 -Mision 12: Satelite Skore Año 4: -Mision 13: Sonda Luna K1 -Mision 14: Satelite Vanguard K2 -Mision 15: Sonda kioneer 4 -Mision 16: Satelite Kexplorer 6 -Mision 17: Sonda Luna K2 -Mision 18: Sonda Luna K3 -Mision 19: Satelite Kexplorer 7 Año 5: -Mision 20: Sonda Kioneer 5 -Mision 21: Sputnik 5 -Mision 22: Sonda Kioneer P3 -Misiones 23 y 24: Sondas Marks A & B (Duna 1/Duna 2) -Mision 25: Boletin de aviso! Año 6: -KSI: Boletin informativo. -Mision 26: Merkury 2 -Mision 27: Sputnik 7 -Mision 28: Sonda Venera K1 -Mision 29: Vostok 1 -Mision 30: Merkury 3 -Mision 31: Sonda Ranger KM1 -Mision 32: Vostok 2 Año 7 y sucesivos, archivos de mision: -KSC/KSI: Boletin informativo. -KSC informa: La estacion Polaris ESPRO -Archivo SENT.LS.E-V02.1-A7: Kariner 2 -Archivo SENT.LS.D-V01.3-A7: Marks 1 *Proxima mision programada: Misiones Vostok 5 & 6 (SOT.LO.K-V06.1-A8) Inspiración:
  10. This is my career playthrough of Galileo's planet pack We have liftoff of the Merciry-i First day in space What a beautiful planet Having fun flying and doing contracts Sunrise Designed my jet with an ejection system with parachutes for the capsules Launched my first probe Returning my probe to the surface for a contract Right now, I have to figure out how to send a probe to Gael's moon, which is very difficult as I have yet to unlock solar panels
  11. Hi, I've seen a couple of these flags out there but I was wondering if someone could alter it to say XJSA instead, to match my save file name? Thank you so much
  12. Hi! This is my first topic, so Welcome! I was playing KSP with the Outer Planets mod the other day and the framerate got form 35 to 10 in two seconds! I tried even REINSTALLING the game and it did not work. Do any of you people know how to get better performance? Good Luck and Take Care: Rex
  13. I’m proud to present you my greatest photos of planets! Kerbin from low orbit Moho Duna Dres from telescope The only photo of eelo that I have Eve And Jool If it printed! Oh god i hope so EDIT; IT DIDNT PRINT UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  14. to long to type so there is a URL for the list:
  15. First I have to give credit to Nexter's Lab. I got the idea for this challenge while watching one of his videos. This is a challenge to make a paper airplane and see how far you can glide. Post your attempts here or on my Facebook page: Distance will be measured from the Launch clamps. No Mods. Planes must be stock. Parts allowed for the plane: flat wing sections, Elevons/control surfaces(no winglets or shuttle parts), cubic struts or I-beams, struts(spacetape), 1- RTG or 2- small solar panels, 1- small battery(100 electric), 1- small SAS unit, 2- radial decouplers, up to 16 seperatrons(no other boosters or engines), minimum 1 command seat. Rules: 1- No more than 70 parts for the plane itself. 2- Seperatrons can only be attached to the 2 decouplers. 3- I'm looking at the distance from the launch clamps. 4- No infin-glide(if still possible) 5- Launch from runway using launch clamps. 6- Land in the water intact. 7- F3 to show craft status and have the launch clamp marker visible. 8- Must have at least 1 Kerbal on board. 9- Thrust on the seperatrons must be above 75%. You may use anything you need to get the Kerbal onto the plane but no capsules or cockpits on the plane itself. Current Leader Board: Foamyesque - 46.1 Km Honorable mention: Herbal Space Program 44.5 Km(Thrust below 75%) Moarmau5 - 38.2 Km sebi9960 - 38.2 Km The Optimist - 38.2 Km Xenro66 - 24.6 KmJolly Roger Aerospace - 20.8 KmBilly Winn - 12.9 Km Category Entertainment
  16. Hey, will KSP be out for consoles in other countries other than the US or whoever has the game currently. It'll be great if you can do this!!
  17. Here's The New Flag:
  18. Hi people, i have a question that makes me feeling a little alone....all my KSP "mission reports" posted in Imgur have negative votes for the comunity.....i dont know why (Gaming tag). All my proyects are in spanish language, 'cose im spanish (from Spain) and i think its the language problem cose i posted it in spanish, but i really didnt know why a lot of votes are downvotes.....its trolling comunity? didnt like KSP? dont like my projects? im so embarrassed about that......i dont know why im doing wrong or it is normal that behavior. Here are an example with no reasons downvotes, and even being in English...... If anyone can help to understand that i will grateful, thanks!
  19. I'm pretty sure I installed it correctly, it just doesn't work though, the actual group that has the parts in it does not show up. Help please.
  20. Hello everyone. Just a simple topic about my artwork on KSP theme! Enjoy! Deep Space Eploration Kerbal Propaganda I
  21. Hello, So far the farthest I've ever been in KSP is a Mun landing, Before going to Minmus I plan on starting some sort of network around Kerbin, But I don't know how to start one. I to lonely
  22. I like sketching, and while I usually do lifelikes, and portraits. I figured i'd try my hand at ksp screenshots. It should be fun and I have the extra time for awhile, So just post a cool Screen and i'll give it a go. here is an example of what I can do, this to this This should be fun :3
  23. Sorry everybody, but this project is lost (My computer's harddrive broke, and I didn't store this on cloud ) Hello everybody. GGKSPMC here. Have you ever been annoyed by CurseForge, or just can't find the right place to upload all of your mods? Well, I am developing a AWESOME alternative to all of those modding websites. This modding website is going to be called GameModHub. Here is a GIF of GameModHub: or at [fileSize is 2mb, so sometimes the browser will say 404 . You guys may be worried that GameModHub will end up like Well, I will have high paying advertisements and premium accounts kind of like reddit or Curse, except that I will not go overboard on the ads because everyone hates ads! The maximum mod file size will be 500MB without a premium account, and 1gb with a premium account. I hope everyone is excited for GameModHub, because I AM! Please do not comment on things like hosting and bandwith because I have already dealt with all of that :D. Below is my development checklist BOLD: Not worked on yet, most will be worked on when the website is online [IM USING MAMP] Italic: Being worked on, beta feature Strikethrough: Finished Underlined: Never gonna happen until the website gets 2000000 users. HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT Most images Server side code PHP AJAX Uploading mods Virus detecting (Will need moderators to test the mods for viruses) ADS (not a bloody ton of ads. just one ad per page, what other way will I get close to enough money to run a modding website?) Usernames Premium Comments Forums Blogs Wikis Server list Please suggest more features for this website! Please also do not troll anyone on this post, and please be motivational! UPDATE LOGS: ALPHA 1: Nice design/style ALL CSS/HTML worked on Currently Working On: Html/Css [because I need to make it even better] MORE RESPONSIVE JAVASCRIPT!!! Reducing file size SOON I WILL BE DONE WITH BLODDY PHP GameModHub Badges for badgers [PLEASE PUT INTO YOUR FORUM SIGNATURES!!! THANKS!]: User:
  24. Just updated my Mac to OS Sierra. Never had issues before, but now KSP freezes upon starting at the "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions". The loading comments keep changing but no matter how long I let it sit, the loading bar never moves past "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions". I know there has been some issues with PC's and other programs or networks, but not much feedback for Mac users present. Please help, not being able to play is killing me! KSP 1.1.3 Mac OS Sierra Running 32 bit Game stays on Loading Asset Bundle Definitions indefinitely while still scrolling through loading comments... player.log file: