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Found 254 results

  1. It all happened one day... Jeb, Nacy, Catla, and Jonlong set out for the 'big orange thingy' in the sky. Boarding the 'Vixen', they soared into the sky, leaving Kerbin behind. It was going to be a long time... 'Yippee! I'm going to space!' Jonlong blurted out. It had been his first time in space. In no time, they had reached a stable, 97 - 103km orbit, and could rest for a few hours. 'Hold on, we need to dock with KerbPort to resupply and refuel', Nacy, who was the mission commander, instructed them. 'But until them, we can float around in here, if you want'. 'Yay!' Jonlong enthusiastically replied. Soon, they broke out the cans of Jool-Aid, Crater-Cookies, and of course, snacks, and were floating around the crew cabin. After what seemed like five minutes (it was really five hours), Nacy informed them to get ready for docking. 'Docking in 1 minute, open port'. '30 seconds, Jeb, engage RCS'. Jeb engaged the RCS, and small white puffs came from the thrusters. 'And....we're docked!'. Now, they would refuel and re-supply, switch to another craft (The 'Valiant'), and be on their way to Duna.
  2. Welcome to Screenshots Re-imagined! "Hey guys! Just thought I'd share something which I'm really happy with! I always like to imagine that my ships actually have colors and paint jobs on them, so I thought: Maybe I can draw a screenshot and put those imagined things into it! " This was the first attempt at some kind of kerbal artwork, of a plane I made: I really thought it looked rather cool (no bias), so I found another screenshot and put some more effort in, and made this: This was the original picture: I showed a friend of mine the drawings, and offered to draw one for him, and so he sent a picture and I drew it for him: And that was when it happened. I decided to take up requests from from the community, initially for me to practice my drawing, and it evolved into something so much more. And now, it is open to any user, artist or not, to participate in! So, how does one get to participate? To participate, all you have to do is express your interest in joining by saying so in this thread or by a PM! Once I see that you want to participate, I'll add you the the list of contributors, and you get your spot in the Finished Requests Showcase! Finished Requests Showcase! Sorted by contributors, in no particular order Pine legoclone09 TedwinKnockman66 TheEpicSquared Galileo Andem LaytheDragon cy4n Lo Var Lachland Skylon
  3. So the title speaks for itself. Want new parts? Want more facilities? Want..... Something that I can't think of because it's a Monday? Put it here! I'd like to see more rover parts. As well as maybe a better way to test rovers. (Maybe a track?)
  4. Essentially, it would be an extension of Procedural Parts. To prevent it getting overpowered, It would work like this: You enter size, propelant used, whether or not it requires pressurised fuel tanks (This would would be done with RF) Nozzle size, amount of time engine turns off and on (Or infinite) AND then using those calculations, it comes up with a range of thrust. You would select what thrust. Say, my pressurized, 0.5 meter, Aerozine and NTO burning engine has a thrust range between 5-20 KN (just an example) and I then select which thrust I want. from THAT, the computer figures out efficiency. What do you guys think? Can anyone make this? (preferably for 1.2.2, so I can use it with my RO save)
  5. This is a summary of the previous exchange between @KSK, @Bottle Rocketeer 500, and myself. KSK origionally said To which I replied BR500's reply... My Reply KSK's Reply Again BR500 replied My sadly reasonable response KSK responded And besides my last response that is what we come up to. What do you think?
  6. Does anybody have any KSP puns? I have one: You don't understand the GRAVITY of the situation here! Any better than mine?
  7. So I have a modded install of KSP(I will list mods below) and when I go to open the solar panels, there isn't an option to. I will post a screenshot below. Help please! Mod List: B9PartSwitch CommunityResourcePack(Also TechTree) Distant Object EVE FShangerExtender Interstellar Fuel Switch Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kopernicus MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NFPropulsion NFSolar NFSpacecraft PersistentRotation Scatteerer SVE Tweak Scale Warp Plugin Screenshot Link:
  8. Hello there, I am the guy that (almost) never posts, but I wanted to help the community at least a bit, so here's a list of which mods have been updated to work with KSP 1.3 Disclaimer : Not all of the listed mods have been tested. Most have just been updated and I included them here. Reply with the name of any "compatible" mod crashing the game and I'l remove it, or with a mod not included here and I'll add it List of mods in the spoiler, sorted by alphabet in sub-spoilers. WARNING: It's really long By the way, I'll be updating this list as often as I can Last Update : June 26th, 2017
  9. Hello, I am having issues with some mods that shouldn't conflict with each other and yet some mods are not working properly. I have tried countless times to assemble a certain number of mods together and in one case it did work but ksp updated and now it's not working again. I understand that reproducing some mod content requires special permission from the mod creator, and I cant ask for a download, possibly an email would not violate their terms. I have the mod list below. If anyone can help thanks, BTW I just want a single gamedata folder. B9 Aerospace Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack Extraplanetary Launchpads Firespitter Interstellar Fuel Switch JSI KAS Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KerbetrotterLtd KIS KWRocketry Magic Smoke Industries (Infernal Robotics) Mechjeb2 Embedded Near Future Electrical Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft OPT Planetary Base Inc Planet Shine RCS Build Aid SCANsat Module Manager ASET
  10. Começando de novo, só que dessa vez vocês postam as fotos primeiro. Não estou jogando KSP faz tempo. Tópico De Imagens
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Geek0saurus, a starting youtuber (for fun). Over the last months I've been growing more and more into Kerbal Space Program. Because of this, I wanted to make a full playthrough of the career mode with missions, objectives and fun stuff. For this, I could maybe use the help of the community, since I will need a lot of feedback and maybe we can share ideas of bases and things like that. The idea of this thread is to share my journey into our beloved solar system with you and maybe let it become "our" journey All feedback is appreciated and welcomed and I cannot wait to hear any ideas of base designs you would have to share! The first introduction to my journey can be found in the following youtube video. Hope you enjoy it! Introduction to Kerbal Space Program | Career mode
  12. Hello! I am a fan of KSP, as I am sure most of everyone else here is. Recent updates have brought a lot of new features that I enjoy; however, I am really looking forward to Multiplayer. Feel free to put your Multiplayer ideas on this topic, I will be listing mine below: Space Race: (Max of 16 players) Setup: Each player chooses: 1. A flag and name for their space program. 2. A color for the accents of their kerbal's suit and/or color of suit. 3. Where to put their KSC on a map of Kerbin (Must be at least 50km from other player's agencies). 4. Game Moderator/Owner of the server decides normal game options when they make the server, and get to choose the max amount of players they want on their server. Game: Mostly the same as singleplayer, except you are competing with other players for the max amount of science (First to make a discovery gets the max amount, second gets less, third gets even less, ect.), world first milestones, and achievements like beating the other players to the Mun. Above that competing players can sabotage others or make alliances. Rockets can be used to destroy players KSC's or vessels, and force them to declare bankruptcy (a loss in multiplayer). Players can also share plans for rockets, money, and kerbals. If they really want to they can declare another person an ally, or go to war with them. Time Warp: This essentially is the hardest part of designing Multiplayer, and there is no perfect option for time warp shared with multiple people, so I have a few suggestions. 1. There is a max amount of timewarp given for each play session. (Ex. everyone has 50 days to work with during this play session.) at the end of the max amount, a player will be told that all current missions are saved, and then have the option to log out or to spectate other players. 2. At the end of a play session, everyone's time syncs up to the person who has used the most timewarp. A notification is displayed as you log out describing how far ahead you will skip. (A game moderator can decide whether or not the time a player has skipped ahead is unreasonable and talk to the player. 3. (Not my idea) Lowest time warp is used. (Ex: P1 - 4x, P2- 10x = 4x is used across the entire server) 4. (Suggested by mattinoz) Various zones or spheres of influence have a fixed warp that is higher where space is emptier. Player can slow down from warp back to normal time but only for a fixed period after which the server forces them back to warp + syncing warp to catch up with the timeline of the sphere. That way no one can get "physically" in front of the another player unless they fly faster. Others: 1. No two players can have the same color, flag, or name for their agency on a server. 2. The list of contracts are global, everyone has access to the same list, and once one is taken by another player, it is not available anymore unless it is declined/discarded. 3. Mods are allowed, but only ones that are agreed on by the moderator of a server. I am open to other suggestions, as well as ways people think I can improve my ideas. Thank you!
  13. Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба. Наверно многие слышали о группе KSP. Ангар Джеба. Идея, которая распространилась по нескольким развлекательным соц. сетям, в том числе в ВК и приложении Discord. В группе ВК вы сможете увидеть множество интересных рубрик, которые содержат арты, музыку, видео, научные рассуждения об игре. Каждый день выходят новые посты, арты, песни и другие интересные умозаключения. Также вы можете выкладывать свои крафты, истории полетов. Если крафт понравится и другим участникам группы - он может попасть в меню в раздел "Ангар". Там и хранятся самые лучшие крафты, которые были представлены Ангару Джеба. Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба в ВКонтакте Также у нас недавно появился сервер в приложении Discord. Присоединившись к нам, вы сразу сможете общаться в главном канале, обсуждать игру, технические проблемы, делиться достижениями и т.д. Также на сервере есть система автоматической выдачи ролей за уровни: активно общаясь с другими игроками, обсуждая разные вещи, вы получаете опыт, вследствие чего у вас повышается уровень. Так, после вступления на сервер вы получаете доступ почти ко всем каналам. При 10 уровне вы получаете роль "Хорошие Люди". При 20 у вас есть возможность стать одним из руководителей сервера, получив роль "Модераторы". Получив 35 уровень, вы становитесь "Редактором", а при 75-ом - Мл. Администратором, имея все права на управление сервером. Сервер постоянно дорабатывается и приобретает все лучший облик. Сервер Kerbal Space Program. Ангар Джеба в Discord Надеюсь, вам понравится! Дерзайте!
  14. Good evening all. I have run into a Dilemma while trying out the KSP ADDON Scatterer. When piloting over the water, there are white pixels outlining the craft. Furthermore, when flying low altitude over land, there is a white-line-tear through the ground that follows me when flying and turning camera. please help? White-Pixles: Ground-Tearing: Thanks in advanced
  15. Hello. Please look at my plugin for KSP. It gives you ability to assign your own colors for part' icons on stages. Mode part colorizing: Simple mode: Screenshots: Source: Compiled plugin (Windows) for download: License: MIT
  16. Hello all! I have a problem and was hoping one of you much more KSP talented people could help. I have a aircraft that I absolutely LOVE (its an f-35 STOVL craft). However, the problem is it requires quiztech aero, BDArmory and adjustable landing gear to work. However, I cannot find a version of adjustable landing gear that works with 1.3. I already tried setting my KSP back to a later version using the preferences inside steam however then BDArmory and quiztech aero don't work. All I need to do is somehow remove those landing gear and the craft will function perfectly. I have also tried editing the craft file to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. So, my Problem is that Ksp will start and will begin to load the files needed for the game After 3/4 or so, the game will close and i get a notification i think that has something to Do with the mods because i tried to download the manually After ckan could Not finden the right gamefolder. So I got all mods out of the gamedata Folder and now i get a Black Screen whenever i launch the game dont know what happend and needed help
  18. So..I'm trying to start a colony on Mars in RSS/RO and I'm pretty much stuck.I landed on the Moon and landed some rovers on Mars , no problem.Now I have to land heavier payload on Mars , but it seems I'm not able to do so. This is what I should land.I already tried everything , from parachutes to big heatshields (I don't have small and powerful retro rockets, sadly).So yeah , that's the problem.Thanks for everyone that gives me a tip.
  19. I launched my first RO/RSS station. (It was granted, monolithic, but still...) So yeah!
  20. Evet arkadaşlar, sayıca çok fazla olmadığımız bu mekanda en azından muhabbet dönmesi için bir başlangıç yapabiliriz. Ben bugün 3D Extreme Pro için ayar yapmakla geçirdim. Sanırım en iyisini buldum. Önceki senelerdeki oyun kaydım eski modlarıma sahip olmadığım için çöp oldu. 46 oyun yılı, 2 uzay istasyonu ve 60 dan fazla aktif görev çöp oldu. Baştan başlayacağım yani. Konu açılmışken size tavsiyem eğer modlu oynuyorsanız o modlarınızı mutlaka saklayın. Yoksa benim gibi çöp olma durumu olursa çok üzülürsünüz.
  21. Hello guys, im using windows 10 64bit pro, I h ave 2x4GB of dual channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM. My PC Specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4 Ghz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 256bit by PowerColor RAM: 2x 4GB Dual-Channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM sticks.(DDR3) Hard Drive: SATA 2 only, Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2 supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 ram. My game is pretty stable, i use like close to circa 40 mods. The game never crashed at all, tho I noticed that I get very low fps and a bit of lag when I have 2 separate ships, a battleship consisting of 330 parts, with a tiny bomber.. bla bla bla... at the same time around 12 km proximity. What can I do in order to increase smoothness, performance?
  22. I first started playing KSP back in 2012 and still don't understand why I keep coming back every few weeks or so and then play it for several weeks before taking a break again... then back again for more... and that's 5 years I've played and I still love it as much (if not more) than the day I started. I think KSP is my favourite game of all time. That said I think I really need a better PC because I can't install some of the lovely graphics improvement without a big hit to FPS. And I was just looking for a new PC when I sat back and thought "Why do I keep playing this game"? Generally I like building ships and programming things like Smart Parts, Mechjeb and KOS (but I haven't used that since 1.1.3 tbh). It's building a ship that can handle itself with little to no input from mission control. A bit like how real life probes behave. And that got me thinking. I wonder how many different ways people play KSP and what their favourite way is. There are the builders like me who spend a lot of time in the hanger or VAB. There are the ones who do everything manually (who I call the masochists heh). There are the ones who do just spaceplanes and or just mess about in Kerbin orbit. There are the realistic solar system buffs and the super graphics nerds. There just isn't one way to play this game. Yeah, if you love space, KSP is going to be a big program for many years to come... at least in my home that is.
  23. Hey everyone! I am soon going to have a presentation in school about aerospace technology, engineering and astro sciences. Now, I am already pumped up with a nearly lethal overdose of caffeine to do work, but I still need some help from you guys. There will be sections about general astro sciences, actual engineering, and other stuff, as well as some things about KSP because it simulates it so well. If you can help me out in any way(art, screenshots, or informations), you will be greatly appreciated, and mentioned in the presentation. Thank you everyone.
  24. Hello everyone, Is there a way to make orbit in RSS? I was worst at making rockets (probably) and I hope you guys can give me some tips.
  25. Hello everyone, I tried to make a rocket to reach orbit or sub-orbit (at least) in RSS but couldn't. So I just downloaded a Falcon 9 Dragon from somebody (I don't remember) and loaded it up. Liftoff starts well. After 2 and a half minutes (I think so) stage 1 were seperated But then, something went wrong. One of the tanks exploded a little which caused the whole ship to loose control. This forced me to abort the mission. I fired up the draco engines to reduce the speed of the capsule. Again, something went horribly wrong. The draco engines ran out of fuel. And they are no parachutes on the dragon. So there is only one option : doing an EVA ^ Image above shows dragon capsule exploded (right) So I (no, Jeb) prepared for the worst. ^ Jeb was falling down very fast Jeb plummeted to the ground at approx 50 m/s Luckily I reverted the flight to the beginning, and Jeb was safe.