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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I'm not quite new to the forums, but haven't been active a lot. Now I decided to share some of my epic missions with you. I'm playing this almost vanilla, just with some minor mods for precise planning, better visuals and of course, to make it more plausible: life support. An (almost) complete mod list: Distant Object Enhancement Environmental Visual Enhancements Kerbal Alarm Clock KAS KIS Persistent Rotation PlaneShine SCANSat scatterer Stock Visual Enhancements TAC Life Support MechJeb The pale blue dot, circling the green giant has captivated generations of Kerbals since the beginning of astronomy. With the beginning of the space age, Kerbalkind got to taste what it could be to visit it's mysterious twin for the first time. But to find out, what it would look like to visit the beaches of this far off world, there was alot lot learn, a lot of progress to be made, and a lot of mistakes that were awaiting brave pioneers. The KSP, the Kerbal Space Program, as it was officially named had quite some successful missions: Landing a unmanned UAV on Duna: Duna Direct: The Ravenstar: The Rolling Thunder: But all these missions served only one purpose: the get to Laythe one day. Finally, KSC accumulated enough bright minds, technology and of course funds to start with this humongous undertaking. Part I: The construction of the DSV Hermes
  2. Big thanks to @Cunjo Carl for bringing this challenge up to date! Amelia Earhart was an American pilot who tried to fly around the world in her Lockheed Model 10 Electra-plane. Unfortunately, she crashed her plane, and was never found. The Earhart Challenge is following in her footsteps (without the crashing hopefully though). The challenge primarily takes place on Laythe, one of the five moons of Jool, and the only other planet than Kerbin with an atmosphere containing oxygen. This brings the opportunity to use jet engines. The challenge is an opportunity to get a look around on Laythe. You have 10 islands, one of them harder to get to plant a flag on than the other. When you visit an island you must plant a flag to points. The challenge has two modes, "Realistic mode" where you must launch from Kerbin get too Laythe and get back to orbit to finish your challenge. My recommended crafts here are: a big tug to bring you out there, a plane to fly around and plant the flags and a lander that you use to get back into orbit after finishing And "Casual mode" where you can use Hyperedit to get to a specific position on Laythe and then fly from there if you don't feel like doing the whole interplanetary travel. My recommended craft for casual mode is a plane so you can get around on Laythe and plant all the flags. How to use Hyperedit in the spoiler and download link below: Get it here Rules: You should plant a flag at every island you want points for. But if you want points for island number 7, you must visit and plant a flag on 6, 5, 4... It doesn't matter in what order you visit them, as long as you visit everything up till the number you finish on. You can use two (realistic) or one (casual) launches to make the ship. Eg. one launch for a rocket to push you out there, and one launch for a plane. The mods allowed are: Mechjeb KER Mk IV Spaceplane Systems (only the fuselage parts and the docking ports, so no engines, intakes, structural parts or RCS) You can also use mods that don't bring an advantage like Remote Tech or TAC... Hyperedit (Casual mode only of course) Partclipping is not allowed and no debug menu. (you can clip engines, liquid fuel tanks, and intakes into wings tho') You are allowed to use ISRU to refuel your craft. Your craft must carry at least four kerbals. You can not lose anyone on the way, and if you choose to land back at kerbin you should also land them all. Point system: Island points: The islands are in the hidden "box" further below with pictures. This here is only the names of the islands and the number of points they each assure you by planting a flag on them. The easy one: 100p The where to land?: 200p The slightly harder one: 300p The Australia: 400p The Chinese dragon-ish one: 500p The bumpy runway: 600p The New Zealand: 700p The high(run)way: 800p The tiny one: 900p The you can't see it without zooming one: 1000p +425p for an actual landing at the island Bonus points: 500p for using a boat to reach all the islands. (no flying, no driving, only sailing) 300p for only using two Juno engines and two small intakes to power yourself on Laythe. 100p for using a seaplane. This means that your plane can't have any landing gear, except if it is an SSTO. If you plan to leave Kerbin on landing gear, you must decouple your landing gear before entering Laythe's atmosphere. This also means that you will either have to swim to land with a kerbal or bring a small boat. 700p for using one SSTO for everything. (Realistic mode only) 600p for returning all kerbals back to Kerbin. (Realistic mode only) Multipliers and dividers: This is to get more difference and better competition between the people trying. p=price fs=final score s=score (all your points added together) P=parts Realistic mode: Your score minus the square root of the price of your craft(s) combined: s-√p=fs Let's say I' got a score of 3500 and one of my ships cost 200,000, while the other one costs 500,000 my equation would be: 3500-√700,000=2663.34 Casual mode: You shall minus your score with the number of parts times 2.5: s-P*2.5=fs Lets say I have a score of 600 after visiting the first three islands and my craft uses 58 parts this means my equation would look like this: 600-58*2.5=455 Images: The images are helping me to see if you have done what you needed to do. And a classic rule on the forum is "No pics, no clicks", so if you want just a little applause, you will help yourself by inserting pictures. Realistic mode: You must have a picture of your craft(s) at the launchpad or runway before launching them. You must have a picture of your craft(s) going up through the atmosphere. You must have a picture of your craft trajectory out to Jool. You must have a picture of your craft on the island or next to it before you plant a flag. You must have a picture of a kerbal standing next to the flag. A picture of you in orbit around Laythe after you've planted all the flags you want. You must have a picture of your kerbals standing back at kerbin (if you chose to go back) Casual mode: You must have a picture of your craft at the launchpad or runway before Hypereditting them. You must have an image of the place you land after Hypereditting. You must have a picture of your craft on the island or next to it before you plant a flag. You must have a picture of a kerbal standing next to the flag. The islands you can land on to get points: Somewhere at every island, there is a "flag" like this to help you with guidance while flying. (except for "The tiny one". Here the flag is on a northern island, so it won't disturb your landings) Savefile here Just create a folder and place the "persistent. sfs " file inside. Place the folder in your saves folder, start the game and fly! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leaderboards: There will be two leaderboards, one for all the people who are used to doing interplanetary travels and know how everything works. And one for all the people who might just have reached Minmus, or maybe even Duna. If you are one of the people who can do this with your hands tied on your back (or not), you can get on the "Realistic mode" leaderboard. If you just wanna try and see how everything will work out, you can get on the "Casual mode" leaderboard. Realistic mode: The King: 2. 3. 4. 5. Casual mode: The Lord: 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Outer of My Ideas: Rings For Laythe One or Multipes Moonlets For Laythe a Flag For Laythe a New Continent (Called Brazilen) a New (unnamed)Mon for Jool a Empty Space Station(Easter Egg) Montains For Laythe and a Great Spot For Jool
  4. In a feat of Kerbal engineering, the boys at the SPH have devised a way to make fully stock hinges and pivots! Using this breakthrough, the technology has been incorporated into the design of a new SSTO to give it VTOL capabilities, as well as enough fuel to go to Laythe and back without refueling or need for mining! In order to rotate the wings, the tilt-wing section un-docks to become a separate craft that can move independently of the main ship. It's held in place by two rings of cubic octagonal struts around some of those Oscar-B fuel tanks as a sort of axle. Torque wheels are used to rotate the wing and lock it into position using the 'radial out' marker on the navball. Finally, 4 small docking ports lock the section back in place- rejoining it with the rest of the craft fairly securely in a quadruple seal! As a lot of you have found out, in order to get the craft working as intended the nuclear and RAPIER engines had to be modified by altering their config files. Here's the video I made that I have had in the works for a while now. A lot of time and effort went into making this but I am really happy with it so I hope you enjoy watching it!
  5. This is Laythe, a moon circling the great green giant, Jool. For decades, kerbals have stared in awe at Laythe, planning, dreaming, wondering. The challenge is simple. Send a spacecraft to explore Laythe. No cheats are allowed (Hyperedit, debug menu...etc.). The probe must send back AT LEAST 500 Science! points. No parts can be lost without being planned before entering Laythe's SOI. You need to post part count, cost, Science! points collected, and at least one thing you found that was interesting(if you succeeded). Screenshots or it never happened. All non-cheat mods are allowed. "You Tried" Mode Fly past Laythe in 10 years or less. Easy Mode Fly past Laythe in 5 years or less, OR enter Laythe orbit. Medium Mode Land safely on Laythe's surface, it doesn't matter where. Hard Mode Land a rover on Dracoduck Island, Visit two island biomes OR land a boat and sample Laythe's ocean, and visit two ocean biomes. Dracoduck Island>>> Super Mode Land an autonomous, amphibious, walking robot on Laythe. Visit all 10 biomes with all available scientific instruments. Test for life. DMagic Orbital Science is recommended for this part. If you only play stock, that's okay. Dmagic is no requirement. Hyper Mode Any kind of manned mission.
  6. I discovered 3 mysterious islands on Laythe when trying out Hyperedit. I teleported to Laythe to find these in the distance. As I inspected further, it became more and more astonishingly similar to an Easter Egg. The Islands are different from the rest of Laythe's landmass. They are perfect spheres all in a straight line. They are not part of Laythe's terrain! You cannot land on these islands, making it impossible to plant a flag on them. The Islands are at roughly the same coordinates as the KSC Launchpad back at Kerbin. They are not visible in the map. Of course, to document my discovery of the islands, I have multiple screenshots. Jeb looks just as surprised as I was to discover purple islands on Laythe. I thought those only existed on Eve! As you can see, my game rendered Laythe's normal land properly, indicating that these islands have a different texture. If you look closely, you can see that these islands are actually not part of Laythe, leaving very little possibility outside a glitch with a mod I have or an Easter egg! I want you guys to try and find these islands and see if you have them in your game and help me name these weird islands.
  7. NOTE: I play in Sciene Mode, with Cheats, because of my time. Hello! I love space, and space projects. I am very interested in so i decided a project like this, Let's get started! Laythe is very very likes each other with Kerbin, like Earth and Europa-Ganymende and Io moons. But I can't trust the moons geography, so i send a Lander here named Gaia II (it is my second build of another probe) And, here is Laythe, ı use four parachutes for stabilised landing, it is too difficult landing on continents, to my luck, i have succes landing on continent named "Dansen" There is no chance to communicate with mainworld without any Relays, so i make Uranoos. It is orbitting in Jool now. I transmitted all of informations about Laythe for Space Center. I gain lot of TP's after transmit Tomorrow, i'll try send a passenger file and edit this thread. I plan build first village in here. I wait your proposals and comments! Have fun! Regards.
  8. I have never journeyed to Jool let alone Laythe before, the furthest I have made it out of the SOI of Kerbin was in one insanely huge mission to show my love for Dres ... You can find that mission report here: Anywho, I decided to take a crack at Laythe to see how much science I can manage to send back via satellite with only one launch I now present for your approval the CANUKWorks Laythe Explorer 1096 ... All Stock for your convenience Payload 9 Kerbals (Room for 12) 16 Communication Relay Satellites 16 Lander Probes w/ full Stock science package 6 Narrow Band Ground Scanning Satellites w/ Stock orbital science package (orbital meaning only instruments that work in orbit ) 1 Resource Scanning Probe 1 Mobile Processing Lab NOTE: All probes and satellites are equipped with engines, probe cores and control systems As I finish off each stage of the mission I will release the save file for the start of that stage, however seeing as this is the beginning, I will only release the craft file: Explorer 1096.craft?dl=0 Be Warned - She is 1096 parts in orbit after dropping her 2 launch stages and I think she is 1677 parts on the launchpad so expect some lag if you try and launch her I have made it to Laythe orbit and I am editing the video, I expect to release it in the next few days ... In the meantime, here's a few snapshots of her:
  9. Laythe is the closest moon to Jool in terms of distance. It is also the most visited one. We know that laythe is an ocean world filled with water. It is spread all over the surface with a little exceptions like islands and small volcanoes. Such surface tells us about laythe internal structure. But how did islands formed on surface of Laythe? (surface of laythe before volcanism stopped, not to scale) For now, sadly volcanism on Laythe stopped, but we still can see the results. And back to oceans! But how did surface ocean appeared on such a distant world? For example Ice caps on Duna appear to be made of water ice, while Duna is way closer to Sun than Layhte is. It appeared because of heat coming from mantel that is heated up by core. It simply doesn’t let water turn into ice. Making contrast of temperature on surface and underwater. Heat from the iron core would be powered by tidal friction. Tidal friction itself may cause volcanism, in our case underwater volcanism. Perhaps if there wasn’t any volcanism ,islands wouldn’t form and there would be absolutely no solid surface to walk on (except the bottom of the ocean). Oxygen in the atmosphere could appear from vapor of water that interacted with lava from volcanoes. Though it still could be gas that came with the planet itself. So as a result of heat coming though core all ice melt and kept it from to our days. Island formation- I hope it was at least a bit infromative! And still, it is just a theory. If you know more or find an error in my theory try to write down in the comments about the issue!
  10. Hi, all! After a lot of help and guidance from you wonderful people over the last month or two, I went from building Single-Stage-To-Nowheres to building compact and capable Mk1, 2, and 3 spaceplanes that happily deliver station modules into orbits all over the Kerbin system--and look good to boot. With active stations and surface bases on Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus, my 30+ Kerbonaut fleet is finally put to use, and the time between transfer windows is actually as fun as the interplanetary stuff. Life is good. Thank you! ...But now a Jool window is coming up, and I want to take my new Bachelor of Science degree in Spaceplane Engineering and apply for a Masters program. If I have a spaceplane that can take a 10t payload to LMO and return with 5% fuel left, could I just put an ISRU in one half of the cargo bay and extra fuel in the other--enough Delta V for a Jool transfer, etc--and make the Laythe trip, simple as that? Or does a spaceplane need to be designed with Laythe in mind? How does a spaceplane behave differently there? Is the ascent profile the same, with slightly different altitudes in mind, or is it fundamentally different? How do engines behave? What did YOU learn about spaceplane design when you started going interplanetary that you think might not be obvious to a Kerbin-system SSTO builder? What did you learn when you started going to Laythe? Thanks!
  11. The entire ocean has z-fighting and/or gaps and it could give someone a seizure (did I spell that right?). Also, the 1.2 bug tracker isn't up yet - it's still 1.2 pre-release. I'd report it there if I could
  12. The past weeks have seen a big spike of Elcano attempts. Many of them have a beautiful and witty narrative, something that's really not my strong suit. So why post yet another one? Simply because this particular circumnavigation is a long standing project of mine, and because I'd like to share my passion. Since Imgur and the KSP forums don't get along at the moment, I'll post my images in spoilers and add a link here and there to keep loading times reasonable. Nine months ago, I circumnavigated Kerbin by boat. It was my first attempt at the Elcano Callenge, and the views of Kerbin that this journey offered me got me hooked. But also from an engineering point of view, I learned a lot about hydrofoils, so I started to make plans about a circumnavigation of Laythe. Of course, it never ocurred to me that it would take this long. One of the most important lessons from my first attempt is, that having too many lifting is a surefire way to have your craft flipping when low on fuel. I suspected that my pontoons were part of the problem, so my subsequent designs tried to avoid them: While the left one was quite satisfactory in terms of speed and stability, it simply didn't have the range to make it all around Laythe. The right one had IRSU capability, but at a top speed of about 85 m/s it was a bit on the slow side. The final design can refuel itself, is very stable up to 110 m/s (although it can go considerably faster), all while being quite manoeuvrable on land as well as at sea. 110 m/s may look like a lot, but considering that conventional boats easily achive 30 m/s, at 4x physics warp they are faster than this design since time acceleration is a no-go for hydrofoils. Still, I prefer this approach because speeding along, barely touching the surface is something strangely pleasing in itself. Besides, why choose the easy route when there's a complicated way to do it? Here's the craft on a low-fuel test run on Kerbin: Now the big day has come - on top of a launcher, the Speedboat IV sits on the pad: The launch vehicle is capable of SSTO. This avoids the hassle of assembly in orbit, although it forces me to refuel before sending it off on its journey. Coming up next: From liftoff to splashdown Edit: Craft Link:
  13. I sort of want Laythe to be replaced with a volcanic body like Io's, with the same diameter and same gravity.
  14. Should Laythe be closer to Jool? Laythe, in my Opinion is my most favorite Celestial Body in the Kerbol System, Laythe is a moon with a thick Atmosphere, Oxygen, Liquid Water, and a great view of its main Planet, Jool. Infact the only reason why I even landed on Laythe is for the amazing Science and great view of Jool Laythe has to offer, however I alway's thought it wasn't enough. Me, as an Astronomy and Science geek, have always been wondering what it would look like if Celestial Bodies were closer to each other? That is what I would like to see at Laythe, I do understand that Laythe is already close enough to Jool where it's intense radiation belts wouldn't cover all of Laythe in Radiation apart from its protective Atmosphere, but I believe Laythe's atmosphere is thick enough to be moved closer to Jool. Laythe is 1/5 the size of Jool, however moving it closer to Jool will effect Jool's orbit as it will move Jool a bit as Laythe passes over Jool if Laythe was to be moved to Jool (Which I would love) a lot closer.
  15. Kerbals are on a Mission to the Jool System, but because of the newest recession of Kerbin's economy, the Space Program couldn't afford to lose a single tank or engine, so it was decided to use a self reuelling SSTO spaceplane, which made the journey very, very long because the constant need for stops along the way (7 and a half years so far, stopping at Minmus, Duna, and Ike). The first intended landing site atthe Jool System was Vall, but the dwindling fuel reserves made Laythe the only viable because of the possibility of either an unpowered descent or sporadically using the much more efficient air breathing engines on the plane. After a refuelling stop on Laythe's surface, landings on Pol and Bop are planned. Tylo is, of course out of the question as it would mean a permanent residence there for the Kerbals and their ship.
  16. Hi there, Just a quick question. Is it possible to aerocapture a vessel with a direct transfer from Kerbin to Laythe using heat shields? I've been trying this all night long, but the vessel keeps exploding the minute (nay, second!) I enter Laythe's atmosphere! Below you'll find a picture of my vessel. As you can see, I'm coming in hot (orbital velocity is + 8000 m/s). The vessel consists out of 5 FL-T stacks with 5 large heat shields. Do I need more heat shields? Or maybe the larger, inflatable one? Or is it just impossible at these speeds. If I need more heat shields, thus weight, I'll bet it's much more efficient to just fiddle around with gravity slings around Tylo to get a capture with Laythe.
  17. Base Challenge: Suborbital Laythe Aerocapture Space planes are hard! Ready to learn? Now, with SSTO as tricky as ever, the suborbital milestone is a critical step in the path to building space planes. Unfortunately, it’s also a boring one :). This challenge gives it some zest, enough to realize that you (yes you!) can build a space plane good enough to go somewhere. By putting Laythe into LKO, you can fly into a suborbital trajectory and aerocapture into 'orbit' simply by flying to and landing on the big pretty gem in the sky. Rules: 1. Take off from Kerbin. 2. After takeoff, fly up to 14km using only air breathers 3. Lift your Apogee a bit beyond 85km. 4. Aerocapture in to Laythe and land on it. Parachutes are OK! Hang on, that sounds easy! Well, the devil’s in the details, and it’s those details this gives you an excuse to learn. Good luck! Tricky Challenge: Suborbital Russian Doll If you’re already an old-hat at space planes, we’ll add a twist: Use space planes to launch smaller space planes, and see how deep you can make the Russian doll go. Rules: 1. Take off from Kerbin. 2. Fly up to 14km using only air breathers 3. Fly beyond 70km, and separate your payload plane ** For the first plane only, Quicksave, Land the launcher back on Kerbin, then reload your quicksave to switch back to the payload plane. 4. Bring the payload plane under 20km on Laythe. 5. Fly the payload plane back to Kerbin and land. Using your payload plane as the new launcher, Repeat. You don’t need to launch from where you landed, you can start a new one from the air strip, but please make sure to remove any fuel used during the return trip. You can connect the launcher plane and payload plane(s) in any way you like- they can even share a fuselage. However, both must be able to land back on Kerbin (parachutes OK!), and none of the payload’s engines can be used until after is separates. Also, there must be a Kerbal somewhere within the payload plane(s), but that Kerbal doesn't necessarily need to be the pilot. Good luck! Other Rules Mods are OK, but please make a note of which part/physics mods you use so I can put them next to your entry. For posting, anything goes- text, pics or video. Tell us how it goes! How to use Hyperedit To put Laythe into Kerbin’s orbit, you can use Hyperedit. The mod is free and very useful for testing ships (like Eve landers) before launching them. Download Hyperedit from this link, unzip it, open the "GameData" folder inside, and drag "Kerbaltek" into the "GameData" folder in KSP. You’ll probably find KSP's game data folder in C:\Steam Library\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData. After that, Simply launch KSP, and press Alt+H to access Hyperedit at any point. On the title screen, press Alt+H and select Orbit Editor. Select Laythe and then Kerbin as the reference body. Set the orbit distance to 660000, and press apply. Now click the planet editor button, set the gravity to 0.2 and press apply . You may also turn off tidal locking, and set the rotation to -17000 to make Laythe spin backwards. I like it, but it's not necessary for the challenge. Finally, click "Save planet to config file." As a note, Hyperedit will edit Laythe for all of your save files, but it can reset the default values at the click of a button. Since Laythe will gobble up any uncontrolled ships that enters its SOI, it’s best to not load your main save file. Instead, make a new sandbox for this challenge or load this save file, which has convenient satellites marking the SOI and atmosphere boundaries. Also, if you’d rather not risk altering KSP, you can actually copy-paste the entire KSP folder and run this challenge from your copied KSP instead. Badges Silly Introductory Video Leader Board Base Challenge: 1 Payload: 2 Payloads (?): 3 Payloads (??): 4 Payloads (???):
  18. Not sure where to announce it anymore so if I am in the wrong place let me know where it is going and move it.
  19. So my next mission I have planned it to land a load of refuelable planes on Laythe and making my own "air force" to police the waters where the kracken may lye. I was wondering if anyone has done something similar or if you guys have any general advice. A little bit more detail: I plan to have at least 4 small drones 2 manned fighters and one largeish bomber. These would all use jets (Laythe has o2 in Its atm right? ) and be refueled by an isru with grabbers around it (docking on the ground is awful). So yeah any advice/ ideas are greatly appreciated
  20. Hi Kerbonauts , I have a challenge for you. The challenge is simple, yet hard to complete! The challenge is to land two submarines on laythe and dock them in Laythe's Sagen Sea. The only mods you are allowed to have are Firespitter (for the propellers it contains), and Ballistanks (so that the subs will sink). You need to provide a screenshot of the subs docked in the Sagen Sea. Note: Laythe is One Of Jools Moons! A badge will be awarded to the winners. (only 2). The winners are the first 2 people to submit a qualifying entree. You can also use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement and Kerbal Engineer Redux! HAVE FUN! UPDATE: Submarine Systems Is now an allowed mod! Good Luck, Gelix You Are also allowed to use balastanks-extended If you prefer!
  21. Greetings fellow Kerbogineer and Kerbonauts, First, merry christmas to all of you ! I have designed a seaplane - SSTO, based on a kerbin seaplane that met my expectations. During test and trials on Kerbin's water, everything went as expected : Front floaters have enough "clearance" to allow my boat out of the cargo bay. Then, while doing a few test on Laythe water (HyperEdit), found out that : As you can see, the plane now is much lower, despite having exactly the same fuel mass. As far as I understand, on Laythe, this craft should weight roughly 80% of its weight on Kerbin. Water displaced by floaters is the same in volume, and 80% in weight. So, it should have the same waterline, excepted if water on Laythe has a different density as water on Kerbin !!! Question : - Is Laythe Ocean made of lighter, freshwater ? - Is KSP buoyancy model taking part of the temperature ? - Why does the water looks clear on Kerbin, and not on Laythe ? My possible answers are : - I have a flaw in my above-stated assumption - Laythe water properties was not yet set as water on Kerbin - Laythe water properties differ from Kerbin's one intentionally What do you think ?