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Found 7 results

  1. Today I took a spaceplane and rode it to Duna. in the process of one maneuver, I entered and exited Ike 4 times! I am wondering if this is normal.
  2. Keep it clean, please. Allow me to begin: The other bread, those jar the brick so that biscuit my hair the scissors and then cheese but forgot he the pickle book and.
  3. So this is my new signature.
  4. Make A Sentence Consisting Of Puns And References To The Stock Game And Parts That's All I made one Already but from the Rumor Room.... Maybe this might not work out the greatest.
  5. Turboshafts are hard to make. Helicopters with jets on the blade are easy to make but difficult to throttle. No more! The HP-4 is a early design combining the two sources of thrust, the central turboshaft and the wing-edge auxiliary jet engines. It (slowly) descends when the turboshaft is shut down, a huge improvement upon our older designs. But anyways, less text more pictures! In this photo, you can see the turboshaft but not the wing-edge thrusters. You can see the wing-edge thrusters in this airborne picture, along with the built-in lightweight orientation system (RCS). Top-down view. The craft handles just like a real helicopter! Except without any of the sophisticated autopilot systems. Stock SAS can't keep up with the craft's inherent lack of stability. It is controllable, but only if you are very careful. And of course it's unmanned. Because we here at Workaround Technologies care about our employees. (Disclaimer: We are licensed to utilize death row criminals as test pilots. So don't mess up). Thanks!
  6. After reports of malpractice involving EVA oxygen tanks and mono propellant, and homeless Kerbals mysteriously vanishing, the United County's legal division has begun a extensive inquiry into the UCSP's activities. This will be a highly extensive (but fictitious) collection of information obtained from our confidential informants (become one today!). Review: Construction Procedures A certain engineer by the alias of "Burman Kerman" has sent us a videotape of the construction of a "ISP-14" miniature interplanetary probe, allegedly taken by a "friend" of his. The video shows the attachment of a FLT-400 fuel tank to the probe body. At the 3 minute mark, the forklift carrying the fuel tank crashes into a pile of wood planks, causing it to drop the fuel. The engineers nearby cringe for a few moments, before returning to normal. The dented fuel tank is picked up again, and in violation of every single construction law in the country, reattaches it instead of disposing of it. Review: Training Protocol Review: Flight Procedures Review: On the Procurement of Fuel Sub-article: On the procurement of biofuel. We've spotted a truck advertising for free food driving around town. It seems that the population of hoboes in the region happens to be decreasing, which probably isn't because of the city's 8$ per month welfare plan. On a completely unrelated note, a cheap brand of bio-gas has popped up, which we've traced back to the space center. Also it's kind of weird smelling and green. Review: Mission Supplies EVA jet packs bear a more than passing resemblance to fire extinguishers. Also, a truck of kerosene has disappeared near the KSC, which is a cause for concern. (If you want to make a report, try to make it funny, m'kay? Try to make them either from a first person perspective, or as a written report) Very WIP, don't hate m8s.