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Found 45 results

  1. Hi guys! I wanted to update Kerbal Engineer Redux to handle "real" suicide burns, namely suicide burns that start out with a horizontal velocity component. I tried looking around the interwebs for examples or math for this, but all I ever found was "vertical-only"-suicide burns. Then I stumbled upon this gem in MechJeb2: public static double SuicideBurnCountdown(Orbit orbit, VesselState vesselState, Vessel vessel) { if (vesselState.mainBody == null) return 0; if (orbit.PeA > 0) return Double.PositiveInfinity; double angleFromHorizontal = 90 - Vector3d.Angle(-vessel.srf_velocity, vesselState.up); angleFromHorizontal = MuUtils.Clamp(angleFromHorizontal, 0, 90); double sine = Math.Sin(angleFromHorizontal * UtilMath.Deg2Rad); double g = vesselState.localg; double T = vesselState.limitedMaxThrustAccel; double effectiveDecel = 0.5 * (-2 * g * sine + Math.Sqrt((2 * g * sine) * (2 * g * sine) + 4 * (T * T - g * g))); double decelTime = vesselState.speedSurface / effectiveDecel; Vector3d estimatedLandingSite = vesselState.CoM + 0.5 * decelTime * vessel.srf_velocity; double terrainRadius = vesselState.mainBody.Radius + vesselState.mainBody.TerrainAltitude(estimatedLandingSite); double impactTime = 0; try { impactTime = orbit.NextTimeOfRadius(vesselState.time, terrainRadius); } catch (ArgumentException) { return 0; } return impactTime - decelTime / 2 - vesselState.time; } So this piece of code here works like a charm. Except for minor errors, this provides a rock-solid suicide burn countdown timer. And obviously there is some math behind it (I mean look at all the sine's and square roots!). I don't really understand the math here though, and I haven't seen *anything* that looks remotely similar. So instead of copy-pasting it as a black box and hoping for the best, I thought I would ask you guys, if someone could help me understanding this fine piece of math. I looked at the git blame, and it seems that a guy named @The_Duck or @Meumeu is the original author. Are you still around? And obviously, @sarbian is the current MechJeb maintainer, so he might know what's going on? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I startet playing KSP (v1.2.2 x64) again after some time, installing some of my favorite mods and I ran into a small issue regarding mechjeb 2.6.0. When I right-click or press the mouse-look toggle key in IVA with the mechjeb device attaced to my vessel, the mouse cursor doesn't go away entirely. Instead, it centers itself in the middle of the screen and flickers. It happens only with mechjeb attached while in IVA. Is this a known issue or am I the only one? Wasn't able to find anything on Google.
  3. The prerelase (Steam) crashes (CTD) during the loading screen if MechJeb is installed, no other mods. Both, the CKAN released version and the latest dev version of MechJeb cause this. Logs:
  4. I have install the MechJeb 2 for kerbal 1.2.2 and i cannot see any interface I have read about and i saw that i must activate the mods from the console if im in carrer mode. I dont know how to do it. Can someone help me. Thx
  5. Want to have MechJeb embedded in your ships? Don't like the MechJeb parts? Then I present to you MechJeb Embedded Universal, Now With Career mode support! It has two modes: "Career mode" if you want career mode support, you'll have to go to R&D to unlock modules. "It's Free!" if you want not to go to the R&D to unlock modules, they'll be enabled from the start. This version uses ModuleManager (included 2.6.5) to provide functionality. It does not change your files, it justs appends the MechJeb core at the time of execution. This does not add MechJeb functionality, it just adds the MechJeb module to the command modules. That means that you don't have to manually add MechJeb while building your ship, it will come embedded on the command module (not physically, but in the code). (You can get MechJeb here: I take no responsability for what you do to your game (Works on 0.23, all the way thru 1.2, you need to have the proper ModuleManager Plug in) This addon is licensed under the GPL v3, and includes Module Manager by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth, which is licensed CC-BY-SA, forum link here: Module Manager Version 2.7.4 I have no relation to the guys behind MechJeb nor Module Manager, I would like to say thanks to them, and guys, keep up the good job! Download : MechJeb Embedded Universal
  6. I've installed the latest MechJeb version and the latest ModuleManager version, and it won't load into my game. Little help please?
  7. Two Mechjeb functions I've found useful while flying airships. The first is that MechJeb's Smart A.S.S. function is very useful in maintaining course and stability. (It's best to balance your craft manually if you can, because this will consume EC if your reaction wheels are enabled.) I've also created a custom info window that provides all sorts of useful data: Altitude (ASL) = your absolute altitude, useful for monitoring pressure altitude. Altitude (Bottom) = your altitude as measured from the lowest point of the vehicle, very useful for landing. (Much more useful than Altitude (true), which measures from center of mass.) Coordinates = current position. Heading = current heading. Surface Horizontal Speed = true speed across ground, more accurate than Navball speed and useful in ensuring you don't snap off your landing gear or break or bend your airship on landing. Vertical speed = Very useful for landing. Current Biome = If you're out gathering Science, this is useful to know. Pick Position Target = This works just like "pick target on Map" in the Landing Guidance AP, it flips you out to the map screen and lets you choose a target by clicking on the map. Heading to target, Target Coordinates, Distance to target, Time to closest approach = navigation information relative to your selected target. This works whether you've chosen it with Pick Position Target or picked a flag or a craft from the map screen. It does not appear to work with Kerbnet waypoints. (Or I may not grok how to use Kerbnet.)
  8. I made a nice, well-flying Saturn V look-alike using stock and KW Rocketry parts. I also used MechJeb because I like the extra orbital info that it gives, but you can remove the MJ parts if you don't want them. Any comments? I would love to know how I could improve the realism and/or the flyability of this thing. Link to the .craft file: Clicky! Also, this thing was made in KSP 1.2.2. Specs: Part Count: 73 Width: 5m (First stage, Last stage 2.5m) Height: 62m Weight: 439.4t I have a severe lack of any pad screenshots, so most of what you are gonna see here was taken of the CSM/lander around either the Mun or Minmus. Screenshots:!Aj6gaWpn2OKCgRmKfO5dbaE-n0Vo!Aj6gaWpn2OKCgRgjJvl2_pldcPbz!Aj6gaWpn2OKCgRdvc7zqAFE5-0oX (I have Windows set to upload screenshots to OneDrive when I press Print Screen - this avoids filling up my Steam Cloud with them :D) It is also worthy of note that I have successfully recreated an Apollo-style Mun landing using this craft. One note I must make is that the second stage can be a little overzealous when it comes to steering with gimbal. I haven't attempted to fix this myself yet, but for now be sure to keep a watchful eye on the navball.
  9. I'm having issues with mecjeb not working properly. it has worked perfectly but stopped doing so a week ago. it sets up a maneuver but... does not Automatically timewarp to the node anymore, nor does it execute at the node, although it does maneuver the craft around so it is in the right direction for the burn Can anyone make sense of what is happening here? this data is from the debug menu in Mechjeb. [Error]: MechJeb module MechJebModuleNodeExecutor threw an exception in OnFixedUpdate: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'TimeWarp.SetRate'. at MuMech.MechJebModuleWarpController.IncreaseRegularWarp (Boolean instant) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleWarpController.WarpRegularAtRate (Single maxRate, Boolean instantOnIncrease, Boolean instantOnDecrease) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleWarpController.WarpToUT (Double UT, Double maxRate) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleNodeExecutor.OnFixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebCore.FixedUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 is there something I can edit within the Mecjeb folder or is it something editable somewhere else? any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi Guys, I'm having some issues with mechjeb. I have the majority of features that are available, but as of a few days ago the delta V calculator has disappeared. This has significantly affected gameplay and I'm wondering what the cause would be. I'll link to a list of my mods - Thanks Daniel
  11. Hello I'm fairly new to modding in KSP. I've seen that a lot of people use MechJeb, and some see it as an essential mod for their install. I don't really know much about it, could someone explain to me what MechJeb is, what it does, and why I should (or shouldn't) use it? Thanks!
  12. Enjoying 1.2 so far, seem to have found a bug. When I attempt to go EVA, my kerbal appears outside the craft, but then my keyboard is no responsive in game. Still works in windows/other programs, just freezes and does not respond in game. Have to restart the game to get it working again. Mods ------------------ mechjeb, kw rocketry, EVE
  13. I downloaded Mechjeb 2, unzipped it in the Game data folder, booted up KSP, put the mechjeb module on a Kerbal X, launched and there was no mechjeb menu. What is wrong?! I downloaded from: which is MechJeb 2.5.8, latest KSP update. I'm on mac. Please help, I've tried! Please don't tell me I just downloaded an old Mechjeb. Thanks
  14. I recently got a new PC and finally got around to installing KSP 1.2.1, however it doesn't seem that any versions of MechJeb currently work on the new version. Is there a version of MechJeb that is supported by 1.2.1 or something relatively similar to it that I can install? I don't typically use it, but it is helpful when I want to demonstrate circularization and load distribution to my little brother so I can explain the math and maneuvers without having to focus on flight.
  15. So has anyone found a working version of mechjeb? I can't get the newest version to work.
  16. I downloaded mechjeb 2.8.5 and pasted it into my gamedata folder. I can put ar 202 part on my craft, and it consumes electrical charge, but i dont see any toolbar for mechjeb. Any suggestions?
  17. need mechjeb for ksp i installed mechjeb engineering for all but it not working no mechjeb icon shown in game
  18. Hello again. I need the piece of code to check if SmartASS on a given Vessel is set to anything but off. Also I'd like to handle the case that MechJeb is not installed at all. Does anybody know how to?
  19. So having done a bunch of work on a couple of puller-type ion craft designs featuring too many drop tanks, I've been reminded that neither major dv-calculating mod quite has a grip on dealing with drop tanks in STAGE_PRIORITY flow (xenon and mono) and will woefully underestimate a craft's delta-v, as seen here: Older screenshots, but I've confirmed it's not been fixed yet. I dug around the KER thread last week but couldn't find anything new regarding it since during the open beta, when I helped @Padishar isolate the issue -- so I must inquire: where precisely should I look or ask regarding the status of STAGE_PRIORITY fuel flow delta-v calculation? I sense it's probably an annoyingly complex problem with too many edge cases, and I don't want to just derp into the mod's thread asking for a progress update on a specific feature like a jerk. Are there defined channels for this sort of thing, or tracker I can follow?
  20. After 1.1 and updating mechjeb the landing is not as persice. For example landing on mun I use to retro burn to aim general y where I wanted to land. Pick a taget and it would make corrections and tabulate final burns. Now it not even trying. Burns some times but too late to land any where near the taget. If I even do the land any where option it lands but instead of what use to be a smooth touch down it pulses the engine instead of burning it down slowly almost hovering. Is there some setting I don't know about?
  21. This is indeed theoretical If that wasn't obvious, I do not plan to fly a real rocket and slap a mechJeb unit on the side. Assuming that It was provided with all the inputs it required and it was given enough control over the rocket, then I would assume that something like mechJeb would be able to fly a rocket in a real Enviroment. But perhaps there are some values that MechJeb Is able to get in game that would be impractical to measure on a real rocket, or the fact that kerbal aerodynamics are much different than real aerodynamics and something MJ does would just not agree with our atmosphere. I don't know enough about the mechJeb plugin to know for sure, But what I would imagine would be difficult would be getting the height from sea level as I am not sure if this is or how it would be measured for a real rocket. What do you guys think would this work?
  22. Just started my first round of 1.1.3 and Mechjeb tab is no longer available in the UI. Went to VAB, loaded craft, confirmed MJ available in controls category. Go to launchpad - no MJ button. Anybody else?
  23. Hello, In a thread I made on the KSP Reddit, I was questioned about my use of Mechanical Jeb, usually abbreviated as MechJeb, and found that I had something interesting to add to the discussions surrounding the use of this mod that was previously unknown, or not well known. In short, MechJeb is the only reason that I am able to play KSP in any non-trivial capacity because KSP is mechanically very reliant on many, many clicks and button presses in a short time span, many of them are repetitive. Players with RSI, or Repetitive Stress Injury, or even players at risk of developing the condition would cause them selves either pain or irreparable chronic pain without this mod. How many times have you repeatedly tapped the w,a,s and/or d during a launch to slightly adjust the rotation of your craft? How many times have you made small, repeated adjustments to a maneuver node, back and forth until it is just how you want it? How many times have you adjusted your zoom, readjusted, zoomed back in, clicked on something else to focus on and then repeated the process? Maybe I only notice the frequency of these actions because I have the condition which is aggravated by them, and the type of personality that enjoys perfection and obsession, but I believe that there are others like me. I am not playing KSP enough for it to cause my RSI, but with it already aggravated from my work - ksp would be literally, medically unplayable for me without something to automate the creation of maneuver nodes, opening of solar panels, and other tasks that MechJeb does not solve, but other mods do. (The collection of science.) I'd love to hear what others have to say.
  24. So here's the rub: I have a copy of the newest KSP update (1.1.2) and I put Mechjeb onto it. So far, worked like a charm. Fired it up today, and the takeoff works fine, but when it gets near it's apoapsis the craft does several things. 1: Creates the node for the maneuver. 2: Doesn't line up for the maneuver. 3: Spins out of control, like the wheel has just been allowed to go free. 4: Fails to throttle up. 5: Continues counting past the maneuver. 6: Hits the ground in what the scientists refer to as a "Gravity's poodle" move. I've tried this with every craft I made as well as the stock ones, and I get the same result. I've turned on RCS, played with corrective steering, all of it. I don't know why it just began to glitch out. Please help!
  25. I'm a recovering Mechjeb addict and am currently learning to fly my rockets all by myself (basically, I'm learning to play the game again). I have no problem with flying onto a suborbital trajectory, but when I go to create my circularization burn, I can't seem to get a near-perfect orbit, and am clueless when it comes to exexuting precise maneuver nodes. Does anyone have any trips?