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Found 18 results

  1. This thread has now become a discussion thread for the Kethane Station and submissions to the series. If you wish to submit ships then please visit the new thread. The new thread has a strict rule of a single post per forum user so that we can keep track of submissions more easily (the main reason we decided to start a clean slate with submissions). You can also notify us here when editing your submission in the new thread. Here's a Directory of all the episodes I've done so far. Much of season one has been made private as it no longer reflects what the show has become and brings down the rest of the series. To replace season one you can watch the 'Season One Recap' video, which properly introduces the show. Season 1: Season 2:
  2. I'm happy to introduce to you the Lynx II Main Battle Tank. This completely stock fighting vehicle comes armed with 6 high-velocity i-beam launchers (housed on a 360° rotating turret) capable of stopping any adversary in it's tracks. For an extra measure of self defense this tank also features an independent-rotating half-length i-beam launcher mounted on the top of the turret. The Lynx II takes the name from its predecessor. The Lynx II is nowhere near as heavily armored as past vehicles such as the Relentless and instead focuses on being more agile with a lower chassis profile. The Lynx II however does feature a highly sloped upper and lower front glacis in order to help deflect incoming fire. The Lynx II was built on the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense. A single shot from it's main weaponry is often enough to send it's target back to the stone age. The turret ring and bearing mechanism have also been strengthened compared to previous tank models; greatly improving the durability of the machine. In all this 10 meter long tank weighs in at 340 parts and 27 tons. (Make sure to select "Control From here" from the probe core in the center of the chassis after decoupling the central turret) Download The Lynx II Main Battle Tank Here Or download at KerbalX:
  3. Disclaimer: You may have ONLY ONE POST IN THIS THREAD. Discussion goes here. Hello! By now many KSP players and frequent visitors to the spacecraft exchange have come across the previous ship submissions thread for @HatBat's wonderful Kethane Station military-themed KSP video series, the latest episode of being Episode 25: The series is quite similar in nature to Macey Dean's "Spiritwolf" and EnterElysium's "World War K". The show also utilizes Nassault-style cinematics when advancing the plot. During the second season of the show, @HatBat started experimenting with other military space agencies within the world of KS. After managing submissions on his own for a long time, he asked me to assist him in keeping things under control. This thread is where you'll be able to submit military ships and resource vessels under the name of your own space agency for future episodes, following the guidelines/rules below. ______________________________ Rules: Please confirm that you've read the rules at the end of your submission. Otherwise your submission will be ignored. - You may only have ONE POST PER SUBMITTER. You can however create a small post linking to your submission regarding submission updates within the Kethane Station Discussion Thread. - When/if you update your submissions in your post, please let us know in the discussion thread linked above. - Keep it stock. There is a single exception for BD Armory (continued) for atmospheric craft like fighters, bombers and tanks, etc. - Try to keep ships efficient in part usage - please try not to be impractical with your design's part count, as they will be loaded ingame alongside other craft of similar sizes and complexities. If a ship is a major problem to work with (due to lag, size, etc.), than its chances of acceptance are lower. - All ships submitted must be thoroughly tested and if they're found to be non-functional then submissions from that user will have to be ignored. We don't have time to ask people to fix their broken ships. - Starships that can reach orbit legitimately will be have a better chance of being used (i.e., having a launcher for a capital ship, or having a manned fighter be able to SSTO, for a couple examples). This is just a suggestion, but keep in mind it's easier to work with an orbit-capable ship. - Submissions aren't just limited to warships, logistical ships, miners and stations - are all welcome. However, adding some useful tactical information about a vessel along with a category will help, and aid in providing some unique info to your submissions. - When submitting you'll need to be as neat as possible. Have a clear title for your company/manufacturer and every ship along with it's category. Include an Imgur album and good pictures of the ship(s) in action (make sure the images are well lit). @Mobius's post is a great example of how to go about this. Host the files on a well known site like Dropbox or KerbalX, otherwise we will not download them. - You must add information about your space agency so HatBat can mention it in the show if he uses one of your craft. This could be a simple bio or an entire history. If you don't add information then your ships will be credited to HKA or GMI directly. However, don't pump any company lore full of crap like 'Oldest company on Kerbin' 'We have our own warp drives' 'We entirely colonised another planet'. It will be ignored. Along the same lines, please do not assert actions of HKA and/or GMI outside of the show's plot. - Please pick a side: HKA or GMI. While it is just a recommendation, staying on the fence makes your agency/submissions harder to work with. - Designs CANNOT utilize game exploits/bugs (think kraken drives, missiles designed to induce physics bugs, broken parts, etc.) to function. This applies to ships, munitions, armor, and so on. - Ships may NEVER be designed with intent to ram other vessels. - While yes, it may be fun to try and make some nigh-invulnerable or all-powerful ship of doom or superweapon, please try and keep your submissions fairly balanced. It's just not fun for one submitted ship to one-shot every enemy vessel it touches in an episode. ______________________________ Now, for those who might not have experience in making military spacecraft in KSP, @Spartwo has a great tutorial series here on getting started with just that- ranging from basics to weapons and more. Additionally, taking a look at the submissions other players have added for inspiration and design tips has never hurt much either. This thread's OP and rules can and will be updated from time to time by @ScriptKitt3h under the guidance of @HatBat. Additionally, there is a discord for the series/submissions; follow this link to join. Do not forget: You may only have ONE POST PER SUBMITTER. The discussion thread for KS is here.
  4. Posting this new thread since the OP on the original one didn't put any rules. KSC has been put under siege, and it's your job to liberate it... and occupy it yourself! The challenge's goal is to destroy enemy defenses on the KSC. A module or attacking vehicle is defined as destroyed when it cannot harm any attacking vehicle by either having no weapon, ammo or cannot get close enough to attack. You can achieve this by using up to three vehicles in as many waves as you want. You can airdrop vehicles from planes, and the order and time when the vehicles are deployed is entirely up to you. Planes or any vehicle relying on fixed surfaces for lift must start 20 km away from the KSC, and any other vehicle has to spawn 5 km away. Each craft has a maximum of 16 weapons, of which 5 at most can be firearms, 2 "main", and 3 "coaxial". The "coaxial" weapons must have a smaller caliber than the "main" ones. The coaxial weapons cannot be any "major" turret. Turrets considered major are the three Goalkeepers, Oerlikon, Vulcan turret, 105mm howitzer and 120mm M1 turret. This rule is to prevent gun spam as a way of dealing quickly with defenses. Since Hydra and SKOM pods have lots of missiles, each pod will count as 2 weapons. Since this challenge is about a tactical attack, indirect fire weapons, lasers, guided missiles other than BDA's, the two cruise missiles and any plane with a bomb load over 7000 kg are forbidden for both attack and defense. Banned weapons: AGM-86C cruise missile RBS-15 cruise missile USAF airborne laser Hydra-70 turret Any guided craft fitted with any BDA explosive/weapon that is designed to be crashed into the ground or near targets. This means no "stock" cruise missiles or kamikaze plane/tanks. Unguided small explosive warhead rockets are permitted. The goal is to have a Kerbal plant a flag ontop of the VAB. If it's destroyed, the attacker suffers a penalty for damaging useful structures and must plant a flag on the flagpole place. If all three vehicles are put out of combat (, the attacker loses. If he succeeds, he must publish proof in the form of a video. Victory can only be achieved if all defenses are put out of combat as by the definition. You must keep the KSC as intact as possible. Here are penalties for destroying some structures: Spaceplane hangar or VAB: Cannot have any missiles in defense system Research center or tracking station: Cannot have any radar or targeting systems in defenses The winner gets three days to build his own defense system, and shares the persistent file for us to repeat. The defense system has a maximum of 5 separate crafts. Are you ready for war? KSC file Defense Use the current KSC Current King of KSC @MostExcellent Former kings of KSC @jrodriguez defeated by notanaimbot @NotAnAimbot, defeated by jrodriguez and mostexcellent Allowed and required mods BDA continued Vessel mover For moving your crafts from the KSC to the spawn points. Any mod that does not add parts other than BDA, not including its extensions and that does not affect physical gameplay. No, I will not allow BDA's weapon extensions, since I want to keep this simple for the maximum number of people to enjoy.
  5. Here is a collection of all the fighter jet's I have been working on this year. Not all of them are exact replica's. The AWACS aircraft and the Leopard (F-22 F-15 Hybrid), SR-71 copycat and the helicopter are fictional. Let's Start! General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon "Viper" McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Grumman F-14 Tomcat RaiTech "Cobra" (Fictional) RaiTech Leopard (Fictional) Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II RaiTech AWACS (Fictional) Northrop F-5 Tiger McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle RA-52 Whitebird (Fictional) That's most of them, I shall make more soon. Hope ya enjoyed Here are some pics of em all gathered up.
  6. Hello there and welcome to the short spin off series, KSP:KS:The Final Frontier. This here is a discussion thread for my upcoming fan series on the Kethane Station series created by HatBat. Bellow is a list Contracts. Contracts are basically submissions for specific craft that will be necessary for the filming of this series. Contacts: HKA --Space Carrier --Must not include space fighters but should be able to accommodate a variety of ship sizes. --Has to have anti-aircraft and anti-ground combat systems. --Must have a runway to accommodate a variety of ship sizes and stop lengths --Must have re-entry ability but does not need to fly. --Must be able to float --Due to the nature of how I am filming, it does not need fuel or any staging for takeoff -SSTO Bomber --Should use the inline mk2 cockpit --Should have stock weapons --Must have a delta wing --Must have the ability to reenter --Must use R.A.P.I.E.R engines --Due to the nature of how I am filming, It does not need fuel or staging for takeoff -SSTO Fighter --Must use the inline mk2 cockpit --Must use BDa weapons --Must have the ability to re-enter and leave --Must Use R.A.P.I.E.R engines --Due to the nature of how I am filming, It does not need fuel or staging for takeoff -Spy Satellite GMI -Space Carrier -- -Space Destroyer -Space Explorer -Spy Satellite Misc. -Large Space Station --Has to be in a ring shape with a large diameter (About 6 Dynawings tip to tip) --Make it look as realistic as you like --Part limit, <1000 -Basic Telescope Satellite --
  7. U.S Humvee Light Truck Though quite larger than normal, this light truck can reach a top speed of around 23 m/s, pulling this 8.5 ton mammoth of structural steel along with it. Ground clearance allows it to navigate across any terrain, including water (lets just say steel doesn't float too well ). As with any military vehicle, this one comes with a full 360 degree rotating turret mounted along the roof of the truck. This vehicle can move up to 5 Kerbals seated, or up 7 if you wish to do some thing along the lines of this (No one said using human meat shields was a bad idea). Specs: Max speed: 23 m/s Max hill traverse: < 10 degrees (Too heavy to propel any further) Seats: 5 Seats (7 seats if you wish to do something crazy) Safe Turning: 10 m/s Non-tip over (anything above that will guarantee a flip if you turn too hard) Part Count: 216 (211 for only the truck itself) Both can be controlled with or without Kerbals! Weight: 5.8 t Height: 2.7 m Width: 2.5 m Length: 4.3 m Instructions: Stage the Humvee and let it fall to the ground (preferably with brakes) Clip the camera inside add place them all in the seats Stage again to demount the turret, allowing it to turn (after that DO not stage anymore, the jets are there to lower the Center of Mass). Drive into something, preferably not into the ocean though Kerbals dont like driving underwater. Pictures: DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!
  8. First of all, I'd like to thank @ghostbuzzer7 very much for giving me an idea with his tank drive. The wheels and their mechanism are entirely based on his works, and he should get credit for that amazing idea. After seeing his Strv 103 tank on this thread, I had the idea to upscale the mechanism for an actual modded tank with more armor, for @HatBat's military series. It took me quite a while to get it right, but I found that, by removing friction on all but the three center wheels, the tank could spin easier than if all wheels were used. Below is a video demonstrating the rotation capability. Sorry for the low FPS, I'm literally running on a computer weaker than some of the newer smart phones. Of course, this vehicle requires BDArmory continued. I've used KER in my game, but it's not required. Also note that, like in the ghostbuzzer's Strv, the W and S key do not move the vehicle forwards. W turns the tank left, and S right. You can still use A and D for steering at higher speeds. As seen in the video, the turning mechanism sometimes bugs out and makes the vehicle stop. You can fix that by turning in the other direction, and then back into the desired one. Armament is composed of a single M1 turret coupled with a twin 12.7mm machine gun mounted ontop. Since the wheels can only be used for rotation, forward and reverse are controlled by the throttle and by reversing thrust from the engine. Maximum speed is around 30-35 m/s. Bindings: Fire weapon Next weapon Toggle engine reverse speed Nothing Toggle solar panels And yes, the almighty Download
  9. As The Title says, I have updated Macey Deans SW Battlecruiser to 1.2, In the process I have replaced the outdated weapons, and added utility's essential to modern KSP military craft without overhauling the original ascetic design, so here you go Craft file will be released tomorrow, just re-checking everything at this point in time
  10. Atto and Pico-class Sub-Capital Ships These ships are lightweight escort vessels designed to pack a punch, and have strong armor. Both of these ships have no launchers included, but can easily be launched with custom designs because of their light weight. These ships offer great escort to capital ships, anti-subcapital capability, escort of logistics vessels, armed communications capability, and fighter deterrence. FR-01 Atto-class Frigate 2,823 m/s DV .09 TWR 18.978 tons 201 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a strong punch: 4 unguided short i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly-armored sub-capital ships and fighters.It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Atto) CR-01 Pico-class Corvette 3,091 m/s DV .08 TWR 23.257 tons 248 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a big punch: 4 unguided i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly armored capital ships, other corvettes/frigates, and fighters. It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Pico)
  11. This is the continuation and standalone sequel to my KSP war series: The Return of the U.K.N.C. I hope you enjoy. Please comment what you thought of it.
  12. The Lancelot Corporation Frigate: Meteor Shower This is a craft I built for my new youtube series.
  13. Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread to discuss how combat on the lunar surface would take place. Specifically; -How to armor soldiers? What would a military spacesuit look like and function? -How to solve the logistical issues efficiently? (Earth/Moon transport, the delay between arrival and departure, getting around the moon itself, etc.) -Stealth and detection? (How to hide something on the moon, and find something that's hiding on the moon? And how would forces change on the lunar surface? How would: -snipers -artillery -assault forces -aircraft -spacecraft differ from those on Earth?
  14. How would war be carried out on / around Venus? I know, you're probably wondering why they'd be fighting over Venus in the first place. Here are the conditions: The year is 2200. All the hypothetical scientific advancements and construction projects, economic expansion etc. predicted for 2200 are fully available. The backstory is as follows: Two factions (the Red and the Blue) were once at peace and had focused the last 200 years terraforming and colonizing Mars. Their plan was to use the newly-terraformed Mars as a gateway to the colonization of the remaining solar system... until they found Venerium, a very valuable resource. They then declared war and now fought over it. Red and Blue have exact same 2200 tech. Advances in 3D printing tech allows complex electronic, metal, plastic, glass, essentially all elements in the periodic table to be made in a matter of several minutes provided they have the resources to do so. For the most part, their machines are unmanned. Due to the 3D printer's limited size, in order to build larger structures, it prints out various modules and uses the help of a crane to assemble the full building. It can build more of itself in a deployable form to make it small enough to fit inside its fully deployed version. TL;DR self-replicating machines in the future fight for Venus over Venerium. Our scenario begins at the beginning of the war. Red is based on Earth, while Blue is on a terraformed Mars. Red prefers more powerful weapons and armor, but slower building and slower / sluggish movement. Red is more specialized and organized. Blue is the opposite, high building speed and high speed / maneuverability, but less powerful weapons and armor. Blue is more adaptable and creative.
  15. X-37B before the latest launch May 20th 2016 marks exactly a year since the launch of the Boeing X-37 mission (launch designation USA-261) when the X-37B OTV unmanned spacecraft was delivered to low Earth orbit. It was the fourth launch of this type with the first one launched in 2010 but up until these days not all questions about this spacecraft had been answered. Boeing X-37 also known as Orbital Test Vehicle, OTV is a small orbital unmanned spaceplane. It is launched by a rocket and lands using the lifting force produced by its wings like an airplane. Boeing started this project in 1999 by a contract with NASA and US Air Force. The initial cost of the project was $192 million contributed in different proportions by NASA, USAF and Boeing, and after the first success Boeing received a new $301 million contract to continue the development. X-37B on the runway Generally, the project is based on more than 30 years of experience gained from the Space Shuttle Orbiter program. Initially X-37 was intended to be delivered to orbit inside a Space Shuttle cargo bay then approach malfunctioning satellites for repairs (X-37 is 9 m long while the length of a Shuttle is 37 m), but later the using of Shuttles was deemed too expensive, and X-37 was re-designed for rocket delivery. In 2006 USAF declared that they would develop a new independent design of an X-37 variant called X-37B OTV. X-37B was supposed to be capable of staying in orbit for up to 270 days. A USAF secretary stated that the project will be focused on “reducing risks, experiments, and developing a working concept of reusable spacecraft in order to achieve the long term goals of space exploration”. Spaceplanes comparison Finally it was decided that X-37B would be delivered to orbit by Atlas-V rockets, and for landing and maintenance purposes, the old Space Shuttle hangars and runways at the Kennedy Space Center would be used. All this said, the specific goals of the program are classified. All we know is that it’s used for “testing of technology for USAF reusable space platform”. Supposedly, they test onboard electronic flight systems, navigation, heat protection and re-entry capabilities. The current mission of X-37B officially has something to do with testing of a new version of Hall-effect thruster (a variant of ion drive) which is supposed to be used on NASA satellites in the future. X-37 Spacecraft schematics USAF, however, has been for several times in the past accused of developing of space-based weapon systems and also of using X-37B as a spy satellite. In 2012 several accusation were raised against its involvement in espionage mission against Tiangong-1 – the first Chinese space station, but in fact they had been rather convincingly disproved by the comparison of the orbits of the two craft. In 2014, The Guardian quoted some experts who claimed that this craft tests espionage and surveillance systems. X-37 inner schematics Many questions arise because of the secrecy of the mission details, particularly in view of the prolonged duration of the mission. The current mission, for example should have lasted for no more than 200 days, but it’s been almost a year by now. If USAF really had been testing the systems listed in the official mission description it would have been in their best interests to land the spaceplane as soon as possible and start processing the experiment results. The prolonged nature of this mission suggests behavior peculiar to surveillance satellites. Of course keeping an aura of secrecy around the experiments that are currently being conducted by the military is not something unique. Perhaps X-37B really performs some peaceful experiments and has nothing to do with espionage. There’s still hope that new technologies won’t pave the way for a new space arms race even though a set of prerequisites for it is already in place. In the beginning of May The Washington Post published an article that directly accuses Russia and China of the development of anti-satellite technologies capable of attacking the US spacecraft.
  16. INTRODUCING: THE JM-01 BUZZ The latest advances from SAP-C have brought the Buzz missile into play! This thing is a long-range, high explosive, high speed, medium altitude, completely jet powered missile. That's a lot of things. The Buzz missile contains 9 Small High Explosive Warheads (SHEW's) which provides a heck of a blast. Comes with a warranty to fix your Buzz if it doesn't completely destroy the enemy! (Warranty is voided if launched) Two Panther engines provide the Buzz with extra starting speed, or you could use them to extend your range providing you don't use the afterburner to help them lift off. Once you're done with the Panthers you can simply decouple them. Get your Buzz today! DISCLAIMER: IGNORE THE LAUNCH FACILITIES SHOWN IN THE PICTURES, IT IS JUST A FAKE FACILITY MADE TO LOOK PRETTY. TOTALLY NOT A SPY SAT LAUNCH AREA/MISSILE SILO. By SAP-C
  17. Naming: (Type)-(Class)-(Aircraftname) Types: INT-Interceptor BMB-Bomber F-Fighter RCN-Recon/Spy DRN-Drone CAS-Close Air Support (Like A-10) CIV-Civillian X-Experimental Classes: P-Prop aircraft G1-First generation aircraft (like p80, me 262, he 162) with Jumo engines preferably and 50. cal MG G2-Swept Wings G3-Afterburning Engine(No gimbal)/20mm Vulcan/Radar/Missiles G4-Supermaneuverability/Countermeasures/ECM Pod/Gimbal G5-Stealth Design + any of the above GX-All of the above + Rapier or Ramjet engines Allowed mods: Kronal Vessel Viewer (Awesome to take "Blueprint" pictures) Share pictures, name and description of your airplane! And if you want feel free to share the files! I want to see your creativity, cheers! PS: If you used a mod not listed in the list above please post it in your description. I'l start with one of mine! F-G4-Sukhoi a hypermaneuvrable aircraft capable of high speed flight and wicked maneuvres even for FAR Hope you like it! DOWNLOAD
  18. This is the Tenebris Unum, aka, The Dark One. Officially coded as DA-SR2, it is a military stealth frigate built for stealth recon. It contains a cloaking device, radar jammers, and an electronic warfare suite, which unfortunately shorts out every few seconds. In need of forward fixed lasers. Infinite fuel, infinite electricity, and infinite RCS required for operation. Mods required: