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Found 143 results

  1. Tantares Space Technologies This is a stockalike parts mod that allows you to create Soviet rockets and spacecraft. The parts are made with the "Lego" frame of mind. They all go together to make a certain craft, but are flexible enough to be used in any other design. Old Tantares Old TantaresLV FAQ Q. Where are the IVAs? A. Too much time / effort for something not many people use. Will try to have IVAs for crew capsules, but large station parts are not easy. Q. Why does the Soyuz seat only two? A. It doesn't anymore! You can squeeze three of the little terrors in the capsule! Q. Why are the rockets overpowered? A. They are balanced against stock parts, as to not be intentionally useless. See here for  a more lifelike experience. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. So, I thought I would make a planet pack for KSP with Kopernicus. So, decided to start on it recently. This is just a thread to sort of act as a development log, and will be updating every time a new major change is made. Planets that will be added: Nibrek: An active world with dark terrain and lava. This planet is geologically active and orbits the sun in Kerbin's L3 point. Num: This moon is a very beautiful world orbiting Nibrek. It has rolling hills, huge mountains, wide oceans and a Kerbin-like atmosphere. Sumnim: A disgusting looking red moon orbiting in a distant inclined orbit around Nibrek. Very spikey terrain. This mod was inspired by Antichthon, a hypothetical planet thought up by the ancient Greeks that supposedly orbited on the exact opposite side of the Sun.
  3. Hey, I am trying to create a SpaceX like gridfin, but I am running into serious issues with its setup in Unity. I went through some old posts, but the information there didn't help me. So, does anyone out there know how to set up an airbrake for 1.0.5? And if we are at it, how to set up a control surface? I know there are two partmodules, for one ModuleAeroSurface for airbrakes and ModuleControlSurface for control surfaces, but where's the difference there? I would be glad if anyone could help me!
  4. Download Here (1.2 is most recent update) EVE is bundled, but be sure to check EVE page for updates as i dont expect to update this more often then every few weeks. Pics: Features: *Minimalistic design and lack of scatterer requirement (feel free to run it alongside this mod if you like to, just isnt required for this to look good) allows this to run on potato computers. *All planets but Gilly and Bop have atmospheric scatter or glow effects rendered via EVE cloud layers. Colors are generally highly saturated to give a more sci-fi universe feel compared to the more white and washed out realistic style used in most other mods. *Kerbin, Duna, Eve, and Laythe have light volumetric clouds. They are a good balance between thickness and performance, should not cause any real lag. *Most airless bodies have fog/dust effects. Color choice is fairly varied, with some planets having highly colorful fog while others use a more greyish color. Duna has dust storms and Eeloo has blizzards. Particle density is kept to an absolute minimum to keep performance up. While i cannot speak for everyone, my mid range laptop is capable of handling this mod as well as 2 1000 part warships in low orbit around any planet. *Lite edition has no clouds and does not come with the respective textures (use this if you want more performance or prefer to not have clouds like stock scatterer would). Changelog: V-1.2 *New custom cloud maps in 4096x2048 (8192x4096 for Kerbin), unique to every planet. Styles vary from purely sci-fi to semi-realistic depending on the planet for variety's sake. *Three new higher resolution detail textures which are both high res and do not give tiling issues when viewed from far away. Currently textures are for cumulus, cirrus, and a sci-fi one. *Seven new particle textures. Three are for clouds, all of which are wispy in nature and optimized to look good with very low particle density. Four are for the surface effects which vary from some particulates floating around to full blown dust storms. *Few minor color adjustments to improve looks with the new cloud textures. V-1.1 *Improved detail textures. *Minor changes to atmosphere and glow colors. V-1.0 *Initial release. Planned: *Lava eruption fx for Moho (cryovolcanoes on Eeloo afterwards as an option instead of/alongside the blizzards) *Unique fx for Gilly and Bop. *Requests are welcome (although i may have to say no if it cant be physically done or will end up being a performance concern). Support: For suggestions and issues please post in this thread. I play tested this for 2 days, but there is always the possibility i missed something (or could change something for the better). Also, for all EVE related bugs or questions please go to the EVE thread and do not post here. I repeat, i will not be troubleshooting EVE itself on this thread, just stuff related to my effects pack. Check the readme in the files for credits and licensing information.
  5. This mod adds flames and smoke to certain parts' joint break event. At the moment, these parts include: -anything with "wing" in the name -anything with "fuselage" in the name -anything with fuel or oxidizer as resources. -engines. Download from GitHub Source License: CC0 Author: @BahamutoD Contributors: @jrodriguez @SpannerMonkey(smce) Video by Space Scumbag:
  6. I have this one problem where all stock RCS tanks are gone. Now I have super thin modded ones. And stock landing legs have 100000000 stress tolerance. I don't know which mod causes this and if its intentional... PLS NO. I am so liquided cuz my entire Mun base is gone because it "contains inexistent or locked parts" I want to have mods that don't exploit the game like the weird durability on landing legs. Here are the mods I use: Airplane plus, Atmosphere autopilot, BDArmory, Cryo engines, DMagic science, Docking port alignment, Feline utility rovers, Flag decals, Fuel tanks plus, Glass things, KAS, KIS, Kerbal planetary base systems, Kerbal atomics, Kerbonov, Structure pack, MK4 spaceplane system, Modular rocket system, Near future construction, Near future electrical, Near future propulsion, Near future solar, Near future spacecraft, OPT, Orion, PlanetShine, SpaceY lifters, SpaceY expanded, SSTU, Station parts expansion, Tweakscale. Anyone know what causes the above?
  7. does anyone know a good way to make a KSP mod? Thank you
  8. Hello, Is there a mod for ksp 1.2.2 that adds some kind of proximity sensor? That it beeps or something when another ship or object is nearby? Thank you
  9. So I made a post on steam forums about this and they said its best to ask it here I'll just copy it here. So I stopped playing this game not long after the 1.0 update as I burnt myself out on it. After seeing that it had been updated to the 1.2 I decided to come back and have some fun. Loving the changes so far but I miss the mods I used to run. Since I have been away for so long I will be playing it without mods for a while. However, I do intend to regrab some mods for this game. Sadly everything was on my old HDD that died on me so I don't have my old lists not to mention there have been a lot more added since then. What I was hoping for was for kind souls to list their favorite mods within the catagories I state to help me out. The mods I'm looking for need to add difficulty to the game in a realistic manner, more parts and tech based off the real world (with the usual KSP flair) as well as realistic possibilities for the future. Basically realistic progression from old to future. Also more features (I remember a mod that had satilites that would map the would and find resources), and more resrouces added to find and use. I do remember using mechjeb but not sure what it does anymore I just know I liked it so more like it. I have looked using the games mod portal but most don't have that great of a discription, or I'm just glancing. Probably that later, changing jobs atm. Thanks in advanced for those that help Edit: When I start the game and it asks if I wish to start or use the 64bit I'm assuming the former starts the game using 32 bit. Is there an issue with 64 bit atm or something else?
  10. URL: FAQ What we are working on now: We decided to split Spacedocks Frontend and backend. VITAS is working on the frontend (including UI rewrite) Darklight is working on the backend. VITAS is working on an improved cdn setup
  11. Created a new mod to save graphics memory! Without sacrificing parts or texture quality, this mod unloads and loads textures on the fly! Increase texture resolution to max again! Now with updating loading while textures/parts load, IVA texture handling, and caching the full-sized textures! No duplicate textures are loaded into memory! Fixed certain parts, now unloads only once new textures are loaded. DTL disables ATM now, as there are conflicts. On DirectX 9 with tons of parts, the system memory went from 3205MB down to 2520MB! DX11 and OpenGL use graphics memory first, and system memory for spillover, so if you use these graphics platforms, this will not likely show anything on system memory unless you use LOTS of part mods with big textures, or have small available graphics memory. Side effects include: increased loading times at start Slight lag when adding new parts when building craft Increased loading times when launching new crafts VAB/SPH low res "icons". Adding many more mods and/or maxing texture resolution Download Here: Currently broken due to unity bug. Working on fix/workaround. This is done in my spare time, and any contribution helps! Source: License (MIT):
  12. EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - Clouds and City Lights EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (a.k.a. EVE) is a mod for KSP that adds clouds and city lights. It is highly configurable and a number of other mods provide improved clouds not just for the stock planets, but for other planets provided by other mods. This thread is a continuation of @rbray89's original EVE thread, so that we can continue updates and discussions while we await his return (at which point we can return to that thread). Installation The mod is distributed as two ZIP files, one small one which contains the plugin and shaders, and one large one which contains a sample configuration. If you are installing another mod which supplies EVE configurations, such as SVE, you should not install the sample configs. If you use CKAN, select EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements and then choose a config (if only one is available, that one will auto-select). If you are installing manually, download the latest "AnyCPU" zip files from and unpack them into your KSP directory. The zip files include the "GameData" directory and so this should merge with the same-named directory in your KSP installation, such that after installing, your KSP's GameData directory will contain the "Squad" directory shipped with the game, the "EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements" directory which you just installed, and, if you installed the sample configs, a BoulderCo directory. Configs for other mods are generally shipped in their own directories. It is strongly recommended that you use the 64-bit version of KSP when using EVE, especially with advanced configurations. Note that you will not necessarily see any clouds on Kerbin in the main menu. Load a game to check if you've successfully installed the mod. If you wish to install for KSP versions prior to KSP 1.2, see the original thread, but note that there is little support for old versions. Compatibility with other Mods EVE is compatible with most mods, but in particular it is tested to inter-operate well with these visual mods: Scatterer - makes atmospheres realistically "haze". PlanetShine - makes the glow from planets/moons produce ambient light. (more to come as KSP 1.2 mods are released) There are also a number of excellent mods that provide advanced configurations beyond the sample ones shipped alongside EVE: Stock Visual Enhancements (SVE) - high quality visuals, recommended for higher-end systems. Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack - sleek but still beautiful visuals, even less CPU/GPU demanding than the basic configuration. Be sure to remove the sample configs (the "GameData/BoulderCo/" directory) if you manually install a mod that provides all its own configurations. If installing via CKAN, you will be prompted with what needs removing. If using the Real Solar System mod, you will need different configurations, such as: Real Solar System Visual Enhancements Performance EVE runs fine on mid-range systems. See the alternative configurations above for different performance characteristics. The most expensive effect is currently the volumetric clouds. You can turn these off in the in-game configuration dialog, or by editing the configs with a text editor. Obviously the more cloud layers, the more costly are the effects. By default, only cloud layers within 10km of the camera can produce volumetric clouds. Configuration The sample configuration includes a single layer of clouds and city lights for Kerbin and cloud layers for other stock planets/moons as appropriate. You can modify the configuration in-game by pressing Alt-0 (zero), though be warned that this is an advanced feature. If you save broken configs you will need to re-install your chosen configs. There is no undo. Documentation for the config files is currently pending, but note that since EVE-1.2-1, the _MinLight option has been changed. It should be set to 0 (the default) unless you want clouds to glow on the night side (eg. auroras). Also note the relatively new "UVNoise" setting, which allows adding noise to the texture look-ups, either for large animated cloud effects (see Jool), or to mask pixelization in fine detail (see Kerbin). Pretty Pictures and Videos For now, see the original thread for slightly outdated pictures and videos. If you have ones you wish to display here, provided they are short and contain no revenue-generation, just ask. Contributing If you have code changes you would like to contribute to the core plugin or shaders, please submit a Pull Request on the GitHub project: If you have major config changes you would like to contribute, these are probably best supplied to users as an independent mod, in the same way as others listed above like SVE. If you want to contribute financially, please see the original thread for a link to the original author's donation page. The original author has done by far the largest effort in bringing this mod to you and the KSP community.
  13. Need More Rotors? Apart from Firespitter and KAX, I felt there wasn't enough rotarywing parts. This mod is my attempt to answer that. Introducing K.R.X. (Kerbal Rotor Expansion). DOWNLOAD From SpaceDock! Videos: Included in this release: Heron: coaxial rotor Sparrow: 3 blade rotor (left and right rotating versions) Osprey: 3 blade tilt-rotor style (left and right rotating versions) Seagull: 6 blade super heavy rotor Tail Rotors: 3 Blade, 6 Blade, and Fenestron Issues: Some tuning and balancing is still needed. Co-axial rotor (Heron) has a problem with one of the rotor switch/prop-blur, a limitation of firespitter. I'm working on a fix. Recommended Mods: Throttle Controlled Avionics: For single rotor use 'unbalanced thrust' on the main rotor and 'manual' on the tail rotor. For intermeshing, tandom, or quad, etc. configurations, use 'thrust'. Change Log: Version 0.31.1 Minor Update -Fixed Crash Tolerance on Fenestron tail rotor -Fixed Spelling Error on Osprey rotors -Increased torque compansation in Osprey rotors Version 0.31: -Added Fenestron tail rotor -Corrected the direction of the Osprey rotors -Increased the thrust of the Osprey rotors Version 0.30: Added 2 new tail rotors: -TR7 tail rotor to compliment the Sparrow main rotor. -TR24 tail rotor to compliment the Sea Gull main rotor. Added specially rigged gimbals to main rotors to emulate cyclic. Remodeled the Osprey rotors. Version 0.25: Initial release. Additional Credit: Snjo and RoverDude: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with K.R.X.) Keptin: The sounds were made by Keptin (tweaked by me) and for much of the inspiration of this mod. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  14. So my part is now showing up in the VAB, but I can't seem to selected. Am I correct to assume I forgot the collider in Unity? I can select it, and even attach it, but nothing afterwards.
  15. I swear I saw a mod that adds some smoke generator. or makes fuel tank fume. like this; does anyone have a clue? plz? >not I was looking for; SmokeScreen - Extended FX plugin HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement CoolRockets! Cryo and Launch Particle FX (however this mod is COOL!)
  16. I've redownloaded and gone through the installation several times but whenever I enter the game I can't find the weapons anywhere. For the installation I copied the BDArmory folder which was inside the downloaded Gamedata folder, and pasted it into my KSP installation Gamedata. I've read the installation instructions several times and I am 99% sure that I am doing it correctly. I've looked at other threads but they all seem to be due to an incorrect installation. Is that what could be happening here, or did I break something else? Also if I've left any critical information out please let me know, I'm new to these forums. I also have installed: B9 Aerospace (and others that come with it) Tweakscale JSI Smokescreen Firespitter I'm running on the 64x version
  17. I have installed The Malemude rover pack and the feline industries. I can see the Mods being loaded in the Loading screen, However when I go onto my Sandbox world I cannot see them and I cannot access the parts and I cannot see them. I think it is because it is not creating a new tab for the parts. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  18. PERFORMANCE NOT GUARANTEED IN KF RECOMMEND KF Bounder The Bounder is a forty-ton trophy truck, designed to ride the hills like they're not even there. It reaches speeds upwards of 85m/s on wheel power alone. Its rugged frame-and-skin construction is sure to survive a few rolls. But that is not the best part. Note the trailing arms below the chassis. These are fully active, thanks to the magic of Kerbal Foundries and Infernal Robotics. The Bounder floats over minor lumps and lands lightly from properly-executed jumps. What's more, the suspension is tunable. Tweak compression damping, rebound damping, compression spring strength, ride height, and much more to shoehorn the Bouncer into your style of driving. Out-of-the-box, the Bouncer features the "reckless driver" setup. You can find compression settings at the antigrav repulsor at the end of the trailing arms, and rebound settings under the seats. Articulation! Big jumps! Scale! *Kerbal sold separately. Download
  19. Nuclear Aircraft Engines Download Thermonuclear Turbines on SpaceDock! A new hot way to get into orbit! This is a small engine mod that adds nuclear turbine aircraft engines based off of this concept, Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion, Project Pluto and the similar Soviet program Tupolev Tu-95LAL, also with a little influence from the Choujikuu Yousai Macross anime series and sequels to give two of the engines space capability. The concept behind the engine is that thermal energy is transferred through a heat exchanger into the "can" (combustion section of a turbine) instead of using combustion to rapidly heat up gasses to turn the turbine and provide thrust. Features: Four Engines: M.A.S.A.M.U.N.E., Back Draft, Fire Storm, and Fire Whirl. Example Crafts Custom Sounds Custom FX Current Issues: A few minor bugs I'm working on fixing, otherwise the engines work as it says on the tin. Example Crafts: Harron Sky Fire Corporate Flyer Corporate Flyer II Corporate Flyer III Tin Goose Soru Krane Dragon CHANGE LOG 1.0.12: 1.1.2 Compatible, Updated Module Manager Dependency 1.0.11: 1.1 release, updated packaged *.dll plugins (Module Manager, FireSpitter, Smoke Screen). Minor changes to the Example Craft. 1.0.1P: Fixed location of FX folder, Fixed some issues with Example Craft. 1.0.0P: Release for 1.1 pre. Additional Credit: nli2work: for his awesome propeller meshes. Nazari1382: Hot Rockets (And the tutorial to make my own.) Snjo: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) sarbian: for Module Manager, & Smoke Screen (*.dll Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) RoverDude: for Community Resource Pack (Packaged with Thermal Nuclear) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  20. Is there any flat earth mod? If no, can someone please make one? No, I dont believe in flat earth, just want to have some other kind of experience
  21. Ok, so you have built your 37th space station and keep needing larger stations. You have built monstrous craft to try and find a way to lift most of the station in one go. By the time the craft is done, it contains hundreds of parts. You launch it, and your system starts laughing uncontrollably, and finally manages to say “You want to go where?” That is without any payload yet. If that describes you, then this is for you. You have proved you can do what it takes, you now just want to move on and colonize the universe. This is a single part SSTO cargo hauler. It started out as a Delta Wing, I swear. Don't even ask how it ended up this shape. Any way. It attempts to be all things to all men at all times. It contains most of what you need to get to orbit. I was tired of long thin transport vehicles, so it has a large squarish cargo bay. Still on the flat side, the craft does have to be at least wingish in shape. The top opens up either as 2 gull wings, or as a whole. Some form of mod, like FS hangar Extender, which allows you to build outside the VAB or SPH is highly recommended. It has a large number of attachment nodes on the back to try and satisfy almost any engine configuration you please. Yes I know near the middle, there are 4 pairs of nodes very close together, the reason is so you can either have a circle round the center engine, or the first row in line vertically like the rest. Inside the bay I provided quite a few nodes as well on the front, back, sides and floor. If you have trouble using the nodes inside, I have found, that bringing the camera very close to the node, helps. This can especially be necessary when trying to detach parts once placed. The camera has to be at least inside the bay. Kerbals can enter the bay through the airlock in the bay. There are a set of nodes on the side, but they will most probably not see much use, it is merely as a reference for the one flat area on the center rim, but use it as you please. On the front the nose folds down to reveal more nodes for things like sensors and folded up dish antennas. The center is large enough to fit a standard clamp-o-tron. The front space is cabin and control space, and can hold 20 Kerbals. The sides are for fuel. The built in tanks can be configured with Interstellar Fuel Switch (in fact it is required.) Mono Propellant is always available. Battery’s are built in, as are Solar panels. Reaction Wheel built in, full SAS, and some transmission capability. The plane Body is obviously also a lifting surface. At the moment there are two versions, one that has no control surfaces, the area around the engines provides lots of space to attach such. The second model has the back protrusions removed, and are provided as as control surfaces that can be re-attached. There is only pitch control enabled. Enabling Roll control as well tends to cause problems. Yaw control is envisioned as being attached on the side. (reference .craft file included). Bearing in mind this is a cargo hauler and not a fighter jet, the flywheel does a reasonable job of handling roll control. I decided not to build the RCS into the craft, large payloads, could seriously change the center of mass, and it was better to provide separate RCS blisters. Also I provided rather large Air brakes. I Included wheels, designed for the craft, that can carry the weight. With wheels wells, that smoothly merge with the body, and have a low profile. Two types are provided, the back ones attach to the flat surface at the back. The front ones have their angle and height designed to optimally attachment on the angled surface just a little forward from the flat section which should give you a reasonably level craft. Depending on the weight of you payload, you may have to increase the strength of the brakes in the right click menu, and even maybe play with the friction control. The top and bottom have air scoops that open and close, it is just cosmetic, the air intake is available whether they are open or closed. (have not looked at programing) The Windows have covers to close them for re-entry or retract them, once again just cosmetic. Being one part only, has the draw back that you are very much at the mercy of the system to configure dry and wet Center of Mass and Center of Lift despite config settings. This is where the 3 strange blue blocks come in. They are purely for moving the CoM to a more appropriate point if your payload does not. For that reason I have made the craft lighter than it should be, so don't be shy add some weight if needed. What else? So the craft has pretty decent temperature resistance, because of the nice black coating on the underside and around the leading edge. In fact most of the values in the config files have been boosted quite a bit above the standard. This is a monster after all. That said, this is a Beta. I need feed back, Most chosen values are an attempt at best guess for what would be needed or is appropriate. Please be kind, this is my first attempt at any thing like this. In case it is not monster enough, all the config files have tweak scale statements included, so if you have tweak scale installed, you can scale it up to 400%. It wont fit on the runway, but have at it any way. No ITS yet, I have made the cabin, but that is it. Top View Back View Side View More Images on Imgur Download from Spacedock Download from CurseForge Also available on CKAN now. *********************************** I have recently added support for TAC life support. Unfortunately this ends up filling your resource list with unused clutter if you are not using TAC, so the default config files does not contain the resource statements. To enable it, go to your KSP installation/GamesData/FlyingWing/Parts in there rename the FlyingWingNC.cfg and FlyingWingC.cfg to something like FlyingWingNC.cfg.noTAC and FlyingWingC.cfg.noTAC. Then rename the FlyingWingNC.cfg.TAC and FlyingWingC.cfg.TAC to FlyingWingNC.cfg and FlyingWingC.cfg. Restart the game. **********************************
  22. [1.2.0] KSP KeepFit - A Kerbal In-mission Fitness Degradation and Gee Loading Addon TLDR; A plugin to track kerbal fitness levels and impact their G-tolerance as a result of spending years bunged up in tiny capsules. Summary of Features - All Kerbals have a fitness level - Each capsule has a defined 'activity level' defining the comfort, room, and built-in fitness capabilities for crew in flight. - All Kerbals are now subscribed to a regime of calistheni caliths ... workouts whilst not on missions to recover their fitness levels. - All Kerbals fitness levels go up or down based on their opportunities for exercise (not just active vessel). - In-flight display of Kerbals fitness levels and Gee loading - Kerbals in active vessel are affected by their current Gee loading - Separate tracking of short and longer term Gee loading (1 and 5 seconds, and 1 and 5 minute aggregates), with lower tolerances for longer term Gee overload - Fitness levels impact Gee tolerance - Visible warning if crew experience dangerous Gee loading - Excessive Gee May cause Untimely Death of crew! - Per save configuration settings - Enable or disable KeepFit without removing addon - Crew fitness levels, settings, and Gee data saved in main game persistence file - revert friendly! - 'WimpMode' to turn Fatal Gee into G-Loss of Consciousness (currently notification only). - Truly Ugly full roster view in Tracking Station and VAB/SPH - Uncounted undetected bugs! - Special extra bonus for using Habitat Pack, as Porkworks Centrifuge part is currently the only part configured by default to bestow EXERCISE on crew on missions How to add the KeepFit part module to your parts Whilst KeepFit makes a wild stab in the dark at choosing a reasonable fitness level to apply to crewed parts, you probably want to add your own configs for your favourite parts if you feel they shouldn't be assumed to be 'cramped' (by default all crewed parts are cramped, as per the Mercury quote 'You didn't so much get into it as wear it' (though dammit I can't find the original quote now). Using modulemanager scripts, you add the module which allows the activity level to be defined for a part, which then goes to affect how quickly your crew's fitness degrades. See below for an example. All you have to do is create a .cfg file, and replace the named parts in the example with the part name (from the part.cfg file, not its name in the parts list in the editor), and choose an activity level for strActivityLevel from the available :- CRAMPED COMFY NEUTRAL EXERCISING // slightly better @PART[mk2LanderCabin] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = COMFY } } // even more palatable @PART[cupola] { MODULE { name = KeepFitPartModule strActivityLevel = NEUTRAL } } Download from :- - SpaceDock - GitHub Release Source and Legal Notices Source code on GitHub This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC . If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin . Changes : - Merged fixes for assembly loading/parsing, and additional configs from Kerbas-ad-astra - many thanks. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.2.0 - Many additional part configs courtesy of Kerbas-ad-astra. Many thanks. - Reworked config window for more sane value editing, and to allow editing of baseline Gee tolerance levels. - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.3 - Didn't fix gender issue on Gee message - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1.2 - Release build - Rebuilt for KSP 1.1 release. - Fixed issue with old windows remaining after switching scene (may also have held onto other resources as a result!) - Debug build - extra logspam for debugging/error reporting uses. - Rebuilt and fixed up for KSP 1.1 prerelease. - Added configs for CrewTubes 1.25m airlock and 2.5m airlock stock parts (I can't even remember!) - contributed with thanks by Fraz! - Added configs for HGR, AIES, CX parts, kindly contributed by @Fraz86, @EvilMurk, @Kerbas-ad-astra - Fixed (again) dupe of OKS_Habring in config - Fixed window spam issue where multiple instances of windows would appear when clicking a button for a window which is already open. - Interopability between KeepFit and GeeEffects mod, courtesy of SerTheGreat, many thanks - Merged in blk2007 addition of missing KeepFit config for the Akademy. - Rebuilt against KSP 1.0.5 - Rebuilt on 1.0.4 and updated compatibility in version info - Removed applauncher detector code (for testing purposes, shouldn't have been released) - Recompiled for KSP 1.0.3 - Fixed bug causing CLS not to be properly detected, and exceptions thrown when using CLS support. - Added optional support for ConnectedLivingSpace - if CLS is installed, config can be set so that Kerbals are assumed to have access to the 'best' location for ActivityLevel in the space that is accessible to them according to CLS. - Switched applauncher icon to DDS. - Added activity level description to VAB/SPH parts browser - Added extra toggle to config - useBestPartOnVessel - if set to true KeepFit assumes Kerbals can go to the best location on the vessel to keepfit. - Fixed persistence bug which was resulting in vessels losing their components activity levels - Added excellent configs for 1.0 stock additions, NearFuture and Stockalike Station Parts contributed by @FRaz86. - Shortened the partmodule context menu label. - Included profession in crew roster ui.[/LIST] - Fixed Gee effects kerbal killer being enabled even when KeepFit has not been enabled for the game save! (I killed Jeb in *my own* career game!) - 1.0.2 Compatibility rebuild, no other changes. - 1.0.0 Compatibility rebuild - 0.90.0 Compatibility, added minimum landed gee (default 0.05g) for landed state to imply 'exercising' - other changes see github - MainWindow is no longer an exclusive appLauncher button, so it can be moved around and kept etc, and also hiding mainWindow via the appLauncher no longer hides all the child windows - Reworked UI to be almost nice, and confirmed major functionality working - Fixed lack of fitness updates whilst in spacecenter scene, changed spacecenter button behavior to show fitness roster window, de spammed the logging on the debug build somewhat, and tidied up the applaunch icon. - Added support for ksp-avc/mini-avc, and switched to a compatible versioning scheme 0.2-alpha - Updated to use ksp 0.25 for build, removed module manager from package, switched to using app launcher, otherwise just as broken as previously. 1.0.43 - Removed some unnecessary debug log-spam, and enabled plugin during tracking station + space center scenes, as well as flight, as time passing in these scenes has become 'real' in 0.23.5 1.0.43 - Many cycles of pain later, appveyor is partially working again, though dumping packages always into the same destination 1.0.33rc1 - Interim manual build due to build host plosion - removed debug infinite fuel bobbins, modulemanager dll, and toolbar from distribution zip 1.0.28 - Moved modulemanager dll to the correct place in the installation bundle 1.0.27 - Scrubbed up the roster window (VAB/SPH/Tracking Station) to use the same style as the in-flight display, made crew displays a togglable dropdown for space, and added an all vessels display to in-flight, plus fixed a save bug 1.0.26 - Fixed bug resulting in parts not picking up their specified activityLevel correctly 1.0.25 - Removed egregious 'helloworld' window from KeepFitPartModule in-flight UI 1.0.17 - 1.0.24 - Battled the beast that is AppVeyor ([URL][/URL]) to get automated build + package generation 1.0.11 - 1.0.16 - KeepFitPartModule now contains definition of activityLevel on attached part, vessel takes 'best' activity level among component parts - Landed vessels now take activityLevel to EXERCISING - In-flight UI inspired by/copied from (ish) Alternate Resource Panel. Now displays Gee loading breakdown + fitness of active vessel crew - Fixed it, broke it, fixed it (repeat x99)
  23. Hi, I figure I can post my notes about KSP's CommNet, given the namespace of CommNet is sort of large to sift through and no one has posted on CommNet yet. Organisation of KSP CommNet The entire CommNet feature is mainly consisted of CommNetUI, CommNetwork and CommNetVessel, along with a bunch of support classes and data structures CommNetUI is the user interface where a player is seeing and interacting with. This class has the method of interest, UpdateDisplay(), which draws every connection and shows/hides some or all connections, depending on the mode (FirstHop, VesselLinks, Network etc) the player selected. CommNetwork is subclass of the abstract class, Net, which is data-oriented class itself with multiple lists of different types, such as Link, Data and Occluder. This CommNetwork class manages and operates a global network of all CommNode (vessels) and CommLink (connections) objects. For example, the potential connectivity of a pair of two vessels is tested by SetNodeConnection() according to the connection and range rules. Every vessel (Debris, Rover, Flag etc) has the variable 'connection' of CommNetVessel class. This class has a number of methods that are releated to the vessel itself. For example, the class's CalculatePlasmaMult() calculates the multipler of the radio blackout of the reentrying vessel. CommNetScenario is responsible for starting up the CommNetwork and CommNetUI and disabling/enabling CommNet according to Game's settings. Support CommNet class CommNetNetwork seems to be a service layer where vessel and body data are added to and removed from CommNetork. It regularly fires a chain of health-check events for the CommNet. Relevant data structures of the CommNet CommNetHome is a ground station, whose data includes the body, alt, lat and lon. CommNetBody is a celestial body, whose occluder is supplied for CommNetwork to check if the connection is occluded between two vessels. CommNetVessel is a data structure attached to every vessel, even a debris (of course it is null). It has an unused variable of signalDelay, presumed a little gift for a certain mod. It also has a number of network-processing methods you can override: OnNetworkInitialized(), OnNetworkPostUpdate(), OnNetworkPreUpdate() and UpdateComm(). CommNode is analogous to a node of a graph. It has some information about antennas, remote-control capability. It is stored in the CommNetwork. The class conveniently provides a comparer, IEqualityComparer<CommNode>. Likewise, CommLink is analogous to an edge of a graph. It contains some information about the vessel-pair connection, such as the signal strength, relay capability of each node. CommPath, implied by its name, is a order-sequence of CommLink. How to substitute KSP's CommNet for your own CommNet Subclass CommNetUI to write your interface Subclass CommNetwork to create your own connection rules Subclass CommNetScenario to replace the KSP's stock CommNetwork and CommNetUI instances with your own subclasses above. You can also override OnLoad and OnSave for your CommNet data. You will need the KSPScenario tag to let KSP know it should run your CommNetScenario subclass instead of the stock CommNetScenario. Subclass CommNetVessel to write your communication behaviour for each vessel. KSP will automatically substitute the stock CommNetVessel for yours. Bug (Squad is aware of this now): CommNetNetwork class has the hard-coded CommNetwork instance in ResetNetwork() so subclass this class to fix it and then replace it in your CommNetScenario subclass (via reflection, singleton or FindObjectOfType)
  24. I started a thread back in the day when I was first experiencing KSP. It was called something like "Should we make a community planets pack?". As far as I remember, there was an overwhelming support for the idea. So I decided, a few months later, that I will install Kopernicus and start the mod. All I need is for you to give me suggestions and fill the poll. I will like to hear your responses! Also, here is the system that I will make for your planet to be implemented to the mod: I will make a thread asking the community to send their planets (obviously made with kopernicus) I will review the planet to make sure no bad stuff is inside it I will feature the planet in the mod's thread I will implement the planet into the mod! I might change it (of course)
  25. Hello! I've put together an image of some planets I have spent the last 2 weeks making. I would like to ask you guys whether I should compile this and turn it into a mod for you to use. The only reason I am asking this is because the creation is still in its beta/early stages. There are only 5 planets, though they are mostly complete (still lacking biome maps for three of them). I'll add a poll and the images below so you can make a vote!