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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, I'm Clockwork, and I'm starting a mod on plant science based experiments. There are however a few problems with my endeavor to create a good mod, one of them being my inability to model and another being my complete lack of understanding of how to export a MU file from Unity. If you want to help me create some good models (I'm looking at all those blender magicians out there) you can just upload them to the github repository I created for this mod. If you understand how to make a MU file, PLEASE let me know! That is the only thing that I'm missing to make this mod a reality. Who doesn't want to grow potatoes on Dunna? Or Raddishes, (different from Radishes) in orbit of Kerbol? We've all wanted to get Jeb Stuck on Dunna Right? Then when you did it and realized that you were missing potatoes, all the fun was gone, right? Lets make this a reality, KSP community! I'm looking for recruits for the ClockworkModdingTeam (name subject to change) so if you want to be part of a modding group, this may be an option for you. You basically just need a GitHub account and Unity, and if you want to be a modeler, just whatever modeling software you prefer. There may be slight time difference on updates with this mod because I am in Korea, but since were all internet savvy here (or at least I hope we are ) it shouldn't be that much of an issue. This concludes my initial post on the development of the Kerbal Botany Expansion. Sorry almost forgot: Repository In GitHub Note: Modding is what a normal person does, and Moding is when you can't spell
  2. If you don't develop or test KSP mods then you may stop reading now. This mod has no value for a regular KSP player. For those who do develop mods this mod may have some value. It basically consists of several independent parts: KSPDev LogConsole - v0.13.1. A mod that intercepts stock game logging output and presents it a bit more friendly. It also can persist it to disk so what you don't loose logs from the previous runs. Also, logs are persisted into three files: INFO, WARNING, and ERROR (configurable via settings file). This allows quick navigation between key events in the game. See more information here. Some screenshots are here. Also, read the Wiki. KSPDev Utils - v0.20.0. An assembly with a bunch of useful methods that may make your life easier (or harder, you never know). Basically, it's a constantly extending library of best practices and common tasks implementations. It's distributed under Public Domain license, so you don't need to bring whole binary into your project: you may just copy paste the code you need right into your code base. See more information here. Help on the API is here. KSPDev ReleaseBuilder - v2.0.0. A handy Python script that gathers mod's binaries and resources into a siognle ZIP archive suitable for release. Script does building and automatically updates MinIAVC version files based on data from AssemblyInfo.cs. Release project can be configured either via JSON settings file or directly from the Python code. How to install KSPDev LogConsole. From CKAN (highly recommended): Install and run CKAN. Search for "LogConsole" or "KSPDev", then install the mod. Occasionally run CKAN client to update LogConsole to the latest version. Manually (discouraged): Download latest release archive from Github and extract into GameData. Ensure all exiting files are deleted. Do not just copy over! By default console is activated via ` (back quote) key. It's configurable via KSPDev.settings file (sorry, I didn't put comments there). KSPDev Utils. If you like reusing code via copy/paste then: Read the docs, find the module, copy the code, have fun, and add a Like to this post. If you prefer using pre-built assemblies then: Get latest DLL and docs XML from Github (note that releases are usually a bit behind the trunk). Add the assembly into your project as a reference. If you use a modern IDE then IntelliSense and help topics should become available. Always put the DLL into the same folder as your mod, this way you'll never get hit by a versions hell. KSPDev ReleaseBuilder. Download latest release archive from Github (look for tag "builder"). From the sources archive extract path\KSPDev-builder_2.0.0\Sources\ReleaseBuilder. Copy Python script into your repository and setup project settings. See Wiki for the help and examples. Mods that use KSPDev Utils: KAS 1.0 Beta Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) can be your mod... License All code and binaries are distributed under Public Domain license. You're absolutely not restricted! Location Github repository.
  3. Sorry everybody, but this project is lost (My computer's harddrive broke, and I didn't store this on cloud ) Hello everybody. GGKSPMC here. Have you ever been annoyed by CurseForge, or just can't find the right place to upload all of your mods? Well, I am developing a AWESOME alternative to all of those modding websites. This modding website is going to be called GameModHub. Here is a GIF of GameModHub: or at [fileSize is 2mb, so sometimes the browser will say 404 . You guys may be worried that GameModHub will end up like Well, I will have high paying advertisements and premium accounts kind of like reddit or Curse, except that I will not go overboard on the ads because everyone hates ads! The maximum mod file size will be 500MB without a premium account, and 1gb with a premium account. I hope everyone is excited for GameModHub, because I AM! Please do not comment on things like hosting and bandwith because I have already dealt with all of that :D. Below is my development checklist BOLD: Not worked on yet, most will be worked on when the website is online [IM USING MAMP] Italic: Being worked on, beta feature Strikethrough: Finished Underlined: Never gonna happen until the website gets 2000000 users. HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT Most images Server side code PHP AJAX Uploading mods Virus detecting (Will need moderators to test the mods for viruses) ADS (not a bloody ton of ads. just one ad per page, what other way will I get close to enough money to run a modding website?) Usernames Premium Comments Forums Blogs Wikis Server list Please suggest more features for this website! Please also do not troll anyone on this post, and please be motivational! UPDATE LOGS: ALPHA 1: Nice design/style ALL CSS/HTML worked on Currently Working On: Html/Css [because I need to make it even better] MORE RESPONSIVE JAVASCRIPT!!! Reducing file size SOON I WILL BE DONE WITH BLODDY PHP GameModHub Badges for badgers [PLEASE PUT INTO YOUR FORUM SIGNATURES!!! THANKS!]: User:
  4. Here you will find all the necessary tools as well as tutorials, guides and snippets of info relevant to KSP modding. If you come across any information that you think should be added to this thread please post a reply here. Before you start: 1. Please visit the General Add-on Affairs forum and check out member requests. It's better if you make something that people actually want. 2. Read all links marked as "Important" ================ Table of Contents ================ 1. List of Free and Open Source Tools 1.1 Modding Tools 1.2 Other Tools 2. Not-So-Free Tools 3. Modding Reference Material 4. Modding Information Links 4.1 Common Problems and Solutions 4.2 General Information 4.3 Modelling 4.4 Texturing 4.5 Licensing 4.6 Video Tutorials 4.7 Text Tutorials 4.8 Miscellaneous 4.9 Unity/Configs 4.10 Addons For Modders 4.11 Plugin Development =============================== List of Free and Open Source Tools =============================== MODDING TOOLS Unity - Game engine This is where you rig, animate, and otherwise set up and compile the part files. Important - YOU MUST USE UNITY 4.2.2 or earlier. Newer Unity versions do not support legacy animation which are still used by KSP.Part tools: 0.23 Part Tools thread Other FloatCurve Editor - A unity package for visualising and designing FloatCurves for your configuration files. Also read the KSP floatCurves guide MBM to PNG texture converter - Unity script. Can convert whole folders including subfolders I recommend you read the 0.23 and 0.20 Part Tools posts by Mu, they are very informative. If you're having trouble unzipping on a Mac, look here. Blender - Full featured 3D editor. Used for creating the 3D assets and animating. Can also be used for texturing, rendering stills and video. Blender Plugins: Taniwha's mu Import/Export MultiEdit - Allows you to edit a group of separate objects as a single object. Very useful for unwrapping multiple models on a single texture. KSPBlender - Blender addon for importing .craft files. Blender Bundled Plugins: You might need to enable these in Preferences. Print3D - Calculates volume (useful for judging resource capacity) and surface area of mesh objects, as well as does other things useful if you're making models for 3D printing. GIMP - Raster graphics editor The best free program for creating textures and other graphics. GIMP Plugins: NormalMap plugin - Generate normal maps from greyscale bump maps. Krita - Raster graphics editor Includes some very useful tools not found in GIMP. Check out the features page .MaPZone - Procedural texture generator Very powerful texture generator with a compositing interface DDS4KSP - KSP to DDS texture converter Use this to allow KSP to load textures faster. Inkscape - Vector graphics editor UV layouts exported from Blender can be edited with this. It's also useful as a secondary program for textures if you need to create precision curves. xNormal - Texture generator You can generate normals maps, and various masks for your textures. NVidia Melody - Normal map baking program Bake normal maps from high-poly models. NormalMap-Online Online tool for generating Normal, Displacement, Ambient Occlusion and Specular maps Meshlab - Mesh editor You can use this to convert various mesh types. Notepad++ - Text editor Use this for editing configuration files. Change language to python to identify bracket pairs and collapse/extend modules. Hexplorer - Hex editor You can use this to spec the components of compiled mu files. DO NOT EDIT FILES unless you know what you're doing. OTHER TOOLS Open Broadcaster Software- Video capture / Streaming Self explanatory. You can use it to showcase your mod. Lightworks - Full featured video editing program Edit and add effects to your videos. Requires registration, however it really is the best free editor out there. ================ Not-So-Free Tools ================ Quixel dDo - Procedural texture generator that adapts to the shape of your model. The old legacy version is free but it requires Photoshop, which is not free. Link is at the bottom. Direct link ======================== Modding Reference Material ======================== Blender Model Donation - Donate or download unused models started by other forum members. NASA 3D Resources - Copyright-free models and textures. Important. The models are too high poly to use directly. Linear aerospike MiG-105 Spiral photos Dragon RCS in action Kennedy Space Center - Lots of great photos of NASA vehicles. Shuttle flight deck and Shuttle lower deck interactive high-res 360 panoramas. Launch Photography - Various space- and spacehip-related photos. Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center Nasa audio - For sound editors. Scroll down for links to huge archives of mission transmissions, rocket and shuttle sounds, and "sounds" of space phenomena. ======================== Modding Information Links ======================== COMMON PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS Invisible mesh / Models not updating Invisible mesh / Models too small Stack nodes not attaching Part with animation not loading Empty Resource containers have negative cost Rescaled models revert to original size Cannot edit/create emissive animations - Unity downgrade tutorial Infinite resource usage Curved geometry boolean operations and shader issues / Vertex normals issues - Whole thread is very worth the read. GENERAL INFORMATION Stock Parts List Part Modelling Guidelines - Out of date / almost never updated. CFG File Documention on the wiki Modding information page from before the forum wipe - Download of the old page MODELLING Kerbal EVA model hierarchy - useful for people who want to modify the Kerbal EVA model / animation itself Part orientations in the VAB, SPH, and Unity - Image Part scaling with rescaleFactor A rough model of a Kerbal for modelling reference Basic Blender tutorial for making a propellent tank - by Technical ben Triangle count for parts snippet Cylinder face numbers Lots of snippets, read the entire thread Kerbal stair-climbing ability: staircase step height KSP vs. Blender coordinate systems - by orson / MKSheppard; in essence, Blender uses Z+/Z- for up/down, but Unity uses Y+ and Y- instead TEXTURING MBM to PNG texture converter - Unity script. Can convert whole folders including subfolders MBMUtilities - Standalone converter. For single or groups of files. MBM to PNG or TGA; TGA or PNG back to MBM Intermediate Texturing Guide Intermediate Texturing Guide - Panels and Edge Damage Texture Format Information - Worth giving the whole thread a read. Important DDS Quick Guide - Important Please use DDS! Fixing texture seams (gaps in the texture on the model) Memory usage of textures Creating a normal map Normal map file naming - Very important with relation to memory usage Importing models, Generating UV's, Editing and Exporting to .DDS in Photoshop CS6 ext LICENSING All addons posted on any official Squad website must have a license - Forum Rule 4.2 License Selection Guide VIDEO TUTORIALS Twitch Broadcasts by RoverDude - Lots of videos showing the workflow for part modding from start to finish: Model and Art concept, modelling, animating, UV unwrapping, map baking, texturing stockalike style. Good comments + voiced thoughts. Tutorial: Unity and Part Tools Setup + Model/Texture Import, Setup and Export to KSP - video by Tiberion Series by Nifty255 - This covers the very basics. Vol. 1 Ep. 2 - Game Models and Textures - This covers proper model and texture setup in Blender, setup and exporting through Unity, and even goes into setting up animations. and - These two cover things on the programming side: modules, plugins, .dlls, etc. - How KSP saves and loads its data, from part configs, to ship designs, to entire game saves. Tutorials by nli2work Discussion thread for the following tutorials. - Exterior/Interior Unity setup; export to KSP; slight config error near the end. ~1hr - Error corrected and explained; External/Internal basic function checks ~15min - Spawning IVA in Unity; populating IVA with Props and Light ~35m - Internal Props; ~16min - Basic Engine setup; with Emissive, Gimbal, and Fairing - Engine setup with EFFECT{} Plugin Tutorials by Cybutek TEXT TUTORIALS Making a simple engine in Wings 3D, from start to finish. MISCELLANEOUS Official Unity tutorials Unity Layers and Tags KSP floatCurves guide - Important for many Part Modules Important A snippet on ISP and fuel density Creating a new resource Stock Parts Costs and Balance Spreadsheet for 0.24 FlagDecal, Docking port IDs, PNG Unity import bug Unofficial 0.25 modding info UNITY/CONFIGS Getting started Unity to KSP: A Detail Tutorial - written by Kerbtrek Part Tools 0.20, Blender, Unity and KSP - written by Cheebsta Example Config file for loading a .Mu file into the game - written by Tiberion TUTORIAL: Getting Started With Unity - written by Nutt007, includes a video for 0.15 Tutorial:Making and asset from start to finish Air Intakes Intakes for jet engines Intake area explanation Airlock (Actually a hatch, but it's called an airlock in KSP) Adding airlocks and ladders to parts - Airlock collider must extend beyond the ladder collider to allow the click menu. Airlock positioning 1 Airlock positioning 2 Airlock positioning 3 Animation Blender to Unity animation tutorial - written by Xellith Exporting an Animation from Blender Looped animation Anim Switch details for repeating animation in reverse Repeating animation in reverse - Old Start point in animation for VAB snippet Attach nodes (Radial attachment) Transform-based NODE{} - New better way. Requires srFix .Radial attach coordinates - Old way Tweaking attach nodes snippets - Old way Collision meshes Collision Mesh snippets Normal mesh use Exploding Kerbals Cargo Bays NoAttach tag - Prevents surface attachment for specific colliders. Contract Testing ModuleTestSubject Control Surfaces Creating a control surface Decouplers Decoupler modules Docking Ports Adding a docking node in Unity Stock Docking Port in Unity - Image Docking port IDs "Control from here" for docking ports - Useful if your part alignment is different from your docking port direction. Emissive textures Emissive tutorial - new thread - written by CardBoardBoxProcessor Emissive tutorial - old thread - written by CardBoardBoxProcessor Setting up an emissive on a light - Big pictures Stopping toggleable emissives showing up lit in VAB/SPH thumbnails Looping an emissive Throttle-response emissive snippet If you have problems with the latest Unity version Engines See Video Tutorials above first. [HOWTO] Airbreathing Engines in KSP 1.0 Quick how-to on setting up a thrustTransform for an Engine Snippet on thrustTransforms Unity hierarchy for Gimballing nozzles ModuleGimbal and ModuleJettison - config settings. Trouble shooting why an engine might not work Multiple nozzles Example - Unity package and compiled part with config. Engine Fairings See Video Tutorials above first. To make fairings in VAB/SPH thumbnail invisible, set the fairing objects tag to Icon_Hidden. You will need to create a new tag to do this. Example image of the tag Removing the fairings from stock engines See above for an example engine. Flag Decal Flag decal module Positioning the decal GameDatabase 0.20+ specific config extras IVA See Video Tutorials above first. IVA Tutorial - written by TouhouTorpedo - old? 0.17 IVA tutorial - I have no idea if this is still relevant, I've not tried to do any IVA's Alternate camera for IVA portraits Stock IVA orientation reference Ladders Adding airlocks and ladders to parts Landing gear Discussion of a WIP landing gear. Lots of useful information Stock Landing Gear in Unity - Image Landing gear snippets - Spread out through the thread Landing legs Animated Landing leg w/ suspension tutorial 0.22 Landing Leg module in Unity - Image Launch stability enhancer / Launch tower Launch Clamp How-To (Tutorial) FASA Launch Tower tutorial Lights Some tips for setting up lights Model definition Replacing "mesh" with "MODEL{}" Scaling attach nodes with MODEL{} Parachutes Stock Parachute in Unity - Image Components of a parachute RCS RCS Tutorial Rover wheels Wheel rigging, setup and fault finding - Video tutorial. Guide with Unity scene example Stock Rover Wheel in Unity - Image Changing wheel torque Science Science and mods! Solar Panels Stock Folding Solar Panels in Unity- Image Setting up suntracking solar panels Powercurve explanation Sounds Using EFFECTS nodes to play custom sounds How to get custom sounds to play without a plugin - Pre-0.23 info Stack nodes Transform-based NODE{} - Allows you to easily add nodes with transforms. Makes angled nodes easier to implement. Temperature Quick guide to temperature rules Textures and Shaders Adding a normal map Faking detail with a normal map Fixing unwanted texture transparency Unwanted transparent faces Potential fixes for incorrect shading PNG versus TGA loading time Welding Example of using 0.20+ MODEL{} modules to combine parts MODEL{} tutorial - Learn How to Weld! - written by johnsonwax - GONE! MODEL{} tutorial - Intermediate Welding and Part Scaling - written by johnsonwax Wings Wing creation mini tutorial ADDONS FOR MODDERS These addons extend the functionality available for mod creators and help with mod development Tools DevHelper - Bypass main menu to automatically load any saved game LoadOnDemand - Important. Loads textures as needed, reducing the memory footprint and speeding up load times without loss of quality. Not actively developed but community fix is available. ModuleMirror - Mirror symmetry for asymmetrical parts Part Icon Fixer & Tweaks - Rescales part icons in the VAB and SPH to more appropriate sizes. RCS Build Aid - Provides visual clues about ship movement under thrust from RCS or engines. Great for if you're making replica ships srFix - Important. A fix for the currently non-functioning NODE{} HINGE_JOINTs. Mods Adaptive Docking Node - Create non-androgynous docking ports or ones that attach to more than one port size/type. BDArmoury - Includes a .50 cal turret unity package as an example if you want to make your own weapons Community Resource Pack - Community-defined resources. Check in here before defining a new resource. Connected Living Space / Config How-To - API for inhabitable areas and passable/impassable parts. DMagic Module Science Animate - versatile plugin for science experiments Ferram Aerospace Research / Deriving FAR values for a wing using Blender Firespitter / Firespitter Module Documentation - various aircraft-related modules as lots of others. HotRockets! - Particle FX Replacement Infernal Robotics / How to make robotic parts - Create controllable robotic parts that rotate or translate. JSIPartUtilities - Let's you toggle meshes and colliders on and off, and other things Kerbaloons / How to make your own balloon part using KerBalloons - Create baloons Kethane - Majir restricts the use of some modules Modular Fuel Tanks - Create user-configurable resource tanks. Module Manager - allows patching of configs at runtime without overwriting OpenParticleEmitter - Kethane-derived alternate particles module. Source code only Open Resource System - Karbonite (An open Kethane alternative) uses this. Also see Community Resource Pack Raster Prop Monitor - Configure aircraft and spaceship monitors in IVA Real Fuels - Makes resources and their measurements based on real science. SmokeScreen - Extended FX plugin Texture Animation Util - Scrolls textures on a mesh randomly or smoothly. Toolbar - Add a visible toollbar button to your plugin PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT I would love someone with Plugin experience to point out helpful threads for this Add-on Posting Rules CompatibilityChecker - Source code for plugin authors to implement a checker that shows a message if their mod is incompatible with the user's version of KSP and/or Unity KSP API Documentation Official PartModule Documentation Starting out on Plugins KSP Plugin Framework - Plugin Examples and Structure - by TriggerAu, very recent and up to date Example plugin projects to help you get started - by TaranisElsu The official unoffical help a fellow plugin developer thread Wiki page on Plugins Creating your first module - on the Wiki Info on spawning objects and applying gravity - Includes example code, links to more examples, and some useful hints. How to animate a part with multiple animations? Great info on Kerbal transforms, bones, rig, FSM, states (ragdoll, idle, sumble, run etc) Some really good info on writing Unity CG shaders. Even if you're not going to write a custom shader yourself, it still gives you a great insight into what the various bits of the KSP shaders actually control and output. Info on loading and using custom shaders into KSP Misc Plugin Information Kethane Code Snippet for an incorrect installation warning. Public domain license.
  5. Hello! As I am new to these forums, I was unsure where to post this query. But, as of late, I have been trying to figure out if it is possible for someone to add modded language files, for more obscure, or extinct, languages. I already checked the wiki, to no avail. Does anyone here know how to modify, or add new, language files in KSP? Thanks in advance.
  6. How do I make custom sounds?
  7. How do I make custom sounds?
  8. I have questions relating on the incompatibility of addons with newer versions of ksp. If I have unity and visual studio, also blender, if I say I want to update a mod for personal use, according to the licenses and have the full right to make any modifcations as long as I give credit to the owner and do not benefit financialy for personal gain the owner has that right . so how do I update it, because some of the mods work with the newer version and some parts are broken. like wheels with the 1.1 version . or communications with the 1.2 update . and if I misspelled anything please disregard.
  9. Hi, A long time ago I modelled some electric propeller engines for Infernal Robotics, but due to work commitments never got around to implementing them. Now that I have free time again, I was wondering what options I have in terms of modules / plugins to bring them to life? Here's a pic of the engines: What I would like is for the engines to consume EC based on their RPM, rather than their current throttle setting. The throttle would then give a percentage thrust from zero to the maximum that RPM could deliver (by having an animation control blade pitch), allowing for instant throttle response like rocket engines. Does anybody know of a good way to achieve this with either stock modules or Firespitter? From my searches, FSengine could do what I want, but from testing it seems EC is still dependent on the throttle, which I don't want, or at least would prefer there to be a minimum EC the engine consumes. Also, there does not appear to be any fuel consumption indicator on the module, and its RPM modifier looks to be broken. Thanks -Zodius
  10. How do you use the "EngineFX" module in an engine config with multiple nozzles? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
  11. Is there a mod that adds wet or dry workshop (1) capabilities to the game? I did Google it, but Google searching for mods is pretty unreliable (All I found was a very outdated one). Is there a more up to date one that I missed? (1): Wet: Having astronauts spent fuel tanks to be habitable while they are in orbit Dry: Giving the fuel tanks the capability to do this while they are on the ground still, then launching them and autonomously converting them (no astronauts)
  12. I can't find a way to have my Kerbal seat (custom one, that i made) to have the Tag when it is in use, appear used. It always appear like there is no one seated in there! Is there any flag i must discriminate in unity after i export the .mu file? Like it have in stairs (Tag Ladder, and Part Triggers in layer 21). Can any one help me?
  13. I'm just learning to write part.cfg files. I'm not ready to dive into part modeling yet, so I've been "borrowing" existing parts (Squad and 3rd party). A couple of things I built work really well and I'd like to share them. Is borrowing parts considered rude (or actually illegal)? Thanks!
  14. Solar Cycle Simulator (SCS) Hello everyone! Whitecat here, creator of the Historic Missions contract pack, Orbital Decay plugin and the Boat Navigation Plugin. Here I present to you a small project which I required as an addon to my Orbital Decay mod. This plugin simply generates and tracks the constantly changing solar cycles of the sun, this can be used in conjunction with RSS or a Stock game. This however is more of a tool for modders than an actual plugin, installed on its own it will simply track and display information on the solar cycle in the Tracking Station, but together with some programming skills a mod maker could create accurate (realistic) solar flare, coronal mass ejection, solar storm or other interesting solar activity based plugins. For Players: Simply download the pack and install the GameData folder into your GameData directory; remember this does not add much appart from a small tracking station UI! (It is also a dependency of Orbital Decay). Download: Dropbox For Mod Makers: Download the pack from the link above and install into your GameData directory, remember that this pack will be a dependency of any mods you create using it, so ensure you provide a link to this page for the latest release. You can include the latest version of this plugin as a reference in your C# development project, from this you will be able to access the following functions: (limited at the moment I know, but bear with me and I will add some more!) The following can be retrievied by using for example: SCSManager.FetchCurrentF107() or SCSManager.FetchCurrentAp() Here are the available functions: Of course there are more Static functions in the code but these will require a little digging into the source but it should be relatively easy for anyone to find anything you are looking for! As I said this is a little bare-bones at the moment, I will include more functions as time progresses and if anyone takes an interest in this small tool! License: This code is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) creative commons license.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm Allshamnoboom, new to modding KSP and want to create some airplane parts in style of WW2. I finished the moddeling part of my first cockpit model so far and wanted to set it up in unity first before I'm starting with the texture. My problem now is, that KSP didn't find my model for the IVA. One thing I tried was to use/refer to a stock IVA model --> this worked The setup config and unity hierarchy of my parts was created according to the video tutorial by nli2work. here is the log file entry after launch of KSP: [LOG 22:45:23.162] PartLoader: Compiling Internal Space 'WW2/Parts/Spaces/_internal/CockpitIVA' [EXC 22:45:23.167] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object PartLoader.ReplaceTextures (UnityEngine.GameObject model, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 textureNames, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 newTextures) PartLoader.CompileModel (.UrlConfig cfg, .ConfigNode partCfg, Single scaleFactor, .AvailablePart partInfo) PartLoader.LoadInternalSpace (.UrlConfig urlConf) PartLoader+.MoveNext () UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:StartCoroutine(IEnumerator) :MoveNext() This is the log file entry on the runway: [LOG 22:46:06.206] Cannot find InternalPart 'CockpitIVA' [ERR 22:46:06.207] Cannot add an InternalPart: Cannot find internal of name 'CockpitIVA' I don't know what to do anymore. I hope someone of you guys can help me.
  16. I'm looking for instructions on how to use new Part Tools for KSP 1.1 for part creation. Besides Nifty255's intro video and creating KSPedia entries by BahamutoD i haven't found anything resembling a setup guide. With old Part Tools 0.23 it was straightforward as adding ksp script component with KSP > Part Tools to game object, setting up output folders and pressing "write" button. Now there are two entries "KSPAssets.KSPedia" and "KSPAssets.Loaders". I assume " KSPAssets.Loaders" is right way to go, but rest is just "white noise" to me. I don't get it - there are many plugins and part packs updated for KSP 1.1+ but none of the tutorials for new Part Tools ???
  17. So I have this problem where my custom-made star is shining too bright on my spaceship for my view. Is there a way to change the color/opacity a star gives on your spaceships? Like the ambient color that reflects on your spaceship when you create an atmosphere? The light of the star is not just TOO bright on my spaceship, but also on the planets orbiting around my custom star. My star file:
  18. Hello, I am new to modding KSP and I am having some difficulty that maybe the community could help me with. I am trying to get the surface area of the vehicle but to do that, I either need the activevessel radius (in cases of simple rockets) or a List<Part> parts that contains the current parts attached to the vehicle that I could then use to make an educated guess as to the vessels radius (for more complex ships as 3 Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tanks are likely to be side by side, etc.). Right now, I am assuming rockets can be approximated by cylinders as getting the true shape of the vessel would be a nightmare. The problem is that when looking through the API calls, I don't see anything references to vessel radius and when I call; public List<Part> parts_ = new List<Part>(); parts_ = FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.GetActiveParts(); Debug.Log("\n\nVessel parts are: " + + "\n\n"); Visual Studio errors on: Error 11 The type 'UnityEngine.EventSystems.IPointerClickHandler' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'UnityEngine.UI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. c:\users\joshua\documents\visual studio 2013\Projects\KSP_Wind\KSP_Wind\Class1.cs 92 27 KSP_Wind I am not using any GUI options and my includes are: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using KSP; I know that the error is coming from <Part> because when I change it to public List<String> parts_ = new List<String>(); I no longer get that error. (I know I'll get another because String is incompatible with FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.GetActiveParts();). I am unsure how to correct this issue nor am I even sure that I am on the correct track on how to either get the vessel radius or the list of currently attached parts. I greatly appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.
  19. Please can some one tell me what is wrong with this Stations please? And yes l did put them into RemoteTech Settings.cfg. Please tell me what is wrong with this.
  20. So, I'm planning to start making mods and have some ideas. I'm good with .cfg files, but horrible at texturing and average at .dll's. Does anyone want to help me with this? If so, thanks a bunch!
  21. So I'm making modding videos as I go and i hope they help. They are long for one purpose: Completion First one: Mig-15 Intake (Sketchup exporting, blender ajusting and uv mapping (Texturing in GIMP), blender exporing, unity to ksp and light ANIMATION) Enjoy! PS:This one is long because of one reason: details and completion in my next videos i'l skip the modelling and texturing part(i'l make a separate one for that). Video Nº1 Second one: Jet engine with nozzling(Better in video nº3) and fan/turbine spinning animation. Video Nº2 Third one: THE ONE THAT HAS BEEN BUGGING ME FOR A WEEK. Stockalike "Whiplash" and (partially) panther-like animations! I figured them out. Enjoy! (Panther one still needs further development) Video Nº3 Fourth one: KSP IVA's and Firespitter Engines Video Nº4 Fifth one: BDArmory Guns tutorial. Video Nº5
  22. I noticed that when you use the forum's feature to insert a code block, the dialog box gives you the following choices for languages to pick for syntax highlighting: No Syntax Highlighting C CSS HTML Javascript PHP SQL XML Note C# is prominently missing from that list, and I'd suspect it's the most likely one people are using. In these fora a lot of talk between KSP modders is going on, especially in the KSP mod help forum where modders help new modders out. I know you're using a third-party forums tool here, but maybe they have a package that adds more options there to that list?
  23. Ok, so I grabbed ASET props to put together a custom IVA for the new MK1 pod, but I cant find any unity files or tutorials on the subject. Could someone nudge me towards the answer?
  24. I have an idea for a mod that adds modular cubes to build rockets with. I have everything planned out and I know how to write the code. I ran into the problem of the .mu files being really hard to create. I spent half the day trying to figure it out and was unable to. I was wondering if anyone could do the exporting for me (I have the .dae files). The models are here Feel free to tell me any ideas you have for this mod. Please send me the files through drop box.
  25. Okay , your first thought might be, Hey this isnt a tutorial!, well your right, it isnt,but since im creating a mod, and im having difficulty, i figured it would be logical to put it somewhere where experienced modders browse. Okay my mod is a simple engine mod, ive made the model ive textured it, but for some strange reason when i add it to my vessel in the editor, its pointing downwards, but when i let open the throttle, the thrust is going the right way while the model is pointing down, im going t share two code sets, one is working with the warp plugin, and the other uses stock code PART { name = Warp nacell //This MUST be unique!!! module = Part author = mesh = //This is case sensitive, and assumed the config is in the same folder as your .mu rescaleFactor = 1.0 // default is 1.25 Use at your discretion. node_stack_top = 0.0, 0, 0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0 //this defines a stack node. See Note below. node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0 node_attach = 0, -1.37, -0.44, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 //this is the surface attachment node. TechRequired = basicRocketry //defined the tech node entryCost = 120000 cost = 150000 category = Engine //Only certain categories are pre-defined. Be careful to choose one of them. subcategory = 0 title = The mk1 warp 2 naccel //This is what appears in the editor tool tip box manufacturer = Eadge rotary's laboratory description = This fine peice of machinery will do one of three things, 1 work, 2 destroy your ship , 3destroy the solarsystem, use at your own risk. attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision mass = 9 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 20 maxTemp = 200000 breakingForce = 500000 //how much force before the joint breaks breakingTorque = 500000 //how much twisting before the joint breaks bulkheadProfiles = size3, srf //part size for sorting in the editor. Does not affect part physics. //PART MODULES AND RESOURCE DEFINITIONS GO HERE MODULE { name = USI_ModuleWarpEngine WarpFactor = 5 deployAnimationName = Engage warpAnimationName = WarpField MinThrottle = 0.05 DisruptRange = 2000 BubbleSize = 200 MinAltitude = 1 MaxAccelleration = 6 unfoldAnimationName = } MODULE { name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle animationName = EngineThrottle dependOnEngineState = True responseSpeed = 0.05 } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter StartActionName = Start ExoticMatter StopActionName = Stop ExoticMatter INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 10000 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ExoticMatter Ratio = 1 } } MODULE { name = ModuleEngines thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = False ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 1 heatProduction = 10 fxOffset = 0, 0, 0 PROPELLANT { name = ElectricCharge ratio = 2.9 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = ExoticMatter ratio = 1 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = XenonGas ratio = .1 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 15000 key = 1 7500 } } RESOURCE { name = ExoticMatter amount = 15000 maxAmount = 15000 } RESOURCE { name = XenonGas amount = 3000 maxAmount = 3000 } } PART { name = Warp nacell //This MUST be unique!!! module = Part author = mesh = //This is case sensitive, and assumed the config is in the same folder as your .mu rescaleFactor = 1.0 // default is 1.25 Use at your discretion. node_stack_top = 0.0, 0, 0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0 //this defines a stack node. See Note below. node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0, 0.0, 0 node_attach = 0, -1.37, -0.44, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 //this is the surface attachment node. TechRequired = basicRocketry //defined the tech node entryCost = 120000 cost = 150000 category = Engine //Only certain categories are pre-defined. Be careful to choose one of them. subcategory = 0 title = The mk1 warp 2 naccel //This is what appears in the editor tool tip box manufacturer = Eadge rotary's laboratory description = This fine peice of machinery will do one of three things, 1 work, 2 destroy your ship , 3destroy the solarsystem, use at your own risk. attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision mass = 9 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 20 maxTemp = 200000 breakingForce = 500000 //how much force before the joint breaks breakingTorque = 500000 //how much twisting before the joint breaks bulkheadProfiles = size3, srf //part size for sorting in the editor. Does not affect part physics. //PART MODULES AND RESOURCE DEFINITIONS GO HERE { name = ModuleEngines thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 65000 heatProduction = 350 fxOffset = 0, 0, 1.2 EngineType = LiquidFuel PROPELLANT { name = ElectricCharge ratio = 0.9 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = XenonGas ratio = 1.1 DrawGauge = True } } MODULE { name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle animationName = ksp_l_midrangeEngine_anim responseSpeed = 0.001 dependOnEngineState = True dependOnThrottle = True } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 0 maxAmount = 0 isTweakable = false hideFlow = true } } Theres the code, the warp version provides thrust, while the stock coded one doesnt, and i cannot figure out why. Advice and constructive critisism are welcomed. thanks for reading