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Found 10 results

  1. Download Links Release & Development client and server from the build server. Client and server from Client and Server download from SpaceDock Client download from Curse (New releases make take a while to show up) It's also available on the CKAN, which is an amazing community project mod manager. Go check it out CurseForge does not allow me to host exe files, so DMPServer will NEVER be available on curse. Remember to back up your GameData/DarkMultiplayer/Plugins/Data/[private|public]key.txt files if you move to a new install or you won't be able to use your old username. Highly recommended updater (source code is below if you're interested): Public Server List: link link Installation tutorial: (There used to be a horrible video here, ignore it, either use CKAN or extract DMPClient/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer to KSP_Folder/GameData/DarkMultiPlayer) Licence: MIT. Changelog: godarklight - Fix some cases where unity methods were hit in threads (Should fix SET_SUBSPACE disconnect)11 - Changed the "sendPlayerToLatestSubspace" server option and removed "keepTickingWhileOffline" (as it no longer makes sense). When set to "false", you will be sent back to the exact time you disconnected. When set to "true", you will be sent to the latest universe time (default, and old default behaviour). As "pausing" the latest time while the server is offline / no players are connected, and remaining locked to a subspace while offline made little sense - I've decided to remove the option which should have never existed in the first place, the option should be a lot more intuitive now, before it depended if a player was online, now it doesn't. It'll also keep you paused even if you turn off the server. godarklight/RockyTV - Fix kerbal gender assigner (it stops kerbals in vessels from taking a walk on the wild side) - (Hopefully) Fix the SET_SUBSPACE bug - Fix a lockup caused by the KerbalDodger (resolves double assigns, locked up when reassigning a tourist) RockyTV - Various bugfixes (flags, threading issues, kerbals) - Update GUI Fernando Becklas - Tourist fixes 81ninja - Tourist fixes - Fixing a bug that has existed since day one of DMP, the server didn't correctly send players to the latest subspace, only the last created one. Pre-emptively answered questions: What is DarkMultiPlayer? DarkMultiPlayer is a multiplayer mod for KSP. It supports subspace-style (and master controlled warp) warping & career mode, with an easy-to-edit server database. Can you show me the code? DarkMultiPlayer: MessageStream: (Used for building the network messages) DMPUpdater: How do I install it? Client: Simply extract the zip into GameData. Although I do highly recommend just chucking DMPUpdater in your KSP directory and running it, It will also install DMP. Server: Extract the zip to a folder (not KSP or GameData). You can then put DMPUpdater next to it and it will happily update the server as well. Mods? Read DMPModControl.txt on the server, the file is heavily commented/documented. You can generate a DMPModControl specific for your gamedata setup by starting the DarkMultiPlayer client, hitting options, and then pressing "Generate DMPModControl.txt" Why did you create this mod? For one reason only, I want to play multiplayer too!. What do I do if I find a bug? * Report it on the github issue tracker * Get it contact with me directly on IRC, Server:, channel: #DMP. There's a web chat on my build server. Are there any server lists? Yes. How can I contact you? Easiest way is IRC, I'm happy to answer any questions and talk about bugs/missing features/suggestions. Server:, Channel #DMP. If you don't have an IRC client, there's a web chat here: Credits: * TheGimp666 - If it wasn't for KMP, we'd most likely still have insta-locked threads for talking about multiplayer, Squad may-or-may-not be talking about it, and DMP definitely would not exist . * RockyTV / JoshBlake / dsonbill - Contributed rather large parts to DMP * Dazoe - I borrowed his chat-doesn't-stage-or-control-the-vessel fix from KMP. It's a nice way of getting around a unity/KSP bug. * Ryannathans/ChronicSilence - The mod system is implemented nearly the exact same way as KMP. It made sense to remain compatible with the file format. * Hyperedit / persistent trails - I've referenced off these mods quite a bit during my KMP orbital branch, DMP uses that same orbital mode positioning. * The #DMP channel for helping me find any bugs / test new features, especially MrFreake for running a career mode server on the other side of the planet to test networking (And it made me actually play career mode too!). * Squad: For Kerbal Space Program, and their top-notch API documentation.
  2. If anyone wanted to make multiplayer for KSP, the warping is a huge problem. Because: 1. The planets and moons will move too. 2. You will have to sync the planetary positions somehow. 3. You also have to sync player positions. My solution is: Say someone is going to Jool and warps 10000x to do so. The server then waits until the warp is finished (maybe with a special server signal) and the ship (to the other players) moves to Jool for example. If someone else is going to Jool and the planet moves, their position is updated so they don't see anything. This happens with all players. Please reply with any problems you find, and i'll try to find a solution.
  3. SYNCRIO – by Caylis1397 KSP Version: 1.2.2 Current Mod Version: Download(Old): Client Server Download: Client Server Source code: GitHub Important!: As it stands at the moment Syncrio only works for science mode. Career mode is broken, but it is being worked on. Feel free to play science mode, as when career mode is fix you can switch modes without data loss. Current Version Note: Syncrio has been updated to version 0.9, but the update is still being worked on. So the download is only available on GitHub for now. DESCRIPTION: Syncrio is a modification of Kerbal Space Program that features multiplayer-style scenario syncing. It features a sub-version like (scenario) transaction history. This allows players to sync even when not up to date with everyone else. The multiplayer-style scenario syncing allows you to sync your scenario data (funds, reputation, science and tech trees) to a group so that other players in the group a sync from the group and have the same scenario data as you. You can have many groups on a server, this allows you to have competing space agencies or if you want to play coop just have one group. Syncrio is mostly meant to be used with DMP to achieve a true multiplayer experience. Although it works just fine on its own, you just won't be in the same kerbal universe. Known Bug(s) and Issues: Anti-Keyloggers and Comodo auto-sandbox are known to crash Syncrio. You have been warned. If you find any bugs please report them. And if you do report them please follow this guide on making a bug report. Thank you. SUPPORTED MODS: DarkMultiPlayer -Note: By default this is turned off. To turn it on in the server run the server once and then go to the config folder then open the settings.txt file and set DMP-Coop-Mode to true and then on the client side in the connection window click settings and enable DMP Co-op Mode. COMPATIBLE MODS: Historical Progression Tech Tree. Although any tech tree mod should work great with Syncrio, but I have only tested it with HP Tech Tree. So I can't say for sure. Planet packs should work too, but I have not tested any yet. SPECIAL THANKS: @godarklightand the DarkMultiPlayer team for their great work on DarkMultiPlayer! @Ippo for the Open Node Parser. And Squad for KSP! REQUIREMENTS: Windows or Wine (if you have a Linux or Mac OSX) -Note: Wine should do the trick if you have a Linux or Mac OSX, but I have no way of testing it. LICENSE: This mod is released under GPL version 3. Latest Update: Version UI Pics(Old):
  4. Hey there, this is an idea for KSP Multiplayer. What do you think about it? Missioncommander: Only Player to control Time Warp. Time Warp Markers in Orbit (Warp here) can be set by other Players. If the Commander dies, someone else will be Mission Commander. Gameplay: Every Player can choose a Class: Pilot, Ingeneur or Scienetist. Engeniers can repair rocket parts, like broken science experiments so the scientist can use them. The scientist can create navigation points so the Pilot fly the rocket to its destination. On the way to another planet events can accure. Something like small asteroids damaging the ship. Engenier needs to EVA and repair them. Before landing the scientist needs to check for biomes, so the pilot can land the ship. This way alle the different Players have to support each other. Any Suggetions?
  5. hello I've been a player of ksp for a long time and I think it would be good to add a multiplayer. I think these multiplayer features would be the best and serve for ksp: first off adding friends this is simple we have a online username account that well be used to pull up the players account page and you can add friend or join game which means the player is playing with the other players. groups this can be made by any player and a group can serve as just for friends or it can serve for a certain amount of players only like 20 multiplayer players and the user wants 10 he can do that you can also just do you and a friend. this multiplayer wouldn't be a mod it would be built in the game. I hope you consider making this you'll make me and so many other people happy thank you ksp team. any other feature the ksp founders would like to add this is unlimited because they made the game. my opinion I've played a lot of games and I've seen that multiplayer is a lot of fun it can get boring playing a game by yourself this adds a new experience in gameplay there is gonna be dog fights, wars, racing, flying together, operations and so much more this little add will give a huge amount of fun and gameplay and its gonna be so many kingdoms of players are gonna arise and buy the game I know because I have friends and a brother me my friends and my brother we buy games we like that have multiplayer ones that don't we usually look for another one but I really like this game and so does my friends and brother I really think this would help. thank you for your time. for the gamers of ksp multiplayer would add so much fun and a huge experience it would be epic and fun think of the gameplay that would be possible wars and big wars, operations you plan, huge fleet of planes flying, and so much more with our imagination's and what we want to do In the game we can do some pretty awesome stuff thank you community for reading.
  6. Are there any war servers out there that have active players on for us to dogfight battle or destroy with hyperedit kax airplanes plus and bd armoury or procedural dynamics
  7. One thing I would love to see is a collaboration version. Something were multiple people can participate on the setup sharing the same model. Each part you add carries your name on it as it was your addition. It would be great if others could join as an observer so people can watch but not limited to watch only because streaming would do that easily but also for people to have read only rights where they can inspect and visualize but not modify. It would be also great if the people playing together could see when someone added something new... for example, when you log in everything that was added new shows up in a list and you can clean the list after you see. I think this would leave to fantastic ships been built and could even be an additional module/expansion. I would definitely pay for that.
  8. So I've been thinking about making a Multiplayer Career for a long time, so much that I've tried to do it with some friends I have IRL, but failed, as they aren't Kerbal players. I've asked this on reddit, but got few responses (1), so I'm asking here, on the forum, if anyone would want to play a Space Race Career with people. This Multiplayer career would consist from 2 to 4~5 people playing Kerbal in a Multiplayer mod (DMP or KLF if the first is too unstable) using the following mods: (They can be discussed) Dark MultiPlayer (DMP) or Kerbal Life Feed (KLF) Kerbal Konstruct Kerbin Side Ven's Tantares and LV TweakScale Procedural Parts ALCOR landing pod DMagicOrbitalSciences KIS KAS Near Future Tech Mk3MiniExpansion HabTech ScanSAT 2K System (Every body is make 2 times bigger) Any that you would want but RemoteTech ---------------PROPOSED--------------- FASA FTP SpaceY KWRocketry x1 Size Kerbol system (Stock) Each person would get 1 or 2 launch sites in a specific part of Kerbin. No one would be using the KSC. Cooperation is allowed, but not at the start (As if we were in a Kold war) If you want to play in this career you have to put this on the comments: Amount of free time: Ability to open a server if needed: Any mods you recommend/dislike: Where you live (So it's know when each one can play): Also, you can use a custom flag. The thing will take a little bit to set up, as I'm in finals exams and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Also, sorry if I'm very plain, If you want to contact me, my Skype is "pkmniako" Candidates: Vulkasitos - Afternoons - Can host server - (GTM+1) nosirrbro - Free teag2 - Free - Could Host a Server if needed Kuansenhama - Can vary if free or not - Could Host a Server if needed -(GMT-7) - Would like FTP and SpaceY amarius1 - ??? ZooNamedGames - Has Left. ...
  9. Have been reading the multiplayer thread and whilst i think it would be a mistake (personally) it got me thinking of what seems to be the underlying gameplay constrains of the game. Multiplayer adds randomness and narrative (mainly)... but comes with the issues of warping and aggressive players Currently the game is driven entirely by the single players imagination with little narrative apart from the repetitive contracts (especially once you're past the science tree). The game could address some of these issues add interest further down the line. i.e at some point make the game a bit harder with new skills to learn? I'm not massively interested in new parts etc as it doesn't IMHO add that much (although expanding the ISRU stuff would be great), it's game mechanics that will make this game last even longer. Solutions aren't easy but i'm sure it must begin with K
  10. Alright I am looking for two to three players to go to war with in ksp. Essentially with the mod kerbal side we would divide up the bases and territory of Kerbol, then Using BDArmory we will build defensive or attacking units. There are rules of course. Rules: Your reinforcements are based on the amount of bases you have, divided by five rounded up to the nearest 1. (no more than 10 reinforcements) 1-5=1 reinforcement, 6-10=2 reinforcements, 11-15=3 reinforcements, 16-20=4 reinforcements, 21-25=5 reinforcements, 26-30=6 reinforcements, 31-35=7 reinforcements, 36-40= 8 reinforcements, 41-45=9 reinforcements. You may not attack the first round, the first round everyone places down one unit at each base, there are about 45 bases, so if 4 people join everyone will have 11 bases and 1 person will have 12, so everyone gets 3 reinforcements on there turn unless they loss more territories and fall into another category above. First round you can put down only one defensive unit at a base, and you may launch one of two things into space, a com sat, to communicate with others, or a spy sat, which allows you to look at enemy troops, that it passes over. (note: you can combine both into one unit and launch it.) A com sat will have either a Communotron 88-88 or a coms DTS-MT, a spy sat will have a M700 Survey Scanner and a coms device, a communotron 16 is a spy sat com only, if other comms are used the spy sat is also a com sat. You can shoot day a spy sat, but not a coms sat, if a sat is both it cannot be shot down, a spy sat will be able to be shot down after and on the agreed turn, a coms sat will be able to be shot on the same turn we decide to use nuclear devices. War councils are convened to decide on new rules of war. The first one will take place on after turn five, and can be brought up in case of emergencies, other wise will take place after every other turn. Ex after turn 5, then after turn 7, then after turn 9 and so on. On round two you can attack for the first time, to take a base you must destroy the defensive units, or disable them, you may not take a base if the defensive unit still works. Then you take down the flag and out down your own. Defensive unit cannot be made out of indestructible parts, since I cannot remember them all, any indestructible parts found being used will be deleted, the person who owns it notified, and they will get a chance to put a new one down, and replace any others using that part. This is only replace old ones with new ones, after they do this the attacker will resume at the start of his/her turn, after he/she got his/her reinforcements, so he/she will not get more reinforcements. You can take two bases, one enemy and one base you had at the beginning of the war. You fire upon a total of 4 bases. If you get shot down you cannot retry your attack by reverting the flight, that is used for going back from glitches, or in other special cases to be decide by war council. You can retry with another vehicle. War council will decide the turn when this number can increase. Quick saving and loading is allowed, to get around glitches, any other uses are forbidden, special cases can be taken to the war council. Note you may only take part in the war council if you have a coms sat, you can only make treaties or contact people who have coms sats as well. Spy sat can only see unit that they pass over, so a non polar orbit will not see everything. This is one example where you can quick save, fast forward to see what unit your spy sat passes over, then quick load back. The units your spy sat passes, over are the only ones you can look at besides your own. There is no part limit or cost limit, however nothing to big or extravagant, it must be able to be destroyed, it can be really hard to be destroyed, as long as it can be. Note you may create another world save separate from the war save to test your vehicles and defensives. You have up to one week to make your turn. Additional time may be granted by the war council in special cases. Note that reinforcements are addition units you can launch on your turn, if you still have units out after your previous turn you may restock them with ammo and missiles without using up reinforcements, you may also reuse vehicles you have left by refueling them, without using up your reinforcements, and you can attack with them and keep using your reinforcements for defensive purposes. You can carry up to four probes or turrets with you at one time. The turrents make only have two PAC-3 Intercept missiles, and two Vulcan Turret guns attached to it. All these rules can be subjected to change by the war council, additional rules can be added by the war council. There are only two ways to win, one is to take all the bases and control Kerbin, or all the governments left in the war must have a diplomatic treaty of non-aggression. That last for 10 or more turns. Example being there are four governments blue, red, green and yellow. Yellow is taken out, blue and green sign a non-aggression pact till red is gone, red is defeated. This is not winning cause blue and green's non-aggression no longer stands as valid, they must make a new one. The war council can also change the turn limit on this as well. You can record this series on your channel, as long as your willing to list others that do this as well. One person can be decided on by the war council that can make a playlist of all videos in order of turn order. Turn order and bases and territory will be decided by a pre-war council before the first turn, everyone must have the same mods with some exceptions made by the pre-war council, and the same version of KSP. If anyone want to join and willing to play fair and by the rules can reply, please respond with what your government name is and if you get selected you will asked to provide a unique flag or pick a stock flag from the game to use.