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Found 37 results

  1. Latest Releases Download: GitHub, SpaceDock Source (DSEV), Source (WildBlueTools) Due to technical difficulties, CKAN installs are not supported. I suggest you use AVC instead. Mini-AVC is already supported. Kelbin looked out the window of the orbital transfer shuttle at his new command: The Discovery II! Its long truss assembly had several radiators attached to it to keep the ship's revolutionary fusion engine cool. Its liquid hydrogen tanks held enough propellant to let Discovery II leave for Jool at any time. It'll be a long journey, but the cryopods let the crew sleep the whole way. Before he knew it, Discovery II will reach Jool, and the crew will be investigating those strange readings... The Deep Space Exploration Vessels (DSEV) mod is inspired by numerous NASA studies on deep space exploration. With DSEV, you can create your on deep space exploration vessels, or kerbal versions of: Discovery II: In Planning: NAUTILUS-X Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle Features LEGO-like part design lets you recreate the NASA spacecraft in Kerbal form or create your own designs. Stand-alone approach minimizes required mods. Defers to the experts: stand-alone functionality steps aside if the appropriate mod is installed. For instance, if you have Nertea's Near Future Construction, then you can use the supplied ModuleManager patches to hide the hexagonal trusses. Textures are shared by several parts to conserve memory. So even if you hide parts in favor of another mod's counterpart, the textures they use are shared by parts that don't overlap. All crew spaces have custom IVAs. Command pods have Optional support for ASET Recommended Mods (ASET IVA support requires RasterPropMonitor & ASET Props Community Edition) Dependencies The Spin Hub and Counter Torque Ring require Infernal Robotics. DSEV is a Kerbal Space Program mod by Wild Blue Industries. If you want to boldly go, we'll get you there. Screenshots Tutorial: Creating flags in KSP, which is the same process you'll use to create custom name tags: (!) Video tutorial on how to use the centrifuge DasValdez practices docking with his Discovery II fuel tank Acknowledgements Module Manager by saribian Community Resource Pack by RoverDude, Nertea, and the KSP community Modular Fuel Tanks MM configs by Kolago. Spindle and Spin Ring concept based upon parts by ZodiusInfuser/Sirkut. License
  2. One wise kerbal once said, " Reach for the stars, and you will be successful." So, the KSP took it literally and decided to reach for the stars with their "amazingly awesome" spacecraft. The Challenge: Do the Orion missions listed below Orion Command module should be accurate and have 3 seat for stock, 5 seats for modded if possible. Note: You must complete previous mission to continue on to the next one. EFT-1 Badge: Go into a highly eccentric orbit of Kerbin to test high speed reentry Exploration Mission 1 Build an SLS Block 1 launcher and mate an Orion Spacecraft to it. Then send them to the Mun (Orbit Only). More Missions Coming!
  3. Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems 1.2.2 Chaka Monkey 1.2.2 DropBox Link Chaka Monkey 1.2.2 SpaceDock Link Chaka Monkey 1.2.2 CurseForge Link Click here to "Get Monkey" Chaka Monkey Exploration Odyssey is a space program based on NASA and Boeing proposals for future missions. Part models from a wide variety of authors have been licensed, and new original models made, then combined with all new textures, sizes and configurations, to create craft files depicting the proposed missions. This project is modeled at 75% real scale. ♦ Recommend installing this pack into a clean KSP install for the first time. ♦ Latest version of Raster Prop Monitor needed for IVA function. Link included in download. ♦ Copy everything in provided GameData to your GameData ♦ Copy VAB folder to Ships ♦ Copy Subassemblies to your save (optional) ♦ Please remove any previous version files before installing! Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems includes products licensed from the following authors: Winston & Kickasskyle - KW Rocketry Alexustas - A.L.C.O.R. Pod Alexustas - ASET IVA for Monkey Rover and Mk1-2 Pod Bobcat, Ind. American Pack - all rights reserved and belong to BobCat, expressed written permission from Bobcat for American Pack components to be distributed with Chaka Tiberion - NovaPunch Kosmos Spacecraft Design Bureau - all rights reserved, expressed written permission from Normak and CardBoardBoxProcessor for components to be distributed with Chaka Lionhead Aerospace Sumghai - SDHI Service Module System Alexey Volynskov (Keramzit Procedural Fairings) BahamutoD - RS-68 Engine - All rights reserved - expressed written permission from BahamutoD for components to be distributed with Chaka Sumghai / Fustek / Nothke - Habitats LandeTLS - SLS Block I fairings TALISAR - Talisar Large Upper Stage Porkjet - Habitat IVAs - and expressed written permission from Porkjet for components to be distributed with Chaka Blackheart612 - Aerojet Kerbodyne expressed written permission from Blackheart612 for components to be distributed with Chaka Kommitz - Chaka Nuclear Thermal Engines Nertea - Octo-Girder Argon Segment NoOneSpecial - NOS Altair pod and lander Hanson Ma / xxhansonmaxx - CST-100 Parachute and NDS CXG2827 - CXaerospace Station Parts - All Rights Reserved (Models and Textures are permitted for modification and distribution by YANFRET in Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems) Chaka the Monkey would like to extend a special thank you to these developers. They worked very hard to make these parts and we have organized them for Monkey Exploration because they are excellent. Also Chaka wishes to thank our excellent beta test team: Voidryder, AJLSpace85, JoseEduardo, MeCripp, Probus, Drj3199 for putting in many hours of science which made the quality of this release possible. Special technical services provided by MeCripp Industrial Coding, LLC Advanced habitat models provided by: Monkey Rover Wheels provided by: BMW, AG LICENSE Unless otherwise specified, all materials available for download on this page are copyrighted and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License. Included plugin licenses: Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is licensed to be distributed only with Chaka Monkey Exploration Systems on express written permission from Ferram4 due to specific critical requirements. Distribution of Kerbal Joint Reinforcement from this download is expressly prohibited: KJR License is GNU GPL v3 For the latest version and updates to KJR, please visit KSPAPIEXTENSIONS is licensed via Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported CC BY terms (attribution) Procedural Fairings is licensed via Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported CC BY terms (attribution) Animated Decouplers ( Starwaster ) is licensed via Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)
  4. Frizzank Aeronautical Space Administration presents - Apollo, Gemini & Mercury. Pronounced like NASA but with an F (FASA) FASA is going to be transferring to NathanKell. I no longer have enough free time to maintain FASA and he is a great choice for it. I gave him complete control over the mod but I will keep the original up on Kerbal Stuff just in-case anyone still wants to download the old, non-updated one. Delete the plugin folder reflections no longer work as of KSP 1.1. Raster Prop Monitor (JSI folder) will need to be manually updated for 1.3 compatibility. RPM Latest download The latest version taken over by NathanKell is here, Module Manager configs make it work with Realism Overhaul. if your not using RO delete the MM configs. FASA/RO Latest Download OLD Stable Full Release Now on Spacedock!!! Google drive 5.44 mirror-click download at the top of the page. Dropbox These are Kerbal versions of NASA rockets, not NASA replicas. Replicas are not the direction I want to go with FASA. I want to keep it fun, simple, easy, and have it be a somewhat stock like in appearance. Currently there are almost 200 parts in this pack and they give you a wide range of options. Helpful but not required mods.... I highly recommend Kerbal Joint Reinforcement to help with larger builds like the Saturn V! Also this pack fixes many bugs including the Launch Clamps going with you to space Real chute module manager fix.(your apollo chutes are messed up) http://www./download/bpig55ly85qawmx/FASA_RealChute_MM.cfg The Apollo CM and Lander were created by DennyTx. You can fallow his development here. Also here is an excellent Skylab part for downloading. Raster Prop Monitor version of Gemini Realism Overhaul Mod Info Want your own deploy-able rover? Just want the launch clamps and none of the fluff here ya go! For CKAN RSS/RO and any other Non FASA mod problems. I work extremely hard to make FASA work well with the stock game I do not provide any support for mods that alter FASA, and I have nothing to do with them. You should ask the associated authors of those mods. A video review of FASA from "The Block Room" Install Instructions All mods reside in their own folder under "GameData" in the main KSP directory. Delete the old version of FASA before installing. The parts folder in the main KSP directory should not have any FASA parts in it. It is no longer used in .20 and beyond. If your upgrading from before .20 your craft and saves will no longer work correctly. Steam install is here. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData The "Squad" folder is the stock parts that come with KSP, any other folder you add is a mod. To remove the mod just delete the FASA folder. If there are any parts you wish to delete from FASA open up the mod folder and delete any folders you dont like, or want. I do this a lot with mods I download. It keeps loading times low and filters out the parts I never use. If your upgrading to a new version "You Must" delete the old version of FASA before installing newer versions! Having older version parts and not deleting them will give you duplicate parts. Something went wrong and FASA broke KSP, HELP!!! Do this first before asking for help.... Step 1- This helps with memory problems. Delete the FASA mod. Run KSP again. From the main menu, click on settings and then Graphics at the top. Change your "Texture Quality:" to the Eighth Res option. Click apply then exit KSP Re-install FASA and try running KSP again. If nothing is working or some parts are missing, something is seriously broken with KSP continue to step 2 Step 2- This helps with broken or missing parts. Start with a fresh instal of KSP. If you like you can copy the previous install somewhere else as a backup first. If your using steam, right click on the name in the library and click delete local files. Navigate to the steam game directory and verify that the Kerbal space program folder is gone. If it is still there delete it! C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ After its done double click the Kerbal Space Program name in your list of games and select install. If its a regular version of KSP. Delete KSP and then re-install it. You should now have a CLEAN version of stock KSP. Open the file Copy all of its content into your main KSP directory. If you put it in the correct spot you should get a confirmation popup asking if you want to overwrite the folders and files. Say YES overwrite all folders and files. You should have a clean version of KSP and FASA only. Run KSP and see if it works. If it still crashes on load, verify that you have enough free memory to run KSP with mods. If you have less than 2gb of RAM you are going to need to upgrade your system or install fewer parts. Whats with the sandwich? The Case of the Contraband Corned Beef Sandwich Change Log Special thanks to Tosh, the original Gemini creator. DennyTx for the Apollo parts,NovaSilisko, Captain Slug and Tiberion for their help making this mod. Lots of pics! License/EULA All Rights Reserved I try extremely hard to make this mod as compatible and bug free as possible but I can not guarantee that it will work flawlessly in every situation and on every system. This just releases my liability in those situations. By downloading FASA or any piece of software you understand that you are taking a risk of permanent damage to the system or device it is downloaded to, or installed on. Installing or downloading any software may have unintended or undesirable effects to the system or device it is downloaded to or installed on, and I Frizzank, the developer of this software can in no way guarantee that something will not go horribly wrong when using or downloading the FASA mod. You, the user of the mod FASA takes full responsibility for any damage, real or simulated that may happen to any system, software or device it is downloaded to or installed on. Also by using this software you release anyone else from any liability for any damages, forever. FASA is created and maintained by “Frizzank†@ KSP Forums, and is the author of the FASA mod. DennyTX is the author of the Apollo LM parts, CSM and any others authored by him in the part cfg. DennyTX maintains sole ownership of the parts authored by him and they are used in FASA with permission from DennyTX. You must get written permission from Frizzank to use or redistribute anything in this mod in other mods. Credit for the original Gemini mod goes to Tosh. Reflection plug-in released as Public Domain as was the original plug-in by Razche and modified by Starwaster. Raster Prop Monitor Source code and full license information available at Special thanks to SundayPunch NovaSilisko Captain Slug Tosh bac9
  5. Download: GitHub, SpaceDock Buffalo Source Wild Blue Tools Source Due to technical difficulties, CKAN installs are not supported. I suggest you use AVC instead. Mini-AVC is already supported. Val drummed her fingers on the Buffalo's dashboard. She loved the view out the front, but there's only so much she could take in before getting bored."Well?" Sitting in the crew cab/lab, Bob checked his laptop's display, puzzling over the results he saw. They didn't make sense. He checked the lab's GPS coordinates. They were in the right spot. "We're in the right place," Bob responded finally, "and I've got the soil composition for this area, so Isaxy will be happy. But these gravity reading are just... strange." "That's descriptive," Val muttered to herself. "What?" "Never mind. What if we set up some negative gravioli detectors up on the ridge and a bit further south? Can we triangulate the anomaly that way? Bob tapped on the laptop for a few seconds. "Yeah, we can do that," he finally answered. Val smiled broadly. She was finally going to fly on Duna! "Dibs on the JetWing then!" The NASA Multimission Modular Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV) Is a radical new concept that uses common components for ground rovers and in-space exploration craft. This modularity opens up the possibility of a variety of different configurations. The Buffalo Modular Space Exploration Vehicle (MSEV) is the KSP equivalent from Wild Blue Industries. With the Buffalo, you can explore space in style! Features - Modular design lets you build rovers, aircraft, and spacecraft. - Fits inside the standard 3.75m cargo bay. - KIS/KAS friendly; you can assemble and disassemble the Buffalo out in the field. - Crew spaces have IVAs. Optional Support for ASET. - Designs inspired by real-world NASA MMSEV with family resemblance to ground vehicles around KSC. References NASA MMSEV: Recommended Mods (you'll need RPM as well as ASET Props and ASET Avionics to use the Buffalo Command Cab's ASET IVA) Reviews Acknowledgements Module Manager by saribian Community Resource Pack by RoverDude, Nertea, and the KSP community Portions of this codebase include source by Snjo and Swamp-IG, used under CC BY-NC SA 4.0 license Icons by icons8: Eve: Order Zero graphic courtesy of Kuzztler and used with permission. Featuring: JetWing! License And don't forget about Buffalo's big brother, the Bison, found in the Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack!
  6. So NASA recently set up "The Planetary Defense Office", and I was wondering what you guys were thinking about it. Here's a link: Does this give humanity a higher chance of surviving a large Asteroid impact?
  7. Hello all. Ever since the announcement that the math behind a warp drive is semi-plausible, And NASA's own (very optimistic) concept released, I've wanted to essentially reinvent the ship (or perhaps the concept of the series) In a more realistic fashion. The concepts in the show redone in a way that could be done now or in the near future. (Obviously the ability to create a space-warp is assumed) Perhaps without fundamentally changing the ship too much, but that's not set in stone. Wanting to incorporate things like a warp ring, a centrifuge for 'gravity' and semi long-term habitation A semi sustaining ship. likely incorporating a greenhouse. Mostly Self-sustaining and ISRU is assumed. Capacity to land on planets (Without fancy beaming). This would likely require one or multiple SSTO's attached. A primary drive capable of significant deltaV changes (likely using some form of nuclear rocket, or perhaps a EM drive variant. A large scientific capacity. This ship would likely be designed for a fraction of the Enterprise's crew in the show. Otherwise all these things would grow exponentially rather quickly. Now i realize there are concepts here that are not totally set in stone. Such as the warp drive and EM drive. I want to use this as a project to get myself back into 3D modeling and perhaps programming. Eventually I'd like to make a parts pack but that's not set in stone. Not yet at least. I'm curious as to peoples thoughts on this. While i have had a interest in science and science fiction and the universe as a whole my whole life most of my knowledge is limited to documentaries wiki and KSP. Go easy on me.
  8. Where does everyone think space flight is going, and who do you think is the future of space flight is gona be? Btw, feel free to comment more company's to add to the poll.
  9. OSIRIS-REx is a NASA robotic sample return mission going to near-Earth asteroid Bennu. Bennu is a primitive asteroid, roughly spherical and 1/2 km across in an orbit mostly between Earth and Mars. (There isn't really a comparable object in the Kerbol System.) OSIRIS-REx launches at around sunset on an Atlas V 411 rocket. It has a wet mass of 2110 kg. There are numerous images of the at Below is also a file with collection of spacecraft drawings from a design review. All of these are approved for distribution, so between the photos and the drawings you should have a tremendous insight into the design. CAD Drawings (PDF) My name is Dr. Jason Dworkin and I am the Project Scientist for the mission and I have made a few versions of OSIRIS-REx, including the this (PDF) in stock 1.0.5 parts. But is far too heavy, the center of mass is not well aligned with the center of thrust, and I have been unsatisfied with my use of mods to articulate the solar arrays and sampling arm. I did a launch with Launchers Pack, OSFairings, TweakScale, InfernalRobotics, and some mass edits to some stock parts but there were still issues. I'll bet you can do better. I challenge this community to create, launch, rendezvous, and return a sample. I look forward to your results. Detailed rules below. The contest closes October 8, 2016 at 7:05pm EDT.
  10. Re-creating the journey to mars with STOCK parts and i need help, ideas, and every craft will be able to be downloaded and will be as real as possible and i will update and post updates and images and videos (possibly) and i also do live in Huntsville Alabama so i do have a huge interest in Space and Rocketry i also space x and elon musk's stuff
  11. These Microthrusters from NASA take precision position holding to a whole new level. The increment between levels of thrust is just 0.1 micronewton! Interesting piece from PS makes caps lock look a little silly in comparison!
  12. Direct link:
  13. Can somebody make statics for Kerbal Konstructs for making some real life space centers like Kennedy Space Center(NASA), Guiana Space Center(Arianespace), Satish Dhawan Space Center(ISRO) and Kosmodrome(Roscosmos) and many more. I'm not good in modelling but can help in the texturing part. This addon can be a great boon to Kerbal Space Program's Engineers and Rocket scientists........ After all - Conquering the Space was Never this easy................... We need this type of well established Space Center, custom launchpads, lightning protection towers and many more.....
  14. Nasa has put some 3D models (over the years it seems) on github. Does anyone has used it in their mod ? Is the conversion easy/even possible into unity 3D models ?
  15. Science reporting sucks, and so does Gawker Media.
  16. I am curious, with the discussion on new fonts/font rendering in the upcoming KSP v1.2, is it possible to drop in an alternate font into the game? The reason I ask, is I happen to have the font "Futura" on my system. Thanks to the research I've done for my custom Kerbal game controller, I've learned that NASA used the Futura typeface on their instrument panels in the Apollo program (and I believe on the Shuttle also). Anyway, I got the font, knowing I'll need it for my controller build. It'll be a desk mounted instrument panel, with real meters, indicators, joysticks, toggle switches, and even a real navball! I wanted it to feel as authentically "spacey" as possible, hence the reason I'm using the font NASA themselves used. Now, I know the font used in most of KSP's text is a san-serif font, much like Futura. What I'd like to know, is whether or not there's a way to get KSP to display it's text using a different font. Whether this can be done by replacing a font file somewhere into the KSP files, altering some file to reference a different system font, or whether a mod can be used to alter the default font, I'd love to know. I just REALLY wanna see what KSP looks like with it's primary font rendered in Futura (and matching my "cockpit" styled controller!
  17. NASA-funded research has been recently released to the public access for free, while it was blocked by a paywall before. This includes research funded in 2016 and afterward, and exclude any "patents, publications that contain material governed by personal privacy, export control, proprietary restrictions, or national security law or regulations ". You can find them in the link below, happy reading."nasa+funded"[Filter]
  18. Recently I have been heavily involved in an ambitious online project on which I work alongside three massive space nerds. Best bunch ever. Their latest challenge for my graphic design skills, called for me to create a poster to commemorate the mighty Saturn V, what with the anniversary approaching (it was when I started), and commemorate it I did. Whether I did so well, is for you guys to decide. I considered posting this in the Fan Art section, but I think that's reserved for KSP-related fan art only. As is stated in the imgur description, you can get the A3-sized print-ready file, if you leave me a message at
  19. I am recreating all of NASA's Flights (And a few important ones that came before) in one save game. You will be able to fly any chosen craft, and complete the mission like it was meant to. This is gonna take forever... This will be all stock, no mods required (As much as it pains me... I will not use tweak scale). Starting from the Explorer 1, the first US satellite to orbit the earth, all the way to the present. Oh crap I am going to have to do 100+ space shuttle missions This is still heavily a work in progress. I will release a save to the public when I feel as I have enough content. Probably around 20-30 rockets. Until then I will post pictures of the next few rockets I finish. I would recommending subscribing to this forum to find out when it is updated... However, some crafts will not be exactly the same, due to KSP restrictions. For example, the Apollo missions (I have a prototype on my main save that I made months ago) will only carry one passenger because of size limits. Work Schedule Explorer 1: Pioneer 1: Little Joe: NEWS: While planning ahead for my work schedule, I came across project constellation, the cancelled return to the moon, and then onto mars. Do you want that, and other cancelled programs put into the save? Back from break... I got Subnautica. That explains it all. Pioneer 0-2 Are finished. Little Joe 1 is also finished. Pictures are here now. Next I am working on Explorer 7x. finishing project Mercury.
  20. I think a lot of people here have similar sentiments, but let's not forget that space prizes have a spotty history- Bigelow's Space Crew Transportation prize fell flat, the Google Lunar X-Prize has constantly been delayed, and a similar prize is unlikely to be repeated. Honestly, a more "CCdev" solution is probably better (Bezos apparently didn't like it tho, they felt NASA had too much involvement in it), with there being less of a prize, than a contract for spacecraft based off that design. This would likely limit that program to Orbiters (and possibly asteroid sample return missions/ asteroid probes in general, since asteroids and comets have huge amounts of variety, and a similar design can be used for each.) More specialized things like Mars Sample Return, and rovers could then instead be placed into NASA's Discovery, New Frontiers, and Flagship Programs- thus, allowing for more 'experimental' missions in those programs that can't use a common design, and putting less pressure on (esp. Discovery Program). After all, only "big" companies like LockMart, OrbitalATK, SpaceX, etc. would be able to compete, and similar things, like Mariner, using the same baseline design, were a success (though did it actually save $$$?). Only problem is Mars Sample Return ends up in the Flagship Program anyways. Probably not a huge deal, considering it's nearly a HUGE NASA priority (right next to Titan/Enceledus, and Uranus) and we already have the caching rover in development, and the orbiter being pitched to Congress. The pickup rover can be derived off MER, and a Pheonix-based lander carrying a rocket to rendezvous with the orbiter. That section only may just fit in the New Frontiers budget. I doubt that would work. Way too experimental and risky for a private company to get into (unforeseen difficulties in the technology), and especially nuclear reactors are something it would be difficult to even get funding. There's a reason NASA doesn't X-planes and tech development internally.
  21. But seriously though, if it was to be the precursor to asteroid mining tech testing, instead of pure pork, it might have actually survived.
  22. Absolutely stunning, nothing else to say.
  23. If you are in the Denver area, here is an opportunity to see a the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft before it launches in September 2016. You can also use the experience to help you model this and other probes.
  24. The gist of the article is that it is analysis stating that if we really wanted to, for about $10 billion, we could have NASA set up a moon base much like how our Antarctic stations operate. It would do this through using spaceX rockets to get there, modified Bigelow Aerospace modules for the habitats, and a few other cost saving moves.