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Found 7 results

  1. WELCOME!!! So this is the.... uh..... I think... 4t- no 5th story that I've written for the forum so far. In this story, the Peoples Republic of the National States (PRNS) have declared their independence from the National States of Kerbin. Now, Gene has been enlisted to the Air Force, and has to fight for his country, and attempt to end this rebellion. This is... Written by: DarkOwl57 Contents Intro: Gene's Story Part 1 Chapter 1: The End of the World Chapter 2: A Legends Beginning Chapter 3: First Flight Chapter 4: First Fight Chapter 5: Breakthrough Chapter 6: The Battle Chapter 7: Promotion Chapter 8: Wernher's (2nd) Invention Chapter 9 (Finale of Part 1): The Unknown Part 2 Intermission and Chapter 10: Cheating Death Chapter 11: Stop that Thief! Chapter 12: The 100th Eclipse More to come! For everyone who reads, likes, and encourages me in my typing, Thank you. -Your author
  2. Hi guys! I've decided to start my own KSP novel. This novel was heavily inspired by CalculusWarrior's A Planet Divided: The Story of Kerbin's Kold War, and has a similar premise. I'll try my best to keep this story updated with at least a chapter per month, and hopefully we can keep this thread going for a few years. I'll also add in a bunch of lore as well (maps, history, etc.) If enough people request it. Hope you guys enjoy! NOTE: Some of the images in this novel were made entirely from scratch using blender. I just want to clarify that I make no legal claims to any of this material. You may use it however you like. Download Link [PDF]:!gE5DFK4T!lhqq9p7SYsj8GGuKzZn5iQABV5oCDNt49h3Mgt3VhbM Table of Contents PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1
  3. Cross Kountry; A KSP Adventure A group of explorers has been selected by the KSC to go on a treacherous drive to the top of the world, and to regions unknown. With danger and action aplenty, the group must use all of their wit and courage to survive the most intense event of their lives. Written by DarkOwl57 (Hopefully) Daily Updates!!! Rated 5 stars by Kerbal Weekly and the National News. "One of the best action-adventures of the year!" -Jongby Kerman, Selective Reader magazine
  4. “The sky is the limit only for those who aren't afraid to fly!” ― Bob Bello, Sci-Fi Almanac, 2010 August 8th: Well, the goverment has called me up and asked me to be one of the first Kerbals to join the Kerbonaut team. After all, I was an Air Force pilot, so I guess I would be a candidate. Just as I was finishing my packing, a big black limousine pulled up to my apartment, and a man wearing a government ID stepped out of the vehicle. I started putting all my luggage in the hallway when the elevator door opened and out stepped... Gene Kerman. He shook my hand vigorously, and helped me take my gear to the elevator. As we descended the twelve floors to the ground, Gene handed me the profiles of the 3 other Kerbonauts who had been chosen. Bob Kerman, Scientist. Bill Kerman, Engineer. And Valentina Kerman, Pilot. I was stunned at the last name in the list. Val... Val... Yes! Valentina Kerman! She was in the Air Force with me. She had risen to the rank of Senior Airman, before the horrible accident that claimed the life of her co-pilot. After the trauma, she left the Air Force to recover. As Gene led me to the limo, I saw the silhouette of another man sitting in the back of the vehicle. When I stepped into the car, the world famous scientist Wherner Von Kerman greeted me as I sat down and settled in for the ride. As we approached the airport, Gene and Wherner clinked glasses and we toasted to my safety and the further discovery of space. A government official saluted me as we boarded Gene's two engine jet. A few hours later, Gene told me that we were flying over the last stretch of open land before the large mountain range that lead to the KSC. I felt the landing gear of the aircraft touch the runway, and I was greeted by another KSC staff member, who smiled and saluted just like the man at the airport. He guided me to a smaller vehicle that would take me to the Astronaut Complex. And with that, my new career in spaceflight began. ~Jeb
  5. Starbound Kerbal space program novel and AAR Prologue Kerbin is dying,slowly but surely she is fading away. We kerbals as a species only have ourselves to blame, the great war saw to that, how stupid were we to use atomic devices as weapons, true enough we were fully aware of the damage it would cause to city's and kerbals, but we completely overlooked the lasting damage it would cause to the planet. Well now we're paying for it. The war ended as soon as we realised our mistake but it was too late, the damage had already been dealt, at first it was the wildlife that succumbed to the toxic clouds. shortly after the vegetation began to disappear until all we was left with was a few hardy plants which had become poisonous to eat. Our thriving civilization became endangered quickly and millions died from starvation, we were soon about to be extinct. Then as luck would have it, fate decided to throw us a bone, the barren wasteland started to became greener, although not with trees,plants or grass. It was green algae. The algae had adapted and flourished, it was enough to sustain our greatly reduced population and in our underground hives we managed to carve out a new way of life, at least the future didn't look quite as bleak, There were some side effects to our new way of life, are skin turned from grey to green and our growth was stunted and we became shorter as a species but these were changes we could live with. For 50 years we lived in our hives and repopulated our civilization, we were no longer just groups of survivors any more, New nations appeared and we became a little like we used to be before the war. Now it seems we have a new problem, we're not sure if it was the radiation or the toxic clouds but something has changed how much oxygen the algae is producing. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, we've survived radiation poisoning and starvation, but it looks like suffocation might be our demise. Restrictions have been put in place to stop population growth but a more permanent and effective solution must be found. It was a scientist named Wernher Von Kerman who came up with a rather radical and risky solution. He announced that "instead of trying to fix a whole broken planet, it might be easier and less costly just to find another one". The idea was met with much criticism, but it was the only realistic idea we'd found. Kerbals had never left the planet or been in space, but we did have well proven rocket technology which had been used to deliver the nuclear weapons during the war, Wernher himself had designed much of the technology during the war as a young scientist. We spent 6 years building a new space center on the surface, in a moderately safe area of the equator for pursuit of our new goal and finally we were ready to explore the heavens.
  6. Heyya folks I've been a long-time forum-lurker, and finally got around to creating an account. I started playing way back in 0.19, and by 0.21 (still long before Career raised it's head) I'd decided that I needed something more concrete to keep my KSP going. I decided to start from scratch, and write down the stories of my successes (and failures) as they happened. The project grew, and grew, and GREW, and the page-count spiraled out of control. v0.22, then 0.23 came along, then 0.24 and 0.25, then 0.9's beta, then 1.0's release, and still the darned thing wouldn't end! Eventually, I just decided that I had to draw a line somewhere, and started editing, trying to trim back the page-count to something more manageable. And so, after many, many, many hours of blood, sweat, tears and asplosions, I'd like to present the chronicles of my Kerbal Space Program career for your (hopefully) enjoyment. It's been an EPIC ride, SQUAD. Thanks for an amazing game! Googledocs