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Found 2 results

  1. Hello chaps, not posted much at all so I hope this is not a breach of etiquette. After a considerable break I came back to KSP some months ago to find that the base building aspect of modding has become very well developed. I started a new career mode and duly assembled first a rudimentary temporary shelter, then a network of inflatables that could feed themselves, then a fancy manufacturing base. Like any good materialist, however, I asked myself what would come next and considered that there may exist a niche for more permanent facilities in the style of science fiction imaginings from, for example, Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars. What I propose to pursue, then, is a project that incorporates a set of concrete (or equivalent material) parts designed to be manufactured on site using, for example, Allista's Ground Constuction, at greater economy than lighter, more mobile parts. I fear this is my first such project and have had to learn blender/unity/GIMP, thus the quality is most assuredly not the highest, still I present for you what I've put together so far with some stock parts for scale. Currently acutely lacking in detailed textures, but I feel they tesselate and snap together quite nicely to create a range of geometries. Yet to attempt windows, hatches, or bump mapping which I feel will probably be quite involved but add significantly.
  2. UPDATED MODELS View the full collection of 3d Models here. Exploded View Of Freighter, Kontainers & Interchangeable Modules - With Internal IVA Space Example Craft - Cruise Liner - Crew Quarters & Hab Common Modules Interchangeable Modules: [sketchfab]ac761e71147747fdb59d281c6909585a[/sketchfab] Module Hab Common by dboi88 on Sketchfab Common Module Model & Texture - COMPLETE Science Labs - Animation - COMPLETE Habitation Common Areas - Large Cupola & Canteen - COMPLETE Crew Quarters - COMPLETE Passenger Cabin - COMPLETE Greenhouses - COMPLETE Aquarium - COMPLETE MedBay - COMPLETE Recycling Plant - Animation COMPLETE Workshop - Animation - COMPLETED Cargo Bay - Animation - COMPLETED Storage - COMPLETED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, just starting a new thread for development and discussion about the new project I've started. It's a personal project to full fill a specific role for my own career save but hopefully others will find it interesting too. So in USI - MKS and associated mods there are these HUGE 5m shipping kontainers. I wanted a way of transporting at least 6 of these at a time. Due to their size and MASSIVE weight when full building a stock craft was getting ridiculously large and part heavy just to transport one of them. So i thought why not make myself a nice transport freighter that does one job and does it perfectly. So an idea was born. I've been watching @RoverDude's streams making his new parts and it gave me inspiration to download Blender and have a go myself (i've only ever done around an hour in blender a couple of years ago before this). So first of all a massive thankyou! to RoverDude for streaming his workflow and answering some of my questions about blender as he was streaming. Here's the concept images i put together. Concept Images Here's some of the latest shots after i managed to get the model through unity and into KSP. The attach nodes are all sorted for the Kontainers and my engines are working and KER is telling me i have 0 torque. Yay!! Up to date screenshots of the model in game. Concept So the idea is to have a ship that can deliver 6 fully loaded 5m USI Kontainers. I'm going to make USI - Tools a dependency because i'll be using the load balancing feature on the Kontainers and freighter hull so that it automatically balances the weight and no one has to mess around with the engine tweakables. I'm also hoping to learn animations so i can put in a big cargo bay (compatible with Hanger from @allista) and a smaller airlock with an internal area where the access hatch will be and a few attach nodes for things like small KIS containers. In regards to balancing this with stock i simply don't plan to. I will include the amount of fuel that would make sense for the volume of the part but from there i'm simply going to give the engines what ever thrust and ISP they need to get 10,000dV when fully fuelled and loaded. It's designed as an end game craft to support LARGE kolonies. I'll be putting updates here as I go along, feedback is welcome. If this is something you might be interested in and want to provide suggestions, again please feel free to do so.