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Found 33 results

  1. SpaceX Pack Includes: Falcon 1 Merlin 1Ci Kestrel Falcon 9 1.0 Merlin 1C Merlin 1C Vacuum Falcon 9 1.1 Merlin 1D Merlin 1D Vacuum Falcon 9 Full Thrust / 1.2 Merlin 1D+ Merlin 1D Vacuum+ Even more powerful Merlin's than the 1D+', SpaceX wants to increase thrust of those even more Different textures (Used, black legs & black octaweb, etc) Falcon Heavy Alternative colour sheme Interplanetary Transportation System (ITS) Raptor (surface, vacuum) Ship Booster Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) and Just Read The Instructions (JRTI) Various payload fairing textures from real missions ABS-3A/Eutelsat 115 West B America AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 CASSIOPE DSCOVR Orbcomm OG2 SES 8 Thaicom Requires --- Recommended/supports: Texture Replacer , MechJeb2 , Trajectories , 64k (solar sytem rescale mod), Firespitter (Plugin) , Launch Towers Pack KSP Version: 1.2.1 Version: 4.0 (Released December 4, 2016) Download: Spacedock Realism Overhaul configs for Falcon 9 "Full Thrust" are made by user @ReventonHawx and can be downloaded here Real Plume Configs are provided by @Hysterrics and can be found here Atlas Pack Includes: Atlas V Rocket 400 & 500 series (3 Payload fairings for each version) Centaur with RL-10 Payload interfaces (C13, C15, C22, C25, C29, A937S, B1194) Requires Old School Fairings , BD Animation Module Recommended Editor Extensions KSP Version 1.1.3 Version 2.0 (Released September 9 2016) Download SpaceDock Realism Overhaul configs are included in the RO mod Real Plume config provided by @Hysterrics , downloadable here License All rights reserved
  2. I'm looking for some information on how to use the part upgrade feature. Mechjeb for example does it but I guess this is a feature of himself. But I red that it is possible in ksp now and I'd really like to know how. Okay to get propper help I should propper describe what I want to do: - I want to use the stock survey scanner and add scansat ability to it. To do so I don't want to just copy it and spread the copies over the techtree but I want to add upgrades to it to be unlocked. So basically move the "original" scanner to the place of the radar sensor of scansat, delete its module for resource scanning and then have it upgraded further down the tree with said module and the other two scansat provides. It's all nice and good and when I just make copies it works but ... errr ... there is this cool feature of partupgrades and I'd love to use it. cheers
  3. Hi everybody. Does anybody know of a mod that enables the player to change the root part in flight? I've run into a problem where USI Konstruction cannot merge two sections, because the construction port have become root part when I decoupled my vessel. I know I can send up a new section (rather expensive!) and that is what I've done so far. But changing the root part in flight would be far nicer solution.
  4. Idiot Lights r0.0.1 Released 6/30/16 Downloads to date: Donations will be credited toward the Maritime Pack, my other mod. Donations to Date: List of Donors. THANK YOU! Ok, let's think about this for just a moment. Kerbals have exactly two stats: courage and stupidity. Now, when your crew's performance is based on their level of ignorance and lack of self-preservation, can you really afford to overload them with information? Introducing the first piece of Gednuk from Fengist's Shipyard and Gedunk Shoppe: Idiot Lights. We've made this so simple that even the most incapable Kerbal can't get it wrong. Simply stick this little gem anywhere on your vessel and watch the pretty lights flicker. Green = good. Yellow = ummmm mebbe good Red = we're gonna crash. Now, for the human translation: Idiot Lights are the solution to keeping track of your fuel status without having to watch a bunch of numbers. Let's face it, flying a rocket isn't easy. And sometimes, you can get just too much information. One quick look at Idiot Lights and you know your fuel status. Green = You have more than 50% of a resource. Yellow = You have between 25% and 50% of a resource Red = You have less than 25% of a resource. Resources monitored: Battery Liquid Fuel Oxidizer Monopropellant Features: Lights only go on when a resource is present! That's some serious technology! Surface mounts to just about anything. It is scalable but you'll need to do that in the .cfg for now till I get it tested with Tweakscale. It's original size is 10 time larger than what you see. In the .cfg the line:[ rescaleFactor = 0.1 ] sets that size. Change that until you have the size you want. The reason for this resizing was to get the text beside the lights to look decent. Known Issues Ok, so I got the surface connection pointed the wrong way... but you can turn it around till I get that fixed.
  5. In my mod GTI MultiMode Intakes, I am allowing switching between different intake modes. When doing this, I'm also changing the resources associated with the intake, like intakeair or intakeatm. However, so far, I've relied on "part.Resources.Clear();". This removes all resources in the part, and then I can add the new resource I want back in. However, this have one mayor drawback, it removes all resources, and not just the ones I want it to, namely the ones I target. So in my latest try, I used the below methods to target only relevant resources. However, I cannot seem to get them to work. public bool Remove(PartResource res); public bool Remove(string resName); public bool Remove(int resID); I tried as follows (i merged the three overload methods directly into the example below, I do NOT run them at the same time, I comment out when testing). Debug messages says that I do indeed run the "Remove()" method where expected and on the expected resource. The remove methods return true!!! But my engine continues to consume IntakeAir even when switched away, so that the resource should have been removed. When I use "Clear()" the engine flameout immediately as it should. And listing all resources in the part after all show that the resource was not removed. bool preserveResource; PartResource partResourceDef; //Evaluated all resources in part for (int i = 0; i < currentPart.Resources.Count; i++) { preserveResource = true; GTIDebug.Log("Check for resource removal: " + currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName, iDebugLevel.DebugInfo); //compare all resources to the target resources for (int j = 0; j < modes.Count; j++) { //If it is a target resource, mark it for replacement if (modes[j].resourceName == currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName) { //Remove resources managed by this mod preserveResource = false; break; } } //Remove resource if it is marked for replacement if (!preserveResource) { GTIDebug.Log("Removing Resource: " + currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName, iDebugLevel.DebugInfo); //try 1 currentPart.Resources.Remove(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName) //try 2 currentPart.Resources.Remove(PartResourceLibrary.Instance.GetDefinition(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName).id) //try 3 partResourceDef = currentPart.Resources.Get(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName); currentPart.Resources.Remove(partResourceDef) } } So my questions are, does Remove() work at all? if yes, then can anybody point me toward what could be wrong in my code?
  6. Set of parts for help in long cruise ship building, Includes 2.5m foldable centrifuge, 2.5m and 3.75m hubs and inline 3.75m solar panels. Inside MM patch for CTT, USI-LS and Snacks Suggestions for balance or criticism for the model are welcome Thanks to @landeTLS for explanation on how import the object in Unity DOWNLOAD SpaceDock GitHub TACLS Support Alternative cfg by @Deimos Rast CLS support by @panarchist TweakScale Patch by @nebuchadnezzar LICENSE CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Changelog
  7. Hi all, I am hoping desperately that someone might be able to help. Whilst editing parts I know that the QWEASD keys all rotate on various axes and the use of Shift refines that from 90 degrees to 5 degrees by default, but not anymore, not for me. For some reason my new angles appear to be approximately 30 degrees and less than 1 degree with the use of the Shift key. I cannot tell you when this first occurred because I was re-using previously saved designs I had created a while ago and only recently had to create a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any solutions, such as editing a config file to change the angles of rotation, or maybe someone has had the same problem and has since fixed it? The rotation wheels still work as they should, but the key bindings have the above fault.
  8. Stock Part Fixes For a long time I wasn't happy with attributes of some parts that nearly prohibite us to use them. So I compiled some inconsitencies and created some Module Manager scripts to change the data. Here is the "Suggestion topic" This is not really a mod, but a script which will need Module Manager, which you can find here Download the mod (ZIP) This zip contains 3 files Consistency fixes : it'll fix many mass and few temperatures inconsitencies. It also add 50RCS to the inline docking port and extend the interaction range of Goo experiment and Lab Jr. Science changes : increase mass of many experiments, size Atmo scan and narowband to match goo canister size and mass. Only small experiments keeps their physicless atribute. ISRU are also more heavy. Delete this file if you don't like it Dubious changes : Basic fin has be buffed to a real fin and Airbrake is now more resistant. Those 2 modifications may change the game play, so delete this file if you don't like that. Feed back is very much appreciated. Further more, I would like to change some data on drag for some parts, but I don't know how to do it. Science rescale (atmo sensor and narrowband scanner) Inconsistency fixes details Science changes details Dubious changes details
  9. Already Released! Download Pre Release on Release Thread: *ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame *render Hello, Everyone. So, this is my idea, from child, I dream to fly one of these. A flying car. The name is OMICRON! Will be a flying space car with a foot on reality and other in near future. The engine will be in the same principle of Saber Vtol, and will accept stock rocket engines in the back, totally customizable. My attempt is to have the EVA and the IVA all together, i mean, the Kerbals will be visible inside the craft, and all windows/doors will be openable, more likely the stock seat, but inside the craft. The configurations you'll be able to do it, reach VTOL, SSTO. I'm not creating new engines to put on back, only the Vtol SSTO ones that show in the pics, on the side of the craft. Will update the new model pics when they starting get ready, it may be a little different from this ones from the old one. Evolved. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Ramp to the cargo bay; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); My intention, as it is a hobby, is to do with pleasure, no pressure, and happy. Cheers commanders. Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International p.s.: Here is the link to the original thread on Forum, but in Portuguese. You still can see the pictures, is more than self explanatory. WIP OMICRON Carro Espacial Criação das Partes
  10. Mk 1 Cargo Bay Updated A small set of inline open-ended cargo bays, up-to-date for Kerbal Space Program 1.x. Parts There are two parts, in the size 0 (0.625 m) and 1 (1.25 m) form factors. Download and install GitHub CurseForge From there, just unzip the "Mk1CargoBay" folder into your GameData directory. Be sure to delete the old Mk1CargoBay if it's still around -- otherwise, the old PNG texture might stick around and cause trouble. Known and anticipated issues None at this time. Please let me know if you find any! Version history and changelog 2015 12 12 (1.1): "Initial" release. Fixes include: DDS texture Fixed scaling to avoid stock MODEL/rescaleFactor bug Drag cubes ModuleCargoBay for shielding contents Size 0 (0.625m) bay added 02016 10 29 (1.2): Tag-team Tags added. Updated to use new "Payload" category -- so this and later releases are no longer compatible with KSP 1.0.x or 1.1.x. .version file added. Roadmap Nothing in particular -- just keeping it up-to-date. Credits Thanks to Talisar for the models (caretaker releases by taniwha over here and on GitHub), Roxette for the initial release, jlcarneiro for suggesting the Mk0 bay, and Master39 for the revised texture (I went back to the original interior rather than the gold/orange stuff, but the outside color looks much better). License (This release of) Mk 1 Cargo Bay is copyright 2015 Kerbas_ad_astra. Part configuration files, Module Manager patches, models, and textures are released under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license (or any later version).
  11. Mission Patch Manager for KSP 1.1.3 by udk_lethal_d0se Introduction Over the past few months, I've seen a lot of talk about mission patches; and the way players have got around this is to make their own custom flag and use that as their patch. However, what if you wanted to use your space programs flag, and a mission patch? Well, this mod is the answer to that question. This mod adds a new PartModule similar to that of Squad's FlagDecal; the PatchDecal. It works in a similar way to the FlagDecal module with a few extras: It allows you select through multiple images (within the VAB/SPH) in its Asset folder and use one as a mission patch, cool eh? Instructions You can either use the supplied Spraykan part to add patches to you craft, or you can add the PatchDecal module to your custom part, providing it has been designed with an area for a patch (like the flag) to be used. Contents - Default.png (within the Patches folder). - MissionPatchManager.dll - Spraykan part. Screenshot(s) Spraykan part, visibility in the editor and outside of the editor. PatchModule applied to one of my own parts, with a seperate Quad (on the right) designated for mission patches. Instructions If you're a part developer and/or have a part you want to use mission patches on (providing you have the relevant Quad available), all you need to add to your selected part's configuration is the following. MODULE { name = PatchDecal textureQuadName = Patch } If you have any patches you want to use, place them in the Patches folder; images should be the same size as flags (256 x 160) and in PNG format. The database of patches is only indexed once, on startup (at the Main Menu). Downloads - Spacedock - Addon is also listed on CKAN. Note: Plugin source included in download. Changes and Updates 12th October 2016 - v1.2.1 - Updated for version 1.2, no changes necessary. 15th September 2016 - v1.2.0 - Reverted directory structure to original. - Added new part, the Spraykan, to allow users to apply patches without needing their own customized part. 12th September 2016 - v1.1.0: Changed the location of the plugin and the Patches directory to make usage more appealing. - Patches directory now exists under the Squad folder: /GameData/Squad/Patches/ - Plugin now exists under the GameData folder: /GameData/MissionPatchManager.dll This change will require that you remove all traces of the previous version before installing this one. Please make backups of your custom patches beforehand. 12th September 2016 - v1.0.0: - Initial release. LicensingThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
  12. KSPPartRemover v1.0 Removes parts from Kerbal Space Program crafts So I needed to remove about 750+ ladders from my orbital space station in order to perform my docking maneuvers with more than 5FPS After Whack-A-Kerbal-ing for over an hour and lots of backup-restore, I decided a dedicated application could do the job more efficiently. Links: Brief documentation and source-code: Latest release: Example usage: Enjoy LICENSE: The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2016 ChrisDeadman Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHORS OR COPYRIGHT HOLDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR OTHERWISE, ARISING FROM, OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE SOFTWARE OR THE USE OR OTHER DEALINGS IN THE SOFTWARE.
  13. The ModuleDataTransmitter from the built-in INTERNAL antennas of at least some command modules and probe cores have optimumRange, packetFloor and packetCeiling fields. Are they still used / relevant (do they affect the data rate based on distance from KSC / relay)? I noticed the DIRECT antennas (e.g. DTS-M1) don't have these fields. I'm trying to consolidate ModuleDataTransmitter modules from 4 parts (in a manner representing their combined effect): 2x Mk1 Lander Can Small Probe Core DTS-M1. Is this correct: // Left / right Probe DTS-M1: Combined: // lander cans: Small: // packetInterval 1.0 1.0 0.35 0.35 // packetSize 2 2 2 3.4 // packetResourceCost 12 12 12 12 // antennaPower 5000 5000 2000000000 2000010000 // optimumRange 2500 2500 removed // packetFloor 0.1 0.1 removed // packetCeiling 5 5 removed
  14. I came into the KSP community not too long ago, but i now have the need for a part sorter. Filter Extensions just doesn't seem to do it, because I need to just click a few buttons and just see the parts normally. Filter Extensions also doesn't mod sort by default and modders have to specifically implement the tabs. I want to just be able to throw something together, even if I have a lot of mods.. It would also help if there were multiple filters for mods. Does anyone know of a mod that can help?
  15. There is now a release as a developmental preview, which is guaranteed buggy. As Kerwis is no more interested on working on the Chinese Pack, we KerbFilm Studios will continue to maintain it. Well duh, I know by our name, we're "supposed" to make videos and stuff blah blah blah, just ignore that part and move on. ===== Congratulations to the Chinese on successful maiden flight of CZ-7 on June 25!! ===== This thread will be updated (or not) as soon as possible when new progresses are made. This pack is currently intended for RSLV (Real-Scale Launch Vehicles), and THERE ARE NO PLANS FOR STOCK SUPPORTS in the upcoming version (and very likely a couple more after) yet. After we finish up with the RSLV configs, we can then consider making a Kerbin-compatible version of these. If you have a feature request, feel free to post it under this thread, we will weight each option and choose some to add to the planned features list. There's already a CZ-9 mod (The Martian Rockets), you can find it [HERE]. It only supports stock instead of RSS and RO. Its author, MajorLeagueRocketScience, kindly allowed us to write RSLV configs for it, and we'll start working on that once CZ-1, -2F, -3B, -5 and Shenzhou are stable. For now, balances for Career Mode are by far not finished. It will be still useable (somewhat) in Career Mode, but do so at your own risk. Unless it's a good bug, supports will not be provided before a version with official career support has been released. Here are some pics. Images provided by mark7 As this is WIP for now, the formal release date is unconfirmed as far as this thread. It will possibly be around December this year. It's just ComingSoon™ – MAIN FEATURES – Chinese rockets and spacecraft CZ-1 CZ-2F CZ-3B CZ-5 CZ-6 CZ-7 CZ-9 Shengzhou Spacecraft New manned spacecraft (No official name yet) FAR compatible fairings based on PF – WIP FEATURES – CZ-1 rocket (Mostly done) CZ-2F rocket (Models are mostly done, cfg fixes WIP) CZ-3B rocket (Mostly done) CZ-5 rocket (Remodeling & Revamp done, texturing WIP) CZ-6 rocket (Models done, texturing WIP) CZ-7 rocket (Models done, texturing WIP. Est completion by 07-20) CZ-9 rocket (Half way through modeling, engines are not done yet) Shenzhou Spacecraft (WIP, now a somewhat working prototype) New Spacecraft (Models done, texturing WIP) CZ-7 Models New Chinese manned space craft pics (name still not determined yet, we'll call it Next Generation Crew Vehicle, or NGCV, for now) The NGCV can hold up to 6 astronauts, and is capable of reentering at the speed of 11.2 km/s. Somewhat comparable to Orion. – PLANNED FEATURES – Stock balances and support Career balances – DOWNLOADS – >>>>>THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE, AND EXPECT IT TO BE BUGGY<<<<< Secondary: GitHub Tertiary: Dropbox No source codes of this mod are available as this is essentially a part-only mod by itself. Links to source codes of the plugins we've used can be found on their dev/release thread, see "Dependencies" section for more info and links. Legacy downloads can be found at SpaceDock changelog page and GitHub releases page. – DEPENDENCIES – Module Manager* (NOT INCLUDED) Community Resource Pack (Included) XT Landertron (Plugin included) Procedural Fairings (Will be one in the future, but not done by now) * If you don't want RF and RP patches, then you don't have to have it. – NOT DEPENDENT BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – RSS or 10x Kerbol System (unless you like single-stage-to-Jool rockets) Ferram Aerospace Research (unless you like the soupy atmosphere in RSS) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (unless you like noodle-like rockets) Kerbal Crew Manifest (Shenzhou's orbital module's hatch doesn't work, this provides a temporary workaround for crew transfering) Real Fuels (Will be supported in future versions, integration WIP) RealChute (Provides some help for Shenzhou's chute problems, and it is a good mod afterall) RealPlume (If you can run RSS at a reasonable FPS, I guess some pretty FX won't hurt anybody) – EXTRAS – There are none as far as of this thread. Sorry. RP FX is on its way of being integrated. – COMPATIBILITY – It is designed to work in v1.0.5 so far. As it is a mostly part-only mod, it should more or less work with 1.1.x. It is likely to work just fine in v1.0.0, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3 and v1.0.4, but if you are using such installations, just don't expect too much support. This pack is on the Comprehensive Kerbal Archive Network, or CKAN. It's done via KerbalStuff (which means I'm not quite sure what exactly happened to it). It also works in the Community Windows x64 Workaround. You will receive support on x64 builds as long as we can manage it. SUPPORTED MODS: (Not a complete list) No conflict with other mods are known. – INSTALLATION – 1. Hit a download button somewhere 2. Unzip and extract content 3. Throw the stuff into \KSP Root Folder\GameData\ folder the same way you do to other mods 4. Make sure all dependencies are there (they're included), maybe a couple ones in the recommended section 5. ...? 6. PROFIT!!!!! You are encouraged to manually delete the past versions of it before installation, despite that your OS will ask to replace them anyway. Especially during the developmental and pre-release phase, any left-overs can cause really bad stuff to happen. I don't even want to imagine those. – RECOMMENDED HARDWARE SETUP – Minimal: Intel Core i7 5600U (2C4T, BF 2.60GHz, Turbo Boost 3.2GHz – 3.1GHz) Intel HD Graphics 5500 (24EU at 300MHz – 950MHz, 1GB Shared) 6GB DDR3L-1333 5400RPM SATA3 HDD Recommended: Intel Core i7 3632QM (4C8T, BF 2.20GHz, Turbo Boost 3.2GHz – 3.0GHz) NVIDIA GT 750M (384EU at 967MHz, ≥1GB GDDR5 Dedicated) 8GB DDR3-1600 SATA Express/PCIe NVMe SSD – KNOWN ISSUES – - Shenzhou's parachute only has the upper half visible, but does function normally (somewhat) - Shenzhou command pod will slide sideway during parachuted descent like [THIS], it will be better under RealChute - CZ-3 RP FX is buggy and needs some more work, thus it is disabled by default - Shenzhou orbital module's crew hatch is un-clickable (no menu popping up), see MMG's devnote for more. This bug is now currently beyond our ability to repair, due to that it's something wrong with Unity or KSP itself. UPDATE: it works fine in 1.0.5, but still buggy in 1.0.4. Not sure why. – FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Q: Will this pack cause my computer to blow up? A: Not this pack itself, but RSS and RO. See the recommended hardware section for more. Dual core CPUs with strong single core performance should be enough, as Unity 4 isn't multithreaded and Unity 5 will do fine under 4 threads with HyperThreading. Although disliked by many modders, the Community Windows x64 Workaround is highly recommended if you have more than 8GB of RAM. Remember to use the Windows x64 Unfixer with this. Q: Do you support installations with the Community Windows x64 Workaround? A: Yes. We. Do. As long as it's within our abilities, we will provide as much support as we do to the x86-32 stock builds. Q: (some sort of bugs, instabilities and whatnot) happened! What the %$#@& is wrong with this! A: Please refer back to the known issue section. This mod is still in heavy development phase, and as I've said above, use at your own risk. Nearly all pre-released stuff are buggy, and do expect that when using it. We're working hard to debug, though there are some beyond our ability or it takes longer to fix. Please, do backup your install before using this mod. Q: Will you add (this and that) A: Probably not. But feel free to comment if you find something you want and it's not in the WIP Features list. We may add it to that if it's good. – CONTRIBUTORS – mark7 (Project lead, some cfg editing and realism integration) 01010101lzy (Modeling, texturing, some cfg balancing) fantzz (cfg editing advisory, cfg debugging. I didn't find his profile page) Ladeng (Modding advisory, general support, member of Kerwis. I didn't find his profile page) AkanoLoki (Modeling, some texturing) MMG (Modeling, texturing, cfg editing, testings, aerodynamics) Wavechaser (cfg editing, MM patching, public relations and support) – SPECIAL THANKS – Dragon01 (Modding advisory) MajorLeagueRocketScience (Who allowed us to use his CZ-9 models and textures) MeCripp (Helped us to do PF fairings) 54znzn (Provided us models and textures of Tiangong) – CHANGELOG – v0.2.0.19X Not released - added ModuleSurfaceFX to all engines - replaced spaces in CZ-5 parts' names by underscores v0.2.0.18Y Dev Preview, Hotfix - fixed heavily misplaced and not-placed items in all directories - reorganizations of the pack - adjust Shenzhou's rescaleFactors to match the size of realworld Shenzhou spacecraft - added CZ-1 stock patch, now CZ-1 & CZ-3B can be used in stock installations v0.2.0.17Y Dev Preview - remodeled and retextured YF-100 engine, and it's now surface-attachable - YF-100 is now one-engine only, 2x YF-100 Cluster removed - overhauled CZ-1 - reorganized Readme.txt v0.1.6.16X Not released - added RealPlume support for CZ-1 - overhauled RF patches for CZ-1 v0.1.5.15X Not released - Shenzhou Orbital Module's hatch bug looks like it's fixed by KSP v1.0.5 - added Real Fuels supports for CZ-1 - added back all other Real Fuel patches v0.1.5.14X Experimental Release for KSP v1.0.5.1024 - changed "YF-23C1 Float Engine" to "YF-23C1 Vernier Engine" - general reorganizations v0.1.5.13X Experimental Release for KSP v1.0.5.1024 - general reorganizations - removed all patches for stabilities in v1.0.5.1024, use legacy versions if you want them v0.1.5.11X Not released - added License.txt - added version.txt - fixed the wrong name of the zip file and the folder v0.1.5.10Y Dev preview, Hotfix - addded ":NEEDS[RealFuels]" to all RF patches - reorganized \GameData\KFStudios\ folder v0.1.5.09Y Dev preview, Hotfix - updated Landertron.dll, now supports Real Fuels - updated Changelog and Known Issues in Readme.txt, so that it's aligned with this thread - fixed multiple grammar errors in Readme.txt, and it's also localized to English-US v0.1.5.08Y Dev preview - added RCS thrusters on the orbital module v0.1.5.07X Not Released - reworked Shenzhou orbital module - switched from BobCat's LandingEngine to XanderTek's XT Landertron, thus fixing the breaking engine issue - general debugging v0.1.5.06Y Dev preview, Hotfix - updated Shenzhou orbital module heat tolerance - fixed Shenzhou service module decoupler bug (hopefully) v0.1.5.01Y Initial release as a dev preview - general debugging v0.1.4.05X Not released - added RealPlumes configs to CZ-3B and CZ-5 - added Real Fuels configs to CZ-5 - fixed nodes on CZ-1, CZ-3B and CZ-5 - added Shenzhou spacecraft (though a prototype) v0.1.3.00X Not released - finished cfg fixes for CZ-3B and CZ-5 v0.1.0.00X Not released - Taken over from Kerwis Our versioning scheme: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International XT Landertron is released and redistributed under GNU GPLv3 license. We didn't find the license for Community Resource Pack Other legal stuff: This mod is provided "as is", and we are not responsible in any way for any damages caused by using of this mod. If you don't feel like it, you can totally not download this mod and pretend you've never been here. By downloading and using this mod, you have agreed to that you are fully responsible for any damages caused by it. This mod could potentially break your system if KSP glitches out really really wildly, although it is not supposed to happen and it has never happened according to our knowledge. You can and you are encouraged to backup your current KSP installation in case of any damages to the saves and current mods you have ever occurs. I mean, backing up your KSP is a good idea anyway as Kraken can come any time. Warranties of any kind are not provided. Powered by Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8.1
  16. Hi everyone, i might need some help here. I'm running KSP (64bit) on Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit too) and everytime I change the values of any part highlight per settings.cfg and fire up the game, it looks like nothing applies. I did not test that on a clean install, but might happen there aswell. I also tried setting the values per ingame settings, them apply and the game resets the resolution (because i set a custom in settings.cfg). They do apply first, but when I restart, they redo. highlighting settings: screens: is this a common bug to KSP 1.2 or a new? .. however, what I'm supposed to do about this horrible glow else? thanks in advance
  17. I'm looking for a modder to make a simple tool which would be able to edit part position and rotation in-flight. With simple UI and part highlighting (code for part selection is available in mods like Part Commander and Action Groups Extended) Basically a mod which will change and update these values in real time: excerpt from a save file PART { name = engineLargeSkipper cid = 4289663140 uid = 927870594 mid = 409881460 launchID = 51 parent = 128 position = 9.5522575378417969, -7.2433972358703613, 5.9428839683532715 rotation = -0.00245498656, -0.0027628853, -0.698597789, 0.715505123
  18. I have been playing with one of the rover wheels making some new parts out of them and resizing and tweaking them but I am getting some issues with anything under 0.5 in scaleFactor hovering instead of connecting with the ground. I have changed the FitWheelColliderToMesh to true and googled about and tried messing with the suspension values but to no avail. Closest I can get is to lower the visible wheel but the rest of the rover is separated from the wheel itself including the top half of the suspension. they stay raised up and it becomes stuck as if it's belly is on the ground. Can anyone explain to me how I might solve this?
  19. Hi everyone. I'm trying to retrieve a value of a part, used in an edited ship For example, i'm trying here to retrieve CURRENT 'deployAltitude' value of the 'parachuteSingle' part, used in the currently edited ship (VAB): Notes: GetVesselPart and DebugFunctions.SendLog are working. public static string GetAttribute(string partName, string parameterName) { Part part = GetVesselPart(partName); string value; foreach ( PartModule module in part.Modules ) { foreach ( BaseField field in module.Fields ) { DebugFunctions.SendLog("Checking field " +; if ( == parameterName ) { value = (string)field.GetValue(parameterName); DebugFunctions.SendLog("Parameter found : actual string -> " + value); return value; } } } DebugFunctions.SendLog("Parameter " + parameterName + " NOT found"); return null; } Used values in this example: partName = "parachuteSingle" parameterName = "deployAltitude" Here's produced log: [LOG 16:03:29.929] [7]Checking field invertCanopy. [LOG 16:03:29.929] [7]Checking field semiDeployedAnimation. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field fullyDeployedAnimation. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field autoCutSpeed. [LOG 16:03:29.930] [7]Checking field rotationSpeedDPS. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field capName. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field canopyName. [LOG 16:03:29.931] [7]Checking field persistentState. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field stowedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field semiDeployedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.932] [7]Checking field fullyDeployedDrag. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field animTime. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field clampMinAirPressure. [LOG 16:03:29.933] [7]Checking field minAirPressureToOpen. [LOG 16:03:29.934] [7]Checking field deployAltitude. [ERR 16:03:29.934] Value could not be retrieved from field 'deployAltitude' [LOG 16:03:29.934] [7]Parameter found : actual string -> . [EXC 16:03:29.935] ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null. I can't find the good method to get value of this parameter. I tried field.GetStringValue without success. Have you any idea how to do this? Thank you
  20. Is there any reason ModuleColorChanger in mk1LanderCan.cfg has this line duplicated? toggleInFlight = true toggleInFlight = true Is that a bug? Tried to check the bugtracker but it's down at the moment.
  21. I heard on the 24-hour KSP twitch stream that there was a download for overhauled 1.25 m. parts in the devs. Anyone have a location? Or a link? Or anything???
  22. What mod causes Kerbal Inventory System to lag when placing parts?
  23. Looking for someone to make or direct me to a good inline greenhouse that I can use for a space station that works with USILS. I have the domes from the life support mod, but they're troublesome because I can't use them inline in a design (can have them hanging off the side but that does not really sit right with me, and its cumbersome to launch.) and have the greenhouses from Planetary Base Systems and USI colonization, but they're meant for ground bases and look great there, but clumsy on stations. Good orbital greenhouse, anyone?
  24. Right-clicking rocket part while in flight brings out part UI, allowing to transfer fuel, start scientific experiment and so on, as well as gather some data. You can pin that UI so it won't disappear when you go to another part. My problem is that after I pin 4 parts UI, I can not open any other part UI, and those 4 pinned can not be unpinned too.
  25. Kraken themed parachutes with flapping tentacles action! Stack and Radial. no dependencies... at least until Squad changes stock parachute code. grab them, and other fun bits and bobs, at Dr. Kermanssus' Parts Emporium!