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Found 1 result

  1. So I just launched my first vessel of 1.1 into orbit and noticed my apoapsis and periapsis indicators weren't aligned with the orbit. Upon further investigation I realized none of the planet or moon's map indicators were in the right spot. I don't believe that any mods broke it but since I have a modded install I'll post here. Here are the mods I currently have: At 120% UI Scale nothing is broken: But at 100% and 80% UI Scale for example things begin to break: Any suggestions to help or should I just wait for a patch? Thanks EDIT: Found the solution myself. When you change the UI Scale you must restart the game to fix the issue I stated above. For example: When you begin the game your UI scale is set to 100%. If you change the UI scale to, for example, 80% the map indicators(apoapsis, periapsis, planets, ect...) will be in the wrong locations. After restarting though, the map indicators will return to their correct positions.