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Found 67 results

  1. Hello All! I have decided to build a propeller plane. (shamelessly stealing the technology invented by MrNuclearTurkey) (Apparently the tech isn't his either. However, the prop I used was an exact copy from his tutorial) Not just any propeller plane, a stock propeller plane. And not just any stock propeller plane either; it has four propellers, and can drop bombs! The Electrical Ellen Mk VI A My finest creation here, as shown by my video: Anyway, if you want to download this thing, I have a link on dropbox here Electrical Ellen VI A.craft?dl=0 Instructions: 1: Decouple all the propellers from the plane 2: Hold down Alt + E on the propellers on the right, make sure they're fully powered (as shown by the roll meter on the bottom left) 3: Repeat on the left side of the plane, but with Q instead of E 4: Decouple the plane from the "Rocket Stability Enhancer" (The Big Red Supports) 5: If done correctly, the plane should lift up on it's own when reaching 50+m/s ----------- Anyway, I'd like to see your propeller planes, big or small! Thanks for reading! Passenger and cargo versions of this planr coming soon! Hopefully, not in Valve Time like how I normally post.
  2. Get a plane into a low flight on Jool or a modded gas giant and post starting mass:fuel/oxy:cost Leaderboards: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  3. Ok, this is a really complicated question, but I'll do my best to make it clear. I've built myself a plane with a downward facing cargo bay (called henceforth carrier). It's purpose is to carry a few probe cores, outfitted with parachutes, a small battery, and some science gear, and drop them into different biomes for data collection (called henceforth pods). The idea being I can record data and collect science from many biomes with fewer missions launched, and also very quickly, since the carrier pushes right up to the edge of mach 1, fully loaded. So far so good. I fly off with one pod in the carriers belly, and an action group to detach the pod, deploy its chute, and turn off its hibernation all at once. I let it go at about 3,000m, everything looks peachy. I can't switch to the probe, since I'm flying in atmosphere, so I watch its altitude and speed from map view. It holds at about 175m/s all the way into the ground. After much tinkering with drogue chutes, differing altitudes and states of probe hibernation, I decide that what needs to happen is I need my control to follow the pod when it detaches instead of the plane. That way I can see what's really happening with the parachutes, and once its landed I can switch back to the plane and keep flying. I had toyed a little with the Stratolauncher (stock), so I figured this would work well. I converted all my action groups into a staging setup, since that's how the Stratolauncher (stock), is set up, and I thought it would work. Same deal as before. How do I get this to work? How can I designate to the editor that I'd like the staging to follow the probe pod out the belly, instead of the plane all the way? Or is there another solution I'm not seeing? I'd include the .craft file of the carrier as it stands right now, but I'm not sure how to attach a .craft. I'd appreciate a concise explanation of that as well if you feel the need to see the plane. Thank you!
  4. this is a user desired challenge where people will take there favorite plane they have already built and turn it into a vtol. rules: 1. it has to be a plane you've already made 2. it can't be one just perfect for a vtol conversion 3. you have to have a craft file of the original and of the vtol. 4. if you do not have a craft file then just record the original and it flying and the vtol with it flying normal and vtol mode (with it switching between them mid flight) 5. it has to have a vtol mode AND a normal mode. how the competetion will work: you will do whether rule 3 or 4 (preferably 4). and after a week or two I will de-side on the best 20 converted crafts. and then I will make a pole with pictures of all of the crafts and a brief description of how they fly and then the craft with the most votes will be crowned: THE VTOL CONVERSION KING!!!! my attempt: P.S. making a vtol from a normal plane is very hard, so you don't have to make it look as original as possible, but do try to. contenders: drtricky with: it is a modded super weaponized plane and the original
  5. Can someone please explain to me my plane's TWR chart as provided? I used KER to find the TWR in every Mach Number. Here it is:
  6. Planes not flying right? I can help turn your Christmas Bullet into a Spitfire. Post a screenshot with all three SPH indicators on (like below) as well as a short description of what it's doing or not doing, and what you want it to do. I'll read it over and do my best to offer some tips and tricks to get it flying purrrrrfect. Some other examples of my planes:
  7. I was wondering if someone figured out a formula that would predict fuel consumption in a flight around the world. I already have the required numbers needed (0.30/s fuel, ~200/ms, Altitude of 2,000 m). Is there any available formula or technique for finding the required fuel?
  8. Though I meant to finish my 0.235 rescue mission before letting myself get started on 1.2, I couldn't help myself. Just starting career, and haven't unlocked much in the way of super-sonics. This one on the Wheesly barely breaks the sound barrier. It does run a little hot. As you can see Jeb is literally glowing with black body radiation.. Doesn't help I've got the cockpit adjacent to the engine. Maybe I should add some radiators. Here's the craft file with the added radiator (not yet Stock). If you want to give Jeb back that healthy glow, just remove the radiator panel (below the cockpit). If you want to give the thing quite a speed boost, remove the parachutes so it'll hit (almost?) mach 2. P.S. I don't think Jeb can get back in once he egresses. The rear stabilizer blocks the port. That's fine, I haven't unlock ladders yet, so he can't even get back up. I've got a probe core in the trunk. Shoot, I just realized I made this for testing my autopilot, so the current craft file has the kOS scrip module, so you'll need kOS. I'll upload a version without it later.
  9. Hello everyone! I have not really been interested in spaceplanes/ssto's,but today,i built my first fully functional spaceplane! I present: Mk1 "Arrow" Spaceplane It has airbrakes,it has ladders,it has everything! Here it is in action: I hope you enjoyed it!
  10. After several days of testing, I've finally decided to release the C-17 as per request to build a STOCK cargo plane @rkarmark C-17 Globemaster III SPECS : (Data based on a 1 hour flight @ 6.6-7.5 km) 773 km/h - 480 mph - invalid (Got this number using math, but 480 mph translates into 214 m/s which I can only reach in a dive =/) 12.8 km/min 2,872 L (758 gallons) 0.633245383 mpg 3,292.87599 miles range w/ 20,000 liters of fuel (Estimated) Action groups; 3 - Flaps (having some difficulties with the direction of deployment) 5 - Toggle thrust direction (reverse/forward) DOWNLOAD: 300+ parts, takeoff speed ~50 m/s can drop 50 ton loads no problem Quite maneuverable for such a large craft.. <3 PICTURES!: I flew it with a rover to ascend the highest mountain on Kerbin, non-stop - - and back with a lot of errors and overshots ~side note - Could not upload all the pictures (?_?) Imgur kept giving me errors, sorry Have fun! I spent a lot of time on this! I WANT SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT TO MAKE (STOCK ONLY) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) pls. i really need suggestions, and a girlfriend LOL kappa -TheKorbinger
  11. Inspired by the Blackshape prime BS100 : Craftfile: It takes off superfast...
  12. So I just started down the tech tree and got to planes. I decided to create a car to run around the main complex and gather science like I saw a guy doing on a YouTube video. I have the first set of plane science with the starter wheels. I created a car with science gear, a rocket cockpit, small engine, and the starter wheels. The car will not stay in one place. It rolls down hill when I launch. I apply the brakes from the brake group and nothing happens, the car continues to roll. So I fired up the engine and started down the runway then killed the engine and tried the brakes again. No joy. I looked at the specs and that first set of wheels are supposed to have 2km brakes. What am I doing wrong?
  13. The River Runner challenge is a stock and modded air race that goes along the river northwest of the KSC. You must stay below one kilometer at all times. The starting line is the second bump/ridge (the one at ~0:44). You must be under a kilometer by that time. Sorry if that was unclear. See video below for more info. Stock Leaderboard: theAvenGuard - 218 Aero Gav - 3:07 KrogTV - 3:25 Fireheart318 - 3:55 Modded Leaderboard: ______ - ______ FAR Leaderboard: ____ - ____ My editing software was acting up, sorry for not having more to show. Either way, this video'll explain what's going on: And here's the map:
  14. Are you tired of designing crafts that would fit in cargo bays? Need to haul them across Kerbin for some reason? Well, say hello to the Skyhook. Download from KerbalX: * Rover not included Simply attach your cargo underneath the plane via anything that can decouple, slap some struts when necessary, and you're ready for take off. Features: Enough ground clearance to safely haul anything up to 2.75 meters tall. Four Wheesley engines, for taking off with heavier cargo. The wing design used in the Galactic Swallow. Capable of compensating for (reasonably) asymmetrical cargo. Tech specs: Part count: 40 Mass: 31.09t Dimensions (length × width × height): 21.2m × 20.1m × 9.7m After the seeing nice responses to the Galactic Swallow, I decide to share more of my contraptions online. If you're an aircraft enthusiast, you might notice that I draw inspiration from the real-life Skycrane helicopter for this design. This thing is quite stable, but when empty it is heavier towards the bow. So mind the center of mass while attaching cargo. The brake is linked with the thrust reversers. Hold brake to activate, tap to toggle. I haven't yet measured the ideal cruising altitude, range, max cargo weight, or even whether or not this thing is a good idea to begin with. If you enjoy KSP for the math, I'll leave those things for you to figure out. Fly safe.
  15. What's the difference between using a shock cone, stack ramp intake or one of these diverter less intakes? There's not much info on the info panel. I've been using shock cones for SSTOs up to now since they look really cool! But are there benefits of using a ramp intake or diverter less intake? A possible benefit of a diverter less intake is that you can put a more heat-resistant part in front. So, I want to hear what you guys have to say!
  16. Hello! I was developing some propeller plane, and encountered a problem with stability. When plane goes too fast, rotation speed decreases relative to the forward speed, decreasing the AoA of propeller elevons to negative causing unstable lift. It seems that the only solution is changing pitch of propellers. So, are there a way to have 3 pitch angles? Any way will be great if it is stable and reliable. Perhaps some small rotors could be configured for this? Or, is it possible to let landing struts push parts in the same ship? This doesn't work when I tried... Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
  17. 4 new aircraft, all flyable and ALL stock Links! SU-25 Frogfoot (Like the one from Battlefield 4?) - YES. Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Messerschmitt ME-262 F86 Sabre >;3 Pictures! They're ALL STOCK and therefore require no mods to operate. They all fly, pretty well. If you'd like to see other aircraft, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments. Have fun! - TheKorbinger
  18. Hi all, Got a problem. I have a simple plane/shuttle I use in early career for fulfilling basic tourist contracts. It works fine, but when I land it, I hit the brakes and it starts to slow down just fine, then suddenly will veer one way or the other and do a "power slide" turning a full 360 sometimes before stopping - like something straight out of an action movie. Of course sometimes this also involves wings or engines slamming into the ground, but Jeb don't care, he likes style points apparently. I added a couple of drogue chutes to the back of the plane to stop this from happening, but as this is a tier 1 plane/SPH, every part counts, and I'd rather have a couple of solar panels instead. I've tried altering my gear placement, setting the rear gear to 200 drag and the front to 50, disabling steering on the rear or both gears, nothing seems to help. Anybody else have this issue and found a way to fix it? Here's a link to a few pictures, any help would be appreciated.
  19. The P-61 was a twin-boom heavy night fighter armed with a nose-mounted radar. It entered service during the later years of the war, and was recognizable by the low-frequency humming produced by its twin engines. This replica takes some liberties with the craft, but hopefully it's still recognizable. Because of a combination of technical unfeasibility and a fair amount of laziness, the top turret and the tiered cockpits are missing. Real deal: My knockoff version: As you can see, it has virtually no similarities other than the twin boom design and the propellers, which are completely stock by the way. It's capable of flying at 234 kph for infinitely long, and it has a set of flaps which prove beneficial very occasionally. It seats one, as opposed to the three it's supposed to seat, because you don't need a gunner in KSP (usually). Get your knockoff today! Instructions are available on the KerbalX page.
  20. I think the Mk1 crew cabin should have a top and side (and maybe bottom) hatches like the Mk2 and Mk3 cabins and be mountable on the side of a vessel. Yes, I know it's from a private jet, and KSP is (more or less) focused on realism, but the hatch is on the top of the Mk3 (also the Mk2, but that doesn't exist IRL (yet)) cabin! Aren't commercial planes (AKA non-military/cargo) supposed to be evacuated as fast as possible in an emergency? I know there's a mod that adds a top hatch, but I never use the part because I mostly build fighters, leaving it to just take up RAM and storage until that one time I need it. Recently, I've started playing career mode more, and I need that part for Jeb because he rides shotgun to Bob. Bob gets out mid-flight to reset the science containers (I place the Science Jr. right behind the Mk1 Command Pod to keep him from flying off. It's probably the most Kerbal thing I've ever done) and leaves the plane pilotless. I still don't want to use the mod because it is just that - a mod, and my career save is superstock - only should-be-stock mods like KER, RCS Build-Aid, and Hangar Extender. I guess the point I'm trying to make is there's no point not to have it, and it would make Mk1 planes a whole lot more useful for most things
  21. I have a very frustrating, recurring problem with planes. I cannot get a simple plane down the runway without it losing yaw control and crashing! This has been a problem for me across many versions of KSP. I try tweaking everything I can think of: types/number of wheels, steering on wheels enabled/disabled, wing shape/size/placement, control surfaces size/placement/authority control/deployment, reaction wheels setting/quantity, engine quantity/size/placement, ...and probably more. I've even tried with all three levels of runway; at level 3, the plane seems to take a little longer to start wobbling, but still does long before I reach a speed that will allow take-off. I'm using only stock plane parts (see list of mods below). AAAARRRRGH! I have a Career Mode game with several contracts that require flying around Kerbin, and I can't even get off the %&*@! ground. Specifically, once my plane exceeds ~35 m/s, a yaw wobble begins that only gets worse as my speed increases. Eventually, my SAS cannot halt the swerving, and almost immediately my own keyboard control cannot override the swerving. I swing off the runway and crash. Every. Single. Time. My KSP version is 1.2.1 (updated by Steam), and these are the mods I have: DMagic Orbital Science, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Firespitter (came bundled with USI mods), SCANSat, Tarsier Space Technology, TweakScale, and six USI mods (Asteroid Recycling Tech, Freight Transport Tech, Konstruction, Exploration Pack, Submarine Pack, and Modular Kolonization System). Also, below is a Dropbox link for my most recent plane design if anyone wishes to see it. Plane.craft?dl=0
  22. Part count: 1048 Mods: infernal robotics, tweakscale Mass: 930t. Cost: 1 700 000 Link for DOWNLOAD craft: in description under video on YouTube
  23. Incoming.... The last jewel of technologie by Ender Inc... Tell me your expectations about stats and uses be free to say whatever you want Stay there for the official release
  24. Futuristic cargo plane Flight tutorial: 1. wait until the plane reaches 90m/s to pull up. 2. the air breaks are assigned to 1 on your keyboard 3. Nothing else... Download link
  25. You know who you are. If FAR isn't installed, then it's not KSP. You've ripped the wings off a hundred planes a thousand times. You have PWM modulation for the pitch up key in muscle memory. Now, it'ts time to show off. Peg the g meter. The rules are simple, and the objective is even simpler. Objective: Build a plane that can generate and survive the highest gee-forces possible. Post an F3 screenshot of your plane (landed or flying) showing the max g-force as well as vessel mass. Short videos or even a gif of the attempt are always great too! Scoring is measured in kilonewtons, which is (the mass of your plane) x (your max g-forces survived) x (9.8). Rules- 0.) You have to have FAR installed, with all default settings. 1.) Your plane has to survive the attempt. (This is a flying challenge, not a crashing challenge) 2.) Your plane cannot have any stalling surfaces during the attempt. 3.) Your plane cannot have a TWR greater than 2. (This a plane challenge, not a rocket with wings challenge) 4.) You must perform your attempt in Kerbin's atmosphere. Other than that, have at it! All mods are in, nothing else I can think of is off limits. You get the spirit of the challenge by now I'm sure, which is pretty much make the most maneuverable plane possible. So far my best is 28 gees with a 1.2 ton plane, and after a bit more refinement I'll submit it! One submission per person on the leaderboard at a time, but feel free to one-up yourself as much as you want! Leaderboard: 1.) 2.) 3.) ...