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Found 5 results

  1. Before I start, guys, I'd like to say I'm really sorry for abandoning my last story. The save loss would have made everything I had worked on in the Beginning of a Space Program useless, and this coupled with a few other things really needed me to take a break. Some stuff has happened in my life, nothing bad, but just chaotic. I'm really sorry I didn't start writing sooner. But no more excuses. Today I start a new story, and I am so glad to because now I know I won't be burnt out on KSP and my saves are being saved every time I play. Thank you guys for waiting I'd first like to thank @Raptor9 for the crafts that he put out for us to use, I'm using them for sure. I'm proud to be writing for you guys again. Cheers to 2017 and a new adventure! I hope you enjoy. Table of contents: Prelude-"Ma..." Chapter 1-Old Memories. Prelude-"Ma..." Today, at 509 Centralized Standard time, terror unlike any other struck us. It struck our people. One Hundred and Eight souls now lie on the desert sands outside Oasis Field. Four aircraft were involved in this act of war, 3 of them being Kolonia civilian flights. Flight 877 of Koruan Airways, Flight 92 of Union International, and Flight 8799 of Koruan Cargo. All three of these aircraft, and one KSA flight, were destroyed by missiles fired by Ratest terrorists. The passengers on these flights are victims of a plot against our nation, our freedom, and we must not let this stand. Today, to protect the country that so many of us call home, the Republic of Kolonia's military has invaded the breakaway states of the Ratest Union and have shut down all ties with Katax Union as well. This cannot last. Today, we're also mourning the death of Isaline Kerman, a mother of two, a loving wife, and a national hero. She died aboard a KSA aircraft departing from the airport, flying towards our launchpad and her ride to space. She will rest forever in the stars. The KSA is being temporarily shut down after this. We will never let these criminals win! We will win! May SQUAD bless our people, May SQUAD bless the Republic of Kolonia! Ma... I can't believe it's been 10 years. Remember that day? You took me around the airport, explaining how you were going to fly on a huge rocketship and that you'd bring a star home for me. You took me around Oasis Airport, to where Flight 877 was, and everyone was so kind and friendly... You were their Hero, ma... You were my hero. I was sitting in the front of Flight 92, and I watched out the window as Your plane and Flight 877 rolled down the runway, Dad waved with me out the window... And I had my head moving to make sure I could see you. Flight 877 was lifting off as it vanished from my sight, but I could see your plane. Our pilots had left the door open, most of the Kerbals in the front row were kids, and looking into the cockpit was heaven for us. So, with everybody but me looking attentively into the cockpit, we began our roll. And I heard them gasp when Flight 877 was hit. I heard the pilot say "Baby, I'll see you there" and I heard them swearing when it hit the ground. It was chaotic after that, somebody screamed, and I heard the copilot shout 'We need to stop and evacuate, now'. But, as the engines went to reverse, the pilot screamed 'We won't have the time' and jam the throttles forward. That's when they noticed that your plane had been hit, too... I rammed my head against the glass, and there was your plane, and I could see pieces falling off. I screamed 'Ma! Ma!', and got pushed into my seat as the pilot attempted to clear any other missile launches. But they hit us, too... I saw the engine fling off in fire. And then... I saw your plane dive into the ground. I screamed. Dad grabbed me. Everything was falling apart, the lights went off, and the other engine shut down. More people screamed as another missile went by but barley missed. I would have never noticed. I know that a cargo flight coming in was diverted, I had tunnel hearing on what was happening on the radio. I heard the pilot saying he'd lost the tail. His last words were 'Gears down, Gears down, Oh SQUAD, Tell Jeneta I love her'. And then I heard the calls. 'Brace, Brace, Brace, Brace. Brace, Brace, Brace, Brace.' And everything exploded. There was screaming and groaning of metal as the plane came apart. The cabin behind us was ripped off. Sand got into my eyes, I lost feeling in my left hand, it was so awful... I've never told you this, Ma... But we skidded to a halt... And there was silence... But soon we clambered out of the ripped back of the plane. I was one of the 17 lucky ones to make it. I wish you had taken our flight, why had they insisted you took the private jet? I wish that you had been sick, that I had tripped down the airstairs, that anything had happened. Ma, I wish you were here, I love you and I miss you so much. You never got your dream. I don't know what I would do to have you back, but Ma, if you're looking at me from the Pearly Gates of heaven above, Ma, I'm going to make you proud. No matter what happens today, One way or another, I'm coming for you...
  2. Hello everybody, I am here to announce the proud launch of TechTier. We are based around creating a realistic space program environment. We will include top of the line realistic launch times, conditions, physics, and of course rockets. For instance, say that today the temperature at Cape Canaveral is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a nominal launch temperature if we had a launch set for today. We will be using extra realisticness by adding in launch timer and event callout. We will also be using others such as booster cams, (no floating cameras), occasional failures, and real development times for new rockets and technology. Any real world satellites or suggestions will be accepted if available with our current rocket capabilities. I am running a pretty packed version of Realism Overhaul to meet real world requirements. We primarily specialize in LEO station building, LEO or GSO orbits, as well as NASA related missions. I will mainly be launching from Cape Canaveral, but if required, I have KSC switcher for maximum performance. I will soon set up a post for real world or highly detailed satellite suggestions as well as, eventually, manned missions. While this is 100% for the fun of it basically, I will, to the best of my knowledge, explain the physics and reasoning behind my designs. I hope everybody enjoys this journey, and without further adue, enjoy! Link to my heroes who inspired me:
  3. So - this is where I am going to post reports and pics from my ongoing space program. Boring explanation: Okay. Here we go. Part I - Another beginning. Part II - Munstep's aftermath Where are we? Two Kerbal Nations - american and soviet - have been battling for the Mun. Yeah, quiet common so far. Surprisingly US-american Kerbals made it there first during the flight of Apollo 8 with Jeb planting the flag in the surface. Recently after successful completion soviet Kerbals have been launched to the Mun aboard Soyuz LOK-4 mission making Boris Kerman the first soviet Kerbal on munar surface. But contact to the kerbonauts has been lost ever since during EVA-activities! UP NEXT: Starting desperate rescue-missions both american and soviet missions ran into technical difficulties with their vessels leaving the two Kerbals lost somewhere on munar surface. While trying to improve inflight-safety both nations came up with plans of spoiling the space with stations to increase mission duration and space knowledge. P.S.: So. Introdutional part done. Feel free to love it or hate it. More to come with more in-depth detail. Don't mind the misspellings on the pictures - had to be quick there . This first should have also given me a better overview of which functions are available for creating posts. So I hope my quality of writing will improve soon. Cheers!
  4. How many of y'all went to every place in the Kerbol System? Reply if so.
  5. The utterly pointless and useless Kerbal Superhangar! This kit contains the following: the one and only Superhangarâ„¢, my own SpaceFlyerâ„¢ spaceplane, and much more(not really)! Extremely laggy and no usefulness whatsoever! Thank you for testing out this product! Coming soon to stores for only $1000000000 Kerbal dollars! [ATTACH]34862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34865[/ATTACH] Note: pics in SPH because of EXTREME LAG on the Runway.