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Found 8 results

  1. Keep it clean, please. Allow me to begin: The other bread, those jar the brick so that biscuit my hair the scissors and then cheese but forgot he the pickle book and.
  2. I have been wondering lately, is "Kerman" really a family name, after all ? It would make much more sense as an honorific suffix, like "-san" in japanese or "-ssi" in korean. Under this hypothesis, Kerbals have only one, very colorful name, but the etiquette of the Kerbal society requires that they address each other by the name + "Kerman". Only Kerbals who have got to know each other closely, like Bill and Valentina stranded together for ten years in a Mun lander short of fuel, would dare to call each other by name only (a practice known as "kermansute"). Just thinking.
  3. HI, welcome to the post where you post silly, everyday stuff Enjoy freedom You still want someone to elaborate on this Exactly what the tile says
  4. wouldn't it be cool to see a UFO or a alien on the ground but quickly disappears once and a while. Or maybe a few ruins of aliens a bit more often like a UFO trapped in ice or a alien space station orbiting Eeloo or Duna, something like that. Anyway, i think the aliens should be and abstract colour than a kerbals colour like purple or yellow. Maybe the aliens could be humans or something. I don't know i just wish there would be a bit more abstract events and objects when landing or flying.
  5. Hello, i discover random crashes with the current build on steam with KSP. But there ist still enough RAM or any other problem I can find out. Error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp
  6. I'm using 1.1.0 and no matter what I do, my game crashes randomly. I can't even get past one launch without the game crashing. I've tried using the launcher to boot the game, and directly booting both the 64bit and 32bit .exe files. The game doesn't seem to take that long loading, and there's no lag whenever the game is in use. I don't have any mods added and I don't have any other programs booted at the same time as KSP. I also made sure that there weren't any background processes that happened to be tanking my RAM. I'm using a Windows 8 computer, but I don't know any other specifications about my system.
  7. After seeing Scott Manley's video about KSP not teaching nozzles, I ask if anyone who reads this can make a mod that can make customizable engine nozzles with Atmo or vacuum Styles When If you can find or make this idea of mod please put it on Spacedock or in the fourms. Thanks!
  8. The thread about the description field made me realize how little craft names matter to me (let alone descriptions, I don't think I've ever used that field). I have long since run out of ideas for what to call a light-ish Mun lander or a medium spaceplane that can make orbit; filling in the name field is sometimes the hardest part of a design. For those of us with this problem, I propose: Add a roll-the-dice button next to the name field, a familiar idiom from RPGs with character creation When clicked, generate a random name for the craft in the form <adjective> <noun> <Roman numeral between I and L> from a lexicon of aerospacey names. If the name already exists in the save's Ships folder, generate a new one (and so on). This would add variety and roleplay investment for those of us who are not naturally creative with names, as well as a bit of humor and unique style if the words in the lexicon are fun (and/or moddable??). Since clicking the button is optional, it ought not inconvenience players who enjoy crafting their own names, and since it's just a dice icon, it shouldn't take up too much screen space. If there's a mod for this, I'll happily install it. Anyone else?