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Found 55 results

  1. "A monstrous tripod, higher than many houses, striding over the young pine trees, and smashing them aside in its career; a walking engine of glittering metal, striding now across the heather; articulate ropes of steel dangling from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of the thunder." - H. G. Wells, 1898
  2. My first mod-heavy career (way back in 2013) got as far as an extensive colony on Duna before an upgrade broke my save file. But that was OK (or, to be more precise, I got over it eventually). The plan for my next career involves heavy use of kOS (which I'm still experimenting with), but in the process of trying to understand how real spacecraft work I ended up hooked on the idea of creating replicas using as few part mods as possible (with the exception of science mods ... I love me some science mods). Not highly realistic replicas, mind you, but replicas that try to capture some of the whimsy of Kerbal Space Program while using as few parts as necessary to suggest the real-life vessel. It's been a huge learning experience for me and a lot of fun, as I can now identify spacecraft on sight in movies or other media (my friends and family are less thrilled with this new geeky talent). Anyway, after sharing some of my creations for the weekly KSP Challenges I get the impression that others might like this style of spacecraft modeling too, so I'll start sharing some of my non-Challenge-related creations here. I hope you enjoy them! Launch Vehicles Kiwifruit (Electron replica) Ham NX (Haas 2CA replica)
  3. So after not playing KSP, I came back, and somehow got the motivation to actually make something. I've always liked the sleek looks of the SU-27 and its maneuverability. Now, I call what I've created a "semi-replica" because I didn't go over measurements and scale them, and the wings are a bit off, the top slope thing is a bit long, the landing gear configuration is wrong, but I think it looks close enough to warrant having the same name. It, just like its real life counterpart, is highly maneuverable with thrust vectoring engines ( I may or may not have abused cubic octagonal struts to put two on each side). However, sharp turns under 90 m/s can stall the plane. Stall recovery is simply, simply don't touch the controls, turn on the afterburners, and you'll be good. As the root part is actually a probe core as the cockpit is slanted, crew will not be automatically assigned. To have a cockpit view of the front, your pilot will need to be placed in the second cockpit appearing on the list. If you have two kerbals in the place, click IVA on the second kerbal from the left in the bottom right corner of the screen. Action group 1 for the afterburners. DL:
  4. SpaceX Pack Includes: Falcon 1 Merlin 1Ci Kestrel Falcon 9 1.0 Merlin 1C Merlin 1C Vacuum Falcon 9 1.1 Merlin 1D Merlin 1D Vacuum Falcon 9 Full Thrust / 1.2 Merlin 1D+ Merlin 1D Vacuum+ Even more powerful Merlin's than the 1D+', SpaceX wants to increase thrust of those even more Different textures (Used, black legs & black octaweb, etc) Falcon Heavy Alternative colour sheme Interplanetary Transportation System (ITS) Raptor (surface, vacuum) Ship Booster Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) and Just Read The Instructions (JRTI) Various payload fairing textures from real missions ABS-3A/Eutelsat 115 West B America AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 CASSIOPE DSCOVR Orbcomm OG2 SES 8 Thaicom Requires --- Recommended/supports: Texture Replacer , MechJeb2 , Trajectories , 64k (solar sytem rescale mod), Firespitter (Plugin) , Launch Towers Pack KSP Version: 1.2.1 Version: 4.0 (Released December 4, 2016) Download: Spacedock Realism Overhaul configs for Falcon 9 "Full Thrust" are made by user @ReventonHawx and can be downloaded here Real Plume Configs are provided by @Hysterrics and can be found here Atlas Pack Includes: Atlas V Rocket 400 & 500 series (3 Payload fairings for each version) Centaur with RL-10 Payload interfaces (C13, C15, C22, C25, C29, A937S, B1194) Requires Old School Fairings , BD Animation Module Recommended Editor Extensions KSP Version 1.1.3 Version 2.0 (Released September 9 2016) Download SpaceDock Realism Overhaul configs are included in the RO mod Real Plume config provided by @Hysterrics , downloadable here License All rights reserved
  5. I guess there are a few players from an older generation who will remember this craft from a puppet show for kids from the early 1960's. Produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, who went on to give us Thunderbirds amongst others, I guess you could call Fireball XL5 the forerunner of it's more well known cousin. Fireball XL5 in KSP is a recreation designed to give a flavour of the original, rather than be an attempt to produce a nuts and bolts faithful replica. Having said that, the complete craft has reasonably docile flying characteristics in Kerbin's atmosphere, and Fireball Junior and the main Fireball body can be both flown independently. Fireball Junior is the trickiest to fly; it's not too difficult flying around, but it has the glide characteristics of a brick which makes landings tricky. When flying Fireball Junior I recommend it be done with flaps deployed as this improves the flying characteristics at the expense of maximum speed, as they do slow the craft down. It's not recommended that the complete craft be flown with flaps deployed however, as the flaps are all situated in Fireball Junior, and deploying them can make the craft unstable when using large amounts of elevator input. Action group keys : 1 Toggle Fireball Junior rocket engines 2 Toggle flaps 3 Toggle Fireball Junior landing wheels 4 Toggle ladder 6 Undock Fireball Junior 7 Toggle Fireball Junior landing legs (for vertical landings) Finally, it is important that Infinite Propellant is switched on in the Alt F12 cheats menu, as this craft doesn't have a lot of wing area to keep it airborne with full tanks, so the tanks have only been filled to maintain balance and flight characteristics, which requires infinite fuel be used if you want a flight lasting longer than a couple of minutes. Download Fireball XL5 craft file :
  6. Hey, everyone, it's been quite a while since I posted a craft here, though as you have probably seen I have been working on some movie props (I really need a script writer). Anyway, I loved the look of the little Boeing XS-1 that got some media the other day. It's really hard to get the curved side square fuselage right but I gave it a shot. The payload can achieve orbit and the booster plane is landable. Though not both at the same time, because the plane never leaves the atmosphere. here is the clip of the planned XS-1 and then some pictures of mine. Edit: eh, it looks a lot rounder than what I remember oh well
  7. Hello fellow Kerbonauts today i want to show you guys my stock Formula One Car. I have found a couple of stock KSP F1 cars on the internet but i wasn't quit happy so i attempted to build one myself. This is what i came up with. My Car is a replica of the 2016 Mercedes Benz F1 Car which won the Drivers-and Constructors World Championsship with the drivers Rosberg (WDC) and Hamilton. My version is 5.9m long, 1.7m high and 2.6m wide. It has a docking port on the back end, so you can dock it to spaceshis. I tried to get it as close to the real W08 size as possible. It weights 3.699 tons. Thats actually a lot more than the original ). In the on KerbalX uploaded version i added a Mk1 Command Pod to the rear docking port, so the size and mass data looks different in the download version. Technically it has eight-wheel-drive. I added extra wheels to make them look thicker, and more F1-like. Electric Power is provided by a radioisotope generator (no solar panels). It has fuel celles, but only for optic purposes. The car has liquid fuel tanks but I left them empty for weight purposses. You can obviously fill them up and use the fuel sells too. It is the most stable an manouverable rover i have ever built in KSP (Eight Wheels i guess). The way the spoilers are addes i think it provides downforce too. It is safely drivable on the Mun also. Though, the spoilers obviously don’t provide any downforce there. If you wan to download it, heres a link: And here are some photos:
  8. The ISS Replica Project Over the past three years of playing KSP, I have made many stations, and about a third of those were attempts at making our beautiful ISS. Of all my attempts, the one that got the furthest only got as far as the Z1 truss, and it was hardly accurate. So this time, I decided that I would go all out and build the most visually accurate ISS replica I can possibly manage, module by module, and share it with you guys! My goal will be to build the modules, and put them in orbit with realistic launch vehicles, to be constructed in a realistic fashion, while providing educational shorts explaining the purposes and capabilities of each module (soontm). I hope you enjoy the ride! A modlist required to run the WHOLE PACK (lists for the individual modules are included in their sections) can be found here: Module 1: Zarya After around two weeks of solid work on my Zarya replica, it is finally (at least for now) finished! You may have seen it in other parts of the forum, but it is now up for download, and ready to go to space. The Zarya module (meaning 'sunrise' in Russian) was the first module of the International Space Station. Launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, November 20th, 1998, it marked the dawn of a cooperative relationship between the space programs of the USA and Russia towards a common goal of a habitat in space. The main purpose of Zarya on launch was to provide propulsion and power to the Zarya - Unity module pair while waiting for Zvezda to launch and dock with the station, which would offer a more permanent propulsion solution. Based off proven technology developed in the Mir programme (for which Zarya was originally intended to be part of), Zarya was based off the already proven TKS-derived module technology. Ever since Zvezda docked, Zarya took a secondary role, and is now a main part of the ROS living quarters and fuel storage for the Zvezda booster system. Craft Specification: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Up Next - Module 2: Unity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other bits included: Proton (Zarya Configuration) Download To install, extract the downloaded file and merge the GameData and Ships folders with the respective folders your KSP directory Think I've done something wrong? Want to help me improve what I've done? I'm all ears! Just let me know in this thread
  9. Ayy!! Long time since I've been here! anyways, I've built 2 new aircraft, that have been through some extensive testing, and i'm ready to release them. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner : 4 engines CONTROL GROUPS 1. Flaps 2. Speed breaks (Have problems with direction of deployment) 3. reverse thrusters 9. toggle lights _______________________ 265 parts 162 tons 13.6m high 45.5m wide 49.1m long Embraer ERJ-145 : 1. Flaps 2. Speed breaks 3. Reverse thrusters ___________________ 106 parts 44 tons 4.8m high 20.2m wide 24.3m long Pics :
  10. Stock 1:1 F-14 Tomcat The F-14 Tomcat is one of the most iconic U.S. fighters, ranking along the P-51 Mustang, F-86 Sabre, and the F-4 Phantom in the lists of the greatest fighters of all time. Its wide versatility, immediately recognizable swing-wing, and appearance in Top Gun add to its appeal. In the air, the F-14 was a Mach 2.2, carrier based fighter-bomber designed with experience fighting MiGs in Vietnam. As a capable dogfighter, the F-14 earned 160 kills versus only 10 losses to enemy fire in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. And now, finally to you, so you can take the highway to the danger zone while reliving tales of aerial combat and trial by fire. This is a 1:1 scale replica of the F-14 Tomcat, complete with a pair of air-to-air missiles and swing wings. Controlling the wings is simple. Simple use action group 1 to toggle the wings forward, and action group 2 to toggle them backward. Note that you have to stage to release the wings first. Most of the time, the wings should snap into position by themselves, but sometimes you have to adjust the limit on the airbrakes manually in order to move the docking ports so that it docks. The F-14 can be flown without/halfway docked wings, but landing and time warp are discouraged. Takeoff is really simple. Pitch-up at 40m/s and it's off like a rocket. Landing is much harder. To land safely, come in really hot, at full throttle (non-afterburning), above 120m/s at a low glideslope. As soon as the wheels stick, kill the throttle and brake hard, and it comes to a stop quickly. Guide for Aerial Combat: Due to the magic of Target Hold on SAS, it is very easy to control a large number of craft in the air at the same time. When I was flying my dogfights, I had a single "lead" aircraft that each of the other craft were targeting. This made flying the entire swarm around very easy, once they made it into the air. Getting five planes airborne at the same time was a feat in and of itself. My method is extremely quick, and requires lining up aircraft slightly farther apart than their takeoff roll (this is extremely easy with the F-14s, which take off in under 200m). The intent is so that as soon as you lift off with one craft, you are passing over the next one in line (within 200m), so the entire chain takes off before the lead plane passes the end of the runway. From there, it is merely a matter of maintaining speeds (ideally, they should be equal, but 2-3m/s is excusable) so that one plane doesn't turn into a guided missile. From there, simply have the lead plane make a hard yaw to spread out the chase planes, and begin dogfighting. In order to fire the missiles, decouple them and select the target and the target hold on SAS. After you have done that, you can switch back to the F-14 and continue flying. The missiles are fire-and-forget, so multiple can be targeting a plane at the same time. This can lead to swarms of missiles chasing their target, as for what they lose in accuracy, they make up for in flight time. Often, unless the probe core is destroyed, they will follow their target all the way to the ground. I am also including the F-5 (or MiG-28, if that suits your fancy), as it has a very comparable top speed, and is armed with two unguided rockets. They can make excellent target dummies adversaries in dogfights. Download Links: F-14: F-5: I would like to give a massive thanks to the people upon whose shoulders this was built on, first and foremost @Torquimedes for his own amazing stock F-14, which inspired me to begin building swing-wing aircraft in the first place, and also to @Jon144 for designing the bearing which I ultimately used on the F-14 wings. Enjoy! -Servo
  11. So I made a replica of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet, I call it the Kermman F-14 Tomcat. It's designed to be as realistically close in terms of specs and aesthetics, but its not 100% perfect and this is my 2nd try in making a replica of a fighter jet that actually looks somewhat like the original. Everything is functional, as well as the wings. Soon to be weaponized though. This is my first post in the forums, I hope I did everything correctly.
  12. Constellation Moon Mission Pack Initially worked on after I saw the Constellation Mission Packs Discussion Thread, I had neglected the project part way through, with the Ares I and Ares V mostly completed (if I recall correctly, it may have been to a bug). After almost two years, I've finished the once unfinished business—it's out! Ares I and Orion Ares V with Altair Going Home Now that you've seen the landing and take off, let's watch the kerbals get home! It should be noted that fuel reserves tend to be quite low at this point—be efficient with how the fuel is spent... DOWNLOADS Ares I and Orion Ares V and Altair If you've found any issues or if you have feedback on ships, feel free to note them in the comments, I'd be happy to fix it.
  13. Welcome to the official Ender Inc. Craft and Replica repository!! Here you will find every craft and replica I made Replica Crafts Fighter
  14. Been inactive for a while, and need to take a break from counter-strike due to a major slump, so i decided to fire up ksp for some craft building. Making it mostly with pwing, as i have done with my other crafts. Will update with more pics as i build. For now, the further down you scroll, the more progress will be seen. I'm going to update the OP with recent pics a bit later Can't get kerbpaint to work properly, some pwing elements can be colored, some can't, and some only get updated with new colours when coloring another part (mostly when i add paint to a stock piece), if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Some additional angles and further progress: ------------------------------------------------------ OLD ------------------------------------------------------------ Decided the ejector seats (which actually work, just not right now because they get blocked by the dash, will fix though) didn't really look the part, so i modified them and replaced the existing ones. I do realise the upper seat part is slightly too long, but im going to focus on finishing the craft and deal with it later on, should be a pretty simple fix. Not really pleased with the way the turret section turned out, will smoothen and fix later on. It looks alot more 'blocky' than it actually is, the panels blend into each other in the screenshot. Some vent detail
  15. i did a thing and it's a cool thing. Side note, how do i embed albums? If the demand is large enough i'll throw up a download, but it requires mods and i'm not %100 sure what all ones i used so i'd just be putting my gamedata folder out there for ya'll to use.
  16. okay ever since the launch of EFT-1 I have been obsessed with the Delta IV Heavy rocket I mean holly crape that rocket is AWESOME! I plan on build a 3.25 meter radius replica using rhinos and as soon as I build it I will post pictures (@Firemetal I want to see your replica)
  17. While I was playing darkorbit, I thought I can make the Goliath. Download link from KerbalX: And here is the result: and if you want here how I built it: Mods: B9 Aerospace - Legacy Parts Pack B9 Aerospace Parts Pack OPT Legacy Orbit Portal Technology [OPT] Spaceplane Parts Squad (stock) opt
  18. The Last of the Gunfighters, as it was known, the Crusader marked the end of an era for U.S. Fighter aircraft. It was the last fighter to use guns as weapon of choice, serving from 1957 until 1976 in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as a carrier-based supersonic fighter. The F-8, as it was later designated, served many roles during the Cold War. the RF-8 was a dedicated reconnaissance platform that captured important information during the Cuban Missile Crisis, while in Vietnam, F-8s served as carrier-based fighter-bombers. Now, the gunfighter is back in stock KSP. This model has a fully functioning variable incidence wing, actuated up and down by action groups. The wing can be raised 7 degrees for takeoff and landing, giving the Crusader superb STOL capabilities, plus excellent low and high-speed handling. True to the replica, the F-8 becomes tough to fly with the wing in cruise mode below a certain speed, requiring the wing to be raised for landing approaches. Once in the air, the Crusader is fairly nimble, and can break the speed of sound in level flight. Remarkably, it is also stable under high G-loads (tested up to 15) and at 4x time warp. Download Link: Instructions for use:
  19. Hello ! So, a few days ago, I was in a French Air Force base for some reason, and near the entrance they had a few old birds, including a Mirage IV. And I thought "Hey, I like it ! I should make it in KSP" and after a bit of research I liked it even more, so I had to make a good replica of it. The Mirage IV (read 'four' of course, not 'I Vee') was a French nuclear bomber that entered in service in 1964. It was able to reach Mach 2.2, and was the first military aircraft to include partial fly-by-wire controls. It was, until 1988, the only aircraft in the French Air Force capable of delivering the nuke. Then in 1988 it was slowly replaced by the new and modern Mirage 2000-N, and they were completely retired of nuclear service in 1996. Starting in 1974, they started using it as a recon aircraft too (kinda like a smaller, frenchier, slower and not stealth Blackbird. Actually it's not that close to a Blackbird), replacing the nuclear ordinance with a recon pod. These 'Recon' Mirage IV's were used until 2005, when they were finally retired from service. For economic (and international peace) reasons, I could not equip it with weapons systems and a big ol' nuke. If you want that, get BDArmory. You will only need TweakScale to use this craft. Now that this is said, specs ! Imgur album: My Mirage IV can reach speeds of up to 840m/s (Mach 2.5) at high altitudes, even with external tanks. It is rather easy to fly, but tends to pitch down without SAS. I recommend Atmosphere Autopilot for excellent flight stability, fly-by-wire and a lot of cool stuff (trust me, once you use it, you can't fly without it). You can toggle afterburners with action group 1. For takeoff, afterburners, full throttle, and start pulling up at ~100m/s. Congratulations ! You are now flying. If you really want to give it a try, you can download it on KerbalX. Don't forget TweakScale if you don't already have it ! Hope you enjoy it ! Feedback would be appreciated ^^
  20. Hello everyone ! I've decided to make a replica of one of the most replicated plane on this forum... the SR-71 Blackbird ! ...or not. There are too many Blackbirds here (some good and some less good), so why not a bit of change ? So I present to you the M-21: a two seater variant of the A-12, modified do carry and launch the D-21, a high-speed and high-altitude recon drone. Only two were ever made, one of them was destroyed during a D-21 test launch (the drone's engine failed to start and it slammed into the rear of the M-21, destroying it), and the other one is exposed at the Museum of Flight, in Seattle. For the first four missions of the D-21, the second and third were partial failures, and the fourth was destroyed in the accident previously described. Following the accident, they decided to drop the D-21 from a B-52 instead, duct-taping a booster under the drone to help it reach altitude and speed for the RamJet to start working. After a few more failures, the drone finally managed four successful missions over China before being retired in 1971. Imgur album: Now let's get to mine ! The M-21 itself has a pretty good handling, probably better than the real one. Thanks to the Whipanther Engine, it can reach 1000 m/s easily in both low and high altitudes. Watch out if you add more fuel for longer travels though, as it will add more weight at the rear, you might get too much maneuvrability. The D-21 is rather fast. It can reach high speeds very quickly. You can choose between long range and poor pitch maneuvrability with the front tank full, or medium range and good maneuvrability with the front tank empty. In that second configuration it can take some extreme loads, I managed a 160 Gees turn About the Bird's engines: Some may not like the fact that I clipped engines inside engines, but I wanted multi-mode engines kinda like the real one. So I'm gonna explain the modes: FullSpeed mode: Both Whiplash and Panther engines are activated. It's the mode by default. Makes the bird able to reach Mach 3+ at low altitude. HighAlt mode: Whiplash only, used at high altitudes, as the panthers will be ineffective. You can also use it at low altitude, but your speed will be limited to ~ Mach 1. Use AG2 to toggle the Panthers. Eco mode: Panther only. For low altitude only, when you just want to fly around without too much speed. Uses less fuel than other modes. Use AG1 to toggle the Whiplashes. Flight Instructions: 1. For the takeoff, right-click on the drone core behind the cockpit and "Control from here" or the NavBall won't be aligned with the plane. Then press Stage once to startup the M-21's engines. Full throttle, and pull up at around 110 m/s. 2. Climb to desired altitude for drone launch 3. When the desired altitude is reached, you have 2 drone launch possibilities: 3a. Real-life style: rise the nose a bit, then pitch down to begin a dive. Press Stage to launch the drone, level the M-21, and switch to the drone. 3b. MGS3 style: perform an aileron roll, and drop the drone when you're upside-down. Level the M-21, switch to the drone. 4. Quickly, right-click on the probe core and "Control from here". You now have full control over your drone. 5. Enjoy ! You can also just drop the drone cause you don't want it, and fly at mach 3.2 in the stratosphere. The D-21 was supposed to eject the data package before self-destroying, and a C-130 would retrieve the package in mid-air. So mine can't land. But it has chutes, so you can somewhat retrieve it. If it doesn't explode. Oh, and the M-21 has a braking chute, you can activate it with ABORT. It's not very useful, but the real one has it. Aaand, final thing, you can access KerbNet from the drone cores of both M-21 and D-21, and have actual recon thing happening and place waypoints and all ! How cool is that ? Download here Enjoy !
  21. ADF-01 FALKEN is a futuristic fighter jet found in the game Ace Combat series. I love the Ace Combat series because is has the two things that i love the most, futuristic jets and air combat. That's why i think it is a pretty good to bring my favourite jet from my favourite game to another. /don't mind the title The ADF-01 FALKEN represents an improvement in Gründer Industries's advanced fighter program. It acts as the spiritual successor to the ADFX-01 andADFX-02 Morgan;[4] compared to those units, the FALKEN has improved mobility and stability, albeit at a slight cost of defense. It is still a very powerful aircraft, and features high speed and air-to-air output.[5] The aircraft's distinctive angular body provides limited stealth capabilities as well,[4] something the Morgans did not feature. /don't know why there is a street plank in the back i didn't place it there and i cant get it off. Now you might be wondering the nose of the plane is so small, how are you going to fit our v̶i̶c̶t̶e̶m̶ kerbal in there? I DONT KNOW man. First i though it's a drone but na. I'm like what the hell we are in the 6th gen now and it's not a UAV? uhhhhhhhhhhh Anyway its sill a awesome aircraft come on look at that forward swept wing, look at the laser cannon. Oh i forgot to mention that the FALKEN has a freaking laser cannon, how cool is that? the cannon is a plugin that i made from the config file from bad. Basically i took the file and made it super op, melts through anything that the pilot is pointing at. BYE /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[4] Length: 24.00m (78.74ft) Width: 15.92m (52.23ft) Height: 5.64m (18.50ft) Weight: 23,300kg (23.3 metric tons) Max Speed: Mach 2.2 (2,695 km/h or 1,674 mph) mods: BDA: SQUAD(stock parts) game version: 1.1.3 / I change the thrust of the engines because after update 1.0.4 all the jet engines feels too weak for my taste, so i don't think it is fair to compare the performance to other stock crafts.
  22. General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Replica Pure Stock More Images : Download The name of the .craft is General Electric. My head wasn't totally there i think Don't forget to leave a comment on the plane and tell me what you think about it!
  23. Enjoy! Pics: Download: Fighting Falcon.craft?dl=0
  24. Part count: 1048 Mods: infernal robotics, tweakscale Mass: 930t. Cost: 1 700 000 Link for DOWNLOAD craft: in description under video on YouTube
  25. Imgur albums are broken on this forum, sorry! Aircraft click on the spoilers