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Found 26 results

  1. I couldn't find a thread about Duna rockets, so I made one.
  2. MacLuky Space Solutions Standing on the shoulders of giants we strive to bring a unique set of parts to the game that enhance and excite the gameplay. Download from GitHub: or SpaceDock:'s Space Solutions Current release consists of: The IRAS Space Telescope IRAS is modeled after a telescope that was constructed at Hollandse Signaalapparaten, my first employer. The mod tries to stay close to the original. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * CTT * Bluedog Design Bureau (scale down so it can be launched on a Delta rocket as original) * TarsierSpaceTech Known issues: None License Space Labs A set of space habitats that can be easily converted into early space labs using the the better science labs mod. Consists of an early 1.25m cabin like lab with expandable yagi antenna, a small 2.5m can and an inflatable lab that can be launched on a 1.25m stack. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * Prepped for BetterScienceLabs Known issues: - hatches and ladders not working License Mod Review Roadmap Rosetta and Philea (Solar panels, grabbing hook) ESA Launchers (Lionheads revived or own stuff) Foldable Rover (wheels, wheels!) Fictional crew capsule. Cross over between Dragon and Apollo and Soyuz. Special thanks Bobcat, dboi88, CobaltWolf, InsaneDruid, martinezfg11, SpannerMonkey, NecroBones, Climberfx
  3. Can we build something similar to the stratolauncher that jettisons it's landing pylons (which has fuel that is burned off initially to carry a spaceplane to high altitude that then heads to another planet's orbit. Easy: Get the spaceplane to CisMunar orbit and return after landing and then dropping something (10 tons) there. Harder version of easy is to also carry 60 Kerbals. Medium: Same as Easy but on Dun. Harder version is dropping 50 tons. Hard: Launch to Duna, land, drop 25 kerbals, land on Ike, drop 10-40 tons as well as 30 kerbals. Make a refueling stop at Ike, burn towards Mun, land, jettison 15 tons and then reenter kerbin orbit without assistance.
  4. Welcome! We hope you like it here in our new sale garage, with our new Lamborghini. Here at A.A.A. we take great pride in bringing you the best of rocketry and aeronautic advancements. all craft file links at bottom of post. Rockets: Hyperion The flagship rocket of AAA, the Hyperion can VSSTO up to and over 100 tons to LKO. Able to be landed and reused, this is THE ship for eager minded entrepreneurs and frugal space programs alike! The Hyperion can be reconfigured for a variety of uses. Comes with streamlined command pod, capable of emergency detachment. warranty void if landed on Mün. Titan A Ahh... the Titan A. The poor, (but still rather wealthy) man's Hyperion. Able to VSSTO up to -redacted- tons of payload to LKO, this rocket can transport whole space stations into stable orbit. Base model includes Station Core. Probe core for landing not included. Warranty void if used as ICBM. K-2 (replica) The K-2. A pioneer of rocketry, and capable of suborbital flight to boot. Originally designed as a child's model rocket, this machine has turned itself into a symbol of one of the worst regimes to ever rule Kerbin. But it's still a pretty cool rocket! PLANES X-7509 "Highly experimental. Highly dangerous. Really Cool"-Jebediah Kerman The X-7509 is a new long range strike bomber from AAA. Capable of refueling from any part of the globe, this plane is a must have for all cold war locked countries. For an emergency bombing run, the ore tanks and nuclear reactor can be dropped, and used as a makeshift Thermonuclear weapon. Seats four(4). Mach 1 capable. Warranty void if bomb dropped while plane is inverted. K-797 Capable of carrying over 120 passengers to numerous destinations around the globe, the K-797 is the next generation passenger aircraft. These planes are going fast, so make sure to gets yours now!! K-84a A leader in passenger comfort, the K-84a is also at the forefront of customer safety. Able to fly on any one of its three engines, able to belly land on land and water, and able to fly half way around the world, this plane is a must have for any innovative airline. S-581 "Thermeso" A max speed of mach 3+. suborbital capable. Room for two passengers. Move over Kearjet! The AAA Thermeso is an incredible piece of engineering, and just happens to be incredibly fun to fly! Buy yours now. Kb-3-427 Do you need a bomber capable of crossing the KSC continent in under five minutes? do you need to strike in the dead of night? Do you, for some reason, need to break mach 4 while doing it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AAA recommends the KB-3. Carrying three 1000 kiloton warheads, this plane serves the same goal as the X-7509, but in a fraction of the time. Warranty void if bombs are dropped at below 5 kilometers.( please do not drop all bombs at same time. AAA recommends using the two symmetrical warheads first, and then deploying the third). K-108 "Reliant" Need the charm of a slow, subsonic flight? Then the K-108 is the plane for you. boasting two sets of wings, yes TWO, this biplane is ideal for a relaxing trip on a sunny afternoon. Warranty void if used as a stunt plane. F-97 "Radiance" Imagine the Radiance as a minivan.If your mid sized sedan was mach 1 capable, had a max ceiling of 22 kilometers, and could transport your kids to school in under five minutes. Oh, and if it was loosely modeled after the KR-71 white bird. You know what? scratch that whole minivan idea. Its a plane, gosh darn it! Warning: Not capable of landing on water. Download links for all vehicles: Thanks for looking!
  5. Crafts from the Asteroid Sentinels A showcase of most of the crafts featured in my graphic novel. I've released the crafts in several sets due to the sheer amount of crafts. Enjoy! The Sentinel Space Telescope/Falcon 9 Asteroid Deflection Mission Mission Very Profitable Asteroid Redirect Mission MOL/Knoll
  6. Sound Barrier Rockets (SBR) Homemade Rocket Program The last year or so I've been building, testing, and launching homemade sugar rockets at my house. Each engine is a homemade version of Estes rocket motors, except a little bit better. I've built a static test stand to test each rocket motor. So far, I've completed a total of four static tests of what I call an F-1 motor. After the third successful static test of an F-1 a year ago, I converted it into an actual rocket and conducted a vertical launch. It flew about a half-mile into the air in a spinning trajectory. We found it in the driveway in a nearby house's driveway. Here's a photo of the flying F-1: A fourth successful static test was conducted of another F-1 engine a couple months ago. As of late, I've been designing a new rocket called the Cougar 1. It will house a much larger F-2 engine. The F-1 engine was a puny 5 inches in height. The F-2 engine is 1 foot and 4.5 inches long. It is as large as it is to launch a heavy payload of a camera and parachute over a mile into the air. Here's a picture of the Cougar 1 design: I've also been building the Cougar 1 rocket as well. So far I've cut a hole in the tube and am currently in the process of cutting the camera platform into shape. The body tube is 2.5 inches in width and 2 feet 7 inches in height. In the picture is the body tube with the cutout. (That's my foot to the side. Whoops! ) I'll be posting regular updates. Tell me your thoughts below!
  7. Munbro's Replicas Showcase Welcome to my replica showcase! Here you'll find 60 replicas that I have to show you. I am always working on new things, so be sure to check in once in a while. To find out what's new, check the latest comments. Now hosting KerbalX Downloads! Link - I do take requests! Rockets Aircraft Upcoming Craft Ariane 4 Ariane 5 MiG-21 ------------ Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.
  8. Hey everyone, and welcome to... TheEpicSquared's Crazy ContraptionsTM (Warranty void if crafts not used in crazy fashion) Note: The reason why so many categories say "Coming soon" is because I haven't built many crafts for that category. They'll all be filled in sometime. So what's this? Right, so without further ado, let's get to the categories: THE CRAFT: Aircraft Airliners The Kossak K-100, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: The Kossak K-200, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: The Kossak K-250, manufactured by Kossak Aerospace: Fighter Jets Coming soon Stunt Planes Coming soon Spaceplanes Coming soon SSTOs Coming soon Rockets Lifters Coming soon Transfer Stages Coming soon Spacecraft Crewed Spacecraft Coming soon Satellites Coming soon Space Probes Coming soon Crewed Landers Coming soon Autonomous Landers Coming soon Ground Vehicles Trucks Coming soon Cars Coming soon Rovers Coming soon - in fact my rover for the Elcano Challenge will be up here within a few days, as it's in the final stages of development Miscellaneous/Silly Stuff Coming soon Thanks for viewing my Crazy Contraptions!
  9. Hello admirers of technology and Welcome! To the majestic world of: Oliverm001x's Pinnacle of Construction The first question: What is this? From the discovery of combustion, the invention of the wheel, the iconic moon landing with the impeccable Apollo 11 landing module, to the planned manned missions to Mars by 2024, our human civilisation has progressed at a monumentally rapid rate. Engineering pinnacles have cast a conspicuous shadow onto the people doubting the ability of modern day man, and his ability to progress within the realm of engineering. On this Spacecraft Exchange we will display some of the pinnacles of engineering, all constructed in the majestic and fun, world of KSP. Here (regular uploading not guaranteed) vehicles of all sorts will be uploaded and described, with a background, statistics, and plain scientific fun! Hope you enjoy! The Different Categories: Aircraft: The K340-100 The K325- More Aircraft Coming Soon! Rockets: Maritime Vessels: Land Vehicles: UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle): Space Stations: Satellites: And More!
  10. I was thinking, No Boosters? I want to make a platform where players can post their rockets/booster stages/transfer stages etc. RULES (must read!) 1.No foul language. 2.only boosters,transfer stages, etc. NO PAYLOADS. 3.Only realism overhaul mods only, full pack. MECHJEB is allowed. may build rockets for RSS(real solar system) only if you say it's designed for RSS. 5.NO HYPEREDIT/stock hyperedit please. Unless it's like a hyperedit elevator/glitch rocket,then you need to send me the file first,before you post it so I can make sure that it's not against the rules. 6.NO PERSONAL INFORMATION! 7.Also, Please put stats on the post, and version, so everyone can use it. Thanks everyone, fly safe, ASTRONICK13
  11. Hey everyone! During my time in KSP - I've only recently started playing - I've mainly used rockets from the VAB. I have barely any experience making space planes, but I see people using them all the time. Should I start using them? Which do you prefer? Rockets or Space Planes?
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to turn TWR through the flight of a stage into a function for programming purposes. Clearly TWR as a function of time must follow the form F(t, y) = Aert + Besy Note that I'm talking about a single stage; there are discontinuities upon staging. Also, I'm assuming instantaneous ignition and a fixed throttle. t is time, y is altitude, taking the launchpad as zero (for ease of calculation). The coefficient A is clearly an expression of the throttle, so let's set it aside. The B term is likewise a scalar relating to the Isp at sea level. The s term is fairly easy. It's a coefficient to altitude, intended to represent change in Isp with thinner atmosphere. But I'm still having some trouble with understanding how to use it; how does the atmosphere decay? It's clearly ln(something) depending on the celestial body, which means we could rewrite the second term as Bsy Similarly, the r term is related to the mass-flow rate of the engine(s), or, if you like, the mass-loss rate of the rocket. F is in Newtons. t is in seconds. y is in feet. This means r must be in Newtons/second and s must be in Newton-seconds. And at this point I'm lost. How do I go about giving specific values to my r and s terms? For example, let's say I have a rocket that at F(0,0) = 300kN. Therefore 300kN = A + B. Easy, but unhelpful. What else do I know about this rocket? I know the mass-flow rate. I know the specific impulse at sea level and in a vacuum. How do I derive the rest? For background (and because perhaps there's an easier way to do this), I'm trying to take a given, arbitrary rocket and calculate, to a rough approximation, a zero-lift ascent from Earth (or another celestial body, but let's skip that). Thanks to anyone who can help.
  13. Looking for best mod with Russian booster tech.
  14. crash folder: MODS installed: Game started crashing after recent update. -------------------------------------------------------------- FX 6300 gtx 660 8gb ram windows 7 64 bit ---------------------------------------------- Ask me if you need any more info.
  15. Hello fellow kerbals, today on the spacecraft exchange i would like to show you the Delta Rockets. These rockets were used to launch small/large probes. (I will add my rockets soon.)
  16. The purpose of this challenge is to create real life rockets/missions that launched or didn't.(Looking at you, Constellation!) It would be nice to have it stock, but it's no matter, I have a list of approved mods below. KW Rocketry TweakScale Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Outer Planets (for New Horizons, Juno, Cassini-Huygens etc.) I have an Atlas V with new horizons that may be posted on imgur. What will you build? Happy Ship building!
  17. Kerbalized Rocket Technology About This is a little project which brings you kerbalized versions of real rocket components into the game. I want it to be accurate enough, that you can see what this is based on and how it works in real life, but this is not supposed to be a replica mod, as opposed to Launchers Pack. The main aspect of this mod will be rocket engines, but I will include some actual lauchers. Kick stages (like the Star series) will be included too, as a cheap alternative to liquid fueled upper stages. This project is still highly in development, but I think it's good enough to publish a first version. Contents Planned Vulcain 1 & 2 Ariane 5 RS-27 and RS-27A Delta II RD-170 (in development) RS-68 (in development) Delta IV Atlas II, III, V NK-33 License All rights reserved. Download SpaceDock
  18. im begining to work on a few mods. One is going to add planets to the ksp solar system, a part pack, and lastly a flag expansion pack. I want some suggestions. I would like that and also. If you know why sometimes when adding planets to ksp they are white and if so do you know how to fix that. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. But here is a overview of my planed mods. (Soon to have screenshots and possibly videos). Mr.Ciphers Planet Pack Okay first off, i named it because Bill Cipher is my curse account username. It is 0% compatible with OPM. I want to add at least 6 or 7 planets and maybe 10 moons but i need a lil help from the people on these forums to fix the texture issue and help with moon codes. I already have 2 planets made. ************ Parts Pack i put those things that look like snowflakes means that you can post a name in the comments and the one i like the most will replace the snowflakes. Ill add a few fuel tanks and multiple engines and a couple other things. Country flags flag pack Well the name pretty much says everything. My goal is to add most of the worlds flags so you can pretend to be almost any countries space program *this also includes north korea so you can pretend to be the world most hated leader and stuff. Hope you enjoy... That is all i came up with so far. But please suggest stuff.
  19. KerSpace KerSpace was founded in 1964 to conquer space as a company. After trying to build their own parts, the troubled Kerbals decided to outsource their parts. In 1971 they were able to launch their first rockets with crew on. First was the A-1. Before making their first manned launches KerSpace was not well known. Only a few suppliers gave them parts. The A-1 rocket in the VAB before launch. (Lansley Kerman) The launch of the rocket was observed on March 21, 1971 from a newly built facility. Jebediah Kerman was in the rocket's lone capsule. "It was astonishing. I could see the facilities from my window and from the two camera feeds." A new view of the Mun from the A-1. (Jebediah Kerman) This flight made huge publicity for the company and now many sponsors were offering parts. They took many and were able to create a multi stage rocket. That's coming soon. For now this is all we have. As the Kerbals say, Söídà!
  20. Hello all, I wanted to show off and share my latest launch vehicle design that I have affectionately named 'THE KERBALKLES', for its massive lifting power and sturdy construction that will lead you to orbital victory time and time again. INFORMATION: 11,238.1 kN at launch Largest rocket tested was 634,524 t (Payload = 91,702 t), H: 53.4 m, W: 12 m, L: 12 m. Just this stage alone gave 3,304 m/s delta-v with a TWR of 1.81 and took me into a 100 km orbit of Kerbin (FIGURES GIVEN ARE ATMOSPHERIC CALCULATIONS ON LAUNCH PAD - WILL RAISE SLIGHTLY UPON ASCENT) Extremely rigid design that is both very stable and reasonably responsive to fly, considering its size, with no oscillations You can easily add more fuel on top of stage to increase delta-v if required Capable of lifting loads > 700,000 t with a TWR > 1.50 I have used this design for multiple missions and spacecraft including space stations Below I will post some screenshots of 'THE KERBALKLES' launch vehicle along with some rockets that it has been used on. I will also post a link to the ship file if you would like to use it to start your next space adventure Cheers!
  21. You heard of the Falcon 9 launch on December 21st, right? Mind blowing, Game changer, The launch that krakened off/wowed pretty much every rocket company on the planet, yeah, you know what I'm talking about, but did this launch put ULA out of business? I mean, SpaceX already had much cheaper launch costs than ULA ($2,500 lb), but once they perfect these vertical landings, they'll have MUCH cheaper launch costs, probably $900-1400 lbs, which is much cheaper than ULA's $10,000 lb. So what do you guys think about it?
  22. So I've seen people with similar problems to mine, and I have tried to fix my rocket with the answers that I have seen flying around, but nothing has worked. My problem is that my solid rocket boosters, which are mounted to the sides of my rocket, wont detach whatever I do. I've tried mounting them on radial decouplers, which, when triggered, just fall off the rocket and leave the boosters attached. Next I used separatrons, which just burned out and almost melted my main fuel tanks! And guess what! The boosters were STILL there!!! The launch is going swimmingly, all the stages work fine except for that one! Can someone please help me out!
  23. Welcome to Brand Co Air & Space, where we mass produce planes and rockets to help you achieve missions or just to help you have fun. Below you will find our currently available stock: :cool:L99thebeaver's products: The LTR32(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Being the 32nd of the series, it is BY FAR the most stable, and the fastest, being able to get upwards of 400 m\s horizontally, this baby does some work! Pictures: 39 P16-Mongoose(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Pictures: 50-60 L42-Onyx(.17) Description: Highest speed: 567 m\s Pictures: 75-81 J_Man_X_663's products: SK Flyer(.17) Description: Pictures: Imgur Link: BF-909X(.17) Description: Pictures: Youtube Link: ]Current Positions: L99thebeaver-Head CEO\Misc. Designer J_Man_X_663-Test Pilot\Head of Military Plane Division\Military Plane Designer Exelcior_esp-Head of Rocketry Division\Rocket Designer Pictures: http://www./?x4pu95usuo6jb We are currently looking for Engineers to create planes or rockets, receptionists to handle specific orders, and possibly test pilots to test and photograph. To make a deal(including plane recommendations or requests) or send an application, PM me...