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Found 69 results

  1. The JPL built Mars rovers have all used a "Rocker Bogie" suspension system, which allows all 6 wheels to remain grounded. Though, I've built this type of thing in Besiege, and even in VR with Fantastic Contraption, I've never made one in KSP. After installing Infernal Robotics, and having free spinning washers, I realized I finally could. It's called a Rocker Bogie, because it uses 2 wheel bogies (like on a train), which are connected with rockers. There pivot points are completely unpowered, with just gravity keeping the 6 wheels on the ground. My previous Besiege build used a differential gear similar to the one on Spirit and Opportunity to keep the rover body upright. Without gears, I ended up making a Differential Bar, like what was used in Sojourner and Curiosity. Here's some quick clips of the thing. First up is my proof of concept rovering around Kerbal Space Center. Though robust, I could still use bigger wheels. Hopefully, getting this thing on Mun will help me get more science to further unlock the tech tree. In order to get it to fit a bit better into a 2.5m rocket with the smaller fairings (haven't unlocked 3.75m yet), I opted to use some Infernal Robotics sorcery to make it fit, along with taking advantage of the free spinning rear bogie to stow up unpside down. I also loaded it with the life support parts I needed for a long stay, as I'm running MKS. And here it is on Mun. I've never seen a "Lode," so I landed near one and checked it out. At that point, I was just under 300km away from Munar Station Ada Lovelace. So time to start roving. I was expecting it to be a tedious drive, so I've been working on a Rover Autopilot system made in kOS. I've been playing with PID Controls for Cruise Control. Problem is, I tuned it around flat ground near KSC, but it needs a lot of adjusting for the hilly terrain on Mun. I'm averaging about 5m/s, so it'll be a while. About half way to the station now.
  2. Kerbetrotter Ltd. is happy to announce its newest creation from the Feline Utility Rover series: The Lynx Rover. A medium sized versatile rover that is capable to operate independently in the harshest environments. It is mainly designed to operate on other planets, but also in the outback of Kerbin. Depending on your configuration it can contain crew cabins, a laboratory or even bellowed joints to be more flexible in difficult terrain. Currently the Lynx Rover is still in the test phase and may have remaining bugs. Use it with caution! Many bugfixes for the Hitches/Joints Support for RPM and ASET Resource Support for Multiple Mods Please remove the folder of older versions of this Mod before installing! The source code is available on GitHub For instructions on how to use the hitches and joints, please take a look at the KSPedia entry of Feline Utility Rovers The hitches and joints are locked by default when you first launch your vessel. You have to click "Unlock" in the right-click menu to unlock them. Life Support: TAC-LS, USI-LS, Snacks!, Kerbalism, IFI Life Support Gameplay: KIS, KeepFit, RemoteTech, Connected Living Space, Pathfinder, Realfuels Visual: JSI Advanced Transparend Pods, Raster Prop Monitor, ASET Props Supports resources from: OSE Workshop, Extraplanetary Launchpads, MKS, Deepfreeze, Near Future Propulsion, Near Future Electrical Following additional features are planned for the future. The order of the list does not indicate when the new features are added. New Parts: Landing Thrusters, Legs, Docking-Bay The Hitches and Joints do currently not work when Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is installed. This will be fixed with the next update of KJR. If you encounter a bug with Feline Utility Rovers, please follow these instructions to report it.Most important: I need the LOG FILE. Otherwise i won't be able to help! Feline Utility Rovers is licenced under: @sirkut and @Ziw for Infernal Robotics, which was used as reference/learning source for the functionality of the hitch. Also thanks to @Snjo for the Firespitter mod. The Fuel-Switch is based on the one from Firespitter. Last but not least thanks to @Rafael acevedo for testing and suggestions during the development.
  3. This is Brent Kerman, Reporting in from the Buffalo. We are on a journey to explore Kerbin by land. Here is the rover: It uses @Angel-125's Pathfinder as main body and Snacks for additional challenge. It seats seven, and has supplies for three years. The rover averages 20 m/s, because that's about top safe speed. It could go 40 m/s! If you have a location you want explored, message me the coordinates and I will do. I have all stock and DMagic science experiments. Report: Year 1, Day 1. Today we acquired the ability to use the Stereo Space Telescope, or SST, and Comsat Alpha, to support our mission. Engineers are finishing the rover today.
  4. Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank Designed off the original Swedish Strv 103 MBT, this fully functional replica uses tank drive systems and hydro-pneumatic (Or in this case, landingGearmatics). Consisting of 223 parts for detail and structure, this craft is recommended for good computers. Its completely fun to drive around, hit some things, break the tracks, whatever you wish with your tank! Specs: Max Velocity: Around 44 m/s Max Hull Traverse: 10 - 15 degrees per second Gun Elevation: +10/-10 degrees Tank Drive (including point turns and swing turns) How to Drive: W and S do not cause the vehicle to accelerate forward, press W causes it to turn right and S to turn left, Custom groups 1 and 2 lock the corresponding sides (1 left side track locked, 2 right side track locked) causing it to turn easier at high speeds. ALSO, please check the connection between the fuel line and the rocket engine, occasionally the game thinks they are not connected, resulting into no fuel for the rocket engines. If you guys want a tutorial as how to build the tank drive system in stock KSP or a time lapse of the build, please ask so in the comments! This tank drive concept was derived from my older vehicle and post, you should check them out too! And who can forget the mighty download button DOWNLOAD HERE
  5. Hey everyone! Lots of people have been anxiously waiting for this mod. It's finally at a point where it's playable, and all the necessary features are working. This is a manned rover, based off of the design in The Martian! Now you can re-create your own missions to Duna, or drive across the planet. It features several parts: Command Pod with lights and KIS storage, Battery with attached solar panels, "flatbed" main frame with KIS storage, and "trailer" optional frame. The included craft file is already put together for you, but if you do it yourself - the trailer attaches kind of funny to the back of the flatbed. It must be rotated right and I use the offset tool in the VAB to fine-tune it. The wheels will flip you if you brake hard, and I suggest setting the brake force to 100 on the front wheels, which I've already done on the example craft. Some things to note: The crew capacity is only ONE right now, it will be bumped up to THREE at a later time, when I've started working on the IVA. There is NO IVA yet. There are NO WHEELS yet. I guess the new KSP update (1.1) will rewrite the wheel modules, and I had a heck of a time getting them to work for me anyways. The stock wheels look great with it, and the model was originally made to scale with the stock TR-2 wheels. The IVA that the cabin uses is the MK1 pod. There is an example craft included! ...I think that's all for now. Hopefully you enjoy it, and if you don't, please tell me why! I recommend using the mod Kerbal Inventory System with this, so you can take full advantage over the features. (Like storing extra life support supplies for those really long trips.) Download from SpaceDock! Imgur Album showcasing delivery of Rover using KIS and USI Freight parts. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Also includes the following nifty flags: Example craft and KIS containers set-up for a cargo rover:
  6. Introducing the Malemute Rover! Based on the Mars rover from 'Last Days on Mars' (great rover, horrible movie), this pack includes parts for cargo, geo-science (no more awkward Narrow Band Scanners sticking out!), crew transport, and general shenanigans. Over a dozen parts with full IVA support. Interconnects with other USI bits and pieces, and can be configured both as a rover, and also a really sweet biome hopper or VTOL. Have fun! Download, Source, and Change Log! Donation Info! If you like what you see, and want to help out (or just buy me a beer!), please consider donating, either via PayPal or Patreon. License Information Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely This mod redistributes Firespitter, which is covered under its own license.
  7. Spacedock (Also on CKAN) This mod takes the vanilla radial xenon tank and creates a LF/OX version, as well as having a fuel tank version of the Probodobodyne RoveMate. MIT License
  8. This is a up-to-date collection of wheels that I have worked on previously, namely for the Rollkage and Better Wheels mods (credits: @electronicfox and @angusmcbeth) which are now more or less abandoned. The reason for reviving these is simply because I wanted to use them in my game, and there are very few wheel mods for 1.2. I would have done this earlier if it wasn't so annoying to update wheels from pre 1.1 to the new system, since there is hardly any documentation on how to do it. On the other hand, the new wheel physics system is much better and allows easy tuning so I no longer need to tediously tune the buggy phyx suspension and tire model in unity. I will update this with additional wheels as I convert them. Direct Download: Spacedock: Collection (formerly rollkage %26 better wheels) GitHub: Also available on CKAN Kerchelin Small Rover Wheel: 0.5m wheel for light rovers RollKage Kerchelin Extreme: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 2-5t light vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Sport: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 5-10t medium sized vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Jumbo: 2.0m wheel for 10-50t heavy vehicles
  9. PERFORMANCE NOT GUARANTEED IN KF RECOMMEND KF Bounder The Bounder is a forty-ton trophy truck, designed to ride the hills like they're not even there. It reaches speeds upwards of 85m/s on wheel power alone. Its rugged frame-and-skin construction is sure to survive a few rolls. But that is not the best part. Note the trailing arms below the chassis. These are fully active, thanks to the magic of Kerbal Foundries and Infernal Robotics. The Bounder floats over minor lumps and lands lightly from properly-executed jumps. What's more, the suspension is tunable. Tweak compression damping, rebound damping, compression spring strength, ride height, and much more to shoehorn the Bouncer into your style of driving. Out-of-the-box, the Bouncer features the "reckless driver" setup. You can find compression settings at the antigrav repulsor at the end of the trailing arms, and rebound settings under the seats. Articulation! Big jumps! Scale! *Kerbal sold separately. Download
  10. I decided to try building a rover for the first time today, and I noticed that any rover I construct will turn to the right at the moment that I press W (forward). This is no matter what wheels or probe core I use. I downloaded a fresh new copy of 1.1.2 and continued to have this problem, even with some of the stock rovers like Rover + Skycrane and Prospector Rover (I don't see this problem with the Crater Crawler nor with the Bug-E Buggy). Now, this is not a continuous turn to the right - it is only upon pressing forward. For example, from stop, I will press W and the rover will begin to move forward and turn right about 15 degrees or so, and then if I continue to have W pressed, the rover will continue straight at the new 15 deg angle. However, if instead of continuously holding W I pulse W for one second pressed, one second unpressed, one second pressed, etc., the rover will go forward-right ~15 degrees, then forward-right another ~15 degrees, then forward-right another ~15 degrees...and eventually I am traveling in a huge circle, without ever hitting any other key but forward. This will happen even if I disable steering on each of the wheels. This will also happen if I try to create a rover with awfully misaligned wheels to see if it will drive left or affect it in some way - and it doesn't. The rover does the exact same thing, with no differences. I have tried this with a 4 wheeled and a 6 wheeled rover, and the problem seems more pronounced with a 6 wheeled rover. I have tried it on completely flat terrain and I have tried to make sure the terrain was exactly the same for all wheels (driving on the runway and in the grass around the KSC). I tried downloading a fresh new copy of 1.0.5 and this problem was no more. The rover drove as straight as could be. I even tried to create a new rover with misaligned wheels again, and even this horribly asymmetric rover ran 100% straight. So, this seems to be a problem with some release after 1.0.5 (I do not know which release because as I mentioned before, today was my first ever trial with rovers). Does anyone else have this problem with 1.1.2? This seems to me to be a pretty significant bug. I am running Windows 10 64-bit. I've tried KSP 1.1.2 in 32-bit mode and 64-bit with the same problem.
  11. Craft on KerbalX: Initially i built a simple refueling station at Minmus. But more and more options were added during constructing, and, as a result, i got this: It has almost everything, that can has craft: 20 crew, docking ports (every size), science modules, research lab, solar panels enough to power up lab at Eeloo, full set of ore scanners, mining equipment, antennas with a total rating 383G, and so on. And it can reach, land and take off from every planet (except of Eve, of course). Also station has a rover, docked to the bottom of the Ore Tank. Rover has it's own set of science modules, so you can explore nearby biomes. And, with 504 t of fuel and 180 t of ore, it still can be used as refueling station In VAB Station is loaded with 90 t of Ore. On low orbit it has dV about 50 m/s. Converting ore to fuel makes possibe landing on Minmus, refueling and departure to any place with dV 5254 m/s After landing you can explore nearby places using Rover: And, if you want, climb on the Mun's Arch Craft can complete each contract's condition for station, outpost, mining. "The outpost must be on motorised wheels" too, simply retract landing struts: And you can return about 600000 credits, if you land near KSC: That's all, sorry for short notes and not native English
  12. Cross Kountry; A KSP Adventure A group of explorers has been selected by the KSC to go on a treacherous drive to the top of the world, and to regions unknown. With danger and action aplenty, the group must use all of their wit and courage to survive the most intense event of their lives. Written by DarkOwl57 (Hopefully) Daily Updates!!! Rated 5 stars by Kerbal Weekly and the National News. "One of the best action-adventures of the year!" -Jongby Kerman, Selective Reader magazine
  13. Some of the rovers I have built, many of them in various stages of evolution, one even up to Mk X... love my rovers, thought I would share
  14. got a bit of a problem, 3 kerbals in low mun orbit, and i'm trying to make a rover to connect to that station, and then land to the mission location as i have to collect some mun dirt with a kerbal, in fact at 3 locations, the problem... its around 70% to 45 % slope the area i need to collect it from. so far i tried variouse rover-landers but so far i'm unable to stay there i just slide down faster and faster.. so any ideas on how to solve it, i need a surface collection from a crater hill, and i dont know how to design a rover that can climb so well, or stay in position with brakes. at such steep slopes
  15. Hello! I decided i would create a sped up version of my 2 hour mission to dump a rover on Minmus for later (MK3 SSTO with a base payload will send up a communications tower on Minmus). But something went wrong..... ENJOY!
  16. I was looking to make a rover for tracking across Kerbin in. I don't want it to be able to fly with thrusters but it can have thrusters to move it faster. So far, these are the parts I plan to take Kerbal stock tires (6 of them) Remote controlling system (disk) Battery (disk) Solar Panels (like Mark Watney) RTG's Fuel (mono and liquid) (disk) Thrusters (aiming down for downforce on hills) small rocket (for extra speed on flats) landing struts (Self-righting system for flipping myself) Mining drill Raw material to fuel converter communication system If anyone has any ideas on what else to add or how to put all these on a rover, please tell me
  17. The Microrover Flight Experiment, more commonly known as "Sojourner", was the first man-made rover to explore Mars' surface. After landing inside Pathfinder in July 4, 1997, Sojourner conducted experiments to the soil and some rocks found near the landing site, before connection to Pathfinder, and thus to Sojourner, was lost in September 27, 1997. I have tried to build a replica of Sojourner many times in the stock game, but can't fit the style from the original rover. That's why I grabbed my computer, opened Blender, and started to work. Imgur Image Gallery Done Sojourner Model Research about Sojourner, Pathfinder, and their mission on Mars
  18. 1st automated science rover v0.3, not fully prepared for landing on mun as i haven't researched the appropriate technology yet ,max speed achieved 60m/sec . send your rovers
  19. I've been doing some roleplaying recently, and having sent a probe to Mun, my next target became to put there a little rover. My experience with landing such vehicles on celestial bodies without atmosphere is very small, so I kinda overbuilt my rocket, but it worked fine afterall.
  20. Hi all, After @DrunkenKerbalnaut mentioned me and drew my attention to this Dakar race thread, Dakar race thread I was inspired to make a new buggy to compete in that race. I wanted to have something similar in construction to my older RAGE buggy that was made without any building mods I decided to take that antenna frame design to the max with the EER no offset limits building mods. I started with a basic chassis with an RTG battery motor up front: I then spent a looong time placing antennas in pairs to make a very realistic looking frame construction. I was copying this image here to get a real look to the construction: I was very happy with the shape and feel of the rover but as a pure electric vehicle it was a little prosaic. So I fitted a Juno jet engine, a fuel tank and reaction wheels to keep it stable at high speed and over jumps. I discovered even the three reaction wheels where not enough to keep it stable at high speeds when in the air so I fitted a rear spoiler that does the trick very well and allows for much more control. I wanted there to be minimal part clipping and aside from the wheels the suspension does not clip with other parts nor does the fuel tank, reaction wheels or other bits adding to the realistic fell of the rover. There are three different versions, the chassis only, the pure electric version and the spectacularly dangerous (see video) jet version! Three rover versions specs Chassis only Electric version Juno jet version 1.403t 2.437t 2.987t 28 parts 235 parts 247 parts 35m/s top speed 33m/s top speed 86m/s top speed 600 elec units 600 elec units 600 elec units 4 RTGs 4 RTGs 2 RTGs OK, on to some more pics and the video: Full Imgur album: And the video! KerbalX downloads: Chassis only: Electric version: Juno jet version: Thanks all! Happy rove-ing and Merry Christmas!
  21. im planning to send (another) unmanned rover to duna. this time im planning to launch a bit bigger one than last time. that first mission was a partial failure-rover was so slow it took it minutes to travel 100m and it was extremelly unstable. by now i cant even control (due to communication networks) it and it has barelly any science to collect (im playing in sandbox but science data like pressure, g force and temparatures is still interesting to a nerd like me). ill just get to the point: i need a new rover but i have no idea where to start and how it should look like. it would be great if someone could share his .craft file. i want this rover to be able to travel at relatively high speeds (15-20m/s), have some science onboard and overall just look cool. i also want it to be unmanned. im ok with using any mods (i already have 30+ of them). if u r sharing .craft file just plz tell me which mods did u use. thanks for sharing and helping me (and the others)!
  22. Full stock It might look stupid, but drive it and you will be surprised....
  23. Now that Thanksgiving Break is here I have to to mess around with Ksp. I made a small rover that is I guess alright. I kind of liked the way it looked so I went with it. It can seat 4 Kerbals "Comfortably" And it is pretty much useless but I guess it is small. Link: Album Link:
  24. Wanted to share this. Finally got some sweet, sweet roll cage pieces going, had to make the rover of my dreams. Pretty gnarly, fuel cell powered, and seats two in command chairs. Take her for a spin! Tell me what you think. keep in mind the fuel cells (hotkey 1) can't keep up with 4 wheel drive, but there's plenty of EC to buffer momentary 4x4 action. Grab the mod first. It's 8 structural parts, so no bloat worries:
  25. I know some of you may be thinking what why .... But I would like to see how many stable and decently realistic drift cars(rovers) ( a truck is fine) can be built and kept stable .... I've already completed this challenge with a classic hotrod build ... not so great looking but accurate and works.... Mine is able to stably drift at 2 and even 3 times speed... doesn't need to be fast or high control ... small engines are ok though I didn't use any. Modifications in looks shouldn't affect how it handles, wings parts shouldn't be able to move ... makes it so easy ... i used to horizontal on the bottom for looks and glide I set the difficulty as moving wings < without SAS < 2xspeed < 3xspeed < High power... Easy mode < Hard mode .... not sure how to add picture as yet but will do later if I can