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Found 58 results

  1. SHUTTLE CHALLENGE v4 - THE 1.2.X STS THREAD Incredible artwork by @Pine from the Screenshots Re-imagined thread This heritage challenge is a revised and updated version of my STS Challenge, @FCISuperGuy's STS challenge, which was in turn derived from @inigma's original STS challenge The series of challenges below represent a sliding scale of difficulty ranging from relatively simple to highly complex. More incredible missions to exciting destinations will be added as the challenge continues, but I've had increasing calls for the challenge to re-open, so in the meantime I've re-worked a lot of the old ones to make them relevant for 1.2.x, and tweaked a few things to give you a taste of things to come! UPDATES ****I'm looking for someone to do a decent job with planetary badges so if that's you please PM me!**** ****I'm looking for a co- admin for when RL calls and I can't check in as regularly as I'd like. If you've completed at least STS-1 through to STS-8 and would like to help out, please PM me!**** ****NEW MISSION ADDED 10.02.17**** ****Rule change to allow for shuttles with no cargo competing for STS-1A**** RULES - PLEASE READ THESE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGES Official definition of a shuttle for this challenge: A "reusable" winged Orbiter which carries Kerbals (and cargo for any mission beyond STS-1a) to orbit and back and is capable of a horizontal landing. It's advisable to have OMS engine(s) for trajectory changes as well as an RCS system for maneuvering. The Orbiter must be lifted into space by a Launch System that decouples or un-docks once expended, allowing the Orbiter to land entirely under it's own power. 1. You must declare any and all mods used so I can place you into the relevant category / award the relevant badge. 2. All atmospheric flight should be handled manually, with the exception of self scripted autopilot programs. Mechjeb etc is fine for on orbit procedures. 3. All atmosphere-altering mods (except FAR) are disallowed 4. You may not cheat in any way, whether it be by using plugins like HyperEdit or by using the Debug Menu for infinite fuel/RCS (you may, however, use the Debug Menu for part clipping). 5. You are required to use your own shuttle when completing any of the missions below (Astronaut badge excluded) 6. All missions require either an album showing each stage of the flight, or a video showing all stages of the flight. 7. Once you have completed a mission, please post your proof in this thread for my review. 8. SSTO's are not eligable for entry to the challenge 9. Missions must be completed in the logical order unless you are certified from either STS v1, v2, or v3 challenges to the relevant level MISSIONS STS-1a: Getting the Basics Right This is the simplest mission - all you need to do is build a space shuttle, fly it, and land it. Badges Available STS Pilot - Rank 1 Build a shuttle complying to the above space shuttle definition and fly it to orbit, then de-orbit and land wherever you like! STS Commander - Rank 1 Build a shuttle complying to the above space shuttle definition and fly it to orbit, then de-orbit and land. Land either at the KSC, the island airfield just off of the KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport STS-1b: Bonus Fuel Pod Mission (Do you even lift?) Mullet Dyne has contracted you to take their brand new 40t fuel pod up to the highest possible Kerbin orbit. Since it requires special on-orbit activation procedures, unmanned expendable launch vehicles are out of the question; it's up to you to take this behemoth to orbit and then return to land. Not only that, but they require a very precise orbit: You must adhere to the tolerances (Maximum difference between periapsis and apoapsis below). Can you do it? Tolerances: 70-1999km - 100m 2000-4999km - 500m 4000-5999km - 1km 6000-8000km - 10km 8000km+ - 50km Mullet Dyne Fuel Pod Available Here If you have successfully taken the Fuel Pod to orbit (70+km), you get the special Flight Director badge, the ultimate display of piloting and engineering prowess and skill. STS-2a: Can You Hear Me? This mission is slightly harder - your goal is to design and deploy two or more comsats to geostationary orbits from your Shuttle and to return to Kerbin. Additional goals are required for higher-ranking badges. Badges Available STS Pilot - Rank 2 Reach an orbit of 200+km and deploy two comsats without spin stabilization to geostationary orbits. De-orbit and land anywhere you want. STS Commander - Rank 2 Reach an orbit of 350+km and deploy three or more comsats with spin stabilization to equidistant geostationary orbits. De-orbit and land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. STS-2b: Bonus Ore Pod Mission (Do You Even Land?) Mullet Dyne has contracted you to recover their 40t fuel pod from where you left it, after contaminates were discovered in the fuel. Can you land the thing!? If you have successfully landed the 40t fuel pod (from where you left it), you get the special Flight Director - Rank 2 badge, the ultimate display of piloting and engineering prowess and skill. STS-3: Can You See Me? Your mission here involves some design and orbital construction - you are to launch a Space Telescope into orbit and deploy it. This will require assembly with the 2 MMUs you will design, as the solar panels need to be attached on-orbit with Kerbals. Badges Available STS Pilot - Rank 3 Launch the space telescope to an orbit of your choice and deploy and assemble it; afterwards, deorbit and land. Land anywhere you want. STS Commander - Rank 3 Launch the space telescope to a 550+km circular orbit inclined at 25-30 degrees and assemble it. After deployment, land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. STS-4/4R: Can You Rescue Me? This'll be the most daring mission so far - first, you must launch a single shuttle to orbit, then send another shuttle to rescue it. See this article for technical details of the IRL proposed STS-107 rescue. Badges Available STS Pilot - Rank 4 Launch your first space shuttle into a 200+km orbit with a minimum of 4 crew, then send up your second shuttle to rendezvous with it and rescue its crew before coming in to land anywhere you wish. STS Commander - Rank 4 Launch your first space shuttle into an 350+km orbit with 6 crew at an inclination of 25-30 degrees, then send your second shuttle to rendezvous with it and rescue its crew. Land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. STS-5-8: Can You Build Me? Your mission here is to build a 4 module space station with your space shuttle. Your space station must have: A service module with RCS, engines, and reaction wheels A habitation module 2 scientific modules Badges Avaliable STS Pilot - Rank 5 Assemble your space station above 150km. After each mission, you may land anywhere you want. STS Commander - Rank 5 Assemble your space station above 300km. After each mission, land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. STS-9: Can You Land Me??? This mission is significantly more difficult than those before it. You must develop your own unique sub-assembly and fly a daring mission in order to capture a space potato and return it to Kerbin for study. This will test the balance and re-entry capability of your shuttle to the limits and is not for the feint of heart! Also It's not mandatory for a kerbal to ride the asteroid in on top of the shuttle, but serious respect if you manage it. Example mission here if you need inspiration. Badges Avaliable STS Pilot - Rank 6 Launch your shuttle and capture an asteroid, then de-orbit and land wherever you like! STS Commander - Rank 6 Launch your shuttle and capture an asteroid, then de-orbit and land. Land either at the KSC, the island airfield just off of the KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN MISSIONS IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE MUN CHALLENGES MUN STS-1: Do I have Mun-quakes? @michal.don on the Mun and having a whale of a time! Landing on an airless body was never going to be easy in a shuttle, but your task is to not only successfully land on the Mun, but to deploy a small research facility of your choice to study the Mun. Oh yes you need to get back too! Badges Avaliable Mun STS Pilot - Rank 1 Land your shuttle anywhere on the Mun and deploy a small un-manned research facility (which you will design) on the surface and then return home, capturing however you like and landing where you want. Mun STS Commander - Rank 1 Land your shuttle on the Mun and deploy a manned research facility (which you will design) on the surface and then return home, perform an aero-capture and land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN MISSIONS IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE DUNA CHALLENGES DUNA STS-1: Can You Visit Me? This mission is significantly more challenging than those before it and may require extensive shuttle modifications, or even a new shuttle design for some. You must develop your own unique sub-assembly and fly an epic interplanetary mission to Duna in order to deploy a small orbital outpost. This will test the range, aero-capture, and re-entry capability of your shuttle to the limits and is not for the feint of heart! The orbital outpost must have: Room for 4 or more kerbals, Electricity generation and storage Antenna for communication Probe core with SAS NOTE: You may launch 1 support package for your shuttle using a traditional rocket or shuttle launch for this mission. Badges Avaliable Duna STS Pilot - Rank 1 Launch your shuttle to Duna, capture how ever you like, deploy an orbital outpost at your chosen altitude, and return home, capturing however you like and landing where you want. Duna STS Commander - Rank 1 Launch your shuttle to Duna, aero-brake/capture at Duna, deploy an orbital outpost below 70km, and return home, aero-brake/capture at Kerbin, land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. DUNA STS-2: Can You Land on me? This mission requires not only a Shuttle capable of getting to Duna, but also one capable of landing on the red planet and successfully returning to Kerbin. You may require extensive shuttle modifications, or even a new shuttle design for this mission. NOTE: You may launch 1 support package for your shuttle using a traditional rocket or shuttle launch for this mission, and feel free to use the mission to add another module to your outpost (this is not a requirement for the challenge) Badges Avaliable Duna STS Pilot - Rank 2 Launch your shuttle to Duna, capture how ever you like and visit your orbital outpost from STS-10 before or after your Duna landing. Return home, capturing however you like and landing where you want. Duna STS Commander - Rank 2 Launch your shuttle to Duna. Aero-brake/capture at Duna and visit your orbital outpost from STS-10 in Low Duna Orbit before or after your Duna landing. Return home, aero-brake/capture at Kerbin, land at either at the KSC, the Island Airfield just off of KSC, or at any Kerbal Konstructs airport. YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE ORIGINAL KERBIN MISSIONS IN ORDER TO PROGRESS TO THE JOOL CHALLENGES JOOL STS-1: Can You Breathe here? This mission is hideously challenging and will no doubt require extensive shuttle modifications, or even a totally new shuttle design. You must develop your own unique sub-assemblies and fly an epic interplanetary mission to Laythe in order to deploy a small ground outpost capable of refining Ore (for Pilot level) with the addition of an atmospheric exploration aircraft (for Commander level). This mission is designed to test your shuttle in the extreme, and also your payload construction and deployment methods. The ground outpost must have: Ore refinery and fuel storage with docking port Room for 4 or more kerbals The Atmospheric Exploration Aircraft must have: Room for 1 or more kerbals Docking port NOTE: You may launch 1 support package for your shuttle using a traditional rocket or shuttle launch for this mission. Badges Avaliable Jool STS Pilot - Rank 1 Launch your shuttle to Laythe, and land on Laythe before deploying an outpost capable of refining Ore. Return home, capturing however you like and landing where you want. Jool STS Commander - Rank 1 Launch your shuttle to Laythe, and land on Laythe before deploying an outpost capable of refining Ore and before or after deploying an atmospheric exploration aircraft. Return home, capturing however you like and landing where you want. HONORARY BADGES STS Engineer Award Given by an STS Architect for developing a sub-assembly that ends up being a core part of this challenge, or for assisting heavily in the development of a Shuttle. If you have a sub-assembly you'd like to be reviewed, please post a detailed analysis and example mission report in the challenge thread. Astronaut Badge This badge is given to anyone who has completed any of the above missions with a shuttle built by another person. Skunkworks Badge This badge is given to people who have submitted especially unique and outstanding designs which abide by the given definition of a space shuttle. Skunkworks badge holders are still eligible for the above mission badges. The full list of Skunkworks badge holders is as follows: Architect Badge The full list of Architect badge holders is as follows: Speeding Mullet - Version 3 Challenge Creator, temporary admin of Version 2 Challenge @inigma - Original Challenge Creator/Manager, Builder of highly-capable STS Space Shuttle and numerous STS-related subassemblies @FCISuperGuy - Version 2 Challenge Creator/Manager, builder of a highly capable shuttle, and excellent giver of advice @xoknight - Creator and maintainer of the venerable Hubble Space Telescope across 3 versions, requiring consistent updates To receive the Architect Badge is a rare honor. To be awarded at my discretion, or through nomination of FCISuperGuy or Inigma for my consideration, and given for acts of invaluable contribution to the challenge above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. My first real craft that I've really ever modded, I made a toy scale Space shuttle. It primarily uses Tweakscale, but on account of the f'd aero this thing produces I've also utilized part Welder on the entire Pilot bucket, and have edited the part file it produces to be quite a bit more reasonable. The only part on this craft that hasn't be tweaked with tweaked scale is the Command Seat, and I think this thing turned out beautifully.
  3. The Kerbin Shuttle Orbiter System: now available on Spacedock as multiple modpacks. This thread will serve for updates on the development of new models by Helldiver until release of the KSO EX. Last Update: June 19 2016 NOTE: Manually installing from the links below is the officially supported method for installing KSOS. If you are using any other method to install our mod, be aware that you may be creating errors for yourself, and you will likely not receive support from us. KSOS requires the following plugins to function properly: [RasterProp Monitor] [Smokescreen] ( [Firespitter] (Plugin only) ( [Klockheed Martian Gimbal] (Removed June 2016: Mod not updated for 1.1) [ModuleManager] ( Craft Files: KSOS Craft Files 4.4 Dauntless Orbiter mod files: Space Station mod files: Super 25 Orbiter mod files : Space Center Vehicles mod files: License: All vehicle models and textures: VegaArt. Thanks to the plugin authors whose work was used to help KSO become fully functional: Sarbian,ialdabaoth,Snjo,Mihara,MOARdV,Dtobi,Hyomoto
  4. HRO shuttles, originally designed for some advanced levels of STS challenge, now join together for even more daring mission than before Launch sequence First is HRO-M03 with all the deployable vehicles. Including the Elcanoplan 2 strapped on its back Barely enough thrust for takeoff (and that's with payloads having the tanks practically dry). I even activated the main engine of the Elcanoplan, but that didn't seem to make much difference either. Those boosters barely miss the tail wings (just don't forget to set SAS to prograde) Also waited a bit after the tank ran dry before separating it - to wait for the ship to get a bit more balanced (orbiter's tanks are set to drain from the tail first) 55 km? Eh, this isn't Laythe yet! Also forgot to ignite OMS OMS + upper pair of main engines = the best balanced solution with this payload. One ship in orbit OK, now to the second launch... What the Kraken?!! OK, After a tweak to the clamps... let's pretend that didn't happen HRO-M takes off a bit easier, despite having full payload bay as well Looks like we launched a bit too early Well, raise the apoapsis a bit higher and let's meet in one orbit Let's align... and wait for some sunlight Despite the size, HRO is quite good at docking. If you don't rush. (Hey, it's called Heavy Recovery Orbiter - what else could you expect?) This position will provide the best balancing And in couple passes we get the transfer to... somewhere green But this is... Anyway, let's get into polar orbit. By the way, HRO-M also has the scanner antenna in the bay Going down This modification of HRO-M has got some landing upgrades from the latest version of HRO-M03 And a full mining rig in the bay Minmus means "mine me", doesn't it? And a few days later... And in the meantime HROM-03 changed to equatorial orbit - so here's the direct intercept with it There's enough to fully fill all LFO and ore tanks of the craft in orbit So let's make another run down - this time at the equator And after refuel... Who needs atmosphere for horizontal takeoff? And back together - with plenty of fuel Transfer And over 300 days later... (yeah, completely missed the window) What's the best way for Minmus-Jool transfer? Oberth effect! Say goodbye to Kerbin! And a couple years later... Let's just capture into Laythe-Pol transfer orbit What a view! And then, since there seems to be enough fuel to reach the destinations independently, let's separate the ships Oh, hey there! Has anybody checked for running into Vall? Now to pass by Tylo - barely missing its SOI (turned to get better solution than with slingshots) and we are getting to the destination Let's capture with rocket engines, and then release the mapsat - it will change plane at apoapsis Now, to lower the orbit... the shuttle way Strangely enough, the moment you get in, it feels about as much (if not more) drag as on the same altitude on Kerbin. Just don't forget to stabilize the orbit Low Laythe orbit achieved! Next phase - going down there
  5. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.0 This is my Shuttle, i called her Aurora because the launch is in the sunrise. This is the first video in a series of KSP experiments, I do not know where this will go. Salvatore, YourOldNerd
  6. INTRODUCING... Mabdi's Convenient Tourist Shuttle, by MASA AEROSPACE. [1.3.0] Ahem. This is a shuttle, used for tourism. It has 6 Crew cabins for holding tourists/crew (Duh!). It has 2 Kickbacks, A Mainsail and a Swivel as it's engines. It weighs 138T and has 4,739 m/s of Vac. Delta V. NO PICS, NO CLICKS CRAFT FILE Technical Specifications: Gravity Turn: Like any other craft Shuttle flip: 35km alt. Reentry and landing instructions: Turn on RCS. Burn Retrograde above Crater, until on impact course to peninsula east to KSC. Point Prograde. Turn off prograde and lift nose by 30-40 degrees above hori(s)zon. Turn on bake to open airbrake. No heating problems. KSC Continent @ 35km. KSC/Grassland Terminator at 1km alt. Touchdown at 50km. Turn on Parachute and brakes 2 seconds after touchdown.
  7. I am looking for a mod which adds space shuttle parts and which is compatible with Realism Overhaul 1.2.2
  8. Hello again, fellow Kerbalnauts, I've returned after a long slumber to bring to you a brand new shuttle that I've been developing over the past couple of days Endeavour - Mass - 410 tons Part count - ~290 Height - 35m Width - 12.6m Length - 21.2m ACTION GROUPS - 1 - Toggle Bay Doors Best way to fly it, that I've noticed, is that as soon as you launch, the craft wants to pull west at about 5 m/s within 10 seconds, so pull 5 degrees east. Once you lose the boosters, you'll be going about 270- 310 m/s and 6.5 km up. at that point, you will notice your velocity dropping just a little bit. DO NOT PANIC, it goes away pretty fast. At the altitude of 20 km and about 450 - 500 m/s, pull to 40 degrees east , once at 28-30 km, roll 180 degrees so the large tank is under you, closer to the ground. Once that happens, go to map view to monitor your Ap (Apogee) , once it's around 65-80 km, go back to the shuttle and reduce engines to 2/3rd power, and burn BELOW PERIAPSIS NODE. You need the horizontal velocity more than vertical velocity at this point. You will run out of fuel at around 2.1 km/s. Nose down, and while the shuttle's still moving, jettison the main tank and start the OMS engines and burn for a few seconds to get away from the big tank. Time warp to about 2 minutes to Ap, and start up the OMS to push to orbit. Great, you're in orbit, and probably wondering how to get down. Easy! just point your OMS in retrograde direction and fire when you're 90-100 degrees west of the space center in perspective to Kerbin. Point your shuttle up at about 25-40 degrees while in atmosphere to aero break. (Do not go above 40, or you'll flat spin at orbital speed, NOT pretty) The shuttle has a very low stall speed, it's about 45 m/s. so make sure you land the thing Anyways, hope you guys enjoy my masterpiece! pics - (just realized I misspelled Endeavour as Endeveror)
  9. Discussion of Russian vs US launch vehicles and Buran vs Shuttle vs Soyuz got me thinking. I'm sure all of us here are well aware that the Shuttle program was based on some ill-conceived notions, both with respect to the demand for flights as well as the capability of NASA to execute rapid Shuttle turnaround. The Shuttle had some neat capabilities (launching payload along with service crew, e.g. Hubble) and promised abilities (sat recovery), but it was never really used like it could have been. And the flight rate was so low that reuse cost more than it saved. But what if they had been right about the demand for the Shuttle's abilities? What if the market demanded a launch vehicle that could sent up large payloads along with crew, as well as occasionally retrieving sensitive cargo from orbit? What if the market was so saturated with demand that economies of scale were in full swing? It's clear that even under those circumstances, the Shuttle's high refurbishment cost and lengthy turnaround time wouldn't have been the best fit (even ignoring its safety record). But what might have been better? If you were designing a launch vehicle with these sorts of target capabilities, how would you go about it?
  10. Hey all, I am still fairly new to Kerbal Space Program (about 90 hours) and I have recently established a space station. I have several designs for disposable launch platforms, all of which successfully get Kerbals to and from my space station. The thing is, I want to use at least a partially reusable launch system. My mind immediately jumped to NASA's late great Space Shuttle, which, as I'm certain you all know, was capable of carrying cargo to and from the ISS, as well as being able to put satellites in LEO. I have begun developing my own space shuttle, but it has numerous problems (flipping over, short range, etc.). Even with the help of Kerbal Engineer, I simply can't get it right. What I was wondering is whether or not anyone had a functioning design for a space shuttle that is capable at the very least of taking kerbalnauts (I'm guessing that's what their called) to and from LKO. Thanks!
  11. Hi, dear Kerbals, I made at home a very detailed plan of a space shuttle that i created myself but it looks a lot like the original shuttle but has some changes...I would just want some ADD ONS for space shuttle parts (BURAN AND AMERICAN SHUTTLE) If someone could answer me it would help me so much... thanks !
  12. Are you tired of only being able to send four kerbals into orbit with your shuttle replica? Do you mourn the fact that there's no room for your crew to spread out and have fun once they're on orbit? Does your re-creationist urges twitch at the idea that your shuttles only have a flight deck and nothing else? If so, than you've come to the right mod. The Mk3 Shuttle Mid-Deck IVA mod is just what it says on the tin. A very light-weight mod that replaces the standard Mk3 Shuttle cockpit IVA and 4 kerbal crew capacity with a cockpit sporting a flight deck AND mid-deck with the capability of carrying six kerbals into space. Maintaining all the of the wonderful window "clickability" of the original Mk3 IVA, this mod also goes one further and makes the ladders interactive as well. Finally, you can do everything you've always wanted to do with a shuttle, only you can do it with 2 additional kerbals and the satisfaction of knowing that they'll have room to get away from each other when one of them inevitably gets a "head cold". DOWNLOAD: Spacedock MOD'S YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING WITH: @Pak's Cormorant Aeronology @MrMeeb's Shuttle Payload Technologies LICENSE: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  13. Challenge: Design and model a fully-reusable PSTO (parallel stage to orbit) shuttle, suitable for taking a crew to orbit and returning them safely to Earth. People get excited about SSTOs (both of the VTVL and winged varieties), but for Earth, using multiple stages is almost always more cost-effective. However, we've never once flown a fully-reusable human-rated shuttle, and there's no obvious configuration for a fully-reusable shuttle that uses staging. In particular, I like the idea of a parallel-stage-to-orbit design, where all the launch engines fire on the pad together, with the orbiter engines continuing to fire through stage separation (think Space Shuttle). This introduces additional complications, particularly with respect to configuration. Some considerations: 0/0 LAS. Being able to escape in the event of a booster RUD is ridiculously important, from pad to separation. The orbiter either needs to have sufficient thrust to push itself free of an exploding booster, or it needs auxiliary solids for LAS, or it needs full cabin ejection with chute recovery. COM/COT. Centers of mass and thrust in a vertically-stacked launch vehicle are simple, but for a parallel-staged launch vehicle, it's a little more difficult. The SSMEs had ridiculously high gimbal ranges to help with this, but with a fully-reusable launch stack things may be more or less complicated. Engines and crossfeed. Using the same engines and fuel on the orbiter and the booster simplifies operations and can also allow for fuel crossfeed, but that does introduce some additional complications. If the launch engines are used for orbiter LAS, then they will be large enough to take full advantage of propellant crossfeed. Booster recovery. A liquid fly-back booster is one option; a RTLS tail-sitting booster with landing legs a la Falcon 9 is probably better. No splashdowns for this. Asymmetric thrust and COM may be a consideration depending on how the launch configuration looks. Orbiter recovery. Again, no splashdowns. The orbiter can have wings and landing gear, or it can come back and land vertically with landing legs. However, if it is going to land on its tail, then the crew cabin probably needs to be ejectable using landing-abort solids and chutes, since a tail-first vertical landing is a high-risk maneuver. The ideal solution is to have landing engines which (somehow) can vector or change orientation to allow a vertical landing in horizontal attitude, like sci-fi spaceships. This allows minimal-risk landing and immediate egress. Lifeboat. If the cabin is ejectable, then it makes sense to allow it to act as an orbital lifeboat in the case of orbiter damage a la Columbia. However, this means it either needs its own RCS and TPS. It may be possible to integrate its RCS and TPS for use within the orbiter. Airbreathing. Should you use a rocket-combined-cycle airbreathing engine on either stage? It's a good question. On the one hand, having airbreathing engines on the booster reduces the weight penalty (since they don't have to go to orbit) and can assist in recovery. Having an airbreathing engine on the orbiter increases weight penalty, but could be helpful for landing since airbreathing engines are more readily vectorable than rocket engines, which must be gimballed. It's also possible to conceive a partial airbreathing engine, like an air augmentation shroud on the booster which wraps around the orbiter's launch engine. Altitude compensation. If the orbiter engine doesn't have altitude compensation, it will incur a specific impulse penalty. However, aerospike engines are heavy. An SSME pressure-compensated engine is one possibility. Another possibility is to have the orbiter engine interface with the booster body in such a way as to allow a higher expansion ratio after separation. Keep in mind, however, that you may be using the launch engine for recovery as well. Cargo. A cargo bay is not necessarily a requirement, but it definitely adds versatility. A cargo bay can also be used to add an auxiliary fuel tank for extended on-orbit operations or BLEO missions. Consider orbital refueling as well. I have a few ideas for how to pull this off, but I'm really interested to see the kinds of things the forum can come up with. There are a lot of options here, and none of them are automatically ideal. Design, describe, and model your submission! You don't necessarily have to fly it; it will probably be ridiculously overpowered for stock KSP. Excited to see what everyone comes up with.
  14. STS - Pegasus II A more specialized Shuttle with a recoverable SSTO lifter... It's not very easy to fly and max payload is only 18T, but can perform a variety of missions, including interplanetary transport... Download:
  15. Ladies and gents, allow me to present Haven Station! Click for larger image: Damn, I guess it's been a long time since I shared anything here. I used to be a much more active contributor but life happened and reddit seemed to be easier to access in my limited free time. I've been sharing craft and producing videos and imgur galleries very sporadically since then, but I'd like to start posting content a little more frequently if I can. Haven Station is an ongoing project. It's already been built in the VAB, and I've hyperedited it into space run simulations a few times to make sure the design is viable. So far I've only sent up a few pieces, but I'm trying to properly document each launch in a short YouTube video. Let me know what you think and how I could improve:
  16. Hello, I've created a craft (Space Shuttle) all-stock in 1.1. I've have since then flown it many times (as others) in version 1.1 of KSP without any issues. I haven't played for a few months, and now I'm dusting off my KSP and tried to load the craft file. Since it's all stock, it loads without issue of course but it doesn't fly as well anymore. Who with CoM / CoT / SAS / Flaps and such knowledge is willing to have a look at the craft file please ? The 2 main issues (I can PM you a video of the issues): - During launch right when SRB occurs the shuttle starts to rock back and forth. Wobbles. It's controllable but annoying. - In space, when I circularize orbit (I do that with Main engines for the first part), the craft becomes very very unstable and uncontrollable. Note: The craft file has a 'hidden' RC-L01 in the nose. So there is SAS settings on the cockpit and the RC-L01. there are also 2 flaps 'tugged' away there for CoM and landing. Yes, some might be odd, yet this was one perfect bird to fly with in 1.1. Regards, Martin Ps. It mentions on Kerbalx, it's made during 1.2 pre-release. That's not true. It was build in 1.1 and intended for 1.1 and worked in 1.1 it is however never tested in 1.2 until now. edit: Can confirm 'gimbal' might be a big issue with this issue
  17. Beautiful example of how NOT to fly a shuttle.
  18. After all the advanced technology usage decided to take my knowledge down deep to the days of the beginning. This is space shuttle for small payloads, pretty small and pretty cheap. As this science stage has no proper wheels it lands in water. Everything but the boosters is recoverable. Price without the probe pictured is 14,506 credits (cargo is at the tail, since there is no cargo bay and drag in front would mess things up). I suppose an mk1 crew cabin would serve just fine there for crew transport as well. Struts are necessary since the command pod tended to fall off at landing ... and the front of the plane is normally not expected to fall off. Parachute is for reducing drag only, not used really. Takeoff is designed upside down due toe drag from the rudders, no point to fight it: Somehow forgot to take the screenshot from releasing the probe (had to go out to eva with the pilot and nudge it since it is so tight there). After detaching the probe pictured and doing the deorbit burn - i even had some fuel left (Jebediah knows he is in for a bonus). One must be very conservative with electricity though. Just remember one thing - there are no wheels, you have to land in water (at 50m/s horizontal speed it survives, or use the parachute (which i added to reduce drag only) and rocket engines to land on tail): Quite a scenic landing site. Full gallery from 2 flights can be found at
  19. It's year 11 in my KSP save. After finishing my Kerbalnational Space Station it was time to start a new project. I was looking for the Chinese Station that will launch somewhere 2023/2030. So I thought that, because not many people have tried it, to make my own. I'm not going to do anything too realistic. I use the launchers and parts that I think fits well in my world of KSP. Progress: My inspiration image for this project is: Mods I'm currently using: Mission 01 - Ghidorah 9 (01): Mission 02 - SYS-121: Mission 03 - STS-122: Mission 04 - Shenzhou (01): Mission 05 - STS-123: Mission 06 - STS-124: Mission 07 - STS-125: Mission 08 - STS-126: Mission 09 - Ghidorah 9 (02): Mission 10: Coming Soon™
  20. Space Shuttle Mod Release Page updated to work with 1.1.2 now with less dependencies, required mods included changelog: added reflections to radiators (requires texture replacer - reflections version) airlock docking port working (tested) looking for feedback. please note I know the wheels may be bugged, waiting for next ksp update MUST WATCH VIDEOS! screenshots Features Realistic simulation of the NASA Space Shuttle Energy Generation requires the use of onboard fuel, making time in space limited Multiple payloads and adapter points for various cargos Low part count for less ram use compared to previous versions a multitude of other vehicles to go along with the NASA family available Downloads: Current version: 1.1.2 NEW!: updated RO patch for Space Shuttle by Winged: not updated =================================== (MUST DELETE the other version of this mod if you have it installed) LINKS Want real launch sites? Want to try out an alternitave History? Eyes Turned Skywards Storyline by Budgie The Popular interplanetary Farscape by Odyssey GUIDES and INFO (coming soon) MechJeb Launch: *Launch, *force roll 90°, *gravity turn East starting at 1km or 100 m/s, ending at 35km on a 40.6% launch angle. *Stage when necessary. Landing Guidance by Mark7 1. Wait till the shuttle is on the opposite side of the KSC and its orbit is right passing over the KSC. 2. Do the re-entry burn. Make sure the final landing prediction 5400+_300km ahead from the target landing site.(The exact number is depending on the velocity of the shuttle when backing into atmosphere) 3. When re-entry, keep a 30-degree-AOA ,and roll left or right to adjust the trajectory. 4. Enjoy(or suffer haha) Typical Launch and Return Mission Read up on the WIKI(coming soon) Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) Do I need to download anything to make this work? NO, everything you need comes with the download Will this work wit Realism Overhaul+FAR? YES, IF you download and apply the patch from the link above I have some good ideas for the mod, can I have them put in? Definitely!, new ideas are welcomed and are a fun thing to work on I have a lot of mods installed, will this cause me to run out of memory? POSSIBLY. this base mod will add about 140mb to your memory usage, which maxes out about 2-2.5gb with ksp I found some bugs with your mod, where do I post this? We have a development page for just this issue, feel free to post there Keen to try out the Buran? check out the development ! For a well made Caanadarm, Check out Jeast's Page HOW TO SAVE MEMORY - WINDOWS 1. create shortcut of your ksp.exe in your KSP install directory 2. in the PROPERTIES of the shortcut, in the 'Target' box, add: " -force-opengl -popupwindow" without quotes. game from shortcut 4.Profit? ================================================== ================ Notice This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Licence CC BY-SA 2.0 this mod is a continuation from that started by rocket2guns, with additions by DECQ and Dragon01 Also credit to NASA for spending billions of dollars to make the vehicles that are simulated in this, and related mods
  21. Find me on KerbalX Hello everyone, here comes a terrible creation which had been sleeping for some time in the VAB and was about to be totally forgotten, the X-26A Eos. The project was born some times ago of the desire to make a small craft inspirited from the U.S. Space Shuttle system but having no more than the Mk1 size for its parts. Named after a Greek Titan and goddess of the Dawn, Eos was in my mind the symbol of a "new" way to build tiny shuttle... and I should have called her Hecate as she gives me so much troubles but the name was already taken. Originally she was conceived to be a super cheap Space Shuttle and easy to access in a new career. For it the boosters were made of Thumper, but they were absolutely incapable to kick her to a good altitude before running out of fuel. 6, 8 even 9 Thumper offset into each other on both sides still were unable to made it... and the low launch cost which was one of the reason supporting the project just explode (it did reminds a true story). So absolutely disappointed I opted for the Kickback and a total remodeling of the craft, changed the vertical stabilizer, placed more fuel inside the Orbiter. This made it more light and performant but still a test flight was needed... The climb is surprisingly smooth, the whole system being just a bit sensitive during the SRB last seconds of operation. Once jettisoned the orbiter and its External Tank recover their good control. The main problem appeared once close to the circularization altitude. The O.M.S imitation is consisting of just two Spark small rocket engines, those are totally underpowered for the mass of the orbiter even to start the maneuver about 2 minutes before the T time. The unique solution being to keep the E.T and start the maneuver with S.S.M.E Thud. For an Apogee of 140 km those are absolutely able to complete it with even some fuel still available in the tank, so I used to shut them down and eject the tank when just a 100 m/s are still needed and complete the maneuver with the O.M.S. At this point around 900/950 m/s of dV are still available. (Four Sepratron will ensure a quick clearance off the fuel tank) Once in orbit at 140 km the target was the traditional space station orbiting at 200 km : The whole docking maneuver is simple with four RCS pods being placed around the CoM. Then I don't know why but the X-26A remained abandoned for almost a year before finally returning to on the surface. Once again I overshot the KSC. The unique solution was to land on the old island airfield. Finally, what was supposed to be a simple system to ensure the transport of four souls for a very low price became a real luxury, costing more than 50 000. But it remains fun to control.
  22. Hi everybody, I released yesterday my small X-38 inspirated shuttle, the X-35A Adikia : As I wrote on the craft desription page on KerbalX, that puppy was built for spaecial reason to me and is absolutely inspirated from Flakbadger's X-38 which got a particular place in my memory. Made with 77 parts the X-35A is a small 5-seats space shuttle system named in honor of the Greek goddess Adikia a minor divinity representing the injustice. It is available here : And the whole flight album here : Small but capable the whole shuttle system is made of an Atlas V-like launcher amde of two stages, the first one gets a pair of Vector engines to represent (roughly) the powerful RD-180 and the second two Swivel to simulate the Centaur stage. All together they get a total of 4775 m/s of delta-V in the atmosphere. The orbiter for its part got two Spark engines giving her enough thrust to accelerate and jump to another orbit pretty quickly. Her total delta-v represent 1688 m/s once in vaccum. But images are better than words : The first seconds can be a bit hard as the whole system is a bit instable, but once 40 m/s reached you can already start your gravity turn. Also the first stage is coming with two pairs of legs and eight parachutes for recover (as I hate wasting funds). In the qualification flight used for the album I dropped the stage with more than 1000 fuel units still onboard, more than enough so deccelerate before (sea)landing. I cames with a RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit and more than 800 units of electricity to ensure some flexibilty. The second stage for its parts is non recoverable. On the demonstration flight I dropped it just after it put the AP to 200 km but it should have still been much more than usable. On KerbalX the user kitmatthews take a screenshot of the orbiter in the Mun SOI : For my part once in orbit I tried to join the docking training space station Orbital Target Alpha on its 300 x 300 km orbit. Everything went well and each maneuvers cost around 58-60 m/s : Once we got bored enough it was time to be back home! I recommend to start the re-entry maneuver by not deccelerating over an orbit of 150 km. More is feasible but prepare for the BBQ. Taking an angle of 45 degrees and transfering the fuel from the front tank to the back one will ensure a stable re-entry without even touching the commands : Now with her ridiculous lifting surface an horizontal landing is well... still possible but not really recommended. Like X-38 the landing should be made with parachute : one small breaking chute can reduce the speed to 50 m/s and two radial parachutes reduced it to approx 10 m/s. It is still a lot but the landing gears will support the shock without any problem. Once landed there was still enough delta-V available to realize some maneuvers while in orbit : One small 2-stars pilot for my hall of Fames.
  23. okay I want to see how a shuttle will perform and I kinda have an idea of what it should look like but I would appreciate your advice
  24. I released two new mini shuttles, Kricket and Proton Kricket Mini Shuttle 51 parts, rocket and jet powered for easier landings Proton Mini Shuttle The Proton shuttle is a sleek, small 1 seat shuttle, only 28 parts, 2442 dV Albums
  25. If anyone wants, I will post pictures. So whenever Ibuild a shuttle, I try to make it fly easily and not look nice. I add canards so I don't stall during re-entry. Now I have tried making shuttle replicas that are close to the real thing. But all of those just stall during or after reentry. I don't want to add canards to it because that looks terrible and isn't what the real one had. What I am saying is, are there any other ways to stop reentry without adding canards? Thanks in advance. Fire