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Found 10 results

  1. After much frustration, I'm finally trying to go ahead with this. What was supposed to be "lightly" modded became my most bloated save ever. 60! 60 mods! No wonder it crashes every three minutes! The extensive modlist is as follows: CKAN file of my mods as of 1/3/16. Some entries were manually removed, RCSFX is NOT needed or compatible with 1.0.5, for example. Primary mods are Tantares and of course, 64K, with a seasoning of various visual & realism mods that are HIGHLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE! But, I'm gonna stick with it and see where this goes while also writing a fanfic to go along with it. Difficulty settings: quicksave/reverting ON because crashes, no respawning, 200% funds rewards because 64k is EXPENSIVE, with 200% penalties, and starting funds around ₽100,000 after some necessary Kerbal changes. All launches are from territory controlled or "borrowed" by the Imperious Union of Ussari Republics. If you see KSC, someone is probably going to Kerberia. I've tried to get Kerbal Construction Time working but it doesn't seem to play well with KerbinSide's launchpad switcher, which is disappointing as it's such a vital realism mod. Any resemblance to the excellent career reports byShania_L and Landwalker is completely unintentional, absolutely not the result of careful reverse-engineering, and purely a case of convergent evolution. So, without further ado, I'll turn the floor over to Comrade Political Officer Credit for map to this guy.
  2. привет! Recently, I've been working on a T-34 tank. Here's what I made: Project: Probably completed Tank is made for 1.2 version. It features many thing like: Working cannon and machinegun, Very fast speed for a tank (can reach up to 45m/s risking tracks to broke and 35.2m/s is the highest safe speed.) Refuelling is possible via docking port on the back but I think you won't use this feature because it can travel huge distances at the amount of fuel that you have in your tank. In my opinion this tank is very fun to drive and shoot. Looks almost like original one. Here is .craft file with mods that you need to run it. Everything packed into .zip. Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version .craft + MODS - 374.55MB Only .Craft File - 231KB
  3. New and Updated for 1.2.2! Hi all. I'd first off like to thank @Mulbin for inspiring this and designing it in the first place. Although I made it from scratch, I don't think I could have ever came up with this creation without him. In version 0.19, Mulbin made a Duna rated LK spacecraft. Versions passed, Mulbin's activity declined, and then the link to download it went bust. When 1.1 came out, I decided to breath new life into this long vanished spacecraft. So I built this from scratch So here it is. A Duna LK lander, a LOK Orbiting Spacecraft and a Micro Buggy thrown in on top. You can download the craft at KerbalX, here. A few notes: -Your pilot will be in the wrong capsule on liftoff. Transfer him and/or set control to the top capsule. -Try to Aerobrake, at least a bit, at Duna. Warning: Do not go lower than 28,000 Meters, you might blow the Nukes. -Yes, the rover is supposed to land separately. Just make sure it doesn't crash into the lander. -When departing Duna, you can use the Arrival Stage to give a kick or what is left in the lander. Your choice. You might have to use a bit of monopropellant to get back. -Don't bother with slowing down, the heatsheild can take the reentry. Just get the angle right. Mission Video: Ok, that's all, enjoy flying!
  4. So, this 1200-page monster covering Soviet rocketry from 1941 to late 1980s is actually available in English!
  5. Tantares N1-L3 In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union Space Program was busy developing a superbooster, known as the N1, and a lunar expedition spacecraft known as the L3 to compete with the American Apollo-Saturn V. With the use of Tantares, Tantares LV, Procedural Fairings, and Realchute, I have created a (close enough) replica of the N1 moon mission. I've added the downloadable version because CaptKordite's is outdated and incompatable with current versions, and I can't find another. This even features fairings with a tolerable, even appealing, texture. Other download versions, a TMK/MaVr payload (maybe), and possibly a video coming soon. Download Note: As I lack any piloting skills, the craft is untested. If you experience mission complications or see any coming or anything related to the craft, let me know.
  6. Repository for all of my new VAB builds upcoming in the following months Information on lifters, and the lunar station is below. In development: -NK-1 orbital refueling station around the mun (N3 rocket will launch parts) -Reusable first stages To do list: (Link will be under them if they are complete) -Soviet style interplanetary craft Lunar Landers: More landers soon(TM) -Reusable first and second stages -N9 rocket (Largest soviet style rocket I'll ever consider building)
  7. BEHOLD THE N2 (Upgraded N1 model, 9500 deltaV in first 4 stages) BEHOLD THE N1 MUNAR LANDING DEVICE *kerbalized *roughly based on this design (the russian one):
  8. Looking for best mod with Russian booster tech.
  9. Does anybody here have any idea why the Soviets launched so many Venus probes? I mean, I'm not complaining, but they did launch a LOT of Venera and Vega probes- with over 14 missions logged between the two programs (not all being successful)- not to mention the Soviets launched the majority of Venus probes, and made the first Venus landers. I'd wonder why they would spend so much tim and effort there, while other space agencies have generally given it much less attention (especially NASA).
  10. Behold! The bane of the capitalistic leeches, the T-72, has arrived! This tanks is pimped out with rubber side skirts, view ports, spaced armor, armored primary gunner's sight, convoy light, regular lights, infrared lights, and much more. It's armed with "smoke launchers" (just aesthetic). If the turret gets stuck, just wiggle around a little. XD Don't say it's a design flaw until you've tried to design something like this yourself. I've got a reworked turret and some upgraded track equipped variants in development.