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Found 89 results

  1. Sol and Alpha Centauri duke it out in the 31st century. No other colonized systems because magic radiation stops them. No FTL. Systems are completely colonized and exploited. War is to the death. How is the war fought? Who wins?
  2. Intro: Since I got a new computer, I started a new game. This one is a large-scale space race between the KAP/KSP (US) and the C7 Aerospace Division (USSR). There will be several races such as first in space, orbit, landing on the Mun, first to land on a planet, etc... I have the Kerbin-Side mod installed. Since it's only updated for 1.0, it only has 1 other launch site, Round Range, which has a launchpad, runway, and helipad. Other mods installed: MechJeb Chatterer Scatterer Planet Shine OPM (soon) The Near-Future Series KAS KIS Kerbal Engineer Tweak Scale Chapter 1: Post-War It was five years after the Kerbin War. Nations had grown stronger, torn apart, or obliterated all together. The two strongest nations, United Kerbin (UK) and the Kerbal's United Republic (KUP) were the leading nations in aerospace, fighting alongside each other in intense aerial battles until the end of the War. Relations slipped a bit at the end of the War and cooperations with the two nations ceased. They set their Air Force funds towards world exploration and developing more advanced aerospace technologies. The two agencies were called the Kerbal Aerospace Program (KAP) and the C7 Aerospace Division. They had the most advanced aerospace technologies in the world, proven by their unreal amounts of wins in aerial battles in the War, only losing an average of 20 planes for every year the War raged. After the War, a total of 15 countries signed a pact against war, outlawing any means of war including the use of fighter planes. 2 of those countries were UK and the KUP. After the ratification of the KAP, they went to work on achieving the goal of developing the world's first supersonic aircraft. Development had started before the program was even put in place, so testing and building didn't take long. On Day 14 of Year 1, test pilot Valentina climbed into the Supersonic (SS)-1, a modified SX-4 jet fighter plane. It was fitted with an new J-33 jet engine to propel it faster than any other manned aircraft before. The engine was activated and the plane started to roll forward on the runway. The plane pitched up off the runway, building up speed. A little after 30 seconds, the aircraft reached 342 m/s, the speed of sound. It accelerated past the speed of sound for a couple of seconds. Valentina then pointed it back towards the Kerbal Aerospace Center (KAC). It landed on the runway and rolled to a stop. Mission results: Success; Successful application of a new jet engine to send a modified SX-4 fighter plane past the speed of sound. Meanwhile at the C7 Aerospace Facility (C7 AF), a top-secret technology was being developed: a rocket-powered bomb, or missile called the Rattlesnake. This was being developed by order of the KUP's government for protection against another war. This was directly against the pact signed by the KUP and 14 other countries, however. To keep it unknown from the rest of the world, it was to be test-launched towards a remote area north of the C7 AF. The missile consisted of a nuclear warhead like that of what was used by the KUP to end the War on top of a tall rocket stage. After the trajectory would be set by the rocket stage, the warhead was to be jettisoned, coasting across the sky until it reached its target. As it decoupled, for tiny solid-fuel motors pushed the rocket stage away from the warhead so a premature detonation would not occur. On Day 18 of Year 1, the missile was ready to be launched on its first test flight. It was fitted with a dummy warhead so that no noticeable explosion would give way to the secret C7 project. The engine ignited and the four launch-clamps let go of the rocket. It ascended quickly into the air and pitched north. It made its way over the mountains completely surrounding the C7 AF and towards its target site. The engine stopped even before all the fuel was depleted as it had reached its target. The warhead was jettisoned and the four separation motors fired. The rocket stage was to impact the ocean just north of the warhead target site. The warhead tumbled around in the air until it hit the ground with a small explosion. The rocket then impacted into the ocean. Mission results: Success; Successful test of the Rattlesnake Intermediate-Range-Ballistic-Missile Shortly after the first successful test of the Rattlesnake IRBM, the KUP government ordered another test. A new missile was built and prepped for launch. On Day 27 of Year 1, another Rattlesnake was placed on C7's launchpad. The engine ignited, the launch-clamps were released, and the missile lifted-off into the air. It pitched south-west of the C7 AF and over the mountains towards its designated impact site. During flight, it gained too much speed and started to burn up. Unexpectedly, the whole assembly exploded mid-air. It happened that it exploded over a small town on the mountainside south of the C7 AF. Word was spread about how a large pencil-like object flew over the mountains from the C7 AF with smoke trailing behind it and exploding over the town. However, most of the world took it as a rumor as the C7 AF was government-run by the KUP, a nation which signed the international pact against war. Mission results: Failure; Failure at further testing of the Rattlesnake IRBM The KAP realized that if there was any way of reaching space, rocket power would have to be utilized. Rocket power had been used by engineers for moving heavy objects across work sites, and those had only been solid-fuel engines. It wasn't until recently that the C7 Aerospace Division announced they had made the first successful liquid-fuel rocket engine. They didn't say what it was being used for, only that a successful static-test had been conducted. Now that the KAP knew it was possible, it was time to start developing one to fly high into the atmosphere. On Day 33 of Year 1, the KAP placed the new Pulse liquid-fuel rocket on a launch stand. It was a small rocket that was stabilized by canted fins to send it into a spin. A pre-programmed computer was to turn the engine on and separate from the stand during launch. The time had come and the computer turned the engine on and the rocket separated from the launch stand. It started to spin slowly at first, but picked up rotational speed within seconds. The engine burned until it ran out of fuel. The apoapsis was determined to be around 27 kilometers high. The rocket coasted to the apoapsis and started to fall back to Kerbin, crashing into an unpopulated area west of the KAC. Mission results: Success; Successful test of rocket propulsion and spin-stabilization After the close-call of getting caught violating the international pact, C7 decided to develop a supersonic plane like the KAP as a side-project to cover up the Rattlesnake tests. It was loosely based off the KAP's SS-1 but mixed with the KUP's Y87 fighter jet. It included two air intakes opposed to the SS-1's single intake. On Day 42 of Year 1, the Soundwave was ready to fly. KUP test pilot Verette was to pilot the mission. The plane took off from the C7 AF's runway and flew east, breaking the speed of sound before it reached the edge of the mountain range. It then started to fly back towards the runway. As Verette was flying back, she failed to gain sufficient speed, ending up crashing onto the edge of the runway. The cockpit and Verette was recovered in good condition. Mission result: Partial success: Successful testing of a supersonic plane to cover up the Rattlesnake program In response to C7's partially-successful flight of the Soundwave 1, another flight of the SS-1 was authorized. This was to test maneuvering at supersonic speeds. On Day 47 of Year 1, Valentina again took off in the SS-1. She lifted off the runway and quickly broke the sound-barrier. She practiced several maneuvers, pulling upwards of 10 Gs. She maneuvered back towards the KAC still at the speed of sound, eventually landing successfully. Mission results: Success; Successful testing of supersonic maneuvers C7 had made several precautions for the next test-launch of the Rattlesnake. What they didn't know that spies were stationed on the mountain range to look out for the rumored missiles. On Day 48 of Year 1, the third Rattlesnake IRBM was launched. It flew north-west over the mountain range, right in the spies line of sight. To stop it from exploding mid-air, the engine was throttled down after it broke Mach 3. However, the electric charge in the probe core ran out, causing the engine to shut off and the missile to be short of its target site. The warhead also could not be jettisoned. It crashed in a lake south-east of the target impact site. Mission results: Failure; Failure of testing the the maximum range of the Rattlesnake After C7 and the KUP government was caught with an act of war, the other 14 nations that signed the pact banned C7 from launching missiles. They would, however, allow them to utilize the missile technology for peaceful uses such as space exploration. As a result, C7 found that it would allow a perfect opportunity to challenge the KAP. The challenge was to send a rocket into space before the other program does. The KAP accepted. After the new challenge between the two nations and aerospace programs was finalized, the deal was sealed by a flight by the KAP with its new SS-2 and a second flight of C7's Soundwave 1. The SS-2 was an SS-1 equipped with two side-boosters that allowed it to approach Mach 2, but it came just short of breaking that barrier. The second flight of the Soundwave 1 saw its first successful landing. To be continued...
  3. Hey, EDIT: Tell me what do you use more for browsing? Mobile phones or desktops/laptops/tablets? I will optimize site accordingly. I've made a website called . This site will be uploaded with beautiful images from space engine. Tell me what do you think about the site and write in the comments(on the site). I'll regularly post an image daily . I DON'T OWN SPACE ENGINE AND DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING.
  4. Bright high sun… Rotten surface… And deep craters.. But it is time to leave now From this fried brown planet The Moho Deep oceans ,craters Those heavy rainy clouds And infinite flatlands around Still standing still un explored The magnificent purple planet That pulling eyes to be watched The Eve The great blue dot Fading In green of the trees The oceans full of water and ice Which are standing by to be crossed The Kerbin Distant wander point Full of dread and red Watching victims of pull to be faint Great wisdom of dead Tracing pale steps of remains… The Duna Yeah im bad at poetry...But hey its an a attempt and im Russian and im very bad at english!
  5. Hello all. I've decided to take over @DMSP's job as the leader of the project since he has resigned due to personal issues. If you want to look back, here is the original forum thread: The Line: Get the link by PMing me when your turn comes around. How to install: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to saves and create a new folder. -Find where you downloaded the RAR. -Take all the data from the "SCSP" RAR folder and place it in your new save. -Create a folder inside the new folder named "Ships" and add 2 more inside named "VAB" and "SPH" and place any premade craft you made if you have any. -It should work perfectly now. Rules (to make sure building goes swiftly): -If you are interested in adding to the save, post in the thread and tag me. -Do not have the save for more than 2 days, to allow for it to change hands fast. -Wait more than 3 turns before you request for another turn. -Your launch vehicles can be modded, just no stationary aircraft, base part or anything above LKO is allowed to be modded. -Post what you will be adding to the project and how many parts it is before you launch it. -Feel free to post if you want to start construction of a station/base. -Try to keep the modules at lower than 35 parts to ensure others can build too. -Post pictures! -In your two days, you have a maximum of three launches (unless you have a good reason and ask nicely). Do whatever you want with them. -Stuff that never leaves Kerbin is not a launch. Planes are fine. SSTOs are still being decided on, but for now, they count as well. -No touching other people's craft without permission from the owner or me. -No Hyperedit or vesselmover is allowed, unless it is for bases ON Kerbin. -Do NOT spend more than 30 KSP days in your turn! -You must have the latest KSP version, otherwise we can't have you.(Pre-Releases aren't allowed). How to hand it back: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to the folder named "saves". -Find your new save. -Upload the Quicksave, Persistent file. -Make a new folder titled "SCSP" and put the files in. -Share it with me. -Your turn will be over. Congrats. Good luck to everybody who will be involved. Latest pictures of the stations: Art for the project: Here are some badges done by @valens to show your contribution to the project. Unity badge - Contributing to Unity Station. Gateway badge - Contributing to Gateway Station. SCSP badge - Any other contribution you've done in the project. Take a look at our Wiki that we've made! It's a WIP, but if you have any free time, please contribute to it: Scientia1423.
  6. Find me on KerbalX Hello everyone, here comes a terrible creation which had been sleeping for some time in the VAB and was about to be totally forgotten, the X-26A Eos. The project was born some times ago of the desire to make a small craft inspirited from the U.S. Space Shuttle system but having no more than the Mk1 size for its parts. Named after a Greek Titan and goddess of the Dawn, Eos was in my mind the symbol of a "new" way to build tiny shuttle... and I should have called her Hecate as she gives me so much troubles but the name was already taken. Originally she was conceived to be a super cheap Space Shuttle and easy to access in a new career. For it the boosters were made of Thumper, but they were absolutely incapable to kick her to a good altitude before running out of fuel. 6, 8 even 9 Thumper offset into each other on both sides still were unable to made it... and the low launch cost which was one of the reason supporting the project just explode (it did reminds a true story). So absolutely disappointed I opted for the Kickback and a total remodeling of the craft, changed the vertical stabilizer, placed more fuel inside the Orbiter. This made it more light and performant but still a test flight was needed... The climb is surprisingly smooth, the whole system being just a bit sensitive during the SRB last seconds of operation. Once jettisoned the orbiter and its External Tank recover their good control. The main problem appeared once close to the circularization altitude. The O.M.S imitation is consisting of just two Spark small rocket engines, those are totally underpowered for the mass of the orbiter even to start the maneuver about 2 minutes before the T time. The unique solution being to keep the E.T and start the maneuver with S.S.M.E Thud. For an Apogee of 140 km those are absolutely able to complete it with even some fuel still available in the tank, so I used to shut them down and eject the tank when just a 100 m/s are still needed and complete the maneuver with the O.M.S. At this point around 900/950 m/s of dV are still available. (Four Sepratron will ensure a quick clearance off the fuel tank) Once in orbit at 140 km the target was the traditional space station orbiting at 200 km : The whole docking maneuver is simple with four RCS pods being placed around the CoM. Then I don't know why but the X-26A remained abandoned for almost a year before finally returning to on the surface. Once again I overshot the KSC. The unique solution was to land on the old island airfield. Finally, what was supposed to be a simple system to ensure the transport of four souls for a very low price became a real luxury, costing more than 50 000. But it remains fun to control.
  7. Hello Kerbal Students! When was the first time you guys played KSP? The first time I played it is in November 2015 1:00 P.M waiting for the game to download. A few dozens of minutes it downloaded but then I had to go to my gramma's house. Later that night I played til it was 2:00 am becuase it was so good man!
  8. Its here! finally retrofuture space plane parts is for 1.1.3 and 1.2! this is not my mod originally (i am picking it up off NohArk with his blessing) I have fixed the majority of the most obvious bugs but there may still be some lurking around this is still a work in progress the process of updating so i am relying on reports from you fine fellows as to areas that need fixing/balanceing most areas that need focus are; node attchment boyancy heat aero with a side order of what new parts might be considered that might fit in with the new ksp (i was thinking something like a ballast tank and some parts for underwater bases now there is support for it) finally if there are any ideas you have for parts to be retrofuture themed please let me know! anyways hers the mod! images (as i cant seem to embed imgur albums atm)
  9. I have an idea to make engineers much more useful! What if you would create a new storable resource called "parts" or something along those lines that engineers could use to build in space! That would make engineers very much useful in space stations or even rocket creation in space to make more advanced rockets to go to different parts of the kerbal system! I hope you will consider my idea!
  10. I wonder does is possible to go into space with small g-force ?
  11. Hello all, i would like to ask for space nerds to sign up for this non-profit organisation. i came here because i know that quite a lot of you are space enthusiasts and want to make everyone love the idea of space travel and space in general. This is an non profit organization so we do this because it's our passion to make people reach further than earth. There will be positions that you will need to sign up for because i think this will be the best way to make things work out. you better hurry because there are only 15 positions in total The position you can apply for is: research and posting-5 left account management-2 left Community engagement-5 left Devs-3 left Baselines (don't bother signing up if you cannot meet these requirements): You must be active (at least once every 2 days) You must not complain if you get kicked out of the organisation(there will always be a reason whether it's because someone better than you signed up or you are not following the rules). Research and posting: A pretty simple job because all you do is do research on some interesting posts and post them. Requirements: Have a good knowledge of all things space and be able to make your posts stand out from others. Account management: Manage all account activity and delete anything inappropriate. more will be coming soon but i will need to know people are interested or not and if they are willing to participate.
  12. New Thread: IMPORTANT: -Update to 1.2 -If you're not updated, we can't have you. Once @valens passed the save, I'm going to have to cut a bit into @hempa2's to make sure it is fully functioning. Credit goes to @Scientia1423 for the poster and to @Spartwo for the flag. Hello all. There have been quite a few "multiplayer" attempts here on the forums to create craft that people have built all together, or have assembled by passing the save around. One of the original ones was the Stock Community Space Station, made by @zekes. It has now, after 3 years, become a dead thread. So, today, using the old one as my guideline, I would like to propose a new Stock Community Space Station. The Line (Use GMT if possible): Get the link by PMing me when your turn comes around. How to install: -Create a new save in your KSP, then close KSP. -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to the folder named "saves". -Find your new save. -Delete everything except for the "Ships" folder. -Take all the data from the "Community Space Station" dropbox folder and place it in your new save. -It should work perfectly now. Rules (to make sure building goes swiftly): -If you are interested in adding to the save, post in the thread and tag me. -Do not have the save for more than 2 days, to allow for it to change hands fast. -Wait more than 3 turns before you request for another turn. -Your launch vehicles can be modded, just No station, base or crew module should have a single modded part. -Post what you will be adding to the station and how many parts it is before you launch it. -Feel free to post if you want to start construction of a second station (if the first one gets part heavy or if you want to continue growing the station). -Try to keep the modules at lower than 35 parts to ensure others can build too. -If you feel like a module is obstructing or dameging the station, tag me and the person who placed it if you want to remove it. -Post pictures! -In your two days, you have a maximum of three launches (unless you have a good reason and ask nicely). Do whatever you want with them. -Stuff that never leaves Kerbin is not a launch. Planes are fine. SSTOs are still being decided on, but for now, they count as well. -No Hyperedit or vesselmover is allowed, unless it is for bases ON Kerbin. -Do NOT spend more than 30 KSP days in your turn! -At the end of your turn, quicksave, and then add another quicksave titled: End of turn [Your turn number]-[Your KSP username] How to hand it back: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to the folder named "saves". -Find your new save. -Upload the Quicksave, Persistent, and your end of turn file. -Make a new folder titled "Community Space Station" and put the files in. -Share it with me. -Your turn will be over. Congrats. Who knows where this could go. If we keep it up long enough, then we count change it from Stock Community Space Station to Stock Community Space Program and have Community bases on other worlds and such. Good luck to everybody who will be involved. Here is the most recent photo of (The completed) Unity Station: Gateway Station: And the new Lookdown Station: Some artwork by @valens: DMSP.
  13. amature therory proposal. BLack holes spinning through empty space until colliding with uncombined gases causin rapid heating resulting in the formation of new galaxy.
  14. So I was playing ksp the day it was updated to 1.2. What actually happened was I was in the middle of an Eloo mission, returning to the "mothership" in LEO with the lander from the surface, and upon entering physics range and getting close to the main craft, the main craft exploded and seemed to come off the rails in the most fantastic-ly horrible up-close way. (Edit-forgot about this part) The camera then broke away from the craft and began to move through the planet Eloo and came out the other side. I was forced to restart my computer. I had never experienced this before with my short list of mods that I would normally use in 1.1.3: KAC KAS KIS KER MJ2 Atmospheric Trajectories Distant Object Enhancement Lights Out Claw's Stock Bug Fixes Scatter CKAN When I restarted the game again (I have it on steam) the game restarted in version 1.2. I did not make a backup of my 1.1.3 main save. I ran the game and loaded the most recent save at the time, which was a quick save of when the landing craft touched down on Eloo's surface, but chose to just play around a bit with jets for a few days and not do/check on anything else while mods were getting updated. My memory is fuzzy on whether or not I remember seeing my one and only station in LKO (altitude at 240km, named SS2) at the time. 2 day ago from writhing this I went to the orbital map view in the tracking station and was unnerved to find my first station around Kerbin, SS2, gone. Luckily I don't think I had any kerbals on the station, or a ship docked to it, but it was large, and an important fuel depot that had actually did have 2 very small "tug" probes for moving around orange jumbo tanks for refueling. Here is a picture of it, it looks like a giant cross but in this photo has 2 large interplanetary ships connected to it in this instance; I don't have a better screen shot of just the station: Additional Details: Currently I am running only KAC, KAS, KIS, MJ2, and Atmos Traj. MJ2 is the only one not officially updated to 1.2 out of the mods I'm currently running. If there are any other craft missing in my file I'm unaware of them. I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the station is missing; in the tracking center it only lists 2 stations, both in Jool orbit, and not 3 anymore. I have had craft (that sadly had lots of crew) go missing way in the past in older versions, around 1.0 time. It's the reason most of my kerbals have died lol, first they were reported MIA, and then KIA upon reloading the game. I didn't see any labeled MIA in the space academy, so I've assumed I didn't have a kerbal chillin on the station This save has been around and was created soon after 1.0 was released Here is a copy of my quicksave where I just landed on Eloo, the last time I believe the station was still in existance: Here is a copy of my save when I noticed something was wrong: ss gone.sfs?dl=0 Here is a copy of my logs: If I can think of anything else I'll edit it in here My system specs: Windows 10 64bit KSP: Steam i5 4690k OC to 4.5Ghz 2x AMD HD6950's crossfired 8gh RAM 480gb SSD If you have any questions or need more information please let me know; thank you in advance for any assistance!
  15. How many of y'all went to every place in the Kerbol System? Reply if so.
  16. While browsing Imgur I found this:
  17. Anybody have a Orion Spacecraft I could use?
  18. Since I haven't seen anyone post it here yet... What do you think? I think it shows promise, also nice to see a movie about interstellar travel as well.
  19. Hello everyone! Just a disclaimer before I write: I know game development is hard (I'm part of a game dev team myself) but I love giving suggestions and feed back, so that's why I post a lot in this section :P. My suggestion today is to improve the Kerbal Solar System a tiny bit today, and other things that I think would be awesome in the game. Add bigger asteroids that spawn randomly in Kerbol orbit (ones we can orbit, such like Bennu and comet 67P) The gravity there would be enough to have Kerbals walk on it. A sample return capsule to return experiments without returning the full craft. It would be a 1.25M part, with a parachute, the space for 2 experiments, and a little RCS for orbital corrections. Add another star system to the game, one very far away. (It doesen't have to be a big star system, but maybe a Binary with 2-3 planets and a moon of some sorts. With the new star system you need a warp drive, or the ability to go at a percentage of the speed of light. It would take a fairly long while to get there, talking an upward of 20 In-Game years, depending of course on the speed you're going. The Kerbals have invented the warp drive, and can go to a new star system, that means more science, and wasted science is...well wasted, so adding more futuristic parts such as very high reliability high ISP engines, with one major downfall, but isn't one so bad that makes the game unplayable. More powerful solar panels, etc. etc. Underwater Exploration. Seriously, water is cool and all, but we need some sort of boats and submarines, as well as some underwater easter eggs and geography. As in, maybe theres an underwater trench on Laythe or something. Either Revamp or Remove Dres. It's an extra science load, but it's a fairly boring dwarf planet. Make it have more geographically appealing features. I know there is a mod that revamps dres, but it should be in the base game. Give Rovers and Space Stations a purpose apart from experience and vanity. You could make it so that Kerbals will perform things better in EVA while experimenting in space stations. Rovers could be able to explore certain kinds of areas better. Make space stations have maintenance. I'm not the type of person to make things super realistic (although I do like a little element of realism) but Space Stations are not realistic at all. Space Stations should occasionaly have problems that would need to be fixed, like an oxygen leak or something. If not fixed, the space station segment will break off. A little bit of micro-management would be nice on Space Stations, even make it toggolable if possible IVA in command seats, or a first person mode. One other suggestion that people would like to be implimented but doesn't matter if it's not, is EVA'ing inside your bigger Capsules and Crew parts. It's not important, but it would add a nice little feature to the game, for giggles. Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Also Squad, you're doing awesome work, and I wish you all the best!
  21. This idea has been in my mind the past few days, and as someone who is not the best at math, I decided to see if my fellow forum members could help me out. I know that you can see the ISS if the time is right, although I realize what you are really seeing is more of the reflection of the sun. So my question is: let's say some company wanted to put a giant billboard into a safe stable orbit (that orbit hopefully you guys can help me figure out) how big would this billboard need to be so that someone standing on earth could see it and feasibly read what is being advertised? The second part of this question. How would one go about making this? What kind of materials would most likely be used? Would it be more reasonable to snap it together over the course of years? Or would you launch up a giant banner and unravel it? How would you maintain that the advert is facing towards the earth? And how would you eventually get rid of the giant billboard? So far from what I can figure out. I would think some sort of lightweight canvas would be the best way to go. Perhaps multiple launches of somehow stitching these giant pieces together. However, in terms of size, cost, safety, and so on. I have no clue. Would love to hear some feedback. Interested to see what you guys can come up with. - AtomicSnails
  22. Looking forward to 1.2 and the new telemetry features. The announcement of the upcoming patch made me think about features I would like to have in KSP. Rocket Test Facility - Some place to test fire rockets, maybe some way to mount the rocket and test the ship as it burns and see how CoM and all that jazz is affected prior to an actual launch. I know you could just do that on the launch pad but still...A place to test certain setup and maybe earn a little science with out risking a ship exploding on the launch pad. Cities - I really want and maybe its coming, but I really want missions to setup satellites to bounce Kerbal signals around to different cities. Missions to establish satellites TV/communication network foot prints or GPS networks. Basically I need an incentive or drive to do stuff in KSP. I love it but I am not very good at it because I get distracted. I need a reason to go to Mun. It's like legos I can build what ever I want, but what do I want to build? I can setup a GPS network of satellites but I need them to blink and flash and tell me they connected and doing something and need to see all the fake data the sending back and forth. I know with 1.2 coming out we may be a step closer to this, and maybe a few mods will help it reach what I would like it to be. I guess my only real problem with KSP is I feel disconnected after a while, like I am alone in the [-]world[/-] universe just me and my Space Program of expendable Kerbals. Great game other wise, love it and keep coming back to it. Even though I am clearly no rocket scientist.
  23. I'm working on a cubesat project which will be powered by a RPi Zero. If anyone could guide me as to how I would go about this I would greatly appreciate it. I'm currently working on initial research and how the cubesat itself would be constructed, electronically powered and how it would be programmed. Finding this much harder than I anticipated. This project was partly inspired by KSP so I thought I would post here. I thought this is not an easy task but it could prove to be a fantastic learning tool.
  24. Hello I want to build a space plane but it keeps flipping over! When I try to take off on the runway, it likes to go left or right, and it's really difficult to keep straight. When I do get off into the air, after a few seconds it's nose flips up and the plane starts flying backwards. When I let it fall down to kerbin with the engines disabled, it also flies backwards?! I don't understand how as the center of lift is behind the center of mass. I also tried to make sure the fuel firstly starts to drain at the back, and gets pumped forewards, but it doesn't help. Any ideas?
  25. Atto and Pico-class Sub-Capital Ships These ships are lightweight escort vessels designed to pack a punch, and have strong armor. Both of these ships have no launchers included, but can easily be launched with custom designs because of their light weight. These ships offer great escort to capital ships, anti-subcapital capability, escort of logistics vessels, armed communications capability, and fighter deterrence. FR-01 Atto-class Frigate 2,823 m/s DV .09 TWR 18.978 tons 201 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a strong punch: 4 unguided short i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly-armored sub-capital ships and fighters.It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Atto) CR-01 Pico-class Corvette 3,091 m/s DV .08 TWR 23.257 tons 248 parts An optionally manned scout ship equipped with a big punch: 4 unguided i-beams that can launch simultaneously. These i-beams can subdue lightly armored capital ships, other corvettes/frigates, and fighters. It's also very well armored, with wings over structure, and a spine similar to the Frontier-class. Imgur Album Action Groups Download Link(Pico)