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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all ! This addon adds details to build Space Shuttle in KSP. First of all it is worth noting that the entire system is taken from the add-on for Orbiter2010 (Where is the original space shuttle) With the modernization of the name of SSU 3.0, with the approval of the person Urwumpe, and released under the license to GPL version 2. Since the original work, the use of texture created by Wolf for Orbiter2010 SSU 3.0 SSU: SFPR: For the space shuttle in the add-on that includes a specially created for this add-on payloads, it tunnels of different types and sizes, as well as to them Spacehab two versions,EDO,Palette and Spacelab. (Palette not has built decoupler, but may itself be disconnected from Fuselage, this use stock separator). The manipulator is not, so we recommend that you install this add-on Jeast. The addon is connected to the : RealPlume: FX assets from hotrockets by Nazari1382 included in the Add-on: JSI by MOARdv (earlier Mihara): SSTULabs and KSPWheel by Shadowmage: Without its plugin Space shuttle would have been without wheels! ASET BY ALEXUSTAS:ã¢â‚¬â„¢s/ Corrections: 0. The version is compatible with KSP 1.2.2 1. All engines now have Emissive effect 2. ET and SSRB created from scratch and do not have anything to do with SSU 3.0 3. The wings are connected in one piece 4. under the Version 1.2.2 Changed the balance of the entire system 5. IVA is now functional and has two variants cab with different props, old style and modern 6. Removed from the list Fireexcrementster and Texture Replacer, replaced WindowShine and SSTUlabs (the latter is included in the appendix) 7. Added wheels add-KSPwheel (included in appendix) 8. RCS system completely redesigned, now different nozzles have different traction 9. Removed protective cover from the top RCS 10. Connecting nodes now have an animation allowing to simulate the "soft" docking. Moved from the Orbiter2010 in KSP: Dragon01 DECQ Urged to read the SSS video from Hellblazer! Here are just a few examples of his remarkable work. SPACEDOCK LINK: Shuttle System?noedit=True