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Found 3 results

  1. This pack is an optional add-on for the SSTU mod (here) that adds a new maximum diameter for SSTU procedural and semi-procedural parts up to 20m, new engine cluster layouts from 10 engine up to 19 61 engines for all SSTU engines (the one above has 18x F-1 engines) and a M-1 engine (modified J-2 model). This only includes config files, no other assets are included This pack works with Realism Overhaul, except for the M-1 engine (RO has it's own SSTU M-1). Dependencies: SSTU Module Manager (comes with SSTU) None are included with this pack and must be downloaded separately. SpaceDock Download GitHub Release GitHub Repo Changelog: Q&A: Q: Why didn't you include another pic other than the logo and the one lifting off? A: Because I don't think it is necessary to post pictures of 25 engine layout options or showing off the diameters. Q: Do I really need SSTU to use this? A: I guess the name of the pack has something to do with that mod... but that's just a wild guess of course. Q: Now seriously, why do I need SSTU? A: To have access to the engines, tanks and procedural parts and the most important of all, the plugin. Q: What exactly does this add? A: A few config files that allow you to make a engine cluster of up to 19 engines, and also increase the max diameter of the SSTU mod to 20m just to be sure. Q: 20m diameter? is this for RO? A: Nope, stock. Q: Why would I use 19 engines? A: Ask Nasa or the Russians. Q: Were these real or someone made them up on Kerbal and pretended it was real? A: I ask myself the same question sometimes, but they were real projects, N1 even "flew". Q: Why you made this? A: Because Kerbal, and reasons. Q: Why isn't this included in the SSTU release? A: Because we both agreed it would be worth a separate (and optional) release, especially due to the scale it adds. Q: What's the diameter of the rocket in the logo? A: 12.5m. Q: Then why 20m? Do you think that will be needed? A: Nope, that's why I set it to 20m, to give enough freedom. Q: What if I want to go full kerbal and make a 50m wide rocket? A: Then edit the MaxSize.cfg file in the Data folder, replace every 20 you see for 50 or whatever you want. Q: Will you or Shadowmage be responsible if I mess something up and probably invoke the kraken while editing anything in this pack? A: Nope, warranty void if you do. Q: But, But... A: No. Q: Can I bug Shadowmage because something is wrong with this add-on? A: Definitively nope. If it's an issue caused by my add-on then post here so I can fix it. Q: Do you realize the name of the pack can be abbreviated to SNAP? A: Yep, I noticed that after I thought of the name, I think it fits well with the main purpose of this pack. Q: 61 engines? I think you finally lost your mind. A: Not yet, I haven't registered as a PT voter nor am I interested in joining the party. Q: Are you sure? A: Yep, I still have some sanity left. Q: Will you add new layouts? A: Yep, but I don't plan on expanding further from 61. Q: I think you might need a doctor. A: Agreed. Q: So, I don't want all these layouts, can you delete them? A: Nope, but you can, they are located inside the SSTU-NovaPack\Data\EngineLayouts folder, all you need to do is delete the ones you don't want. I agree that there are too many layouts, but please, be sure to only delete them if you know what you are doing, I'm not responsible if anyone gets stuck in a fan. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0
  2. This pack is an optional add-on for the SSTU mod (here) that adds SSTU functionality to some third party mods, a M-1 engine (modified J-2 model) and a Skylab station core (these last two only needs SSTU). This only includes config files, no other assets are included yet. The mod packs modified by this pack are optional, the only dependency is SSTU itself. Here's a list of what's included from each mod listed: SSTU: Skylab-alike Station core, second Apollo SM variant with swap-able solar panels and M-1, F-1A, HG-3 and J-2S engines BDB: Saturn, Atlas, Centaur, Redstone, Juno, Jupiter and Titan fuel tanks, engine mounts and interstage adapters, clustering for Saturn and Centaur engines, and a 5 seat Apollo CM variant using the included internal. CxAerospace: Station endcap for tanks and stations. Bobcat Ind. Soviet Engines: Clustering for NK33, NK43, RD0120, RD0146, RD171, RD180 and RD191. SDHI Service Module: Service Module for SSTU Apollo and Orion. KOSMOS: TKS Station core (rescaled VA not yet included) and TKS/Salyut 4/6 and 7 Solar Panels for SSTU DOS-based modules (includes Tantares). Tantares: TKS, Salyut and Mir Station cores. Stock: Clustering for all stacking Engines. (broken, will be brought back) Dependencies: SSTU Module Manager (comes with SSTU) None are included with this pack and must be downloaded separately. Recommended/Supported: Stock Bobcat Ind. Soviet Engines Bluedog Design Bureau SDHI Service Module CxAerospace KOSMOS Tantares SpaceDock Download GitHub Repo GitHub Release Example albums: (station not included) (station not included) Changelog: Special Thanks to: @Shadowmage - For making SSTU and helping me out while doing this pack (and for being patient while I bugged him about a ton of stuff and not telling me to go do a certain thing myself) @CobaltWolf @VenomousRequiem and @Jso - For making BDB @Beale - For making Tantares and helping me out with matching colors for the Tantares-alike repaint @cxg2827 - For making CxAerospace @CardBoardBoxProcessor - For making KOSMOS @sumghai - For making SDHI @BobCat - For his Engines @Pak and @CobaltWolf - For helping me out on making the Orion repaint and sharing some of their assets. Q&A: Q: Do I really need SSTU to use this? A: I guess the name of the pack has something to do with that mod... but that's just a wild guess of course. Q: Now seriously, why do I need SSTU? A: To have access to the engines, tanks, one-part station cores and solar panels, and the most important of all, the plugin. Q: Do I need the other mods? A: No, they are optional, but you'll get more stuff if you do add them. Q: In one of your albums the Skylab has Raidernick's parasol panel, is it included? A: The panel itself, no, a node in certain top options to attach it, yes. I added said node just in case people wanted to use his parasol panel, but that is completely optional. Q: If I make a really cool endcap/station, can you include it? A: Sure, just send me the .craft file and the mods included. But be sure to not include anything with any module (animation, lab, solar panels, etc...) as an endcap option as these are not supported. Modules in a station core is ok. Q: Why isn't the Tantares VA decoupler an option? A: Because SSTU doesn't support modules in a specific endcap and have it switchable, hence why KOSMOS has a separate part with the VA adapter, there's no option with extra solar panels like Spektr, and BDB's interstages doesn't have the solid rockets working. Q: Speaking of BDB, why the BDB tanks have decouplers? A: Because otherwise the interstage adapters would be mostly useless. Q: And why didn't you include a decoupler module to the original SSTU tanks? A: To not mess with the original SSTU tanks. There is a work-around if you want to use BDB interstages in SSTU tanks, just place a procedural decoupler on top of the BDB interstage. Q: Can the interstage be split in two, like the real Saturn S-IC/S-II decoupler? A: Only if you use a separate part to decouple from both interstage ends, if you use them as an endcap option it won't work. Q: Why does the BDB mounts have only one node and some two? A: Because that's how the clustered engines work, they only use one node. As for the second node, that is present only on upper stage mounts, they have been added to attach interstages. Q: Yeah, but the BDB engines aren't compatible with them this way. A: They will be added in a future update, for now use SSTU engines or those included here. Q: I remember you had a SM with NearFutureSolar Circular panel and I can't see it, where is it? A: I had to remove it due to a sun-tracking bug in some of the NearFuture panels, the circular one included, once I manage to fix them they will be added back. Q: Why didn't you add Tantares solar panels? A: I tried, but for some reason they always made the parts using them invisible, so I was forced to remove them. Q: Did you copy this OP from your Nova Thread? A: I have no idea what you're talking about. *runs away*
  3. The official craft repository for SSTU (Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited) SSTU is an awesome mod by ShadowMage with modular parts to let you build a low parts count, high game performance, rocket with a number of highly configurable parts. See ShadowMage's topic on his SSTU mod here CLICK While it is still a Work in Progress [WIP], I and many other people, have been using it to make the most awesome rockets within KSP. Some players have even ported it through RO as is has a large variety of real world parts with dito looks (not stock kerbal). I really recommend checking out this fabulous mod!!! I've asked the creator of SSTU, ShadowMage, if it might be an idea to make an official craft repository for current users of the mod to share their builds, and for new users to get some example rockets as there are so many options and parts that it can be overwhelming. To start off I will add some of my favorite builds, some real and some just very useful for careers mode. If other people would like to share their SSTU builds, that would be awesome!!! The builds below are ready to fly and contain action groups where applicable (see description texts). The intent of the rockets was to build realistic looking rockets, so some of them will quite OP for the task they originally had, but fun and easy to fly none the less. They also show off about every part in the SSTU mod to give a clear idea what is possible. Enjoy!!! note Download the latest version of SSTU here: note To download the craft files below, right click on the link and select "save link as...". These files need to go into your ksp directory under ../saves/"mygamename"/Ships/VAB Third-party SSTU Expansions SSTU Expansion Pack by JoséEduardo - Extra textures, engines, clusters and other assorted parts, as well as a lot of patches to other mods like BDB and Kosmos for engine clustering etc. Jimbodiah's Patch Labs [coming soon] - Adds a lot of patches for my personal flavor of gameplay like extra engines, different resource setups, functionality/balancing and more goodies. STATION CORE ISS (no truss/panels) [download .craft] ATV [download .craft] SHIP CORE All crewed rockets have action groups set up for a launch abort or fairing jetisson. Backspace = Activate launch abort, capsule will auto release at end of burn 0 = Deploy chutes 1 = Jetisson LES (all pods) 2 = Jetisson side-panels (orion, soyuz) 3 = Extend solar panels (orion, soyuz) Ares I [download .craft] Falcon 9 Heavy (new) requires Kerbal Reusability Expansion [download .craft] Jupiter III [download .craft] Delta II [download .craft] Delta IV Heavy EFT-1 (Orion) [download .craft] Soyuz / R7 [download .craft] Saturn V [download .craft] SLS [download .craft] Space Shuttle [download .craft] LANDER CORE Landers that are suitable for Mun, Minmus, Duna and similar moons. The command modules contain solar panels, rcs thrusters, docking port and a small reaction wheel, all in a single part. Stock legs and ladders are used to complete the landers. TIPS if you want to build your own lander 1.) On the LC pod select "enable bottom node", attach the engine, then attach the decoupler. 2.) On the decoupler, enable "hollow collider" to not get the engine snagged upon seperating. (these have all been done in my craft files, they are ready to go) LC2 2-stage lander (2 crew) [download .craft] LC3 2-stage lander (3 crew) [download .craft] coming soon LC5 2-stage lander (6 crew) [download .craft]