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Found 238 results

  1. *WIP* SPECTRA PACK Goal: A single drag and drop download for the greatest visual mods KSP. My interpretation of the ultimate visual pack. Video from December WIP DOWNLOAD - Download from spacedock of my progress so far. Feel free to mess around and give feedback through PMs Current step: Throw out cloud configs, Integrate and customize clouds from GPP. Planned: Integrate and customize terrain from SVT (w/ inspiration from KSPRC). Reentry Particle Mod RealPlume Stock ??? Done: EVE old-school planet glow (the selling point of this pack) Planetshine configs (Had to manually edit the configs since the sliders didn't go as high as I wanted WindowShine integration SPC part textures (Will probably update this mod in the future with more parts) Scatterer atmospheres Chatterer settings and custom sounds Wheelsounds custom sounds Distant Object Enhancement Notable concept: @Galileo's SVT and GPP - phenomenal work on custom terrain for all planetary bodies. Though it's going to be dramatically modified in Spectra, the ground work for texturing is based from SVT. Thanks for everything Clouds and particle effects drawing concept from GPP Sandstorms Snow Dust Terrain textures (Thank you!) - with some personal modifications @Proot's KSPRC v1.0.5. - concept image post by @drswagboss from December 2015. Focus your eyes on the textures from low-orbit. It's what I'm hoping to add with Spectra. Concept for ablation on Moho @erona's Better Atmospheres - The original cloudpack to add glow to non-atmospheric bodies. Blue Duna Cloud textures (Thank you!) @panzer1b's Sci-Fi Pack - I thought that new EVE had removed planetary glow entirely, though Panzer came out with his sci-fi pack and proved me wrong. Thanks for the help and feedback Configs for planetary glow based off those in Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements. @Astronomer's visual packs (all of them) - Laythe: Clouds, color, and bioluminescence Lightning (unsure if current EVE supports it but I'll try) Auroras: Concept Cloud textures (Thank you!) @blackrack's Scatterer - distance-based light refraction and highly Sea foam, ocean, transparency, refraction (image post, current WIP) - formatting on the go
  2. PARA-SCI APPLIED SCIENCES DIVISION In other words, a repository of all craft I have created that I have deemed worthy to share with the public. At present all ships use exclusively stock parts. Some aesthetic-only clipping of batteries, Science instruments, and fuel tanks to a minor degree is involved, but no moving parts are clipped and I've done my best not to "abuse" part clipping to create overpowered fuel tanks, etc. (Essentially I've preserved the "intended" fuel volume using nose cones or fuselage parts). WARNING: All of the download links are broken due to Dropbox changing the way their public URLs work, and most of the craft below are outmoded anyway. This thread will remain open for archival purposes, but consider downloads closed until I can get around to publishing updated craft. DESIGNED FOR 1.0+: Spaceplane Hanger [1.2] Fear not, I have not misspelled "hangar," but in fact have created a monstrous vehicle capable of dangling spaceplanes precariously above the ground as only a true hanger could! Features a high lift range and weight capacity, and it sports an extra command pod enabling Kerbals to oversee lifting operations from within the safety of the vehicle. DOWNLOAD | Imgur Album Portable Station Advanced and Portable Station Expansion Kit Advanced version of the Portable Station. Less compact (about 30% longer), but with several new features, including pre-packaged ISRU mining bot, survey probe, and Science probe; detachable drive stage with probe core and RTG for self-retrieval; upgraded fuel and Ore storage; and expansion capability with the accompanying Expansion Kit. The Expansion Kit is unable to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay, but can be easily packed in a Size 3 fairing, can be attached to the station and carried along before final deployment, and like the station itself is subassembly-friendly with a large docking port as the root. It features six ring segments, which with the space tug included on the station can be assembled into a habitation ring; several extra docking ports; and auxiliary storage for LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, MonoPropellant, XenonGas, and ElectricCharge. Download Portable Station Advanced | Download Portable Station Expansion Kit Ore Bot Tiny Edition Extra-compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus or the Mun, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with four RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single short Mk3 cargo bay. With a total delta-V of over 1200 m/s, potentially capable of transporting Ore between bodies such as Jool's moons. Also subassembly-ready with the junior docking port as the root - just stick it in the Subassemblies folder. Download Portable Base What's better than a Mun base? A Mun base IN A TEWB! Base-a-doochous! This is a complete surface base, including an ISRU drill and refinery, Science lab, housing for up to 12 Kerbals, and a rover and skycrane for self-assembly, all designed to stow within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least two long cargo bays, one standard cargo bay, and one short cargo bay is required). Also works for Minmus and any other objects smaller than the Mun. NOTE: The skycrane must be refueled after delivering each component to the Mun's surface, which requires a separate fuel reserve. I recommend the Portable Station listed below. Instructions: Download Laythe Plane 3 Sleeker and better-performing than ever! An ultra-compact spaceplane designed to fly on and reach orbit around Laythe, capable of stowing within a Mk3 cargo bay. Carries one Kerbal and a full suite of scientific instruments (only the Science Jr. and Mystery Goo experiments have been omitted). Fuel contents have been tuned based on 1.0.5 aerodynamics for best performance. Features RCS, standard and junior docking ports, and probe core allowing remote operation (such as for rescue missions). Download Kanoe 1.2 A teeny tiny boat for Kerbals to take for spins in watery locations. Approximate travel range is only about 500 meters (i.e. 250 round trip). Also includes a junior docking port to enable easy deployment and recovery. The Oscar-B tanks at the back are intended for flotation and thus should not be filled. Download Portable Station What's better than a space station? A space station... in a tewb! This is a fully functional station designed to pack within a Mk3 cargo bay (a length of at least one long cargo bay plus one standard cargo bay is required). This is both the most compact and the most feature-rich edition yet, including an ISRU converter, three jumbo docking ports and six docking ports in each of the smaller two port sizes, and reserves of LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, Monopropellant, and XenonGas. Instructions | Download SSTO Shuttle Mk1.2 The above shuttle has been improved using shock cone intakes and some mass and drag optimizations, allowing it to reach orbit with over 100m/s more delta-V left over and handle better on the way back down. Download Stackable Ion Probe Ultra-compact stackable, reusable ion probe for orbital Science harvesting. Useful when carried aboard a mothership for missions to multiple objects, such as the Jool system. Total delta-V estimated at 4600m/s; capable of burns up to approximately 300m/s at a time before recharging. Not recommended for trips beyond Jool's orbit (i.e. Eeloo) due to solar panel constraints. Download Ore Bot 2.1 Compact lander designed to work in tandem with the Portable Station, landing on a small object such as Minmus, harvesting Ore, and bringing it to the station for processing. Equipped with a large number of RTGs enabling it to mine overnight and in places far from the Sun such as on Jool's moons. Also capable of stowing within a single standard-length Mk3 cargo bay. Download Mako Replica The Applied Sciences Division's first replica - the "Mako" all-terrain vehicle from Mass Effect. Like the original, it features an overdesigned suspension, powerful jump jets capable of ascending over 300 meters in a single bound (Note: jumps over 5 meters are ill-advised as the suspension is partially composed of batteries that will explode on impact), seating for four, and a working cannon (only one shot though). Download
  3. Recently @MatterBeam asked me to take care of his great Simple Construction mod. With my pleasure I accepted torch from his hands, so that his glorious work wouldn't be lost in time. Description: Hi. This mod aims to provide simple rocket building capability to stock parts. Download SpaceDock Special thanks to: @maculator, @taniwha, @Eleusis La Arwall, @Badsector, @cy-one for their contributions. @MatterBeam for creating this cool mod. How to ROCK! No extra parts No RAM usage Added functionality for the Mobile Processing Lab in the late game Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve Requires: Module Manager, Interstellar Fuel Switch Core (both not distributed with the mod) After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, I had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets. Changelog: Disclaimers: This mod contains @taniwha's Launchpad.dll and textures from his Extraplanetary Launchpads. License: MIT This work was previously Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  4. I threw this together this morning and I have to say I'm extraordinarily pleased with the final design. This replica of the Beriev Be-10 flying boat is very easy to fly, to the point that if you engage SAS on the runway and bury the throttles this large tail dragger will lift it's tail, then take off into level flight without a single control input. As a consequence it is incredibly well balanced and maneuverable at all stages of flight, and a general joy to fly BERIEV Be-10 Flying Boat STATS Parts - 102 Weight - 29.523t Height - 9.4m Width - 22.5m Length - 21.8m Powerplant - 2 x J-33 Wheesley Turbofans CRAFT FILE EXAMPLE MISSION REPORT SM
  5. Video was filmed using KSP 1.0.5 LAST CRAFT FILE UPDATE: 28 February 10:30 EST CHECK BACK FOR MORE CRAFT RELEASES TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Raptor Aerospace History, Description & Personal Notes 2) SPH Craft File Directory & Download Links 3) VAB Craft File Directory & Download Links 4) Subassembly Download Links 5) Most recent update listings & future plans HISTORY Raptor Aerospace started out as just a showcase thread where I had around a dozen SPH aircraft posted as nothing more than screenshot eye-candy. After some repeated requests that I post some of my craft for download, I set up a KerbalX account and started doing just that. As my "fleet" of aircraft grew, I began to set up the naming conventions and look & feel of the thread as a Kerbal-verse technology developer. I began to publish proper spacecraft on KerbalX and my download list grew some more. By the time KSP v1.1 was released my craft file list on KerbalX passed 100. The designs in this thread were not just thrown together to look cool. They are meant to have practical KSP applications, and are thoroughly tested to ensure deficiencies in design are corrected before being published on KerbalX. Although I've been playing KSP since v0.13, I am not perfect. I continue to find small issues with my craft that I will update and republish. Some of these designs have been around for several years (ie, several versions of KSP). As new parts for KSP were developed and existing components refined, these concepts were updated or refined and then republished. Each has been flight-tested throughout multiple conditions, altitudes, airspeeds, fuel/payload amounts, etc. to find out where their limits are, and where they perform best. Although this started out being mainly focused on aircraft and spaceplanes, Raptor Aerospace now includes designs for all aspects of the game. TODAY This thread is a 3.0 version of my Raptor Aerospace showcase thread, which I started in November 2014 (KSP v0.25). All of the craft here are built/designed within the stock aero model, and all are 100% stock. While most of my designs are influenced by real-life aircraft, spacecraft, or concepts, they are not meant to be replicas. The craft are built to imitate function over appearance. If aesthetics can be implemented as well, that's a plus, but not to the extent it compromises functionality or significantly hinders performance or efficiency. To browse for a craft file, expand the primary spoiler drop-downs (SPH, VAB, or Subassemblies) and then continue to work your way through the "catalog tree" until you find something you'd like. Then click the hyperlink below that craft file image and it will redirect you to the appropriate KerbalX page to download that craft. ________________________________________________ Personal Notes I'd like to thank @katateochi for his administration and maintenance of the KerbalX website. It's a user-friendly, fan-driven site that allows community members to exchange craft files for use, modded or stock. If you're an avid user of the KerbalX site, please help support it by donating via links on the main KerbalX page. For additional entertainment, here's some other videos I've produced: Landing the Shuttle | Red Planet Rivals | KSP - The TV Show | Elon Kerman's Reusable Rocket | Take Flight ________________________________________________ Space Plane Hanger Section ________________________________________________ Vehicle Assembly Building Section ________________________________________________ Subassembly Section ________________________________________________ CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES ON DESIGNS AND NEW CONCEPTS IF ANYONE HAS SCREENSHOTS OF THESE CRAFT IN ACTION, FEEL FREE TO SHARE THEM HERE ALONG WITH STORIES OF SUCCESS, GLORY OR FAILURE Most Recent Updates (Last 7 days) (None) Future Updates to the thread (Real-life job permitting) -----Short-term Plans----- - SM-series station module updates - A few small tweaks to the EV-4-series, the main thing being an increase in communications power -----Long-term Plans----- - An updated EV-5 'Drifter' (to be redesignated EV-5 Block 1); has a slight reduction in part count, and a slight increase in delta-V. - EV-5 'Drifter' Block 2 for inner system exploration; increased TWR and delta-V compared to EV-5 Block 1, but higher cost and lacking the ability to travel to Duna due to solar energy drop-off. - X-22 Supersonic STOVL Flight Test -----LONG, Long-term Plans----- Eve mission architecture (conceptual stage)
  6. Hello All! I have decided to build a propeller plane. (shamelessly stealing the technology invented by MrNuclearTurkey) (Apparently the tech isn't his either. However, the prop I used was an exact copy from his tutorial) Not just any propeller plane, a stock propeller plane. And not just any stock propeller plane either; it has four propellers, and can drop bombs! The Electrical Ellen Mk VI A My finest creation here, as shown by my video: Anyway, if you want to download this thing, I have a link on dropbox here Electrical Ellen VI A.craft?dl=0 Instructions: 1: Decouple all the propellers from the plane 2: Hold down Alt + E on the propellers on the right, make sure they're fully powered (as shown by the roll meter on the bottom left) 3: Repeat on the left side of the plane, but with Q instead of E 4: Decouple the plane from the "Rocket Stability Enhancer" (The Big Red Supports) 5: If done correctly, the plane should lift up on it's own when reaching 50+m/s ----------- Anyway, I'd like to see your propeller planes, big or small! Thanks for reading! Passenger and cargo versions of this planr coming soon! Hopefully, not in Valve Time like how I normally post.
  7. IMPORTANT NOTICE Thank you @Teflon_Mike for the logo! Gif with GemFX and KSPRC v2 courtesy of @cobbman11 Video (-v2) Album on imgur Gif in VAB WindowShine is dependent on TextureReplacer managed by Shaw (Unofficially updated by RangeMachine) and ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian. Make sure to install them both first. Download: WindowShineTR-v12 (Dropbox) *Please read known issues before posting Installation instructions License: Link Mod Support: Many thanks to Nhawks17 and Nebuchadnezzar for createing even more mod-compatible packs! How to add reflections to your own mods Asteroid Day pack [1.0.5] K2 Command Pod pack - @cy4n Kerbal Planetary Base Systems pack - @Nhawks17 KSPRC pack Modular Kolonization Systems pack - Nhawks17 Near Future Solar pack Near Future Spacecraft pack - @nebuchadnezzar RLA Stockalike pack - cy4n Stockalike Station Parts Expansion pack - Nhawks17 Taurus HCV pack Ven's Stock Revamp pack - cy4n ??? *Using more than one pack that has same part can cause compatibility issues. Use with caution. Change log Known issues: *On parts with the added reflection shader/module, all other part shaders are ignored. I.E. Parts that have reflections added don't have edge highlighting, don't gray out when moved in editors, and lights do not turn on. This is sadly an issue with Shaw's reflection plugin built into TextureReplacer. Current fix unknown. Shameless plug! If you've enjoyed this mod you might also like Space Plane Color Corrections.
  8. There comes a time in everyone's KSP career when a destination must be considered.....again! That's right, the first mission to Moho wasn't big enough, so let me introduce OHNO IT'S MY SECOND MISSION TO MOHO! Let's just remind ourselves with a picture of how compact I went the first time round: the first mission to Moho was no small feat, but there was definitely room to go bigger! If you didn't get it from the picture let me fill you in that this was clearly no small probe. I genuinely started out with the best intentions the first time round, but as the wish list for "doing Moho" grew I decided that I required the following to say that I had effectively "done" Moho: 1) Lander: Clearly why bother unless we are actually going for boots on the ground (and returning them safely) Room for 2 Kerbals 2) Orbital outpost: If we are going we are going big and I'm pretty confident I don't want to be sending any more than 1 rocket if I don't have to. Room for 24 in emergencies, but otherwise built to handle 6-12 in spacious living conditions 3) Return vehicle and habitat: Yes, it's a pretty long mission, so the crew needs somewhere to play cards and also to return safely if at all possible. Supports a crew of three with extended living space If you still don't get a picture of the scale of this absurdity then let's cover off some basic facts on the mission with my mission factoids section: Tall - 50.2 meters to be precise. Not the tallest out there but nearly the height of the VAB and certainly long enough to experience massive noodling Wide - Almost exactly 25 meters each way. It's both long and very chubby Heavy - Four thousand five hundred tonnes, and seven hundred kilos (snacks). the trans Moho injection vehicle and payload alone are over 800 tonnes Computer crushing - 608 parts on the launch pad. Could be worse but it's not friendly. Luckily Gerty 3000 is up to the job Expensive - 1,659,692 things. So what's going to change this time? Why bother going any bigger than I already did? Well a couple of reasons. Firstly I don't think I did the ground well enough. This will be a much bigger ground mission, taking into account two separate challenges: The Moho Challenge by @Xeldrak: The Elcano Challenge by @rkarmark: So I'm going to go to Moho, deploy both ground and orbital modules and gain as near to maximum points as possible in the Moho challenge, complete the Elcano challenge for Moho, and then somehow get home. Not only am I going to do this, but it's going to be stock (apart from visual mods for pretty pictures) and there's going to be some sort of narrative, and lots of interesting things to see along the way with you joining me right at the start of the design phase. So let's take stock of where we are at at this point. The first module that is already complete is the Moho ground operations platform: Room for 8 in an emergency, but designed for mission length ground operations for 4. With 43 parts, and weighing 11.508t it means I'm already on my way to a computer melting ship. The Moho ground operation platform descends on two Mk-55 Thud engines, and will decouple 1 drop tank during it's descent to the surface. Margins are tight, but it should be able to cope with a landing from around 150km orbit. Once on the ground it will mark the start and end point for the Elcano mission, as well as providing valuable points for leaving behind a science platform (an orbital platform is also planned) Delivery of the Moho ground operations platform was courtesy of the new Kenman Superduty truck specifically designed for transporting heavy payloads to KSC: The Kenman Superduty will be the main vehicle for transporting completed modules to the VAB for assembly into the main payload. Two or more may be required to shift the massive weight of the as yet unknown launch vehicle. Here's another view of low loader plus payload: So that's it for the moment folks. I'm expecting this mission to take literally weeks or very possibly months, but I will provide updates and interesting tidbits as I run through the design and engineering phase, and then on to the mission proper. Stay tuned! SM
  9. Normal Mode Save Download Hard Mode Save Download To Submit a time, a video would be ideal, but you need at least one screenshot with the HUD on, of your craft stopped on the runway with both scientists onboard, with the Mission clock and navball Visible, and your craft name. Anything less than that will be ignored. "Alright listen up. Two scientists were captured at 0800 hours but have managed to escape to the roof of the VAB. They lack any vehicles and enemy pursuers will likely catch up and recapture them in 10 minutes. Your mission is simple. Fly from the runway, pick up the scientists of the VAB and return them to the Back to the runway as fast as possible. Godspeed, soldier." This is a time challenge wherein you can build and use any craft of your own design, or choose from a variety of "stock" Transport options. If you can successfully return them to the runway within ten minutes you win, but the faster you extract the scientists, the better and the further up the leaderboard you are. This is an all stock challenge, no cheats. Rules and guidelines: 1: your time starts the moment you lift off the ground, and ends the moment you come to a stop on the same section of runway you spawned on. (After picking up the scientists, obviously) 2: no kerbal can be left behind. You cannot swap the pilot for a scientist, nor can you pick up only one scientist. Also, you cannot control your crafts with probes. 3: you must use the save you can download on this post, for total fairness. 4: this challenge is meant to encourage you to refine crafts and be original, and as such using any craft that you did not build yourself (including stock) will add 5 seconds to your time. 5: No part mods, no exceptions. This puts everyone on a even playing field. 6: to make piloting skill a important factor in your run, you will receive +1 second to your time for every 2 parts destroyed or knocked of your ship, rounding down. 7: There are no rules. You can pick up the scientists however you want (as long as it's stock) with no part or cost limit. Speed is the only thing that counts. Bonuses: (these apply to both difficulties) "Badass": Do not touch down on the VAB, hover over the helipad and pick them up with a ladder. -15 seconds off your time Michael bay: After picking up the scientists, destroy the VAB without damaging your own craft and fly away. -20 seconds off your time "Where we're going, we won't need runways": use a conventional HTOL jet without any vertical propulsion for recovery. -15 seconds of your time show off: fly under one or both of the bridges in the KSC returning to the runway. -20 seconds for 1 bridge, -35 seconds for both. This is a Backpack? Then where's m- : Do not use parachutes at Any point in your run. -25 seconds of your time Do it with style: This is different in that from your attempt I will personally judge your craft and flight, and award up to -45 seconds off your time. Not all attempts will attain this bonus, but I will attempt to judge fairly. To prevent minus times, only 2 bonuses can apply to one attempt. (Excluding do it with style) Normal Mode Save Download Normal Mode is the Standard difficulty Mode, and entails Picking up 2 scientists from the roof of the VAB and returning them to the start of the runway as fast as possible within a 10 minute time limit. Current fastest time is Toastie_Buns in 0:24 with -40 bonus seconds. Normal mode Stock craft: BumbleBee MK1 A light, 3 kerbal VTOL designed specifically for this purpose, it'll get the job done with a good time. Action groups in the description. Extraction Helicopter An all round workhorse, the Extraction helicopter can attain excellent times on the alternate craft leaderboard, but is incredibly hard to fly and will need a pilot with experience flying helicopter to achieve good times. Startup procedure on its own page. My normal Mode attempt: For my attempt I used the BumbleBee MK1, which was built specifically for this purpose and will also be included in the save as a "Stock" craft. Spooling up the engines I face towards the VAB for maximum efficiency before takeoff. Around 40 seconds later, I botch the first landing attempt. However I quickly bounce back up to the top of the VAB, for the first time THANKING the Juno's slow thrust change times. With both scientists on board I quickly begin my flight back to the runway. Nailing my landing approach, I come to a stop at 1:54 minutes. I gained the This is a Backpack? Then where's m- bonus, so my end time was 1:29 seconds. (my button mashing didnt quite catch me completely stopped in 1:54 seconds, but I did) Hard Mode Save download Hard Mode is the next level up from normal Mode, And will test your building and piloting skills alike. In it you must Destroy an Enemy VTOL parked on the roof of the VAB to prevent pursuit and then extract the 2 scientists as usual, at night. Special Rules: The same as Normal Mode, but with these: 1. You cannot use BD armoury to destroy the VTOL, you must get creative in stock. 2. You cannot destroy the VAB to destroy the VTOL. 3. The VTOL must be destroyed before picking up the scientists. Hard mode Stock craft: M-7 Phoenix: (don't have screenshot right now sorry) An incredibly reliable VTOL, the Phoenix has been around for almost 3 years. This retrofit include 2 bursts of missiles for hard mode. Hard Mode attempt: Taking off i power towards the VAB. Now this is the hard bit. It took me around 10-15 tries to consistently hit the VTOL. Dropping the Weapons pod as they are just dead weight now, I swing round to the roof. After turning the camera around to confirm its destruction, I pick up the scientists. As there isn't space and I wanted to really scare the scientists, they are both attached to one small ladder. I come in slowly (thinking about it I probably could have cut off a few seconds here) to not knock off the scientists. Landing, my time is 2:29. Though one of the scientists fell off on touchdown, the craft and both scientists are completely stopped on the runway, so it counts. (The navball shows 0.3ms in relation to the target, which I didn't realise until going through the screenshot to upload them, though i was completely stopped in relation the the surface) With the Backpack bonus, that makes my time 2.04. Normal Mode Stock Normal Mode Leaderboard: 1. Toastie_Buns with the "Do You Like My Plane" in 0:24 seconds with -40 bonus seconds 2. qzgy with the Mosquito 4M2 in 0:58 with -45 bonus seconds 3. Numelor with the White G in 1:21 with -5 bonus seconds 4. MiffedStarfish with the BumbleBee MK1 in 1:29 with -25 bonus seconds (guess where my link is ) 5. Martian Emigrant with the Rescue Car in 1:53 Alternate Craft (Stock helicopters, K-Drives, Rovers etc.) Normal Mode leaderboard: 1. EpicSpaceTroll347 with the E-50B Triton Helicopter in 1:44 with -25 bonus seconds 2. ManEatingApe with the Fast 9- Fate Of The Curious Rover in 2:12 3. Eidahlil with the Tankor in 2:16 with -50 bonus seconds 4. Vinhero100 with the Banana VTOL Car in 2:18 with -10 bonus seconds 5. qzgy with the Bulldozer + Skycrane in 4:39 with -45 bonus seconds Hard Mode Stock Hard Mode leader board: 1. MiffedStarfish with the M-7 Phoenix in 2:04 with -25 bonus seconds 2. 3. 4. 5. Alternate Craft (stock helicopters, K-Drives, rovers etc.) Hard Mode Leaderboard: 1. qzgy with the BullDozer + SkyCrane MK2 in 4:29 with -55 bonus seconds 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. The challenge is simple. launch a rocket, land it on the VAB without exploding it, then land on the moon and get back. Land as close to the Launchpad as possible and upload a pic with the distance. (you can use launch clamps to know your distance). if you do it with mods I will put you on a different leaderboard. Good luck and have fun. upload the screenshots of the landing on VAB, the moon the final landing, and your distance from the launch pad. I will update the leaderboard from time to time. Have fun! Leaderboard 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Modded leaderboard 1.cairio jack with 2 days 6 hours. Mods used: Kerbal Engineer redux 2.EkoHallen with 3 days. Mods: KER, kspi extended 3. 4. 5.
  11. Hello im jackstech i been streaming for almost a month and i been playing kerbal form quite long time; someone (NationalAeronauticsAndSpaceAdministration ) recomended me to pulish my work on the forums; finally i decided to do this. please dont be hard with me im a newbie player and a /newbie streamer and i starting with some basics things. sorry for my english; my english inst the best (im from colombia xD and i can barely talk /wirte spanish xD) so here are my work: other ksp mission that i made during my streamings: A mun mission that ended well a little ufo My f35 My 1st mon base an upgrade of my "low" tech rover my submarine: i was tryting to reach the 1km of depth a little try of historical rockets a powerfull ssto to mun a frustrating duna mision: a try to do a ship like the hermes from the martian in orbit: and here try to make a system to return the kerbonauts near ksc with the propper way:
  12. Hellow fellow Kerbonauts!!! So I thought to share some of my waterplane replica's with you guys! The first one is the Catalina PBY. In my mind the most beautiful!!! Note that I made some cool gear storing bay The last picture is a real one so you can judge for yourselves The second one is the Boeing 314 Clipper. One of the most biggest waterplanes ever flown. It has a cool pod so you can actually get out and back in. handy for on water crew transitions. Here also the last picture is a real one Kreetings!! Ferdoni
  13. Hi all, I know I said I would not build anything in the 1.1 opt-in but who am I kidding! I thought this deserved its own thread as I am so proud of it! Some of you may remember the tiny ant engine and thermometer hinges I developed. Well, in 1.1 the geometry of the ant engines has changed and they no longer work.. However, as they say necessity is the mother of invention I looked for an alternative and found that the commuotron 16s are perfect for this! I also realised that using the hexagon cage shape I developed for the first hinge I could turn them length ways further reducing the profile of the hinge. I originally developed the thermo hinge as a swinging door hinge and this new version is made for the same purpose. The extremely low profile of the hinge allows it to be fitted in the smallest of places allowing for beautiful looking and operating swing doors and other hinge uses. It is possible to make other types of small hinges from fewer parts as seen in @sgt_flyer new 3dof hinge he made for his canadarm and I know I said this of the last version but I'm going to say it again, you cannot make a smaller, lower profile free swinging hinge in KSP. You could even make this smaller by using one set of 8 thermometers with two communotron 16s either side, a true micro hinge! This was made in the opt-in 1.1 version with no offset or other building mods! Check out the video below. I will post a craft file after the full 1.1 release, thanks all! MJ P.S, If you use/copy/borrow this design a credit to me as the inventor would be appreciated cheers all! Craft file download from KerbalX
  14. Please complain about mismatched textures here! It's the only way for me to find and fix them. SPC - Spaceplane Corrections Hello everyone. Personally I've been pretty annoyed that the spaceplane pieces (and a number of other parts) don't all have matching colors or textures. They have a base white coat which is used for all splaceplane parts, but there are about five different shades that are used for wing trims. SO..... rather then complaining about it, I'm going to try and solve it. This mod is dependent on the Firespitter plugin maintained by RoverDude, ModuleManager maintained by Sarbian, and TextureReplacer currently maintained by RangeMachine. Thank you all so much for making this mod work. Images: FULL ALBUM Download: SPC v0.14 (Spacedock) License: This mod is published under the MIT lisense. View it here. Things to do *Tell people to keep compaining about things! It's the only way for me to find things to "fix". *??? Change logs Well, this is it for now folks. Thanks for the read, and see you all later. - Avera9eJoe
  15. I'm closing down the project, for more information click here: Hello all. I've decided to take over @DMSP's job as the leader of the project since he has resigned due to personal issues. If you want to look back, here is the original forum thread: The Line: Get the link by PMing me when your turn comes around. How to install: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to saves and create a new folder. -Find where you downloaded the RAR. -Take all the data from the "SCSP" RAR folder and place it in your new save. -Create a folder inside the new folder named "Ships" and add 2 more inside named "VAB" and "SPH" and place any premade craft you made if you have any. -It should work perfectly now. Rules (to make sure building goes swiftly): -If you are interested in adding to the save, post in the thread and tag me. -Do not have the save for more than 2 days, to allow for it to change hands fast. -Wait more than 3 turns before you request for another turn. -Your launch vehicles can be modded, just no stationary aircraft, base part or anything above LKO is allowed to be modded. -Post what you will be adding to the project and how many parts it is before you launch it. -Feel free to post if you want to start construction of a station/base. -Try to keep the modules at lower than 35 parts to ensure others can build too. -Post pictures! -In your two days, you have a maximum of three launches (unless you have a good reason and ask nicely). Do whatever you want with them. -Stuff that never leaves Kerbin is not a launch. Planes are fine. SSTOs are still being decided on, but for now, they count as well. -No touching other people's craft without permission from the owner or me. -No Hyperedit or vesselmover is allowed, unless it is for bases ON Kerbin. -Do NOT spend more than 30 KSP days in your turn! -You must have the latest KSP version, otherwise we can't have you.(Pre-Releases aren't allowed). How to hand it back: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to the folder named "saves". -Find your new save. -Upload the Quicksave, Persistent file. -Make a new folder titled "SCSP" and put the files in. -Share it with me. -Your turn will be over. Congrats. Good luck to everybody who will be involved. Latest pictures of the stations: Art for the project: Here are some badges done by @valens to show your contribution to the project. Unity badge - Contributing to Unity Station. Gateway badge - Contributing to Gateway Station. SCSP badge - Any other contribution you've done in the project. Take a look at our Wiki that we've made! It's a WIP, but if you have any free time, please contribute to it: Scientia1423.
  16. Welcome to the official forum thread for ASSO. This is the main mod for all of my mods and currently has on addon: Ace's Galactic Expansion Version 0.1 Changelog: Screenshots: Download:'s Stock System Overhaul Link for AGE Add-on:
  17. Cy4n Manufacturing Co. - Skills are free. Fuel is not. All craft are stock unless noted otherwise. Launchers: Kerbaled Spacecraft: Probes: Subassemblies:
  18. This stunt plane is built for maximum manoeuvrability in a small package. It excells at reckless flying between the KSP buildings. I hope you enjoy flying this crazy little plane as much as I did. I'm curious to see what awe inspiring manoeuvres it can perform in the hands of you great pilots out there. Download link: Pro's: Very manoevrable; especially in the pitch axis Good controllability (will not spin out of control) Fast acceleration Fast top speed Light Small Short take off / landing Can fly at low speeds Cons: Not heat resistant (will burn up when flying at top speed for too long) Low fuel Roll performance can be mediocre low speed and high angle of attack. Loses a lot of speed during hard turns Can't blame the plane when you crash Notes: Action group 1 = toggle afterburner 50-80 m/s is the recommended speed for close quarter stunts Turn off SAS at supersonic speeds. If you leave it on, the plane may look shaky, which looks annoying, but doesn't really affect performance. Keep your thrust at 10% in dry mode if you want to get maximum range out of the limited fuel tank. Your plane will overheat if you fly at top speed for longer than a couple of seconds. Some examples of what you can do with it: Short take off and spinning around. Flying through hangars: Flying through the tunnel Flying under the bridge:
  19. I'm curious what the best 1.25m part is for making a floating craft? I need to know as I'm making a rather large, load bearing catamaran to send to Laythe.
  20. Constellation Moon Mission Pack Initially worked on after I saw the Constellation Mission Packs Discussion Thread, I had neglected the project part way through, with the Ares I and Ares V mostly completed (if I recall correctly, it may have been to a bug). After almost two years, I've finished the once unfinished business—it's out! Ares I and Orion Ares V with Altair Going Home Now that you've seen the landing and take off, let's watch the kerbals get home! It should be noted that fuel reserves tend to be quite low at this point—be efficient with how the fuel is spent... DOWNLOADS Ares I and Orion Ares V and Altair If you've found any issues or if you have feedback on ships, feel free to note them in the comments, I'd be happy to fix it.
  21. Back before 1.1 and the new wheel physics players were able to create custom suspension on wheels since their wheel base wasn't locked to the COM. I wish this could be a thing again. I'd love a mod that unlocks autostruts on the stock wheels, or just plain disables autostruts on them entirely. Would this be doable through a .dll file? Even if it might break things I would love the option to experiment.
  22. Hello guys ! Would you be interested in a small YouTube series of a Stock, single-launch Grand Tour ? Anyways, here 's a trailer : (hope you like because there are more to come !) I also hope this is the correct place to post this. If not please accept my dearest apologies. LeXav
  23. Hi everybody, So I have been looking around on the forums and I can't seem to find a mod which shows you a mission report. (Like the one in catastrophic failure) If there is a mod for it or if there is a way to do it stock it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  24. In my career game I have gotten to the point were I will begin to exploit the Kerbin System of its valuable resources (ore). To do this, I am going to build a rover which will search for the best spot once I have done the orbital survey. However, I would hate to have to drive all over Minmus to find the best spot. So I figured that I would make one faster, larger rover which would carry a couple smaller ones, which could go out and come back. Here's where the doors come in. I would like to have the front half of the river to be science, then the back half be a garage with a ramp. So that the ramp does not drag along the surface, it has to be on a powered hinge. I have experimented with a couple ideas, none of which have been reliable. The best one uses antennas to rotate and landing gear to go up and down. My problem has been keeping both antennas in their sockets. Thanks in advance! CoreI