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Found 220 results

  1. Video was filmed using KSP 1.0.5 LAST CRAFT FILE UPDATE: 28 February 10:30 EST CHECK BACK FOR MORE CRAFT RELEASES TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Raptor Aerospace History, Description & Personal Notes 2) SPH Craft File Directory & Download Links 3) VAB Craft File Directory & Download Links 4) Subassembly Download Links 5) Most recent update listings & future plans HISTORY Raptor Aerospace started out as just a showcase thread where I had around a dozen SPH aircraft posted as nothing more than screenshot eye-candy. After some repeated requests that I post some of my craft for download, I set up a KerbalX account and started doing just that. As my "fleet" of aircraft grew, I began to set up the naming conventions and look & feel of the thread as a Kerbal-verse technology developer. I began to publish proper spacecraft on KerbalX and my download list grew some more. By the time KSP v1.1 was released my craft file list on KerbalX passed 100. The designs in this thread were not just thrown together to look cool. They are meant to have practical KSP applications, and are thoroughly tested to ensure deficiencies in design are corrected before being published on KerbalX. Although I've been playing KSP since v0.13, I am not perfect. I continue to find small issues with my craft that I will update and republish. Some of these designs have been around for several years (ie, several versions of KSP). As new parts for KSP were developed and existing components refined, these concepts were updated or refined and then republished. Each has been flight-tested throughout multiple conditions, altitudes, airspeeds, fuel/payload amounts, etc. to find out where their limits are, and where they perform best. Although this started out being mainly focused on aircraft and spaceplanes, Raptor Aerospace now includes designs for all aspects of the game. TODAY This thread is a 3.0 version of my Raptor Aerospace showcase thread, which I started in November 2014 (KSP v0.25). All of the craft here are built/designed within the stock aero model, and all are 100% stock. While most of my designs are influenced by real-life aircraft, spacecraft, or concepts, they are not meant to be replicas. The craft are built to imitate function over appearance. If aesthetics can be implemented as well, that's a plus, but not to the extent it compromises functionality or significantly hinders performance or efficiency. To browse for a craft file, expand the primary spoiler drop-downs (SPH, VAB, or Subassemblies) and then continue to work your way through the "catalog tree" until you find something you'd like. Then click the hyperlink below that craft file image and it will redirect you to the appropriate KerbalX page to download that craft. ________________________________________________ Personal Notes I'd like to thank @katateochi for his administration and maintenance of the KerbalX website. It's a user-friendly, fan-driven site that allows community members to exchange craft files for use, modded or stock. If you're an avid user of the KerbalX site, please help support it by donating via links on the main KerbalX page. For additional entertainment, here's some other videos I've produced: Landing the Shuttle | Red Planet Rivals | KSP - The TV Show | Elon Kerman's Reusable Rocket | Take Flight ________________________________________________ Space Plane Hanger Section ________________________________________________ Vehicle Assembly Building Section ________________________________________________ Subassembly Section ________________________________________________ CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES ON DESIGNS AND NEW CONCEPTS IF ANYONE HAS SCREENSHOTS OF THESE CRAFT IN ACTION, FEEL FREE TO SHARE THEM HERE ALONG WITH STORIES OF SUCCESS, GLORY OR FAILURE Most Recent Updates (Last 7 days) --------------27 Feb-------------- - X-5 updated for better handling/performance - All SPH aircraft updated for a more standardized action group list --------------28 Feb-------------- - 'Titan 4N' Future Updates to the thread (Real-life job permitting) -----Short-term Plans----- - SM-series station module updates - A few small tweaks to the EV-4-series, the main thing being an increase in communications power -----Long-term Plans----- - An updated EV-5 'Drifter' (to be redesignated EV-5 Block 1); has a slight reduction in part count, and a slight increase in delta-V. - EV-5 'Drifter' Block 2 for inner system exploration; increased TWR and delta-V compared to EV-5 Block 1, but higher cost and lacking the ability to travel to Duna due to solar energy drop-off. - X-22 Supersonic STOVL Flight Test -----LONG, Long-term Plans----- Eve mission architecture (conceptual stage)
  2. Hello all. I've decided to take over @DMSP's job as the leader of the project since he has resigned due to personal issues. If you want to look back, here is the original forum thread: The Line: Get the link by PMing me when your turn comes around. How to install: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to saves and create a new folder. -Find where you downloaded the RAR. -Take all the data from the "SCSP" RAR folder and place it in your new save. -Create a folder inside the new folder named "Ships" and add 2 more inside named "VAB" and "SPH" and place any premade craft you made if you have any. -It should work perfectly now. Rules (to make sure building goes swiftly): -If you are interested in adding to the save, post in the thread and tag me. -Do not have the save for more than 2 days, to allow for it to change hands fast. -Wait more than 3 turns before you request for another turn. -Your launch vehicles can be modded, just no stationary aircraft, base part or anything above LKO is allowed to be modded. -Post what you will be adding to the project and how many parts it is before you launch it. -Feel free to post if you want to start construction of a station/base. -Try to keep the modules at lower than 35 parts to ensure others can build too. -Post pictures! -In your two days, you have a maximum of three launches (unless you have a good reason and ask nicely). Do whatever you want with them. -Stuff that never leaves Kerbin is not a launch. Planes are fine. SSTOs are still being decided on, but for now, they count as well. -No touching other people's craft without permission from the owner or me. -No Hyperedit or vesselmover is allowed, unless it is for bases ON Kerbin. -Do NOT spend more than 30 KSP days in your turn! -You must have the latest KSP version, otherwise we can't have you.(Pre-Releases aren't allowed). How to hand it back: -Hop into your KSP folder. -Go to the folder named "saves". -Find your new save. -Upload the Quicksave, Persistent file. -Make a new folder titled "SCSP" and put the files in. -Share it with me. -Your turn will be over. Congrats. Good luck to everybody who will be involved. Latest pictures of the stations: Art for the project: Here are some badges done by @valens to show your contribution to the project. Unity badge - Contributing to Unity Station. Gateway badge - Contributing to Gateway Station. SCSP badge - Any other contribution you've done in the project. Take a look at our Wiki that we've made! It's a WIP, but if you have any free time, please contribute to it: I am releasing the save file to the public, click here for more information. Scientia1423.
  3. Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank Designed off the original Swedish Strv 103 MBT, this fully functional replica uses tank drive systems and hydro-pneumatic (Or in this case, landingGearmatics). Consisting of 223 parts for detail and structure, this craft is recommended for good computers. Its completely fun to drive around, hit some things, break the tracks, whatever you wish with your tank! Specs: Max Velocity: Around 44 m/s Max Hull Traverse: 10 - 15 degrees per second Gun Elevation: +10/-10 degrees Tank Drive (including point turns and swing turns) How to Drive: W and S do not cause the vehicle to accelerate forward, press W causes it to turn right and S to turn left, Custom groups 1 and 2 lock the corresponding sides (1 left side track locked, 2 right side track locked) causing it to turn easier at high speeds. ALSO, please check the connection between the fuel line and the rocket engine, occasionally the game thinks they are not connected, resulting into no fuel for the rocket engines. If you guys want a tutorial as how to build the tank drive system in stock KSP or a time lapse of the build, please ask so in the comments! This tank drive concept was derived from my older vehicle and post, you should check them out too! And who can forget the mighty download button DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. Hi all, I wonder is it possible to offer a gameobject the Horizontall is oriented (see pictures) to the side (thus in the principle surface). Here pictures for the better understanding. It is a radiator / or an antenna - no matter. It is attached to a ring. This RING is horizontally aligned. So now it should be connected to a surface (surface). - why I make the so un not as a horizontal-stack object. Simple: I could simply move the object (ring) through the tank where it makes sense. Without separating the fuel tank structure. Big Q: is this possible? Would it work by defining 'attach-nodes' on the fuel-tank? (Last picture) For every advice as always very grateful - cheers Raendy
  5. Stock Weapons Challenge! Contrary to public misconception, stock weapons ARE a thing, and I want to see your creations! The Challenge: Build & Deploy a custom weapon using only stock KSP parts. WATCH THE STOCK WEAPONS CHALLENGE VIDEO TRAILER BELOW INSTRUCTIONS Build a STOCK weapon and deploy it against a specific target. You may only use parts from Stock KSP, no BD armory of course, other mods are ok as long as they don't provide any unfair advantages. You must use KSP Version 1.0 or later. To complete this challenge you must meet the following requirements: 1) Picture, GIF, or Video of your weapon. 2) Picture, GIF, or Video of the aftermath of your deployed weapon. 3) You MUST call your target (ex: VAB building, or a specific craft, or "ENTIRE RUNWAY") 4) You MUST prove your weapon works (accuracy be damned!) Impress me!
  6. Munbro's Stock Replicas Showcase Welcome to my replica showcase! Here you'll find 60 replicas that I have to show you. I am always working on new things, so be sure to check in once in a while. To find out what's new, check the latest comments. Now hosting KerbalX Downloads! Link - I do take requests! Rockets Aircraft Upcoming Craft Ariane 4 Ariane 5 ------------ Feel free to comment or leave suggestions.
  7. Recently @MatterBeam asked me to take care of his great Simple Construction mod. With my pleasure I accepted torch from his hands, so that his glorious work wouldn't be lost in time. Description: Hi. This mod aims to provide simple rocket building capability to stock parts. Download SpaceDock Special thanks to: @maculator, @taniwha, @Eleusis La Arwall, @Badsector, @cy-one for their contributions. @MatterBeam for creating this cool mod. How to ROCK! No extra parts No RAM usage Added functionality for the Mobile Processing Lab in the late game Simple, configurable and adds levels of depth to the gameplay without a learning curve Requires: Module Manager After testing out Extraplanetary Launchpads and Roverdude's MK/OKS, I had the idea of creating a simple, user friendly mod that would allow you to build rockets without taking a 200MB hit to RAM or having to juggle multitudes of resource pathways. If you know how to set up a drill, ISRU and a fuel tank for an Ore to Fuel conversion, then you should know how to build rockets. Changelog: Disclaimers: This mod contains @taniwha's Launchpad.dll and textures from his Extraplanetary Launchpads. License: MIT This work was previously Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  8. Are you ready to defend the Volga? Of course, you are! But in addition to your normal military gear, you need something else. "What is it?" You ask, curious. It's big. Very big. "Huh?" You say, looking around you. You are promptly relegated to mess hall duty, as shortsightedness is not a good attribute in a soldier. _______________ Bam! The KV-2 is a development of the Kliment Voroshilov heavy tank. Unlike its more modest brother, this monstrosity features a massive, fridge-sized turret housing a massive gun (not included). But its most unique feature is that it, unlike many stock tanks, has TWO different control axes for the turret. That's right: You have a vertical gun traverse and a horizontal one which rotates the entire turret. But do not let its huge size faze you: The KV-2 features a 5-star safety rating, owing to the fact that it can't go faster than around 25 kph, rendering any sort of accident nearly impossible.This particular replica has all the quirks of the original, such as the fact the turret can't rotate on a slope, the fact that it handles like a brick and the fact that it is a shining example of Soviet wartime engineering. Featuring: -5-star safety rating! -Functional turret! -Functional gun traverse! -Stalinium-infused shellproof armor! -8.4 percent Russian Bias Paint! -Funny looking machine gun port! -Rubber wheels! Not Featuring: -An actual working gun -Internal seating (Just sit on the roof!) -Capitalism OBTAIN YOURS TODAY! If KSP is being naughty, go into the craft file and change the line saying "1.2.1" to "1.2.2". User manual is on the KerbalX page.
  9. Specs: 2 crew, 4 passengers 2.400ms Dv after reach 100km Kerbin orbit Docking and Solar panels Docking RCS displacement (easy docking manoeuvres) Round Trip Kerbin Base -> MÜN/Minmus orbit -> moon to planet tranfer orbit, Kerbin orbit and reentry burn / engine landing assist to Kerbin Base TakeOff advices fly 10° pitch until reached 8000mt altitude change pitch to 15° at 8000mt altitude change pitch to 20° after at 3000 (when the R.A.P.I.E.R. toggle) finalise circularisation using Nerva Engine (key1) Keys Toggle Nerva Toggle R.A.P.I.E.R. Toggle R.A.P.I.E.R. Mode Open docking and extend Solar Panels Landing advices if you are using MechJeb (not included on ship file) select KSP and change the target longitude to 73° On atmosphere set SAS to RAD+ and keep turn angle to 0° at 30.000 set to prograde and start landing manoeuvres (or activate SpacePlane autolanding) Download here
  10. Stock VTOL Joint Strike Fighter As promised, I created a craft showcase video for my stock JSF. Here it is in all its glory. This project started after I had the inspiration to adapt @Majorjim!'s wonderful thermometer hinge to an aircraft. I quickly made a working hinge, using landing gear to actuate the engine, building on my experience from my Vought F8U Crusader. After I got the mechanism to work, I spent just as long working on the exterior of the plane, matching it as closely as I could to the real JSF. The result was a mechanically complex aircraft that you would want to take out to dinner (or war, for that matter). The procedure for flying the JSF is also comparatively simple, and requires a minimum number of action group presses. Unfortunately, the way KSP handles undocking means that to land, you have to switch over to the engine and reset the throttle, but it's easy to maintain control while doing so. Procedures for Flight: Download Link:
  11. Hello! Recently I builded Saturn 5 replica, which I hope is similar to real life rocket. I tried to balance stages (I don't like when some stages are overkill) and remain original look at the same time, so some fuel tanks are empty, or contains unused fuel. Stats: Part count: 254 Mass: 553 tons Height: 44.1m Width/Lenght: 5.5m Pictures:
  12. Just some info about this and future ship posts. This is a ship for my KNS-fleet shipyards. The reason why im doing this as a separate post is: 1. Albums inside spoilers are broken. I would have to go back to the old style, witch made the post incredibly long. 2. Putting stuff in the comments just seems a bit, eh. I want to keep the comment section for comments and updates. NOTE: there will be a link to the main post in this post and vise versa. I will propably end up doing this for all my new ships now, unless albums get fixed in the future. The ship itself: The Fine Island is a seaplane tender that is used as more of a helicarrier of sorts. It can maintain a single large chopper or a VTOL. It's a slow and sluggish ship that has been equipped with ample amounts of weapons. It can take down ships effectively at long ranges, but lacks long range AA-weapons. In short range it will shred any aircraft to pieces in moments. The weapons are more or less similar to the ones found on Currituck class ships with the exception of the Goalkeepers on the top deck. Designing the ship: Making the cranes work would have been quite impossible, cause you can't really lift 50+tons with KAS/IR cranes without stuff braking apart. So i don't think we will be seeing any Martin PBM-5 Mariners on this ships deck. Or any SP-5B Marlins. But i could always do replicas of those just for fun. But it should have plenty of space for landing big VTOL's and choppers. Just be careful not to crash on any of the cranes. I left some of the smaller less important details out to save on part count, these include railings, lifeboats, windows and some of the box shaped thingys on top decks. I estimate they would have eaten about 300 parts. And since it already has a little over 1100 parts, that's no good. NOTE: this one has no flares or chaffs in it, so be careful with that. This will propably end up being my last 1:1 replica ship since it made the ship very slow and sluggish. It had the same manouvering engines as the Great White, and about the same amount of engines as the Killyoustrious. Even despite this, it's has worse performance than the huge carrier and the battleship. As for reference, i used one of my Revell 50th anniversary kits i had made years ago. (the kit on the right is the U.S.S Boston that served as my inspiration/reference for the K.S.S Avenger). And here's a link to the album. Specks and picks: Armaments: 4 Abrams turrets, 2 Goalkeepers and 12 chainguns. Top speed: 30 m/s. Length: 161m. Width: 20m. Height: 31m. Mass: 2384 tons. Parts: 1176. The ship is loaded with 170000 units of fuel. And that's about it for this one. to be honest, it's a bit useless, but still, i hope you enjoy it . Mod used: BD-armory. Download link: Fine island AV-6.craft?dl=0 Link to main post:
  13. Hi Guys, Just a little idea, it's by no means imaginative but has been something I for one have longed to have for quite a while. What I'd like to see (maybe even in the next release, pretty please? XD) is additions to the structural parts, specifically I'm talking about the M-beams and the structural panels. What I'd like to see are M-beam 200 look alikes but scaled to structural panels (say have 0.5m, 1m, 2m and 4m long versions) as at the moment nothing quite aligns the way I'd like to. The next idea is a few more sizes for structural panels - specifically a 0.5x0.5 and 0.5x1m panels to supplement the M-beam 650 and make making stuff more aesthetically appealing a fair bit easier. Here's the real dream though - panels that take the shape of a right-angled triangle, having 0.5x1, 1x1, 1x2 sizes (or make them procedural, like the fairings). As this would make some designs far easier by a simply hugelousTM amount. Cheers, Ollie
  14. Even though I have 15,000 excess science.. it's not enough. I found I had not yet landed on any of the Jool moons. Bad Kerbals! So, i decided I would take a lab with me, and make a single lander that can hit all the moons except Laythe (requires a specialized design). Tylo being the biggest challenge, because of its very high gravity/size, it's like landing on Kerbin without an atmosphere. So I designed a lander with some jettisonable fuel, with the idea I would go to Tylo FIRST, and then wouldn't need those tanks for Vall, Pol, or Bop. I would bring my lab with me as an undockable section, with its own fuel, RCS, etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a probe controller on it, but that's OK, I'll just have the lander always dock to it. The small docking ports are for refueling (note that I can't refuel the lander without the lab until I jettison the tanks, but might have been nice to put one on an external tank just in case.). The lab acts as the big com relay back to Kerbin, if needed. And, of course, I need to refuel constantly, so I made a one-piece driller/ISRU/fuel transport, with a small docking port for refueling the lander/lab sections. Small engine to just handle interplanetary and landing on Pol. Checking out the dV for the lander, the DV maps *say* I need about 2280 to land and take off at Tylo, with 4750, I *should* have enough, right? (more on this later). It may take a low starting orbit, but on paper, it should work. So, first we get up into Kerbin orbit, and head to Minmus to refuel everybody for the long drive to Jool. Note that I was able to keep the lower booster from Kerbin, so it took two refueling runs, but the landing section would come into Jool with plenty of fuel, while the driller would come into Jool orbit with maybe only 800 dV, probably enough to get to Pol on its own, but this added extra insurance. Turns out I had plenty, transfer, orbit and landing is maybe 500-700. We refuel everyone at Pol, and head to Tylo. Now, I begin to worry- if I start my landing low (say 17km), and get back to a low orbit, can my fuel ship dip down that low to refuel (before landing and after re-orbit), and climb back out the gravity well and get back to Pol and land? The answer, it turns out, is yes. I leave about 1000 dV for each run back to Pol. So, we try our first descent from 17km. We learn two things. (1) You can't start from 17km because you can't slow down fast enough before gravity sucks you into a mountain. If you thrust downward enough, you use too much fuel. So we raise the descent to about 30km. That works well, but we land with only about 2100 dV left, not nearly enough to get back into orbit. It turns out it takes about 2500 dV to get to a roughly 10km orbit. Yep, this looks bad. So, after failed attempts, I realize I need help. So I built another fuel/engine "top" component to provide more fuel (and the thrust to counter its extra weight). Note that I added a decoupler to the docking ring, because those BIG docking rings have enough magnetic attraction they don't come loose easily. I am still granted the proper dV, but I didn't want to have something that might crash on top of me and explode after landing. With this component and some careful piloting, I'm able to land with about 2561 dV left. Note that I hit hard when I landed and broke a strut, but I should still be fine for Vall. 2561 was enough to put us back into a 9kmx20km orbit, with enough dV left to re-dock with the science section. Then the refueler only had to make one stop! So, the major lesson learned is- don't trust the dV maps. It took about 2600-2800 dV to land and 2300-2400 to reach stable orbit, and that's with optimal piloting. But other than that, the "two ships, single lander for four moons" project is so far a success, and has passed the toughest test.... Tylo, with only one landing strut as a casualty.
  15. "If this end starts pointing toward space you are having a bad problem and you will not go to space today." Your challenge: build a multi-stage rocket that flips upside down between every stage, for reasons that presumably made sense to the mission planners at the time. To qualify, your rocket: * Must be made from stock parts and flown manually. No MechJeb. * Must activate at least 4 stages before reaching orbit. * Your stage 1 engines must be pointing down, your stage 2 engines must be pointing up, and so on. Your rocket must flip once between every stage in order to qualify. Rockets will be scored on a "payload-mass-divided-by-cost" basis, but feel free to do the challenge without numbers. These are... unlikely to be the most cost-effective rockets anybody has ever launched. I have verified that this challenge is achievable by launching a mobile lab and mk3 capsule into orbit in the center of a 4-stage rocket stack. (twinboar, mainsail, mainsail, poodle). Had to briefly fire the first mainsail downwards to help me flip in the atmosphere, but otherwise an uneventful launch. Will provide screenshots later.
  16. There comes a time in everyone's KSP career when a destination must be considered.....again! That's right, the first mission to Moho wasn't big enough, so let me introduce OHNO IT'S MY SECOND MISSION TO MOHO! Let's just remind ourselves with a picture of how compact I went the first time round: the first mission to Moho was no small feat, but there was definitely room to go bigger! If you didn't get it from the picture let me fill you in that this was clearly no small probe. I genuinely started out with the best intentions the first time round, but as the wish list for "doing Moho" grew I decided that I required the following to say that I had effectively "done" Moho: 1) Lander: Clearly why bother unless we are actually going for boots on the ground (and returning them safely) Room for 2 Kerbals 2) Orbital outpost: If we are going we are going big and I'm pretty confident I don't want to be sending any more than 1 rocket if I don't have to. Room for 24 in emergencies, but otherwise built to handle 6-12 in spacious living conditions 3) Return vehicle and habitat: Yes, it's a pretty long mission, so the crew needs somewhere to play cards and also to return safely if at all possible. Supports a crew of three with extended living space If you still don't get a picture of the scale of this absurdity then let's cover off some basic facts on the mission with my mission factoids section: Tall - 50.2 meters to be precise. Not the tallest out there but nearly the height of the VAB and certainly long enough to experience massive noodling Wide - Almost exactly 25 meters each way. It's both long and very chubby Heavy - Four thousand five hundred tonnes, and seven hundred kilos (snacks). the trans Moho injection vehicle and payload alone are over 800 tonnes Computer crushing - 608 parts on the launch pad. Could be worse but it's not friendly. Luckily Gerty 3000 is up to the job Expensive - 1,659,692 things. So what's going to change this time? Why bother going any bigger than I already did? Well a couple of reasons. Firstly I don't think I did the ground well enough. This will be a much bigger ground mission, taking into account two separate challenges: The Moho Challenge by @Xeldrak: The Elcano Challenge by @rkarmark: So I'm going to go to Moho, deploy both ground and orbital modules and gain as near to maximum points as possible in the Moho challenge, complete the Elcano challenge for Moho, and then somehow get home. Not only am I going to do this, but it's going to be stock (apart from visual mods for pretty pictures) and there's going to be some sort of narrative, and lots of interesting things to see along the way with you joining me right at the start of the design phase. So let's take stock of where we are at at this point. The first module that is already complete is the Moho ground operations platform: Room for 8 in an emergency, but designed for mission length ground operations for 4. With 43 parts, and weighing 11.508t it means I'm already on my way to a computer melting ship. The Moho ground operation platform descends on two Mk-55 Thud engines, and will decouple 1 drop tank during it's descent to the surface. Margins are tight, but it should be able to cope with a landing from around 150km orbit. Once on the ground it will mark the start and end point for the Elcano mission, as well as providing valuable points for leaving behind a science platform (an orbital platform is also planned) Delivery of the Moho ground operations platform was courtesy of the new Kenman Superduty truck specifically designed for transporting heavy payloads to KSC: The Kenman Superduty will be the main vehicle for transporting completed modules to the VAB for assembly into the main payload. Two or more may be required to shift the massive weight of the as yet unknown launch vehicle. Here's another view of low loader plus payload: So that's it for the moment folks. I'm expecting this mission to take literally weeks or very possibly months, but I will provide updates and interesting tidbits as I run through the design and engineering phase, and then on to the mission proper. Stay tuned! SM
  17. Well. You guys asked for it! So here it is! So I am now releasing the rotor bearings used to power my popular "Kinchook" stock Chinook helicopter replica to the public. They're very simple and low part count. A single probe core between two fuselages surrounded by Ibeams can hold rotors soundly in place under even the most stressful conditions. The base bearing subassembly is only 14 parts! But don't forget to add struts on your own holding the Ibeams and structural components in place as this is necessary to keep the bearing functioning stable. As you add power and weight to the rotors or spinning application make sure to add more struts! This is a must! for example when used on the Kinchook have 16 added struts each. This number will vary based on the application and sometimes may require no struts at all. I hope you enjoy this subassembly and can make your own awesome helicopters with it. They are less suitable in other applications but that does not make them impossible. The sky is literally the limit though. Unless you can make some crazy space helicopter. Download is beneath. Make sure to paste the file into the subassembly folder of the corresponding save file you want it in. Download:
  18. The 8th complete rebuild of my Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. This build has is completely rebuilt for 1.3, and is the first to be properly scaled. I took a page out of landfish's book and used a blueprint and Kronal viewer to make sure it was as closed to perfect as I could get. The biggest change besides the correct scaling is the redesign of the wings. I spent tens of hours trying to fit two control surfaces on the wings, but had to settle for only one to get the shape I desired, and still have the winglet nest perfectly into the main wing. HotKeys 1) Toggle both J-404 Engines 2) Toggle Port J-404 Engine 3) Toggle Starboard J-404 Engine 4) Toggle J-404 Afterburners (x2) 5) Toggle BD Autopilot (Armed Model) 6) Fire Weapon (Armed Model) 7) Toggle Team (Armed Model) 8) Toggle Rudders 9) Fire Hidden Vulcan Cannon (Armed Model) 0) Deploy Countermeasures (Chaff & Flare) (Armed Model) kOS Scripts Corkscrew (Forthcoming) Downloads [Stock] [cb] F-22 Raptor MRK VIII Exact same as the photos above, however this build has a stock nosecone. [Stock] [cb] F-22 Raptor MRK VII GT For the Air Race Course Craft Download kOS Script [bd Armory] [cb] F-22 MRK VII Armed Raptor Model featured in the photos above. Has a radar nose cone, countermeasures, and hidden Vulcan Canon. Craft Download
  19. Stock plane with propeller powered by electricity. Max speed over 40-50 m/s. Mass: 9.99 t. Take-off: 1) Press stage 2) Activate SAS 3)Switch to propeller with ‘[’ or ‘]’ key 4)Hold Alt + E until roll indicator not reach right edge. 5)Switch back to aircraft with ‘[’ or ‘]’ key Don`t forget to rise landing gears. After 4 step plane will take-off automatically. You can also fly manually (without SAS or any stabilization) for it press 1 to disable reaction wheels and press T to disable SAS (if enabled). Screenshots: Download: KerbalX
  20. Because of the new little engine bug my helicopters have I decided to take a little break and built something I wanted to do for a long time. Krakenslayer Castle The rest of the pictures are in the spoiler. Use Hyperedit or Vesselmover to place it where you want. First enable unbreakable joints, place it where you want, then you can disable the cheat again. You may put it on an incline but … you need a flat surface! Every foundation part has to touch the ground evenly. Part count: 358.
  21. Hello, A few months ago I saw a video of somebody recovering and re flying a first stage in ksp. So I decided to try do it as well. Now that I have a forum account I decided to redo the mission but take pictures along the way. Here it is
  22. When stock G LOC was announced, some developer (I'm sorry, can't quite remember who exactly it was - @sarbian may be????) mentioned that it is very easy to mod in Kerbal death caused by over G using stock system. My opinion it would be cool to have mod that obey stock parameters and rules, causing death if G is greater than x times G during G LOC. Opinions, gentlemen?
  23. Greetings, Kerbal-naughts! I propose a challenge for those who seek one, a stock multi-rotor aircraft capable of long distance flights (we'll say ATLEAST 100 km, though if you'd like you can go wherever you want, and back perhaps :0) I myself am not very good at creating propellers from the stock parts, but from the amount of people that play Kerbal Space Program, I'm very sure there's a couple of people out there who would find this an easy challenge, and in that case build it. REQUIREMENTS: + Must be at least 2 rotors, there is no maximum number + Must have the capability to carry cargo ~5 tons minimum + must carry at least 2 Kerbals (why not?) + must be stable in flight ~No wobbling + NO CHEATING (infinite fuel, part offsetting is OK) + must have pics + Impress me. ||||| ways to impress: Limited parts, bring it to another planet, make it small in size, or make it massive and carry a 100 ton payload, Just do something cool Anyways, Have fun! - TheKorbinger
  24. The Last of the Gunfighters, as it was known, the Crusader marked the end of an era for U.S. Fighter aircraft. It was the last fighter to use guns as weapon of choice, serving from 1957 until 1976 in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as a carrier-based supersonic fighter. The F-8, as it was later designated, served many roles during the Cold War. the RF-8 was a dedicated reconnaissance platform that captured important information during the Cuban Missile Crisis, while in Vietnam, F-8s served as carrier-based fighter-bombers. Now, the gunfighter is back in stock KSP. This model has a fully functioning variable incidence wing, actuated up and down by action groups. The wing can be raised 7 degrees for takeoff and landing, giving the Crusader superb STOL capabilities, plus excellent low and high-speed handling. True to the replica, the F-8 becomes tough to fly with the wing in cruise mode below a certain speed, requiring the wing to be raised for landing approaches. Once in the air, the Crusader is fairly nimble, and can break the speed of sound in level flight. Remarkably, it is also stable under high G-loads (tested up to 15) and at 4x time warp. Download Link: Instructions for use: