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Found 21 results

  1. Stockalike Real Fuels Engine Configs For Real Fuels v12.x After playing with Real Fuels, I got hooked. But, many of my part mods' engines were not included. I decided to fix that, and this is the result. Latest Release GitHub Repository Config generator found at NOTICE: Some engines have "lost" their effects. This is a known issue, and a result of moving fully to a new engine MODULE in RealFuels. As a result, Real Plume is highly recommended. Configs are included in the RF Stockalike download. Available on CKAN Updated on January 15, 2017 Changelog: v3.2.3 * Fix RCS persistent effects in release (thanks Alexical) * Ion and NTR effects updates (thanks Blowfish) v3.2.2 * Various community fixes. See commits for details. v3.2.1 * Add Cormorant Aeronology * Add SpaceX Launchers Pack * Bugfix to resourceFlowMode (Starwaster) * Add Sounding Rockets (Canis Dirus Leidy) * Pull RealPlume configs out of that mod's folder v3.2.0 * I goofed, not a real release. v3.1.0 * New Plumes from Svm420 * New Squad engines config * Tantares bug fix from nwtest * SDHI/TAC/Stockalike conflict resolved v3.0.1 * Works with KSP 1.1.2 and RF v11 * Updates by bfrobin446 and blowfish v3.0.0 Lots of stuff, installation changes. See commit log on GitHub for details. v2.1.8 [LIST] [*]Various bug fixes for RF v10 [*]Added Cryo Engines [/LIST] v2.1.7 [LIST] [*]Update ModuleRCSFX to v4.1 [*]SpaceY updates (Frimi_2) [/LIST] v2.1.6 Hotfix for RF 10+/CRP v4+ v2.1.4 [LIST] [*]Final update before KSP v1.0 and CRP v1.0. As long as RF keeps working for 1.0, this should work as well. [/LIST] v2.1.3 [LIST] [*]New engines, various fixes [*]Catch-all file to try and make sure all tanks and engines at minimum use the proper fuels [/LIST] v2.1.0 [LIST] [*]Switched to a new config generator [*]Updated various mods with new engines [*]Configs for Atomic Age and Stock Revamp (lurkaholic) [*]Config for SpaceY OMS/RCS combo (Tellion) [*]Tantares help from Niemand303 [*]Updated Mono_to_Hydrazine.cfg to be a more generic fuel tank catch-all (sippyfrog) [*]Updated ModuleRCSFX to v3.5 [/LIST] v2.0.6 [LIST] [*]Added new engines from SpaceY 0.2.1 [*]Updated ModuleRCSFX to v3.3 [/LIST] v2.0.5 [LIST] [*]Added SpaceY engines [*]Fixed a conflict with HotRockets [/LIST] Installation Install everything inside /GameData/ to your <KSPRoot>/GameData/. *NOTE*: You must have Module Manager installed for this to work, but you should have that already if you are running Real Fuels (which is obviously required). Description This is a stockalike setup for you engines to work with Real Fuels. All of the stock (or part-pack's "stock") numbers for thrust remain the same. Meaning, the Mainsail still pushes the same kN as before. But, the masses are reduced to be in-line with realistic numbers (according to the calculations anyway). There is also an RCS config to make the RCS thrusters work with the appropriate fuels. These have followed the original thrusts but will change given the fuel used. So, a hydrazine RCS will have better thrust than an HTP one, but an MMH/N2O4 bipropellant RCS will have greater thrust still. And yes, bipropellants are set up. This was originally done with the help of Chestburster's XLS that I found in the Real Fuels thread (link here). Since then, I've added mod parts I've either used in the past or use currently. I've also added some variations in the fuel mixture used for each manufacturer (i.e mod). So if you swap out a KW engine for a NovaPunch one, be sure you've got the right mix in the tanks. This adds to the variation in my opinion, as it gives you a reason to switch things up. This is also a continual work in progress. Any suggestions or help is encouraged. I don't have every mod in this file, so if you feel so inclined to add your favorite that's missing, please do. Let me know of the edits and I'll continue to compile a running config. Also, if you'd like to add your thoughts on balancing, please do that as well. I've not rigorously tested every engine, since I don't play with all of these installed and I'd rather simply play than test. So, I may have missed something or goofed some numbers. Current Mods Working KW Rocketry NovaPunch2 FASA KOSMOS Aerojet Kerbodyne AIES B9 Aerospace Klockheed Martian (i.e. Space Shuttle Engines Mod) RLA Stockalike SXT (by Lack) aWolf's Escape Towers and sepratrons KSPX launch towers kommit's Nuclear pack (formerly FTmN) Home Grown Rockets (beta version) SDHI (LV909 Fairingless) LazTek SpaceX Launch Pack v3 Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul KSP Interstellar Modular Rocket System SpaceY NearFuture Propulsion Tantares BahaSP Atomic Age Stock Revamp Cryogenic Engines Vanguard Cormorant Aeronology Launchers Pack - SpaceX Known Issues RCS thrusters show an "Unknown Thrust" in the VAB/SPH part list. They work properly on the pad, and do show correct thrust for the initial fuel config (which is hydrazine). Configs released under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. TRAILERS: (Thanks to @Drakenex for the screenshot gallery and the historical descriptions!) Changelog: What is this mod? Variety is the spice of life. BDB doesn't necessarily add new gameplay hooks, new systems to the game, new features. What it does add, are parts. Lots of parts. The mod adds a tremendous number of parts, including launchers, spacecraft parts, and probe parts, all in a stockalike style. The focus lies primarily on the US space program up through the Apollo program, but there are several unrelated parts. The parts are not perfect replicas, but rather take inspiration directly from existing designs. Care has been taken to research and include parts for projects that were proposed but never happened, to increase the possibilities available to the player. Parts are made in a lego frame of mind, and I greatly encourage you to mix and match parts to see what cool things you come up with. The mod is not recommended for new players, as the mod adds a good deal of clutter to the VAB lists. The mod also adds new standard sizes (such a 0.9375m, 1.5m and 1.875m diameter) of parts in order to more accurately scale to KSP. Extreme care has been taken to leave the mod with as small a footprint as possible while keeping the graphical fidelity to acceptable levels. The textures are not HD, however they are intended to look as good if not better than stock textures. For example, the entire Titan rocket series (39 parts total) is made using 1x 1024 texture sheet and 5x 512 texture sheets (1 per fuel tank series, 1 for SRBs and 1 for Transtage). Compared to stock, which generally uses a 1024 texture for a single part, the savings are enormous. For those familiar with KSP mods, BDB can be considered a stockalike equivalent of FASA, and a US counterpart to Tantares' soviet rockets. Well, what do I get? Currently, the mod includes 300 parts you can use to make: Mercury (Courtesy of Bloeting Aerospace Corp) Gemini (Courtesy of Trails Manufacturing Co.) Apollo Block II, III, III+, and V CSM Vanguard rocket with Able and Ablestar upper stages Scout rocket Redstone rocket Juno II, IV rockets Diamant rocket (All variants) Thor-Delta rocket (Almost all variants can be made) Delta 2 rocket (Including upper stage, GEM SRBs) Atlas rocket (Can make pretty much everything up to Atlas 2AS) Agena upper stage (All variants) Vega (old Kerolox upper stage for Atlas) Centaur D, G, G', T upper stages Atlas V rocket (Pretty much just the CCB for now) Titan 1, 2, 3, 4 rockets, with SRMs and Transtage (No IUS yet!) Saturn (Can make C1, 1B, V, and 1C right now, along with some extra parts for more options) New probe cores New antennas and dishes New science experiments I would like to see X, Y, and Z in game! Awesome! I love having people interested in the mod's development. First, check the roadmap to make sure I haven't already planned on making it. If it's on there, it will get done - eventually. Some day. Hopefully. If not, feel free to ask on the thread. Preferably with pictures, or something. Fair warning - I don't have much of an interest in modern rockets, so don't expect to see things like a Falcon 9 or some such in this mod. I also don't plan on covering anything Soviet - Tantares already does a fine job of representing those in a stockalike style. Right now I'm also sort of swamped, with content planned for upwards of the next year! However, if you have something relevant to what I'm currently working on (ie you can't have X rocket without Y part for it) please speak up - I like to be complete! There's something wrong with the CKAN configs for BDB! Myself and the other authors do not maintain the CKAN configs for this mod. @linuxgurugamer has graciously volunteered (I think) to look into any issues pertaining to this mod on CKAN. Compatibility: Credits: Licensing: Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! Set up recurring donations through Patreon ...Or make a one time donation via PayPal #RealThrustHasCurves
  3. Original thread: here Pictures: here What is RLA_Stockalike? "Parts to fill stock niches, including 0.625m LFO engines and tanks, a full suite of monopropellant engines ranging from 2.5m to sub-0.625m, brand new 0.625m SRBs, 0.625m high efficiency engines using LiquidFuel, Monopropellant or Xenon, a number of new probe cores with varied specialisations and shapes, more ways to produce electricity, a range of RCS blocks both large and small, and structural parts to glue it all together with." What is RLA_Continued? I've been maintaining a set of patches for RLA_Stockalike for a bit now, and I've decided to take the next step and simply integrate the patches with RLA directly, and redistribute everything as a single package. This is said package. Other Things: I realize that @hoojiwana is known for taking relatively long absences from KSP, and will no doubt come riding back into town any day now. It goes without saying that when he does so, I will gladly step aside and hand over control of this continuation to him to use as he sees fit. I am very much aware that this is his mod, not mine. License/Legal: CC-BY-SA-4.0 @hoojiwana as far as I know, has no knowledge of this continuation; as per license requirement, I cannot and do not claim that he has endorsed these changes, for I have had (despite my best efforts) no contact with him. Credits: @hoojiwana is the original creator of RLA_Stockalike. @Deimos Rast is the current maintainer of RLA_Continued, and author of the changes contained therein. Installation Instruction: - Please uninstall all previous versions prior to updating RLA to the latest version. - Place RLA_Stockalike folder into GameData directory. - Has no dependencies (Module Manager is optional) Download: Spacedock Github (repo) CKAN (soon) Crafts: Soon (maybe)
  4. Hello, and can somebody please make a stockalike Orion mod? Shadowzone isn't too stockalike in my opinion(sorry, @TheShadow1138). Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer
  5. Hi guys! I'm NISSKEPCSIM, and I'm new to modding, as I only started on the 9th of July - so the logical progression would be to start a large-scale Tantares expansion mod, right? Q & A: Q: What is "Notantares Space Industries?" A: "Notantares Space Industries" is a mod intended to expand upon the extremely diverse and popular mod Tantares (Much like CONTARES does), including spacecraft and/or rockets that are not included in the main mod (eg: The "Big Soyuz," etc.), as well as various other additions. It is designed to be completely independant from Tantares, so that those who aren't using it can still use the Notantares Space Industries series of mods. Notantares is designed to be released in a series of "mini-packs," much like SXT used to have its own mini-packs, so that those who only want a specific selection of parts can just download those parts. However, it is, most importantly, not Tantares! Q: Can you add X, Y, and Z into the game? A: Thanks for the suggestion! I'd love to expand the mod, but, for now, I'd like to focus on finishing the "Big Soyuz" parts. Q: Can you add IVAs? A: Currently, I have absolutely no experience with IVAs, so I'd prefer to finish the "Big Soyuz" parts first, fully modelled, textured, and imported into the game, and only then focus on IVAs after I've got most of the hard work done. Mini-packs: Big Soyuz "Big Khleb." DESCRIPTION: "Big Khleb" is an advanced crew transportation spacecraft capable of holding up to 6 kerbonauts, and is unlockable in the mid-to-late tech tree. It is designed to be able to support its crew for long-duration missions to space stations or to assist in lunar expeditions. It shall be designed with its own set of 0.9375m ungendered docking ports, so that those who do not use Tantares can still use the "Big Khleb." Whatever your needs, the "Big Khleb" can fulfil them! STATUS: [WIP] Not ready for release. CURRENTLY INCLUDES: N/A. DOWNLOAD: Unavailable. DEPENDENCIES: Modulemanager by @sarbian (Included). FUTURE PLANS: Adding the decoupler, heat shield, parachutes, docking ports, solar panels, IVAs, and a different version of the SM to replicate the "Zarya" spacecraft (In that order). LICENSE: GNU General Public License v3.0. CREDIT: Special thanks to @Beale and @passinglurker for allowing me to modify one of their texture sheets. ---------- LV-T33 "Cormorant" Cryogenic Engine. DESCRIPTION: This little, 1.25 metre, cryogenic upper stage engine was the first part I ever made, and, though it looks ugly as hell and like a pre-0.18 engine part, I'm proud of it, so I've decided to put the download up here for everyone to use! STATUS: 1.2.*, 1.3 Compatible. STATS: Mass: 0.35t. Max thrust (ASL): 53.951 Kn. Max thrust (Vac): 79.0 Kn. ISP: 280 (ASL), 410 (Vac). Gimbal range: 1.25°. Lqd Hydrogen: 48.612/sec. Oxidizer: 3.241/sec. CURRENTLY INCLUDES: LV-T33 "Cormorant" Cryogenic Engine. DOWNLOAD: Grab it on Github. DEPENDENCIES: Community Resource Pack by @RoverDude, Modulemanager by @sarbian (Included). FUTURE PLANS: I have no plans for this; It is my first mod part, and I have no intention of expanding upon it. LICENSE: GNU General Public License v3.0.
  6. Hello all! I have another new mod for you. A couple weeks ago, the incredibly handsome @AlbertKermin asked me if I was interested in making a mini-mod. Inspired by the OSIRIS-Rex mission, he wanted a small sample return capsule that could be loaded with experiments and safely return. The mod contains two parts, a command/parachute and heatshield/cargobay. It is currently 2AM, so I don't want to write more, but I wanted to post this in time for the weekend! Compatibility: RemoteTech configs are included. Known Issues: There is no data storage in the command module. It will be added soon. Future Plans: lol. Accept compatibility patches, keep it working with future KSP updates. Credits: @AlbertKermin - Configs, compatibility, balance @CobaltWolf - Models, textures, Unity @Deimos Rast - Compatibility configs License: This work is presented under a Simplified BSD license. Art assets used in Mini Sample Return Capsule were made by Matthew (CobaltWolf) Mlodzienski and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. All source files for the mod, including uncompiled textures and models, are available upon request.
  7. Vostok Continued When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Thanks to: @Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips. @CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame. @Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code. Plenty of other people for giving me feedback, encouragement, and help. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. first
  8. Welcome to AdrianK's Craft Junkyard! "If it is lying by the side of the road we'll sell it!" This is the place where I will post all of my stock and modded crafts from now on!* I am more of a aircraft and ground vehicle builder so don't expect to see a lot of space stuff here . *Please note that I won`t provide download links on request, I`ll only post DL links if I decide to do so. -------------------------------------------------------- MAZ-543 АА-60(7310) Aerodrome Fire-Fighting Vehicle IVECO Light Mulitrole Vehicle Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A4 BTR-80 Panavia Tornado IDS "Tonka" F-16 Fighting Falcon "Lawn Dart" QVB-45C QVB-140A "Lastochka" --More craft coming soon™--
  9. Parts to fill stock niches, including 0.625m LFO engines and tanks, a full suite of monopropellant engines ranging from 2.5m to sub-0.625m, brand new 0.625m SRBs, 0.625m high efficiency engines using LiquidFuel, Monopropellant or Xenon, a number of new probe cores with varied specialisations and shapes, more ways to produce electricity, a range of RCS blocks both large and small, and structural parts to glue it all together with. Download from SpaceDock (13.4) Download from CurseForge (13.4) Download from Dropbox (13.4) Changelog Thanks A big thankyou to @ArcFurnace, @blowfish, @BobCat, @Borklund, @CardBoardBoxProcessor, @Devo, @EndlessWaves, @Initar, @Kerbas_ad_astra, @MaverickSawyer, @NecroBones, @Overlocker, @passinglurker, @PDCWolf, @Plur303, @Porkjet, @Streetwind, @Tiberion and @TicTacToe! for forum posts, general assistance, testing and balance suggestions. Without you all this pack wouldn't be as good as it is. Previous Versions If you want access to any older versions for whatever reason, some older versions are available below. If you're looking for any other version, leave me a note and I'll hook you up. License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  10. While messing around thinking of payloads suitable for a Nexus, I started working on a giant 70 foot (half scale) re-entry pod. That thing rapidly became a monster. A single part that's a small town with tanks and labs, and observation decks and it needed cargo space, etc etc. So, eventually my brain suggested the following ideas to me, way later than required to maintain sanity. If instead of making one giant preconfigured pod, I made a series of pod floors, that are interchangeable, then the whole thing becomes reconfigurable. Also, it solves a bunch of problems with large craft the moment there's even one floor. (assuming I'm not completely loony, I'll be starting at the smallest size) So, seeing as the 2.5m to 3.75m pod module is now mostly functional, I'm releasing this into the wild. At this first release, there's four parts. There's a crew quarters part, with a fairly early WIP interior. There's a science lab with a link to that same sketchy interior. This will change later as I furnish the interiors. There's a fairly early WIP fuel tank in two flavours, monoPropellant and dual fuel. Nothing has real fuel or realism overhaul configs yet. Please note: The fuel tanks are by no means complete. But, I'm calling the crewed pod variants "textured". BUT, it's my first attempt at a stock look. So if people have suggestions (apart from the dark-light contrast on the panel dirtiness being too strong, which I know about and am looking at fixing) please let me know. The top and bottom hatchy type image is outright stolen from Squad's large pod. Shamelessly. The rest is me messing about in layers in GIMP, mostly getting stuff on the right layers (but not always, which is why that shading is tricky to fix). Don't forget to look under the flag. :-) Anyway, pics or it didn't happen. (part album here ) Download from SpaceDock [ edit - I thought I'd already put this here, but I haven't.... derp ] Here's the plan, as of writing, of which parts I will be doing. I do stumble on extra things, like the combined heat shield and engine, as I go, so the plan is unlikely to survive exactly as it is to the end. I may also give up before getting to Mk16 parts, but I definitely want to get to at least a size 8 base, maybe more if I rescale my Nexus to 64% instead of 50%. Sizes Size 2 to Size 3 from 2.5m to 3.75m Size 3 to Size 4 from 3.75m to 5m Size 4 to Size 5 from 5m to 6.25m Size 5 to Size 6 from 6.25m to 7.5m Size 6 to Size 7 from 7.5m to 8.75m Size 7 to Size 8 from 8.75m to 10m Size 8 to Size 9 from 10m to 11.25m Size 9 to Size 10 from 11.25m to 12.5m Size 10 to Size 11 from 12.5m to 13.75m Size 11 to Size 12 from 13.75m to 15m Size 12 to Size 13 from 15m to 16.25m Size 13 to Size 14 from 16.25m to 17.5m Size 14 to Size 15 from 17.5m to 18.75m Size 15 to Size 16 from 18.75m to 20m Parts planned for each of the sizes above Service Module A combined fuel tank, battery pack, RCS, antenna unit (Done for Sz2-3) MonoPropellantTank A fuel tank for monopropellant (Done for Sz2-3) BiPropellantTank A fuel tank for liquid fuel and oxidizer (Done for Sz2-3 and Sz3-4) Crew Quarters and Control A control pod with some extra seating (Done for Sz2-3) ScienceLab A science lab with experiments and a science bay (Done for Sz2-3) Cargo Stores things behind doors (Done for Sz2-3) HeatShield Protects things from re-entry heat Battery - might not do this. If I do, I might modify the plan to just do a short cylindrical battery like the stock inline batteries for each size beyond stock - Reactor A reactor for electrical power XenonTank A fuel tank for Xenon gas OreTank A tank for storing crushed ore SimpleAdapter Hollow structural component for bridging part sizes ShieldAeroSpike Aerospike style engine using a heat shield as it's truncated spike (Done for Sz2-3 and Sz3-4)
  11. Are you tired of only being able to send four kerbals into orbit with your shuttle replica? Do you mourn the fact that there's no room for your crew to spread out and have fun once they're on orbit? Does your re-creationist urges twitch at the idea that your shuttles only have a flight deck and nothing else? If so, than you've come to the right mod. The Mk3 Shuttle Mid-Deck IVA mod is just what it says on the tin. A very light-weight mod that replaces the standard Mk3 Shuttle cockpit IVA and 4 kerbal crew capacity with a cockpit sporting a flight deck AND mid-deck with the capability of carrying six kerbals into space. Maintaining all the of the wonderful window "clickability" of the original Mk3 IVA, this mod also goes one further and makes the ladders interactive as well. Finally, you can do everything you've always wanted to do with a shuttle, only you can do it with 2 additional kerbals and the satisfaction of knowing that they'll have room to get away from each other when one of them inevitably gets a "head cold". DOWNLOAD: Spacedock MOD'S YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING WITH: @Pak's Cormorant Aeronology @MrMeeb's Shuttle Payload Technologies LICENSE: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
  12. Dear Kerbals, I have been searching for a mod to change the color of parts (stock/vanilla); For example when wanting to make a SR-71. Can you help me find this mod? If that is not the case I would like to request it now, but that's not all! I am a first year programmer or 'software developer' (c#). I would like to team up with people to make this mod, else { just chatting about programming also is cool. } Greetings
  13. We choose to go to Laythe, and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is FUN! The Kerbal Expeditions is a stock alike, sandbox save (currently planned for a total of 29 missions, including epilogue mission) in which I will visit Duna, Laythe, Jool, Ike, Eve, and Gilly for the first time post-1.0. Kerbals will land and return from Duna, Laythe, Ike, and Gilly. This plan will stretch my KSP skills to their limits and back as I strive to make good-looking interplanetary ships - and I hope we both have fun doing it. (reason why it's not career - i have troubles with Bluedog Design Bureau and their SRBs and adapters I just can't live without anymore.) MOD LIST (off the top of my head, at least the mods that I plan to use) Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares (for some station parts?) Procedural Parts ProbesPlus Trajectories! Kerbal Engineer Kerbal Alarm Clock Table of Contents; A New Beginning - Page 1 (doesn't count as mission)
  14. Lightly modded stockalike playthrough!
  15. Hello everyone! I have introduced myself in my last post,so i will just jump right into it.Here is:Sputnik 1 in KSP! Sputnik itself: The rocket (feel free to copy it,but dont forget to credit me): 3...2...1: LIFTOFF!!! Spaaaaaace! Cmon...Spaaace: BOOM,ORBIT BABY! Look at it! LOOK: So that is all that i got .I hope you enjoyed
  16. This parts pack is intended to provide a more standardized and cohesive alternative to the stock parts while still maintaining a compatible appearance. In essence, a stockalike launcher pack. View an album here until image insertion is fixed Download v_1.0.5 (on Spacedock) Current Features: Complete set of fuel tanks ranging from .625m to 5m (includes 1.875m). Complete set of fuel tank adapters. complete set of Soyuz style streamlined fuel tanks. Complete set of RCS thruster blocks, nearly every conceivable configuration. Interstage adapters and stack splitters with fairings. Low memory use: all 36 fuel tanks share just two textures! Planned Features: Engines, so many engines. Monopropellant tanks and engines. Aero engines. Standardized crew pods. Landing legs. Utility parts. Suggestions are welcome! Known Problems: Terrible textures. Now 20% less terrible! Interstage adapter nodes don't play nice with certain parts. Cause unknown, enabling part clipping helps in some cases. Licensing: This modification is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share-Alike 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), the full text of which can be found here. Integration: Interstellar fuel switch integration is planned, tanks and engines will be compatible with CRP LqdHydrogen westamastaflash has created a RealFuels patch, find it here!
  17. Greetings all. I know there are a few car mods that have been made but, wanted to do my own. Currently, It's only four parts: Two passenger 'pod', wheel module, nose adapter and, a dual car to .625 adapter. The resembalance to a old Caddilac was completely accidental. lol. Pictures: Jet engines are definitely not required. My textures mapping is a bit lazy, and i need to fix shading. I'll probably add a truck box part, and i might even expand this to stock-textured boat parts. Smaller ones. Since there's at least three packs of boat parts... Comments welcome!
  18. I Was Thinking About making a KSP Stockish modpack, With the high texture feeling that's given to me by Color Coded Canister or USI Costellation, and I needed a mod That "Revamps the textures of engines, landing gears, wings and so on. Thinking About making one myself, Since Ven's Stock Revamp seems unable to wun without problems... I'm not an artist but I have spare time to give to modding KSP Any Ideas?
  19. This is a "mod" I made for KSP which I feel adds some parts that are missing in default KSP or should be added to default KSP. This is my first mod and will be added to as I have time. Current parts include: A mk16 parachute that can be deployed at 700m/s but it is heavy and expensive. A high power ion engine with the cost of increased fuel and energy use, it should be about 1.25 meters in diameter. Last, A bigger version of the FAT-455 aircraft wing meant for mk3 planes that need more lift than a standard FAT-455 wing can provide. It has increased fuel capacity and cost. Also, everything on this list has a modified description, cost, entry cost along with a few other changes. If there are ANY issues with this mod, please tell me. I know nearly nothing about code so if something goes wrong I am requesting assistance from the KSP forum community. This mod should work will all versions of KSP that are greater than version 1.1, but also with KSP 1.0.5 and higher. Enjoy the mod! (Pictures will be added soon) NO LONGER BROKEN! YAY! Disclaimer: I own no rights to the original texture and config files in this mod, excepts rights that come with purchase of KSP. Squad and or Porkjet own rights to the original files. I do however own rights to the modified files, and if I see this mod re-uploaded by someone else who claims it as their own I will request it to be removed. Link to official KSP website: Link to Porkjet's profile on the KSP Forums: Download Link: Stock Parts and Stockalike Parts
  20. Hello, There is a mod called stockalike station parts, and it seems it has gone dead. Can anyone update this for 1.1/1.1.2? Or tell me how to update it? I am using 1.1 because it has more mods available right now. This is one of my favorite mods and would love to see it come back. Sadly the user that made it hasn't been active in over 5 months. Help?
  21. Hot Contents Orbital Systems A Mod by Sequinox and Joco223 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is Hot Contents Orbital Systems? A: Hot Contents Orbital System is a mod that aims to have multiple parts for every purpose imaginable. Stock engines are very limited, so I aim to develop a mod to where you can look for a part that fits what you need and it will be there. Q: Wait a minute, you're not a modder! A: o_o You got me! This is my first mod I am developing for the community. I started off making some Real Plume configs for the Launchers Pack mod. From there I decided I would like to do something I can truly call my own. Q: Where can I give you feedback? A: You can always tell me how I'm doing by just replying on the thread! Feedback is always welcomed and it helps me develop a better mod! Q: Alright, cool. Anything else we should know? A: All of my mods will use GitHub for the main download. I believe that GitHub should be used by every mod creator due to the fact that you can see what you are downloading. If you wish, there will always be a download on SpaceDock. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image Gallery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: GitHub SpaceDock ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Contents Orbital Systems requires: RealPlume (Not included in the download!) SmokeScreen (Included in the download!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned Stuff: Grey: In planning Red: Modelling Yellow: UV Mapping/Texturing Green: Unity stuff/Config files Strike Through: Put on hold HC-2 Lower Stage Engine: A small 1.25 engine. Comparable to the Merlin 1C. HB-2: The next tier of upper stage engines. (READY FOR RELEASE) HA-Multi Engine Adapter: A 9 engine adapter. Comparable the the adapter on the Falcon 9 1.1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: v.Demo-1: Added HC-1 Orbital Engine v.Demo-2: Added the HCE-2 Polished up some stuff with the HC-1 v0.1: Added the HB-1 Added the HC-FT-1 v0.2: Added HC-SB1 Rebalanced the HB-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help Wanted! We are currently looking for someone who can do unity configuration and create config files! If you are willing, please message either me or @Joco223. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- License CC BY-NC-SA What does this mean? You are allowed to remix and redistribute our work so long as you give credit, provide a link to this license and make clear what changes you made. You may not redistribute this mod for commercial uses. Development Team Sequinox - Creator, Thread Maintainer, Unity Configurer, Config File Configurer Joco223 - Modeller, Texturer Other Credit: @Nhawks17 - For the beautiful Real Plume Stock Configs mod @sarbian - For the amazing SmokeScreen mod.