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Found 3 results

  1. This is the ground textures mod for any STOCK game. It is developed to work best along side Stock Visual Enhancements. This mod adds ground textures to ALL celestial bodies within the STOCK SOLAR SYSTEM and makes scatter objects tangible. Here are some comparative screenshots of the scaled space textures, courtesy of @RadGH Comparative Screenshots KNOWN ISSUES: Clouds do not show up in main menu with Kopernicus installed. They do show up in game. CHANGE LOG 2.0.2 Better texture compression for smaller download size A couple new textures DDS version for better utilization of RAM PNG version for Mac and Linux users Removed low resolution version after much testing and minimal performance gain reported. REQUIREMENTS: KOPERNICUS DOWNLOAD To install: 1.Install Kopernicus and drop into GameData. 2.Drop the SVT folder into your GameData folder. This mod is licensed CC BY-NC-ND Thank you to @Avera9eJoe and @Endraxial for the awesome scaled space planet textures. (that's half of this mods awesomeness!) if you would like to help keep my motivation up, then you can donate. Any amount Is amazing, really!
  2. Tell me what you think!
  3. Is the Mun's surface supposed to be this dark with Stock Visual Terrain? It's nearing noon (note the solar panels) but the surface is almost completely black. I'm also running PlanetShine and Stock Visual Enhancements (including Environmental Visual Effects and Scatterer), SVT was my most recent addition, and when I saw a big change. Thanks!