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Found 13 results

  1. I'm happy to introduce to you the Lynx II Main Battle Tank. This completely stock fighting vehicle comes armed with 6 high-velocity i-beam launchers (housed on a 360° rotating turret) capable of stopping any adversary in it's tracks. For an extra measure of self defense this tank also features an independent-rotating half-length i-beam launcher mounted on the top of the turret. The Lynx II takes the name from its predecessor. The Lynx II is nowhere near as heavily armored as past vehicles such as the Relentless and instead focuses on being more agile with a lower chassis profile. The Lynx II however does feature a highly sloped upper and lower front glacis in order to help deflect incoming fire. The Lynx II was built on the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense. A single shot from it's main weaponry is often enough to send it's target back to the stone age. The turret ring and bearing mechanism have also been strengthened compared to previous tank models; greatly improving the durability of the machine. In all this 10 meter long tank weighs in at 340 parts and 27 tons. (Make sure to select "Control From here" from the probe core in the center of the chassis after decoupling the central turret) Download The Lynx II Main Battle Tank Here Or download at KerbalX:
  2. Welcome all to the Regional Armed Forces Show! I need you yes YOU to show me your : Tanks Trucks Half Tracks Planes Troop Transport Artillery Literally anything Military The modlist is a bit of a hefty one not going to lie, we've got : NorthKerbinDynamics BDArmoury NAS NeverEnnufDakka I need your crafts to display! More info on the way! (Writing a article on my phone is crap) How this will work is that I will make a article on the said plane, tank or boat via another thread, I just wanna see if this will take up as much heat All are welcome! If you mods decide this is more SCE then just send it on over there
  3. Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank Designed off the original Swedish Strv 103 MBT, this fully functional replica uses tank drive systems and hydro-pneumatic (Or in this case, landingGearmatics). Consisting of 223 parts for detail and structure, this craft is recommended for good computers. Its completely fun to drive around, hit some things, break the tracks, whatever you wish with your tank! Specs: Max Velocity: Around 44 m/s Max Hull Traverse: 10 - 15 degrees per second Gun Elevation: +10/-10 degrees Tank Drive (including point turns and swing turns) How to Drive: W and S do not cause the vehicle to accelerate forward, press W causes it to turn right and S to turn left, Custom groups 1 and 2 lock the corresponding sides (1 left side track locked, 2 right side track locked) causing it to turn easier at high speeds. ALSO, please check the connection between the fuel line and the rocket engine, occasionally the game thinks they are not connected, resulting into no fuel for the rocket engines. If you guys want a tutorial as how to build the tank drive system in stock KSP or a time lapse of the build, please ask so in the comments! This tank drive concept was derived from my older vehicle and post, you should check them out too! And who can forget the mighty download button DOWNLOAD HERE
  4. Are you ready to defend the Volga? Of course, you are! But in addition to your normal military gear, you need something else. "What is it?" You ask, curious. It's big. Very big. "Huh?" You say, looking around you. You are promptly relegated to mess hall duty, as shortsightedness is not a good attribute in a soldier. _______________ Bam! The KV-2 is a development of the Kliment Voroshilov heavy tank. Unlike its more modest brother, this monstrosity features a massive, fridge-sized turret housing a massive gun (not included). But its most unique feature is that it, unlike many stock tanks, has TWO different control axes for the turret. That's right: You have a vertical gun traverse and a horizontal one which rotates the entire turret. But do not let its huge size faze you: The KV-2 features a 5-star safety rating, owing to the fact that it can't go faster than around 25 kph, rendering any sort of accident nearly impossible.This particular replica has all the quirks of the original, such as the fact the turret can't rotate on a slope, the fact that it handles like a brick and the fact that it is a shining example of Soviet wartime engineering. Featuring: -5-star safety rating! -Functional turret! -Functional gun traverse! -Stalinium-infused shellproof armor! -8.4 percent Russian Bias Paint! -Funny looking machine gun port! -Rubber wheels! Not Featuring: -An actual working gun -Internal seating (Just sit on the roof!) -Capitalism OBTAIN YOURS TODAY! If KSP is being naughty, go into the craft file and change the line saying "1.2.1" to "1.2.2". User manual is on the KerbalX page.
  5. привет! Recently, I've been working on a T-34 tank. Here's what I made: Project: Probably completed Tank is made for 1.2 version. It features many thing like: Working cannon and machinegun, Very fast speed for a tank (can reach up to 45m/s risking tracks to broke and 35.2m/s is the highest safe speed.) Refuelling is possible via docking port on the back but I think you won't use this feature because it can travel huge distances at the amount of fuel that you have in your tank. In my opinion this tank is very fun to drive and shoot. Looks almost like original one. Here is .craft file with mods that you need to run it. Everything packed into .zip. Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version .craft + MODS - 374.55MB Only .Craft File - 231KB
  6. First of all, I'd like to thank @ghostbuzzer7 very much for giving me an idea with his tank drive. The wheels and their mechanism are entirely based on his works, and he should get credit for that amazing idea. After seeing his Strv 103 tank on this thread, I had the idea to upscale the mechanism for an actual modded tank with more armor, for @HatBat's military series. It took me quite a while to get it right, but I found that, by removing friction on all but the three center wheels, the tank could spin easier than if all wheels were used. Below is a video demonstrating the rotation capability. Sorry for the low FPS, I'm literally running on a computer weaker than some of the newer smart phones. Of course, this vehicle requires BDArmory continued. I've used KER in my game, but it's not required. Also note that, like in the ghostbuzzer's Strv, the W and S key do not move the vehicle forwards. W turns the tank left, and S right. You can still use A and D for steering at higher speeds. As seen in the video, the turning mechanism sometimes bugs out and makes the vehicle stop. You can fix that by turning in the other direction, and then back into the desired one. Armament is composed of a single M1 turret coupled with a twin 12.7mm machine gun mounted ontop. Since the wheels can only be used for rotation, forward and reverse are controlled by the throttle and by reversing thrust from the engine. Maximum speed is around 30-35 m/s. Bindings: Fire weapon Next weapon Toggle engine reverse speed Nothing Toggle solar panels And yes, the almighty Download
  7. Welcome to Scorpion Tank Challenge!!! Goal : Make a fonctional scorpion like tank Rules : -Needs to look like a scorpion -Have a powerful canon (2 max) -Have missiles -Have a nice speed -Be stable -Mods : BDArmory, Kerbal Foundries -Version : 1.0.5 is better for me but 1.1.2 is accepted too -Weapon Manager -IMPORTANT- If you don't like something, go to another challenge. Comments are reserved for improvement and entries NOTHING MORE! Good Luck builders!
  8. The greatest and secret Tank from Rubrics Iron Kaput by Calambur group. Mods: KerbalFoundries, TweakScale. File: Kaput.craft?dl=0 Original: itself rubric (WARNING Here so much russian language!) Screenshots:
  9. Sorry, moderators, saw a more fitting place to post this after posting this thread. Care to move it if it's too disruptive here? Here is something I made, in my attempt to make a ground tank. Origianally, I wanted to make it a hover tank, but when I found out the mod parts for it were difficult to use, and that they lagged the system, I ended resorting to wheels, while maintaining the Hover Tank name. A misnomer. Parts that I used are: Stock (default) Bahamuto Dynamics Armory (mod) The only mod parts would be the turret, 4 machine guns, and the weapon manager. It has thrusters to overcome vertical challenges, but sacrifices liquid fuel that is used by the fuel cells to power the wheels. The stats are as follows: And it in action. Driving (top speed appears to be at 24 meters per second to 30): Flight, has enough fuel to make it to the top of a tall structure on the earth-like Kerbin ( I did not do that for the pic), and, I broke the wheels: Lastly, parachutes for when I lose fuel in midair, or when I want a simple landing: To actually get this thing to another planet... will be a pain. I have been able to do it via mods, but to do it honestly will take some doing. This is my current goal on perfecting. I know there is a hover part mod out there, but for some reason it messes with my PC, and RCS was too weak to make it travel well.
  10. UDR Concept Vehicle U: Universally D: Deployable (Yes I know, it's not a word) R: Rover What makes this rover different than others? It's simple really, as far as I can tell, it's probably the first rover to utilize the inverse motor in 1.1 allowing it to turn like a tank, which is both fun and practical (Not so practical with your batteries though). It also is rocket propelled, meaning it can climb steep gradients at the expense of it's relatively large fuel capacity. This vehicle can traverse the land at up to 100 meters per second for safety. It comes with to frontal landing gear in the front, making it able to clear debris that may be blocking the runway or just to capture kerbals and throw them into the pit of --- Anyways... this vehicle's control scheme is quite different from that of a normal car. Tutorial: This vehicle turns by using the W and S key. These two buttons will control where your tank points. For instance, holding your W key will cause the left track to reverse and the right track to spin normally, thus causing a left pivot.... (I made that sound way too confusing). Use the engines to propel your vehicle around since the wheels aren't actually driving but rather being your steering aid. If you need to, use point turn mode via action groups which permanently locks one side's track until released by pressing the action group button again. DON'T PRESS F3 (#LogBugsEverywhere) DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
  11. The Tiger I was a German heavy tank of World War II deployed from 1942 in Africa and Europe usually in independent heavy tank battalions. Its final designation was Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E often shortened to Tiger. The Tiger I gave the Wehrmacht its first armoured fighting vehicle that mounted the KwK 36 88-mm gun (not to be confused with the 8.8 cm Flak 36). Only 1,347 were built between August 1942 and August 1944. Production was phased out in favour of the Tiger II. It's pretty big, but the turret has a functional rotating turret (Thanks to selfish_meme for ideas). Instructions for operation: 1. Once spawned, decouple turret. 2. Rotate turret with Q and E. If stuck, attempt pitching it up and down (W and S.) 3. Switch to other craft with [ or ] and drive around with W and S. Specifications: Parts: 342 Max speed: 10-12 m/s Craft file: Thanks for viewing!
  12. Space Shuttle tank ET94 entered the atlantic side of the Panama Canal yesterday and is now passing through the first of the Pacific-side locks, the Pedro Miguel Locks. The following webcam is at the next set of locks, the Miraflores Locks, facing towards Pedro Miguel: There is a bit of a rain storm right now but as soon as it passes, you will be able to see the Pedro Miguel locks in the distance. You can track the tanks progress here, it is being towed by the Shannon Dann: It just entered the first set of locks about 15 minutes ago.
  13. Behold! The bane of the capitalistic leeches, the T-72, has arrived! This tanks is pimped out with rubber side skirts, view ports, spaced armor, armored primary gunner's sight, convoy light, regular lights, infrared lights, and much more. It's armed with "smoke launchers" (just aesthetic). If the turret gets stuck, just wiggle around a little. XD Don't say it's a design flaw until you've tried to design something like this yourself. I've got a reworked turret and some upgraded track equipped variants in development.