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Found 16 results

  1. The Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration A collaboration between NorthAmericanAviation and Servo Recently, @NorthAmericanAviation and I have been working on replicating every U.S. military jet, from the first P-59 Airacomet to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We will be posting one a day, in the order that they entered service, along with photos, information about the plane, and of course, a download link. June 1943 - Bell P-59 Airacomet The Bell P-59 Airacomet was the first U.S. Jet fighter to see production. It was first flown in 1942, and the first production models were delivered in June of the following year. Test pilots, including Chuck Yeager, flew the P-59 and found it to be unsatisfactorily slow, though they noted that it flew very smoothly. Ultimately, the P-59 never saw service due to the multitude of problems the design faced, including slow engine response time (accurately modeled by the Juno engines on the replication) and lateral instability. In order to disguise the P-59 from aerial reconnaissance, a plywood propeller was used to prevent spies from realizing that the P-59 was a jet fighter. Despite these shortcomings, the P-59 was a pioneering jet in many aspects. It was the first jet to integrate the engines and intakes into the fuselage - prior ones such as the Gloster Meteor and the Me 262 carried their engines in nacelles under or on the wing. Additionally, the experience the U.S. gained with turbojet design would be shown in later fighters, such as the F-59's immediate successor, the P-80 Shooting Star, and later, the F-86 Sabre. Replica Stats: Builder: Servo Service Ceiling: 10km Part count: 71 Crew: 1 Mass: 9.5 tons Powerplant: 4x Juno Top Speed: 140m/s Dimensions: 4m x 11.7m x 10.2 m The P-59 flies pretty well, though like the original, it is a bit clunky. Due to the engine position, it is slow to respond to pitch controls. Additionally, the rear landing gear are almost directly above the center of mass, so landings have to be really gentle. Apart from that, the P-59 is really easy to fly, stable without SAS (given a little bit of trim), and at high time warp without too much trouble. Download Link: Tomorrow's craft: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Find the spreadsheet with all craft here
  2. Hi! I recently discovered an accurate-to-life hand-drawn animation of the Falcon Reusable booster and the Skylon concept, with explanations of the benefits and challenges spaceplanes face. Enjoy!
  3. Make your own Atmospheres for KSP Version 1.0.2 A tool for mod developers who want to create their own realistic atmospheres KSPatmospheres.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet used to create atmospheric models for celestial bodies in Kerbal Space Program. It takes input from the user and automatically generates an entire Atmosphere node that can be copied and pasted into your Kopernicus configuration files. It implements the full array of atmosphere curves available to KSP modders. The user still has creative control over many aspects of the atmosphere, such as composition, surface pressure and temperature, but the complex number crunching is all done behind the scenes. There is no math required on the part of the user. Real life gas laws are used to create realistic pressure curves. An entire atmosphere can be completed in minutes. Download Change log:
  4. Airliner Safety Challenge In this Challenge you must build an airliner that fits in one of the four categories, each category has it's own scoreboard: Light: 2-16 passenger Kerbals. Medium: 17-32 passenger Kerbals Heavy:32-64 passenger Kerbals Super-Heavy: 65+ Rules: No excessive clipping (Clip any structural parts you want, no fuel tanks into fuel tanks, keep passenger cabins mostly intact). No Cheats (Duh). A passenger Kerbal is defined as a Kerbal that is contained within a crew cabin without control capabilities. The extra crew in the Mk3 cockpit are considered flight attendants, and it has a scoring bonus to reflect this. You can also add extra (more than two) cockpits to get in on those sweet, sweet flight attendant points. Any plane must have at least one Kerbal piloting it. Heavy and above planes must have two pilots. No floating parts. I love offset, but at least stick a strut on there. Mods are allowed, but no cheaty ones. No staging. No VTOL. No parachutes (Except for a single drouge if you really want) Your plane may leave the atmosphere, but cannot orbit. your plane cannot contain any rocket engines, and if RAPIERS are included, a screenshot must be provided of all oxidizer drained in the SPH You must have at least one clear picture of your plane. Electrical or otherwise infinite range aircraft do not have their range included in the scoring. You must submit pictures of your plane. At least one inflight. You must calculate your own score. Scoring: Bonus points: Your plane cannot tailstrike no matter how hard you pull up on takeoff (20 points) Your plane stalls at less than 50m/s (5 points) Your plane stalls at less than 30m/s (20 points) Your plane stalls at less than 25m/s (30 points) Your plane stalls at less than 20m/s (60 points) Your plane does not need SAS to fly stably (20 points) Your plane does not need trim adjustment to fly straight and level. This only stacks with the non SAS points. (10 points) Your plane can fly on 50% of its engines (20 points) Your plane can fly on 66.6% of it's engines (5 points) Your plane can fly on 33.3% of it's engines (30 points) Your plane can fly on 25% of it's engines (35 points) Your plane can belly land with all crew and passengers surviving (20 points) Your plane can belly land without damage (40 points) Your plane has airbrakes (10 points) Your plane can ditch in the water with all crew surviving (10 points) Your plane can ditch in the water with no damage (20 points) Your plane is a seaplane (20 points) Your plane is an amphibious seaplane (10 points, stacks with above) Your plane can take off and immediately land back on the runway without turning around, and is heavy size or above (10 points for large 20 points for super-heavy) Your plane has a way to jettison fuel without speeding up (10 points) Your plane can fly on any two engines. Simple fuel and air systems: your plane has all fuel tanks and air intakes in the same stack as an engine (10 points) Point malus: Your plane can lose controllability due to fuel shift (-20 points) Your plane needs the end of the runway to take off (-20 points) Your plane can break up due to aerodynamic forces (-20 points) Your plane can melt itself if left at full throttle. (Saftey feature if both pilots fell asleep) (-10 points) Your pilots do not have a clear view out the aircraft-I.E. windows are covered. (-10 points)' Your plane solely relies on alternators on the main engines for power (-10 points) Your plane contains an RTG or nerv engine (passengers don't want radioactive death leaking) (-20 points) Your plane needs all of it's engines to fly (-20 points) Base scoring (Subject to change): Max speed+(max distance/10)+((Max passengers*5)*1+(number of flight attendants/2))+Bonus points Example: 300+(5000/10)+(32*5)*1+(2/2))=1120 Leaderboards: Light: @Calmlamma: 7854.9 points! @zolotiyeruki: 5555 points! @DoctorDavinci: 3485.6 points! @pro100kerbonaught2538 points! @qzgy: 1,853 points @tetragon213: 1586.7 points! @EpicSpaceTroll139: 300 points! Medium: @proteasome: 3190.5 points! @martiplay28yt: 2434.1 Points! Heavy: @wanderfound: 1,632 points! @Physics Student:1239 points! Super-heavy: @notanaimbot: 4305.2 points! @EpicSpaceTroll139: 3832 points! @DoctorDavinci: 3451.6 points! @Tetragon213: 2491 points! @SaturnianBlue:2116.9 points! @MustaKotka:1736 points! @Delay: 1381 points! @Spacetraindriver:1353 points! @EpicSpaceTroll139: 1302 points! @notsodeadjeb:1134 points! Special Mentions First entrant: @Spacetraindriver Early Jet Airliner lookalikes: @EpicSpaceTroll139 Concorde Lookalikes: @Tetragon213 @MustaKotka
  5. totm

    Welcome to what will possibly be the least popular thread on the KSP forums. What, may you ask, does gardening have to do with spaceflight...? Why, absolutely nothing of course... unless you are a hungry astronaut left stranded on Mars with only some potatoes and a large quantity of astronaut poop to use as fertiliser. I am not a stranded astronaut, but I do have a bone to pick with my garden. You see, last year's crop was dreadful. I put in a lot of work last spring, but after a promising start... ...things started dying left right and centre. July and August were bone dry, my tomato plants got mildew, and in the end all I had to show for my efforts were courgettes (zucchini for you guys from across the pond). Lots of courgettes. Long ones, round ones, stripy ones. We spent most of last summer eating them in soups, curries, with couscous or stuffed, and then we froze or canned the rest and have been steadily munching our way through them since. My step-children never want to see another courgette again. Officially. Ever. So this year, we are going to try again, and do better. Or else. I have my first plot ready for onions and potatoes (this is my first attempt at 'taters). I have some nice rich, dark soil with a plentiful supply of manure courtesy of these gals... Apparently chicken dung is the best. They are also helping me to clear the turf from my second plot which is just next to my bottom-of-the-garden office where I write the Camwise Logs. I feel like I'm using them for slave labour, but dammit they're efficient. Leave hens on your lawn for a couple of weeks and it will be totally wrecked, children. My main goal this year is to revive Great Uncle Jim's tomatoes. This will be my third attempt. Great Uncle Jim (or Tonton Jim) was my wife's grandfather, as well as being her great uncle. Don't ask. It's just how they did things back then in that part of France. Anyway, Tonton Jim was a legendary gardener, and my wife has fond memories of eating his delicious, juicy, fleshy tomatoes as a child. Tonton Jim passed away a few years ago. Fittingly, he was in the garden he loved so much when it happened. His heart failed and he was dead before he hit the ground apparently. What a great way to go. A couple of summers back, we visited her grandma who gave us some tomato seeds that had been tucked away in the cellar for years. The most recent strain is from Jim's 2005 crop. So far, I have managed to get some to germinate twice, but the first attempt I planted too late, and last year was an awful season for just about everything. Anyway, I'll keep you updated as things start to grow. And if any of you lads and lasses have a garden, feel free to post your endeavours...
  6. Hello! Welcome to Through Hardships to the Stars (previously known as KSP Megastructures)! This is a fan-fiction illustrated story, played in sandbox mode, with many, many mods. Contents: Chapter 1 - StarDust (This Post) Chapter 2 - SpacePlane-1 Chapter 3 - Comm Fleet Chapter 4 - Station Science Chapter 5 - The End Chapter 6 - New Beginnings Chapter 7 - Further Than Any Kerbal Has Gone Before Chapter 8 - Merkury-Appaloosa Chapter 9 - Moving Forward Chapter 10 - The Mun and Brumby Chapter 11 - Interstellar Hazard Chapter 12 - Bigby Solar Observatory Interlude - The Plan Chapter 13 - Starting The Plan Chapter 14 - SpaceLab Operations Chapter 15 - Updating The Plan Chapter 16 - Satellites Galore Chapter 17 - The Grand Tour of Kerbin Chapter 18 - By SQUAD... Chapter 19 - Solar Trusses Chapter 20 - Gilly Chapter 21 - Getting Stuff Done Chapter 22 - The Hybridium Chapter 23 - A Discovery Chapter 24 - Duna Calls Chapter 25 - Maintenance Chapter 26 - Minmus Chapter 27 - Good and Bad Chapter 28 - Rebellious Chapter 29 - Unexpected Developments Chapter 30 - Pushing Forward Chapter 31 - Something Big Want to submit a payload? Answer these questions and it'll be launched Note: Any mods are allowed except those that add life support (TAC-LS, USI-LS, Snacks, etc) and those that add different fuel systems (like RealFuels, EngineIgnitor, Cryogenic Engines, etc) Payload Submission Form: CHAPTER 1: STARDUST The International Kerbal Space Program wasn't going well. After the Kongress decided that manufacturing enough nukes to annihilate Kerbin three times over (with no conflicts going on at the time) was more important than space exploration, the IKSP had all fundings cut. The space program was bankrupt, with all their achievements being forgotten over time. After 4 years of uncertain-ness, Jerome Kerman, head of the IKSP, had no choice but to sell off the program to a private investor. That private investor was Dave Kerman. The IKSP was officially declared a private organization 4 years, 3 munths and 2 days after kovernmental funding was cut. Dave immediately set his sights on the IKSP's huge, but ageing, space station. It was officially named the Kerbal Space Station, but nearly everyone called it "StarDust". 4 years ago, it was an engineering marvel. The culmination of the entirety of Kerbin working together to reach into space, and stay there. However, now the station was slowly failing. The RTGs were losing power, the circuit connections were getting unstable and the atmosphere inside was escaping. Something had to be done, or StarDust would soon be rendered completely unusable. The first thing that Dave Kerman and his team decided on was to replace the old habitation arms with an all-new, modern habitation ring. Or more accurately, four of them. The 364-ton monstrosity needed an all-new launcher to get it into orbit: the SB-3, Station Builder 3. The SB-3 was just an SB-2 with 3 cores. The SB-1, compared to these huge rockets, was so small it was barely worth mentioning (it was still pretty big, having been made of 3.75m parts). The habitation ring was mounted on top of the SB-3. Unfortunately the fairing wasn't wide enough for the ring, so the entire assembly had to be botled to a rocket with a flat top. The brute force approach would have to be used, punching a hole through the lower atmosphere and getting out of it ASAP. The rocket was rolled to the launchpad successfully. With a crowd of exactly 14 kerbals in Mission Control, SB-3 with the Habitation Ring lifted off. The rocket followed an unusually steep gravity turn, focusing more on getting out of the lower atmosphere than building up horizontal speed. Booster separation: And finally, a stable orbit was reached. The closest approach was 47.2km. Not too bad for a private space program who had never docked before. Mission Control could work with that. All further maneuvers would be completed with the second stage, which had a full tank of fuel. All maneuvers were performed successfully and the stage was detached from the Hab Ring less than a kilometer from StarDust. The Hab Ring guided itself in under the power of its own RCS thrusters. Docking was completed on the light side of Kerbin, which is not at all right and proper, but it was the safest option for a first mission. The IKSP's first private mission was a complete success. Now all that was left was deorbiting the second stage: Most of the components overheated on reentry. Only the fairing base and docking port survived, which showed some strange aerodynamic properties... Since the base was practically gliding down, it was no surprise when it survived contact with the ocean. [This gave me an idea... can I make a glider out of fairing bases?? I'll have to try some designs.] The IKSP's first mission was a success. But Dave Kerman wasn't finished there...
  7. Welcome to the Add-on Development Mod Library *I ask that the community mod users do not deliberately necro old mods listed here for update requests. If we can use this thread for those purposes, it will help the community as a whole avoid unnecessary cluttering of the main Development pages. This library is an easily accessible and organized listing of mods currently in development or were in development. Hopefully, from this point forward, mods will no longer be buried in the forum pages and forgotten. In addition, anybody looking for a potential project for updating or modifying can look here instead of trying to 'mine' for mods. Many of the older mods listed here, in all probability, are still compatible for use with the current KSP v1.2.2. However, use with caution to prevent game braking glitches or bugs. For Modders (please read for any questions you have): I am very confident that I have included 95% of all mods from the Add-on Development pages that have not been officially 'released'. However, I am human and I may unintentionally included mods that can not be updated for whatever reason or may be obsolete due to KSP updates. In addition, I may have missed mods or have mistakenly excluded others from the list. Any modder who does not want their mod listed here can request for its removal, it will be removed in a timely manner. Any modder can request they want their mod relocated to a different section of the library and it will be done in a timely manner. I politely request that any modder who finds or knows about a mod in any of the sections that is updated, misplaced, obsolete or has been re-released, please inform me so we can keep the list cleaned up and streamlined. Mod Placement Requests: Any community member can request a mod for placement on this list so long as it meets a few requirements. First requirement is that mod has a file for the community to use. I will make an exception to concept mods so long as the mod author posts pictures of their progress so the community can see that work is actually being done. Those mods will be posted in the Developer Diaries. Second requirement is that it has not been completed and release to the Add-on Release pages. I do not wish to double up on mod links to create any confusion. Vetting Standards for Mods: No mods without working plugins or parts. No mods that had been adopted, updated or re-released in the Community Library. No mods that were left in a incomplete or non functional state are included. No mods that the creator expressly requested not be included. Mod Patch Notification: Any community member who know of a mod that is out-dated but has a 'unofficial' patch located with in the mod thread can assist us in making that clear to the community. Please provide the mod name and a link in this thread or PM @CarnageINC. Please ensure the link you provide is still a live valid link for the mod. Wanted to give a thanks to @Gaarst for letting me assist him in the updating and organizing the Community Library. That work is the basis of this library, the format and style are based off his work. Additionally, I wanted to give a special thanks to @paulprogart, @linuxgurugamer and @magico13 for their advice and assistance given to help make this library better, thank you guys! Last UPDATE: 16 April 2017 ____________________________________________________________________ Mods in green are compatible with the current version (1.2.2) either from testing or simply from their release thread. These are also in the Community Library. Mods in light green are compatible with the current version (1.2.2) but have not been recompiled for 1.2 so they will appear outdated. These are/will be also in the Community Library. Mods in yellow are the ones dated from older versions whose compatibility are not yet established. These are also in the Community Library. Mods in orange are inactive or discontinued development mods located in the Add-on Development pages. Mods in red are dated from older versions and have been shown not to be compatible with the latest version. These are also in the Community Library. Mods in blue are located in the Add-on Development pages and are also found in the Community Library. Mods in purple are abandoned by author. (This is going to change soon to match Community Library) Mods in black are mods in development or older released mods which haven't been complied or labeled for the current version. Mods marked with * are quite reference system used by the Librarian and are awaiting attention or relocation. Tool Library for Modders New to modding? Look here for starting out. All tools used by mod creators are to be located here. I would greatly appreciate advice for links for this section. Mod Development Tool Library: These tools are for assisting content creators in their projects. [1.2.x] Amazing Curve Editor, by sarbian - This mod allows you to edit and see the shape of a KSP FloatCurve and copy the config to your cfg. Only useful to modders and those who edit cfg files. [x.x.x] AssemblyReloader, by xEvilReeperx - It'd be pretty neato if you could just press a button and see your current version running in a few seconds, wouldn't it? [1.2.0] DebugStuff, by sarbian - Debug stuff is a simple plugin that allows you to display the transform & colliders of a part in wireframe and display the part Hierarchy in a window. [1.1.x] HeightmapExtractor/HeightmapManager, by stupid_chris - Basically what this does is try to create an image of the land above the sea level for Kerbin. [0.2.4] JSIPartUtilities, by Mahara - A collection of PartModules for solving problems posed by alexustas, these will eventually be bundled and published separately for general use. Patch by linuxgurugamer [1.2.0] Kerbal Object Inspector Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This plugin allows mod developers to see exactly what's going on in the background of any game scene by listing every game object and their properties. [1.2.2] NodeHelper, by Felbourn - A useful tool if you're designing your own parts mod, that allows part nodes editing in game. [x.x.x] Parts Shaders Replacement - PBR, by Lilleman - This plugin, mostly intended to part modders at the moment, will replace all common KSP part shaders by customized Unity Standard shaders. [x.x.x] 0.23 PartTools, by Mu - This is a tool provided by Squad to help the community create parts for KSP. Framework mods: These are literally the foundations that other modders use to create mods for the community. [1.2.x] ASET Avionics Pack, by alexustas - This pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft, this pack adds a lot of classic analog props for the planes. [1.2.x] ASET Props Pack, by alexustas - This pack is for the modders who create IVA for the spacecraft with set of almost 600 different devices and decoration elements for creation of interiors of space ships. [1.2.2] B9PartSwitch, by blowfish - Similar to Firespitter and Interstellar Fuel Switcher, this mod doesn't do anything by itself, but provides a way for other mods to enable part switching. [1.2.x] Community Resource Pack, by RoverDude - Creates a generic basis for new resources to be used commonly by other mods. [1.2.x] Contract Configurator, by nightingale - Allows mods to edit stock contracts and adds in new types of contracts, while providing a common framework for integration with other mods. [1.2.2] Custom Barn Kit, by sarbian - A small plugin to change a bunch of parameters related to career, science, the buildings upgrade cost and when various features are unlocked. [1.2.2] Firespitter dll, by Snjo - The firespitter plugin file allows for modders to include rotating parts on their models. *As far as we know, this link is always up to date. [x.x.x] HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement, by Nazari1382 - A replacement for stock engine particle FX. If you are tired of seeing the same old effects, HotRockets is for you! [1.2.x] Kerbal Konstructs, by Ger_space - Provides the foundation to add new static objects or building to the game. [1.2.0] KittopiaTech - A Kopernicus Visual Editor, by Thomas P. - This Plugin is a continuation of KCreators "KittopaTech Ingame Terraforming" plugin, that can edit the stats of planets at runtime, via. a Graphical Interface. [1.2.x] ModularFlightIntegrator, by sarbian - Allows some mods to edit aerodynamic and thermal properties of some parts without breaking everything. [1.2.1] Module Manager, by sarbian - This mod lets you write patch files that edit other parts at load time without overwriting anything. [1.2.2] Principia, by eggrobin - This mod aims to replace KSP's unstable physics integration with a higher-order symplectic integrator, adding N-body Newtonian gravitation in the process. [1.2.2] RasterPropMonitor, by MOARdV - Overhauls the stock IVA system by adding many functionalities and information, to be able to control an entire mission from IVA. [1.2.0] RetractableLiftingSurface, by linuxgurugamer - This is a small module which allows you to have a folding wing or other retractable lifting surface. It allows for an integrated control surface. [1.2.2] SelectableDataTransmitter, by linuxgurugamer - This is a module which is used to allow an antenna be switchable between DIRECT mode and RELAY mode. [1.2.2] Sigma Binary, by Sigma88 - Enables easy integration of binary body systems for planet packs. [1.2.2] Sigma Dimensions, by Sigma88 - This mod is to be an "universal rescale mod", the only thing you'll need to do is set the rescale factor you want in the settings. [1.2.2] SmokeScreen, by sarbian - Allows other mods to edit the particle FX, useful for mods that change effects such as engines plumes, etc... [1.2.2] SolverEngines, by NathanKell - Does some engines config magic for other mods to use. [x.x.x] Stellarator - A Proof of Concept Solar System Generator, by Thomas P. - Stellarator is a software that can generate random solar systems for KSP / Kopernicus. [1.2.2] To Boldly Go, by daniel l. - An external application designed to procedurally generate an entire galaxy for KSP. [1.2.0] Toolbar, by blizzy78 - This mod provides an API for third-party plugins to provide GUI buttons to a toolbar. Video or Streaming mods: Looking to make a movie or do some cool fly by shots, these mods will help. [1.2.0] Ambient Light Adjustment, by timmers_uk - Adds a slider to modify the luminosity of the game at night. Useful for video-makers/streamers tired of filming a black screen half of the time. [1.2.x] Draft Twitch Viewers, by IRnifty - Draft Twitch Viewers (DTV) uses web requests to connect to Twitch, and can pick a random user from any channel, and create a Kerbal in-game with that viewer's name. [1.2.x] Kerbal Animation Suite Continued, by linuxgurugamer - For modders or video makers who want to animate their Kerbals. This mod has 2 components: the animator, and the API. [1.2.2] Kerbal Chroma, by JoePatrick1 -This is a chroma/greenscreen mod for KSP. It has distance and RGB settings so it can be used for various uses. [0.2.3] KerbCam, by huin - This is a tool for those video makers who want just a bit more camera movement and orientation control. Patch by cartman [1.2.x] KSPLogger released, by linuxgurugamer - This mod is created to expose some internal data for external use is for streamers who would like to display some values on screen in some manner. [1.2.x] Minimum Ambient Lighting, by Red3Tango - A small plugin that will set a minimum ambient lighting level based on percentage. Percentage is modified by using the toolbar icon (or though config file)! [1.2.0] WASD Editor Camera Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This mod allows you to move your camera angle around with WASD keys, hold right mouse to look around. ____________________________________________________________________ Mods Currently in Development Mods in development within the last year are located in this section. For any mod "Released", look in the Community Library for that mod's updates and support. Developer Diaries: These are threads created by modders to show case their current works in progress or to help support their mods. [1.2.2] C.A.L.++ (Community Ammunition Library for BDArmory), by Acea - This is a shared resource for BDArmory addons, containing a common ammunition definition file and ammo boxes for the added ammunition types. [1.2.x] DMagic Module Science Animate, by DMagic - This is post is Dmagic's workshop for his SCANSAT mods. [1.2.2] KPBS/MKS Integration Pack, by DStaal - This mod is to help integrate UKS with KPBS. [1.0.4] Kramax Plugin Reload, by Kramer - Development post for Kramax Autopilot mod. [1.2.2] KSP Interstellar Extended, by FreeThinker - This is the development thread of KSP Interstellar Extended where new development can be discussed or requests can be made. [1.2.1] LLL Continued Dev Thread, by linuxgurugamer - This is a development thread for the updating of LLL to 1.2.1. [x.x.x] Maritime Pack & Submarine Pack, by BT Industries - A ship and sub parts pack in development. [x.x.x] Mining and Processing Extension resumed, by riocrokite - This post is to provide ideas for interesting and challenging setup for resources mining and processing on orbital bodies. [x.x.x] Mother Development Thread, by Bonus Eventus - This is the development thread for Mother, a parts pack for making motherships. [x.x.x] MSI's Infernal Robotics model rework, by ZodiusInfuser - This project aims to provide players with a variety of robotic, structural, and utility parts to enhance their unmanned (or manned) space missions in KSP! [x.x.x] Nert's Dev Thread, by Nertea - This thread is for what Nertea is working on right now. [x.x.x] RCS size variants and new options, by TiktaalikDreaming - This mod will be a collection of RCS and hypergolic engines. [x.x.x] Real ISRU Development Thread, by regex - This thread is mainly intended to move discussion of ISRU topics out of the Real Fuels thread while serving as a working document for a realistic ISRU mod. [x.x.x] Sigma Mod Expansions, by Sigma88 - This thread is a collection of all of Sigma88's mods. [x.x.x] Tokamak Industries Refurbished Parts Dev Thread, by Tokamak - This post is to provide a place for Tokamak showcase work in progress and for mod support. [x.x.x] TweakScale - Development Thread, by pellinor - TweakScale lets you change the size of a part. This thread is devoted to assist in development of the mod. [x.x.x] Umbra Space Industries, by RoverDude - This thread is to serve as the master thread for all things USI and also a place to discuss the WIP bits for all of the mods that RoverDude works on. VAB/SPH mods: Like to tinker in the VAB a lot? These mods help players with their creations in the editor. [1.2.2] Ext-Seat Dummy, by Skalou - This mod adds a Fake Kerbonaut part made of a cutting-edge material (probably from UK). With some accurate physics properties, it can aid design or balance crafts. [x.x.x] Tweak Scale Limited, by eberkain - A new intermediate size is placed between each of the stock sizes on the size scale. Crew Utility mods: Want to keep track of your Kerbal's achievements? Need help recruiting new test subjects...uhhh....I mean Kerbalnauts? [1.1.3] Roster Manager, by Papa_Joe - From the Roster list, you can select the Kerbal to manage, attributes, records, training, recruitment, termination, scheduling, etc. Efficiency mods: Want a transfer window to another planet? Need help finding a certain ship? These mods help streamline your gaming experience. [1.2.2] Ascent StartTime, by okder - Ascent StartTime provides interface between mechjeb and plad's flyby finder, or allows you to plan your interplanetary transfer before you leave the ground. [1.1.3] Flight Operations, by Heed - Flight Operations has a vessel naming function and the Space Centre has a Flight History window of your completed flights that have been recovered, destroyed, or terminated. [1.2.2] SupplyChain, by Visionary - A mod designed to automate resource shuttling (and maybe other things). In Game Utility mods: Look here for mods that make small changes to improve your 'quality of game experience'. [] Part Utility mods: Looking for something to help you find or control your parts on your vessels? You can find those mods right here. [1.2.2] Antenna Helper, by Li0n - This WIP mod assists players in antenna selection for distant missions. [1.2.2] IR Sequencer, by Ziw - This is an almost an essential add-on for Infernal Robotics (IR is not updated to 1.2.2 yet). You can create and play sequences of servo movement commands and special commands. In-flight Information mods: Looking for a mod to make data/information access easier on your missions? Here you go. [1.2.x] GPWS - Warning System for Planes, by bssthu - This adds warning sounds for a "ground proximity warning system", a terrain awareness and alerting system. Also adds a "traffic collision avoidance system". [1.2.0] PAPIPPlugin Continued, by bssthu - PAPI (precision approach path indicator) is a light array helping pilots approaching to the runway. [1.2.x] SpeedUnitDisplay, by ThirdOfSeven - What it does: noting complicated. No configuration, no buttons, it just changes your Surface speed indicator. [1.2.x] VOID Continued - Vessel Orbital Information Display, by linuxgurugamer - Adds several in-flight windows containing detailed information on your orbit, trajectory, vessel. Autopilot mods: Have trouble flying your rockets into orbit? Keep crashing into the ground? Here is a helping hand to assist you on your journeys. [1.2.0] SolarSailNavigator, by mrsolarsail - SolarSailNavigator is a new plugin (ALPHA: you have been warned) to navigate continuous thrust spacecraft with solar sails, ion engines, and similar propulsion systems. Career, Credits and Contract mods: For those who don't want to grind the same contracts or experiments over and over again and want something new for their space program. [1.2.2] Career Evolution Contract Pack, by pap1723 - This contract pack changes many of the issues in stock career mission progression. It adds in a more realistic progression of contract chains. Science Related mods: Tired of putting the same old experiments on your probes or need help collecting science? Look here for all things science related! [1.2.2] SCANsat [v17.5] Dev Version, by DMagic - This add-on allows you to scan the surfaces of planetary bodies to produce various kinds of maps and mine relatively small amounts science (in career mode). Technology mods: Want to unlock a different tech tree for a change of pace? Here are a few to choose from. [1.2.x] Cold War Progression, by minepagan - This tech tree that is balanced between historical and technological progression, with a catch. You need to pick which side of the iron curtain your space program will be on! Themed Multi-Pack Parts mods: For those who want new parts but not a lot of mods to keep updated, try out these themed mods. [1.2.x] Coyote Space Industries, by dboi88 - This mod is cargo freighter system being developed to be compatible with RoverDude's MKS mods. Spacecraft and Station Parts mods: Need parts for your exploration needs? Look here to see if any catch your eye. [1.2.2] ALCOR, "Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous", by alexustas - Adds a new modern orbital capsule fitted with advanced IVA. [1.2.x] Coatl Aerospace ProbePlus, by akron - This is a comprehensive stock-alike (ish) probe expansion pack inspired by real missions from the mid-1960s to now. [1.2.0] DarkSide Technology (Beta), by Badsector - Parts to help build ships for long voyages, includes 2.5m foldable centrifuge, 2.5m and 3.75m hubs and inline 3.75m solar panels. [x.x.x] IXS Warship Original Series, by Denko666 - This is an update/expansion of the IXS Enterprise, adding futuristic functionality while maintaining good integration with stock parts and creating new gameplay options. [x.x.x] Konstellation HLV, by DocBones - A streamline concept for a Mars Horizontal Landing Vehicle with integrated MAV and Cargo section. [1.1.2] KOSMOS Updates, by Bezzier - This is an update to the old KOSMOS Spacecraft Design Bureau mod, which was Soviet styled Kerbalized parts mod. [x.x.x] KSS Asimov, by v1per - This is a small parts pack to create a unique looking spacecraft. [1.2.1] LLL Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is a development mod to update the Lack Luster Labs mod listed below. [1.2.x] NSS/OctoSat - SOAR Continued, by linuxgurugamer - This is a modular probe parts pack with a large number of different parts. [1.2.2] SSTULabs - Low Part Count Solutions, by Shadowmage - Adds various new parts with a focus on reducing part counts by using parts with multiple functionalities. [1.2.0] STS - AVALON, by RaendyLeBeau - This mods objective is to provide a space transport system with a direct approach, to closer planets within the solar system, similar to NASA's Mars Transfer Vehicle. [x.x.x] TD Industries Orion bits, by TiktaalikDreaming - Releasing parts for the 10m Orion craft from the early 60's. Primarily the upper craft components designed by General Atomics for NASA use. [1.2.2] Tundra Exploration, by tygoo7 - This is a mod that will include various stuff from SpaceX and other cool stuff that is stockalike. [x.x.x] Version2.0 Industries, by MichaelV2.0 - This mod parts pack seeks to fill a void in your intergalactic Kerbal empire. By adding parts for space habitation, exploration and transport. [1.x.x] Warpship Original Series, by Denko666 - WarpShip is an update and expansion of the IXS Enterprise, adding some futuristic functionality while maintaining good integration with stock parts. [1.1.3] XKOM - Interceptors, by njmksr - The Skyranger from XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the first installment of the XKOM Ships Pack, a pack to bring XCOM into KSP. [x.x.x] Yeti Space Program, by LukeTheYeti - This is a series of modular hull sections, command pods, engines, and adapters designed to be fit together to make big blocky sci-fi spacecraft. Spaceplanes and Aircraft Parts mods: Want your Kerbals to feel the wind beneath their wings? Feel the need for a SSTO?!? These are the right mods for you. [1.2.2] AoA Technologies, by Wolfair corp. - This mod adds in several new cockpits, nose drones and engines for your aircraft needs. [x.x.x] Deltaglider XR-1, by Redneck - This is a single part complete space plane concept. [1.x.x] D12 Aerotech - A B9 Aerospace Expansion, by PolecatEZ - This is a parts pack to expand the B9 Aerospace mod. [1.2.2] Mil Mi-24 Hind Cockpit, by StereotypicalBrit - This is (currently) a single-part mod that adds (as the name suggests) a command pod in the form of the Mi-24 Hind cockpit. [1.2.x] Mk3 Expansion (Dev), by SuicidalInsanity - This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk3 parts lineup with new engines, cockpits, fuselage parts and more. [1.2.0] OPT Space Plane, by K.Yeon - This is a massive parts pack that contains more than 60 space plane dedicated parts. [1.2.0] SRS: Small Cockpits, by Konnor - A small parts mod of 1.25 m cockpits with custom IVA layouts for each. [1.2.0] Zombie = One more B9 Inspired Expansion, by Konnor - This tiny part pack adds a few things that Konner found missing in B9 Aerospace. Jump Drives, Engines and Tanks mods: Want bigger rockets? Smaller rockets? Moar boosters? Look no further. [x.x.x] Chopper Parts, by frizzank - An experiment to see if frizzank could create helicopter parts that do not require a plugin like firespliter. [1.1.2] DIRECT - Super Heavy Launchers Revamp, by benjee10 - DIRECT is a parts pack designed to emulate primarily the Jupiter launch vehicles proposed by the DIRECT team. [1.2.0] ESLD Jump Beacons Revived, by Booots - The ESLD Beacon network will get your Kerbals from point A to points B through Z in no time at all, presuming you've positioned and fueled them. [1.2.2] Explodium Breathing Engines, by Gordon Fecyk - "Jet" engines that (actually!) use Eve's atmosphere and Oxidizer. [1.0.5] Jool DIRECT, by Daelkyr - This is a collection of parts in 3.75 m and 5 m to help you realize your heavy lifting dreams. It is a Kerbalized version of NASA's DIRECT program and their Jupiter rocket family. [1.2.2] Justin Kerman's Tank & Engine Salvage, by Verran - This is a WIP and is the culmination of several months of work designing internal fuel cells that would fit within the models of the stock fuel tanks. [1.2.2] Ludicrous Propulsion Systems, by Benjamin Kerman - LPS adds taller fuel tanks in all stock sizes and new throttleable hybrid engines burning solid fuel and oxidizer. [x.x.x] Methane Rocket!, by Joco223 - This mod adds fuel tanks, engines, and a lot of other thing that work with methane! [x.x.x] Moar Mk1, by passinglurker - Just a quick little part mod made because the rocket revamp was pushed back to 1.2 and didn't match the old fuel tanks with porkjet's new parts any longer. *Different post title *[x.x.x] Orion aka 'Ol' Boom-boom', by nyrath - A totally insane propulsion system. It is based on the old "firecracker under a tin can" principle. Except the tin can is a spacecraft and the firecracker is a nuclear bomb. Ground and Naval Parts mods: Do you want to go on a Sunday drive with your Kerbals? Do your Kerbals need a yacht to sail on? Maybe these will help. [1.0.2] Exploration Rover System by ASET, by alexustas - Modular rover parts pack in developement. *It is still labled 1.0.2, its not a typo. [1.2.2] Netherdyne Mass Driver Mod, by Northstar1989 - This mod puts in a mass drive system to magnetically shoot your vessels into orbit. [x.x.x] Real Ships, by Azimech - This mod is aimed at creating realistic sea vessels, docks and buildings. [1.2.0] Stockalike Mining Extension, by SuicidalInsanity - SME adds a number of mining and ISRU-related parts in a variety of form factors. Currently a Work-In-Progress. General Part mods: Looking for a particular part to meet that particular need? Look through these mods to find that special part you need. [x.x.x] Add on Airlocks, by TiktaalikDreaming - This mod will be a few add on airlocks, mostly as surface attachable parts. [1.1.3] Dr. Kermanassus' Parts Emporium, by nili2work - An ongoing thread for random parts made for the fun of it. All will work with vanilla KSP. [1.0.5] Kerbal Tubes, by Sticky32 - A small parts pack that adds stock-alike, hollow structural parts to the game, designed to be EVA'd through or for storing things. [1.2.0] KerBalloons, by JoePatrick1 - This mod brings balloons into KSP, allowing you to gather atmosphere science without launching a rocket or plane. [x.x.x] Mouse's project thread, by SpaceMouse - Random part mod for learning purposes. [x.x.x] My Coming up KSP Mod, by Kerbal Nerd123 - An assortment of WW2 fighters for KSP. [1.1.3] Old School Fairings, by Felbourn - Greetings, Kerbanauts! Do you play with Stock aero? Do you like old school fairings? [1.2.0] Rockolight and Rockopanel Adapters, by SpannerMonkey(smce) - A new take on adapters, this mod has adapters with animated openings. [1.2.2] Simple Adjustable Fairings, by blowfish - Single part fairings with a simple length adjustment and fairings are transparent in the editor so that you can build your payload easily. [1.2.2] Smashing Industries, by SmashingKirby148 - This is a thread for a WIP pac. [1.1.3] Stock Part Revamp, by Ven - This part pack replaces several of the stock textures and models, hopefully making them more beautiful in the process. [1.x.x] Tokamak Industries Refurbished, by Tokamak - This pack has parts that cover all aspects of your mission. It also includes Porkjet's Hab Pack parts. Weapon mods: For when your Kerbals need to use some heavy firepower to blow up the KSC. [1.1.3] BDArmory FPS, by V8jester - When it positively absolutely must be destroyed overnight! BD FPS is dependent on BD Armory, KIS and Module Manager to function. [x.x.x] Blue Hawk Industries, by TMasterson5 - This is a pack for 1970's era weapons and is a finalized mod. It will no longer be added to, but will be maintained for functionality. Dropbox link [x.x.x] Master Tech Weapons, by TMasterson5 - Master Tech Weapons is a weapons expansion pack for BD Armory. It is now finalized and will not be added to, but will be maintained for functionality. [1.1.2] MalFunc Weaponry, by Themorris - Naval weapons add on for BDArmory. [1.2.x] NAS - Naval Artillery System, by Acea - (NAS) is an expansion of the BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and weapons used to attack naval ships from both side in WWII. [1.2.x] North Kerbin Dyanamics - Nuclear Bomb and Heavy Ordnance Pack, by harpwner - The definitive BDArmory Nuclear Weaponry (and other things) Pack! [1.1.2] Star Wars Mod, by KSP Bros KS - Just a little BD addon with red, green, blue, and orange lasers from Star Wars, using tibanna gas. [1.0.5] Tycho Orbital Shipyards Weaponry, by sashan - This mod is a Point Defense Cannon as seen on MCRN Tachi space corvette in The Expanse TV series. [x.x.x] Wraithforge (BD Armory addon), by Wraith977 - Addon for BD Armory currently containing several weapons made by various divisions of Denel in South Africa. Construction mods: Want to build stuff outside of the VAB or SPH? These are the mods to get the job done! *[1.2.2] Firma - Permanent Base Structures, by Sassenach - A means of building away from the KSC (Ground Construction/Extraplanetary Launchpads) is recommended but not strictly required. [1.0.5] KAS Assembled Aerobraking Shield, by AlbertKermin - This is a 2.5 m heat shield, to which can be fitted with (through KAS, KIS, or in the VAB) eight additional panels that expand it to a 5-meter radius. [1.x.x] Kerbal Construction Time, by magico13 - This mod is designed to make vessels take time to build rather than being able to constantly launch new vessels one after another. [1.2.2] Keridian Dynamics, by Eleusis La Arwall - This pack contains converters like Furnaces, 3D-Printers and a Chemical Reactor to produce RocketParts from Ore or MetalOre. Replica Spacecraft and Launcher mods: Because reproducing Vostok 1 without these conical boosters isn't really reproducing. Mods that bring real rockets to KSP are located here. [1.0.x] Boeing X37, by Tristonwilson12 - This is a Boeing X37 replica. [1.1.x] Chinese Pack Continued, by Wavechaser - This is a Chinese rocket replica parts pack. [1.x.x] German WWII rockets, by TiktaalikDreaming - This adds in some German rocket designs, incluing the A-12 orbiter rocket. It was never built, but was a fairly well sketched out idea. [1.1.2] ISS Dev Thread, by Mike-NZ - This is a mod to replicate all the ISS parts. [1.2.0] Lionhead ESA Launchers Continued, by MacLuky - This pack includes ATV and Ariane 5 launcher, Ariane 4, Vega, Diamant A and Europa 1. [1.x.x] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module, by TiktaalikDreaming - This is a replica for a design of a manned Mars Excursion Module (MEM) that has in the years since become somewhat iconic. [x.x.x] Saturn V (Reincarnation), by DECQ - This is a revised mod by DECQ of the Saturn 1C, Apollo block III. [1.2.2] Soviet Probes & Soviet Rockets, by raidernick - Adds replicas of well-known Soviet launchers (R7 family, UR-500 Proton and Zenit) and probes. [x.x.x] Space Shuttle, by Mike-NZ - This is a space shuttle replica mod that was in development. Dropbox link, Mike-NZ has 2 shuttle links, not sure which is useful. Other Shuttle mod. [x.x.x] SpaceLaunchSystem, by DECQ - This is a parts pack for NASA's SLS currently in development. [1.1.3] SpaceX Interplanetary Spaceship, by CMDR Flexo - This is a WIP for a 1:1 scale SpaceX ITS for Kerbal Space Program. Replica Parts mods: Need a few real world parts for your Space Shuttle? See if we have what you need. [x.x.x] FASTCORP Autogarage, by fast_de_la_speed - The Autogarage is a compilation of real-life vehicles converted for use in KSP! [1.1.3] Forgotten Real Engines, by Zarbizaure - This pack is intended to fill the engine gap within RO. Tired of unrealistic models? Want moar engines? Or just a specific engine forgotten by the modding community? [1.x.x] NK-33 Engine, by Mad Rocket Scientist - Replica of a Soviet era rocket engine. [x.x.x] PEBKAC Saturn parts, by Kurld - This is a version of the Saturn S-IC thrust structure for mounting 5 engines under a stack. [1.2.0] Shuttle Payload Technologies, by MrMeeb - Small parts pack that adds in payloads for your Space Shuttle missions. Star System Pack mods: These packs are literally out of this world. Venture forth to these new and exotic stars to discover their secrets. [1.x.x] Alien Space Programs, by GregroxMun - Take KSC And Push It Somewhere Else! (Duna, Laythe, or Eve). [1.1.3] Gargantua Black Hole, by KerbalMan23 - What this mod does is add a black hole to your game! (Warp drive HIGHLY recommended). [1.1.3] KASE, by KillAshley - A complete re-work of the stock planets, KASE aims to bring out the native beauty of the stock worlds, without taking away from what made them great in the first place! [x.x.x] Larinax Solar System, by RA3236 - This is the first planet pack to include a developing protostar system. It is currently WIP and contains Larinax, the main star, and Laephus, a terrestrial planet. [1.2.0] Revamped Stock Solar System, by GregroxMun - Revamped Stock Solar System is a mod that takes the stock Kerbol system and makes it look quite a bit cooler. [1.2.2] Seven Worlds around SLIPPIST-1, by GregroxMun - Rendered in a stockalike art style, SLIPPIST-1 is a Kerbalized rendition of the TRAPPIST-1 star system. [1.2.1] Stockalike Solar System, by Sigma88 - This mod rearranges bodies from other mods to reproduce the Solar System but with a Kerbal style. [1.2.x] Total Rebuild, by The White Guardian - This mod destroys every stock KSP body save for Kerbin and the Sun, before adding a completely new planetary system. [x.x.x] Traveller's Dream Planet Pack, by TheSealBrigade - Tech De Ra is a pleasant, always-90 degrees paradise. You better bring your lawn chair, because lying in the sand is an extremely bad idea! [1.1.3] Universe: Star System, by Daeridanii - Universe is the same size as the Toy Solar System mod, except, instead of just downscaling existing planets, Universe replaces and adds more. Planet Pack mods: If you're tired of going to Jool over and over again, these mods are happy to provide new lands to explore. [1.2.1] Arkas, by The White Guardian - This Mod adds a single planet to the Kerbol system between the orbits of Moho and Eve. [1.1.3] Copied Planetoid Mod, by AlbertKermin - This adds and modifies a few bodies in the Kerbol system. [x.x.x] Dres is a Harsh Mistress, by BigFatStupidHead - Dres, with it's low gravity and no atmosphere, gives you a great leg up on an interplanetary space program. [1.1.3] Farlo Planetary Pack, by StickyScissors - This planet pack adds a few new planets and moons to the KSP stock system. [x.x.x] Hot-Jool Mod, by UranianBlue - This mod has a gas giant relocated close to Kerbol. [x.x.x] Raid planet/moon addon, by KerikBalm - This mod is basically a terraformed mars replacement for Duna. [1.0.5] Saru Planet Pack, by tygoo7 - This is a planet pack that includes a Saturn analog for Kopernicus. [1.1.2] Sigma: Lava Laythe, by Sigma88 - So Sigma88 thought: "why don't I make an alternate version of Laythe, but with lava!" [1.1.2] Stock Planet Expansion, by The White Guardian - Stock Planet Expansion or S.P.E is a pack that adds countless moons to the Kerbal solar system for you to explore! From Moho to Eeloo, we got you covered! [x.x.x] The Death Star, by cubinator - This is a Kopernicus addon meant to recreate the original Death Star. It features a superlaser crater and an equatorial trench. [1.2.1] Xen's Planet Collection, by Xenonclave - This is a collection of stock-alike and (mostly) procedurally-generated Kopernicus planets and moons. Planetary Structures mods: Tired of just the KSC and the island runway to go to? Fill your world with bases to make it feel more real with these mods. [1.2.0] Alien Space Program, by GregroxMun - Take KSC And Push It Somewhere Else! (Duna, Laythe, or Eve). [1.x.x] Kerbal Cities Pack, by amankd - This WIP mod attempts to make a basic proceduraly generated city with a variety of buildings and road networks for KSP. [1.2.x] Real KSC in KSP, by Tristonwilson12 - This brings the real Kennedy space center and cape Canaveral and some various pads around the Globe, to KSP VIA Kerbal Konstructs. [x.x.x] South-West Launch Site, by Beale - A small launch site located on the north island of Kerbin's own New Zealand. Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mods: Want to make your planets look stunning beautiful? These mods will help. [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Texture (Overhaul for RSS), by ufindbatman - This is a huge visual overhaul for RSS that pushes up to 12 GB of RAM! [1.2.0] Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, by parameciumkid - Improve you planetary atmospheres with this mod, for use with the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod. [1.2.2] Pood's OPM-VO Mod, by Poodmund - This is a in depth visual overhaul of all the planets in the Out Planets Mod. [1.2.2] Scatterer, by blackrack - Adds atmospheric scattering effects to the atmospheres of planets. [1.0.5] Sigma: Kerbin Recolor, by Sigma88 - This one will change Kerbin, and will have various options. Gameplay mods: These mods are (quite literally) game changers. Look here for new game play possibilities. [1.2.1] Galactic Neighborhood, by Sigma88 - Galactic Neighborhood,loading multiple planet packs in the same game. [1.2.0] Kourageous Tourists, by whale_2 - This mod temporarily promotes tourists to crew members and imposes several restrictions on them when they can go EVA. [1.1.3] Punish The Lazy, by technicalfool - A really simple reputation nibbler. [1.0.5] WAST Stock Realism Reblance, by Wavechaser - This mod puts the difficulty between stock game and RO, and specs making as much senses as possible. Gameplay Parts mods: Looking to modify or add in parts to change your gaming experience? [1.2.0] Boosteriferous SRB Thruster Profiles, by soundnfury - Shuttle SRB's were designed to have a burn rate that varied with time, decreasing the thrust while passing through Max Q. So why can't KSP SRB's do the same? [1.1.2] KerbalBrain, by critic - The idea is basically having a part that can perform the same engineering activities using KIS tools as a Kerbal can. [1.1.2] Make it SINK, by Fengist - Turn any stock vessel into a submarine. [1.2.0] Newbier Newb's Revamp of Civilian Population, by Tralfagar - This mod adds in the concept of a off planet Kerbal population that can expand and grow over time. [1.0.x] PARA-SCI JUMP DRIVE, by parameciumkid - A jump drive where to jump anywhere, you have to have already been there and left something for the drive to target. [1.2.0] Solid Electric, by Sharpy - Solid Electric introduces a set of parts based around the propellant. All parts run on the solid propellant and electric charge. Realism Gameplay mods: Want KSP to simulate real life better? Need to change the level of difficulty from the stock KSP? [x.x.x] Free IVA, by pizzaoverhead - Free IVA! Free as in freedom: Get out of your seat while in IVA, move around inside your craft, open and close hatches. [1.2.0] PersistentThrust, by mrsolarsail - PersistentThrust is a plugin that allows propulsion systems to operate during timewarp. [x.x.x] Radioactivity, by Nerta - This is a plugin whose goal is to add a relatively realistic radiation simulation system to KSP. [1.2.1] Real Battery, by Blackline - This mod rebalances stock batteries to create a more realistic battery function. It increases battery storage but limits discharge and recharge rates. [1.1.0] Solar Cycle Simulator, by Whitecat106 - This plugin simply generates and tracks the constantly changing solar cycles of the sun, this can be used in conjunction with RSS or a Stock game. [1.2.2] Sufficiently Realistic Progression Zero, by NotTheRealRMS - This is a mod pack that modifies KSP for a more realistic experience. Not a good/accurate description, needs work. [1.2.0] Water Expansion, by CliftonM - This mod attempts to add an expansion to water physics in terms of pressure, engines, etc. Life Support and Health mods: So that guilt is no longer the only consequence of leaving your Kerbals stranded on Eve. Crank up the difficulty in your missions by adding in some of these mods! [1.2.2] KabinKraziness, by JPLRepo - KabinKraziness goes up over time based on how much space the crew have, how far from Kerbin you are and if your Cabin temp is within 5 degrees of the climate control setting. [1.2.0] KeepFit, by timmers_uk - A plugin to track kerbal fitness levels and impact their G-tolerance as a result of spending years bunged up in tiny capsules. IVA mods: Want to try flying the whole mission from the cockpit? Or do you just need a better interior for your crew to look at? Find what you need below. [1.2.2] Kermantech MK3 IVA, by luizopiloto - A Kerbal Space Program mod with an improved IVA for the stock MK3 Shuttle Cockpit. [1.2.0] 'Mk1 Cockpit' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Advanced IVA for 'MK1 Cockpit' is a full set of instruments and indicators for your aircraft, made in the General Aviation style. [1.2.0] 'Mk1 Lander Can' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Advanced IVA for 'Mk1 Lander Can' is a full set of instruments for your spacecraft, inspired by the Golden Era of cosmonautics (1960-1970-ies). [1.2.0] 'Mk1-2 Pod' IVA Replacement by ASET, by alexustas - Whole brand new interior for the Mk1-2 Pod. [1.1.x] MK3 Space Shuttle IVA, by Jeast - This is a WIP mod for a Mk 3 cockpit IVA. Polished Parts mods: Eye-candy goes here! Change your part textures to make them pop or change appearance in different environments. [1.1.x] CoolRockets!, by sarbian - This is an early release of a visual enhancements for stock engines and stock tanks. [x.x.x] Dangerously Shaded Stock Refresh, by DangerouslyDave - This is a WIP mod that is a reshade of the stock textures. [1.2.x] Destruction Effects, by jrodriguez - This mod adds flames and smoke to certain parts' joint break event. [1.2.2] RealisticComponents, by VikingStormtrooper - RealisticComponents Suite is a collection of small mods for KSP 1.2.2; the aim is to provide parts that look like the real ones. [1.2.2] Stock Part Revamp, by Ven - This part pack replaces several of the stock textures and models, hopefully making them more beautiful in the process. Visual and Sound mods: Specially dedicated to make your visual and audio experience even better! [x.x.x] IVA Everything, by martinezfg11 - Looking at KSP's awesome new feature, IVA's, you see through windows or "cutaways", is interesting and fun. What if the cut-aways were not only for parts with IVA's? [1.x.x] Kerbal Sound Overhaul Project, by pizzaoverhead - Aside from rocket engines and explosions, Kerbal Space Program is currently a very quiet game. This project is an attempt to fix that. [1.0.4] ProbeControl, by Tabakhase - A command center-like-IVA for unmanned vessels (Probe Cores). [x.x.x] TheWriteStuff, by CmdrThyte - DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT write stuff? Customize your space ships by adding text and decals to part textures. External Software: This is helpful software that does stuff for KSP outside of the KSP game. [x.x.x] Arduino based physical display, by zitronen - This is useful software and information for Arduino physical display's for launching your Kerbals. [1.2.9] Kerbal Sim Pit, by stibbons - This plugin maintains serial connections to one or more hardware devices. [1.1.3] kIPC - Inter-Processor Communication Between kOS and KRPC, by dewin - This is a KSP plugin to try to implement a bridge between kOS and KRPC. [1.1.2] ModelLessModlets,by genericeventhandler - This is a bunch of ModuleManager scripts that take stock models and modify them. [x.x.x] Stand Alone Map View, by Unit327 - A Kerbal Space Program mod that opens the map view in another window/monitor. Older Development Mods DO NOT ASK FOR UPDATES! Mods not activily under development, no author activity in over 1+ years are located in this section. Modding Tools: [x.x.x] KSPBlender, by Dasoccerguy - This is a .craft importer for Blender. Last post. Utility Mods: [x.x.x] Extended Trim, by MasseFlieger - This adds additional options in our trim controls, below is an early attempt to add this into the game. [x.x.x] Flight Computer, by pixartist - Fully automated flight, programmable via VPL. Last post. [x.x.x] KerbalGIS, by Gnonthgol - This plugin will setup your own tile server inside your game. This allows you to get better resolution, newer maps and better plugin integration. [0.9.0] LaserDist, by Steven Mading - This is a very small plugin. It makes a KSP Part that measures straight line distances by laser. ARR **[1.0.5] LightsOut, by nodrog6 - Add day and night modes to the VAB and SPH! Turn off the lights in the editors! Works at all upgrade levels! Last post. [x.x.x] MagneticEVA, by *Aqua* - A WIP mod developing a magnetic boots functionality for EVA'ed Kerbals. No License Visible [x.x.x] OrbitSnap, by godefroi - OrbitSnap addon will "snap" a vessel to the orbit of a predefined orbit, and eliminate any (tiny) perturbations that may have been inflicted as you adjusted your antennas. Career, Science and Tech Related Mods: [x.x.x] Contractpack: Dawn of the Space Age, by KSP_Jack - A campaign type mod for career and tech progression? The patches alone are worth salvaging if possible. [x.x.x] RealScience, by Agathorn - Say good bye to whack-a-mole style "science", and embrace a more solid research based approach to science. [0.2.3] RealSimpleScience, by Sandworm - More space/atmo science closer to kerbin, none of which is biome-dependant. Dropbox link [x.x.x] Tek Industries Science, by tek_604 - This is a plugin for science, including parts. Last post. Space Related Part Mods: [x.x.x] A.S.T.R.A. Command and Service Modules, by Gryphorim - Multiple part pack for command pod and service module system. Dropbox link No License Visible [1.0.2] Black Sky Suborbital Rocketplane, by AndyMt - The Black Sky is a suborbital spaceplane, based on the original design of the world's first crowd-funded spaceplane. [x.x.x] L.A. Industries, by Arod70 - This is a Kerbalized Soviet rocket parts pack. GoogleDrive link No License Visible [1.0.2] Moon Rocket from TinTin, by xxhansonmaxx - This is the Moon Rocket from one of the TinTin comics "Destination Moon". Last post. **[x.x.x] Pteron Micro Shuttle, by Sage Sagan - "Oh mommy! Its so cute, can we take it home!" A micro shuttle based off of Soviet spaceplane concepts. Dropbox link [1.0.4] Q Orbital Systems, by curtquarquesso - This is a small parts pack complementary of stock parts, as well as parts from Beale's Tantares parts pack. Last Post. Dropbox link [x.x.x] Spice Launch System, by maccollo - This mod is, or will be when it's complete, a set of SLS parts for realism overhaul. ARR [0.9.0] Systems Alliance Ship Yard, by flywlyx - I believe these are 2 Mass Effect ship models. [1.0.5] The 0.35m SSR MicroSat and Airlaunch Vehicle, by Squiggsy - Basically this is an aeroplane launched rocket containing a 0.35m Satellite. Last post. [x.x.x] World Space, by Lovad - World space. Rockets and spacecraft that really existed or were planned for production. Dropbox link No License Visible [1.0.5] 2-Kerbal Command Pod, by Yarbrough08 - This mod introduces you to the Mk. 1-1 A2, Two Kerbal Command Pod. Last post. Air, Sea, Ground Related Parts Mods: [x.x.x] A Mod Devoted to Rover Systems, by I.T Marcus - A mod devoted to building functional rovers. All of the parts are untextured as of right now. Last post. Dropbox link No License Visible [x.x.x] ACI - Aeropod, by Quellcrist - This is a unique and well done 1.25m cockpit stylized to resemble the F-8 Crusader. Dropbox link [x.x.x] Aerostats, by wasml - This is an airship part(s) mod. [x.x.x] Amphibious Hovercraft, by zitronen - A single part hovercraft replica I believe. 3rd party download link [x.x.x] AUC Aeronautic Technology, by Hary R - This is a small parts pack for aircraft similar to F-22/F-23 style. [1.0.5] FantomWorks, by FreddyPhantom - This part pack provides parts, as an extension for KAX by Keptin (KAX is not required to run this). Last post. [x.x.x] Hover craft, by flywlyx - Replica model of a Soviet/Russian Hovercraft. [1.0.2] Instell Inc. Experimental Engines, by 8bitsblu - Unique and Robotech-ish looking scram jet parts. Google Drive link No License Visible [x.x.x] Intui-Tech SRAVE, by trekfan42 - SRAVE- Slim, RAdial, Vtol, Engine. A disc shaped VTOL engine concept. GoogleDrive link No License Visible [1.0.2] Mk2 SR-71 Fantomworks, by FreddyPhantom - Stock-a-like Mk2 SR-71 cockpit. [x.x.x] Portable Rover Components, by alexustas - This is a WIP mod that is a small portable rover. Last post. Dropbox link [x.x.x] RamJet, by Jahulath - Ramjet engine parts pack. Dropbox link No License Visible Part Packs and General Parts Mods: [1.1.3] ATK Propulsion Pack, by Kartoffelkucken - This mod adds various solid rocket motors from Orbital ATK (Thiokol) into the game. ARR [x.x.x] Concave Construction Kit, by craigp - A parts pack with some unique parts. External link No License Visible [x.x.x] Derp Shield Corp's Pack, by Reign Of Magic - This is a WIP large engine part pack. ARR **[x.x.x] Foldaway Elevator, by Jahulath - Presenting the all new JonzCo foldaway elevator! Dropbox link No License Visible [1.0.5] Hot Contents Orbital Systems, by Hysterrics - This is a mod that aims to have multiple parts for every purpose imaginable. [x.x.x] Metal Wasp Industries Solar Panel and Parts Pack, by MrWizerd - This is a re-release of parts originally made by Terazone kerbal TetrisWizard. Last post. Isn't this mod integrated into another one? [x.x.x] MJY Future Space Industries, by mjy - This appears to be a model pack of 3 Sci Fi ships from DS9, Stargate, Star Trek. [x.x.x] Modular Rover Parts, by zilfondel - The RV-1 Rover Cabin is feature complete and is now available for download! Google Drive ink. Last post. [x.x.x] Nuclear Salt Water Rocket, by shynung - An engine mod based on the concept of the Nuclear Salt Water Rocket. [x.x.x] Part Models, by Martonaut - 2 part models available to anyone who wants to use them. Dropbox link [1.0.0] Radial Engine Mounts, by TeeJaye85 - This initial release contains two Radial Engine Mounts designed to allow you to turn your stack-mounted engines into radials. Patch by MeCripp (Dropbox) [0.9.0] Stack Inline Lights, by alexustas - 'Stack Inline Light' with full color and brightness setup and in any sizes! Last post. Dropbox link [x.x.x] The Open Part Mod, by Ven - The Goal: Create a probe for exploring asteroids grazing kerbin's sphere of influence. Google Drive link No License Visible [x.x.x] Tim Yam's Spaceliner, by pandoras kitten - This thread functions as a showcase for Tim Yam's incredible adventures in the world of 3D modelling. [x.x.x] Vodorod: Engines pack for RO, by SirKeplan - A couple of Hydrolox engines, primarily aimed at Realism Overhaul and not Stock. Dropbox link Weapon Mods: [1.0.5] BDDMP, by jediminer543 - BDDMP is a mod that was initially created by dsonbill, then adopted, that allows for the use of BDArmory weapons in DMP. Last post. Is this mod obsolete? Planetary Mods: [x.x.x] Cloud configurations for OPM, by Eleusis La Arwall - Different cloud looks for OPM mod. Last post. Is this mod obsolete? [x.x.x] Kerbal Binary devthread, by ibuckshot5 - Kerbal Binary is a mod similar to Kerbal Galaxy 2, but there doesn't have to be just 1 mod with the star-systems-around-a-black-hole feature, right? ARR [x.x.x] Kerbal Universe 2, by Poryy - A alternate Kerbol system pack. Dropbox link No License Visible [1.0.4] Kerbin 365, by Nolnoc - Kerbin 365 was created with the goal of making space travel harder for veteran players, while still allowing the use of Career Mode and custom rocket packs. Last post. [1.0.5] SKY - Scale-up Kerbalism for You, by SkyRex94 - A KSP Kerbol system re-scaling and modification mod. Last post. Dropbox link [0.9.0] StarSystems, by medsouz - This is a multi star system mod with a black hole. Last post. [x.x.x] Spud - A Moon for Dres, by MrChurnley - Dres was thought to be a lonely planet. Then Spud showed up. [x.x.x] The New Kerbol Mod, by MrHappyFace - This completely redesigns the stock planets, while keeping the same feel. It adds zombies to Laythe, horrific winds to Eve, and general awesomeness to every planet. Gameplay Mods: [x.x.x] Air Traffic Control, by skykooler - This mod adds an ATC menu to the game, which has been largely inspired by the one in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. [x.x.x] D.E.F.L.E.C.T.O.R. Shield, by kimiko - De-Fluctuating Energy Capacitor for Temperate or Overcooked Re-entries Shield. Dropbox link *[x.x.x] Electrical engines!, by touzenesmy - Tired of using a lot of stacked batteries to get more than 4k electric power ?, we thought about you! This mod adds electrical powered engines. Last post. [1.0.2] ExtraPlanetary LaunchPads Extended Part Pack, by rabidninjawombat - Additional part and re-texturing of EPLP. Last post. [1.0.5] N.A.N.A. Wildfire, by kimiko - WARNING: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS: THINGS MAY ACTUALLY CATCH FIRE! Last post. [0.9.0] PackedParts, by bear67 - Ever run out of Rocket Part Storage and wanted a way to Compress them for later usage? Pack your Rocket Parts at a 10:1 Packed Parts Ratio. [x.x.x] Telemetry Radio, by woodywood245 - A mod for transmitting data from a spacecraft to the ground like Telemachus, but with the line-of-sight and range restrictions of RemoteTech. No License Visible Visual and Sound Mods: [x.x.x] MainSailor's Textures, by Phineas Freak - INTRODUCING: MainSailor's Procedural Textures. Last post. [1.0.5] Stock Replacement Assets, by hoojiwana - A very Work-In-Progress set of parts to replace various rocketry art assets with improved models and textures. Last post. External Software: [x.x.x] DMP Linux Server Tools, by dsonbill - A set of linux-native tools for administering and installing a DarkMultiPlayer server on GNU/Linux. Pastebin link [x.x.x] DMPExtendedPlugins, by dsonbill - DMPExtendedPlugins is a plugin for DarkMultiPlayer server. 3rd party download link [x.x.x] Firmata and Direct Serial for Auduino/others, by marzubus - This allows KSPAddons to open a direct serial port and talk with an Arduino or any serial device. [x.x.x] GetOffMyNetwork, by ragzilla - Attempts to run early in load order to inspect (using Mono.Cecil) all other plugins loaded into the KSP AppDomain. [x.x.x] Leap Motion Plugin, by nadvonm - You can control your rover and fly your plane with just moving your hand in front of your screen. Dropbox link No License Visible Abandoned Mods Abandoned by Author, Development Pages: [1.1.2] B.R.O.K.E.; DEV STOPPED, by magico13 - B.R.O.K.E. is a WIP framework for the creation and implementation of mods that center around regular funding adjustments. [x.x.x] Dark Days; DEV STOPPED, by daniel l. - A kopernicus pack that transforms the sun into a disintegrating red giant [x.x.x] DynamicSFX - Custom Part Sound Effects; DEV STOPPED, by ensou04 - Welcome to the Dev thread! DynamicSFX is a successor of ShipEffects Sound Mod. [x.x.x] Hermes Interplantary Vehicle Continued; DEV STOPPED, by Jasseji - This mod is intended to re-create the fantastic Hermes Spacecraft from the movie "The Martian". [1.0.5] kappa-ray irradiate your kerbals; DEV STOPPED, by soundnfury - kappa-ray models three kinds of radiation; in increasing order of energy, these are Van Allen belts, direct solar rads, and galactic cosmic rays. [1.2.0] Kerbal Galaxy Revamped; DEV STOPPED, by TheJangleMan - A new KSP star system project. [1.0.0] KCARS Mark II; DEV STOPPED, by philotical - A random assortment of models. I found only 1 live link in the OP. I noticed there are others who have posted links, mine this thread if you can. [1.2.1] Probe Control Room; DEV STOPPED, by icedown - This mod adds a mission control like room to all unmanned vessels. [x.x.x] Science Hard Drives; DEV STOPPED, by SirDargon - ScienceData is now stored in hard drives that have a limited capacity, require ElectricCharge and time to transfer ScienceData to them. [1.2.1] Stock Sized Real Solar System; DEV STOPPED, by sDaZe - This mod plans to bring RSS to stock size, basically a reversed RSS mod. Was this released by another author? [x.x.x] The Martian Rockets; DEV STOPPED, by MajorLeagueRocketScience - A 'The Martian' movie inspired replica of the Chinese Taiyang Shen rocket. Author stated project stopped then later made a patch. [1.0.5] The RAT Pack - Multi Mod Pack; DEV STOPPED, by satnet - The RAT Pack provides Ram Air Turbines, reverse thrusters, terrain warning and escape tower. [x.x.x] Vanguard Astrodynamics; DEV STOPPED, by Randazzo - 5 various mods that were worked on by Randazzo. [0.2.4] Voice Commander; DEV STOPPED, by blizzy78 -A plugin for software called 'Voice Commander' that enables players to use their natural voice to command their ships. Final note, if the mod librarian stops being active in the libraries for longer than 6 months for whatever reason, I hope that someone will volunteer to continue maintaining this library for the community's use. You have my permission to do. For future curators of this library: All posts created prior to April 1, 2017 have been inspected. There is no need to go farther back than that. There may be a dozen or so mods I may have missed or thought they were not in a working state to be included, its probably not worth the effort to find them. Some advise for library maintanence: The development pages are like a plant, always in growing and changing, they require more attentiveness than the release pages. Only add mods that have functional models or code to the library. Review Current and Older Dev section every 3-6 months to relocate mods as necessary. If a mod is adopted and re-released in either Add-on forum, ensure you remove old or irrelivant links to keep library functional.
  8. I am making a kerbal cockpit simulator based on the endeavor, with some modifications. I will post more details later but here are a few pics of my progress so far.. I made the platforms 2x6 so I can easily move it from room to room without disassembly. Some of the things I have planned are: 1- Red led's outside of windows programmed to heat from reentry 2- Arcade Joystick set for docking 3- Flight joysticks for both seats and 1 throttle 4-Vibration motor programmed to g-force 5- Working Multi-function displays I started documenting later than I wanted to so once I get more organized I will post more. I also welcome suggestions. Let me know what you think
  9. Language Patches Project by @Thomas P. @simon56modder TO ANYONE THAT CAN CREATE A LANGUAGE PATCH THAT IS NOT YET SUPPORTED: SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO GUIDE YOU INTO TRANSLATION PROCESS ! You'll be part of the project and your patch will be shown in this list. Download Télécharger - Scaricare - Descargar - Pobieranie - скачать - 下载 Green = working in 1.2.2 - Orange = updating to 1.2.2 - Red = not working in 1.2.2 Français (KSP v1.2.2) Italiano (KSP v0.90) Deutsch (KSP v1.2.2) Español (KSP v1.2.2) Polski (KSP v0.90) Português-BR (KSP v1.2.X) Český русский (KSP v1.2.X) 中国 (KSP v1.2.2) SpaceDock X Forum Thread Forum Thread Forum Thread X Forum Thread CurseForge Creating ! CurseForge CurseForge (KSP v0.90) SpaceDock GitHub Forum Thread GitHub SpaceDock Télécharger le patch de traduction français - Scaricare la patch de traduzione italiana - Laden Sie den deutschen Patch herunter - Descargar el parche español - Pobrać łatkę polskiego - Faça o download do patch em português - Stáhnout České náplast - Скачать русский патч - 下载中文补丁 FRAMEWORK > for translation patches creation - included in all patches that use it This allows easy translating. Created by @Thomas P. Current version 2.0 for KSP 1.2.1 (under MIT License) DOWNLOAD | GitHub CREDITS - Project Manager: @simon56modder - Framework @Thomas P., @simon56modder ©, simon56modder - Old ModuleManager L.P. Checker : @simon56modder - French Translation: Originally created by @Galbar, then @simon56modder, currently @iceolator88 Translation : @iceolator88, @simon56modder, @Gaarst, killianMoonshine, @Vandest - Italian Translation: Manager : @Nansuchao Translation : @Nansuchao, @-DDD- (Old version : KerbalItalia, apparently helped by the Italian community) - German Translation: Coordination: @Allan Sche Sar, @Thomas P. Translation: @Allan Sche Sar , cino, Grindberg, Jebediah Kerman, KCST, Taurec Graphics: Fr3aKyHDx, McFly´ever Specific Assistance: @simon56modder - Spanish Translation: Manager : @fitiales Original Creator : @Proot Translation: @astropapi1, @Proot, @fitiales Help & Coding: @simon56modder - Portuguese Translation : @Pesterenan (old version : @SevenAnarck) - Polish Translation: Avatarnk - Russian Translation: Last working version : @De780 other translator working separately : @Helmut - Chinese Translation : TimChen44,jiangtiandao,cxqclz,Summerfirefly,yybl,pperfectjay,jackind22 pitwam,Sefank,crazyevent,AZLisme - Czech Translation (old work not available) LOLSOS
  10. totm

    Talk like Up-Goer Five: Express complex ideas using only very simple, common words. For anyone who has somehow managed to miss it, a while back xkcd had an absolutely brilliant strip: a schematic of the Saturn V, carefully labeled.... but with all terms restricted to only the thousand most common English words. This is where the KSP community gets the term "you will not go to space today." This game is to talk like Up-Goer Five. That is, you have to express complex ideas using only the most common English words. Here are the rules: The person before you ends their post with a brief paragraph of something reasonably complex to explain. You need to take their post and re-word it using this tool (it lets you type what you want, and draws a red line under any "forbidden" words): You can paraphrase if need be (you'll probably need to). The one really hard rule is, your "translation" has to fit in that tool's edit box with no red "forbidden words" underlines at all. Post your translation inside a spoiler box, so that people reading your post have a chance to guess an answer first, if they want to. Then provide a technical paragraph of your own for the next person to take a shot at. You're not allowed to answer your own post; someone else has to. But you're welcome to come back again after some other folks have had their turns. Guidelines for the "technical paragraph": Don't make it too long, please. Just a sentence or two is plenty. (Otherwise nobody will want to take the burden of "translating" it.) Don't make it so hard that nobody understands it. It should be something that a typical KSP forum user can understand without having to go look stuff up. Ideally the post should be about KSP-relevant topics, e.g. spaceflight, astronomy, engineering, KSP game advice, etc., but that's not a strict requirement, just a suggested guideline. (Props to @Deddly for pointing out the upgoer5 tool to me, which is what gave me the idea for this game.) Just as an example, here's a sample technical paragraph: SRBs are useful as boosters on the launchpad, because they're inexpensive and provide a lot of thrust. However, they're less efficient as upper stages, due to having a low Isp. Here's my stab at translation, using the above-linked tool to validate it: Fair 'nuff? Okay, to get the ball rolling, here's a technical paragraph for someone to start with: Building a SSTO spaceplane is challenging, because not only do you need to balance air-breathing engines with those that work in a vacuum, but also the ship needs to be aerodynamically stable at high velocity.
  11. I've read that the way to build this aircraft is with Infernal Robotics, but there's nothing infernal about this one. It's pure stock. After building the Moller Skycar I had a notion how to make the wings work. I started with the Skycar’s butterfly hinges, added wings, and removed the pistons which were so prone to breaking. The wings swing fore-and-aft reacting to speed changes like a real Tomcat. I had trouble with the wings twisting until I remembered that Tomcats have "wing gloves" that fit around the base of the rotating sections, so I built those, along with the "wing deck" on top of the nacelles to restrict wing motion to one axis. You can see both features on this Tomcat: Here's the wing glove/deck: I thought I was done at this point, but wanted a go at synchronizing the wings as well. So I added some solar-panel gear teeth to each wing hinge that engage in the center section, and another to restrict the arc of the swivel, and the wings move in unison now. Here's an exploded view of the mechanical bits: The thermometers hold the hinge axles in place inside the engine nacelles. The wings are attached to the lower end of the hinge axle, and the solar panels to the upper end. The solar panels mesh in the center behind the cockpit to synchronize the motion of the wings as seen below: After the early versions were so fragile, I was amazed how simple and stable operation became after these changes. This Turkey(1) ended up working as I expected and is also fun to fly! Yes, I did listen to Kenny Loggins DANGER ZONE on a loop for the three solid days it took to build and test this. But when Youtube wouldn’t allow me to use Kenny Loggins, I discovered DANGER ZONE by The Sinners. Operation: Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage. Leave the ground as quickly as possible to avoid injesting a squirrel and stalling one of the engines. This plane can be squirrely on the ground. Watch the wings sweep back as you gain speed. Snap roll or decelerate to extend them again. Stir in afterburner to taste with action group 1. You have about 20 minutes of fuel, or 6 minutes if you feel THE NEED FOR SPEED. Mods EditorExtension and HangarGrid were used during construction, but the result is pure stock, so it should also be usable on consoles. KerbalX link Mass 11.23t Cost 60,916 Crew Capacity 2 Part Count 97 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 11.86 x 4.26 x 11.05 (1) Turkey is a deck crew nickname for how the Tomcat looks on landing approach with its wings and flaps and spoilers all fanned out. And a play on the "Tom" in its name.
  12. Stock VTOL Joint Strike Fighter As promised, I created a craft showcase video for my stock JSF. Here it is in all its glory. This project started after I had the inspiration to adapt @Majorjim!'s wonderful thermometer hinge to an aircraft. I quickly made a working hinge, using landing gear to actuate the engine, building on my experience from my Vought F8U Crusader. After I got the mechanism to work, I spent just as long working on the exterior of the plane, matching it as closely as I could to the real JSF. The result was a mechanically complex aircraft that you would want to take out to dinner (or war, for that matter). The procedure for flying the JSF is also comparatively simple, and requires a minimum number of action group presses. Unfortunately, the way KSP handles undocking means that to land, you have to switch over to the engine and reset the throttle, but it's easy to maintain control while doing so. Procedures for Flight: Download Link:
  13. I wanted just a little more exposure than kerbalx alone, so I'm posting here for your viewing pleasure. Lots of things going on here - full steering rack with steering wheel, a rear axle with coupler, 2x gear stepdown. Even found a spot to put a fuel tank. No mods. The worst thing? Steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. video piston car
  14. John Stapp and his experiments with rocket sleds, human deceleration and ejection seats.
  15. Happy Thursday everyone, and welcome back to the KSP forums threads of the month. I have a throng of thrilling threads for you, and helping me choose this month are: @Spaceception @Maverick_aus @Deddly @Dman979 And... @Red Iron Crown KSP Discussion already has a lot of stickies but this one is too good to pass up. In our increasingly environmentally concious age electric power is replacing internal combustion, even in KSP. I get dizzy just thinking of this one... Something a little different from fanworks, a guidance system for RSS written in kOS. And a world first for KSP, circumnavigating Kerbin in a stock turboprop aircraft. A blast from the past but still going, check out this excellent parts pack. Some actual science in the science labs... And finally, broaden your horizons with this collection of quotes. Special mention goes to Alshain for suggesting that the TOTM threads are marked, to make it clear why they are stickied. That's it for this month, fly safe! See Augusts TOTM here.
  16. Welcome back to the Kerbal Space Program forums threads of the month! Joining me this month in selecting top threads from around the forums is @Mad Rocket Scientist! Remember, if you see something you believe should be in here next month drop me a PM Starting in Suggestions this time we have a very simple change that could have an enormous effect on multi-mission planning, with Snarks idea to add manoeuvre nodes to the Tracking Station. From Fanworks comes an interactive story by Tw1, Bill verses Bill, where the path of the story depends on your suggestions. What will happen next? That's up to you! Chemp brings us this months Mission Report, where he takes our intrepid Bill Kerman on a Kerbal powered flight around the planet, the poor Kerbal must be exhausted after all the excitement this month! From the Spacecraft Exchange Bubbadevlin shows off what must be one of the best Saturn V replicas ever made in KSP, this is seriously something, but only high end PC's need apply. This months Challenge comes from TedwinKnockman66, who challenges us to go somewhere with only .625m parts, it's a lot harder than it sounds. This is a little old but it's too good not to share, check out Dasoccerguys craft importer for Blender! There's a texture fix for 1.0.5 craft in the thread, this is a great way to view your craft outside of KSP, and maybe even import them into other games. From the Science & Spaceflight forum, Spaceception asks us to guess when SpaceX will send people to Mars, I don't know the answer but I bet if you asked Elon he'd say "ASAP!" And finally something a little different from the Lounge, Ehco Corrallo shows us his literary skills with his new space flight inspired novel. Contains mild profanity so don't read it out loud That's all for this month! Januaries TOTM can be found here.