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Found 8 results

  1. Community Localization Project TO ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE TO HIS/HER NATIVE LANGUAGE: Go to this spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) and begin translating into your language. Download: Plugin: Download | GitHub Languages: At the moment I haven't released any supported languages as I'm just translating on my own. But the plugin is available for download. Planned languages: Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Polski Credits: Plugin: @Olympic1 French translation: none German translation: none Dutch translation: @Olympic1 Italian translation: none Polish translation: none License: Plugin: SwitchLanguage is licensed under the MIT license. See for full details. Language files: I don't know under which license I should put the language files. For now they are under All Rights Reserved.
  2. Now that KSP natively supports localization we might as well try to get mods to support it wherever possible, too. This topic will serve as a database of mods that support localization, a place where people who can provide translation help can connect with mods that need said help, and as place to discuss how to implement localization in your mod and how to work with stock localization. I figure we can have three lists for mods, one for mods that support localization and have at least one non-english translation available, preferably in one of the languages KSP supports, another for mods that support localization, but that need translating, and a third for mods that plan to add localization support. Keep in mind that some mods may be able to provide localization support using only KSP’s existing translations. Localization supported; translations available: KSP Language Patches Localization supported; translations needed - Links point to the primary assets in need of translating: SCANsat Planned localization support: Contracts Window + Science Relay We can also keep links to responses and other resources that can provide tips and examples of how to add localization support. I would ask that people try to limit responses to notifying me of mods that should be added to one of the lists, or to providing some manner of localization support.
  3. Salut à tous, Je me présente, iceolator88, nouveau French Patch Manager, désigné par simon56modder. Ce patch non officiel permet de traduire une grosse partie du jeu en français. Il est lié au projet international LanguagePatches et est la continuation du projet de traduction de @simon56modder Pour le moment, il permet de traduire: Les descriptions de toutes les parts des versions 1.2.2 Le menu Principal, l'écran de chargement du jeu et le menu "Start Game" Les résultats d'analyses scientifiques Les descriptions des stratégies Les descriptions des scénarios/entraînements L'arbre des technologies La description des astres dans le Centre d'Observation À venir: Traduction du contenu des tutoriels Remerciements aux personnes ayant participé de près ou de loin au projet: - Créé sur base du Patch DE de Allan Sche Sar et Thomas P. ( traduction: Allan Sche Sar , cino, Grindberg, Jebediah Kerman, KCST, Taurec) - Patch Fr originel de Galbar puis de Simon56modder - Projet repris par iceolator88 avec la participation de yrou - Remerciement à iceolator88, simon56modder, Gaarst, killianMoonshine, Vandest et yrou - Merci à Thomas P. et simon56modder pour le FRAMEWORK LanguagePatches Attention: Ceci est une BETA, si vous constatez des erreurs (d'orthographe), veuillez, si vous le désirez, me faire parvenir un screenshot (F1 dans le jeu) en décrivant brièvement l'erreur ou en envoyant simplement un fichier .txt avec la phrase contenant l'erreur à l'adresse : et nous ferrons le nécessaire pour modifier cela dans le prochaine version du patch. Attention 2: Les fichiers de traduction ne peuvent pas être réutilisés, ni modifiés, ni redistribués sans notre accord préalable! Merci Pour le télécharger: C'est ici sur SpaceDock => ... cophone%20 Ou ici sur Curse => ... rancophone Bon vol !
  4. The building levels are translated as "nivel tala el 1" I don't know if is a translation error or a weird Spanish form El nivel de los edificios está traducido como "nivel tala el 1", es la primer vez que escucho (o leo) esto, alguien sabe si es una forma que se use en algún otro país o si es un error?
  5. Dedicated to the devs : @KasperVld@Ted Hello, I'm Simon, the guy who first created the LanguagePatches project for KSP and the French translation mod. First of all, let me tell you the story : Three years ago I first asked the devs about their plans about translating the game, I asked them if they were interested in making a collaboration with me for the translation, but their answer was "we are not focused in localisation efforts as the game is not yet officially published, but we'll contact you in the future once we are ready to start translating the game". So I waited. A lot : 2 years. In 2015 I asked Ted again, I wanted to get information about the plans for translations in the future, and he's answer was positive : So I waited again, and I had no more info. So what are the plans now ? Three years later, now that the game is officially published ? I confirm I'm still wanting to translate the game, so I'd like to have news, you see... I mean.... 3 yrs folks...
  6. There are a few questions i asked myself about the translation which should probably be figured out/determined before the localization update is released. Maybe @UomoCapra or @Badie can clarify this? When the update for the localization is released, there will probably be a wave of mod updates with translations. For obvious reasons one modder can't do the translation into all supported languages on their own so they need help from other members of the community (or outside) who are fluent in the missing language. The problem is, it will be very hard for the modder to verify that the translated texts are sane and do not break the rules of the forum. So: Questions: Who is responsible when a translation made by a third party breaks the forum rules? The modder who is not able to check the texts? The person who did the translation? Will a modder be made responsible for the texts? E,g by getting warning/infriction points or even a ban. Is a modder obliged to check any translation? If yes how (he/she does not know the language)? What should a modder do when it comes out that a translated text breaks the rules? (Aside from updating the mod to remove the text)
  7. When using docking mode, you can set RCS thrusters on rotation or translation modes. This doesn't make the spacecraft rotate in full translation or rotation. Rotating on rotation mode will induce a small translation. The only way to fix this is to place all thrusters at exactly the same distance from the center of mass. For example, if I am using two thrusters pointing perpendicularly to the turning axis and one of them is at the centre of mass, that thruster wont fire. What I want is for both to fire with the same thrust. That will get rid of the induced translation. It would be nice if the the thrusters were balanced to act in full rotation or full translation. Otherwise, being able to edit which thruster pair you want to fire when rotating on each axis would solve this.
  8. Using RCS on rotation mode sometimes induces translation, which makes docking really hard. It seems the thrust of each RCS thruster depends only on their position with respect to the center of gravity. The problem with this is you have to place thrusters exactly the at same distance from the centre of gravity for them not to give you unwanted translations. I think it would be nice if the thrust of each thruster was balanced to give you full translation or rotation instead. This way you could just place your rcs thrusters as far apart from each other as possible for maximum moment.