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Found 2 results

  1. DOWNLOAD Pre-Release 0.2 at GitHub The Kerbal Astronomical Union's SLIPPIST instrument (Shadow of Light Imaging of Planets and Planetesimals In the Sky Telescope, not to be confused with the Kerbal brand of Root Beer after which the telescope was named), has just made an incredible discovery this week. The SLIPPIST-1 Star System, around which we previously knew of three Kerbin-sized planets, has been confirmed to be the parent to an additional four planets, for a total of seven. At least three of these worlds are known to be in the habitable zone, the region of space around which water can remain liquid. SEVEN WORLDS AROUND SLIPPIST-1 Rendered in a stockalike art style, SLIPPIST-1 is a Kerbalized rendition of the TRAPPIST-1 star system. Planets have been scaled down to 1/10 scale to fit in the Kerbal universe. Currently they feature all seven planets with custom terrain, though Planet E is still a work in progress. Some planets have custom atmospheres, and all of them have been given yellow-orange atmospheres to correspond with the lack of blue light being produced from the star. PLANNED FEATURES: Casual Names for the Planets. (Slippist, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel) Tidal Lock and redone terrain for Echo. More interesting and varied terrain on Hotel and the ice caps of Echo, Foxtrot, and Golf. Define atmospheres for all bodies. Slippist: Shortened, cooler atmosphere. Bravo: Thin, Superheated atmosphere. Similar to 0.17-era Moho. (Charlie's atmosphere is already complete) Delta: 0.657 atm, warm atmosphere, just barely cool enough for liquid water. Echo: Oxygen, 0.74 atm, tall temperate atmosphere. (low gravity = high scale height) Foxtrot: Oxygen, Tall cool atmosphere. Golf: Oxygen, Cold, Kerbin-like atmosphere. Hotel: Frigid thin atmosphere. Settings Config to change properties of the system. StockalikeOrbits: Reduce semi-major axis of all planets to 40%, so that the planets appear bigger in each other's skies, comparable to the Mun instead of the Moon. RSSscale: Increase planet and orbit radius to 10x, multiplies atmosphere height by (8/7), and enabled Real Solar System's physics.cfg. (May require SigmaDimensions) NamingScheme: Choose between systematic designations SLIPPIST-1 b-h NATO Beta-Hotel (Default) TRAPPIST-1 b-h Snow White's seven dwarfs Letters a-h HomeWorld: Allow for the selection of which planet will be the homeworld, between Echo, Foxtrot, and Golf. Fictional asteroids, minor planets, and dwarf planets. Science Definition and Biomes. I might crowdsource the science definitions. Descriptions.
  2. Did it strike anybody else that the announcement from NASA today shows some exoplanets that bear quite a resemblence to some of KSP's worlds? I look at this and see a hot Tylo, Vall, Eve, Kerbin, Laythe, Jool and Eeloo - not to scale of course. But speaking of scale, I collect Trappist-1's 7th exoplanet orbits at about 1/25th of Mars' orbital altitude, above a small, cool star. How does that stack up in a direct comparison with KSP's planetary orbits and scales?