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Found 44 results

  1. Goal: a bit helping to select proper experiment for mission. This simple plugin adds additional info about science experiment to its information panel (RightMouseClick). Now You can find info about situation when experiment will work and its relations from biomes while constructing your vessel in VAB. Also it adds usage requirements and can trace multiple experiments definitions in one part. Works in VAB-SPH only. Observed partmodules can be configured using CFG. So, it can trace parts containing stock science module "ModuleScienceExperiment", additional infos will be collected from its EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION node. Example cfg with nodes for stock science parts, OLDD, StationScience and DMagic's science parts are enclosed. Seems like it can trace any handmaded sciencemodules with its own names from different mods, but only if it were inherited from stock ModuleScienceExperiment. source DOWNLOAD
  2. Simplifies vessel design by adding a visual "laser" grid and an automatic alignment tool to SPH and VAB License: GPLv3 Source code: GitHub Description Citation: "You should make your drawings with a ruler and a pencil, not with your leg and a marker pen." -- A maths teacher Have you ever been annoyed by ending up with misaligned engines or clubfooted landing gear after spending half-an-hour trying just to guess where to rotate to get them right? This mod adds a grid to SPH and VAB and "laser" guides for an active part to let you clearly see where the things are wrong and align them in one click. Download from SpaceDock Here's a video on why do you need it and how to use it Installation Extract contents of the released archive into your KSP/GameData folder. Usage While in SPH or VAB press the button to enable the grid. Once there's a root part you'll see the grid with origin bound to the part. If you try to add or edit another one you'll see the red "laser" guides representing all the three axes for it and all of its symmetry counterparts. Now you have all the planes and axes visualized and it's the matter of several clicks to align the things. The guides have distinct colors for each direction. You can easily remember them in the following way: Red for Rechts (Right) Violet for Vorwarts (Forward) Pink for Up (almost the same as the thrust vector) Once you have rotated a part to approximately face the desired side, use the following hotkeys for autoalign the desired part's axis to be parallel to the closest grid line (regardless of direction): Period ( [.] ) - toggles the grid on and off L - aligns the part by a guide at the mouse pointer to the closest grid line J - aligns the part's up (pink guide) to the closest grid line N - aligns the part's forward (violet guide) to the closest grid line M - aligns the part's right (red guide) to the closest grid line G - select a part under mouse pointer as the grid's origin K - toggles guides for symmetry (deKlutter). May be useful when working with many radially symmetrical parts creating a bunch of guides which makes them complex to use. This button let's you see the ones for the original part only. When using the separate keys for alignment (J, N, M), if you are in the part's editing mode (rotation or offset) it is sufficient to just press a key. Otherwise you'll need to move the mouse pointer over the desired part and then press. You can change the keys by editing HangarGrid.cfg in the mod's folder. Valid values are listed inside the file. Know issues Autoalignment of a part desynchronizes it's rotation and position to the current rotation gizmo. So if you press an alignment key while in rotation mode, it is recommended to re-enable the mode by pressing "1" - "3", for example. Otherwise once you touch the gizmo again the part jumps to the gizmo's present position and rotation. Planned features * A GUI for grid customization that let's you change the look and declutter the view abit.
  3. Wouldn't it be cool to edit an active vessel (that already made its way to a mun orbit) in the VAB? It could cost money or items (like rocketparts) for career mode. An in-flight editor would be even better, the game pauses, and the vab editor comes in from the left. Cheers
  4. For some reason, in the VAB (or SPH), some of the part thumbnails show a white quad in the location of where the flag decal would normally be placed. This isn't happening for all parts (most of them don't show the flag in the preview thumbnail, as expected). This is happening in a fresh, un-modded install. What's causing this? Here's a screenshot exhibiting the behavior:
  5. So, i'm trying to build a craft and this problem arises every so often; I am wondering how to change the focal point of mirrored parts. Here's a shot because the few threads where I think this is the problem people are asking about, there is always a confusion on the interpretation of the question. The current mirrored rotation of these lights means they rotate with the small yellow arrows and "meet" on the yellow axis/arrow. I want the lights to meet and rotate outward from the blue arrow so that, if the blue arrow (by the VAB door) is 12 o' clock at this angle, the lights are sitting at like 2 & 10 (as opposed to 2 & 4, right now). Essentially, rotating the mirror focal point 90 degrees. Let this jankily drawn representation be the standard by which all understand this dilemma and hopefully find their answer.
  6. So my part is now showing up in the VAB, but I can't seem to selected. Am I correct to assume I forgot the collider in Unity? I can select it, and even attach it, but nothing afterwards.
  7. I wanted to break the world record for most satellites deployed from one launch of 108 by launching 256 satellites in one launch. it was really laggy when I launched the vessel and about 10 seconds in the game crashed. I went back in and when I tried to load the vessel. the vab vessel selector had NOTHING there. I went to the craft files and got rid of the crafts and it then loaded all the stock vessels just fine. I put back all the vessels and when I checked. it was all gone again. not the sph but just the vab. while I was moving all the vab vessel out of the folder I saw that the one I was working on was 3 megabytes. all the others where 10-20 kilobytes and there was a 200 kilobyte craft there as well. (the base launcher, which I used for launching the satellites) so could someone please explain how that weird stuff happened? I'll give you the crash log of you tell me how.
  8. Hi Guys, I got a new computer which doesn't have any mods and I'm looking for a specific one. - The thing that I'm looking for is the extra tabs on the left under utilities. If anybody knows which mod that is it would be much appreciated. Daniel
  9. How Do You Scroll the camera up with the craft on ps4.
  10. Console: PS4 I've noticed that camera panning is really slow in the VAB and the SPH which hinders my ability to build things in any reasonable amount of time. I was wondering if the community new something that I didn't or some control that I wasn't using to pan the camera faster? Maybe its just on a slow setting? I can't seem to figure it out and it really bothers me sometimes when it takes 30 seconds to 1 min just to rotate the camera 180 degrees or raise from the bottom of the rocket to the top.
  11. Hi guys, Forgive me if this question has been posted already, but I cannot seem to find the correct search terms to find my answer online, and I can't find it anywhere in the key bindings documents. Problem: I am pretty sure there's a way to place parts and move them a tad inwards. I know the buttons for rotation, but I can't find the button combination for pushing the part inside of the part I want to attach it to. I know it should be possible, because I've seen people do it on YouTube, and some of the stock space planes have their landing gear pushed into their adjacent parts. Can anyone tell me what button to press? Thanks a bunch! (Perhaps relevant: I play stock KSP on a Windows PC.)
  12. Dear all, I have been playing career in 1.2 for a while. I just went to load a ship and found there were none in the VAB list! There should be somethnig like 30ships listed there. The ships are in the saved games folder, so what has happend, and how do I get them back? Help! The Space plane hanger and subassemblies are not affected just the VAB Restarting the game has not fixed it.
  13. Hi. When I enter the VAB, I've lately started experiencing a disturbing issue. When I try to change my camera angle, it's really slow. No lag or anything like that, just a slow moving process for the camera. To do a 360 around my spacecraft I have to drag like 5 times. I've experienced this earlier, but then it helped with a restart of the game, now it's not enough. I'm running KSP 1.1.3 on macOS Sierra.
  14. As title says. Left shift works, right shift does not.
  15. Windows,, 32 bit, some mods (Kis, Kas, ScanSat, TweakScale and such, also Engineer v1.1.2 ) At the space centre, I can see the missions all right. But when going into VAB and SPH, the text is only visible sometimes. When you hover over it, it typically is visible part of a second, then dissapears. Clicking on the icon, right clicking on the icon, or moving it slowly off, then on again, will perhaps show it again for a part of second, or, if I am lucky, it suddenly remains visible, mostly to dissapear again when I move my mouse, but sometimes the text stays visible 'normally'. It takes about ten, twenty seconds to try to get the text to remain visible. NOT funny when building a ship. AT ALL. This also happens with the engineer report. Driving me crazy.
  16. I have experienced issues with the game as I am using OS sierra on my mac, but those issues have luckily been resolved. Although, both the VAB and the SPH have both been very laggy and jittery, and the problem seems to occur when I'm at ground level. My hypothesis is that the Kerbals that wonder around are causing the problem, yet no graphical changes I make seem to solve the issue. My mac is a late 2012 model with an intel i5 and 8GB of ram, so it's not the most high tech thing out there, but it's served me very well up to this point. Any suggestions or help would be fantastic. I love this game and have been playing it for a number of years, and I would hate something like this irritate me and stop me playing. Not to worry I've just found the 'Hide space centre crew' button. I should really check these things before I start posting on the forum
  17. Haven't seen this reported before, sorry if it's a duplicate. I have installed quite a few mods (only ones officially updated for 1.2), and have started to notice a problem in the editor scene (VAB, SPH): the mod applications (the "buttons" for the mods) are randomly invisible - they are still there, but not drawn/shown on screen. Observations so far: 1) I cannot trace it down to a single mod, it rather seems to occur after installing a couple of mods. 2) no single mod is misbehaving - they all work as expected. 3) Only editor scenes (VAB/SPH) are affected - all mod applications are visible without problems in the space center or tracking station scenes. 4) In fact, the mod applications are correctly created and ARE there (the buttons, though invisible, CAN be clicked and the mod functionality, e.g. USI-LS or RCSBuildAid, is fully available and functioning) -> It is just the mod application toolbar that randomly becomes invisible. 5) I haven't found a reliable way to make it visible again - trying to "mouse-over" seems to make it visible often, but not always... 6) Absolutely NOTHING in the logs (no errors, no warnings, no null refs). 7) It is not affected by rendering mode - I tried D3D9, D3D11 and GLCORE on windows, all exhibit the same behaviour. Here are some screenshots of how it looks / behaves: Anything else I can do to help analyse the problem? Anyone else having noticed this behaviour?
  18. I just logged in today, but every time I try to launch any ship on the launch pad or runway, it comes up with this screen: Is there anything I can to to fix it? Please let me know as soon as possible! I really like this game and I would love to be able to keep playing, thanks!
  19. They aren't just phantom forces; already they have their spatial position defined in the ship, and apply their forces as physical objects. I think then that 3 things should change: first, they should also be an option only on the VAB/SPH, not flight! Strutting parts isn't magic! Then, they should appear visually as regular struts, and add mass to the ship. That way they feel like an actual part of the design process, you choose which parts strut to which, but it abstracts away having to pick the exact point of placement, and makes it easier to move tanks around and not have to re-configure your whole strut scaffolding. Regarding autostruts that cross over other parts of the ship, it doesn't seem to be a problem to me: Physically, they have no colliders, so the only change (relative to current autostruts) in the ship's physics will be the added mass, no Kraken invited. Visually, having a strut clipping through a part shouldn't be different from a series of parts strutted to each other. (I've edited the question after some feedback and added the poll. I didn't know you could add multiple questions, I think it makes perfect sense to split the question and poll for each individual change, since I'm proposing 3 that are related but could be implemented independently. I tried to rationalize each choice the best way I could, elaborating more than just "Yes/NO!", but not going the "No, because I'm stupid duh" route either. I hope I did a good job there )
  20. There is a bug I keep stumbling across after launching something into orbit, then going back to the VAB The tools and VAB sidebar disappear and reappear, but the part sprites stay. Image of bug: Mods: UKS, ColorCodedCanisters, Firespitter (core), FTP, InterstellarFuelSwitch, RasterPropMonitor, KER, KIS, AVC, InfernalRobotics+rework, MechJeb, MRS, DPAI, NearFutureSolar, Phoenix Industries MAV, PlanetShine, ProceduralFairings, RCS Build Aid, RealChute, Station Science, Tarsier Space Tech, Trajectories, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Tundra Exploration and TweakScale. Thanks!
  21. Hi, i do not know if it is possible, but i was thinking about the capacity to build spacecraft out of kerbin, it would be more or less like this: -i choose to build a VAB on another astro, lets say minmus, so i have to load there a series of parts of a building, lets say 5 big pieces must be landed a few meters from the place i want to build my VAB. -once i get all the pieces of my construction building there i can have at leaast two or 3 engineers that will place the pieces togueter, so i'll have the VAB. -i can insert pieces on a VAB inventory,(infinite amount of parts could be stored), it could be transported from kerbin or got from inventories(KIS) -i can even dismount other vessels inside this VAB using engineers and make the parts disponible to use on a new vessel. the recovered vessel should be transported to a place near the SpceVAB -spacecrafs built on this spaceVAB should have a maximum size and parts count. it is possible to have diferent siszes of SpaceVABs, just like the Kerbal one, do not know how dificult it should be to do that, but even a mod that could do this would be great together with KIS and KAS. would love to have a lunar rover hoking old probes landed to take parts.
  22. My FPS drops by 64 in the VAB for some reason, and I have no idea why it is happening. I believe some parts or mod is causing this issue. I am unsure how to figure out which mods are causing the issue. But the only way to fix the FPS is to delete the file generated by ModuleManager in GameData and then restart the game. The FPS drops as soon as I scroll through my saved ships. Even after deleting all my ships and opening the load list where both are empty, the fps still drops. However, when I don't load a ship and instead start the game and create a new one from scratch and add all the parts from my mods, the FPS does not drop. Even after disabling all the mods, the same problem occurs. I think my save file is bugged as well since removing everything from GameData but Squad hasn't fixed my problem. Here's the zip of the career: Here are some warnings from the debug menu: [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at Mark1-2Pod, index 7: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... [Warning]: [Part]: PartModule TransferDialogSpawner at crewCabin, index 4: index exceeds module count as defined in cfg. Looking for TransferDialogSpawner in other indices... [Warning]: TransferDialogSpawner module found on part definition. Skipping... This is from loading a ship. And even after clicking new, the FPS still remains low.
  23. Hey, I've installed some of Roverdude's mods, but I got a problem in vab and sph. as the title says, usi mods that adds their own icon does make icons appear multiple times. do someone know what I did installed badly or which file do I have to delete? Thanks
  24. Hello everyone! I hate to be that guy, but it looks like parts graphics appearancein the VAB became much worse since 1.1 arrived. I'm not a specialist, but seems to me something wrong with shaders, may be ??? Parts lack gloss, and in general rockets look like it is Direct X 8 or something like that. In 1.0.5 a rocket looks like a real thing in the VAB, with all that ground personal and trucks, and I used to admire a lot my glorious creations. But in 1.1.3 it's kinda meh... Everything looks like cheap plastic. Even with something like Ven's revamp, What I really want to know, is it considered a bug, and it will be eventually fixed, or it's a kind of intentional deterioration of graphics in the VAB, and I have to suck it up? Is there any official developer's statement on that?